and raz and ford


psychonauts doodles that I never ended up posting!

Back before PN2 was announced, I had a really cool and canon-compliant idea for a set of two fics that explored a sort of “what if” future scenario in which the Aquato family were the bad guys - a psychic illuminati of sorts - experts in astral projection, who were wiped out when their sister clan, the equally secretive Galochio, decided they were too dangerous to be left undealt with.

The plot would have kicked off with Dart forseeing a giant psitanium meteor falling to earth and running away from home to warn the Psychonauts, and would eventually expand into the conspiracies that accompanied the reveal of Raz’s family’s true past, Ford’s old grudges, and the evil machinations of Poison Path, a psychic terrorist bloc bent on causing a world war and an eventual power shift.

Unfortunately, since PN2 is going to be dealing with all of those and will likely be radically different from my version, I’ve since scrapped the project. Regardless, here’s some old…concept art? I guess?

(I’m always up for expanding on these ideas, so if anything sparks your interest feel free to ask about it haha)