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fyre festival is amazing, it’s like Hyper Dashcon

instead of some random tumblr users getting scammed out of $50 then going home, it’s a bunch of rich people being scammed for thousands then getting stuck on a deserted island while trying to escape

A random user on Tumblr (totally not me) stumbles upon Prompt Man’s blog and gets addicted. They spend hours submitting their ideas to him until they realize it hasn’t been hours- it’s been two hundred years.

Nightbeat in concept is a very silly character but in forming that character mtmte has taken an archetype, turned it up to eleven, and then used its possibilities to give Nightbeat some amazing nuance. Nightbeat loves mystery, sure. He is obsessed with mystery to the point of valuing puzzles over others’ interests and wellbeing. There’s the archetypical noir detective character, who you’d think couldn’t possibly be written without being redundant in the 2010s. Not so! Nightbeat uses mystery as a coping mechanism to deal with life’s myriad difficulties, he actively tries to remedy his lack of social skills in the moments where he’s stable enough to be able to, he manages to use his obsession to break a psychic hold someone has over him, and he is tortured by the concept of the afterlife, both because of the mystery inherent in it and because of his own near-death experience. Nightbeat is obnoxious as all heck but he’s still managed to become one of my favorite characters in the series.


YES GUYS!!! We did it!!!! I get to take my baby ( @orangeeyedangel ) with me when I move out!!!

Thank you all so so much, without my friends and followers and random tumblr users, I wouldn’t have been able to do this! 10k notes overnight…jeez.

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I'm sorry, but maybe I'm being dense and I apologize for this, but I'm a little confused about the making tumblr an adjective. It says lgbt tumblr would say a gay trans person is het and cis cause they think being trans is a medical condition. But isn't the opposite true? Wouldn't they have to say the person is gay and trans since they would need treatment/therapy/ect for their gender dysphoria?

Oh, no, no, no.

There are LGBT Tumblr users (like myself and other random people that happen to be LGBT and have a Tumblr account) and then there’s LGBT Tumblr™, people that may or may not even be truly LGBT that are completely awful. 

General LGBT Tumblr users: *are just LGBT people that use Tumblr*
LGBT Tumblr™: “You don’t need gender dysphoria to be trans, we hate The Straights, gay men are oppressors, accepting bisexuality is lesbophobic,” etc.

You find the same thing in every group.

General Jewish Tumblr users: *are just Jewish people that use Tumblr*
Jewish Tumblr™ [Jumblr]: “All non-Jews are antisemitic, mocking Nazis is antisemitic, witches are antisemitic, if a character has a big nose they’re ‘Jewish-coded,’“ etc.

General black Tumblr users: *are just black people that use Tumblr*
Black Tumblr™: “All white people are racist, other minority groups that talk about racism against them are anti-black racists, black people that don’t hate white people are [insert unironic anti-black racial slurs] and traitors, every achievement throughout history is secretly down to black people,” etc.

Two entirely different things. There are Tumblr users and then there are Tumblr Users™.

I asked one thing of you all, and it was that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. I don’t care what Random Tumblr User #45617 has to say about gender. If you’re non-binary and you don’t identify as trans, that’s fine. If you are trans and you don’t identify as non-binary, that’s also fine. I don’t care. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable. It’s not my business.

If a non-binary person wants to identify as trans, it’s their prerogative. They have that right. Don’t be a dick.

I’m not willing to get into this argument right now. I wont be saying any more on this, so don’t bother to waste our time with this stuff. This is a cursed image blog, not a discourse blog.

That’s all there is to it.

-Mod 1