and re reading the book is not helping

Ways to Self-Soothe

In addition to the traditional ways to self-soothe, such as taking a bath, reading a book, aromatherapy, and etc, here are some other tips to build your self-soothing skills:

1. Create a calm, loving voice inside of you that is unconditionally accepting. It may help to think of a best friend, a co-worker, your therapist, or even someone you met in passing. Imagine their energy and presence, take it into yourself, and think of what they would say about the situation.

2. Physically hug, rub, or wrap yourself with something comfortable (i.e., a soft blanket).

3. Tell yourself, over and over, “You’re going to be okay,” “You’ve been through worse and survived. You’re living proof you’ll get through this,” or “This too shall pass.” 

4. In response to criticism, you can tell yourself, “It’s okay to not be perfect,” “I am good just the way I am,” or “We are all imperfect, and so am I.”

5. Once you feel a little more calm, begin asking yourself what it is you need at this moment. Your needs are important, especially in times of distress. It may be that the little voice inside you says you need to go for a walk, or to hug yourself a little longer, or for you to continue saying comforting words. Whatever it is you need, give yourself that. And if you have trouble hearing your needs, continue to soothe or hug yourself in the midst of your emotions.

6. Remind yourself that everything in life is impermanent. No exceptions. So what you’re going through now will eventually shift and change. Allow yourself to go through the emotions, surfing the waves with the board of your self-compassion. And soon you’ll find yourself somewhere new.

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can anyone recommend some good books for understanding bourgeoisie. it's a phrase that comes up a lot without anyone slowing down to explain the term or the history behind it. maybe i'm just being stupid, but i'm trying to gain a solid i guess groundwork so when i do read history books i understand the phrasing and connotation.

Here is our essential reading page. Obviously not everything in this list is relevant to your question but I’d suggest checking it out. Here’s the Communist Manifesto on PDF, which might help a bit with the basics. 

And if you’re looking for a little help with detailed definitions here’s one for Bourgeois Society (or “capitalism”)bourgeoisie, and bourgeois-democracy. The definitions also link other words you might be unfamiliar with to further expand on those. For example, if you are a bit confused by a word mentioned like “ proletariat,” then it will have a link to direct you to a more further explanation of that term. Honestly if you’re reading any book related to communism and want to understand phrasing that you’re unfamiliar with then I’d suggest using this Encyclopedia of Marxism. It’s alphabetized with terms you might run into and they have detailed info without being TOO overbearing. 

Hope this all helps.

Attack on Titan characters as things people in my math class do
  • Eren: playing pool on game pigeon instead of working/hooking phone up to a Bluetooth speaker to play Mask Off
  • Armin: reading a book completely unrelated to math because he finished half an hour early
  • Mikasa: literally just leaves class after she's told she can't sit with her best friend
  • Sasha: brings every type of Cheetos for herself and her best friend
  • Connie: writes "I'm a cool guy" on the white board in sharpie instead of expo pen
  • Christa: brings enough Oreos for the entire class to have 4th helpings
  • Ymir: yells "you're a fat bitch" loudly without the teacher even caring
  • Annie: comes to class half asleep in a giant hoodie with one earbud in, hidden under her hair
  • Jean: cut his hair in class after someone told him "no balls, you won't"
  • Marco: is doing a live on Instagram all during class and no one stops him
  • Reiner: gets the office aid to send him a pass to leave class
  • Bertholdt: pretends to not speak English so he can use his phone all through class for "translation"
  • Not featured: purposely getting suspended because they literally just wanted to leave class that bad
  • Throwing textbooks, calculators, erasers, and pencils out the 3rd story window
  • Getting their Bluetooth speaker taken away for playing Rack City at max volume

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Ahhhhh!! I have a crush on this girl who is kinda emo but just looks like she's super tired and she pretty much knows no ones name and she is super pretty and reads different books pretty much every other day and she is so soft!!! But everyone knows if you mess with her you will get your butt kicked to the moon and back and I think I'm in love please help

Sounds like you’re smitten my dude haha have you tried introducing yourself to her and talking to her? She sounds really great by the way!!!

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Favourite colour: Silver and black! (Totally not a Slytherin what are you thinking)
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Last movie I watched: Matrix, for a university project (I’m thinking of re-watching the whole series)
Top 3 fictional characters: Kakashi from Naruto, Akito&Agito from Air Gear, Yuuko from XXHolic
Top 3 ships: Choosing is HARD. TobiramaxMadara, KakashixNaruto and AkiraxSou (Monochrome Factor)
Book I am currently reading: The Blade Itself by Joe Abercrombie (hands down the best fantasy novel ever written.)

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With the premiere of the show on April 30th, American Gods Edits is in search of GIF and edit makers to add to our blog! If you’re interested, please read the requirements and steps below. We are looking to add one or two members for now.


  • Ability to make high quality gifs and/or edits
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We will contact you within a few days of your application if you are selected!

Joys that Harry Potter Movie Only Fans will never know:

-How amazing Oliver Wood actually is OMG

-Dudley Dursley’s character development


-Minerva McGonagall, Quidditch Fanatic

-Luna Lovegood, Quidditch Commentator



-Sirius and Crookshanks: Ultimate Bromance

-“Ooh, you look much tastier than Crabbe and Goyle, Harry!”



-Dean Thomas/Luna Lovegood Platonicship OMG

-Remus showing off Baby Photos

-Percy coming to his senses and finally making a joke

-“‘Probably trying to get rid of a Wrackspurt,’ said Harry, who recognized the symptoms.”


-Amnesiac Gilderoy Lockhart

-Dobby’s ever growing mismatched sock collection


-Most of Tonks’s actual character

-Bill and Fleur’s actual relationship



-Hermione’s growing political awareness and activism

-The entire school (-slytherins) standing to defend Harry from Pansy Parkinson

-100+ pages of backstory, 10x the character depth and development

Pains that Harry Potter Movie Only Fans will never know:

-“He was tiny in death”

-Molly Weasley’s boggart

-Meeting Neville’s parents

-Re-reading Prisoner of Azkaban and realizing that the nice man who helped Harry with his homework and gave him free sundaes dies in the sixth book.

-“He had no memory of being hugged like this, as though by a mother”

-Remus feeling so ashamed of being a werewolf that he thinks his family is better off without him

-Regulus Black’s full story

-Harry having to drag Percy away from Fred’s body

-Molly Weasley giving Harry a family heirloom for his 17th birthday

-Dean Thomas never knew his father, because he was a wizard and was killed by Death Eaters

-Peter Pettigrew didn’t even have the chance to redeem himself

-Frank Bryce was a war veteran who was blamed by his entire town for Voldemort’s crimes, and then Voldemort murdered him

-Harry not saying goodbye to Ron, Hermione, or Ginny, because he knows he won’t be strong enough to go through with it if he does

-“ ‘Does it hurt?’
The childish question had fallen from Harry’s lips before he could stop it.
‘Dying? Not at all,’ said Sirius. ‘Quicker and easier than falling asleep.’ ”

-The full story of Ariana and the Dumbledore family

-Winky’s entire existence, and all she suffers

-Andromeda Tonks losing her entire family

The scream was the more terrible because he had never expected or dreamed that Professor McGonagall could make such a sound.”

-100+ pages of backstory, 10x the character depth and development, over half of it leading to more pain and despair

i want to make a list of movies/books/etc where a major plot point is “mom helps daughter kill a man who hurt her, or at the very least helps her hide the body” but in general that is never what the actual plot is about, so it’s huge spoilers, which is ACTUALLY KINDA WEIRD now that i am thinking about it. with dad movies it’s the whole plot of the things, SOMEONE HURT HIS DAUGHTER AND NOW THEY’RE GONNA PAY

but i read a book once that was entirely about a girl going back to her hometown after twenty years and trying to reconcile with her mother after The Incident. then they finally reveal 80% of the way through the book that The Incident was that protag thought she’d killed her date rapist and had been scared to come back because she’d somehow made it twenty years without consequences, but actually she’d only seriously injured her date rapist. protag’s mom had found the guy while looking for her wayward daughter, realized what happened, and ran him over with her truck and buried the body under her garden. she never said anything because of Mom Code.

there was no indication at any point prior to this that this was a book about a murder. it was a heartwarming coming-of-age story about a woman entering her middle years learning to better understand her mother. that just happened to include covering up a murder. protag thought her mom was just an obsessive gardener.

6 Reasons Why Series Books Are Great for Kids/Less Practiced Readers

1. They like them.

If you want someone to get  into reading, they need to like the material. If it gets someone to read, that’s the most important thing.

2. Series books mean recurring characters in a familiar setting. 

This allows readers to practice reading without having to learn a whole new cast of characters and a whole new universe to become familiar with.

It might not seem like a big deal to you or me, but to someone who’s still learning to read it takes off a huge part of the stress of picking up a new book, as it means they can focus on the reading and not on learning new info. 

3. They help readers learn how to pick up things like foreshadowing and clues.

Because series books tend to follow a certain formula (e.g. in Harry Potter Harry starts at the Dursley’s, goes to Hogwarts, has some subplots surrounding a mystery, then faces Voldemort or another villain) readers start becoming trained to pick up certain clues. 

If you ever read any Goosebumps as kid (or Nancy Drew, etc), go back and re-read a copy. I’ll bet you’ll be able to pick out the twists before they happen. That’s because now you know what to look for, even if subconsciously.

4. They build up a child’s confidence in their reading abilities.

Children like big numbers. 

Reading lots of short books in a small period of time feels really impressive and satisfying to them. Remember bragging  to your friends about how you read THREE WHOLE BOOKS over the weekend? Did the fact they were shorter books ever matter? 

5. Series books don’t  discourage kids from reading more complex material. They encourage them.

Less practiced readers tend to read in cycles – they’ll read a few series books then pick up something more challenging then read some easier books, and so on. 

Eventually the series books become too predictable and readers move on to the next level on their own. 

Series books are like taking breaks between climbing up a hill – if you go too fast you crash and decide it’s too hard to keep going. If you pace yourself you make it to the top.

6. Nearly all heavy readers and book lovers began with series books.


Research on reading repeatedly find that heavier readers began by practically inhaling any and all series books they could find, until they got to a point where they were too good at a certain reading level and moved on to the next one (all the while trying a harder book every now and then).

That’s certainly  how I learned.

The first books I read in English were Clifford and Biscuit. Then I moved on to Little Critter and Franklin the Turtle books. I soon moved to chapter books like Magic Tree HouseBailey School Kids, and Captain Underpants.

By Grade 6 (roughly a year after learning English) I scored “Grade 12 or higher” in the provincial reading ability test.

The 1 Element Your Flawed Character MUST HAVE

If you’re a reader, you’ve probably experienced this before: you pick up a book, it seems pretty interesting, you nonchalantly decide to read it – “whatever, might be good” – and then … 

A paperback explodes life as you know it.  

Encountering a book like this can give life sudden clarity, it can change the way you look at the world, it can help you overcome something and grow, it can give you new purpose, it can inspire you to change your life, it can transform your future. By the time you’ve finished that book, it has become a part of your life – and will probably remain that way forever. (*Holds up my battered copy of Narnia as evidence*)

This magical experience is pretty much the ultimate goal for a reader. But if you’re a reader AND a writer, the fulfilling moment is inevitably marred by one depressing thought:  

“I’ll never write anything that good.”  

To which I say:

I beg to differ, little discouraging voice. With dedication and persistence, anyone can write a story that will be deeply meaningful to a reader. 

The trick? It needs to be deeply meaningful to the writer first. 

If a writer is going to give a reader a life-altering piece of knowledge, that means the writer already has that knowledge to give. We have all experienced things worthy of a story. We are all characters, journeying through arc after arc, becoming better or worse. From living these stories, we learn and see things more clearly, just as protagonists do. Which means we have something to say, something to write about, something to give. 

But to do so, we have to shoot for art.

The word art seems terribly vague, unattainable, and intimidating. But I don’t think it has to be. By “art” I’m going by the definitions given in two of my favorites quotes about writing (writing is art, so these apply): 

“Art is born when the temporary touches the eternal.” – G K  Chesterton


“…It is an art. It is the best of all possible art, a finite picture of the infinite.” – N D Wilson  

Both quotes state the same thing, in different ways. Art is about depicting and communicating something true, something universal, something everlasting about life and humanity, through something tangibly created. A definition which sounds an awful lot like the definition of metaphor: “a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else, especially something abstract.” Which sounds a lot like storytelling, because story IS metaphor. It’s life, condensed and magnified, all of its components there for a specific reason – to represent and convey some deeper meaning. So storytelling is naturally suited to being art. Which is good news for writers.

But it can also mean trouble. Storytelling is proven to be one of the most powerful teaching methods there is; a story actually has the power to get into someone’s head and heart and change everything, because to a reader’s mind the events on the page are actually happening. They’re living another life, a life that seeks to prove whatever the author wants to say. So writers have a responsibility to make sure the meaning of their story is true, morally and logically. 


Your main character is flawed, both in ways that only hurt themselves, and in ways that hurt others. These flaws are causing them to ruin their own lives. If they don’t awaken to this unwelcome truth about themselves, they will be lost. What happens to them over the course of the story, as they go after their singular goal, is going to apply pressure to these flaws until someone new – and most of the time, better – is made. The journey will teach them something, and that knowledge will enable them to overcome their weaknesses and forge a better life. 

And I bet you can guess what that story will teach them. That thing that is deeply meaningful for you, so meaningful you want to share it with readers? Yup, that’s what your main character is going to learn.

It’s going to be the SOLUTION to their inner problems. When it comes to characters, the meaning can be wrestled into three parts, adding up into one concise sentence. 

1) To achieve *a better state of being*

2) One must *moral and mental requirement*

3) Or else *the inner stakes*

To see how this works, let’s look at a fairy tale, the most straightforward example of this concept: 

Let’s see Cinderella (the live-action 2015 version). 

The meaning of the movie is summed up in this scene, and the story seeks to prove it throughout: 

“Have courage and be kind… It has power, more than you know. And magic.”

The story revolves around this notion, and everything seeks to represent it and prove it, in true Fairy Tale fashion.  

So in one line, that Ella’s arc proves: To achieve victory over abusers, one must hold onto their courage, kindness, and goodness no matter what – or else succumb and turn into someone like them. 

Exemplified in her last words to her stepmother, that truly defeat her forevermore:

So! Constructing these sentences can help give our flawed characters a destination to motor towards. Which makes writing their arcs much easier. And maybe we can construct a character arc and story that will become one of those magical reading experiences for a reader. And then, maybe one day, we’ll get letters from our reader, telling us exactly what our stories gave them and how it has saved their life in some small way (or maybe not so small way.) 

If finding a book like this is ultimate goal of a reader, I think getting a letter like that is the ultimate goal for a writer. 

Well, there’s my motivation. Time to go figure out what the heck I want my book to say. 

So….here are my totally non-canonical interpretations of the characters from the wonderful book “Every Heart a Doorway.” 

Tor released a free download of the book and I had not the slightest inkling of what it was about. I really enjoyed it( That may be a mild understatement. It was one of those books that leave you satisfied and then the plot and it’s characters haunt you and you’re slowly forced to realize it had a lot more impact than you originally gave it credit for and you go and reread it and look for all the hidden clues and hunger for more). All that being said, I really enjoyed the characters. McGuire describes them in such a way that their personalities really instruct their appearance. I couldn’t help but sketch out my visions of them.  I highly recommend reading this book and I’m excited to read Seanan Mcguire’s other books! 

Expect much more fanart of this series.  

P.S it would mean everything to me if @seananmcguire saw this. 

Seven months. Sixty pages. My thesis, “Thorns and All”: A (Re)Examining of Fairytales, Women’s Roles, and Gender Norms, is finished.

I know I talked A LOT about this and probably annoyed a whole bunch of you, but I can’t thank you all enough for the support you gave me. Seriously, it helped keep me sane. 

anonymous asked:

Any opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents?

OOF. So I’m actually halfway into the first chapter of a secretdad!Nursey fic so I have a lot of dad!Nursey thoughts, but I actually had to put some thought into dad!Dex opinions, and then a good amount of thought into the combination of Dex/Nursey as parents! That said, do I have opinions on Dex/Nursey as parents? 


  • So first off: the way these boys were brought up has a Big Impact on how they are as parents.
    • Nursey was raised by two moms who loved him to pieces and let him be soft and feminine when he wanted to be and were hugely affectionate when they were there, but who also traveled a lot for work. Dex was raised by parents who also worked a lot, but who were almost always stressed about money–and he felt that stress really young and learned to internalize it. They both love their parents, but they also both picked up a lot from their parents–both “what to do” and “what not to do”.
  • That said:

(continued under the cut)

Keep reading

When I first read the scene in “Order” where Harry met Luna on the train, I thought, “That’s his future wife! She has to be!” And their friendship just kept blossoming… and then Rowling broke my heart. I skip the epilogue when re-reading the series because Luna will always be Mrs. Harry Potter to me. I would give anything for Rowling to do a rewrite of the last two books in which they fall in love. Yeah, fanfics help me get by - but it’s just not the same as your favorite pairing being canon.

Supernatural Preferences: Helping With Homework

Sam: Seeing as Sam is pretty much an official Nerd with a capital N, he’s really supportive and loves to help you with homework. Anytime you get frustrated he helps calm you down but rubbing soothing circles on your back and talking you through the problem until you get it.

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Dean: Every time you pick up a textbook Dean sees it as an opportunity to be a stubborn man child and do his best to distract you. Closing the book when you’re reading. Doodling random things on the corners of your paper. Pretty much anything until you give him your undivided attention and disregard the fact you’ve got work to do.

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Castiel: Cas’s favorite thing to help you with his your history homework. He’s been around for a long time and has a pretty well knowledge base on historical events. Most every time he starts to talk about whatever subject you’re learning about, you zone out on the sound of his voice and become easily distracted by his crystal blue eyes. That is until he asks you to repeat what he said.

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

Crowley: While he doesn’t understand why you think schooling would be important, he “helps” the best he can. It takes a lot of kissing up to actually get him to buckle down and help you with any work really. When he finally gives in to your never ending pestering, he pouts pretty much the whole time until it’s over.

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

Rowena: Whenever you approach her and ask for help, Rowena just offers to do it for you. Or force the teacher to give you an overall passing grade in the class. Of course you deny her offer, no matter how tempting, and the two of you get down to work. Textbooks aren’t really necessary, mainly because she sits there and goes on and on and on about how their wrong. Leading to her explaining why and you don’t really get anything done.

Originally posted by weeklyspn

Lucifer: Under no circumstances can you ever…ever, get any work done when he’s around. Anything he can do to annoy you and get you to stop, he does. Sprawling out across your open books on the bed so you can’t read them, propping himself up with an arm. Feeding your homework to Ramsey, which you don’t appreciate. Even going as far to burning your finished work you spent hours on. Just to tell you he could to it with the snap of his fingers.

Originally posted by nickthevessel

Gabriel: No matter how many tricks he likes to play, when you ask him for help with pretty much anything, he’s 100% committed to the cause. Gabe gets pretty into helping you. Always trying his best to soak up everything the assignment is about to help you to his best ability. Any assignment where you have to look up something about certain places, he just takes you there. Always keeping you interested in what you’re learning about.

Originally posted by spngayngels

Dating Newt Scamander would include:

- Meeting at school, and becoming friends and spending all your time in library researching creatures. 

- Newt reading to you when you can’t sleep

- helping him with his book about creatures

- him calling you things like: love, darling, sweetheart & treasure 



- fighting over which Hogwarts house is better

- Niffler preferring you over Newt

- “you’re just jealous he likes me better” 

- “am not!” 

- “are too!” 

- teaching him how to cook

- helping him with Credence

- being jealous of Tina and him

- “you know I love you” 

- cuddling all the time




- “how did I get so lucky to have you?”

- dancing around in the kitchen when cooking

- jawline kisses

- holding hands in public 

- protecting each other no matter what

- “we’re in this together” 

- “its always gonna be me & you” 

English Literature: Self-care

Self-care for English Literature Students:

  • If you are ill or just having an off day, recovery is the most important thing. Take that nap you really need, watch that film you’ve wanted to watch in ages, read a non-academic book. Over-exerting yourself will only hinder how fast you recover.
  • Read in bed. Just pick a book, your favourite one you are studying or the one you are currently studying, get in bed and read it. This way, you’re still doing work, it’s just not as strenuous as writing essays or anything else. You don’t even have to take notes, just be reading the book you’ll be able to absorb information without you even realising it.
  • If you aren’t up to reading, try watching a film based on one of your texts, as it’ll still help enhance your knowledge of the plot and characters to some extent. Or alternatively, you can try watching some critical analysis youtube videos of your texts.
  • Listen to audiobooks as this can be less tiring than reading, particularly when you are ill. This way, you can still effectively learn the text without doing much work.
  • Eat healthily, and drink plenty of water. This will help your body recover.
  • Take as many days off as you need. Forcing yourself back into school/collage/university when you are still unwell won’t help you recover.
Self-Care Guide & Helpful Tips for INTJ “The Mastermind”

Functions: Ni-Te-Fi-Se


  • Quick, imaginative and strategic mind
  • High self-confidence
  • Independent & decisive
  • Hard-working & determined
  • Open-minded
  • Jack-of-all-Trades


  • Arrogant
  • Judgmental
  • Overly analytical
  • Loathe highly structured environments
  • Clueless in romance

Turn-on = Uniqueness

Turn-off = Small-mindedness

What stresses INTJ out

  • Being in an environment that doesn’t appreciate their skills, visions, or ideas.
  • Not enough alone time. Too much extraverting.
  • Too much noise or sensory input.
  • Working with those they see as lazy, incompetent, or ignorant.
  • Having to pay attention to too many details at once.
  • Being in unfamiliar environments.
  • Having their well-settled plans disrupted.
  • Too much focus on the here-and-now.
  • Not being able to use their intuition to envision the future.

How to help an INTJ experiencing stress

  • Give them space, and time alone to process their thoughts and feelings.
  • Reduce sensory stimulation like noise, TV, radio, or bright lights.
  • Let them express their thoughts and feelings without judgment. Understand that they may be irrational.
  • Don’t give them advice. This will only make them feel worse.
  • Give them a break from responsibilities.
  • Encourage them to get enough sleep at night.
  • Help them lighten their schedule, or cancel unnecessary activities.
  • After some time of solitude, encourage them to get a change of scenery by going outdoors.

How INTJ handle Grief

  • Need to be left alone to grieve
  • Writing and drawing are good for processing the pain

How INTJ handle Guilt

  • Accept their mistakes
  • Learn and improve for the future

What INTJ are like when Sad

  • Apathetic towards things they usually love
  • Seek solitude in their room

What INTJ need after a Bad Day

  • A good book to read and the day to themselves to re-charge

What INTJ do when Angry

  • Decides the person they’re mad at is incompetent and ices them out.

What INTJ Should do Instead

  • Let the other person know that they’ve upset them but that they’d like to hear their side of the situation and to determine a solution to the conflict.

What INTJ Struggle with

  • Talking to people they dislike

What INTJ are Hard on themselves for…

  • Not feeling like they’ve done enough
  • Need for being up-to-date with EVERYTHING

INTJ’s Purpose in Life is

  • Be objective in a sea of subjectivity

What INTJ need to know

  • Not everything in this world has a logical answer. It is okay to accept emotion without logic.

What INTJ should never forget

  • You help us understand things that we otherwise could not and we appreciate you for your unique intellect. We also appreciate your helpful advice, which seems to lend a     unique perspective.

I’m opening up 5 slots. If you want one, send me a message here on Tumblr containing:
1. References to what character(s) you would like me to draw. These can be artwork, example photos, or a detailed description. If you choose to choose to use a description, there is a “template” below you can fill out and send to help make sure I do your character justice. 
2. A short description of the character(s) personality.

(I would prefer to draw OC’s, but if you’d like a cat from the series there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to do it justice if I haven’t yet read any of the books they’re featured in.) 

Payment will be through Paypal, and must be sent before I begin work on your commission. You will receive my Paypal info after confirming the price of your commission through messenger.
You will then receive your commission in .png form through Tumblr messenger or email within two weeks of payment being sent. 

Commissions are first come first serve. Your commission slot is confirmed when your payment has been sent.

Looking forward to drawing lots of cats for you guys!!!

~~~Cat Description Template~~~
Body build/size:
Head shape/size:
Eye shape/color:
Ear shape/size:
Tail shape/size:
Fur length:
Fur color:
Whisker length/color:
Fur pattern:
Unique markings:
Nose color:
Extra details: