and raid his closet

Did I Say I Could Be Your Pillow?

Request: Hey hey hey can I request a Tom x reader traveling kinda thing? Like a flight gets delayed and they end up falling asleep in the chairs then again on the flight etc etc


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Travelling wasn’t necessarily your most favorite thing in the world, mainly because you seemed to be cursed. Every time you traveled, at least one of your flights got delayed, zero exceptions. 

Right now, you and Tom were slumped in two chairs at the airport you were stuck at for at least an hour and a half. You both had on a pair of sweatpants and hoodies which both belonged to Tom, that you had raided from his closet not that long ago. He didn’t mind, if anything he loved you wearing his clothes, but it stops being cute when he runs out of clean clothes to wear, and you’re to blame. 

You shifted around in the uncomfortable chair, trying to find a cozy position but to no avail. Tom watched you with an amused tint in his eyes, and the trace of a grin on his lips. You breathed a frustrated sigh and looked to Tom hopelessly. He chuckled softly in response. 

You then slid to the side of the chair that Tom was on, and rested your cheek on his shoulder, “Did I say I could be your pillow?” he teased in a soft raspy voice, “No, but I did,” you smirked.

He laughed and brought his arm around your shoulders, and leaned his head against yours, after placing a long chaste kiss on it. Silence danced comfortably between you two, as you both felt the heavy blanket of fatigue, “I can’t wait to be home, and nap with you in my bed,” Tom slurred, not being able to fight the heavy weight of his eyelids. You neglected to respond, as you couldn’t stop your own eyes from closing. 

Your flight soon arrived, and you both unwillingly dragged each other onto the plane half asleep. Slamming on to the more relaxing seats, you let out a sigh of relief, and looked to Tom. His hair was parted on the middle, and both halves were draped over his forehead poetically. He felt your eyes on him, and turn his head to face you. He formed a dopey smile, and opened his arms, inviting you in. 

You accepted the invite and he held on to you tightly. You leaned back in your seats, and Tom laid his head on your shoulder, “You’re turn,” he grumbled. 

You laughed quietly and brought your hand up to his messy hair and began lacing your fingers through it, lulling him to sleep. 

A/N: writing this made me sleepy so it kinda ended quickly

hes rlly awkward and stiff cos his clothes are kinda too small and he always wants to fidget bounce pick n shit so he has to think about keeping his hands at his sides and it looks so uncomfortable lmfao i wanna give him some cool indie tats and hes deff got a wild side, but, you gotta work to get it out of him lmao

he lowkey totally knows how to ride a motorcycle??? from when he was younger. he likes netflix and lives off starbucks and is basically just. ykno. ur modern day anxious dweeb who dresses like he raided his dads closet but is too tall to fit any of his clothes and always makes self deprecating jokes about how hes like a middle aged white woman cos he likes wine and facebook memes. he was totally a grungy late teen in the nineties and misses bein that way but feels like hes gotta Be An Adult™. etc etc more character explanations.

what an awful muse. i love him.

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Stolen T-Shirts, Stolen Heart

ask : could I have another Percy oneshot? Where she steals all of his shirts and him whining, “You’ve already taken my heart what more could you want from me?”

i hope you like it !! sorry it took so long for me to put up :(

It started off innocently.

Three months into your relationship, and you popped the question.

“Can I have one of your hoodies?”

The son of Poseidon didn’t think anything of it, tossing you one of his blue hoodies. Slipping it on, you smiled at him, wrapping your arms around his torso and stepping on your tippy-toes, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“Thanks baby.” You smiled. Percy pressed his lips against yours again, thinking nothing of it.

It was just a hoodie, right?

Jackson remembers that day like it was yesterday. To say he regrets it he’ll deny, but you’ve seen that he has.

Stealing one hoodie turned into two hoodies and a shirt. You once walked into a meeting at Camp Half-Blood wearing Percy’s infamous ‘Jaws’ shirt.

“Isn’t that Percy’s, Y/N?” Connor asked, and Percy’s head rose quickly. For a second, he frowned, before he smiled again.

“Looks cute on you.” He said truthfully, but he was wondering how you got it.

That’s his favorite shirt after all, but he didn’t put much thought into it. Besides, you looked very cute in it, and he couldn’t deny that.

Two hoodies and a shirt turned into five shirts and three hoodies, that you were almost positive Percy would never miss, but he did.

“Babe, have you seen my blue tank-top with the corny sea saying on it?” Percy called from his closet. You frowned down at the shirt you were wearing.

“Which one?” You called back. You were pretty sure it was the one you were wearing right now. As he described it, you smiled sheepishly, standing up and tapping his shoulder. “This one?” You asked, and he turned, looking down at you.

Percy sighed. “Yup. That’s the one.” He turned to his closet again, tugging out a different shirt. “I’ll just wear this one.” He smiled at you, but you could see he was slightly annoyed about you taking his clothes.

It didn’t bother you too much, you just loved wearing what’s his. It reminded you that you were his, no matter how many dirty looks you got.

Sooner or later, you raided his whole closet. Knowing that he’d notice, you quickly distanced yourself from Cabin Three.

“Y/N L/N!!” Percy’s shouts were heard from all across camp, and you booked it, finding your way towards Bunker Nine. Barging in, Leo screamed, falling off the ladder that both Piper and Jason were holding.

“DIOS MIO Y/N!” Leo shouted, groaning from the impact on the floor.

“Sorry I-” The door flew open again, and this time Percy stepped in, looking pretty harmless, and you smiled sheepishly.

“Hi babe…” You trailed off, and he smiled back at you.

“Hey. Care to tell me why half of my closet’s gone?” He asked innocently, and you looked down at the shirt and zip up hoodie you were wearing.

That was Percy’s.

“Uh, I like your clothes?” You weren’t so sure yourself. Percy threw his hands up in exasperation.

“You’ve already taken my heart, what more do you want from me?” He whined, pouting at you like a baby seal.

“I look cute in it though.” You matched his expression, tugging at the hem of the shirt. Percy cocked his head at you.

“That isn’t gonna work on me Y/N.” He responded. You pouted again, and he frowned a little bit.

“Okay, maybe it might.” Percy admitted, but he crossed his arms. “But I want my shirts and hoodies back Y/N. I mean it.” You looked down, shuffling on your feet like a scolded puppy.

“Okay Percy.” You finally answered, a sad undertone in your voice.

“Y/N, don’t do that.” He responded, reaching out for you. You passed him, your head hanging.

“I guess I’ll just give them all back.” You were at the door to Bunker Nine now, sulking dramatically.

“Fine. FINE! You can wear my shirts and hoodies.” Percy gave in. You squealed in happiness, running back inside and pressing a kiss against his lips.

“Thanks babe!” You shouted happily, before bolting out of the bunker.

“You’re soft, Jackson.” Leo commented, not even bothering to get up from his position on the floor. Percy smiled at the door from where you ran.

“What’s wrong with that?” He responded, before waltzing out of Bunker Nine.

Percy knew he wasn’t getting his shirts back.

And he was weirdly okay with that.

- nezzie

Stormy weather - Mileven

It had been a year. A year of Mike daydreaming about seeing Eleven again. A year of Mike staying in his room and refusing to see anyone but his three best friends. A year of fighting with his Mom over imaginary frustrations. A year of slamming doors and crying in the shower and nightmares. A year of constantly asking Will about the Upside Down so he knew just was Eleven was facing. A year before she finally returned, completely unconscious and on the brink of death. A year before Mike felt whole again.

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I don't know if you've already done this (feel free to ignore it if you have!) But could I maybe ask for the rfa members (+ v and saeran maybe?) reacting to mc stealing and walking around in an item of their clothing? I love your blog btw!

Thank youuuu!

~This is a cute ask, here ya go! 


  • After much waiting, this kid FINALLY asks you to stay overnight
  • You were sitting and watching him play LOLOL with his guild, getting close to leaving for the night
  • He noticed you looking at your phone which meant it was time to go
    • “MC, w-why don’t you just sleep here? I can make you an omelette in the morning!”
  • You could hear the ‘hallelujah’ chorus in the distance as you agreed
  • He promised to be off soon, they were going to fight this rare monster
  •  But you didn’t exactly prepare for this
  • You had no PJs!
  • While he was glued to the screen you decided to raid his closet
  • He wouldn’t mind, right?
  • You found a green LOLOL shirt that seemed just big enough for you to sleep comfortably in
    • “This nerd…god I love him,” you laughed to yourself as you held it up to inspect it
  • You could still hear him screaming into the chat mic from the other room as you changed into it
  • Walked back into the living room to see how the game was going
    • “Superman Yoosung! How are you doing?!”
    • “MC! I’m sorry I can’t talk right now, we are right in the middle of-”
  • He had to double take
    • “ImsorryguysimloggingoutBYE”
  • Throws his headset, ignoring the screaming on the other end
  • His cheeks were so flush!
  • You’ve never seen him move so fast
  • Snatched you up and kissed you super hard


  • Does this guy own anything other than striped freaking shirts
  • You were thumbing through his closet for something to wear
  • Bored of your own clothes, you wanted to wear something of his
  • Hidden in the very back of his closet
  • A black shirt with Elizabeth 3rd’s photo printed on it
  • O M G !!!
  • Could anyone blame you for snatching it off of the hanger and throwing it on?
  • You looked so cute wearing nothing but the Elizabeth shirt
  • When you greeted Jumin at the door…
  • Holding Elizabeth (who was super content) in your arms
  • It was the first time you had seen him flustered
  • Literally couldn’t speak??
    • Oh no she found the shirt!
      • OH NO she’s wearing it and looks so cute!!!!!…
  • In a split second is telling the body guards to give you privacy, ordering everyone out of the penthouse for 3 hours
    • “MC…I’m going to punish you for snooping through my things…”


  • One of your favorite things in the world was teasing this guy
  • Poor Zen
  • So when you found this tight leather shirt in his closet of course the first thing you did was put it on to greet him when he came back from the gym
  • It must have been from one of his musicals or something, lost and forgotten in his closet
  • You were giddy as you waited for him to arrive 
  • When he finally walked through the door, sweaty, towel around his neck…
    • “MC, I’m hoooome!” He called before noticing you in the kitchen entryway
    • “Zen! I’ve been waiting…” you  smirked.
  • //Dead
  • K.O.
  • Can I type this any more?? ((((no))))
  • You’ve unleashed
  • T H E  B E A S T
  • He throws his water bottle and towel to the side
  • You’re not going to sleep much tonight


  • It was a super hard day at the coffee shop for her
  • Poor girl was drained
  • She found herself walking into a dark apartment 
  • You bumped into her while getting a glass of water
    • “Oh Jaehee…you’re home”
    • “Yes. I’m so exh- MC? Is this my shirt?”
  • When her eyes adjusted to the dark she noticed it
  • You put it on to go to bed
    • “Um yeah. You work so late sometimes…and it smells like you”
  • All of her stress washed away and she blushed
  • She kissed the top of your head
    • “Let’s get some rest, MC.”


  • You were cooking a late night meal for you both
  • Wearing nothing but his big sweater
  • He had been glued to his desk all day and you knew the best way to get him to eat was if you cooked it for him
  • The smell of the food drew him out to the kitchen
  • Critical hit ! to his heart when he saw you
  • You were so focused you hadn’t even noticed him until he was tugging at the sweater
    • “Heyyy, this is mine,” he pointed out
    • “So?”
    • “So give it back,” he pulled at it.
    • “No! Get outta here you’re bothering me,” you smacked his hands away.
    • “Not without my sweater!”
  • Was tickling you and pulling it up, trying to get to the zipper
  • You hit him with a spatula several times
  • Ended up running from him and he chased you throughout the apartment
  • Tackles you on the couch
  • He gets his sweater >.>
  • You were interrupted by the smell of burning food
    • “Oh shit, dinner!” You jumped up.
    • “Eh, don’t worry about it MC. I’ll order some takeout. Now, where were we…”


  • You were wearing one of his V necks as a nightie
  • This boy had the most comfy clothes omg the quality
  • He was waiting on the couch as you brewed tea
  • Snuggled up next to him after bringing a cup for you both
    • “Thank you, darling,” he smiled.
  • Immediately spits out his tea when he feels what you’re wearing
    • “I hope it’s okay, V. Your clothes are just so comfy!”
  • He was speechless for a moment but let his hands do the talking for him
    • “It’s more than okay, MC”
  • He pulled you in for a kiss then showed you just how much he liked it


  • It was dinner and movie night!
  • Saeran was groaning at you from the living room, telling you to hurry up or you’d be late for your reservation
  • But all of your clothes were dirtyyyy T_T
  • Damn you had both really been slacking on the chores lately
  • Frantic, you grabbed one of his red shirts
  • He won’t mind, right?
  • It went okay with your jeans anyway
  • You shrugged, rushing to meet him by the door
    • “Ready to go?” You panted.
  • He was stiff still staring at you
    • “Umm…earth to Saeran? HellooOOO-!”
  • He tossed you over his shoulder without warning and was carrying you back down the hallway
    • “What are you doing?! We’re going to be late!” you yelled.
  • He closed the bedroom door behind you with his foot and tossed you on the bed
Two Sides Of A Coin // Chapter Four

Picture Source (edited)

Arranged Marriage!AU

Genre: Angst, smut, fluff, violence (future)
Rated: M

Pairings: Kim Jongin x Reader
Summary: Born into a powerful Mafia family, your destined to take over the family business with a promised future but one innocent decision nearly destroys your future. Will you survive the trails and tribulations of life and love?
Warnings: Smut 
Word Count: 6,791

Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three // Chapter Four // Chapter Five // Chapter Six // Chapter Seven // Chapter Eight // Chapter Nine

A/N: I do not own the gifs or pictures: credit goes to the owners 

You wake up in the middle of the night, screaming and within the minute, Jongin is by your side. You feel a cold sweat drip down your neck as you are pulled into his bare chest and he strokes your hair while whispering words of comfort.

“Ssshh, it’s okay, Y/N. I’m here, I’m right here.” You cling to him as he pulls the blankets over him and adjusts himself in your bed, resting his head against the headboard while you lie with your face pressed into his warm torso. You can feel his heartbeat against your cheek as you try to stifle the sobs that continue to shake your body.

Jongin lies in your bed with you, not saying anything while you begin to relax into his gentle embrace. You can feel how his heart beats a little faster when you try to find a more comfortable way to wrap around him; this small detail amuses you, deepening the feelings that have begun to blossom in your heart and washes away some of the stiffness caused by the nightmare.


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HP Next Gen: Flint-Wood Children //  No Jinxing, No Hexing, Well maybe a little and Don’t lose the Game

 The children of war heroes and former Professional Quidditch Players Keeper Oliver Wood and Chaser Marcus Flint. Oliver Wood played for Puddlemere United reserve (1994 - 1998), Puddlemere United (1999-2008). Marcus Flint played for the Falmouth Falcons (1994-1996) and the Montrose Magpies (1996 - 2008)

Malva “Terry” Flint-Wood : Slytherin alumnus, Beater for the Ballycastle Bats. Team is currently ranked second in the league. Semi-finalists for the 2026 League Cup will play against her younger brother’s team the Tutshill Tornadoes.

 Landon Flint-Wood:  Hufflepuff alumnus, Keeper for the Tutshill Tornadoes. Team is currently ranked fourth in league. Played a 12 day game against his father’s former team the Montrose Magpies.

Octavia Flint-Wood: Ravenclaw alumnus, Chaser for the Pride of Portree. The twenty-third time Pride of Portree qualified for the European Cup. Will face off against the Gorodok Gargoyles of Lithuania.

Ian Flint-Wood: 6th year Gryffindor, Chaser the for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Prospective teams after graduation Wigtown Wanderers and Puddlemere United. 

Adrian Flint-Wood: 4th year Slytherin, Seeker of the Slytherin Quidditch team. Aims to play internationally for the Scottish National Quidditch team.  

thank you @mxrcusflint for the help with names!!


oh gosh i didn’t think anyone would be interested in the bats wahh here’s part 2 then, last bat character i promise!

Izzy the honduran white bat that Pop and Mina find sleeping under a leaf one day and convince to come home with them.. the two don’t know much about them (not even their real name– Pop calls them “Izzy”) because they don’t talk much but that didn’t seem to stop them all from becoming fast buddies

they live in pop’s house presently and spend most of their time sleeping under a blanket. on the off chance that you catch them awake, you can find them eating all of pop’s grapes or raiding his closet for bows and ribbons to try on

some Kibum headcanons

• he’d love kissing your lips when you’re chewing a fruity flavored gum
• and he’d be all extra and lick his own lips like “wow, idk why but the gum tastes better on your lips ;))))))))”
• ngl he is a diva, but it comes with its perks
• like you never having to stress over an outfit for an important event
• and knowing that this man will hype you up like there’s no tomorrow, with the whistles and claps and smirks and everything
• +++ showing you off in front of everyone he can
• no matter how sarcastic and *mean* he gets, you’ll know better than everyone that he only means well
• bc no one can understand yalls humor anyway bruh………..
• kibum gets really agitated in the morning when he’s trying to sleep next to you but the sun is shining too brightly through the windows
• “y/n…………pls for the love of taemin’s Gucci slippers, pls, go close the curtains………………”
• but grumpy kibum is a cuddly kibum bc he can never resist a good snuggle between the sheets
• he will never hesitate or say no to letting you wear his huge silky shirts
• like that’s probably his preferred way of waking up
• seeing you making coffee by the kitchen counter, wearing nothing but his giant button up shirt, he’s melting atm
• neck kisses are no doubt his favorite thing in the world
• just anything related to his neck tbh, worship that fine specimen if you really want him to do something for you
• just gently stroking your fingers along the nape of his neck or breathing against it when you’re cuddling will make him go into a frenzy tbh
• “ughhhhh, you’re torturing me jfc, what do you want”
• for some reason he’d love playing w/ your hair when it’s wet, sometimes styling it and adding hair products “I literally just wanna go to sleep rn, kibum, wtf are you doing”
• going grocery shopping w/ him is the best bc he’ll pick out the tastiest yet most healthy snacks
• and you probably didn’t even know they existed
• he does this really adorable thing where he leans his head against yours when he’s having a laughing fit
• and it’s so endearing oml he’ll even bury his face in your neck when he can’t control his laughter anymore
• sharing clothes has just become a habit and yall probably raid each others closets daily
• he’ll send you cute pictures of his puppies when you’re away “they miss y/n ;((((((”
• more than once, he’s kicked you off the bed ***accidentally*** for hogging the covers
• and the next morning he’ll laugh about it or pretend it never happened smfh “hey, y/n, what’s that bruise on your knee hmm ????”
• there’s so many videos of him on your phone where he’s dancing along to girl group songs
• and he’s the KING and owns that shit
• yall both are hella shady together and those are the moments when he realizes why he ended up w/ you :’))))
• you’d never feel embarrassed anymore bc he’s 10000000 times more embarrassing yikes
• esp when he’s w/ jjong
• but that’s for another post
• anyways, take care of this fox aka 🐰

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bearlennox  asked:

Hi there, if you still accept request, I would like to request a HC when MC is wearing the lords'/ninjas' white kimono (not sure if it's called a kimono, usually used for sleeping one), like if in modern times is like wearing the boyfriend shirt thing (ʃƪ¬‿¬) Thanks in advanceand good day to you :"3

Re: the boyfriend shirt - I once read this book in which the lead female REALLY liked wearing her partner’s shirts. She used to wear her adopted father’s shirts too, so it was like a security blanket type thing for her? But the sizing wasn’t right for her and she was never quite happy with it, so their butler had some of the shirts resized (or got new ones in the same style??) and hung those in with the other clothes. He even had a system for knowing where to place those resized shirts so that she would be more likely to pick those over the regular ones. The lead male didn’t even know about this whole thing until he tried to put on one of the shirts and was like why the fuck doesn’t this fit

………..anyway so that’s the most extreme boyfriend shirt thing i’ve ever read in my life and now on to your request

MC wearing the boyfriend shirt

  • Slinky dresses aren’t comfortable for sleeping in, so Nobunaga lends her his college sweatshirt. It’s large and soft and comfy. She steals it and never brings it back. He orders more sweatshirts online so he can put her in one every time she comes over.
  • Somebody (MITSUHIDE!!) couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom, so her clothes have been abandoned somewhere near the apartment door. He wraps her in one of his pajama tops afterwards because he doesn’t believe in sleeping naked. What if she catches a cold?
  • Yukimura’s clothes are comfy and snuggly and all around amazing. She loves wearing them and makes all manner of excuses so that she can snag a shirt when she comes over. He’s completely oblivious and suggests that she leave some of her own clothes at his apartment.
  • After a while, Saizo buys some fancy female nightwear for her
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) she alternates between those and his shirts, depending on her mood and the occasion.
  • Masamune likes seeing her wear his clothes. It’s like proof that she’s his. It’s a little embarrassing that something so simple makes him feel so aroused and possessive, but it is what it is. She doesn’t seem to have figured it out, so he’ll keep it quiet.
  • She has seen the depths of Kojuro’s apartment. There is no way in hell she’s wearing his clothes.
  • She has been wearing Inuchiyo’s clothes from the time when they were just friends. It still turns him on, but he’s in denial about it. He’ll die before he tells her. (She already knows.)
  • Hideyoshi is perfectly happy to lend her clothes. He has good taste, so she starts raiding his closet regularly. Their friends aren’t sure who actually owns that hoodie. Is it his? Hers? Do they have two of the same thing? He likes to pretend to borrow her clothes as well. She plays along and takes joy in suggesting the most embarrassing things for him.
  • Kenshin feels more possessive than usual. The sight triggers his yandere side. He wants to go at it again.
  • Shingen is turned on and completely unashamed about it. She’s practically drowning in his shirt, the sleeves are falling off her shoulders, he’s getting an eyeful of cleavage…

k9effect  asked:

Johsnavi for the ship thing pleaseee! They are precious and I have sold my soul for them.

  • Who said “I love you” first: Johan fell in love with Usnavi fairly quickly but knows from past experience that others don’t feel quite as…deeply as he does. So he holds off on saying I love you at first. Then after a while he starts to fall more and more in love with Usnavi. It becomes a thing where he thinks he can’t possibly love him more than in this moment but then Usnavi smiles at him or something and he falls a little further. Soon he’s almost afraid to say I love you because he doesn’t think he’d be able to handle not hearing Usnavi saying it back. Then one day he’s having one of those ‘I’m in love with you’ moments while staring at Usnavi but he accidentally says it out loud. Then Usanvi just tilts his head and says ‘I love you too’ with a huge smile.
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: Both do. Usnavi’s background is a barely school appropriate picture of Johan doing yoga. If he’s getting stressed at the bodega he looks at the picture and counts to ten in order to calm himself. Johan has a picture he took of Usnavi while Navi was sleeping with his head on his lap.
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts: Johan can’t afford things so he gives Usnavi gifts like a bouquet of flowers he picked himself. Usnavi also can’t spend a ridiculous amount of money but he learned french for Johan and Johan had never swooned harder.
  • Who initiated the first kiss: Johan did on their first date. He kinda kissed Usnavi when he was in the middle of a sentence because he couldn’t help himself. Usnavi probably would think this was rude if he wasn’t in the middle of kissing Johan.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning: Usnavi wakes up every morning with Johan wrapped around him and has some trouble untangling himself from this vice grip. 
  • Who starts tickle fights: Johan does it all the time because Usnavi is a constant ball of stress and Johan doesn’t want to see his boyfriend so worried so he tickles him just to get him to laugh. He never meant to start a war though but Usnavi doesn’t care about his intentions because this is officially war.
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Johan shows up at the bodega a lot but it isn’t really a surprise but that doesn’t mean Usnavi is any less happy to see Johan every afternoon. 
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date: Usnavi is a bundle of nerves. He nearly cancels the date five time but Nina snatches the phone out of his hand and watches him while Vanessa raids his closet looking for something that resembles date wear. 
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: Johan thinks every life is precious but also doesn’t want to get within a fifty foot radius of a spider so Usnavi has to get a piece of paper and a cup to release the spiders outside.
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Neither because they’re too busy making out in a corner to speak. Although if you get Usnavi drunk without Johan present, he’ll go on and on about Johan. And Johan doesn’t need to be drunk to go waxing poetic on the subject of his small boyfriend.
Hot and Cold

A/N: I wrote this shit in a solid hour and a half so it may not be that good but it sounds pretty ok so hERE WE ARE.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Words: 2,124

Originally posted by jenorise

You’re not sure if Hoseok is secretly a cold blooded lizard—but the temperature of his apartment is outrageous—especially at this stage of autumn.

When you step in the door, replacing your spare key to his living space inside your bag, you immediately shiver. The wooden floor is cold against your bare feet—the chilliness of the room permeating your t-shirt and causing goosebumps to prick your skin.

A quick peek at the thermostat informs you that the apartment is a dreadful 60 degrees. Almost 40 degrees cooler than the healthy human internal body temperature. How the fuck has he not caught a cold yet?

Setting your bag down on the floor—your hurry into Hoseok’s bedroom, already a shuddering mess of a human as you raid his closet for anything to keep you warm.

A few minutes later you emerge wearing one of his thick, oversized sweaters. The fabric is soft and comfortable, but even so it rejects your body heat and soaks in the coldness of the apartment. It only takes another few minutes for you to finally decide to mess with the thermostat—but to your utter disappointment, when you flick the switch for the heat from ‘off’ to ‘on’…nothing happens.

The heat is broken.

“Why did I agree to meet him here after his class~,” you whine, returning to his room and flopping onto his unmade bed. Grabbing your phone—despite the fact that he’s likely in the middle of listening to a lecture—you send him a complaint.

I want you to know that your apartment is fucking COLD. My nips have never been this hard in my fucking life. They could probably cut diamonds right now. I hate you. –5:32PM

Burying yourself in the too-thin covers, you roll onto your side and subconsciously move one of your hands to grip your chest. Your nipples are so hard and sensitive from the cold that the minute you pinch the hidden rosy bud a gasp leaves your mouth. Immediately you flush red—not having intended to make such a sound—but you can’t help it. It’s too damn cold in here and your body is just reacting in the only way it knows how.

Too bad the heightened sensitivity of your nipples only makes you want to touch them more.

By the time your phone finally pings with a response from your beloved boyfriend, both of your hands are on your breasts—pinching and rolling the hidden buds. Just imagining Hoseok actually making skin on skin contact with them—your sweater discarded—has your thighs pressing together.


Diamonds????? OMG. Ahahaha I’m sorry the heat is broken I forgot to tell you. I’ll be home in a little bit. Will you survive?? Kek

Hands leaving your chest, your hurriedly reply.

Yes. They’re hard and sensitive and you know—I’ve been touching myself. In your bed. And it feels so good…ANYWAY. Enjoy the rest of your class~

Grinning slightly, knowing that you might be in a little bit of trouble when Hoseok finally arrives, you move to touch yourself again, but a notification on your phone pops up before you even get the chance.


…you little minx. I don’t care how cold it is there. Take your pants off and wait for me. Keep touching your breasts until I get there, but nothing else—you hear me? I’ll be there soon.

You stare at his message with wide eyes, biting your bottom lip. You can imagine him sitting in class, eyes dark and cock hardening between his thighs as he hurriedly types a response. You picture him frustrated just at the thought of you—your thumbs looping beneath the band of your black leggings. You slide the form-fitting fabric down your legs, kicking them off until they plop onto the floor beside the bed.

Your panties are already wet, you can tell—and your core is flourishing with anticipation at Hoseok’s orders and the possibilities of how he’ll treat you when he walks through the front door. However—for now you brush those sinful thoughts aside and return to playing with yourself though the thick fabric of the sweatshirt. You know it will likely feel better without the clothing in the way, but…it’s so cold—and you want Hoseok to…have the honor.

Once again flushing at the thought—tongue poking out to wet your lips—your press your ass into the sheets as your arousal heightens. Each pinch, roll and tug drags you farther into your unraveling mental state. Your hips move of their own accord—grinding against nothing. Your core is throbbing and you want nothing more than to close your eyes, press your fingers into your clit, and bring yourself to orgasm—but…

“Hoseok,” you whine, almost too desperate for your own tastes. Your fingers tremble, tempted to disobey his orders.


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mino; more than you know

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“I’m terrible with making the right decisions, but I’ve never been so right when it comes to you.”

Dad! Mino, (so much fluff I might cry)

scenario of 2.3k words

A slight crackle from the baby monitor was all it took to cut off the sleep she barely had. Funny how it had only been a few weeks since their little one came, yet going through all this already scraped ten years off her entire lifespan. At least that was how it felt like.

Carrying her baby girl for nine months was a piece of cake if she compared it with what comes after. Oh god, what really comes after.

She reminisced arriving home from the hospital, coming through that door with a new-born bundled up in her arms. The overwhelming realization was horrifying; this whole new responsibility in form of a screeching tiny human being made her weak in the knees. Minho and her shared an awkward laugh, throwing each other a string of confused looks while having no clue on how to start with any of this.

A week later and he was still deathly terrified of holding her, convinced that he might drop her because, “Johnny weighs more than her, babe.” She remembered glaring at him, “Did you just compare our baby to a cat?!”

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Well Worn, Well Loved


You would think, given everyone’s space issues this wouldn’t be a thing. But it was. And none of them were complaining.

(Hardison, Parker, and Eliot steal each others clothes. They’re all surprisingly okay with it.)

Parker had the clothes she liked. Fitted, functional, hemmed and burned where necessary to keep fibers from falling and frays from catching. Few pieces had life to them, even fewer she wore regularly.

Soft scarves that could hang loose around her neck and still be warm, that would fall right off long before they caught and snared. Over-sized jackets that she’d lifted from stores on her way down the street after jobs when she needed to duck into crowds to hide, and then never gotten rid of. A truly astounding number of hats - some functional, some just for fun. Hair ties and scrunchies that worked as snaps for distracted hands, as distracting blots of color and glitter, that had interesting textures that were fun to wind around her fingers.

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