and random zombies lol

me when I watched adv time as a little kid during s1: haha this show is so freaking funny!! the ice king is so annoying ! finn and princess bubblegum created candy zombies lol!! ha this show is so random what the heck

me when I watch adv time now: This show deals with a lot of real life issues and gives a lot of meaningful messages throughout the seasons and goes into depth when it does it. It deals with depression, anxiety, trauma, and other real life problems that people can relate to. The extent to which this show addresses these issues is incredible. The characters have grown so much in the show and in the process of doing so, they teach us and help us grow as well. We see Ooo through Finn’s eyes as he grows up. For instance, the seasons in a certain way are connected to both his negative state of mind and well being. The show changes as he grows up. He’s been through a lot of hard times during the course of his young life, and as he gets older, it gets worse. But after all he’s been through, he’s finally filled the hole in his heart. He finally finds out where the humans went after all these years. You can actually feel for him. Like him, we finally get answers. It’s a wonderful feeling. This show has changed so much and yet despite of everything it’s been through in the last 7 years, it still feels like Adventure Time. Everything stays, but it still changes. We’ve come so far, and it’s an amazing journey that will still go on for another season. Such an amazing and beautifully created show.