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for anyone going to Diamond Edge NYC please listen up

we are the ONLY venue on the american leg that is ALL STANDING 

common sense would be NOT TO PUSH but of course there’s always that group of very excited fans who get a little too crazy in front of their favs and disregard the rules. terminal 5 will NOT HESITATE to SHUT THE CONCERT DOWN. at the dean concert in may one girl fainted and the show didn’t even start, the workers took the mic and said that they would end the concert IMMEDIATELY if people continued to be rough and push. it’s never NEVER an appropriate time to push or shove, especially in a venue with such a large clear space. the venue is small enough that you will see them clearly from ALL ANGLES and in addition the venue is small enough that you can hear EVERYTHING do not shout obscenities or gross language regarding anyone, or wave around obnoxiously large posters that will obstruct other fans’ views

nyc carats left AN AMAZING impression on seventeen at kconny last year, we want them to leave the american leg of the tour feeling the same way, if not better. please, don’t leave a bad impression esp on the last usa concert, we want seventeen to come back and we want to show them that we can respect the rules and have a beautiful night! don’t let them worry and don’t ruin the opportunity for us and for THEM, as it is their first solo concert in nyc

so im sending all of yall good vibes, stay safe and hydrated and we’ll all have a good time <3 

if ronan’s a scorpio that means his birthday has to be somewhere in either the latter half of october or the first half of november which means trk also takes place in that range

can you imagine halloween rolling up on these kids after all the bs magic shenanigans they’d experienced over the past 3 weeks alone and all of them just collectively going “nah”

[ Did you hear that? That’s the sound of Zaynah’s heart breaking, peeps.

But to be honest, while Lost World seems like such lackluster to the fans, it does have its nice character moments, especially when it comes to the main characters. 

The intriguing thing here is that Sonic gets tested in this situation when it comes to his new foes, The Deadly Six. He had to deal with the Lost Hex being slowly torn apart, losing his friend to possibly being robotized, & possibly losing ALL his friends in general (while he’s responsible for what’s been happening in general). While that bit later on when he’s alone with the Miles Electric, calling out for his friends & standing there hopeless tugs on my heartstrings, this scene came first.

After Tails just flippin’ saves Sonic from getting captured, Sonic is just there, first getting angry at The Deadly Six. Then he said that line from the pic above. What makes it interesting & impactful is that Sonic always BOASTS about himself being fast. He’s cocky about it, he’s gleeful about it, even to the point of maybe getting a little over his head about it, but here…

Here he’s blaming himself for not being FAST enough. 

That he’s too slow to save his friend. 

It could be why he’s so ready to be reckless & jump into fights, speeding through everything. Not only he finds enjoyment to tear through machines, he also has that worry in the back of his head that maybe, just maybe, if he isn’t quick enough to stop a foe’s plans, he could end up losing what’s important to him. ]

honestly can we PLEASE stop adding “i see you not reblogging this” and the like to sj posts

like i get the impulse bc Yes, a lot of the time people will willfully ignore posts that make them a little uncomfy about their privilege but. id actually rather uhhhh not have these discussions be based around guilt tripping and other behaviors that lead to allies reblogging posts less for their content and more as a performative way of showing “check me out! IM not ignoring this!!”

This is your daily reminder that this is not normal. Donald Trump is unqualified, racist, misogynistic, ill-tempered, unintelligent; he has no grasp of how our government is supposed to work; he has conflicts of interest so numerous that two presidential ethics lawyers have bi-partisanly teamed up to combat them; he’s been sued so many times I can’t list them all here; he’s still being sued by a multitude of people, and will continue to be long into his presidency.

The Russian government blatantly interfered with his election through email hacks and wikileaks: this has been confirmed by multiple national intelligence agencies; he has no regard for the truth, or facts, or scientific data; he gets into fights with people on twitter at  3am.

He called Mexicans rapists and criminals; he wanted to create a registry for Muslim Americans; he doesn’t take no for an answer, whether its coming from a woman or the President of Mexico; he refuses to attend security briefings; he’s costing the government millions by refusing to leave his office in Trump Tower; his cabinet is as unqualified and uninformed as he is.

He lost the popular vote by over three million (3,000,000) people.  The American people did not elect him.  Donald Trump should not be President of the United States.

This is not normal. Don’t ever forget it.

Yeah. Sooooo. I compiled all the Malec kisses (including the almost one) so far, because why not?

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why don't you like kathleen kennedy? shes the only female and she seems nice

it’s april 2017 and there are still people who dont know kk is a white demon

  • kk is an icon of white feminism.
  • when she doesn’t get involved directly, female characters’ looks get incredibly diverse (animated series or novels etc. although, we can’t say they treat women of color well.)
  • new female actresses who play lead roles, d ridley, f jones, and e clarke are all white brunette (just like her). this is my personal opinion but for me, f jones was the weakest part in rogue one because of her emontionless and soulless performance, but kk was the one who insisted on casting her and she’s very proud of it. we haven’t seen clarke’s performance in the upcoming han solo film yet but she’s already very famous for horrible eyebrow acting (even her fans admit it). tessa thompson and zoe kravitz, who also auditioned for clarke’s role, is obviously better than her.
  • (also, i think the rogue one novel was a bit better but the movie was… it focuses on the white woman, who didn’t care about the rebellion but only herself then becomes a hero. it’s not feminism when men of color are used to spotlight a white woman, especially when one of them has sacrificed everything for the rebellion from when he was a very young kid. when i heard jyn’s character was originally more like cassian i couldn’t stop groaning because THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER.)
  • ‘for some reason’ she keeps thinking white brunette women are the most ideal people to get the roles. even if she’s doing it unconsciously, it doesn’t change the fact that’s racism. she’s a racist.
  • and when you are a racist you can’t be a feminist because feminism means you support all the women.
  • she seems very passionate when she talks about rey and jyn but when it’s about other actors who are men of color she suddenly becomes silent?? and she talks about this “girl power” a lot but when it’s about races, ethnicities and diversity she doesn’t say anything? it’s always the directors who sat next to her who speak about it, or actors of color themselves. her “girl power” only involves white women and yet she said star wars represented the world. 
  • she was a producer of complete disaster : avatar the last airbender movie, where almost everyone got whitewashed, which means she learned nothing from her past.
  • @kyber-sphere replied:  Actually, she isn’t even a feminist. Every time someone asks questions about “girl power” in panels she gets obviously irritated. One time, she was even dismissive towards the person who asked it too.