and really terribly on others

I just wanna say to everyone who feels sad or like shit bc they weren’t the “chosen” ones, I felt like shit the next day too but after the hours get by it honestly gets better. Please distance yourself from social media if you feel really terrible and do other things you love, it will make you feel better! Just close off tumblr. And also please try to remember there are SO many of us, even only on here… I’m not saying your feelings aren’t valid because yes I felt like shit too!!! Just honestly take some real time for yourself, treat yo self, take care ❤️❤️ love


i didn’t go anywhere today, but i did do my makeup

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So I'm really confused and scared. I thought I was trans ftm but now I have no idea. I feel comfortable in my body some days but other days I don't. Am I Genderfluid? I have already cone out to a few people as trans and I don't want them to get annoyed at me. Please help me.

As far as my understand goes, dysphoria doesn’t always have to be at the same level all the time. Some days your dysphoria could be really terrible to the point where you wanna break down, while other days it’s bearable or barely even noticeable.

That doesn’t mean you can’t be genderfluid though. There’s a difference between feeling comfortable in your body and feeling like “Eh, I’ll be able to survive in my body”.

You said some days you feel comfortable with yourself, which in my opinions leans more towards genderfluid. Overall, you’re the only one that can determine how you feel and decide how you want to label yourself (if you choose to adopt a label at all). I’m hoping I helped though!

~ Mod Zach

It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.


hey guys

Alex Danvers, 14, 15 and 16 for @fiddleabout 

I Know A Lot Of People Are Into Mom!Gwen To Go With Dadvid, But Let Me Suggest My Personal Favourite: Big Sister Gwen

-Max Always Mocking Her Life And Career Choices While Gwen Calls Him Out For Being Young And Short

-Dadvid Trying To Find An Affectionate Nickname That Max Is Comfortable With While Gwen Lovingly Calls Him A Lil’ Shit On The Regular

-Max Meeting Gwen’s Friends In Real Life And Immediately Spilling Every Embarrassing Secret And Story He Knows While She Chases Him Out Of The Room Screaming Threats

-Gwen Holding Stuff Over His Head So He Can’t Reach, Picking Him Up And Carrying Him Around, And Constantly Pestering Him When He’s Trying To Play Games Or Watch Shows

-Gwen Teaching Max New Swears/ Insults/ Creative Ways To Flip People Off, Much To David’s Distress

-Max Ripping Into Gwen’s Friends’ Life And Career Choices On Her Behalf Whenever They Annoy Her

-Watching Trashy Shows Together Just For The Swearing And Drama (Gwen Totally Makes Max Watch Twilight And He Complains Constantly About The Characters, The Plot Holes, The Acting, Etc. But He Always Joins Her To Watch The Next One So He Can Find More To Complain About)

-Working Together To Prank David/ Share Embarrassing Stories About Him (And David Suddenly Regrets Wishing They Could Get Along All This Time)

Okay but can we take a moment to talk about how truly traumatic Leorio’s past really is? Like, I know we all talk about how terrible the other three’s childhoods are:

Killua living with a physically and emotionally abusive family, Gon with his father abandoning him, Kurapika’s clan being killed.

But I think we tend to forget that Leorio had just as much of a tragic background as the others. He watched his friend die. Right before his very eyes. 

And then that hard reality sets on him; he could have survived if they had money for medicine. It was an entirely curable sickness. But all he could do was watch as his friend collapsed. And let’s just think for a moment; Leorio lived in such an impoverished area, there were probably bound to be other people he knew who suffered from the same sickness or a different illness that could have been saved from that miraculous money antidote. 

So Leorio could have seen far more death in the course of his childhood that we may not even know about.

This becomes even more of a pressing issue for Leorio, especially concerning Gon. Because seeing Gon just laying there, practically charred skin and bone wrapped up in medical tape, physically and emotionally kills Leorio. Not just because it’s Gon and he feels so connected and attached to Gon, but because it brings back those memories. Of when he couldn’t do anything but watch someone die. And he thinks “Not again. I will not stand by and watch someone die again. I will find some way to heal Gon. I will invest every single piece of fame, fortune and time to bring Gon back.”

And when Gon enters  through that door in the middle of the election, Leorio is so happy; so overwhelmed to see Gon alive and well. He’s so, so ecstatic that for once, 

someone was finally saved.


I love how in this scene Yu is literally ready to follow Yosuke anywhere

Meanwhile the others are like “Bruh. No way. You’re on your own on this one.”

Settings I want to see Eri in:

- Eri and Izuku hanging out like siblings

- Eri riding on Mirio’s shoulders, posing hero-like alongside him.

- Eri meeting Shouto and them getting along really well (both had terrible childhoods and understand each other very well)

- Eri hugging Nighteye’s legs - only part she can reach - to say thank you because he helped saving her (everyone’s jaw drops when Nighteye lets it happen)

- Eri being adopted by literally everyone at U.A.

- Eri adopting Izuku as her “Onii-chan” and Toshinori as her Grandpa (she switches to uncle cause Izuku insisted Toshinori is not that old)

- Eri adopting Gran Torino as her (second) tiny little Grandpa (causing Toshinori to howl in laughter at the blunt statement of the tiny, leading to Gran Torino kicking him in the shin)

- Eri going to shop new clothes with Class 1-A, deciding on everything that covers her scarred arms and legs and one summer dress because it’s “pretty”.

- Eri getting her hair styled by the girls from both Class 1-A and 1-B, with specially attention to her tiny horns from Pony-chan.

- Eri meeting Inko, gaining a new second Mum.

- Eri climbing up onto Izuku at night to cuddle with him because she had nightmares and doesn’t want to sleep without Onii-chan.

Situations I don’t want to see Eri in:

The one she’s in right now.

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Could you give me some coloring and shading tips? I've started making tablet art recently and as far as coloring goes I am terrible at it. Others art pops and have really nice coloring and shading etc, and mine is so flat and bland. I want to fix that, so any tips? (if I could possibly have tips on making line art also that would be great)

Okay so, I havent drawn anything other then my final film for like weeks so I needed something else to draw so thank you, so here’ the process I went through to color this pic of me below lol (Please keep in mind that I work with Paint Tool SAI! but in general it might help with basics!)

Das me v v v

Then after all this, I fiddle around with Multiply and screen layers over EVERYTHING. Different colors have different mood effects so experiment! I also sometimes add in some lightly blended luminosity highlights with the water tool to make some dramatic lighting tm. Then I do a few tweaks and add in an overlay layer over everything and fiddle with the filter to get what I want and bam! That’s how I color lol

See how different colors can set different moods? warm colors for warm moods and cold colors for cold ones. Looking up color pallets is AMAZING and SUPER HELPFUL!! A lot of people know about complementary colors but the contrast can be quite harsh to the eyes sometimes. I like to use Analogous colors myself a lot (near the same side of the color wheel) And I LOVE neon colors like a lot, but to REALLY make em pop is to put some muted colors around it. Having NEON against NEON can seem harsh to the eyes and look off.

But yeah, That’s my basic process on how I color all my pieces! I hope this helped some :)

EDIT: Also!! for lineart, I just have my stabilizer set up hella high lol

HunHan reunion (not)

Luhan: Still looking for lines, I see.

Sehun: And I see you’re still looking for someone to suck yo—


*After a night out of heavy drinking with a non-pregnant Wynonna, Nicole passes out on the Earp couch*

Waverly: What did you do to her?

Wynonna: We had a drinking game.

Waverly: …..and?

Wynonna: She forgot that I’m an Earp.

Nicole: *Wakes up with something stuck on her face* oh no, I think I’ve mutated.

Wynonna: Relax Haughtstuff, it’s just a piece of chicken. And don’t worry, the white stuff is only Mayonnaise.

some object heads i doodled in class earlier today

Supergirl Fans: Kara’s an invincible ray of sunshine and goodness and kindness

Flash Fans: Barry is a true hero and he’s good, and sensitive, and compassionate and so romantic.

Legends Fans: They’re all gonna mess up really bad and make a huge mess of time but they’re a family and they’re trying.

Arrow Fans: Oliver just stabbed someone with a chair leg and he will destroy anyone who gets in his way and I support his decisions 100%. 

That video of Gal Gadot talking about how her mom told her she wished she wouldn’t have to serve in the army, and how she hopes for peace etc… You probably have very little context for that, but here are some facts for you:

1. That’s an immensely common cliche. Everyone says this over here. “By the time our kids grow up, let’s hope we won’t need an army!” But then the kids do grow up, and there’s still an army, and we still encourage and praise our kids for serving, and we still vote for the guy who’ll increase the defense budget the most, and we are still occupying Palestine. This is a meaningless platitude. Don’t buy it for a second.

2. “I want peace! I wish we could resolve this conflict!” This is an unbelievably cruel and disingenuous statement for the aggressor to make. We’re essentially holding millions of people hostage with a rifle to their throat while claiming at the same time to want peace. Also, this isn’t actually a “conflict” at all; a conflict implies two equivalent sides. That isn’t the case. What we have here is an occupying force and an occupied nation. As unequal as it gets.

3. The vast, vast majority of Jewish Israelis are Zionists. To not identify with Zionism is considered an extremely radical position here. To be anti-Zionist is largely considered downright traitorous. To claim that Gal Gadot isn’t a Zionist is as likely an assumption as that she’s secretly a devout Catholic.

4. Gal Gadot was 19 or 20 when she joined the army, not 18. This is because, as a working model/actress at the time, she was granted a release from mandatory military service so she could work. This is a common practice for people in show business. In fact, she could have continued to work and never joined the IDF at all, like many a young model/actress before her (like Bar Refaeli, for example). But she chose to join, and she’s gushed in many interviews about her pride in the IDF and in this choice. (She’s received plenty of Israeli public approval for this, too.)

5. I’m Israeli, and I don’t work in showbiz, and when I was 18 I was drafted. But I didn’t serve a single day in the IDF. This is because, while service is mandatory, it’s not inescapable. Religious or conscientious objection, physical or mental disability, pregnancy or marriage are all ways to avoid service. I did something called National Service, a non-military alternative, and so do many, many other teenagers who refuse or are unable to serve. We exist, this alternative exists, if you put the effort into choosing it. Don’t pretend it doesn’t just to suit your defense of some celebrity.

follow forever ig?

@pixel-moons: Thank you for being my friend and helping me through so much. You were one of the first few people that i really talked to when i became a simblr. I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. I’ll always try to be there for you through hard times. Ily <3

@jalayniesims: You were the second actual person I talked to and i don’t remember how we started talking. I’m so glad we’re friends and that our friendship has lasted this long. I’ve actually lost track. <3 Ily and yeah that mushy stuff.

@smolacesimmer: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OMG. We haven’t known each other long but i’m so glad we know each other. I’d be more sad if i didn’t know you. We’re so close and i honestly love it. I hopefully get to see you in all your cuteness one day.

@madssimming: E D G Y  YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO YOUR MOOMY AND I (but honestly ily so much

@astrodoves: ur cool and pretty lit and we don’t talk much but ily

@simseternity: I look up to you and your legacy and i think you’re cool and i’d love to be friends but i’m awkward

@simtavia: we’ve talked like twice but you’re really cool and i adore you and your blog

@trashcansims: i love our random conversations and you’re just a cool person

@akwardbutt: ur lit no matter your age

@calliasccfinds: we haven’t talked much and i kinda only know you through jalaynie but you’re awesome

@taurussims: i will never remember how we met but i always make fun of you by calling you matalie

i might just start listing people off bc it’s gonna be tedious


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