and really this is just the beginning to a heart wrenching love story where the main characters slowly fall in love

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What are some good manga that you recommend

Hello Anon!

You didn’t really specify a genre so I’m going to just throw a couple out there for various genres, hope that’s ok lol

I originally put this under a read more line but it wasn’t working! Trying to figure it out but until then sorry for the long post!


Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academy

  • this series has gotten very popular recently, and has an anime!
  • ongoing (as of July 2017)
  • recommended if you like heroes, school-setting (at times), character development! - adolescent characters with a lot of growing to do in many ways, friendship building and bonding, badass mentors/teachers
  • not recommended if you don’t prefer adolescents in an action setting, semi-slow progress (some people may think the series is slow-paced in terms of story progression), there’s going to be a character you’re almost guaranteed to hate/dislike…

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu / Assassination Classroom

  • completed! 180 chapters
  • an anime
  • recommended if you like action in a school-setting, lots of comedic scenes, unique antagonist, heartfelt touching moments that you wouldn’t really expect from this story
  • not recommended if you don’t prefer an immature and childish tone/feel of story, not too action-heavy, a lot of characters, the art style is different so watch out for that

Bonus (cause I’m shamelessly pushing my preferences onto other people):

666 Satan / O-parts Hunter

  • completed! (2007), under 80 chapters
  • pretty old
  • fun fact: the mangaka is the brother of Masashi Kishimoto, the author of Naruto, so the art will be very similar. While there are other similar elements, the story is very different and has a more fantastical theme
  • recommended if you like adventure, unique weapons/powers, unconventional plot and theme
  • not recommended if you don’t prefer older manga, sensitive to blood/gore (though not as extreme as Attack on Titan/SNK), slight dip into tragedy genre towards the end, if you’re deeply religious? I guess??


Hanatsuki Hime

  • completed! under 10 chapters
  • a bit older manga
  • recommended if you like simple plots, fantasy/supernatural world, supernatural elements in your romance stories, characters with strong qualities, pretty artwork
  • not recommended if you don’t like heavy romance in your adventure stories, slightly slow pacing, shoujo eyes, (kinda a spoiler but) a as-close-as-family bond turning into a lovers relationship

Kanata Kara / From Far Away

  • completed! under 60 chapters
  • older manga
  • recommended if you like a hardworking but sensitive heroine, girl mysteriously entering a different (magical) world, amazing female characters of different ages and body sizes that are almost never sexualized, dynamic and complex characters, realistic elements e.g. you actually see the girl’s hair grow longer as time passes!! like where else has this happened?!? this was literally mind-blowing to me, also new world means new language - this manga actually took that into consideration
  • not recommended if you don’t like the “power of love” trope, big shoujo eyes lol, not action heavy, fantasy/supernatural genre, semi-slow pace to adapt to new world, bit of a rushed ending

side note: if you prefer more action than romance, most shounen manga do have romance, but I’d personally recommend Noragami or (among the top shounen series) Fairy Tail. (and O-parts Hunter! *winkwink*)



  • completed! 23 chapters
  • older manga again
  • recommended if you like supernatural elements of religious origin, angels, demons, cute characters that are signature CLAMP characters lol, unconventional love story, ANDROGYNOUS characters
  • not recommended if you don’t like androgynous characters, big shoujo eyes, slow-pacing in some parts, bittersweet endings, if you’re deeply religious?

Ao Haru Ride / Blue Spring Ride

  • completed! 50 chapters
  • has a Japanese drama adaption
  • recommended if you like a classic shoujo school setting, not so classic shoujo heroine, characters changing and trying to change, some realistic introspection of school life and relationships, friendships valued just as much as love relationships!, lovely art
  • not recommended if you don’t like those classic shoujo lack of communication problems, a male protagonist that is a jerk sometimes (and can’t suck up his problems), love triangles (so many)

I’d also recommend Sakisaka Io’s other works: Strobe Edge and Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare

  • both are in high school settings
  • places value and importance on friendships!! especially Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare
  • both have typical shoujo tropes (misunderstandings, love triangles, etc.)

Bonus (on the off chance you haven’t read or watched it yet):

Fruits Basket

  • completed! under 140 chapters
  • an anime
  • older manga again (it’s a classic, what can I say?)
  • recommended if you like a bit of supernatural mixed in with your romance, a whole family that act like protective older siblings to the female protagonist, unique story lines for almost every character, unique characters/personalities, heart-wrenching/tragic backstories, strong friendships!!!, mostly a school-setting
  • not recommended if you don’t like older manga, big shoujo eyes, seemingly idiotic heroine, a lot of characters, unresolved problems/issues/story line (it’s only towards the end really, the part when you feel like you need more when there actually could and should be more to tell, only my opinion!), art style develops as you read- it’s interesting to see


Soushi Souai / Love With Each Other

  • ongoing as of July 2017
  • more on the lighthearted side, very sweet
  • recommended if you like light story/reading, comedic scenes, short but sweet romantic scenes, school-setting, comedic take on the bad boy-good girl romance pairing
  • not recommended if you don’t like little to no plot/story, snippets of daily life, lack of natural love progression (since we only see short snippets)

Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun

  • ongoing as of July 2017
  • an anime
  • recommended if you like entertaining and amusing characters, abundance of comedic moments/scenes, some cringe-worthy comedy, shoujo trope parody, some slice of life though exaggerated
  • not recommended if you don’t like lack of seriousness, 4-koma style manga, misunderstandings that lead to comedy rather than drama, pitiful heroine with unfulfilled love so far, slow and little love progression


Unfortunately I haven’t gotten the chance to explore the Josei genre much, and only ever read a bunch of short series and one shots. I have limited recommendations for this one.

Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii / It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku

  • ongoing as of July 2017
  • recommended if you like slice of life genre, lots of comedic scenes, dynamic relationships, relatable characters, just overall relatability, light-hearted tone of story, amusing characters and relationships
  • not recommended if you don’t like little to no plot/story, lack of serious scenes, short scenes and chapters

Koisuru Nante Kiitenai

  • completed! 3 chapters
  • short read, cute and simple
  • recommended if you like office/work setting, coworker romance, romance with a rocky start before warming up to each other, female denying her feelings
  • not recommended if you don’t like short stories, female protagonist who slightly lacks confidence (but she’s not unlikable), jerk coworkers


Barairo my Honey

  • completed! 13 chapters
  • a bit of an older manga
  • recommended if you like some supernatural elements in romance manga, unique story, a female protagonist that says whatever is on her mind, a closed off love interest that slowly opens up, some other cute cliches
  • not recommended if you don’t like big shoujo eyes…or more like shoujo eyelashes lol (even though this is not shoujo), serious lack of story depth though it has a plot, the art style is slightly off-putting

Shounen Ai-Romance

Hidamari ga Kikoeru

  • completed! under 20 chapters
  • recommended if you like college setting, characters falling in love naturally, slight angst, slice of life genre, honest attempts at communication between the lovers, friendship evolving to relationship, sincere and vulnerable protagonists, character with hearing impairment/hard of hearing!
  • not recommended if you don’t like slow buildup (in the beginning), lack of exciting scenes (if you know what i mean), some miscommunication between characters

Fujunna Renai

  • completed! 3 chapters
  • quick and easy read
  • recommended if you like school setting, simple story, unrequited love, slightly slice of life genre, bit of angst
  • not recommended if you don’t like some drama, miscommunication between characters, love triangles, slightly drawn out scenes where the character is trying to figure out their feelings, not much lovey-dovey scenes


So I’ve chosen manga that are as PG and SFW as I could possibly find, though I know Yaoi tends to…not be lol

Hana no Miyako de

Hana no Mizo Shiru

  • these two manga are related, with the second one considered a sequel to the first
  • completed! both are relatively short, sweet, and simple reads
  • fun fact: they are created from the same mangaka as Ten Count (which is quite a popular manga)
  • recommended if you like romance in a school setting, a love story with natural progression and isn’t too forced, angst angst angst (do you like pain, cause I do)
  • not recommended if you don’t like slightly slow-paced romance, lack of scenes that are …exciting, forbidden lovers theme and heart-wrenching angst in the first one


Oyasumi Punpun

  • completed! under 150 chapters
  • mature genre/tag, has very mature themes (ages 18 and up please)
  • recommended if you like complex characters, complex and realistic relationships, relatable situations and story, slice of life, some angst, mature themes, thought-provoking symbolism
  • not recommended if you don’t like toxic characters and manipulative personalities, irresponsible and abusive characters, main focus on characters’ daily lives/problems, abstract character style (you’ll understand when you see it), frustrating and highly triggering situations/scenes, somewhat disconcerting art style, suicide warning!


  • completed! 64 chapters
  • an anime
  • a much older manga
  • recommended if you like action, sci-fi, heavy plot, character development, complicated antagonists, tragedy genre, violent and intense situations
  • not recommended if you don’t like older manga, relatively simple artwork, slow story buildup, gruesome murders/deaths, blood/gore, some unanswered questions/plot holes

One shot Manga

Just a few of the many, many collections of one shots out there


Akuma ni Itsukushimi no Te o by Tagaki Shigeyoshi (AKA Ogawa Chise - different pen name depending on the genre! interesting right?)

  • supernatural

Gyu…tte Shite Ii? by Shiraishi Yuki

  • school setting sort of, typical shoujo feel

Shounen Ai/Yaoi

Gokujou Dessert by Ogawa Chise (AKA Tagaki Shigeyoshi)

  • school setting, kinda NSFW (compared to the mangaka’s other work…)

Mousou Cherry by Kamon Saeko

  • school setting, this is a small collection of one-shots, NSFW




That’s it for now! Thank you so much for the ask, this was super fun! As you can see I favor a lot of older manga, so this list is kinda biased.

I’m sure there are better ones to recommend but I can’t remember them ):

Please let me know if I left out any “warnings” about the manga that I listed. I actually haven’t read these manga in a while, (some I haven’t read in YEARS) so I forgot some things. I’ll be editing and adding to this list as I remember more about the manga that I’ve read.

Hope the list isn’t (too) disappointing!

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