and realized that it was pretty possible

Also comparing it to Hotline Miami is pretty stupid as well, because it only takes finishing one level of the game to realize the kind of love-hate relationship it has with violence as a concept. The gameplay is an hyperviolent fest but everything sorround it tries to makes you feel as gross as possible for your actions.

Meanwhile graphically executing people as they beg you to spare them in Hatred lets you regain health.

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I am 13 and I know and I am pretty sure I am bi. Am I too young to know this or....?

Absolutely not! If you ask any of your friends who are straight when they knew that they were straight, they will likely say that they’ve sort of always known. People are starting to realize that this is also true for gay/lesbian people, but they think for some reason that bi teens can’t possibly know yet. But they can and they do know :-) If bi is the label that fits, then wear it proudly :-) 

Helloooo June! With only one month remaining until the halfway point of this year, I realized I need to start setting some short-term goals to help keep me on track for the big goals. Ideally I should be at 500 miles by July 1, but I’m pretty far behind that. To get as close to back on track as possible, I set a pretty lofty goal for June: 35 miles per week. I’m going to give it my best effort, and not be too hard on myself if I fall short.

I wanted to start the month off right, so I ran 6 tonight. I explored a new area, just sort of going wherever looked interesting. I ran through a beautiful park and caught an awesome sunset. This is one of the best gifts I’ve given myself through running - the freedom to explore and discover the awesome world around me. Here’s to the big goals and the little goals that get us there!

Please check out my spot in the runner’s world cover contest and vote

June 1, 2015: 6 miles at 10:20 per mile
Total: 292.18 miles

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Do you think Leia and Luke ever have like, a weird sort of disassociation with there parents, like Luke can totally deal with being the freeborn son of a former slave who became a Jedi, but not so much an elected queen and senator and essentially noble woman. I headcanon Leia knowning she was a war orphan, so she daydreamed of everything from Jedi to roughnecks for her parents, but maybe she had trouble with the idea of a slave, to say nothing of a sith lord.

Oh yes, absolutely!

I think Luke’s idea of his mother growing up was very abstract, precisely because his aunt and uncle told him she was an off-worlder, and likely a rich off-worlder at that. He could never quite conceptualize that. And then he met Leia, herself a rich off-worlder, and suddenly, his hazy image of his mother looked a lot like her. (Later, when he found out, he would have a good long laugh about this.)

I suspect the revelation for Leia was much further reaching, though.

For one thing, I think Leia probably believed that slavery was another of the evils instituted by the Empire, and that in the days of the Republic slavery was illegal (it was, technically) and that those laws were enforced and there were no slaves.

Now, I grant you there are two possible ways to understand Tatooine’s political situation in relation to the old Republic. They are:

1. Tatooine (and the rest of the Outer Rim territories?) is literally outside of the Republic, and either a part of some Hutt empire, or else an unaffiliated world dominated by particular Hutts.

2. The Outer Rim Territories (of which Tatooine is a part) are just that - territories of the Republic. They technically belong to the Republic, but their people are second class citizens, and the laws are sparsely enforced, if at all. There is probably a long history of imperialism, violence, and exploitation. (For a real world comparison, consider the relationship between the USA and its territories in Puerto Rico, the US Virigin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, etc.)

My personal headcanon is option 2. It makes more sense of Shmi’s bitterness when she says “The Republic doesn’t exist out here,” and of Padme’s shock at discovering the Republic’s anti-slavery laws aren’t enforced on Tatooine. It also makes Anakin’s introduction into the Republic much more believable (if Tatooine was entirely outside the Republic, how exactly is Qui-Gon getting away with bringing an undocumented illegal immigrant into the Republic and expecting him to be trained as a Jedi?).

But one of the things that means is that, yes, slavery did exist under the old Republic, and was in fact tacitly condoned, both by the Senate and by the Jedi (because they knew what was happening in the Outer Rim Territories and did nothing about it).

And I think that would be the greatest difficulty for Leia in learning that her birth father and grandmother were slaves. Not just that she can’t really conceptualize that (she can’t, though after Jabba she has a much clearer idea), but that admitting it causes her idealized image of the old Republic to crumble.

In a way, that’s almost like Leia’s Bespin. Luke never had an idealized image of the Republic - his investment in the Rebellion was always more personal than strictly political, and I suspect that, growing up on Tatooine, he didn’t have a whole lot of illusions about the Republic to dispel. For Luke, the idealized image that had to be shattered was his image of his father. For Leia, though, I think it was her image of the Republic. And it’s fitting, maybe, that Anakin was the trigger for both of them to go on this journey, to kill their idols in order to more fully engage with the reality of the world.


Sarah | she/her | pansexual

Happy pan day of visibility! I don’t have much of a story to share, since I only just recently came out. Im pretty sure Im panromantic as well, but Im still trying to figure that one out.

I guess I first noticed I was “different” around 4th grade, when I started getting the mindset of “but what if girls?” and “why can’t I like a girl like that?”. It never really bothered me too much, so I brushed it off. And, when I started dating, I only dated boys.

When I joined tumblr so many possibilities about gender and sexuality opened up to me. I realized that I had a place in the pansexual community, that it was who I was, and that I liked people regardless of their gender.

I’ve come out to my mother and a few close friends in my life so far, and there have been mixed reactions. Most of my friends don’t know what pan is or means, and explaining has been hard. My mother has discouraged me from telling anybody else than who I’ve already told. But, I’ve been lucky that most, if not all, of my friends have been accepting regardless if they understand or not.

I have yet to experience any sort of oppression or discrimination for my sexuality, but to anybody out there, pansexuality is a real orientation! We have a legitimate place in the lgbtqia+ community and should be accepted by everyone. My love goes out to all the other panromatic/pangender/pansexual people out there! Have a great day!

humor blog: sadfatdragon-withnofriends | aesthetic blog: foxineste | shoutout to thepansexualcommunity

What I don’t understand is how Spencer and Toby joined the A-team so easily? If I was Big A, I would ask myself some questions before 

I let a boyfriend of someone I’m torturing join,

and someone who I was actually torturing!!

Didn’t Big A realize that it was possible that they simply wanted to find out information and didn’t actually wanted to join? Or I’m I missing something?


I have no idea why Elena is allowed to say she never thought it’s possible to love someone like she loves Damon but Stefan has to carry around the “true love” burden even though Stelena is pretty much destroyed. Why not some balance and sticking to what Lexi said, that there are multiple ones. But maybe she meant more what was in the past and I’m glad Caroline - who has grown so much - is apparently able to see that difference. I do want them to grief together. I do want Stefan to realize that he lost one love and shouldn’t lose the chance of a new beginning. They can tie it together as long as they don’t overdo it.

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Sentence fic: "There's something in your hair."


Sam stares at Dean, blinking away sleep and thinning his lips as innocently as possible. Still pretty out of it from the Trials, his hair is a wild mess on his head, and Dean slowly reaches over the table to pull a fluffy black feather out from the lower density of Sam’s mane (what the hell…?).

He twirls it in his hand while he realizes the familiarity, glances up, and watches in complete silence as Castiel pads through the kitchen in a pair of Sam’s rolled-up pajamas with a tin can of coffee in his hand; the two stare at each other, Sam blinking blearily between them, and Castiel turns from his owl-eyed friend to pour him and Sam a mug.

“Tastes like molecules,” Castiel comments, and Dean thumps his head against the table.

(Send me the first sentence of a fic, and I’ll write the last five sentences!)

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Hi! My story features a boarding school and I need some advice on setting. I'm leaning towards somewhere pretty woodsy, with access to a body of water, possibly with foggy days. I want to set my story in the US, so I was thinking maybe the Bay Area? Then I realized I needed a marshy area too, not exactly the bayou, but still, something swamp-y; according to my research, those places are mostly found on the East Coast and the Southeastern states. Do I have to uproot my whole story?

My first thought for a setting was Wisconsin or Minnesota. Both have lots of forests, lakes, foggy mornings, and some swamps/marshes. So that’s another option. Given what you’ve described, I would recommend one of those two states.

Whether you need to change the setting is up to you. If the Bay Area doesn’t have everything you need, then it might be best to change the setting. Another option is to change the story so that it can fit in this setting.

Hello, I’m sorry I’m not posting as regularly as I’d like to.  I’ve just been dealing with some pretty tough things recently.

This is just a silly Don’t Starve AU idea where it’s 1920′s Prohibition era.  Charlie is a mob boss, and William dabbles in the Dark Arts.  Charlie can summon Maxwell from William to do whatever dirty work that needs to be done.  Maxwell employees Wilson to deal with the bodies of his victims.  I always imagined Wilson as being pretty abnormal, mentally, so he sees the dead bodies as an opportunity to expand on his scientific knowledge.

Excuse even more glaring anatomy results in this one.  I finished this and realized Charlie couldn’t possibly bend in that direction.  Also I think I’ve gotten better at drawing heads at strange angles.

Modern Family: Luke Dunphy [ENTP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by boringmeganekko 

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Unlike his father, Luke is far more distracted by the ideas in his head than by the sensory occupants of his physical environment. Luke lives in a world of endless possibilities and doesn’t have a good hold on reality, even believing that he can successfully build a Mentos jet pack. Luke does not have a strong desire to see his ideas realized and physically in front of him the way Phil does. He is spacey and seen as dimwitted, finding it difficult to keep up with a conversation he is having due to all of the ideas in his head. Although Luke is quite ditzy, he is pretty good at reading between the lines.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Luke is very curious to understand how things work and why they are the way they are. He is constantly asking many, many questions that would help him to understand situations, people and objects better. Luke likes to take things apart to figure out how they work, and he is fascinated by systems. He is skilled at figuring things out and finding solutions to problems - he easily figures out how to do perform the Butler’s Escape with little to no prior knowledge of it.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): While he is generally detached, Luke is sensitive towards the feelings of both his parents, and he knows what to say to make them feel better when they’re upset. Luke is also quite manipulative and knows exactly how to make people feel the way he wants them to feel, such as when he manipulated Gloria into performing a ventriloquism act for the family. Luke loves to push people’s buttons to see how they’d react (“Sometimes I like to toss a grenade and walk away”).

Introverted Sensing (Si): When Luke realizes that certain methods work for him, he is more than willing to employ these methods again in the future (“Sometimes when I shout ‘Are you, dad? Are you?’, he gets real quiet and doesn’t notice when I walk away”). He is shown to have a good memory and can recall specific times Claire had called Gloria a gold digger.

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Please don't feel bad, to be honest it is hard to come across in way you would like to approach, especially over text. Everyone loses the tone of voice and expression when we tap away at our keyboards. It's nothing you've done wrong! Don't worry about it!

Thank you! I think another reason I took that particular anon so hard is because over the last few days I’ve just been thinking hard on what I’ll be doing post-grad and a lot of that has recently been shaped by all the work I do here, and me coming to the realization that I REALLY REALLY wanna work in social media in some capacity.

So, being told i wasn’t doing a good job stung pretty bad, since I like to think of Crystal-Gems as a really great launching pad for that possible career.

But seriously, it’s all good. I’m proud of what I do, and so happy that you guys want to share my favorite show with me through this tumblr <3

Karlie/Lily Prompt

So I’m still not sure, what exactly was wanted regarding this prompt and since I mainly ship Karlie with Taylor I decided to put it as a Karlie/Lily friendship and Kaylor as a hinted/possible relationships (I hope it’s okay this way, if not message me)

Prompt: Could you write a fanfic or one shot of Karlie and lily Aldridge please?

When Karlie realizes that she has feelings for Taylor she doesn’t know who to talk to at first. She knows that it’s a pretty messed up situation because falling in love with your best friend is never a good thing, at least not in her case, she’s pretty sure of this. She starts avoiding Taylor at all costs, which isn’t so hard because the singer is currently on tour and the only way they can communicate right now is via Skype and other social media sides, so if Taylor calls her Karlie ignores her most of the time and if Taylor asks her if something is wrong she quickly says that it’s because of the time difference and that she’s really busy with her L’Óreal shootings.
Maybe she shouldn’t have been surprised when one day Lily shows up at her front door because the older model has always had a talent for finding out when something was wrong, yet Karlie stares at her in surprise when she rings the bell to her apartment. „Lily, what are you doing here?“ She asks totally surprised, only getting an „We need to talk.“ as an answer and before Karlie is able to say anything Lily pushes her back into her apartment, shutting the door behind them. „What are you doing here?“ Karlie asks for a second time, not getting an answer from Lily, who’s just glaring at her. „What did you do to Taylor?“ Lily suddenly asks, making Karlie’s eyes widen in surprise. „What do you mean what did I do to her? I didn’t do anything.“ Karlie says louder than she intended to. „Yeah and that apparently includes not calling her and not answering her calls as well. So would you kindly tell me what’s wrong, because Taylor is seriously worried about you and she sounded pretty hurt by your behavior the last time I spoke to her.“ Karlie mentally curses herself, she didn’t wanted to hurt Taylor with her behavior, she just needed space to figure out her feelings and get rid off them as fast as possible. „Look Lily, I didn’t wanted to hurt Taylor, it wasn’t my intention, I just need space because I don’t know if this is working for me.“ „If what is working for you?“ Lily asks and raises an eyebrow. „Our friendship.. Lately I’ve had this feeling that we fell into it way too quickly and I don’t know if we should be friends… Like… We moved way too fast without actually knowing anything about each other and I’m starting to think that maybe it was a mistake to think that we’re good as friends…“ It hurts to lie about this, because Karlie knows pretty damn well that their friendship is anything than a mistake but what is a really big mistake, is the fact that she’s in love with Taylor. She messed the whole thing up and now she needs to start distancing herself from the singer because otherwise she would only hurt herself. Lily stares at her in silence before her eyes widen. „You love her.“ She exclaims loudly which leads Karlie to drop the glass of water she just got for herself. „What no, why would you even think this?“ She says quickly, before she quickly gets down on her knees to pick up the splitters of the glass and in order to avoid Lily’s gaze. „You totally are. I knew it!“ Lily exclaims while she searches for paper towels to dry up the floor. „I’m not, I just don’t think that our friendship will work out.“ Karlie repeats and yelps in pain when one of the glass splitters slices open her hand. „Jesus, Karlie! You’re bleeding.“ Lily says when the blood starts to flow from the cut. „No shit.“ Karlie mumbles, searching for a bandage to wrap around the cut since it seems to be a little bit deeper than she thought.
After she finally found one and wrapped it around her hand she goes back into the kitchen where Lily has already cleaned the floor and put the glass into the trash can. „Are you going to tell me why you’re denying your feelings for Taylor now? And don’t tell me that you don’t love her because you were totally lying about the whole regretting your friendship thing earlier.“ Karlie sighs before she sits down on one of her kitchen chairs. „I really don’t want to talk about this, Lily.“ „You need to talk about this, Karlie. You’re pushing Taylor away and you’re hurting both of you with it. I can’t stand seeing you two this way, you two are my closest friends and I don’t want you guys to hurt each other.“ Karlie looks down on her hand that’s wrapped into a bandage, maybe Lily is right and she needs to talk to someone but what is she supposed to tell the other model? She can’t put her feelings for Taylor into words because it’s different from everything she has ever felt and she’s scared of admitting it in front of someone. „What am I supposed to do Lily? I can’t just go and tell Taylor that I love her, that’s not how it works.“ Lily laughs and Karlie looks at her irritated, maybe she lost her mind or something? „Damn it Karlie, are you blind or something?“ Now Karlie is seriously confused because she doesn’t get what is so damn funny that Lily is still laughing. „What do you mean?“ She asks, earning another love. „You two are really cute, but you should really talk to each other more often because maybe you would notice that you are both totally into each other and this way it wouldn’t be necessary to ignore each other!“ Karlie’s eyes widen in surprise, did Lily just imply that Taylor might like her back? „What are you trying to say?“ „God Karlie, you can’t be this blind… How is it possible that anyone but you and Taylor is able to realize that you both love each other?“ Karlie’s heart misses a beat at hearing Lily say that Taylor loves her. „If you’re joking this is totally uncool.“ She says hesitantly, while Lily rolls her eyes. „Please Karlie, I’m not telling you this to make the situation worse. I know that Taylor is just as much in love with you as you are with her and it seriously would be a shame if you lose this because you two are afraid of admitting your feelings for each other. And I really tried to convince Taylor of telling you that she loves you but I guess that her previous relationships have messed her up a bit regarding telling others about her feelings, so I figured that you have to tell her about your feelings first, because there is no way that she’ll let you go once you tell her. So just call her already and tell her, because I can’t stand it when you two are not speaking.“ Karlie stares at Lily and starts to overthink the situation and maybe Lily is right, there most certainly where a few moments where Karlie wondered if her feelings really where one sided but she always told herself that she was just imaging things and that it was wishful thinking. „You think I should tell her?“ She asks one last time, just to make sure that she understood Lily right. „Yes you idiot, just call her already, otherwise I have to drag you out of here and I swear, I’ll drag you into the next airplane and then you have to tell her face to face so you better call her now.“ Karlie gives a defeated sigh, looks like Lily is not going to give up on this, so she might as well can call Taylor right now. She pics up her mobile phone and dials Taylor. „Hey Tay… I need to tell you something.“ She says when Taylor finally takes the call. Karlie can see Lily smile from the kitchen counter and she just rolls her eyes when the other model gives her a thumbs up sign.

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How do aces/aros identify a lack of something? Without ever having known that something personally, I’m finding it difficult in my neverending journey of questioning myself.

I looked around at what everyone else was talking about, how they felt, what they were interested in, and realized that I had never felt what they were talking about.

Being a guy, and hanging around with other guys, the topic of “hot women” tends to come up once in a while.  Eventually, I just sort of realized that I never was interested in anyone they mentioned.

That actress is hot?

That model is hot?

That figure skater is hot?

That waitress is hot?

That coworker is hot?

The first few times, maybe they’re pretending, but not when this consistently happens year after year, person after person.  There was just no way that such a grand conspiracy involving pretty much every man I’d ever met would be possible.  So they had to be feeling something.

While I could reasonably accurately identify whether or not someone else would think someone was hot, no one ever triggered my own hotness sensor.  Discovering that “hotness” was not a concept that made intrinsic sense to me went a long way towards identifying that lack.

In a way, it’s sort of like detecting a black hole.  You can’t actually see it, but you can detect its effects, and so you can infer whether or not a black hole exists at a give place based on the presence or absence of these effects.

[Ask an Ace Guy Weekend]

ominousdeer replied to your post:Have you answered this already? I apologize if you…

The only good thing about it is that finding the manifesto in Ferelden means it /did/ spread further than Kirkwall and possibly inspired some people. Pretty sure it was an accident of their part, but it’s still nice

Agreed, yes. I like to imagine Anders finding out about this, discovering mages who had read and been inspired by his manifesto. Just his face when he realized the piece of writing that was almost universally ignored in Kirkwall (save Hawke, Hawke totally helped him write it) and that he poured everything he had, his very heart and soul, into had actually had some influence on people. Something he put that much work into changing lives and making things better for mages, even if it wasn’t in the way he expected. Imagine him finding out that people found it so inspirational that it managed to spread across land and sea to do even more good for the mages who read it

Realization: including pudding I had nearly 60g carb for my dinner.

For over a decade I would never have picked a meal with anywhere near those amount of carbs.

Suddenly, I have possibilities. So pasta ready meals, even beans on toast! 🙈 like that’s ‘possible’? It always was of course, but I never dated to dream. Never dared to think my blood sugars would “cope”.

Wow. This is pretty mind-blowing! That will sound silly, but to the way this illness has twisted and exploited diabetes “rules”, it is truly extraordinary for me.

I could actually have muller rices for pudding. I could actually have sushi and juice for lunch! Not think I’d have to have a TONNE of meat on the side of sushi to ever make it “enough” for lunch. I could actually have beans as a vegetable. I could actually have a veggie burger with another carb. I could even have two crumpets with jam for breakfast.

A whole world I never knew existed. This might sound exaggerated, but this has been my world for over a decade. Negotiations, avenues of impossibility.

It’s terrifying beyond belief, but really quite liberating too.


This is part of an old article, but just saying that Bonkai could’ve happened!!! 

After joking about how Elena is the one who prefers psychopaths, Chris Wood revealed that even if Kai made it out of his own personal hell he would still prefer Bonnie to all the other babes in Mystic Falls.

“There is a weird sexual tension between Kai and Bonnie that didn’t really get explored too much in the first few episodes,” he said. “And having been around no one and then there is this beautiful girl with him that he doesn’t care about at all, but he can still appreciate her, so I think somewhere in him he might fancy her.”

Julie agreed, hinting that there is a small possibility they could get together, “I think that frankly Bonnie would hold his eye the most. They really did have to go back and forth a lot and I could see him suddenly realizing as much as I hate you, you are kind of pretty. I don’t know that she would have anything to do with him, but we never thought Elena would have anything to do with Damon so I guess everything can change.”

I’ve met people who are as a whole pretty satisfied. I mean, of course they have problems but trivial ones and it always makes me wonder about that quote from the Quran that states that a “soul is not burdened beyond what it can bear”, but Idk, some people don’t realize that they have a good thing going. How do they get by life without facing major difficulties? I didn’t even know that was possible.