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So I know I’m way behind on reading Bloodline but I’m nearing the end of it now and I would like to thank Claudia Gray for giving me a book that I was actually able to read for five hours straight non stop on a plane ride and also I would like to thank her for ripping out my soul. 

So i just read about the rumor of Adrien getting competition and im begging to every god that plis let it be a model competition thing and NOT A FREAKING LOVE TRIANGLE BECAUSE I HATE THEM WITH ALL MY HEART SRSLY.

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What are your thoughts on the episode statistical probabilities? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I was just curious about your opinion

soooo I received this ask when I was at work like a week ago and resolved to answer it when I got home… and then promptly forgot about it. so. sorry, anon. 

anyway: I do not care for statistical probabilities but not with the visceral hatred I feel for its sequel, chrysalis. (jesus christ I hate chrysalis so fucking much oh my god but don’t get me started. or do. I’m always willing to yell about chrysalis). statistical probabilities had a lot of potential, but it fell rather disappointingly short of achieving it. 

prior to DS9, the federation had generally been portrayed as utopia – with all basic needs met and all prejudices thoroughly overcome, mankind is free to explore the stars for no other reason than the existential betterment of the species. which is fine for what it is and what it allowed tos to say in the 60s and tng to say in the 80s and 90s, but then ds9 came along and said, “well, wait a minute. maybe eradicating hunger and poverty and inequality isn’t enough. maybe a utopia created by people, with their myriad flaws, isn’t quite as perfect as the federation and starfleet would like to think.” so you get more shades of grey, things like section 31 and starfleet as a military institution (which it of course is somewhat in tos and tng, but not nearly to the same degree as in ds9.)

and you also get things like statistical probabilities. saying “infinite diversity in infinite combinations” is one thing, but the reason why quark saying of the federation“they’re worse than the borg” is so striking is because, from a certain point of view, he’s not wrong. the federation has a specific culture that follows from its economy, and member worlds tend to assimilate that culture. to do otherwise would be to chafe at the very nature of what the federation is – and that doesn’t really lend itself to peaceful cooperation. the klingons, for example, could never join the federation. their cultures are too fundamentally different.

so what does that have to do with statistical probabilities? well, the “federation as utopia” has the unfortunate implication of erasing those things that make us different, and that includes people with disabilities and neurodivergences (geordi and his blindness is a whole different post tbh and I’d have to rewatch tng before I could really get into it). ds9 takes rather an opposite tack in this regard by saying “yes, people like you exist in this universe.”

I have said before how much I love that ds9 portrays the federation as imperfect, and this is no exception. the federation may see itself as the epitome of equality, but statistical probabilities is the federation saying “people like you may exist, but they have no place in our society”. I mean, the jack pack is institutionalized for christ’s sake.

there are so many excellent moments in statistical probabilities that just slay me

Jack: Here it comes. The ‘we can still contribute’ speech. No, no, no, no, no. I will not forget what was done to me. I will not be part of a society that put me away for being too smart.

I love that Julian starts out believing what the federation has told him – that he should be ashamed of what he is, that he should pretend to be “normal”. I mean, what neurodivergent person can’t relate to that kind of kneejerk self hatred? and I love the conversation julian has with miles about “the common people”. pretending to be neurotypical is exhausting, so of course julian should revel in the company of people like him. 

so the episode has a lot of really great potential on the heels of dr. bashir I presume: what an opportunity for a scathing critique of how disability and neurodivergence are treated in today’s society, how we’re forced into neat, socially acceptable boxes, regardless of the cost to our soul. How differences are cast out, especially if those differences are inconvenient. and then instead of following through, instead of saying “you are valuable for more than what you accomplish and how well you pretend”, the episode goes back on its word and says “the federation was right about you all along, you are dangerous, you should be fixed or hidden away.”

and I absolutely hate the focus on contribution. “It’s my fault, not theirs,” julian says to miles at the end. “I should never had let things go so far. If I hadn’t been so bent on trying to prove to the world that they had something to contribute.” and of course julian should feel that way – the federation has told him, explicitly, that the only reason his presence in society is acceptable is because of what he contributes as a doctor. but then miles says, “They did contribute.” and the narrative agrees with him! the jack pack is seen as valuable – to miles, to the federation, to the galaxy – because of their contribution. and I hate that. you are not what you contribute to the world. you are inherently valuable because of who you are, not because of what you do. you do not deserve mistreatment because you’re not productive. in a post-scarcity economy, production should be the last marker of worth. you deserve food and shelter and happiness regardless of what you’re capable of, and the federation has the means to provide that. and that all logically follows from the flaws that ds9 portrays in the show, but the narrative doesn’t critique it

julian, our pov character for this episode, lets the jack pack get shipped back to the institution where the federation says they belong and doesn’t say a word against it. julian spent the first half of the episode unlearning what the federation has been whispering in his ear his whole life, but he winds up exactly where he started. and obviously it’s not his responsibility to effect change (being nd himself), but he’s the narrative opinion proxy and thus bears responsibility for what the show is trying to say. right up until the end when it becomes abruptly clear that no, julian isn’t the narrative opinion proxy, miles is. the audience isn’t supposed to identify with julian and the jack pack – we’re supposed to look at them with pity and fear and discomfort until they start pretending they’re “normal” again.

except I’m not miles. I’m julian and sarina and patrick and jack and lauren; I’m different, and statistical probabilities tells me that’s scary, something to be fixed or hidden away.

I am not broken.

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my internet crashed and i'm not sure if my message sent, so i'm going to send it again (sorry if it did send!!) Since you're French, would you be able to make a post on how to pronounce all the barricade boys names? I'm reading the book and it's so weird reading their names and not knowing how to say them (especially Feuilly). Sorry if this has been asked before, or if this ask was sent twice! Thank you!

I sadly have never studied French phonetics (the irony), so I couldn’t write them down in IPA for you. BUT I do have videos of me saying them out loud so I guess that’s the next best thing? 

Feuilly’s name is in there twice, once with a more detailed explanation so I hope it helps ♥


Raymond Reddington

Most of all I want to sleep

“Have you ever sailed across an ocean, Donald… on a sailboat, surrounded by sea with no land in sight, without even the possibility of sighting land for days to come? To stand at the helm of your destiny. I want that, one more time. I want to be in the Piazza del Campo in Siena. To feel the surge as 10 racehorses go thundering by. I want another meal in Paris, at L’Ambroisie, at the Place des Vosges. I want another bottle of wine. And then another. I want the warmth of a woman and a cool set of sheets. One more night of jazz at the Vanguard. I want to stand on the summits and smoke Cubans and feel the sun on my face for as long as I can. Walk on the Wall again. Climb the Tower. Ride the River. Stare at the Frescos. I want to sit in the garden and read one more good book. Most of all I want to sleep. I want to sleep like I slept when I was a boy. Give me that, just one time. “

I bought all books from the Divergent-series with my birthday-money.
I am already at the third book (Allegiant) and I am so HOOKED on it, I can’t tell you.

Of course, I got the english edition and they have shimmering covers!!! *-*

I am only 84 pages from the end of Allegiant and I am positive I will have a ‘book-hangover’ afterwards and/or left in an emotional trauma.

In short: I have read all three books in only 2 weeks (I only read while on the train to work, so approx. 2 hours a day) and I wish there’d be more books.

Alright but imagine the paladins finding out there stats and Lance just loosing his shit when he finds out he’s faster and stronger then Keith, and slowly figuring out that pretty much everyone have a way to one up keith and being gleeful about it / a bit more protective of keith cuz everyone can one up keith in one way or another

Keith huffs at the news but just takes it as a sign that he needs to train a little longer and to kick shiro out of the training room if he catches him in there (shiro does not sleep and if shiro does not sleep he trains or takes care of team)

Pidge is pleased to learn that they can pick up keith

Shiro accidentally coining the nickname kitten for keith the same way lance coined daddy for shiro

Lance takes great joy in lifting keith whenever he can find the chance and keith cant struggle away

hunk being like “both Lance and Keith are smarter then me how the heck” then goes reading all the books because no

Allura is concerned by keiths lower strength stat and makes the training simulator more viscous when keith is using it so he gets stronger easier

Shiro yelling “Hunk protect kitten while I do this one thing” and keith finally snapping and saying “IM NOT MADE OF GLASS DANG IT.” going from a train-until-tired working out person too a work-out-until-physical-injury person. Team feels bad cuz they were not intending for it to become a hurtful nickname and try to cut the habit of calling him that

Lance asking Keith why he didnt just outright say he was super uncomfortable with the nickname and finding out Keith didnt want to be a kill joy and its hard to say no to people for him.Lance understanding and trying his best not to let situations like this happen to keith again

Keith finding out his strength stat actually lowered when he worked himself to death and chilling back out about how he trains.

shiro becoming VERY concerned about how much control the garla have over his mind cuz he’s frikken OP 

Lance randomly sitting on shiro’s back while shiro does push ups and shiro not noticing  until he’s done

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Imagine Gregory trying to read a book to Miles at night and Miles gets all insulted because he can read too now and he ushers his dad into his bed and reads him the story instead and ruffles his hair and gives him a kiss goodnight instead

I know I scream at every ask I get but like, this is truly and honestly something special and I now know my very purpose in life was to read this and grin because of the Edgeworths.

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I really enjoy pairing Abelas with a Trevelyan girl, but think for a moment- Have you ever even considered Abelas with Adaar girl?

I have considered it! I just haven’t written it myself. 

I’m of the firm belief that nearly any pairing can be done well (unless the pairing is actively harmful, of course.) It’s simply a matter of the writer being able to handle the characters and the situation with respect. I haven’t done much research into the Adaar background or the lifestyle of the Vashoth. Dragon Age has so much lore that if I wanted to commit myself to writing an Adaar OC, it would probably take me weeks of research. I wouldn’t want to delve into this character without a firm grasp on her background. It’s just how I function, as a writer.

There were months of planning before I started Walking in Circles, because I re-read all of the books dealing with mage circles. I worked on detailed timelines for the uprising and charted the OCs I’ve created for the Ostwick Circle. 

So it’s not that I wouldn’t ship Abelas with an Adaar. It’s more that I don’t feel qualified to write that pairing. I haven’t done the research. 

I encourage others to write it, though, and if I find a fic I enjoy with that pairing I would rec the hell out of it. I do my best to promote rare pairs of all kinds, because those fics often receive less attention.

If you’re looking for Adaar/Rare Pair fics, I’ve read some fantastic Solas/Adaar. I am planning on promoting this one by Nava in the next monthly recs. It’s so good.

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Heyyy Jennaaaa. A few of my college friends (in summer school now) we all are reading EVE and having a mini book club this is going to be so much fun!!!! We are excited to finish up reading so we can discuss it.

Oh how fun!! Happy reading <3 

Whenever folks ask for book recommendations, I become at a loss because I am so deeply in love with so many different works! A wonderful problem, but still a problem…since being on the road I revisited with an old friend, “Travels with Charley” which is my favorite Steinbeck book in the world. My mummy introduced it to me, and although I’m sure she regrets that it made me want to travel SO much, I am indebted to her for passing on so many wonderful times and lessons through reading as a child.

If you are stuck in life, wishing to wander, wishing for adventure - I can almost guarantee that John’s words will lift you off the couch and into the world with excitement and a need for the unknown.

So all you beautiful adventurers…. Get it 💋

#johnsteinbeck #books #read #adventure #buckaroogirl

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OK I need you all to help me decide which book to read first and which film to watch first

Books -
- rock wars (a trashy teenage novel which will take me 24 hours to read)
- I know why the caged bird sings (maya Angelou, which I’m in the middle of reading and really enjoying)
- poirot (Agatha Christie, which makes sense since I’m actually in Devon)

Films -
- the imitation game
- box trolls
- inside out
- the incredibles

I’m a frequent reader thanks to my father’s influence! He always loved reading, and I used to sit by him and read, too.

He would also buy me large stacks of classic books and tell me to read them all by a set date “or else” and also constantly make me feel like an idiot for not knowing things like the topographical layout of Chicago, both of which make me actually feel anxious when I’m NOT reading something.

But it’s also definitely partially imitative! 

All I want is to go to a bookstore tomorrow. Without M and without my 7 month old. I just want to go and browse some shelves and read some dust jackets and go to a counter with an arm load of books. I want to finish chapter 1 while I’m still in the parking lot. I want the sides of my thumb knuckles black with ink before the day is through. I haven’t read a book that doesn’t have nursery rhymes since the birth and it’s really getting to me.