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I cannot be the only one who is actually extremely happy that the new Tangled series includes this wonderful girl?

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Friendship between two female characters is very rare in all media outside few selected genres like Magical Girl animes and cute shows for little girls. And for Disney, they have been almost nonexistent. Their heroines are always surrounded by men. Even animal sidekicks are exclusively male. If other women appear, they are mostly villains or maternal figures. Out of Disney princesses and heroines, only Pocahontas and Tiana have actual female friends while Anna and Elsa have a sister they bond with. Tangled is no exception, since Rapunzel’s all allies are men (even every single pub thug is male).

And then they introduced Cassandra. She is a foil to Rapunzel; where Rapunzel is feminine, cute and enthusiastic, Cassanra is rough, tough and sarcastic. In any other show a girl like Cassanra would look down on a girl like Rapunzel. Here, they balance each other out perfectly. Cassandra is protective of Rapunzel but also wants to encourage her independence. Rapunzel in turn is the one person Cassandra appears genuinely soft and caring to. Their trust in each other is perfect.

I know some fans have not been satisfied with the way Cassandra comes between Rapunzel and Eugene. But I personally think it’s an interesting conflict. How many shows have we seen where the conflict between three characters like this would be a simple love triangle where the girls catfight over the guy? Instead, the conflict here is fresh and interesting. Cassanra and Eugene have conflicting personalities and Rapunzel has to balance between them. Her affection and safety is the thing they both want.

Eugene is the love of her life, but remember that Cassandra is the very first human friend Rapunzel has ever had. Romance may be amazing and important but friendship is also a treasure. It’s great to see how much Rapunzel and Cassandra value each other. Rapunzel does not simply push Cassandra aside for her boyfriend but instead tries to reach a compromise. I’m sure we will have so much fun watching how these personalities and chemistries in the trio develope over the course of the series! No story is good without conflict. So sit back and appreciate this amazing friendship between female characters.

You know the scene at the end of Tangled where Mother Gothel trips over Rapunzel’s hair and falls out the window to her death? Rapunzel, despite knowing that Gothel had been evil and abusive towards her for her entire life, still reaches out as if she wants to save her…
That’s what it’s like trying to cut my mother out of my life.
I know she’s terrible.
I know that everything she has ever said and done, even the things that seemed nice at the time, we’re all for her own personal gain and to make me feel as low as possible so she could control me…
But she is my mom.
And there is still that part of me that wants to reach out and save her from herself.
But I can’t.
I need to save myself instead.
I need to leave the tower.

Return of Strongbow was an epic episode for all Tangled fans. We got romance, backstory, another hunky male character… But I also loved how we saw even more details about Rapunzel’s personality! She is a deep and interesting character in her movie and it’s always great to see all those sides show up in the series.

My very favourite moment has to be Rapunzel finally fighting with someone, in this case Cassandra. It’s so great to see that even though Rapunzel is cheerful and kind, she also has a temper and is not afraid to use it. She can get snappy and angry when she feels cross.

Another is Rapunzel confronting Eugene and Lance about their lies and attempted stealing. She is furious, understandable. Another beautiful display of temper. But she still takes time to calculate their situation and is ready to resort to some sneaky tactics just so Eugene does not get in trouble. This is a good scene because it displays Rapunzel’s ability to be a bit sneaky if the situation calls for it (she grew up with Gothel and in the movie we saw her getting a little manipulative to get her chance to see the lights). But it also proves that Eugene is her most important person.

Rapunzel is ready to yell at Cassandra and now she is ready to even trick her own mother for Eugene. He is her first genuinely beloved person after years of lies. It’s beautiful to remember how much he means to her. And in turn, it’s amazing how much she means to him. He is willing to take the risk and be honest because she has inspired him to be a better person. And like a loving, healthy couple they are able to actually work through their argument. Eugene lied to Rapunzel and honestly, that is not good behavior in a relationship. But instead of glossing over it, the show takes time for them to make up. Rapunzel is shown to be sad and Eugene is remorseful. But their argument can be settled with a nice gesture and good communication.

There is no such thing as a perfect couple. All relationships have their ups and downs because people make mistakes. But good couples are able to find forgiveness after mistakes and support each other through anything.

pardesichic  asked:

What's your opinion on Cassandra in the series? More specifically, her constantly getting in between Eugene and Rapunzel's relationship?

My opinion of Cassandra. Hoo-boy, I knew I was going to have to address this sooner or later. Guess the time’s now!

As a whole, in general, I like Cassandra. I like the dynamic she brings to the team. I like her friendship with Rapunzel, because I feel that media needs more examples of strong female friendship. I like her blunt honesty. In a world where people want to make Rapunzel feel always warm and fluffy, it’s good to have a friend there who gives it to her straight.

I think Cassandra is problematic, but in that way that characters who have room to learn and grow are. It’s good that she’s not perfect. We’re only five episodes in! (That doesn’t mean I’m not completely furious with her for how she acted in “Challenge of the Brave,” but I’ll get to that in a bit.)

I feel that Cassandra constantly getting between Rapunzel and Eugene is a reflection on Cassandra’s tastes and ability to believe that people change. I have made it very clear that I am not a Cassunzel shipper, so I don’t feel like her getting between them says anything about her feelings for Rapunzel. I do, however, feel that it says something about her feelings about Eugene.

She has outright said that she doesn’t trust him. But she also helped him out during “Fitzherbert P.I.,” so she clearly doesn’t loathe him (not in the way her dad does, at least). She would rather see him succeed fairly then fail through shady means. But I suspect she still thinks of him as a two-bit hood, and that he really has no place in the palace or at Rapunzel’s side. To me, it doesn’t read as, “This girl I have a crush on can do better - like me!” No, it reads as, “The Princess of Corona deserves better than a thief who was headed for the gallows.”

Seeing how badly she wants to fight and prove herself, knowing that she wants to be a guard, I suspect she fancies herself Rapunzel’s protector, and she thinks that the person Rapunzel needs the most protecting from is Eugene. She doesn’t understand the bond between them, or why all her sharp comments and put downs aren’t succeeding in putting a wedge between them.

“Challenge of the Brave” has introduced a new idea though, that she feels the need to prove herself, that her esteem isn’t has high as it comes across. But you know what? The evidence has pointed at that all along.

She rarely talks about herself. When she’s with Rapunzel, her focus is on Rapunzel. When she’s with Eugene, she generally puts him down but doesn’t build herself up. In “Rapunzel’s Enemy,” she wanted to do the perfect job with Gregorio because she desperately wants the accolades that come with being responsible for him.

However, in “Challenge of the Brave,” I felt her behavior was… beyond repugnant. First of all, she lies to Rapunzel, right to her face. As previously mentioned, she doesn’t talk about herself, but she expects Rapunzel to just know how she’s feeling, that “a friend wouldn’t be so oblivious.” No. Not cool. Cassandra made no effort to get Rapunzel to understand ahead of time. What happened to that blunt honesty? And then, she hid Rapunzel’s frying pan, cheating to better her own chances. What happened to wanting things to be fair? She sent Rapunzel weaponless into the ring with some very dangerous people. What happened to wanting to protect her? She’s afraid of people finding out her involvement in Rapunzel’s hair because she doesn’t want to lose her job, but she’s not afraid of losing her job by deliberately putting Rapunzel in harm’s way? And of course Rapunzel has something to prove! She need to show Frederic that she’s not in as much danger as he thinks she is! Perhaps finding out she won the Challenge of the Brave would make him think twice about allowing her beyond the wall! And then, Cassandra didn’t even apologize at the end, even though Rapunzel did and did everything she could to make amends? Sure, she asked for a hug, but that’s not the same as apologizing for treating her best friend like dirt and putting her in very real danger.

“Challenge of the Brave” actually highlighted how Cassandra’s own insecurities get in the way of her morals, and how her ambition can cause her to throw everything she believes out the window.

Kind of like her father, wouldn’t you say?

So, in conclusion, the TL;DR is that I feel that Cassandra is problematic - very problematic - but these are the things that character growth are made of.


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