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Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T



Legit Tip #196

or - “On Writing ‘Gender Conforming’ Women”

As people started to realize that not all women are the same - because, you know, we’re people - we started getting a lot of stories that featured women who didn’t precisely conform to their gender roles.

This is an awesome, amazing things. I loved that I grew up with female characters who didn’t love fashion, who were nerds, who liked science, etc.

But the thing is… some women do like fashion. Some women hang with large girl groups. Some women LIVE for the latest makeup trends. And that doesn’t make them any less important as characters than the women who don’t fit these supposedly “stereotypical” roles. 

Unfortunately, a lot of writers are scared to create women who have female interests or otherwise conform to society’s standards of what a woman should be like. Maybe they’re afraid that liking makeup and fashion will make her seem shallow. Maybe they have some other reason for being afraid to write these characters.

Either way, it’s NOT something to be afraid of. But there are some things to keep in mind if you want to write this “kind” of woman in your story. 

1. Elle Woods

This is basically the reason I decided to write this post. Legally Blonde to this day remains one of my favorite films. The reason for that? Elle Woods is a total badass. 

You can learn a lot about writing this type of character just by watching that film. Elle is smart, driven, and ambitious, even if she loves fashion and cute small dogs she can fit into purses. She may have chosen law school because she wanted to follow her ex-boyfriend there, but she learned and grew as a character and realized what was really important to her. And also that her ex was a jerk.

All this to say…

2. Let Women Have More Characteristics than “She’s a Woman”

The biggest problem with stereotypical “girl” roles is the fact that these characters usually have no personality beyond the aforementioned liking fashion and makeup and being part of a girl squad. That’s often true whether the girl is a sweetheart or a catty bitch.

Like I already said… Elle may like fashion and boys and the color pink, but these aren’t her defining characteristics. Her defining characteristics are her intelligence and her drive and her ambition - and especially her confidence to stand up for herself even when everybody else is putting her down. 

So when you want to write a character like this, remember. Maybe she’s not so confident. Or maybe she’s super-confident. Maybe she has anxiety issues. Maybe she’s incredibly passionate about her hobbies, which can absolutely include makeup. Nothing wrong with a girl who’s biggest ambition is to become a badass fashion designer. That takes a lot of goddamn work. 

Just don’t let it be the hobby that defines the character. Your hobbies are not your personality, and this is very much true when writing female characters. Two girls who love makeup can have totally different philosophies and ways of thinking about the world.

3. Women are Diverse…Duh

Shocker, I know. But women come in all shapes and sizes and from many different ways of life. So write “stereotypical” women who grew up in poor homes, others who grew up in poor homes, some who suffered abuse and some who have amazing family relationships. I don’t think there’s much else to say. Oh, except…

4. Women are REALLY Diverse FFS

Like goddamn, why is it that only straight white cis women can be the stereotypical girly-girls? Black girls can be super into fashion. I follow trans girls on Youtube who have taught me SO much about makeup. And lipstick lesbians exist. Nothing against butch girls, of course - I say this as a woman who likes women. I’m just pointing out the obvious - a bi, lesbian, pan, or ace girl can love stereotypically girly things too.

5. Love Your Bitches

I’m going to come out and say it - some girls are bitches But just because a girl is a b-word doesn’t mean she’s automatically a horrible person. Misguided, sure, but not necessarily evil like a lot of fiction wants us to think. 

So, love your b-words. Give them a little more attention. Show WHY they are the way that they are and, more importantly, GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO GROW. People change and a bitch can become a better person. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking every bitch needs some sort of grand comeuppance. That’s bad writing and just plain bad for women. (Let’s stop pitting girls against each other. Come on.)

Really, I just want to see better written girly-girls in fiction. Even some of my favorite writers have fallen victim to thinking that strong female characters can’t be the “typical girl”… whatever that is. 

That last scene with Kevin and Randall though...

I just…I can’t…I

Kevin has been freaking out about his big debut and worrying that he’s going to make a mess of the whole thing and he’s been trying to find someone to talk to this whole time and find someone who will reassure him that he’ll be great. He tries to call Kate but she’s not there, he tries to talk to Randall but Randall is clearly preoccupied with other things, he goes to see his mom and she’s not there so finally he talks to Miguel. Miguel talks to him about being like his dad and how he sees his dad in him. He tells him that he’s Jack Pearson’s son and it’s exactly what Kevin needs to hear to make him realize what’s really important. Family is important. Being there for the people you love is important.

 When Kevin visited Randall earlier in the day he could tell that he was off and that he was distracted and then he got the phone call from him saying he couldn’t make it and instead of being hurt and upset about it, he realizes it isn’t about him. Kevin realizes he had to do what his Dad would do and be there for his brother when he needs him. He bolts away from his show…this show that he has put his heart and soul into, this show that was his vehicle to show the world that he’s a serious actor…and runs all the way to his brother and sees him on the floor of his office, clearly distraught. He goes to him and he cradles him in his arms and supports him and I LOVE how this is contrasted with Kevin seeing Randall having a panic attack/nervous breakdown when they were kids and just walking away from him to his reaction to this as an adult. Kevin and Randall’s relationship has improved so much now. Kevin actually acknowledges Randall as his brother and he is there for him when he needs him. I have never been prouder of Kevin or felt more for him than I did in this scene.

 These family dynamics are where the show truly excels. This is where the show gets its gold from. This scene is the most emotionally connected and moved I’ve been in this show since it came back from the break. The stuff with Rebecca and Jack last week was great, but I feel like they’ve been floundering with Kate and Kevin for the longest time. Frankly, I don’t care too much about Kate and Kevin’s romantic relationships, but what I do care about is Kate and Kevin’s relationship and Kevin and Randall’s relationship and Randall and Kate’s relationship and all of them together as ‘The Big Three’. Their family dynamics is what drew me in in the first place so please give me more of this because honestly that last scene had me like

Dating Sherlock Holmes Would Include

Requested by anon:

Hi I’m new to your blog which is amazing btw and I saw you write for sherlock could you maybe do a dating sherlock would involve but also being disabled and being insecure about it would involve thing 

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

  • At first it was a complete mess
  • You weren’t even sure if you were dating or not
  • There was no physical contact at all
  • Even if you did spend almost every second of the day together
  • Yet you mostly just… talked
  • Even though you became more intimate with time
  • And before you knew it you were dating
  • Or Sherlock’s version of dating
  • You prefer to not use labels as much as possible
  • It’s confusing even for you to think of what you are
  • There’s little PDA
  • At least in public
  • In private he does love to kiss you
  • And to have you in his arms
  • Surprisingly, he also likes it when you sit on his lap
  • Putting up with him when he gets too… Sherlock
  • Like when he doesn’t have any cases and he’s bored or frustrated
  • Or when he gets slightly rude
  • Or he start doing those strange experiments for his cases
  • It’s definitely not easy sometimes
  • Also looking after him
  • As he gets so immersed in cases sometimes that he doesn’t eat
  • Nor sleep
  • Meeting Mycroft
  • Who secretly asks you to look after his brother
  • Defending him when people dismiss him
  • Sherlock loves to show off to impress you
  • He gets so cocky sometimes
  • But you sass him back
  • And try to keep him grounded
  • Teasing each other
  • And having witty conversations
  • Lots of brain exercises
  • You love playing chess together
  • Helping him with cases
  • In fact, when you give him a clue he missed he’s flustered
  • He doesn’t know how to react!
  • At first he’s jealous because it’s him who usually solves everything
  • Especially since he loves impressing you
  • But when he realizes how brilliant you are he smiles
  • And he just kisses you in celebration
  • He’s so proud of how smart you are and how you can keep up with him
  • Complimenting you and basically saying you’re the best
  • He’s so protective of you
  • Often asks John to take care of you while he’s away
  • Sherlock worries so much about you because he knows he has enemies
  • He’s secretly terrified that Moriarty might hurt you to get to him
  • But poor of whoever hurts you in any way
  • Very interesting conversations
  • Sherlock playing the violin for you
  • Perhaps even teaching you how to play it
  • Or letting you sing with him
  • A surprising amount of texts
  • Sort of playful as well
  • Slow dancing together
  • Rare moments in which he tells you the most beautiful things
  • But again, they are extremely rare
  • Sherlock has a hard time expressing himself
  • Especially letting you know how he feels about you
  • He often gets on your nerves
  • Which is when you friendship with John comes most in handy
  • Basically siding with him against Sherlock
  • To shove some sense into him
  • Needing to be extremely obvious because he doesn’t get things sometimes
  • “Why are you holding my hand, Y/N?”
  • “Because it’s what couples do”
  • Just having lots of patience about these kind of things
  • He cares deeply about you even if he won’t admit it openly
  • You share a unique connection
  • And you’re one of the few people that understand him
  • And that he actually enjoys being around with

And behing disabled:

  • He doesn’t really mind it, to be honest
  • Sherlock is with you for who you are as a person
  • And he’s fascinated by you
  • By your intelligence and uniqueness
  • He does realize you’re insecure
  • Because he knows you really well
  • And because he deduced it very soon
  • There were many signs that helped him realize so
  • Like the fact that you would isolate yourself
  • Or purposely distance yourself during cases
  • He knew you thought you wouldn’t be useful
  • Which was why he was determined to show how useful you were
  • One day he adressed the subject out of nowhere
  • It was surprising how mature he was about it
  • But Sherlock used the perfect words to tell you there was no need to feel insecure
  • And that him and John and everyone who loved you did for a good reason
  • It was astonishing how well he could express himself to address important subjects like this
  • When he realized what really mattered

“Spencer and I are very similar in that when I was Spencer’s age I was very studious, I was the valedictorian of my class and my academics meant everything to me. My family put a lot of pressure on me to do well, but it was also mostly coming from myself.  I felt that I had to be the best and the brightest at everything, otherwise I wasn’t worth anything. I think Spencer definitely feels that and that’s something that I’ve had to grow out of. I’ve only grown out of it with age and life experiences. And Spencer hasn’t had those experiences yet; she is in the middle of trying to be perfect in every way. I would say that’s the biggest similarity and difference between Spencer and me. I hope one day Spencer will go through the life rocking experiences that I had that make you get off your own back a little bit and realize what is really important.”

I walked in ready to beg on my knees, to ask for forgiveness out of the pure angel I had married young. I felt regretful, i realized I have felt since I started my affair. But like any lust filled fool i went back to the wrong person to fulfill this lust. I wasn’t expecting to be forgiven nor did I expect what I saw when I walked in through the apartment door. There on our couch sat Jimin, the great Gatsby playing in front him on the tv, the whole apartment dark if not for the light given off by the tv. I set my car keys down and began walking towards him, “Jimin- I’m so so-” but I was stopped by his voice. Without looking back he began to speak, “you know what is one thing I learnt from Gatsby Jungkook?” He began to explain, my silence he took as an indication to keep going. "I learned that people will profess to you their love when you have given them your all,when you give them your mind, heart and soul. And once a blemish in given all of you to them appears, they find something else to profess their bullshit love to. And while you still keep giving all of you, they keep playing you and making you believe they love you.” He explain to him. After saying that he sighed, turned the tv off and walked towards me. “But even Gatsby reached a point where he realized was Daisy really important? Was she really worth of all what he had done? What he was going through” he said and walked towards the kitchen where he emerged back from wheeling in two suitcases one visibly smaller which Jungkook recalls it belonged to their son and which he always carried when they took trips somewhere out of the country or to Busan. “I think I’ve reached that same point Jungkook;” Jimin explained with hurt in his voice and tears fighting themselves back in his eyes, “i wonder wether my Daisy is worth it, and I’ve come to a conclusion” he stopped and walked around him with both suitcases. He opened the front door and stopped in front of it, “I realized that he is not worth it, the YOU are not worth it Jungkook” he declared in an angered tone.

And Jungkook fell to his knees and hugged the waist of the person in front of him.“

—  an excerpt from a fanfic I’m currently working on. And debating wether I should just post it here on Tumblr or on my AO3 account… still debating…
- I don’t know what to do with you - You too

Honestly, I was surprised by tons of criticisms towards Wang So after 9 episode. And I want to talk about Wang So’s personality.

First of all, we all know that he was wrong, but you know what is really important? He realized that he was wrong immediately after the kiss. You can say that just by look on his face when he saw Hae Soo and her trembling hands, he felt guilty. In his conversation with Baek Ah he mentions that he almost made a mistake. And that what I also like in this character - he learns. He can’t relate and communicate with people, he understands that and he’s willing to change it. 

Lonely and abandoned boy, he was treated like he is a garbage all his life, was continuously abused, starved to death and thrown to the mountain filled with wolves. He survived and he was strong enough not to become a complete psychopath who hates everyone. You know, guys, what is absolutely astonishing? Boy that was left by everyone and has been through many hardships, has grown into a real man and I’m not talking about his fighting skills and strength, I’m talking about his character. He’s a real man and he proved that many times

He takes poison and doesn’t even hesitate, half dead while poison is taking over him, he uses his last strength just to tell Hae Soo that she should leave him.

 As soon as he could stand on his feet he goes to visit her because she’s alone and he knows how it feels being alone without any hope. 

He tries to talk to the King, he is ready to fight royal guards, because rules go to hell when it comes to protecting Hae Soo. 

He shields her with his body and gives her a moment with Lady Oh and they didn’t even discuss it, everything comes on some intuitional and natural level, they feel each other, they don’t need words, though these two are great in communicating.

 He shows her love with his actions when Wook just pours lots of sweet nothings in Hae So’s ears. Wang So is always ready to die for her, fight for her, give up on his position that was so hard to reach. He does exactly everything what Lady Oh said in her conversation with Wook. Wang So doesn’t need any instructions and advice, it comes naturally for him.

And this last scene, when Wook turns his back on Hae Soo and Wang So covers her with his cape. That’s all, this scene tells us who is who. Wang So’s gesture just says: “I’m here, I’m with you, I’ll always have your back, I’m always here for you, even if you don’t love me, I’m here and I’ll take care of you”. And I really liked how slowly Soo moves under So’s cape, it’s what’s happening now, she’s slowly falling in love with him. 

Wang So is a man of honor, a man of action, he can be wrong but all of us can be. He’s straightforward, strong, confident, caring and kind. Hae Soo can rely on him because he’s devoted and opened with her, he has nothing to hide. He’s a real human being, messed up and with flaws, but with a big kind heart and all these warmth and love that he ready to give to Hae Soo. And yes, the way Wang So loves Hae So is killing me, you can literally feel like every single cell of his body is filled with affection, tenderness, caring and love towards Hae Soo and he’s not afraid to show that.

That’s the man that Hae Soo needs and deserves in her life because this poor baby girl suffered enough and she needs some peace and love in her life.

I hope that the won’t make Wang So evil king in the end because I love this character with all my heart and he deserves more love and understanding.

I wanted to write something deep, but I failed because emotions are still too raw and I still can’t put my thoughts together even in my native language

P.S Sorry for all my mistakes. Feel free to correct me bc I want to practice my writing


voguenexxus  asked:

So have you thought about how every time Noah made those jokes and "tried to tell them" he was probably dreading that some one would realize what he really meant, because he knows it's important and he should tell his friends what's really going on but having them treat him like a real person is the most alive he's felt since he died

WHY?!?! why would you say this to me bc now im thinking

  • blue and noah are chilling alone in monmouth one day
  • theyve been jumping up and down on gansey’s bed and they collapse in heap tangled in the sheets giggling like idiots
  • theyre on their backs stairing at the ceiling as the laughter slowly fades into silence
  • noah breaks it
  • “yah know, i was so afraid of you guys finding out”
  • she turns to him “finding out what”
  • he looks at her with a soft, sad smile on his face and he looks older suddenly
  • “that i was dead. i was afraid that you wouldnt treat me the same. i was afraid of losing myself because-”
  • he’s got tears in his eyes
  • “-because with you guys around, doing things with you, when you looked at me like is was there. i felt alive.”
  • and blue is crying too because this smol ghost boy didnt deserve what he got
  • she jumps on him and smothers him with hugs
  • blue sniffles and says “youre one of the most alive people i know, noah”
  • he pats her hair
  • gangsey, adam, and ronan walk in to find them sleeping all tangled togther and gansey takes like 8 trillion pictures of them 
  • ronan rolls his eyes but when the other two go into the kitchen he pulls the covers up around blue and noah 


My Everything (Kris x You)

“I’m busy right now, so I can’t meet up with you,” Kris says over the phone. “Also, try not to call me during work hours. It gets annoying. See you.”

You hear a click as the other end of the line goes silent. Silently hoping that you’ll hear his voice once again, you keep the phone pressed to your ear. However, the moments pass, and you throw your phone into your handbag.

You sigh.

After pacing around the entrance of the SM Building, weighing whether you should go see Kris or not, you decide to turn the opposite direction and head home.

It had been this way for weeks.

Not two months ago, moments with Kris would consist of holding hands as you walked down the paved sidewalks, laughing as the two of you would secretly play hide-and-seek in the SM Building, and lying in the soft grass as the two of you observed the stars in the night sky. One day, you noticed he had suddenly lost interest in you, and he began focusing on work. Taking calls as the two of you were conversing, and even canceling dates to practice. All of your joyful moments with Kris had reduced to a rushed “I love you” and an indifferent “I’m sorry” each time you called. Now, however, Kris doesn’t even bother talking to you.

As you stand alone, a familiar voice calls your name.

”_____? Is that you?”

You turn around to see Jongdae. Despite his position as an idol, his hair is ruffled and he wears a simple t-shirt and jeans. The ends of his lips curve upward into a natural smile.

“What are you doing out here alone? It looks like it’s going to rain soon,” he says. “Aren’t you here to see Kris?”

You shake your head. With a sad smile, you reply, “I don’t think Kris wants to be disturbed right now.”

Jongdae tilts his head in confusion. “He’s usually happy to see you.”

You force a slight smile. “I’ll be going now. Bye, Jongdae.”

Still in confusion, Jongdae blankly stares as you walk away.


Jongdae and the rest of the Exo members have noticed Kris’s slight personality change. The once 4D and joking leader of Exo M had become a bitter and serious workaholic. Though it was only a subtle change, Jongdae notices how each day, Kris appears to be more bitter.

That night, Jongdae watches Kris’s every move in the practice room. Despite having messed up the dance routine a few times, he keeps a keen eye on Kris. After practice, once all the other members have left the room, Jongdae sits alone, and Kris joins him.

Kris takes a seat next to Jongdae, the two of them tired and sweaty. Jongdae remembers not to bring up any topics that could anger Kris and keep the conversation casual. He tells himself not to speak to Kris unless he is spoken to.

“Aren’t you tired, Jongdae?” Kris asks.

“A bit,” Jongdae replies. “But sitting alone and thinking helps me to relax.”

“Me too,” Kris replies.

As Jongdae speaks to Kris, he realizes that the same Kris was still there, but he is covered by layers of stress and constant work. After a casual conversation, Jongdae daringly brings you into the conversation.

“Kris, can I ask about _____?” Jongdae asks.

Kris’s expression changes. His eyebrows furrow. “What do you want to know about her?”

“I’m just wondering what’s going on between the two of you,” Jongdae mutters. “You seem to be ignoring her and she-”

“It’s none of your business, Jongdae,” Kris states in a cold tone of voice. “She’s my girlfriend, and I think I know her better than you.”

Kris gets up and leaves the practice room, slamming the door behind him.


“Where are you taking me?” you ask as Jongdae grabs you tightly by the hand and pulls you through the calm and peaceful streets.

“You need some cheering up,” he insists.

As you reach a building with windows displaying thickly frosted cakes and warm bread, Jongdae smiles. “When I’m down, eating cake with a friend always makes me feel better.”

As a result, the two of you spend the next hour trying different flavors of cakes. What started out as eating cakes turned into an entire day of trying on flashy outfits in clothing stores and eating new foods and desserts when the two of you came upon interesting looking cafés.

Once it becomes late afternoon, you insist that you have to leave. After Jongdae sees you home safely, he walks back to the SM Building, only to be greeted by a frustrated Kris. He enters the lobby to find Kris impatiently waiting in a chair.

“Where were you the entire day?” Kris demands.

“I was just taking a break,” Jongdae replies.

“How could you not tell any of us that you were going to be gone?”

“I didn’t think I needed to.”

“What were you doing?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

Kris eyes Jongdae suspiciously as Jongdae heads to the practice room.


You sit across from Kris in complete silence. He had taken you out for a dinner at an expensive restaurant for a “date”, yet you act as if there is a barrier dividing you and Kris.

“What were you doing yesterday afternoon?” Kris asks, taking a drink from his glass.

“Why?” you ask.

Kris smirks. “Don’t think that I don’t know.”

“What do you mean?” you ask.

“Are you cheating on me?” Kris asks. “Because you and Jongdae went on a date yesterday.”

You freeze. You drop the fork in your hand.

“I can’t believe you would do something like cheat.”

“I wasn’t cheating, Kris,” you reply calmly. “You know, if anyone’s being a total jerk here, it’s you.”

Kris sets down the glass cup. “What are you saying?”

“Jongdae actually cares for me. However, you’ve been ignoring me for the past few weeks and you don’t even know how I feel.”

For a moment, Kris is silent.

“Do you know why?” he asks in a bitter voice. “It’s because I have more important things to do than go on petty dates with you.”

“Fine. If I’m not that important, I guess you don’t need me anymore,” you state. Immediately, you stand up from your seat, tears forming in the corner of your eyes. As you walk out the door, you expect Kris to come running after you. You want him to embrace you and tell you how sorry he is. You want him to comfort you and love him again.

But he doesn’t.

Though the rain is pouring, you run through the streets, going wherever your feet will take you. The raindrops slice through the air like dull blades and hit the ground, splattering water everywhere. Your vision is blurred by the tears and raindrops in your eyes, and all you can see are the lights of cars and buildings glowing in the darkness of the night.

With the slippery concrete under your feet, you aimlessly run, only wanting to isolate yourself from Kris and the city. Suddenly, however, the sound of a car horn blares through the street. You turn around, only to be met by two blinding lights.

An abrupt collision.

And everything goes black.


Kris presses on the gas pedal and speeds through the rainy streets in his car. He mutters curses under his breath as he recollects the evening with you. Amidst his deep thoughts, he gets a call.

“Who is it?” he asks angrily, pressing the phone to his ear.

“It’s me,” Jongdae says over the phone. “Listen, Kris. You have to come here right now, it’s an emer-”

“I don’t really have the time right now, and I don’t really care-”

“Kris. You are going to get your ass over at the hospital right now.”

Kris is speechless. He had never heard Jongdae cuss. In fact, he had never heard Jongdae raise his voice before.

”_____ got into a car accident, so she’s in the emergency room. The person she needs most isn’t by her side. If you don’t care, then fine.”

Jongdae hangs up.

After a moment of thought, Kris jerks the steering wheel to the side and turns the car around. He slams the gas pedal and races to the hospital.


Kris barges in through the glass doors.

“Kris,” Jongdae calls, gesturing Kris.

“Where is she?” Kris asks, abruptly.

Jongdae motions him to another room, where you lifelessly lie in a hospital bed. You are covered in bandages and bruises, and an oxygen mask is placed over your mouth. Kris kneels by the hospital bed and holds your cold hands.

He begins to sob.

“The doctors say she’s going to need surgery,” Jongdae begins. “She has internal bleeding, so she’s in a risky state. In an hour, they’re going to perform the surgery.”

“Is she going to live?” Kris inquires.

Jongdae doesn’t reply.


You stir awake from the low murmurs of people and the constant beeping of a machine. Your eyelids flutter open, and you see a blurred face. Though the image is blurry, you make out slight facial features.

“Kris?” you mumble.

What is he doing here?

He hushes you. “Don’t speak; you need rest.”

“What happened?” you ask.

“You got hit by a car,” Kris says. “I’ve been here, waiting for you to wake up. You should take better care of yourself.”

Tears well up in your eyes.

He had stayed for you?

Suddenly, the doctor enters the room. “It’s true,” he reassures. “This young man has not left the hospital for two days. He needed to make sure your surgery went well.”

“I was afraid you weren’t going to wake up because I needed to tell you something,” Kris mutters.

He reaches out for your hand and intertwines his fingers with yours.

“I’m sorry. I was just so focused on work I forgot what was really important. I just realized that I need you,_____, and you are my everything.”

Tears roll down your cheeks.

The Kris you had once loved has returned.

Kris wipes your tears away and replaces them with a small kiss on the cheek.

Kai : Come Home, Angel [Scenario; Sequel to 'He Had Hurt His Angel']

First part ; He Had Hurt His Angel ♥

As the door came to a close, he fell down to his knees lifelessly as he let his emotions take the best of him. He managed to kick the door as he lied down on the hard floor, cold – just like his heart as he regretted with every single part of him for even lying to you.

For making you cry.

For making you feel hurt.

He regretted it all.

If he could take it all back and come clean in the first place, he would. He would rather take the pain all for himself rather than making you hurt but he knows that he is in no position to say anything, let alone cry but – here he was, on the floor with a hand hitting his chest as he found it so hard to breathe. The alcohol swimming in his mind was making him insane.

He was supposed to feel hot – heated, from the sudden adrenaline after shooting down glasses of alcohol just like that but the moment he saw that pained look in your eyes.

The tears you shed as you told him,

“You’re hurting me, Kai.”

The strained, pained voice you were having as you talked to him – it shattered him into pieces just thinking about it.

He was still drunk – definitely, but his heart wasn’t.

His mind, was still havoc with his emotions swinging around on it’s own free will, but the pain still filled every part of him as he laid there, wishing you’d just come back – hoping you would feel the same that you couldn’t be without him that you’d come back now.

That he’d have you in his arms to sleep in with but he knew, that couldn’t possibly happen.

As you lied down on your bed – in the apartment you used to live in before you moved in with Kai, you stared at the ceiling with a few questions in your mind.

Were you doing the right thing?

Were you taking things too far by cowardly running away from him just for a day?

Was it wrong, to feel hurt?

You let out a sigh as you reached for your phone beside you where you stared at the phone screen. The wallpaper was what pained you the most as it was a photo of him, giving you a back hug in which your friend took this very picture for you on your birthday and sent it to you – urging you to use it as your wallpaper. You even remembered how Kai persuaded you to use it…

“Angel, give me your phone.” Kai called you out childishly, holding two of his hands faced up, arms stretched out in front of you with a cute grin. You snickered, pulling out your phone from your pocket to stare at him weirdly, “What for?”

“Just give it to me.” He gave up the act and you tossed him your phone across the sofa as he was sitting down on the floor facing you while you were on the sofa. He caught your phone with a hiss, “Don’t throw your phone like that! What if I didn’t catch it?”

You poked your tongue past your lips, “You caught it anyway.”

He tsk-ed, shaking his head with a sheepish grin, “Playful as always.”

With that, you peeked a little at what he was doing and you shot up from the sofa only to bump next to him as you sat down on the floor with him, “What are you doing?”

“Changing your wallpaper.” He answered blankly with a tongue sticking out – a sign that he didn’t know how to use your phone but he was trying his best. “Uh, Kai. That’s not how you change the wallpa-“

“Shh!” He lifted a hand to slap it over your mouth, causing you to snicker as you licked his palm. He pulled his hand back and scoffed at you, “As if that meant anything.”

You shrugged, and after a minute or two, he was done changing your wallpaper and you snatched your phone away. Gasping at the picture, you wanted to change it back but he had tackled you on the floor where he hovered above you, pinning your wrists on either side of your head with his legs tangled with yours to keep you in place.

“Don’t change it back!”

“Why not?” You countered and he gulped nervously. “Why, not?” You repeated your words in a much more agonizing pace and he sighed. “There’s a reason for it, okay?” He then let you go, resuming to sit down on the floor with his legs crossed and you mirrored beside him as you held onto your phone. “What’s the reason behind it?”

He then smiled, turning to look at you as he held onto your hand before he laced them together – he knew you loved it and he too, loved it as much as you too (he loved it more than you did, actually). “It’s to remind you that if we have an argument, or anything like that – we should remember the good times that we’ve had. The happiest moments in life we shared together.” He then leaned closer to peck your lips, “And it’s to remind you that if you ever want to let go, there’s a reason to hold on.”

You sighed as you put your phone away, pushing yourself up from the bed as you couldn’t sleep. It was definitely late at night but you still couldn’t sleep. With that, you simply took your phone and got changed into a better outfit before you tugged a coat on and headed out the door.

As you walked down the sidewalk, to the nearest 24/7 café that you and him would always go to if you couldn’t sleep – you let out a soft sigh as you stopped, pressing the button for the passenger’s walk traffic light. It wasn’t long when it turned green and you had your hands shoved into your pockets as you crossed the road. You looked down on the ground, kicking the rock as you were nearing the café but you noticed your rock had knocked onto another rock.

Halting your tracks, you lifted your chin where your eyes met with Kai’s.

He too, couldn’t sleep even though he had every reason to be but he couldn’t.

Especially when he knows he had caused so much, he couldn’t sleep.

You gulped as you stared at him and he was the first one to make the move by walking towards you where he stood in front of you. Just like that, he had crushed you with his arms as he buried his nose into your hair – inhaling the scent of you as he trembled just holding onto you, he could never lose you in his life.

“Come home, angel…” His voice cracked in between, letting you sense that as much as you were hurt, he was feeling horrible for his mistakes as well.

And… well… if there were no mistakes made in a relationship, it must be a big fat lie because mistakes are what makes a couple realize what their other half really means – how important they really are.

This time, Kai got to realize that.

He got to realize how really important his angel was to him.

How important you were to him – and how hard life would be without his ray of sunshine in his life.

“Please…” He croaked out, breaking the hug that you failed to respond as he framed your cheeks, pulling your face close to his until you felt his forehead against yours. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, angel. I don’t expect you to forgive me in an instant – but please, come home.” You stared at him – he looked so hurt and his eyes were red.

He had been crying too.

His lips quivered, his hands shaking just touching your cheeks. His heart, beating so fast – not knowing what could be in store for him until you reached up to cup his cheeks. “Take me home, Kai.”

He broke out into a grin, tilting down to press his lips against yours to reel you in for a slow, tender kiss to make it up to you – patching up the cracks he had caused in your heart as well as the cracks that were formed in his.

Everything, was in place again.

At least if it wasn’t, it will be.


brittana hiatus challenge
→ 08. favorite season 5 moment
I love this scene for many reasons because there’s so many things in this scene that’s not clear to the eye. You have to dig a little deeper. The first thing is Santana’s walls and the pezberry fight. Now, with the pezberry fight there’s alot of things people don’t understand about it. In a nutshell, Santana did not audition for Funny Girl in a malicious manner. She was simply lost and didn’t really know what she wanted to do. All she knew was that she wanted to make it big to show the world what she could really do. So she took a page out of Rachel’s book and thought that if it worked for Rachel, maybe it’ll work for her too. The problem started when Rachel assumed the worst in Santana. She assumed that Santana was just jealous of her success and wanted to take it all away from her when really Santana just wanted Rachel’s approval. So Santana said “Okay, if i’m mean and jealous and terrible like you say, then fine I am.” So she took on the role of being what Rachel thinks she is. Hence her lashing out and being mean. Back at McKinley, people are pretty much taking Rachel’s side. And there’s the scene between Rachel and Santana in the bathroom when Rachel says “What is it with you Santana? I just don’t get it.” and you see Santana looking hurt and then resuming her cool exterior simply saying “yeah.” Because Rachel doesn’t get it. Brittany does. Just like in 4x22 how Santana knows Brittany better than anyone else, Brittany knows Santana better than anyone else. She understands how Santana works.Brittany knows that Santana could care less about Broadway. It isn’t about that. So Brittany uses her patience and climbs over Santana’s walls making her realize what she really wants and what’s really important. She reassures Santana that quitting the show wouldn’t be just another loss or something that she has failed once again but a chance to do things that she really wants to do and dreams of doing. Santana tries to warn Brittany off because in her eyes, Brittany is perfect. Brittany is doing things with her life and Santana, once again struggling with self-worth, doesn’t think she’s good enough to be with Brittany. Brittany tell her that she wants to be with her because they are the only truly “awesome” people and she’s tired of doing things that matter to people less “awesome” than then. Awesome, a term Brittany has used multiple times before when it comes to Santana. Brittany throughout this scene puts things in a way that Santana will understand. And so in the end, Brittany had torn down Santana’s walls and made her realize her worth, her dreams, and her future all in a few sentences.