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ok but since literally everyone who sees cisco knows he’s vibe ppl start coming up to him in the supermarket and the gas station and stuff and at first cisco is 😱my secret identity has been discovered! but really he just gets lots of questions about his hair care routine.

so many ppl ask him if he uses coconut oil he makes a psa about how it’s actually really bad for your hair and skin and if u want to really deep condition ur hair mixing honey and olive oil is a great natural solution.

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“Good morning Y/N.” Caitlin said coming into the lab, where she was followed Barry, Cisco, Iris, HR and Joe.

“Cisco, Barry, Iris and I are going out for drinks tonight do you wanna come with us?” she asked.

“No, that’s probably not the best idea.”

“Why not?” Cisco questioned

Y/N looked over Julian, he smiled and nodded giving Y/N the ‘go ahead and tell them’ look.

“Guys, I’m pregnant.”

Everyone’s face lit up and Caitlin came over to hug you, this was the best news they’ve had since Iris and Barry announced their engagement. A/N: Sorry if this short but I hope its alright.

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“ready. set. bboys go.”

(dpanabaker: On set with @grantgust & carlos)