and random tumblr user

fyre festival is amazing, it’s like Hyper Dashcon

instead of some random tumblr users getting scammed out of $50 then going home, it’s a bunch of rich people being scammed for thousands then getting stuck on a deserted island while trying to escape


Tumblr user @jeusus is problematic because they won’t draw free art for my genius kylux au where they’re both opossums that live in a trash can in Texas. I see how it is. Damn kylux BNF clique. 😒😒😒

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You see you were on that random list papatulus added on of like "problematic" Tumblr users, which is rich btw, any idea why you are even on it

I know exactly why I was on it, cause I made fun of him directly to his face when he cried about people calling one of his jokes lame

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wait what's the tumblr con thing i don't get it

all right young whippersnapper here we go

the year was 2014. the plan was a convention for tumblr users in some random-ass city in illinois. what started out being marketed as tumbl-con usa soon became the disaster we cringe to think about today: dashcon. it was supposed to be a fun, cheap event, with panels and celebrities from multiple fandoms. it was supposed to be the largest gathering of tumblr users for new friendships to be forged and internet friends to meet. alas, it was not meant to be.

picture this: the first night of dashcon, you’re surrounded by people who are just as obsessed with tumblr as you are. you can barely contain your excitement. nothing could ruin your night…or so you thought. suddenly, organizers start to ask for, nay, demand, money. they need $17,000 by 10 pm or the con will be shut down. you start to sweat nervously. you paid ahead of time for this and it’s going to be shut down unless the unexpectedly low amount of attendees can cough up a buttload of money? you check the time on your phone: 9 pm. why on earth would they only have an hour to collect that much money, you ask? the organizers claim that hotel management didn’t like them. instead, it’s just because they had miscommunication with the hotel. trying to stay hopeful, your fellow tumblr users turn to their fandoms, doing the three-finger salute from the hunger games and singing songs from high school musical (most notably, “we’re all in this together”).

after this whole ordeal you think you’re done. the rest of the weekend will be amazing. surely this was the only mistake? oh, how wrong you were.

unbeknownst to you, guests checking in for your beloved panels are experiencing difficulties as well. they were told the con would be paying for their rooms. as a result, some panelists cannot attend. panels are dropped. when this news reaches you, you’re devastated. the organizers quickly try to control the situation: “no worries! you’ll be reimbursed!” you don’t get your money back. instead, you get various rewards and: AN EXTRA HOUR IN THE BALL PIT. sounds fun, right? except the ball pit was open to everyone. at any time. so your extra hour meant nothing. and look at this ball pit. it has seen things that should never have been seen.

poor thing. it probably needed therapy.

considering this was a convention for tumblr users, most everyone in attendance was liveblogging it. we other tumblr users watched in horror. but like, the laughing kind of horror. because we were so glad we weren’t there to experience it. but we were glad we were able to make fun of it. and so, memes were born. some posts circulated for months afterwards. after a while, it eventually faded out of popularity. new tumblr users had no idea what a dashcon was. but those who attended can never forgive. and we who laughed about it can never forget.

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"Sherlock out" fucking cringe man

look m8 idk who brought that post back from the dead but here I am a humble reformed superwholock ask blog trying to go about my business and then a mutual (who likely did not realize that that most hellish of replies was from their Friendly Local Blogger because since she has known me i have been doing Penance) reblogs that cursed post from the depths of tunglr dot hell, and I am assaulted visually by gifs I stole from the internet and in character answers as moffat and gatiss’s asshole self insert inexplicably proclaimed to be a modern sherlock holmes, which I typed up at the tender age of punk ass high schooler, instead of doing my fucking homework. so yes my dude i am sure you cringed but i guarantee you i am Suffering more than you, a random tumblr user, as the author of my own misery

Viner Hoseok (4/7)

Snapchat Jin | Tumblr Yoongi | Periscope Namjoon | Viner Hoseok | Twitter Jimin | Youtuber Taehyung Instagram Jeongguk

  • He started posting small dance covers because he didn’t have time to edit these giant ass videos and post them to youtube like bye 6 seconds is wAY EASIER
  • Everyone loved them because sometimes he’d do really silly dances in funny costumes and other times he was so serious and people loved the variety and the tALENT
  • He became really popular after he posted a video of Seokjin’s face zoomed in saying “Hoseok. Don’t talk to me. I’m famous.” and slamming the practice room door. (it got like 20 million loops in a day)
  • After that he started shit posting the randomest vines as well as dance vines and slowly became known as that super amazing dancer who posts random comedy shit every now and then
  • Started using snapchat as well after a while because he loved posting vines but they were only 6 seconds aND HE HAD SO MUCH MORE TO SAY but he didn’t want to edit youtube videos and periscope was too much so he decided snapchat was good
  • Posted some longer dance routines on his snapchat as well as lots of behind the scenes footage of dances and steps
  • ALSO does small workshops on snapchat where he’ll break moves down so other people can follow along and learn
  • Began to post vines of his friends doing stupid shit as well as dance covers
  • Once it was a video of Jin and Jeongguk hopping around on one leg while giggling and squealing, Jin threatened to sue if he didn’t remove it because it was ‘ruining his image
  • Also makes his friends try and do dance moves then posts them failing on snapchat
  • Can always cheer yoongi up like they’re always doing things and hanging out because he just makes Yoongi happy
  • He did the most random snapchat Q and A at like 3am with Tumblr User Min Yoongi where they had to answer in 3 seconds or create a dance routine to shrek
  • Love’s Twitter famous Jimin because he always posts his vines on twitter
  • His vines are always full of laughter and talent and everyone enjoys them so much
  • Gets a lot of vine edits made of him bc he’s a literal sunshine who everyone adores
  • In conclusion viner!hoseok is so chill and friendly and funny and everyone loves him and calls him sunshine and wants to be his best friend
  • Ok since vine is getting deleted I’m adding to this 
  • HE WAS SO SAD ABOUT IT but he has his snapchat and has kind of moved to youtube now so don’t worry about viner hobi he just makes compilations of his dance vines and longer tutorials now !!!
  • Youtuber Tae also helped him out a lot with his transition so he’s pretty popular on youtube now
  • so now he’s kind of youtuber/snapchat Hoseok but it doesn’t matter