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Asia Kate Dillon on Billions, Nonbinary Gender Identity, and Making TV History
Dillon is the first nonbinary actor to play a nonbinary character on television.
By E. Alex Jung

Asia Kate Dillon plays the first nonbinary character on TV: a keenly intelligent intern on the show Billions.

In an interview with Vulture, Dillon discusses the connection they felt with the character who instantly revealed truths about themselves in their own, real, life, of which they were previously unaware:

“…female meaning sex and nonbinary meaning a gender identity that is an umbrella term for people who identify as neither man nor a woman. I just went, oh my gosh, there is language to express something about myself that I’ve always known, but could never put words to. I mean, it really helped. It’s interesting: As much visibility as Taylor is giving to the nonbinary community now that Billions is on the air, Taylor gave that visibility and hope to me first.”

On Pronouns:

“I started removing ‘she’ and ‘her’ from my online bio material or my bio in a program, and I just replaced it with my name. I used my name instead of a pronoun, which felt really good. Once I read the breakdown for Taylor, before even being cast in the role, I immediately made the changes to any online material I had. I started saying, ‘These are my pronouns.’”

Read more of Dillon’s insight in their interview here.

reasons Artemis Fowl is a bangin series of books:

  • it’s funny
  • great plot
  • you know that post that’s like “i want a female character to hand a male a gun and the guy is like ‘what do i do with this i can’t fire a gun?!’”? this is that
  • holly short takes no shit from nobody
  • also she’s the first female captain of LEP in their entire history
  • also has no love interest
  • and is a total badass
  • the character development is unbelievable
  • basically a modern reworked fairy tale it’s fantastic just please go read them

“It feels like home,” Hennig tells TVLine. “We go off, we do our movies [during the hiatus] and we come back thinking, ‘This is where we’re meant to be.‘”

Below, Hennig talks (as much as she can) about Teen Wolf Season 5, including new challenges for Stiles and Malia, the lingering question of Malia’s lineage and whether or not we should trust newcomer Cody Christian (Pretty Little Liars).

TVLINE | This being your second full season on the show, it must be nice to not be the “new girl” anymore.
You know, I never really felt like the new girl. It’s felt right since the beginning, and I’m so grateful to the cast and crew for making me feel that way. Nobody did any sort of initiation with me, which I appreciated — but we are doing them to Dylan Sprayberry.

TVLINE | Ah, so he’s the new girl now.
Yeah, he’s the new girl now, so we torture him.

TVLINE | And how far into Season 5 have you guys filmed?
We’re kind of filming all over, different episodes, but we’re definitely in the first quarter.

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