and raid his closet


HP Next Gen: Flint-Wood Children //  No Jinxing, No Hexing, Well maybe a little and Don’t lose the Game

 The children of war heroes and former Professional Quidditch Players Keeper Oliver Wood and Chaser Marcus Flint. Oliver Wood played for Puddlemere United reserve (1994 - 1998), Puddlemere United (1999-2008). Marcus Flint played for the Falmouth Falcons (1994-1996) and the Montrose Magpies (1996 - 2008)

Malva “Terry” Flint-Wood : Slytherin alumnus, Beater for the Ballycastle Bats. Team is currently ranked second in the league. Semi-finalists for the 2026 League Cup will play against her younger brother’s team the Tutshill Tornadoes.

 Landon Flint-Wood:  Hufflepuff alumnus, Keeper for the Tutshill Tornadoes. Team is currently ranked fourth in league. Played a 12 day game against his father’s former team the Montrose Magpies.

Octavia Flint-Wood: Ravenclaw alumnus, Chaser for the Pride of Portree. The twenty-third time Pride of Portree qualified for the European Cup. Will face off against the Gorodok Gargoyles of Lithuania.

Ian Flint-Wood: 6th year Gryffindor, Chaser the for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Prospective teams after graduation Wigtown Wanderers and Puddlemere United. 

Adrian Flint-Wood: 4th year Slytherin, Seeker of the Slytherin Quidditch team. Aims to play internationally for the Scottish National Quidditch team.  

thank you @mxrcusflint for the help with names!!

Hot and Cold

A/N: I wrote this shit in a solid hour and a half so it may not be that good but it sounds pretty ok so hERE WE ARE.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Words: 2,124

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You’re not sure if Hoseok is secretly a cold blooded lizard—but the temperature of his apartment is outrageous—especially at this stage of autumn.

When you step in the door, replacing your spare key to his living space inside your bag, you immediately shiver. The wooden floor is cold against your bare feet—the chilliness of the room permeating your t-shirt and causing goosebumps to prick your skin.

A quick peek at the thermostat informs you that the apartment is a dreadful 60 degrees. Almost 40 degrees cooler than the healthy human internal body temperature. How the fuck has he not caught a cold yet?

Setting your bag down on the floor—your hurry into Hoseok’s bedroom, already a shuddering mess of a human as you raid his closet for anything to keep you warm.

A few minutes later you emerge wearing one of his thick, oversized sweaters. The fabric is soft and comfortable, but even so it rejects your body heat and soaks in the coldness of the apartment. It only takes another few minutes for you to finally decide to mess with the thermostat—but to your utter disappointment, when you flick the switch for the heat from ‘off’ to ‘on’…nothing happens.

The heat is broken.

“Why did I agree to meet him here after his class~,” you whine, returning to his room and flopping onto his unmade bed. Grabbing your phone—despite the fact that he’s likely in the middle of listening to a lecture—you send him a complaint.

I want you to know that your apartment is fucking COLD. My nips have never been this hard in my fucking life. They could probably cut diamonds right now. I hate you. –5:32PM

Burying yourself in the too-thin covers, you roll onto your side and subconsciously move one of your hands to grip your chest. Your nipples are so hard and sensitive from the cold that the minute you pinch the hidden rosy bud a gasp leaves your mouth. Immediately you flush red—not having intended to make such a sound—but you can’t help it. It’s too damn cold in here and your body is just reacting in the only way it knows how.

Too bad the heightened sensitivity of your nipples only makes you want to touch them more.

By the time your phone finally pings with a response from your beloved boyfriend, both of your hands are on your breasts—pinching and rolling the hidden buds. Just imagining Hoseok actually making skin on skin contact with them—your sweater discarded—has your thighs pressing together.


Diamonds????? OMG. Ahahaha I’m sorry the heat is broken I forgot to tell you. I’ll be home in a little bit. Will you survive?? Kek

Hands leaving your chest, your hurriedly reply.

Yes. They’re hard and sensitive and you know—I’ve been touching myself. In your bed. And it feels so good…ANYWAY. Enjoy the rest of your class~

Grinning slightly, knowing that you might be in a little bit of trouble when Hoseok finally arrives, you move to touch yourself again, but a notification on your phone pops up before you even get the chance.


…you little minx. I don’t care how cold it is there. Take your pants off and wait for me. Keep touching your breasts until I get there, but nothing else—you hear me? I’ll be there soon.

You stare at his message with wide eyes, biting your bottom lip. You can imagine him sitting in class, eyes dark and cock hardening between his thighs as he hurriedly types a response. You picture him frustrated just at the thought of you—your thumbs looping beneath the band of your black leggings. You slide the form-fitting fabric down your legs, kicking them off until they plop onto the floor beside the bed.

Your panties are already wet, you can tell—and your core is flourishing with anticipation at Hoseok’s orders and the possibilities of how he’ll treat you when he walks through the front door. However—for now you brush those sinful thoughts aside and return to playing with yourself though the thick fabric of the sweatshirt. You know it will likely feel better without the clothing in the way, but…it’s so cold—and you want Hoseok to…have the honor.

Once again flushing at the thought—tongue poking out to wet your lips—your press your ass into the sheets as your arousal heightens. Each pinch, roll and tug drags you farther into your unraveling mental state. Your hips move of their own accord—grinding against nothing. Your core is throbbing and you want nothing more than to close your eyes, press your fingers into your clit, and bring yourself to orgasm—but…

“Hoseok,” you whine, almost too desperate for your own tastes. Your fingers tremble, tempted to disobey his orders.


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Imagine Cas Getting Ready For Your Lunch Date

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He’s so nervous, he can’t stop messing with his hair or his tie. He doesn’t want you to know that he changed his outfit 3 times, going back and forth between raiding Sam and Dean’s closets before finally settling on his regular old suit and tie, deciding to forego the trench coat. Of course, he’s incredibly overdressed, given the fact that you’re only going to have lunch in a small cafe, but he doesn’t know that. He just wants to impress you.

Upon your arrival, his eyes widen at the sight of you, his heart skipping a beat. She looks wonderful, he thought, your smile warming him to his very core.

“You look very beautiful, Y/N,” he smiles shyly.

You giggle, looking down at your simple t-shirt and shorts before eyeing his suit. You notice how overdressed he is, but you don’t mention it, not wanting to make him feel bad. It’s one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen.

“So do you, Cas.”

Cas beams.

Nailed it.

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it’s past 4 in the morning. Rick’s phone bings.

You awake?

he’s like wtf. Who is this?

he gets a selfie of fucking Deadshot on top of a roof, holding a gun on his shoulder. Took target’s phone. Real nice.


Can get a nice watch for you too.

Rick’s diving off his bed and raiding his closet. He’s trying to text back and call Waller at the same time.

Meanwhile, Floyd’s just taking more selfies. His mask is on point tonight, and he says so.

By the way, Harley wants to know if you want red or blue? Don’t know what that means. Is that just crazy talk?

Rick can’t believe Harley’s actively trying to plan his and Floyd’s wedding again. ITS NOT HAPEPGN

And that’s how Rick barreled into his car at 4:20 AM, half-dressed and red in the face.

Okay but can we stop and take a moment to appreciate the wondrous, beauteous ship that is Shrinkyclinks

  • Steve doing the shoulder headbutt thing when he wants Bucky’s undivided attention
  • Bucky holding Steve back by the hood of his hoodie/collar of his shirt whenever he’s about to run off and do something stupid again
  • Which has been happening more and more lately, he thinks
  • Bucky “””punishing””” Steve for being sad or grumpy by peppering his face with endless kisses and cuddling him until he cracks a smile
  • Bucky buying a shit ton of warm, cute sweaters for his Stevie so he doesn’t get a chill during the colder months
  • Sometimes Steve won’t even wear them. He’ll just go and raid Bucky’s closet and steal a few of his way-too-big hoodies and shirts so he can wear them around the house
  • Bucky doesn’t really mind until he notices Steve forgets to put the clothes back and 90% of Bucky’s closet is empty space
  • Bucky laying in bed and draping his metal arm across Steve’s forehead whenever he gets sick, because it’s cold as ice and won’t melt
  • Steve struggling to kiss Bucky because he’s so tiny and Bucky’s so tall
  • Bucky thinks it’s adorable
  • Steve doesn’t
  • Bucky pretending not to notice when he catches Steve drawing him from across the room and playing it cool when really he’s extremely flattered
  • Steve getting so goddamn frustrated over the metal arm
  • Bucky being the big spoon, holding Steve close and resting his forehead against his Stevie’s back at night, because he’s a fucking sap
  • Steve does the same thing to Buck when he gets to be the big spoon
  • Shrinkyclinks

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Coldatom hc: When Len is spending time with Mick, or someone else on the ship, (or just screwing around idk) Ray will raid his closet. Len's clothes are tight and a little too small on him, but it makes his muscles stand out. It doesn't "upset" Len, per se, more along the lines of... "Frustrate". Take that as you will.

mmmmmm it’s actually funny u bring this up bc I have a part in the coldatom body swap fic I’m writing there’s a scene sort of like that lmao
I also appreciate the implication that Ray can be Petty and will absolutely attempt to sexually frustrate Len for not paying enough attention to him, he probably got that habit from Len himself,


oh gosh i didn’t think anyone would be interested in the bats wahh here’s part 2 then, last bat character i promise!

Izzy the honduran white bat that Pop and Mina find sleeping under a leaf one day and convince to come home with them.. the two don’t know much about them (not even their real name– Pop calls them “Izzy”) because they don’t talk much but that didn’t seem to stop them all from becoming fast buddies

they live in pop’s house presently and spend most of their time sleeping under a blanket. on the off chance that you catch them awake, you can find them eating all of pop’s grapes or raiding his closet for bows and ribbons to try on

Headcanon:  This photo is living proof that James Buchanan Barnes does not spend all his time raiding his boyfriend’s closet for clothes.  Also, he is not a dandy - thank you very much, you punk - he just happens to be a gentleman who was raised by his Grampy to appreciate being well-dressed and fashionable.

Also, Bucky’s expression in this picture is totally directed at Steve, who was trying very hard not to full-on body blush when he’s being stared at like that.  Bucky is appreciating his boyfriend, all right?

Bucky is appreciating his boyfriend and the fact that said boyfriend borrowed one of Bucky’s newest pairs of jeans, which were really bought because he knew Steve’s ass would look downright delicious in them.  Hence, the staring.  And the picture as evidence.

(Actual pic source is here.)

clothes make the man

@plinys gave me the idea for clothes sharing with these two, also here on ao3


“Is that my shirt?” Poe tilted his head as though to get a better angle of looking at the shirt that Finn was wearing.

Finn plucked at the collar of it, looking down, “It might be, did you want it back?”

Poe shook his head, failing to hide his grin, “I said it was all right for you to borrow some things didn’t I?”

He’d said it a week ago when Finn had woken up out of the medical coma he’d been in; knowing that the ex-stormtrooper didn’t have much beyond the black clothes he wore under that old armour and Poe’s own jacket.

He just hadn’t expected the constant raiding of his closet from Finn, every time he looked over now Finn was wearing something of his.

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Natasha and Tony being best Bros, tony going with that to get mani-pedies done, going cloths shopping (dragging stebe and Clint along to carry their stuff) nat and tony taking pepper out to a nice lunch and catching up, treating her to a spa day, natasha raiding tony’s closet and taking his Hoodies and maybe even unearthing one of his old MIT sweatshirt/pants and keeping them. Tony saying very calmly and seriously “Next question” when a reporter asks nat something stupid until they all know that those kind of questions are never gonna be paid attention to. Natasha sitting on the floor ready a magazine, between tony’s legs while he braids her hair becuase he’s very skilled with his hands and got the hang of it super quick. Natasha teaching tony how to pick the perfect pair of heels and how to walk in them. Natasha teaching tony other forms of fighting other than martial arts he knows and how to combine them (said fighting techniques include fighting with a knife) Tony spoiling her with Beau dresses and shoes (like he does with Pepper) which she always makes him give back because it’s not like she doesn’t like them or aren’t gorgeous, but she doesn’t want him to make it a habit and feel that it’s an appropriate way to express affection (he stops but on her birthday he goes over board) tony teach nat how to do advanced coding and hacking and teaching her how to use the suit, get him out of it and other things he’s only taught steve because he trusts her. Natasha trusting him enough to have jarvis call him out to the living room when she has a nightmare and clints out of town. Them cuddling on the couch and watching bad movies till the fall asleep. And tony doing the same when steve’s gone. And if steves gone she’ll just slide in to bed and he’ll hold her. Natasha tell tony about her past because she trusts him and he understands. Tony being the only one on the team who’s seen natasha cry from the heart and comforting her. And never bring it up. I HAVE SO MANY NATASHA AND TONY BRO FEELS RIGHT NOW I CANT EVEN SPIT THEM ALL OUT HELP!! mrsstark-rogers