and realizes that she is troubled

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From the promo for next weeks ep I think Bonnie will get that weird feeling and will realize Damon is in some kind of trouble with Cade

Second Anonymous:
Hi Nisha! Have you seen the 8x14 promo? What do you think? It seem we had some Bamon interaction at least. Not sure what to think about Elena’s coming back. She looks older and troublesome somehow.

Third Anonymous:
Bonnie and Damon and Cade in the promo for the next episode. What do you think?

Well, I finally sat down and watched the promo for 8x14, and I see now what you guys were excited about, lol:

That cave that they’re in with Cade looks like the one they were in during 6x05, and the way he’s being pulled away is like a reverse of what happened in that cave when Bonnie used her magic to pull him into the light and send him home:

There’s also shots of Cade seeming to be psychically attacked, so looks like maybe there’ll be a psychic standoff between Bonnie and Cade, with Damon literally in the middle (based on some of the other shots, he may be getting pulled into hell? Not sure.)

Also here’s the part where Bonnie says “Something’s happening,” since I think that’s what you meant when you said Bonnie might be psychically feeling that Damon is being hurt somehow:

Looks like Enzo is there with her. Might be too much to hope for from this show, as a BD shipper, that whatever she’s sensing is related to Damon. But I guess we’ll see?

At least it looks like there’ll be some good action and movement forward, whatever direction they’re moving in. Can’t believe this is where things stand, 3 episodes to series finale. Really doesn’t feel like it yet, but if the episode lives up to this promo, maybe it will after that.

The outfit Aelin wears to her coronation as Queen of Terrasen. She knows that pants are unconventional for a queen, but just look at those sparkles! Who wouldn’t love this look? Rowan stress shifts into his hawk form when he sees her because she’s just that beautiful. Also, he realizes that she has 10 weapons concealed on her person and he starts to worry about the trouble his fireheart is going to start at her own rutting coronation. 


Chapter 16: Episode 5 

          It was business as usual for the next three hours, and Roen made the executive decision to take his lunch in the office. I said I would join him and ordered in. Around 2:15 there was a knock on the office door. Expecting the delivery boy, I opened it only to find Chelle.

           “What are you doing here?” I asked snappily and she cut a glare to me.

           “Your food, Miss Kerrigan.” She held up a bag and I took it gingerly, giving her a sideways stare. “They came to the door, and I decided I’d save them the trouble of walking through the office.”

           Uh huh. I’m sure she just did it out of the kindness of her black heart. I watched her sharp eyes trail over my shoulder, stopping on the desk and my chest tightened, realizing what was happening.

           “Thanks,” I said shortly. “Now I think it’s alright if you leave.” I tried to close the door but she was too quick.

           “You’re incredibly resilient,” she said crisply. The tone cut right through the air and Roen looked up. I watched their eyes meet, and despite all the positions I held, I felt as if I shouldn’t have been there to see it. “You move on so quickly. Of course, it wasn’t nearly as hard the second time around, was it? Considering the drop in quality.”

           I gaped at her, feeling the room go icy.

           “You’re pretty resilient yourself,” Roen remarked. “In fact, you don’t change at all.”

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Forgive me if you've been asked this already but at what moment do you think Clarke fell in love with Lexa, or realized she was in love with her? I believe Eliza had trouble answering this at a con (I think she said it was before the bow though) so I'm wondering what you think.

Mmm that’s hard to say, and honestly, that’s kinda what I love about it. Because you can’t always exactly pinpoint the moment you fall in love with someone, right? Maybe it’s a feeling that grows gradually but unstoppable, maybe it’s like a wave hitting you at once, it varies. And that’s how I think it was for Clarke.

The way I see it, it was sudden for her at first and then everything slowed down and it naturally developed. It wasn’t love yet in the beginning, but there was definitely a realization that she had feelings for Lexa. Just look at her face after storming out of Lexa’s tent in 2x14. 

Why else would she looked so bothered? If she had just been upset about their argument she would have had an angry face. Instead she looks like she’s literally trying to physically restrain her feelings, whatever they may be. She takes that deep, shaky breath in an attempt to collect herself because, what the hell just happened inside that tent? Did Lexa really just confess she has feelings for me? And why does it affect me so much? What am I feeling? This is what I think is going through her mind. And then of course we have the confirmation of this, when she gladly replies to Lexa’s kiss. Even after she rejects her, there is no indication of that being a definitive rejection. There is no feeling of “I’m sorry, but I don’t reciprocate.” Clarke is not ready for a relationship, and it’s right that she was honest with Lexa, but she rejects her in literally the softest way possible, AND leaves the door open for the future. Not yet. That means she already sees herself considering a relationship with Lexa in the future, after healing, when she’s finally ready. And look at how tender and somewhat tamely longing her gaze is even after she rejected Lexa.

She is definitely aware of her feelings for Lexa here. But then the betrayal happens and ah, they take 46 steps back.

Now, of course, Lexa’s betrayal causes Clarke to close herself off. Clarke is angry at Lexa, she’s angry at herself, she’s in pain, every other feeling pales in comparison. And obviously, so much of Clarke’s suffering is tied to what Lexa did, so it’s definitely not a surprise that romance is out of the question when they first meet again. Clarke’s pain is consuming her, she is definitely not thinking about whatever she and Lexa had. And yet…

This isn’t a romantic moment by any means. But we’re talking about Clarke realizing she loves Lexa, and I don’t think we can’t gloss over this moment. When I say that I don’t romanticize this scene, it’s because this is not a cute moment. This isn’t a “oh my God, she loves her!” moment, this moment is sad. It’s painful, it’s heartbreaking, but it’s so damn important. Clarke can’t kill Lexa here. How much easier would it be for her to shut her heart out entirely, to blame Lexa for everything and just kill her without feeling anything? I bet in that moment, a part of Clarke wants that. But Clarke feels, and she feels for Lexa. She has these feelings and they won’t go away, not even when she’s at her lowest. So yeah, not a romantic moment, but definitely essential to understand Clarke’s complicated feelings for Lexa.

After the bow, Clarke is a little more trusting towards Lexa, but she’s definitely still closed off, she’s not ready to expose her heart yet. And we get to the “I’m doing it for my people” episode, 3x04. Right from the very beginning, Clarke spends the entire episode trying to find a way to keep Lexa safe, to protect her. But every single time she voices her concerns to Lexa or hell, even Titus, her preoccupation feels far more personal than political. She’s worried, she’s agitated, she even seems angry that Lexa won’t listen to her and step away from the duel. It’s a crescendo of apprehension and frustration and anxiousness as every single one of Clarke’s attempts fails, crescendo that culminates in an emotional explosion.

The second gif is particularly telling. Titus interrupts them, the moment is gone and Clarke finds herself having to face what just happened. Look at her face, at how she looks away from Lexa and sucks a breath through her teeth. She’s restraining her feelings, but she’s a little too late this time. And it’s not only Lexa who is shaken by Clarke’s emotional outburst, it’s Clarke herself too. She doesn’t catch herself in time and now she can’t pretend with herself that those feelings aren’t there. I think this is when the true first “shift” after the betrayal happens. Clarke wants to keep Lexa at arm’s length but Lexa might very well die that same day and, despite any resolution she had, the thought terrifies Clarke. And she’s so scared that she’s never going to see Lexa again that…

I could write an essay on all the emotions Clarke experiences before and throughout and at the end of Lexa’s duel, but the gist of it is that during this tense moment, with Lexa’s life on the line, she can’t bring herself to hide her feelings. It’s all there, on her face. 

Only when things settle down she is able to collect herself again. Lexa comes visit her that night and we see Clarke pull her walls up again. “I was just doing what was right for my people.” BUT! Even if Clarke is not ready to open up her heart again, that scene is infused with intimacy. Even Clarke’s “rejection” is filled with emotion.

Clarke is the opposite of cold here. The way I see it, she is pulling away because she’s realizing she’s close to giving in, but she’s not yet ready for that. It’s so clear that here Lexa is talking about what happened at Mount Weather too, this is another quiet apology that Clarke obviously recognizes. If she went with her feelings, Clarke would have to admit that she does understand Lexa, that in her heart maybe she’s already forgiven her. But in that moment it’s too overwhelming, so she looks away and avoids the conversation, avoids Lexa’s gaze, avoids having to focus on her feelings.

She literally keeps having to look away because things get too intense but at the same time there’s a tenderness in her eyes that she can’t hide. And once Lexa is gone and she can breathe… bam

All the feelings she restrained, everything she tried to hide merely minutes ago hits her full force. I said I think Clarke’s love for Lexa developed gradually, naturally, but if I had to pick a specific moment and say that’s when Clarke realized she’s in love with Lexa, it would be this one.

By the time we get to 3x06, I do believe Clarke knows and has accepted she is in love with Lexa, but she’s still struggling to admit it out loud, especially to Lexa. That episode happens roughly 7-10 days after the events of Hakeldama, and when we see Clarke and Lexa again, they are closer than ever. There is a sense of intimacy, of almost domesticity between them. They are comfortable with each other’s presence. There’s not really a reason for them being in the same room in that scene: Lexa fell asleep while reading and Clarke is drawing (there are other sheets in her folder, which makes me think she was drawing other things before focusing on Lexa). They don’t have to talk or interact, they simply are together.

When Lexa wakes up from the nightmare, Clarke doesn’t hesitate to jump next to her and comfort her, with soothing touches and calming, reassuring words. And then we get to the moment Lexa notices the drawing. A lot has been said about Lexa’s face, but instead look at Clarke’s.

This is the exact opposite of what I was talking about in 3x04. Lexa sees the drawing and is taken aback. That she doesn’t know whether she should hope for anything is another story, but the look she gives Clarke is very telling. And Clarke doesn’t avoid it. Yes, her first instinct is to play it off as something meaningless. “Uh, that’s not- it’s not finished yet.” But then Lexa looks at her, confused, surprised, a tiny bit hopeful, and Clarke meets her gaze and they just stare at each other. Look at that little pause she does before lifting her eyes. That’s when she chooses not to hide. As I said, I think that here Clarke has come to terms with her feelings for Lexa, but here for the first time, she doesn’t hide them from Lexa. Her look is just as telling as Lexa’s. They aren’t saying a word and this is one of their most honest, important conversations. Clarke is silent, but her eyes are speaking, her untold feelings are there, and maybe letting Lexa know isn’t so unfathomable anymore. Maybe, maybe Clarke this is the closest Clarke has been to being ready.

So this is what i think. The way I see it, it’s tricky and complicated and simply beautiful.

Things I can’t get over today: how hard they had to work to keep John and Sherlock from getting together in S4? They wrote Mary in between them the whole first episode, they had to do an about-face on her characterization, John’s characterization, and abandon that whole plot line where, you know, she tried to murder Sherlock. She dies and they have to bring her back as a ghost to het things up. TFP they had to blow up Baker St and kick them out, we get a few seconds of them together at the end with babby and they are incandescently happy? Like do you realize they had to go to so much trouble to keep them from being alone at Baker St together, the only time we really see it is at the end of TLD, and guess what? They wind up in each other’s arms?

Um, if there is so much going on between your two male lead characters you can’t leave them alone together because you think it’s gonna come off as gay, guess what, it’s already gay as hell.

moony, wormtail, pun-foot, and prongs
  • alright so Sirius is always making puns
  • we all know this
  • and we know it started with those ‘sirius-ly’ puns
  • bc ofc it did
  • “Are you serious?”
  • “He’s not, but I am.”
  • “Omfg Pads, shut up.”
  • so Remus acts like he doesn’t enjoy them
  • (but secretly he’s dying on the inside)
  • it’s just he has an image to uphold and laughing at Sirius’s stupid puns will not help at all
  • so one day Sirius makes yet another horrible pun and Remus just can’t help it and snorts
  • and now Sirius knows Remus actually does enjoy his puns and sets out on a mission to make as many as possible
  • his constant puns start getting him in trouble in class
  • he gets detention one time for asking McGonagall why she’s acting so catty 
  • anyway so come fourth year Sirius realizes he’s hopelessly gay for Remus
  • and starts making puns to hit on him
  • and Remus the precious child he is is clueless to how Sirius feels, thinking that they’re just his normal stupid puns
  • until one night in the dorm
  • James gets back from Quidditch, and him and Sirius start discussing which position Sirius should try out for next year
  • Peter puts his two cents in, saying he thinks he’d like to play Chaser
  • so now the convo moves to Remus, who’s sitting on his bed, swallowed by an oversized jumper and flicking mindlessly through a book
  • James, still sweaty from practice, flops onto Remus’s bed
  • Remus is not amused
  • “What position do you think you’d play, Moony?”
  • Remus puts his book down and thinks about it
  • “I’d think I’d like to be a Keeper”
  • “Oh Rem you already are one” Sirius throws in with a wink
  • he immediately gets hit by a well aimed pillow on James’s part
  • Peter’s chuckling to himself 
  • and Remus just sits there quietly, blushing furiously from head to toe
  • bc he finally realizes that Sirius is hitting on him
  • and he smiles softly, fiddling with his sweater paws
  • and Sirius grins too, ignoring James’s groaning bc Remus looks fucking adorable okay
  • it’s all pretty gay and fluffy
  • and yeah
  • the end

Judy was so anxious… so scared she couldn’t find Finnick’s van… so terrified of the possibility that she had lost Nick forever… she was close to crying on the last frame.

Then a fortunate glance:

And hope suddenly bloomed again!

Still, she was wracked with feelings of guilt and fear of the worst:

She never pleaded in her life. She would negotiate, or ask persuasively.

But this is her only chance. Not only to save Zootopia, but also to try mending things up with Nick.

So, she pleaded.

Her relief when she finally found the red fox was so palpable:

She actually smiled when she’s finally talking to him again. Thinking that the fox would be happy to hear her findings:

But there’s trouble in paradise. He was not responsive. She started to realize how deeply she had hurt him:

What she had thought would be a joyous, victorious reunion, turned out to be probably the beginning of the end, the start of a farewell…

As she came nearer and nearer to the unavoidable “goodbye”, she started to break down.

Her lips are curved downward, and her eyes progressively became glassy…

Her lips started to quiver as she steeled herself:

And finally she broke down.

She broke down because she had finally come to the realization, too late, that she was in love with the fox, that she needed him in her life, that her life would only be complete with him.

It’s all too late…

Now, all she wanted, was to spend some time together with him, probably for the very last time, while wrapping up the case.

And she had prepared herself for a life with a fox-shaped hole in her heart.

someday kaz will learn to hold inej when she needs comfort. on these days his armor is gone and it feels like his world is tipping like the sickboat lowering him back into the reaper’s barge. but to keep from falling in he focuses on the unique scent of her hair, warm touch of her skin, and steady rhythm of her heart. and she’d whisper things like “you’re okay, kaz” and he’d counter with “you’re safe, inej” and they know in each other’s arms it’s all true. with their bodies mesh together they learn it’s comforting to match their breathing patterns so they’d find a synchronous pace that soothes them both. and once he relaxes, she’d finally fold her arms around his back and hold him just as tight. to him it’ll feel like he’s encased in a new type of armor. one that doesn’t conceal his troubles but gives him strength to fight them—and maybe he doesn’t realize until those moments he needs comfort too.

My Problem with GMW ending on season 3...

When you have to explain to your ten year old niece, that it’s impossible to absorb someone else’s feelings.

Me: Maya never became Riley, she grew up. The whole point is “People Change People”  Maya was changed from her group of friends in a positive way.

Niece: Noooo Josh said that Maya was trying to protect Riley, because she loves her, and doesn’t want her to get hurt.  

Me: I can count on one hand, how many times Josh has been on the show..

Niece: He’s older, so he’s wiser.

Me: He’s a Freshmen in college, trust me from experience that does not make you wise. You are clueless about everything and your diet consists of ramen and Redbull. 

Niece: Maya was having trouble finding herself again, Maya was becoming a good person thats not who she is she gets detention and fails all her tests. She realized she never liked Lucas like that. Lucas was always supposed to end up with Riley, she fell on his lap in the subway.

Me:  Maya pushed her and Riley is going to end up with Farkle!

Niece: No Farkle and Smackle are going to college together..gosh didn’t you watch the show..


For the love of God, can we save this show so my adorable niece doesn’t grow up believing that people can’t change? People can’t just turn into other people. We need reality not the pretty package.


You can literally list one thousand things to hate about the revival but honestly; complaining about how Luke and Lorelai had communication troubles misses the entire point of that arc. “In 9 years they would have figured it out!!!” Bullshit, in 9 years they would have had up and down moments and Richard’s death would have done exactly what it did: thrown Lorelai into a fearful retreat because she hates being vulnerable and she realizes that she absolutely needs Luke in her life and that he could someday not be there. In 9 years they wouldn’t have magically figured everything out. The magic of the revival is that instead of letting her fear spook her, Lorelai addressed it head on and came out the other side.

In 20 years of marriage they’ll still have communication problems. 9 years of being in a committed relationship made them comfortable, it didn’t cure them of their bad habits.

A few months after getting my first non-terrible job, I splurged and paid my electric bill early. When she said what I owed, I told the woman on the phone they had made a mistake. “Wait, the number you’re giving me is less than what my bill says. WHAT SCAM ARE YOU RUNNING, BITCH?” After a moment she realized that I was looking at the “late payment” section of the bill, where they warn you about how much you’ll have to pay if you don’t get it in on time. Because that’s what I always paid before. I was so used to my shit being late that I grew to just automatically look at that number, completely ignoring the normal part of the bill.

The fact that I suddenly wasn’t “in trouble” with the power company and that they no longer had a guy with his finger hovering over the cutoff switch to my house, was like a knot untying in my gut. It was peace of mind.

When you’ve spent your entire adult life worrying about whose couch you can sleep on if you get evicted, or how to explain to your kids that they can’t come over this weekend because there’s no water or power … you’re goddamn right money buys peace of mind. Anxiety is the whip society uses to keep you paying your bills – they’ll send you threatening letters, they’ll call you, they’ll sue you, they’ll threaten to turn off your heat in the middle of winter. You know what made that go away? Fucking cash.

5 Reasons Money Can Buy Happiness

The Marks On My Chest Where You Rest Your Head

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia have been sneaking around for a while. One day Allison notices a hickey on Lydia’s neck, so she confronts her about it during lunch with the whole pack so that they’ll know if she’s lying. When Scott, Liam, Malia and Isaac suddenly hear Stiles heartbeat racing out of control, they connects the dots after also seeing matching hickey on Stiles’s neck.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Author: i-would-slay-all

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Am I Still Your Hero?

Originally posted by iwannaseeitall

Written by Danielle 

Category: fluff

Word Count: 2,074

Request from Anonymous:  Hi! Can I request a scenario where Peter and the reader are childhood friends and the friend walks in on Spider-Man and she starts freaking out that Peter’s in trouble? And can Peter troll her into confessing how she truly feels for her childhood friend?? Sorry if that made like no sense.

A/N: After writing this I realized the anon could have been asking that the reader doesn’t know Peter is Spider-Man but I had already read it as she has always known, so sorry if I misunderstood. I hope you still like this fic <3 I absolutely loved the childhood idea and hope I could do it some justice. I don’t know if he really trolled her lol because I couldn’t think of something clever, but I hope you still like their conversation in this. :) Loved your request! Thank you!! <3

“I see a dragon! What do you see (Y/N)?!” Your best friend Peter asks you excitedly as the two of you lay on the summer grass looking up at the big fluffy clouds.

“I see a unicorn. Right there!” You say as you point to the cloud next to Peter’s dragon. There is a slight breeze and it feels good with the hot summer sun beating down. Even with all the clouds, you can still feel the sun’s warmth on a beautifully perfect day like this. Nearby, you and your best friend’s favorite climbing tree stands tall, branches scraping the clouds. You’d probably attack it after looking up at the clouds for a few moments. At seven and eight years old, you and Peter spent your days running around in the field, climbing trees, staring at clouds, and looking for little critters in and out of the river. Every day was always full of adventure.

“Race you to grandmother Willow!” Peter yelled suddenly as he rushed up. You were right behind him as you two ran to the grand tree you loved so dear. Peter had named it grandmother Willow after the tree in one of your favorite movies, Pocahontas. Peter had beat you to the tree like he always had.

“One of these days I’m going to beat you, Parker!” You tell him while using his nickname trying to catch your breath.

“I’m a superhero, (Y/N)! And superheroes always got to come in first place so they can save people.” Peter exclaims as he pushes his glasses up.

“You’ll always be my hero Peter.” Smiling to Peter, he gives you a smile back as the two of you start climbing the tree.

Although all of your days weren’t spent living in the outdoors, Peter and you always managed to have fun.

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when you think about it all the language that jkr uses to describe ginny through harry’s perspective is so poetic. harry tends to be rather blunt in his descriptions of other people but with ginny he watches her as the hogwarts express leaves, he compares her blush to “glowing like the setting sun”, he’s willing to go into the chamber of secrets if there’s the “faintest, slimmest, wildest chance” ginny might be alive, he watches her eyes in the firelight, he describes her as “windswept”, and all this is before he even realizes he likes her. harry always describes her blazing hair and blazing looks, she is “his best source of comfort”, kissing her is blissful oblivion and better than firewhiskey, he’s “happier than he could remember being in a very long time” and even when they break up he wants nothing more than to be with her, to comfort her in times of trouble, he pines over ginny and hopes he knows he’s thinking about her, when he’s about to die he thinks inexplicably of her, he wants days and months and maybe years with this girl okay harry potter is infatuated with ginny fucking weasley and you can see it in the way he talks about her


Trevor Noah opened up to NPR’s Renee Montagne today about growing up mixed-race in apartheid-era South Africa, where his parents’ relationship was illegal. His mother, he said, had to disguise herself as a maid so people wouldn’t ask why she was in a white area:

She looked like she was my caretaker as opposed to my mother. The same would go for my father, not holding my hand or anything because he couldn’t be seen to be the father of a mixed race child. You know, I’m running down the street, and he’s running away because he doesn’t want us to get into trouble — and I think I’m playing a game. And what you don’t realize is that they’re basically running away from the law.

Find the full conversation here (and spare a good thought or two for Renee – today was her last day on Morning Edition and we miss her already).

– Petra

One of my favorite Good Ending reylo tropes is after the final battle, once the first order is defeated Kylo decides to leave the resistance without a word. He helped them defeat the First Order and Snoke but he is still ashamed of what he once was (he has always had trouble separating himself from the past), he is afraid of the looks people give him, and he can sense their misplaced (or not) fear of him. So he leaves without a word to anyone, packing only a few essentials and sneaking onto a ship. As he sets his bags down he realizes there is already someone in the cockpit. Rey. She turns toward him with a bright smile, of course she would know exactly what his plans were. She was always in the wrong place at the right time.

“So, where are we headed to first?”

Rey knows Ben hated being with the resistance, he would never be happy there. He needed somewhere new, traveling where people wouldn’t know his face or what his scars meant. Rey wants to travel, she wants to see the entire galaxy and everything it has to offer. So they leave together as two sides of a scale.

Lena leaving Kara a hickey when she blows out her powers. Kara not realizing what Lena did, because she is so used to her skin not bruising easily. So when she steps into Catco trying to ignore the wolf whistles and stares she sits at her desk only to have James come over with a shit eating grin. He leans over and tells her that he’s pretty sure bad guys don’t normally leave those type of bruises there pointing at the nape of her neck.

Kara is like ???? Cause she is pretty much sure James knows she blew out her powers seeing how he was there helping her out take out several metahumans causing trouble. That is, until she realizes that Lena was especially attentive to her neck today before she left Lena’s office from dropping off some food. Her hand flies to her neck and she goes rushing to the restroom to cover it up. But it’s too late, the endless teasing doesn’t stop for a few days.

Kara makes sure to get back at Lena who didn’t complain at all at Kara’s idea of revenge.

Top Ten 3b Fics

1. My Aching Soul (412)

Description: Lydia has a dream within a dream but wakes up just like Stiles does in 3x13 and they make out and a bit of smut 

Rating: MA

Genre: Comfort, Smut

Author: The General

2. Lazy Lover (302)

Description: Lydia has trouble falling asleep, so Stiles gives her a hand. 

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut

Author: @bellohmyblakes​ 

3. The Waves Have Come (270)

Description: Lydia has a nightmare that Stiles dies and in the middle of the night, has to call him to make sure he’s alive. When he doesn’t pick up on the first few calls, she goes to his house only to find out Malia was there and she is the reason he had been ignoring her callsfic where isaac/scott blocks the oni sword from killing allison and lydia realizes that stiles is the one that’s going to die. (bonus points for scott and the rest of them to go looking for the two of them and find lydia with stiles’ body)

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Hurt

Author: @themightygladerss

4. Drumming Sounds (267)

Description: Lydia is led to another body and finds the killer is still there. (Based off of this gif set [x])

Rating: M

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Nogitsune!Stiles

Author: @themightygladerss

5. By His Side (244)

Description: Stiles and Lydia fall asleep next to each other cuddling.

Rating: K+

Genre: Comfort, Missing Scene

Author: The General

6. Petals (223)

Description: the sheriff has found lydia sleeping on allison’s grave a couple of times and he finally tells stiles about it and is like maybe you should ask how she’s doing or something bc I don’t think things are okay

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Comfort

Author: @themightygladerss

7. Partners (198)

Description: The nogituse is gone, Lydia and Stiles are dual in chemistry and they’re talking and she says that she is so glad that he is ok now, and she realises her feelings for him

Rating: K

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fluff

Author: cinemariel

8. An Experiment in Chemicals: Part 1 (190)

Description: Stydia AU where Stiles and Lydia get into a friends with benefits au but they eventually fall in love and everything gets complicated

Rating: MA

Genre: Smut

Author: bansheeinbraids

9. Repercussions (188)

Description: In which Lydia wasn’t there for the fight at the end and did not get to see Stiles after Dark!Stiles ran away with her. Allison broke her out from the gated door. Also Everyone Lives.

Rating: K+

Genre: Comfort, Canon Divergence

Author: emsyanne

10. A Birthday Wish (179)

Description: it’s Stiles’ birthday and Lydia bakes a mini cake for him and leaves it in his locker with a card and balloons (kind of like she did for Allison back in season 1). They aren’t together, but she does have feelings for him but is afraid to act on them because of everything that’s happened with the nogitsune which of course has left Stiles a bit emotionally unbalanced. I would prefer it if they get together in the end. Also, if you could include Meredith, like helping Lydia with the baking or whatever, it would be awesome because I really want to see those two interacting and being badass banshees together.

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Author: The General

Title: Deck The Halls, Bitches | Part One: A Dominatrix for Christmas

Rated: T for trouble (and mild adult situations and language)

Summary:  One week before Christmas and Lucy realizes she has a problem. In her frustration, she may or may not have told her entire extended family she was bringing a date to Christmas. She lied. Cana’s solution? A Craigslist Ad posted by one Natsu Dragneel. Too much whiskey, crazy family members, and a multitude of awkward situations only serve as obstacles. There will be casualties.

Word Count: 7728

It’s a slow night at the Iron Dragon—which is ironic given the impending holidays. Usually there are more people looking to get wasted before having to visit the relatives and braving snowstorms. Or maybe that’s just Lucy—and Gajeel and Lucy are busy wiping down the counter as the clock ticks passed midnight. Well, Gajeel is wiping down the counter. Lucy is sitting on the bar and chatting with Cana and “shirking her responsibilities” says Gajeel.

Lucy rolls her eyes and tosses her right leg over the left, blatantly ignoring her grumbling coworker and continuing to chat with her tipsy friend on the other side of the bar. Cana’s the only one left here anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal. A slight health code violation, maybe, but unless Cana’s been lying to her for three years and is secretly a health inspector, Lucy doesn’t think there’s anything to worry about.

“So what are you doin’ over the holidays?” Cana slurs, wobbling slightly as she leans back on the legs of her stool. Cana’s eyes narrow in concentration as she takes another shot of vodka, her tongue poking out slightly as she tries to balance on the back two legs.

Wrinkling her nose, Lucy’s lips turn into a frown and she sighs, glaring half-heartedly down at the rag next to her thigh. Her gaze shifts back to Cana, who’s looking at her expectantly while still trying to maintain her balance and not face plant onto the bar. Lucy groans. “Please don’t remind me of break,” she pleads. “I tried to schedule work over Christmas, but Gajeel’s dad wouldn’t let me.” Lucy supposes she’s a little bit ungrateful that she actually has the holidays off work. There are plenty of people who would love to go home and visit their families and take a much needed break.

Lucy is not one of these people. She’d rather be stabbed in the leg than go home for Christmas this year, because a) her family is absolutely bonkers, b) someone is probably going to wind up in the hospital like every other year, and c) she doesn’t have a date. That last one wouldn’t be a problem, except she’s kind of spent the last six months telling everyone she was seeing someone, if only to get her dad off her back.

Fat lot of luck that turned out to be. She’d completely forgotten about that white lie until her father called her in the middle of a shift and Lucy kind of, maybe, accidentally promised that her nonexistent date would be coming home for Christmas. Oops.

Behind her, Gajeel mumbles something unintelligible, but before Lucy can politely demand that he not mumble, Cana lets out an indignant squawk. The bar stool slams back onto all four legs and Cana’s palms slap down on the bar on either side of Lucy’s legs.

“What do you mean you tried to schedule shifts over break,” Cana demands more so than asks. “Are you telling me you want to continue working twelve hour nights shifts during the most hellish time of the year?” Cana looks about ready to leap across the bar and throttle her—which wouldn’t be impossible. Cana’s a very coordinated drunk. Though that probably isn’t something to brag about.

“Of course I don’t,” Lucy huffs, crossing her arms and sending Cana a nasty look, which the brunette promptly ignores. “I would love to take time off. I just don’t want to go home for Christmas.” And scheduling shifts at that time was the only way to get out of doing so. Unfortunately, Gajeel’s dad had to be a nice person and give her time off. Bummer.

Cana looks at her like she’s just sprouted a second head. “Why the hell not?” Cana snaps, eyes narrowing in confusion. She mirrors Lucy’s position, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring.

Lucy huffs, eyes rolling as she slips her legs underneath her to sit cross-legged. She really doesn’t feel the need to explain herself to Cana. They’re friends and all, but Lucy thought they were passed the questioning stage. Then again, it’s probably only fair that Lucy share her family story, since Cana did tell her about the whole Gildarts thing.

She sighs, relenting, and Cana leans forward expectantly. “I don’t want to go home because half of my family is batshit insane and the other half has a stick up their ass,” she says simply, wincing at the onslaught of horrors from Christmas past. Behind her, Gajeel snorts loudly, so Lucy lifts the rag at her side and whips it at him blindly, smirking when she hits her mark.

Cana isn’t as impressed. “And?” she prompts, waving her hands slightly and dragging out the word ever so slowly.

“And what?” Lucy questions, shrugging slightly. That’s all there is to it really. Bad things happen at Christmas when both sides of her family collide. It’s not so bad when they’re kept apart, but when the Heartfilia and Dreyer sides of the family mix all Hell breaks loose and usually there’s fire involved.

To this day, she still finds glitter around her apartment from the Christmas disaster of twenty-eleven.

And this year is going to be the worst one yet, because her Grandfather Makarov, bless him, not only decided to invite the entire family to his home, but also included a plus one in the invitation. As such, everyone and their mother will be bringing a date.


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Let’s Make a Deal

Previously on “Tano and Kenobi”…

Ahsoka Tano and Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi sat down to have tea with Grand Master Yoda. Obi-Wan fears he’s running out of time to be chosen as a Padawan Learner and Ahsoka is starting to realize that maybe, just maybe, she’s not having a Force vision after all…

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“Discuss your sudden appearance, the Council will. Rest now, I think. Troubled you are and quiet you need.”

Yoda left Ahsoka at the door of an empty apartment with a southern view of Coruscant, promising her that food would be brought to her room and that no one else would bother her that evening.

She had to admit she was thankful for the peace and quiet.

Once the door closed, blocking out the achingly familiar sights and sounds of the old Temple, Ahsoka walked over to a small meditation cushion that faced the window. She sat down with an exhausted sigh, slipping her feet out of her boots and pulling them up onto the round cushion. She gazed out the window, picking familiar landmarks and taking note of buildings that were missing or places where there shouldn’t be any buildings and yet there were.

Ahsoka shook her head. “This doesn’t make any sense! It’s not possible to time travel! This must be a vision! It has to be!”

But what if it’s not?

Ahsoka’s mind whirled with the possibility that she wasn’t experiencing a vision, that this was all real somehow. What did that mean? Could she get back to her future? What happened if she changed the past? Had she already changed the past?

And if she had already changed the past, what would the future look like if she managed to return to it?

“Okay, there’s no reason to panic,” Ahsoka said to the open air. “Master always said the Force works in mysterious ways and this…”

She looked around the quiet apartment and exhaled a long breath. “This is pretty mysterious.”

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