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Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Chapter 1: Dreams and Reality

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Chapter 1- Dreams and Reality.

Robyn needed to relieve some stress after pouring her heart out to Luna, the teen had retreated into her bedroom and began jabbing at the punching bag that hung from the ceiling. Luna was sitting on her sister’s bed playing a beat em’ up game on Robyn’s games console, the doctor wanted to stick around until Nick and Judy got home just so she could calm her parents down when they inevitably started telling Robyn off. “Man I miss videogames.” Luna sighed as she defeated her virtual opponent and waited for the next round to loud.

“Then when why don’t you buy a console? You’re rich enough.” Robyn replied, delivering a high kick to the punch bag.

“It’s having the time that’s the issue, between work, hanging out with my friends and making time for…” Luna began to answer absentmindedly before silencing herself, she was such a blabbermouth that she’d even snitch on herself sometimes.

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Mechanicum Taghmata 1000pt Army Finished!

It is the day before the Horus Heresy Doubles Tournament at Warhammer World and I am pleased to announce that I have finished my army! It has been a tough slog over the past three months and this is the quickest I have ever completed an army from scratch.

I’m glad that I planned my time well and didn’t have to rush any models. I’m really pleased with the final look of the army and can’t want to start playing some games with it.

I’ll definitely add to this army over time. I will be using a combined Mechanicum/Alpha Legion army for Horus Heresy and slowly add a new unit here and there until I have a fully painted army.

I’ll take loads of photos over the weekend and report back about how we get on.

STRQ headcanons for the Vytal Tournament

At the Vytal Tournament, their first year they sent Summer and Qrow to doubles, then Qrow to singles.

The next tournament they sent in Taiyang and Qrow to doubles and either one could’ve gone to doubles, though Taiyang volunteered Qrow

During their teams rounds they kick the most ass

I mentioned before that Raven and Qrow would switch weapons to confuse people (it was an anon who sent in the headcanon)

But also, I think Taiyang’s a brawler, right? I mean, he has gauntlets. No visible weapon yet, but Yang apparently learned a lot from him, so logically, brawler. He can take on like three people at once.

Raven, Qrow, and Summer would spread out on the two biomes and wait.

Dumb teams would go for the seemingly defenseless Taiyang and get rekt until they decided to go for other team members

Aha, there is dust in this biome that I can use to help me!




Qrow’s tough as nails and has one hell of a badass weapon

I bet they’d knock out three people and Qrow would go up to the weakened last member and activate his scythe.

The crowd loves it. He’s really the only scythe wielder, holy shit.

“Dude, what the hell? You’re gonna use that on me?!”
“Eh, I’m not gonna finish you off. She is.”

And suddenly his scythe clicks back into its normal form and little Summer Rose is picking the kid up and throwing him across the arena, ringout and aura depletion