and really exciting when it's someone new

Lorde's album; Melodrama ask
  • Green Light: Time when you danced like no one was watching?
  • Sober: Time where you felt completely out of your comfort zone, but it's ok because it was fun and exciting and new?
  • Homemade Dynamite: Favorite night you spent with your friend(s)?
  • The Louvre: Do you ever crave the feeling of being on display for everyone to see?
  • Liability: Ever felt used by someone?
  • Hard Feelings/Loveless: Describe the time where you felt like you were in a movie.
  • Sober II: What is something you broke that you wish you could fix?
  • Writer in the Dark: Someone you really miss?
  • Supercut: Song that still resonates with you?
  • Liability (Reprise): Time when you felt completely lost emotionally?
  • Perfect Places: When was the last time you felt like you were apart of something bigger than yourself?
Magical Encounters
  • ~ Person A is lost in the forest, searching for something, when they meet Person B, the so called 'Guardian of the Forest'
  • ~ Person A owns a small sail boat, and decided to take a nice trip into the ocean for a little while. The only problem is they went too far out. They're lost, until they meet Person B, who appear to be half fish, half human, and seem know the water well..
  • ~ Person A is quite excited about the new house they bought. It's big, it's old, it's pretty, it's haunted by Person B who's cursed to be a ghost until someone saves them-
  • ~ Person A always prays every night to Person B, the god of ______. They never really expected to meet them-
  • ~ Ya know, it's a fun day when you learn your best friend is a witch/wizard-
  • ~ Yes, Person A owns a hell hound, much to Person B's surprise. But was so cute as a puppy, man-
  • ~ "I knew it! No human person is that amazing /and/ pretty-" Person A yelled, upon finding out Person B is an actual angel

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Okay apparently, Taylor has been looking for a house in Chelsea to be "closer to Joe" Girl..... chill. Go back to "being single" I can't with her anymore

im tired everything is so much with her taylor honey chill

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Junkrat has partner wgo changes hair colour all the time and he's so amazed and wants his done.

  • He’s so confused at first. He thinks you have a medical condition.
  • Junkrat gets super ecited after you explain though. “You can fuckin’ paint yer hair!!?!?”
  • He especially likes it when you color it to look like fire. Junkrat immediately reaches out to touch it and is surprised to see he isn’t burned. Safe fire!!!
  • You let him pick which color you’ll do next sometimes and he gets super excited when he gets to do that. he always picks really obscure colors too like Smaragdine or Amaranth. Where did you learn these big words Junkrat??
  • He could stare at you all day whenever you’ve just recently colored your hair and it’s at its most vivid. 
  • Junkrat asks if you could color his hair. He doesn’t care if you usually have someone else do yours and you have no experience. He doesn’t trust anyone else to do it for him.
  • He wants fire hair 1000%%%
  • Once his new hair is just the way he likes it, he’s going to strut his stuff all around base. He’s sexy and he knows it. 

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First of all can I just say how happy I am to finally see a btob scenario blog?? I have you on notifications and I get excited when u post something new!!! If its okay can I request a Hyunsik best friends to lovers scenario??? :)

First of all, as someone who has never had a blog on notifications, I am so honored?? Like this means a lot to me, I’m really glad this blog makes you that happy😭💕

Ahhhh YES!!! I love the friends to lovers tropes, my weakness!! 💗 I’m doing this in bullets bc there’s too much going on in this.

  • Hyunsik is that one friend that you’ve always had some kind of feeling for for years, but you never really explored it because you never wanted to ruin the friendship
  • and he definitely feels the same way about you, but you never really notice
  • you’re best friends because he’s number one when it comes to loyalty and support
  • he’s seen you at your worst and always offered you advice and a shoulder to cry on, he’s more like your rock
  • even though you’re just friends, he acts a lot like a boyfriend to you already
  • like you playfully flirt a lot and constantly gas each other up
  • he buys you all kinds of snacks when you’re upset
  • and he watches movies with you at 1 am and somehow it ends up with you two cuddling on the couch
  • always gives you the most comforting hugs
  • a lot of people that know you two think that you’re already secretly dating
  • also he gives you great advice… unless it has something to do about you crushing on someone
  • he never really approved of the people that you liked and got close to because it wasn’t him
  • whenever you ask his opinion on someone you’re interested in, he would shrug and be like “you can do better”
  • but mostly he stayed quiet for the sake of seeing you happy
  • but he’s very quick to call them out when they wrong you in any way
  • his fierce loyalty cheers you up
  • and one night, in a moment of pure adoration of him, you ask him why he isn’t dating anyone yet
  • he just sighs and snickers, but you’re confused
  • he starts off by telling you that it’s hard for him to get close to people because most people aren’t like you
  • and you force an awkward laugh because you think he’s joking
  • but he looks pretty serious and so your expression softens to match his and you have to ask what he meant
  • and he explains everything-
  • -every ounce of good he sees in you, how it pained him to hear you gush about the people you’ve liked/dated, how much worse he felt whenever someone hurt you, his desire to see you happy more than anything else, how you make him feel, everything
  • after he confessed, he’d look up at the sky to avoid seeing you until you respond
  • but really you can’t talk because you’re smiling too much
  • and when he turns to see you, his expression lightens up a bit
  • you’d tell him you felt the same way about him and that you never said anything because you love his friendship
  • he’d pull you into a hug and promise nothing could ruin what you two have
  • and you both agree to finally give it a shot after all those years
  • as an official couple, you basically just continue what you’d been doing all along: the flirting, the cuddling, the skinship
  • except kissing was involved now and it was very frequent
  • and also you both muse about how lucky you are and that you wish you had said something sooner
  • neither of your friends are surprised that you’re dating, but they’re surprised it took you that long
The Signs as Tumblr Moments
  • Aries: Being so far down your dashboard and finding a post you really like but accidentally pressing the wrong key on your keyboard which refreshes your page and you lose all motivation to find it again
  • Taurus: The instant contempt you feel for any uncultured peasant asking you what tumblr is
  • Gemini: Not ever being satisfied with your theme
  • Cancer: Getting legitimately emotional after realizing your favorite blog is leaving
  • Leo: That "they really love me" moment after you unread messages in your inbox
  • Virgo: The smirk that slowly creeps across your face when you sent a roast over anon
  • Libra: Finding out your mutual thinks you're cool too
  • Scorpio: The rush of anxiety you feel when you find out someone from school/work/stressful places found your tumblr account
  • Sagittarius: Learning new tumblr lingo that no one in the boring world knows about (with great knowledge comes great responsibility)
  • Capricorn: Telling your parents why you're so excited over a Tumblr event and them literally slow blinking at you, failing to understand why it's so important
  • Aquarius: Turning off the hide adult-oriented content button during your tumblr search
  • Pisces: Rereading a post 1,346 times only to realize you still don't understand the reference
Reasons to Smile
  • 1
  • The way the sky turns colors so that everything but the horizon is like a pastel rainbow
  • 2
  • The feeling of a warm drink sliding down you throat when you are really cold and how you can feel it all the way to your stomach
  • 3
  • Smores. And melting marshmallows and then accidentally lighting them on fire so that you kinda run around with a flaming stick but then it tastes better anyway
  • 4
  • Jumping in a pool and freezing but laughing because "oh my sweet son of odin its so fucking cold" but its summer and no one expects anything from you when you swin
  • 5
  • Climbing through the little forests you can find just about anywhere and hearing the twigs crunch beneath your feet and discovering this little land inside the big scary lands
  • 6
  • Milkshakes at three in the morning. And being so tired that you spill it a little but thats okay because you can just lick the cup
  • 7
  • The way you can remember someones smile even with your eyes closed and how that smile makes you smile and its kinda crazy and you might have a crush
  • 8
  • When you actually have a crush and you are all tingley in their presence and you stutter on words but they kinda just smile in a way that makes you too happy for words and when they look at you with that goofy grin you can actually feel a tug in your gut and it kinda hurts but its a good hurt
  • 9
  • When you blast music through your headphones so loud that outside noise is gone and its almost like you disappeared into space so then you dance around your room because no one is watching you and no one cares
  • 10
  • Going to a public place and just sitting there and watching all the people going about their daily lives and you realize that seriously no one cares so then you go a little easier on yourself, at least for a little while
  • 11
  • Sitting on a blanket outside really late at night because the grass has already gotten wet but the stars are visible right now even through the haze and fog and you just have to see them
  • 12
  • The smell of a new book and the smell of an old book and the little rush of excitement you get when you open a new story because its a little world that you can shove into your unorganized-to-the-point-of papers-stabbing-you-in-the-arm bag
  • 13
  • How everything is funnier at two in the morning and sometimes when you are up with someone else you just kinda tell them everything and they kinda tell you everything and then all of a sudden you are best friends and its a nice feeling thats settling in the pits of your stomach
  • 14
  • The way your favorite stuffed animal (and don't even tell me you don't have one) fits perfectly in your arms and you would never tell someone that you have this bear but you named it and you have had it since practically birth and you love it like its your family.
  • 15
  • A babies laughter. And the way it can without fail make you seven million times happier because babies are cute as fuck and even if you dont like children you have to admit that babies are the most adorable things to ever grace this earth ever
  • 16
  • Taking a really long walk with someone you have known for a really long time. And in the beginning its kinda normal and "oh how are you?" "Im good" conversations but by the third street name you already forgot, you are talking about salsa chickens and the patriarchy like they are completely sane analogies and you think you might have found someone who is there for a brief forever
  • 17
  • Watching every episode in a season in a day. Then feeling unconventionally proud of yourself because "do you know how many bathroom breaks i sacrificed?" And the show was super awesome. Then not being able to watch anything else because all you can think about is this universe that you were just watching that you so want to go to
  • 18
  • Pretty rooms. Rooms with nice decorations and comfy furniture and everything is so nice and clean that you almost want to clean your room so you can make it look like this but you are not quite that motivated.
  • So instead you stalk weird design blogs and slowly plot out things for your future apartment
  • 19
  • Skype calls with your favorite people that are so long you fall asleep on the call together and the first thing you hear when you groggily pull yourself off you keyboard is their rhythmic breathing
  • 20
  • Finishing a project you stayed up all night to finish. Just accepting your fate of the grade thats probably not as good as it could have been but fuck it, you finished a four week project in eight hours and you deserve a medal. But then kinda being really proud of the project even tho its probably a mess because you somehow made something out of nothing at 4 in the morning
  • 21
  • The smell of your best friend/ crush/ possible soul mate that you can only smell when you are hugging them so tight you can feel their heartbeat in your fingertips and your face is curled into their chest
  • 22
  • The smell of clothes fresh out of the drier and the way they are so warm and soft. So you just kinda lay underneath them like some giant monster of cuddles sat on top you and its wonderful

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Okay, but here's the real question: the lions reacting to their paladins' s/o's. Would some get jealous? Would some immediately accept them into the "pride"/family?


  • Would be so excited to meet them.
  • Lance would’ve talked about them a lot for months, and when he introduced them to his lion, it would already know pretty much everything about them.


  • Would be very uneasy about having someone new around.
  • Shiro would have to tell it that they’re a safe person to have and they’re one of the best people alive.
  • He does it in front of his s/o who thinks its so strange that he’s talking to a metal lion, but the things he’s saying are sweet so they don’t mind.


  • It wouldn’t really want to meet someone knew. It felt like it knew enough people.
  • It’s worried that the person will change Keith or something and doesn’t like them at first. It doesn’t matter who they are. They could be the sweetest person alive and it’ll still think that they’re Satan for the first few weeks.
  • However, after that, it loves them and will protect them.


  • Much like its paladin, it would be wary that someone it cares about is dating someone it has never met before.
  • However, as time went on, it would warm up to them and start to love and care for them.


  • Would be super excited about a new person in Hunk’s life. If he liked them, it’s gotta, right?
  • Probably the most open to accepting a new person than any of the others.

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58, 49, or 27 please! I hope you're having a good day as well.

gkjdgdfklh thank you 💕

58. description of my best friend
uMMM?? SHes?? really!!! cool!! sweet!! nice!! funny! just as much as a nerd as i am also pretty smart imo she teaches me a lot of new things i didn’t know 

she’s someone im really proud of!!

and shes just someone that’s extremely easy for me to talk to like i feel 100% at ease with her and i get really excited when she comes on like!! wow i love her shes amazing

she also sends me pictures of her and her friends puppers its great going through our conversations rn and theres so many woody memes gkdjhgkjfdh

49. where i want to be right now
im where i want to be

at home under the covers like thats some good shit

27. things i hate
bugs,, mainly like roaches , fleas and gnats bc theyre annoying af to have around andd i mean just overall people that are just unnecessarily rude imean there’s not really much i hate just simple stuff i feel any other person would not like

I feel so unlovable right now and I think that I have since I had my heart crushed earlier this year. Like Ive fallen for people that werent interested before and Ive even fallen for people taht later realized they werent interested. But when you get you to really like them and then jerk you back and forth for a while its just soul crushing. Like there were several times where Ive never seen someone be as excited to see me as him but then he also broke up with me in bed twice the second time after he had me drive a state over to see him amd the he just talked about his new roommate that he had fucked most of the time. How can I possibly believe anyome saying they like me after all that? Ive been living in a fantasy since then that my ex before that and his partner might be interested in me because I know its unlikely and pining feels safe to me. I feel like Im just not good enough

Manhattan - Sara Bareilles: Moving on and holding on

We all have that one song or that one movie or that one book that can pour puddles out of our eyes at any given moment. We are touched so deeply; we fear that even our genetic make-up has been shifted; as if our hearts are plate tectonics that have been repositioned somewhere between the verses and the bridge; the beginning and the end. “Manhattan” does this for me. And i’m eternally grateful. 

Please take a few moments to watch the video above. Pay attention to her phrasing and the way her words jump from her lips - in polyphony with the effortless piano.

Every time I listen to this song and watch this performance in particular, my emotions soar with Sara’s vocals. Here, the piano is a palette from which my most painful, yet beautiful, memories are brought to life, calling each one by name. Manhattan. I usually don’t open up my heart this wide, especially on the internet for thousands and thousands to read, but this is simply the beauty of music. I want to share with you a deep and extremely personal song to me, written by Sara, but i swear…. it was written for me, too… 

I consider it to be one of her overlooked songs. 

“You can have Manhattan

I know it’s for the best

I’ll gather up the avenues

and leave them on your doorstep

And I’ll tip-toe away

so you won’t have to say

you heard me leave”

Written from the perspective of an ex-lover who is devastated by Sara’s decision to leave her comfortable Californian abode [“you can have Manhattan / I’ll settle for the beach / with sunsets facing westward / with sand beneath my feet… “] for Manhattan - a move portent of bigger and better things to come for the singer – it seems both subject and writer have come to terms with what is at stake. No hard feelings, no resentment, no i-hate-yous-and-i-never-want-to-see-your-fucking-face-agains. Just plain, complete, sadness and acceptance. The two have reached the bargaining stage of the grieving process.

To say the move was difficult for Sara is to put it lightly. Imagine taking a step back and looking at your life, unequivocally knowing you are not content but rather stagnant, therefore choosing to end a long-term relationship, amicably ending the professional relationship with your band of ten years, and then moving across the country for a fresh start. All in one year. It is the ultimate story of soul-searching and self-discovery. One that assumes a lot of responsibility and pain. And, at the core, self-love.

Originally posted by vintageviewpoint

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sara unapologetically admits to “Last year (2012) [being] rough for me personally. I went through a big breakup, and separate[ed] from my band of 10 years. It was really tumultuous emotionally.” Luckily, she found solace in the words of poet Martha Graham who would eventually inspire the singer to name her most-recent, Grammy-nominated album “The Blessed Unrest” after Graham’s poem of the same name. The back of the lyric booklet reads, “A blessed unrest that keeps us marching and makes us more alive than the others.

Certainly, “Manhattan” is an important and self-evident song for the singer, one that I am so grateful to her for having written and shared and sung. On the album recording of the track, Bareilles was supposed to continue singing towards the very end, but began to weep instead, while her fingers continued to dance over the cold ivory keys.

“Manhattan” finds its way into the narrative of my life in early 2014. I’d had the album for about a few months at this point, but the magic of music really starts to soak in your bones when you have someone in your life, who loves an artist just as much as you do.

In 2010, he took a trip to New York and shared with me, every glistening moment of pure joy and excitement. “New York is the love of my life,” he would repeat to me, “You really feel like you belong there, you know?” Flash-forward a few years later and our mutual favorite singer has released a song titled Manhattan and we lose our minds at the beautiful synchronicity of that. I’ve taught myself the song on piano at this point, and he can’t wait to hear the end result. I never get to actually play him the song, though, because he lived in the warm atmospheres of Brazil and, I, in the cold hustle-and-bustle lifestyle of Canada.

But, together, we continued to nurture a friendship larger than distance, an appreciation for each other larger than the odds stacked up against us. We spent time when we could, discussing life and politics, religion and philosophy, music and the future. New York and Sara; amazed at how similar we both are to one another, even with the friendship reaching a mature age.

And then the skies opened late one night in March of 2014 and replaced his heartbeat with nothing but a stillness so loud I heard the reverb ringing in my ears two weeks later, when I find a message from his sister awaiting my reply, breaking the news to me.

I scoured my laptop for the pictures of him in New York, truly his happiest times. I scoured and wept when I couldn’t find them, I thought I’d lost the most precious pictures and the photographic memories of him showing off his beautiful, teethy smile in Manhattan, so his sister and I would trade pictures of him like little kids trading baseball cards. I would send her little voice memos of him singing for me. She would send me pictures. I would send her pictures. Back and forth, back and forth, rocking me like a baby.

This is when I ran to “Manhattan.” When I listen to the song, it feels like she’s singing from his perspective where he tells me I can have Manhattan, I can have everything he experienced in New York. Everything he told me about. The happiness. The pure joy. And the memories. My heart reaches its breaking point even though Sara sings with the gentlest soprano, 

“and I’ll tip-toe away

so you won’t have to say

you heard me leave…

and I’ll bow out of place

to save you some space

for somebody new…

You can have Manhattan

cause I can’t have you…“

When I listen to the song, I can imagine it’s what he’d want me to hear. I hold this song so close to my heart because it was one of the first songs that grabbed me by the hand in the deepest depths of my grief, and has never let me go.

In Brazil, it isn’t unusual to spend Christmas on the beach, this sounds strange, but winter for them doesn’t happen near the end of the year; it begins in the middle from June to September so, by the time Christmas comes, it’s summer!

In the last bit of the song, just before the outro, Sara makes a direct reference to the sticky-hot temperatures of California, her former home, but since it’s in the perspective of a former lover, it is sung in second-person: “You can have Manhattan, I’ll settle for the beach… sunsets facing westward, with sand beneath my feet… “ For me, this is also reminiscent of the times my friend would spend his Christmases on the beach in Brazil. So, it really does feel like he’s singing to me, in a way.

It’s weird. I find comfort yet absolute pain each time I listen to this song, but it will forever be precious to me. Just like him. Just like Sara.

Just like Manhattan 

Birds of a Feather

The Baroness of Loranth’s mansion was practically a palace and took many household staff–though in truth they were all slaves–to keep it in its pristine condition. Most of the Baroness’ slaves had been born into the life, but there were a few who had been something else before being caught and sold by the slave caravans that traversed the Cold Wastes. Among those was a young man who worked as both a household drudge and a pleasure slave when the Baroness wanted someone to share her bed. He had no given name, having been thrown out of his father’s house when he was barely old enough to take care of himself, and the Baroness had never seen fit to give him one. She simply called him “boy” or “slave”. The mansion’s guards called him “Stalker” in a mocking manner, as he was able to move silently as a predator stalking its prey, but he had never thought of that as his name. It didn’t really matter, though. Having a name wouldn’t make his work any easier or less taxing.

Normally, the Baroness would send someone to buy new slaves for her when needed, but on the rare occasion that she attended the auctions herself, it was a much talked about affair. Today just happened to be one of those days, and as soon as the Baroness had entered her carriage and left the estate, excited whispers flew through the halls. Questions and rumours and speculation. Why was the Baroness going to the auctions today? Perhaps there was someone special being sold? Or was she just going to get away from the mansion for a few hours? Either way, they were going to have a new arrival and another space filled within the slaves’ ranks.


Hi taylorswift!! I’m Ashley and i can’t wait to welcome you to New York (aka St. Paul) in two weeks! This is my costume for the show, obviously inspired by Welcome to New York. I’ll be in b-stage pit on night two (Saturday, September 12th!). The top 3 pictures are my costumes for other shows of yours! I dressed as you (poorly tbh) for the Speak Now Tour in Milwaukee, i dressed as half of a 22 for the Red Tour in Chicago, and i was in “scream"ing color (get it? we had the scream on our shirts. i think im a lot funnier than i am) for the 1989 Tour in Chicago! I have the absolute pleasure of seeing you for a fourth time this fall in St. Paul!! I’m moving up to Minnesota in 2 days to start my freshman year of college at the University of Minnesota. I’m incredibly nervous but knowing that i’m seeing you 11 days after I move in makes it a whole lot easier because you and your music feel like home to me. I’ve grown up with your music for the past 9 years, and your music is always exactly what i need to help me get through things. Throughout the Taylor Swift and Fearless eras i was young and impressionable, loving life and growing up happily, those albums were exactly what i needed at that time. Speak Now came out as i was finishing up middle school and it was perfect for reminding me to be myself and cease the moment. Red came out during a really awful time in my life, i was struggling with depression and anxiety that had spiraled out of control. Red was the perfect combination of raw emotion and brutal honesty that i needed. When 1989 came out, i was starting to find myself. Shortly after its release i ended an awful controlling and manipulative relationship and ever since then i’ve been finding who i really am and i’ve never been happier. 1989 is exactly the album i need to celebrate my newfound happiness. I’m so excited to see you in two weeks because you’ve honestly changed my life so much and i couldnt be more thankful! Look for this tacky tourist welcoming you to New York (aka St. Paul) in bstage pit on Saturday, September 12th and know that you’re looking at someone who’s life you’ve drastically impacted in the best way possible. I’d love to give you a hug and thank you in person for everything you’ve done for me but honestly just getting to see you again is nearly just as good. Love you so so much, see you soon!!!

Day 21: Favourite Baby Pokemon

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Togepi. 

I hated it in the anime similarly to how I didn’t like Misty. And Togepi existing made her even more insufferable to me. There was the episode about keeping it and MEOWTH REALLY LOVED IT AND THE SHOW LOVES MAKING MEOWTH UNHAPPY AUGDFHGDFKHGKDHFG so I was kind of biased

And things like Togepi making mischief and getting Ash in trouble made me so angry. I hate that kind of misunderstanding thing, even when it’s done as a joke, the fact Ash would get screamed at for Togepi’s own wandering off bothered me immensely. Like there was also Ash pushing them all away because he was scared they were all gonna get shot at, and he did overreact, but Misty just flipped out at him when Togepi started crying. Ughghgg just stuff like that made me angry that Misty got to keep it, it woulda been better off with Brock AND MEOWHTSHFSKDHFAMEOWTHTH MEOWTH ESPECIALLY UGGHGHH


Yet I was eager to get it in the game, and I drew it all the time. I think Togepi meant a lot because Togepi was one of the first Pokemon I saw that represented something new happening in the games. It also meant the end of the show’s hiatus at the time. I was hoping the anime would come back since it played the same set of episodes.. and then I began to see ads about new episodes, and new Pokemon along the way. It was so cool, it felt so incredible to realise there were gonna be many more, and that Gold/Silver were coming out. Togepi was kind of a trigger to so much looking forward to the future. I literally ran out of the apartment to scream to my brother “POKEMON IS COMING BACK” when I saw an ad for the new season for the first time. A kind of excitement you don’t really get back. He was too busy playing with a friend outside BUT I DIDN’T CARE SOMEONE HAD TO KNOW

Togepi was cute and fun to draw as well and its voice is really cute :-[ Lucy had a lot more pets in the old comics, and Togepi was one of them because I was a terrible person. 

It’s all coming as a bit of a shock to her.
If Maggie hadn’t come along, I don’t think she would’ve recognized this about herself, and probably wouldn’t have had the courage to come out the way she is. I think moving forward, it’s baby steps. There’s a big emotional breakthrough in episode 6, which we’re really excited about. From my research and talking to my gay friends, it seems like, at least anecdotally, when people come out later in life, they tend to come out because they’ve met someone and they have strong feelings for someone.
That’s what happens with Alex, that she has these very strong feelings for this woman.
Watching that relationship have its twists and turns makes up the Alex storyline for the foreseeable future.
—  Andrew Kreisberg, Supergirl’s EP, on ‘how will Alex be handling this new development moving forward ?’

I feel like once you follow enough book blogs you just start seeing the same post over and over because you all follow each other and you reblog the same things and you see the same blogs all the time and its like a big family.

And when someone posts a new picture of their book shelf, everyone gets really excited about their progress and we all reblog it like we’re patting them on the back and its such a nice feeling to be a part of this.

belladonablush  asked:

I generally avoid reading WIPs and read stories once they are completed, usually in one sitting. In terms of reviewing that story, I usually leave one comment at the end, since I feel if I leave a comment on every chapter it might seem a bit stalker-like. Is that acceptable? As authors, which do you prefer? Does it really matter?

Okay, so this is really funny because I actually hear this a lot. “I didn’t want to be a stalker by reviewing every chapter” or “Sorry for being stalkerish, but …” 

So, unless you’re collecting clippings of my hair, know where I live (and tell me so), and call my phone to breathe heavily into the receiver when I pick up … I’m probably not going to consider you a stalker. ♥ If reviewing every chapter of a fic makes a reader a stalker, then I am the creepiest creep to ever creep. I literally met one of my best friends on fanfic because late one night I decided to binge read her entire archive, and I left a review on every damn chapter like a freaking lunatic, LOL! And she woke up to an inbox FULL of my excited ramblings. And it was awesome!

I hate the word review when it comes to fanfic. Because it’s not Amazon, and we’re not selling things. Positive reviews at the end of a fic aren’t going to boost our stats and make us more money. There are some readers who read a fic as though it were a book they bought, and then they leave a lovely review (actually reviewing the story, letting the writer know how much they enjoyed it, usually picking out a favourite character, or moment, or a few plot points they liked). But really, reviews are COMMENTS. And the majority of fanfic writers want ALL the comments. 

My absolutely favourite thing to do with a finished fic, is to watch new readers go through the story. Someone will get to the end of chapter one and leave a review that says, “Just started this! I’m excited to see where it goes!” And I watch for their reviews as they come in. I smile when they get close to certain chapters that I know are going to emotionally devastate them, or make them laugh, or make them scream in frustration. Reading their reviews is a thrill on its own, like reliving the story all over again. It’s amazing. I want the reviews every single chapter because I want to know what made you laugh or cry, what lines were your favourites, how you’re feeling about the characters progression, etc. 

Yes, it matters. Most writers want a review (comment) on everything they write. That being said, a lovely review at the end of a fic is better than nothing, or worse, something hateful.

But don’t be worried about coming off as stalkerish. Even writers are crazy fans of other writers. The way one reader might feel about me is how I feel about a lot of other writers. I leave crazy long reviews, recommend their stories, and I still get super, stupidly excited if they ever write me back. 

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I really liked this episode. One part that resonated with me was when Pearl was upset because she was finally ready to try new things. I have social anxiety/depression, so it's not often that I get in a mood where I want to do something new or exciting or 'normal'. There have been times where someone asks if I want to go somewhere/do something, and I actually say yes and am ready to get out of my own head, but those plans get cancelled, and I feel like I lost my one chance at being cool/fun. 😓

ah, I’m the same way. Horribly anxious and largely asocial but randomly gets bursts of confidence and energy to do something outside my comfort zone, and it really is devastating when it falls through ‘cause its like… man, I was prepared, I was even excited, and it didn’t work out and the next time it happens I probably won’t feel up for it and it just sucks

I relate to Pearl a lot too, generally, and I feel like she’s much the same way too. ‘cause she’s very neurotic and cautious normally but she does have that courage and confidence too

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Hello Carrie! You probably don't know me at all but I'm the "creator" for that gif of yours that got almost 80000 notes. Sadly, somebody else repost it, my original one got less notes than that. So I wanted to know if it would bother you that I delete that post (and all people who reblogged it, by the new copyright rules) from tumblr. Your face is in after all. Wanted to ask you cause you were excited when you reblogged it! Sorry for being weird! Love you. Barbi xxx


Can you link me to which gif it is? I’m so sorry that someone else reposted it instead of reblogging your original work! I’ve been trying really hard to research the original artists for quotes and stuff that I post but its SO HARD when all of the links that come up are of everyone’s reposts rather than reblogging from one source! I’m still getting to grips with all the rules and how to find the real artists and what not so if you can give me any help, I’d be majorly grateful! But of course I don’t mind that you delete the original post if that’s what you feel you want to do! It’s entirely your choice but I’d like to say thanks for making such a successful gif! Clearly lots of people liked it and it was lovely of you to make a gif of silly ol’ me in the first place! ;)