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I like to know how Johnny thinks of jack and give him some motivation on his goals and visa versa for jack.

My Headcanon (please don’t take anything i say as law or something): 

Some of my thoughts are nitpicked from Gena’s Samurai Bravo Musings

All this starts off with Jack thrown in Johnny’s timeline/world of course. 

At first, Johnny would honestly think that Jack is just a pretty boy. (He’ll probably hang out with him at first because Jack reminds him of Squint Ringo, his favorite actor) Then maybe confused as to why he isn’t as annoyed with him as he is with his other companions. When he finds out that Jack is very popular with the ladies, he’ll go into investigation as to why and finds that Jack is actually really cool. But THEN when he learns that Jack has super talented fighting skills??? Jack is now someone Johnny strives to be (but he’ll never admit it to himself because Johnny’s the only hunk in Aron city right??) 

Linking back to where Johnny’s a huge fanboy for Squint Ringo. 

Can you imagine how he’ll feel about Jack, when Jack is like 10x times more hotter, skilled, brave and overall FUCKIN GREAT HUSBANDO MATERIAL??? They would be really good friends at that point but I bet what tips him over into crush zone is that Jack (in all his GLORY MIND YOU) actually likes his weird antics and thinks he’s a very interesting character. (Johnny will take any compliments, but coming from Jack? That’s a lot of taken in) I think the fact they both are “out of the norm” is what makes them mesh pretty well too.  

But in canon, Johnny actually knows that he has problems with intimacy and he pushes people away because of it. So Johnny would have a extremely hard time admitting that he cares about Jack. Johnny also has issues with his self-esteem, so internally he’ll be too much of a coward to ask Jack for a date in fear of rejection. He genuinely likes being around Jack, why would he risk losing that? 

But of course in Jack’s perspective, when he meets Johnny, his first thought would be that Johnny would maybe friendly enough to show him the way of his world he’s temporarily stuck in. He’ll see Johnny’s antic very amusing and his regards to women as a very strange custom (noting himself to not follow it because of the painful repercussions of it). He’ll have a lot of weird adventures with Johnny that doesn’t quite make sense but he finds himself actually having fun with whatever Johnny is up to. And Johnny attracts A LOT OF THAT if you know him. (He relaxes a little when he realizes that for whatever reason Aku hasn’t affected this timeline, probably because of Bunny if you read the Grimdark Johnny Bravo Theory)  Jack does see that Johnny putting up this mask of Bravado as unnecessary but when Johnny does put it down for those few times/seconds, he finds him quite endearing. He’s sharp enough to know that Johnny is interested in him romantically from the way Johnny makes some exceptions for him (or maybe A LOT haha). But Jack can’t really do anything about it, he’s always had to move on, and he knows that eventually he’ll have to go back to defeat Aku. But somehow the thought of never seeing Johnny again twinges him in a unexpected way but he’ll have to push his feelings away for his destiny. Jack thinks that Johnny will probably forget about him eventually and move on with the numerous ladies he’s attracted to that day. (that doesn’t make Jack feel any better though) 

I think that’s about it! It’s pretty sad but yeahhhh… 

Spirit Working Cycles

[Disclaimer: This is my personal upg of your body’s natural cycle. Some people have reported either not having a hyperactivity period or having them so subdued that it isn’t an issue, so just use my post as a guideline for discovering your own needs. And natural fallow periods aren’t the cause for every downtime out there, some will be caused by blocks such as past trauma, energetic blockages, spirit influence, sickness and more. Some of those do require some sort of intervention and are good to get rid of!]

One of the biggest things I’ve seen you guys distressed over are the times where you are not working with your spirits! You’re not communicating (if you can communicate at all during this time), you aren’t really aware of their presence, you go ages without wearing their vessels, you just don’t have the strength to keep up with the work you want to do!

And then you grow frantic and anxious over what the spirits are thinking about you. You’re afraid of them hating you and leaving for how long you’ve been ignoring them. Or maybe they could be depressed by your sudden lack of interest, like you’re their best friend who suddenly cut contact and is ignoring their texts and calls. You may be worried about all this during your period of inactivity and can’t fix things despite being aware of them. Maybe the stress is even making it worse than before and now you can’t feel them no matter how hard you try!

So when you start to get in a better spirit working state, you’re afraid of speaking to them now, afraid of what they’ll say and if they hate you and if they’ll ever accept you back as a friend…

Guys, this is totally normal. This is a natural body cycle (well, psychic body cycle!) just like menstruation! I haven’t heard nearly as many people talking about it as I would expect, so let me break down your spiritual fallow periods!

(yes, it’s a lazily drawn graph)

The graph is divided into three horizontal sections: Hyperactivity, Normal State, and Fallow Period. The colored vertical sections are parts I want to pay particular attention to. And finally the curving black line represents your spiritual state.

Area 1: Here, you’re in a state of growth. This is fantastic! You’re learning and improving!

Area 2: You are neither growing nor declining, but there is nothing wrong with this. Many people spend the majority of their time in stasis, their growth periods coming in sudden, sharp increases. Others will almost constantly be in a state of growth too gradual to see. Any way is okay as long as it is your way!

Area 3: This is your decline stage. It isn’t quite a fallow period, but you may notice that you are not quite as sharp as usual or have trouble concentrating on spirit activity. This is fine, it is your body preparing itself for a state of growth, recovering from large energy use, or just focusing on other things. You can also enter a period of stasis before your new growth period as your body recharges. If you feel you are in a stasis period after declining, take some time for both spiritual and mundane self care!

Area 4: Here you have peaked into a time of hyperactivity.. Your senses are better than ever before and your spirit working skills are on fire. This is not necessarily a good thing! Many people don’t know how to manage themselves during this time and end up burning out into area 5. When I was in high school and attended band camp (which wasn’t really camp as much as it was all day summer practices), most parents gave their kids twenty dollars for the entire week’s lunch. As one might expect, the kid spent the entire twenty dollars on day one and spent every other day either hungry or bringing whatever scraps they could find at home. This lack of saving is similar to what you might do during your hyperactivity stage! I’ll speak more later on how to manage this stage.

Area 5: This is a sharp decline after the hyperactivity stage due to burning out. It is possible to exit the hyperactivity stage without going into such a decline, but it cannot be avoided every time. This type of decline typically happens in a very short period of time, even overnight.

Area 6: Here is the moment you’ve been waiting for: your fallow period! This is not a bad thing! Essentially this is your body’s way of resting and recharging so that it can stabilize itself to go back into spiritual matters. Your senses may be distant or nonexistent, your communication may be difficult even with the use of tools, and you may feel a disconnect from spirit work in general. Do not panic and push yourself to do spirit work; you will only damage yourself and spend more time in this state! Strive for self care right and grounding right now. It is perfectly fine to separate from spirit work right now and even recommended for some people. Dive back into the mundane world!

Area 7: Finally, you’ve exited your fallow period! Many people go through growth after their fallow periods because their bodies are so fresh from recharging. Don’t burn yourself out, but feel free to have some celebratory communication with your spirit friends!

So you’re saying my fallow periods aren’t abnormal? They’re good?

ABSOLUTELY! Not only are they good, but they are necessary for you to maintain your abilities! Going without fallow periods would be like going without sleeping. You would eventually crash and burn from the lack of rest, and then your fallow period would be more akin to being knocked unconscious than a good night’s sleep. Don’t try to push them away.

And my spirits really don’t care?

Your spirits are more attuned to spiritual needs than humans. Not only are they going to be aware of this cycle, but they may go through it too. Almost everything goes through it. If you’ve been with a spirit for a long time, you may have noticed times where they don’t communicate much or fade into the background. They also go through periods where they have difficulty communicating with physical creatures. Some will hide this very well, while others will be very upfront on the subject.

How often should I be getting these? How long should they be?

This depends entirely on yourself. Everyone has a different natural cycle. Some people will have cycles of sharp increases and decreases, with every stage lasting in bursts. Others will have almost constant growth, but it is so gradual that they feel as if they are in permanent stasis. Your fallow periods are going to be whatever your body needs. If you need longer periods to recharge then it will be longer, and perhaps lessened in intensity. Others will have shorter periods, but they are more intense because your body has to dip so far down to recharge so quickly. It is not always even, either! Most people have fairly even patterns within their cycles, but it is possible to be everchanging. As for your hyperactivity, this is usually a sharp, albeit short-lived, spike.

Now onto how to manage your cycle!

Signs of entering a hyperactivity period:

  • Pressure, vibrations, buzzing, or other unusual sensations in your third eye and other energy centers
  • Psychic senses are suddenly intensified, possibly to the point of discomfort
  • Feeling as if you are not grounded
  • Difficulty grounding
  • Floating sensation
  • Headaches
  • Disconnection from reality; disassociation
  • More attuned to the astral and physical planes than your physical body
  • Others notice that your energy is bold and even chaotic, much louder than usual
  • You attract spirits more than in your normal energy state
  • Seemingly endless energy for spirit work and other related activities
  • Sudden motivation for spirit work, you may feel an exaggeration of your skill level
  • A disregard for discernment

How to manage a hyperactivity period:

  • Ground frequently! While it may feel useless, it will help to stabilize you in the long run
  • Discharge your energy into crystals and other storage units. It will give an outlet for excess energy and give you boosts when in need
  • Attempt meditations focused around peace, calm, and stability
  • Spend time in a garden or otherwise surrounded by nature, and ground by extending your energy like roots into the earth. Doing this will help to connect yourself to the energy system around you, the plants aiding in keeping you stable
  • This is a good time to look at the big pictures of vast energy systems. Try looking at the energetic connections within a forest, or between houses in a neighborhood.
  • Do not go overboard with spirit work, energy work, magic, etc! You will not start to feel the effects of burning out until it has happened. Work on grounding and stabilizing and try to not overwork yourself.
  • Consistency is the key! Instead of spending your energy all at once, try to use this time to be consistent with your spirit senses and communication. Consistency takes much more energy than you may realize!
  • Although you shouldn’t do everything all at once, that doesn’t mean you can’t get things done right now! Feel free to work on that big project, just pay extra attention to your spiritual health and go easy.
  • Don’t get arrogant or stupid! While confidence is good and important, don’t let your abundance of energy convince you to summon a nuclear doom spirit of death without protection. You will regret power trips.
  • Practice discernment! You may feel concrete in your senses right now but it is just as important as ever
  • PROTECTION!! Some people become larger beacons for spirits during this time, so up your protection and be wary of strange spirits. Even if you do not become more attractive than normal, energy siphoning spirits will still be drawn to the excess of food in you
  • Be extra polite to local spirits. Perhaps put up a ward to quiet your energy to others or if possible avoid going into particularly active locations. Even if they have no wish to snack on you, the loud energy can be obnoxious.

Signs of entering a fallow period:

  • Disinterest and lack of motivation for spirit work, energy work, and magic
  • Psychic senses are distant or nonexistent
  • Tools seem to fail or are difficult to understand
  • You do not naturally notice telepathic speech from spirits
  • Discernment is difficult, or you may feel that nothing is real
  • Attempting spirit work, energy work, or magic exhausts you
  • You are constantly distracted when attempting to meditate or astral travel
  • You think less of your spirits throughout the day
  • You are more drawn to mundane activities, such as watching tv, and feel the need to skip or pay less attention to daily exercises
  • If you feel guilt over ignoring your spirits, you are still unable to communicate well
  • Sudden frustration with your lack of ability and progress, feeling as if you have retrograded
  • Sadness or other negative emotions at the sudden sense of disconnect from your spirits, as if your bonds have disappeared

How to manage a fallow period:

  • Focus on the mundane world! Your body is not meant to be overworking itself on the nonphysical right now
  • Work on gentle physical self care
  • As you breathe in, visualize energy in your body like liquid streams of light collecting and brightening in your third eye and any other places you use as psychic energy organs. As you breathe out, it gently diffuses outwards back throughout your body, dimming as it is once again returned to its regular density. This helps to keep your psychic energy points in shape.
  • Visualize your energy like before, but when you breathe in it flows in a steady, circular cycle upwards from the tip of your toes through your chest. Let it pass through your third eye, and as you breathe out it completes the second half of the cycle by curving downwards, flowing through and cleansing that side’s energy centers as it does so. Rather than being in a single ball, the energy is in a constant, equal flow like the blood in your veins. This helps to keep your energy clean and flowing and cuts down the risk of stagnation during your fallow period.
  • If you must do any sort of spirit or energy work, make sure it is very slow and gentle like the two exercises above. It must not conflict with your body’s rest. If you wish to practice meditation, don’t do anything requiring long periods of focus or that demands energy. Try doing meditations for sleep or calm which do not involve any spirit contact, but only focus on relaxing your body.
  • Spiritual protection based in the physical plane is very good to have for when your fallow periods occur! These are things such as witch jars and large scale crystal grids. It is easier to keep these clean and working, since you may not be able to sense purely nonphysical protection like wards at all.
  • If you wish to remind your spirits that you have them in your thoughts, include them in a daily meal by offering its energy as you eat. Simply thinking this will most likely be enough for them to hear, but if you want to be certain, say it aloud or whisper it if with company!
  • Before you go to bed, invite your spirits to sit with you as you tell them about your day, no matter how mundane. Even if you can’t sense them around you, this will show them that you are still keeping them in your thoughts and taking the time to include them in your day!
  • However, it’s also okay to simply push spirit work to the back of your mind and focus on pressing mundane matters. They will understand.
  • Above all, remember that your spiritual self is resting and recharging. Do what your own body needs to encourage this rest. Don’t try to rush past it or forcibly stuff energy into yourself, most likely you’ll end up hurt and elongating this period.

So hopefully this guide will help on the stress everyone seems to get during their fallow periods! It’s always important for us to understand the natural workings of our bodies, whether physical or nonphysical. Start including your daily thoughts on your current location in your body’s cycle to start recognizing your patterns, and maybe to even predict when your natural downtimes will occur!

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Hcs about how Saeran really feels toward the RFA members + Vanderwood post game?

I’m not going to do Saeyoung for this because whew that would take like 10 hours

I tried putting it under the cut, but it doesn’t work on mobile so GAHH I’m sorry for the long post

Yoosung - teaches him to be happy:

  • when Saeran first meets him he thinks he’s really stupid and annoying
  • and he’s jealous because he’s Saeyoung’s best friend
  • why did he get to spend time with his brother while Saeran was just abandoned?
  • and why does Saeyoung even deserve a best friend?
  • basically he’s just really bitter about the whole situation
  • but when he starts getting to know Yoosung, he gets so frustrated because he’s genuinely a good guy
  • like, there’s no way around it. he’s a good person and Saeran’s excuses for being bitter are getting weaker and weaker the more they talk
  • Yoosung is persistent and seems pretty determined to be his friend, but never gets overwhelming which Saeran really appreciates
  • he seems to know exactly where the line is and he never oversteps it
  • he becomes the kind of friend Saeran’s comfortable relaxing around, and Yoosung makes him feel like it’s okay to smile and be happy
  • Yoosung doesn’t hold back whenever he complains about something bothering him 
  • whether it be about school, his family, or even Saeyoung (that’s Saeran’s favourite topic to hear Yoosung complain about) he’ll just vent it all out because Saeran’s more of a listener than a talker, and Saeran finds he actually really likes it
  • he makes Saeran feel worth something
  • and, on top of that, he likes hearing about Yoosung’s life because it gives him an insight into what it’s like to be ‘normal’ and that makes him feel ‘normal’
  • Yoosung treats him like he would treat any other person, and not like something he might break

Zen - teaches him self-confidence:

  • Saeran’s not really sure what to think of him at first
  • he’s kind of intimidated, because Zen is pretty overbearing with the whole ‘being nice’ thing, and sometimes it makes Saeran uncomfortable
  • there’s also the problem of the fact he’s an actor, so Saeran doesn’t know whether he’s only pretending to be nice and pretending to like him
  • he has this fear with everyone, but with Zen it’s worse because he can’t even trust his own judgement
  • he feels a little weird around Zen, and probably has a small crush on him for a while
  • but then he realises how stupid Zen actually is and how much he messes around with Saeyoung sometimes, so that goes away pretty quickly
  • he likes the idea of him more than the actual reality of it
  • but he still likes hanging out with him sometimes, even if only in small doses
  • he actually really likes watching Zen’s musicals, because they calm him down and are usually pretty light to watch
  • it’s just the DVDs at first, and as much as he wants to see one live he’s just too anxious to go
  • he likes all the songs, and when he’s a fair way into his recovery he starts humming them to himself sometimes (Saeyoung’s so happy about that, because it’s proof of Saeran’s progress)
  • Zen also helps Saeran realise it’s ok to love yourself, and even if Saeran finds Zen’s narcissism really annoying at first, he kind of wishes he could do it too, and starts spending time looking in the mirror to try and find things he likes
  • sometimes it backfires, but occasionally he finds something. he usually keeps it to himself and doesn’t brag about it, but it’s something
  • Zen becomes an unexpectedly comforting presence, and Saeran slowly learns to trust him

Jaehee - teaches him how to trust:

  • out of the entire RFA, she’s the one he respects most from the beginning
  • she often asks him how he is, but not in a way that pushes him into discomfort
  • she respects his boundaries and he really appreciates that
  • she’s the most disconnected person in the RFA, in that the only reason she joined is because she’s Jumin’s assistant and not because she directly knew V or Rika, so that helps him feel a little more comfortable around her
  • also, when he starts getting interested in Zen’s musicals she’s more than willing to lend him the DVDs
  • they don’t watch them together at first because Saeran doesn’t feel comfortable and Jaehee doesn’t want to intrude too much
  • but very gradually Saeran gets comfortable enough to watch one with her
  • it’s incredibly awkward the first time, but they both enjoy it anyway
  • she understands Saeran in a way none of the others do, and it gets to the point where he starts to open up a little to her because he feels comfortable enough
  • basically she’s like the mother/best friend he never had
  • he trusts her not to tell anyone the things he says, and their friendship isn’t exactly lighthearted, but it’s still healthy
  • when they’re around other people, though, they just act like regular acquaintances, because Saeran likes to pretend no one knows these things about him
  • Jaehee understands, though, and she’s always willing to listen

Jumin - teaches him he’s not isolated:

  • Saeran finds him pretty intimidating
  • he comes across as cold and indifferent all the time
  • he doesn’t get his jokes, and he just doesn’t understand him at all
  • but as he’s around him more he realises… they’re not actually all that different
  • Jumin is really not good at expressing his emotions, and Saeran isn’t either so Saeran feels an odd kind of connection to him because of that
  • they’re not exactly friends, but they have a mutual understanding of each other
  • and Jumin’s presence becomes somewhat calming to him, because he doesn’t feel the need to keep up a pretense or worry about saying something wrong because Jumin literally doesn’t care
  • from an outside perspective their conversations probably seem pretty harsh and blunt, but neither of them seem to notice
  • it’s a relief to Saeran that he doesn’t have to constanty think about what he says around Jumin
  • and, as it turns out, Elizabeth 3rd actually really likes him
  • Saeran really likes her too, and he finds it calming to come and stroke her and play with her whenever he’s had a rough time
  • Saeyoung gets jealous because Jumin still won’t let him anywhere near her, but Saeran is always gentle and soft and treats her so carefully because he’s afraid of hurting her
  • he doesn’t really understand animals, but animals seem to love him, and Jumin likes seeing Elizabeth 3rd so happy


  • Saeran’s not entirely sure what to think of them
  • his first impression of them is when they pretty much accidentally kidnapped him
  • so it’s kinda awkward
  • in all honesty they don’t really have much of a relationship, because Vanderwood isn’t a member of the RFA, so when Saeyoung quits the agency they have no reason to be around
  • they’re quite sharp towards each other, but Saeran actually starts warming to that a little
  • he likes the wit. it’s a nice break from Saeyoung’s stupid jokes
  • they end up bonding a little over how frustrating they find Saeyoung
  • but Vanderwood still feels very strongly about not having personal relationships, so not much comes of it

This is now OVER!

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You all had great ideas, and I chose to go with the “obvious” Isodoped. It was a close race between that and Of The People, For The People,  and the first person who suggested that (Kat?) will get a certain bonus in their package if they decide to place an order. ^_^ I will contact the winner as soon as I finish posting this.

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Shop, which will be reopened soon: False Nostalgia Shiny Scents & Sundries

PS: yes, I’m working on more. Preston’s is going to be lovely.

Got7 reacting to you not really getting angry

Requested by; anon

BTS version; x

Hi!! 💖 Happy Easter! if you celebrate that) Can i please request bts or got7 reaction to when you dont really get mad/angry?? Like you always keep your calm and even in a fight you dont yell? Thank you!


Originally posted by baddabingbaddabang

Really; Mark isn’t angry often, but when he is; he’s absolutely terrifying. The fact that you didn’t get mad at him for him getting mad; kind of confused him. After you two made up the fight; He’d apologise for getting angry and would thank for for not getting angry at him.


Originally posted by justrightforjb

Since he has quite a harsh voice when he shouts; He’d expect you to be scared and eventually get angry at him. But seeing you just sit their silently; waiting for him to calm down and to talk to him, made him realise that he was getting mad for no reason. He’d say sorry many times for shouting.


Originally posted by jypnior

He dislikes fighting so much; He’d be extremely thankful if you didn’t get mad. Both of you would agree to talk about everything and to not get mad; it worked way better instead of getting angry at eachother.


Originally posted by jypnior

He can be quite sharp with his words. After a few fights; he realised that you just didn’t get anry and that he should learn from you. You got really happy with the fact that he stopped yelling and quietly sat down to talk. Later on; He’d ask you how you never get angry and would ask for advice.


Originally posted by yjarssunshine

he absolutely hates fighting and angry people; he wouldn’t get angry himself. Whenever there was a problem between the two of you; you’d both just sit down and chat about it, making up pretty quickly. Since you two hate fighting; you barely do.


Originally posted by chattyang

Surprising or not; he’s quite scary when he’s angry. He’d shout at you and would ask you why you don’t get mad, He’d actually get upset at you not getting angry. He never knows where your anger goes and it confused him; apologising later on for being so rude.


Originally posted by umma-jy

He isn’t someone who gets angry very quick; He’d rather just talk about it instead of shouting. Knowing that you never got angry; made him more comfortable because he knows he can calmly chat with you.

Prove It

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request: Any way you can do an imagine with a Remus x Slytherin reader, where the reader is related to Sirius (a relative he gets along with)? Like maybe James suspects that Remus & reader are an item, but Sirius doesn’t believe it until he sees it himself

Warnings: Language

A/N: Sorry this isn’t very good I’ve had a really shitty day

Originally posted by nellaey

James’ nimble fingers unclasp around the snitch, letting it fly freely amongst the heads bobbing along the corridor in front of him. He speeds up slightly, eyes darting around with the movements of the tiny golden ball, but makes no move to capture it yet. “… and then McGonagall said that she’s gonna make us clean all of Snapes’ cauldrons – without magic!” Peter squeaks. Though the sound is rather annoying, his story entertains the three other boys as they make their way to transfiguration.

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@kabukigirl1977 asked: 

I love your Spidey comics! Is Silk going to show up at some point? She’s my favorite superhero and I’d love to see her in your style

@kakuseiofficial asked:

If you’ve heard of her, ah, what would cindy moon look like here?

@avenger09 asked:

Any plans to include the rest of the Web-Warriors. Iron-Spider,(Who could be Flash in a suit the simulates spidermans ability) Scarlet-Spider Kid Arachnid, Slik, Spiderwoman, Spider-Girl (Gwen). And the evil spiders like Kaine (Who could be the Wolf-Spider) Tarantula. Wow there’s a lot of them.

Here’s Cindy Moon as Silk! 

I say more under the ol’ cut here

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❤ - go blind/speed dating and happen to find each other (w/ god!jimin)

Out of all the times you should’ve trusted your instincts, this would’ve been the one bolded in red, highlighted on all the remarks Taehyung has said before you agreed to this yes, damn it you should’ve saw this coming. But you didn’t. Because giving Taehyung the benefit of the doubt, you figured things wouldn’t throw you off too much but boy… it did.

The moment you sat down, it was blatantly obvious to the point you can’t help but point it out because he looks like he knows, too. You wouldn’t be surprised if he could read your mind so hell, by all means, might as well be direct with it.

His silver hair doesn’t take away the fact you can see it’s highlighted with a glow, non-visible to the human eye but rather… bright in yours. His eyes, you suppose they’re originally brown but again, through the lenses of your own they appear to match the lines of amber he has traced out over the course of his body. For one last time, you’re not sure what this is supposed to mean but one thing you know for sure is - “…you’re not exactly human, are you?”

His plump lips manage a smirk, curling up his right corner and leaving the left one as an anchor for him to easily part his lips to respond with: “And you’re not exactly spot on for social cues,”

With a shrug, you figure since he’s suggesting such tone, you reply in the same manner, “Do social cues apply to those who are not entirely human?”

“Quite the sharp tongue you have there,”

“I return what I am given,”

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We Intertwined: Ch. 2

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 1 | AO3 | Chapter 3
Word Count: 1,840

They found Dave in an abandoned old shack. He was alive, as it turned out, just with a sprained ankle and a hit to his pride. Ignis watched with passive fascination as something akin to anger, or perhaps maternal worry, flared up in the dark brown of Raine’s irises. She kept her voice low as she reprimanded the older man, and he seemed genuinely repentant. Ignis couldn’t help but note that she had a temper on her, possibly worse than Gladio’s.

He’d given her a once-over. Raine was tall for a woman, but still shorter than him by about five inches. She was lean and agile, something that Ignis attributed to her time as a hunter. She wasn’t the most beautiful girl Ignis had ever laid eyes on, but her features were quite striking. She had sharp almond eyes, glinting with intelligence, and Ignis found himself wondering what her full, pink lips would look like smiling.

Raine had certainly frowned enough for everyone else. She reminded him a bit of Cor, except where Cor’s nature and temperament leaned more towards the quiet military veteran, Ignis could tell that Raine was only behaving this way to place a wall between herself and the others. For what reason, he couldn’t surmise.

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Notice You// Matthew Gray Gubler

Prompt: MGG meeting Reader in a coffee shop/art class setting.

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: I finally wrote something! It’s fairly short, and I had to remind myself that just because it’s short doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good. Let me know what you think!

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Matthew hadn’t noticed her. Not at first, anyway. It wasn’t until he had passed by her on his way to order yet another large coffee that his mind finally registered her face. He recognized her hair, and even the soft aroma of rose petals that seemed to linger on her skin. It was a smell that he’d noticed before whenever someone walked past him, only this time he knew who it was coming from.

He tried his best to be subtle as he waited for his order. He glanced between her and his phone in an attempt to appear nonchalant. She was seated just a few feet away from him with a pencil in her hand, working away at a drawing in a sketchbook in front of her.

And that’s when it finally clicked. He’d definitely seen her before even if it had been only in his peripheral vision or for just a split second. She looked up, undoubtedly feeling his stare as he hastily looked at anything but her.

He saw her again that same day. His eyes instantly landed on her as he stepped into the small art studio. He’d taken to coming in every weekend now. For only ten dollars, you were free to use whatever materials found in the place to express yourself. Everyone would simply walk in and gather the materials they wanted before finding a seat and getting to work. Some preferred sketchbooks, some preferred painting on canvas. There was even a small wheel for pottery in the corner.

Matthew grabbed his preferred materials, some simple paper and pens along with watercolors. His usual seat was towards the front, near a window that allowed the sun’s rays to hit his skin as he sketched. Today he took a different seat, opting for the empty one next to her.

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Summary: Alpha!Dean surprises Omega!reader with a visit, and she surprises him by going into heat. Pure smut.

Warning: smut, a/b/o dynamics, knotting

Word Count: 2200

The blood roared in your ears as your heart pounded. Who in the hell would be knocking on your apartment door in the middle of the night? As quietly and carefully as you could, you pulled the blinds of your bedroom window just enough that you could peer out, giving you a good view of the driveway.

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TMNT Raph x Reader: Sorry For The Pain (Part 2/2)

He had dislocated your jaw.
Dislocated your jaw.
It was a monumental shock to your system and it, in all honesty, has made you withdraw from Raph completely. It’s been a week since the incident and you’ve found that you can barely stand in the same room as him any more. After you had fallen unconscious, you had woken up to see Donnie hovering above you, his heavy golden gaze observing you closely. You were startled at first by the colour of his eyes and the similarity they held to Raph’s. In your disoriented state you had initially thought that Donnie was Raph and threw your hands to your face to protect yourself from another hit. Donnie gripped your hands in fear that you would knock your jaw by accident. As soon as his hands made contact with yours it was as if you had been snapped back to reality, recognizing Don instantly. 

The pain over the first couple of days had almost been unbearable, you’d often find yourself excusing yourself to Donnie’s lab to beg for some painkillers. Unfortunately, as soon as you had opened your mouth to ask you would burst into tears and sob due to the unbearable pain. Donnie had been the one to remain by you throughout the whole ordeal, understanding what you needed just by your expression. 

Raph had come to say sorry a couple hours after you had woken up from your fainting spell. He walked into the lab where you lay, with the full intentions of apologizing profusely. But then he saw the damage that he had inflicted upon you, the one woman he cared for more deeply than he would ever admit aloud. Your entire jaw was swollen and the entire right half of your face was puffy and had a dark purple hue to it. He stared, eyes wide in self-loathing and disgust. Disgust with himself. 

When you finally saw him and recognised the clear expression of disgust on his face your heart dropped to the floor, you knew you looked hideous. The others hid their feelings from you with great care but you would always catch them staring whether they were doing it intentionally or subconsciously. Even Raph thought you were disgusting. Your head bowed and you looked away, turning your body to face away from him. 

Raph wanted to say something, anything, but his mouth was clamped shut. Stunned and unable to speak, he turned on his heels and simply walked out of the room. 

You haven’t spoken to him since you had meekly asked him to pass the salt six days ago. Six days ago. You can’t bring yourself to get too close, his hulking height suddenly becoming so much more intimidating than you remembered. His eyes begin to look more hostile than charming, his strong figure that used to give you a sense of safety and security now send you into anxiety and fear. 

You have retired to your room early tonight, April and Casey have popped in suddenly and you weren’t up for them staring at you’re unappealing features. You aren’t mad at Raph, he hadn’t hit you purposely. He didn’t target you with malicious intent. However you are now aware that he is not a giant teddy bear, he is dangerous and should he send one hit with the intent to kill you’d be dead instantly. That makes you uneasy and the fact that he hasn’t apologised yet churns your stomach in disappointment and sick feeling you can’t quite label. 

A sharp rap on your door startles you and you mumble something in acknowledgement. Maybe it’s Donnie to check up on you. 

You pull the door open and you heart leaps into your throat as you register who is standing before you. Hint: it’s not Donnie. 

A strangled sound of surprise slips from your lips as you stare stunned at Raph, his golden gaze guilty and determined. You weren’t ready to talk to him and you were completely unprepared. “I’m sorry but I’m really tired. We can talk tomorrow, Raphael,” you state lowly, heart pounding as you begin to close the door. His brows furrow at the use of his full name and he holds the door open from closing. 

“No, you’re going to listen to me,” he demands, stepping forward. His movements force you backwards into the room as he closes the door and locks it behind him. The colour drains from your face and you stare at him, apprehensive of his brash forwardness. 

“I can’t do this anymore, Y/N. I-I cant, I- fuck!” Angered by his own incapability of finishing his sentence he lets out a roar of frustration, sending his fist into the wall next to him. You gasp, backing into your dressing table roughly in alarm. His gaze moves to rest on you and your fear seems to fuel his anger. His self-hatred. “No! Don’t be- I won’t hurt you, I will never do it again. I never meant to do it, you just were there and I- I wasn’t thinking straight and I didn’t see you until it was too late! I thought you were Mikey… please. Please,” his words are yelled, self-loathing eating away at him as you simply stare at him. He is a hot mess,  destroyed by the guilt and hatred ripping him apart from the inside out. 

He suddenly turns and approaches you quickly, causing a lump to form in your throat. “Raph…” you trail off, unable to form a sentence to give to him. 

Slowly he lowers to his knees before you, relatively eye level with you. His eyes are glistening and you exhale, shocked by the intensity of his gaze. “I never meant to do this to you,” his eyes roam over the purple bruises lining your jaw and cheekbone.” Please,” he’s begging in a soft voice, but he’s not sure what he’s begging for. Forgiveness, redemption, love. 

Almost like he’s afraid he’ll break you, his hands come to rest on your waist, still on his knees. He stares at you, “please,” he murmurs again. 

“Raph, I forgive you,” you whisper, hands cupping his face and pulling him to rest against your neck in an embrace. He lets out a relieved groan, and leans into your caress, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you towards him. 

“I love you so much,” he murmurs against your neck, breath shuddering by the admission. 

“I… I love you too, Raph.” 

SO I FINISHED IT. I’m so sorry it’s horible quality. I apologise for any typos found. Please send in your requests, I’ll gladly oblige to them :) whether it be an imagine, oneshot, fic, prompt, question whatever :)

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Finally: Part 6

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: Angst

A/N: YAY! I’m finally starting to write again! If I haven’t tagged you, please let me know (I’ve tried to get everyone!)

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

A buzz sounds from your bedside table, and you roll over with a long sigh. You’ve been sulking in bed for almost a week now, telling work you were terribly sick and avoiding leaving your apartment all together. You hadn’t been eating or sleeping properly for days now; every time you closed your eyes the events from last week replayed in your mind, not able to get the sound of Bucky’s bedfellow out of your mind.

Your heart sinks as you read the 5th unanswered text message from Lee:

Hey, are you okay? I haven’t heard from you in a while… I miss you

You let another long sigh, pinching the bridge of your nose as you consider not replying. But you can’t avoid it any longer. You’d hoped that Lee would get the hint, you thought that being ignored for a week straight would be clear enough. But you needed to face the music; the very thing you’ve been avoiding.

Hi. I’m sorry, I’ve just got a lot going on right now. You’re great, it’s just I’m not in a good place right now… I’m sorry

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Simmering To a Boil

Saw a post about Allura pinning Keith to a wall…and this happened…

It’s a little spicy…but hardly NSFW.


Keith had wanted to be alone so he’d found the quietest corridor in the furthest part of the most disused part of the ship. He was staring out the large viewport, or rather, he was staring at his face reflected in it.

He still found it hard to look at. Still found it hard to believe that it was his face. But, given the hideous transformations he’d gone through in his nightmares it could have been a lot worse. He still looked mostly human.


With a now clawed finger he traced one of the deep purple lines that started at the inner corner of his eye, followed the side of his nose before curving out over his cheek to meet the corner of his mouth. The overall look was highly reminiscent of the tear-tracks of a cheetah. The lilac spots of colour dotted about his face only added to the similarity to Earth’s fastest feline.

His ears now had a sharp point to them, more elfin than galran, though the lynx-like tufts at the tips were definitely more giant, purple murder cat than graceful immortal warrior. The teeth, which he absently prodded at with the tip of his tongue, had also become quite sharp, and were taking some getting used to. They hadn’t really changed the sound of his voice, though there was a distinct growling quality to it now whenever he was angry or upset, which, truth be told, was most of the time. But he’d lost count of how many times he’d punctured his lip with the damn things!

His eyes had remained mostly unchanged. The sclera had a slight yellowish tint to them, but otherwise they appeared the same greyish-violet they always had. They were more sensitive to light, however, which made for enhanced night vision, not a bad adaptation for the inky blackness of space, actually.

In fact, all his senses had been heightened. Sight, hearing, smell, taste, even touch. He could identify his friends by scent alone now, by the way their feet touched the ground. They didn’t seem to care about the change.

‘I have to admit, you look pretty badass.’ Lance had grinned, though Keith wasn’t sure he wasn’t quoting from one of his many favourite movies. He was sure he’d heard a line like that somewhere. Concerning some guy who had inadvertently turned himself into some kind of hairy monster.

His ears pricked up as he heard footsteps approaching. He sniffed the air though it only confirmed what he’d already gleaned from the footfalls.


She’d been avoiding him ever since…he’d started looking like this. It had hurt him more than he cared to admit. He thought she’d gotten over it, they had been becoming so close. REALLY close. He’d begun to feel in a way that he’d never felt before, in a way that his limited experience with females, or with others in general, failed to explain.

He turned to look at her as she rounded the corner and came into view. She studied him for a moment, her expression unreadable. Then she moved faster than he’d have thought possible. She grabbed him by the front of his shirt and slammed him against the opposite wall of the corridor with such force it made his head spin. Or maybe that was from the way it had impacted with the wall. His feet scrambled for some kind of purchase but she was holding him at least half a meter off the ground. She held one of his arms above his head, the other she pressed against his chest, holding him firmly in place. He’d seen her do something similar to Ulaz.

'So this is how it’s gonna be.’ It took all his presence of mind not to bear his teeth at her.

She leaned in close, dangerously close. He could feel her breath, so warm on his face, as she angled herself to whisper. “Do you have any idea what these ears are doing to me?”

Her voice had been throaty…sultry…even…seductive…?

“Princess?” He question. He had to be imagining it.

His eyes widened and his body tensed as soft lips pressed against the mentioned facial feature. She continued to lay a trail of featherlight kissed from tip to lobe. His head lolled to the side as his body relaxed granting her better access to his jaw and neck which she happily took advantage of.

A deep, reverberating rumbling began to vibrate through his chest. Was he purring? And she’d thought the ears had been the most appealing aspect of his change. She giggled but it didn’t stop her tender machination to his neck.

Keith threw his head back against the wall, partly in response to what Allura was doing to his neck, his jaw, his clavicle, any place she could reach from where she had him pinned to the wall really. Oh, back to the ear now. That was nice. He let out a low groan and felt his eyes roll back of their own accord, the reaction only seemed to encourage Allura to double her efforts.

He threw his head back again. He had done that in an attempt to clear the warm fuzzies that were settling there. But he liked the warm fuzzies. They were so very warm. And so fuzzily fuzzy. He flexed the hand that she held trapped above both their heads. Damn she was strong. But he was no lightweight himself. Especially now. He might not be able to touch the ground, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t brace himself.

He planted a foot against the wall behind him and kicked off.

The motion threw Allura across the corridor to impact the wall beside the large viewport. Her face fell, she must be thinking his actions were a rejection. But only for the millisecond it took him to pounce. He wasn’t rejecting her, he was just turning the tables.

She gasped, out of surprise rather than fear, as sharp teeth dragged across her throat. She knew those teeth could easily rend her flesh if he so chose, but she wasn’t afraid. This was Keith. Sweet, naive, innocent…well…maybe not so innocent considering the way his hands were beginning to roam.

She tilted her head back as his mouth worked its way slowly up the column of her neck. She threaded her fingers through his hair as he moved along her jawline to her own pointed ear. She let out a deep, contented sigh. It seemed her ears were as sensitive as his were. Maybe more so. It was his turn to chuckle.

She tightened her fingers in his hair, pulling him, a little reluctantly, from where he had been nuzzling her neck. She had a sudden compulsion to see his face. She reached out to cup it, stroking the tear-tracks gently with her thumbs. Pidge had told her that his markings resembled one of their homeworld’s big cats, one known for its speed, which seemed so appropriate. And his ears were a proper shape now. But it was still his eyes that truly held her gaze. She was so glad that the change had barely touched them. In the dim light afforded from the stars outside it was impossible to even notice the slight yellowing in them at all. They were the same beautiful shade of violet they’d always been.

Right now they were blinking slowly, looking at her while she was looking at him. On some mutual unspoken agreement they leaned towards each other. There was no teasing this time. No nuzzling, no toying with overly sensitive ears.

Their lips met tentatively at first, neither of them had any experience at this kind of thing. But months of unspoken attraction, of burgeoning feelings they had refused to act upon due to their shared overdeveloped sense of duty, quickly erupted into a passion neither one knew they were capable of, which, given their similar fiery personalities, was really saying something.

Allura wrapped her arms around his neck in an attempt to pull him even closer than he already was. He obliged as best he could, his arms coiling about her waist. She was beginning to feel light-headed, probably due to lack of oxygen, but she didn’t want to break away, even to breathe.

Then suddenly he was gone. She was sent actually spinning, coming to a stop in front of the view screen. Keith was standing a few steps away, breathing heavily, staring out at the stars. She was about to demand to know what the quiznak he was playing at when she heard Lance’s voice.

“And then I said-”

“We know what you said, Lance.” Hunk’s voice answered patiently. “We were there.”

“And you’ve told this story at least half a dozen times now.” Pidge snorted.

“But it gets better every time I tell it.”

She glanced at him. His eyes had flicked to her for a moment before returning to the stars. He’d heard them coming. He had only broken the kiss to save them being caught in a compromising position. He glanced quickly at her again, running a hand through his hair when he did so. She reached up to touch her own hair finding it was a little tussled. She quickly smoothed it out. She noticed his was quite unruly as well, but it always was. She doubted they would notice anything amiss.

“Princess.” Lance greeted happily. “Fearless, Fuzzy Leader.” He teased when he noticed Keith.

“I am NOT fuzzy!” He snapped.

Allura tried not to smile. She knew now from close, personal, physical contact that he actually kind of was. But she couldn’t argue the point without exposing them so she kept quiet.

“Where are you headed?” She asked instead.

“Training room.” Hunk told her. “Thought we’d get in a little target practice.”

“A workout sounds good.” Keith agreed.

“I think I’ll join you too.” Allura nodded. They had to do something to release the…energies…they’d just built up.

“Well go suit up.” Lance said. “We’ll meet you down there.”

As the two boys walked off Pidge lingered, waiting until they were well out of earshot. She turned and studied the pair for a moment, pushing her glasses up her nose.

“You know, Princess…” She began in a matter-of-factly tone. “You might want to consider a different shade of lipstick.” She licked her thumb and ran the damp digit along her reluctant leader’s jaw, like a mother cleaning up her dirty offspring. “This one really doesn’t look good on Keith.”

With a grin she turned to follow the boys, leaving the flabbergasted possible couple behind.

So, I was listening to my music library after reading @kazliin​‘s incredible fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches for the third or fourth time and I thought, “this song really fits. Oh wait. so does this one. Oh no”. 

And this happened.

I’ve never really done anything like this before, and all the music is from my own personal library and therefore has a fair amount of the same bands. I also don’t have a ton of super angsty music so unfortunately I don’t have much for the first few chapters. 

Almost everything from Viktor’s point of view is simply what I think happened and it’s possible it’s wrong, so take it with a grain of salt. 

Feedback, suggestions, etc. is very welcome.

Here is a link to the playlist on Youtube. I tried to set it up in order of chapter but some of it’s a little wacky because the songs fit multiple chapters. 

Explanations & matching quotes under the read more.

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British Pattern 1896 Cavalry Officer’s Sword

An exceptional 1896 pattern Wilkinson calvary officer’s sword, with patent solid hilt, numbered 43136 for 1911 (one of the latest patent hilts I have seen). The sword is in fantastic condition with only some very minor pitting on the tip of the sword and marks from service sharpening, presumably for WW1. The ricasso of the blade bears Wilkinson’s best quality hexagonal proof slug with clear and detailed etchings. The sword is service sharpened as mentioned and still remains quite sharp. The hilt is in virtually perfect condition, nickel plated in high polish and fine wire-bound chequered patent grips. Housed in brown leather Service Dress scabbard. There is a bend to the leather drag of the scabbard from standing too long. Being the top quality and highly desirable patent solid hit, the whole sword is of course solid and sound. A truly gorgeous sword, from that last few years that swords were still expected to be used in combat by British forces. This sword is currently unresearched.


I decided to do a “my tools” section for all the technical questions. Will update this post with my current favourite tools changes.


COPIC Multiliner SP from 0.2 to 0.7 

I used these fineliners to do the lines on many pictures - especially these with thick lines or done on textured paper (pen and ink can’t be used then). I like the sturdy metal case, waterproof ink and replaceable tips. These multiliners draw a nice smooth, black line but can also give interesting textured line on rough, watercolour paper.


I usually use my COPIC multilines for line-work but if I want thinner more stable lines I use a rapidograph. I used to use a Faber Castell rapidograph but as they are not available in Japan, I’m currently using a Rotring Isograph 0.4mm and as for now the ink flow is very stable and I didn’t have any problems with clogging. I’m using the original Rotring black ink. One tip: The line thickness and flow can vary depending on how well the paper handles the ink.

TACHIKAWA Linemarker A.T.

Contrary to it’s name this is not a marker pen but a pen with a nib that produces nice thin and stable lines. Great for fast sketching and even more precise linework. It comes in 0.1, 0.3 and 0.5 variations and I’m using the 0.5 one and I’m liking it a lot. The ink from the cartridges makes dark lines and plays well with the most popular Moleskine paper (which is rare for pens) but is not 100% waterproof. The cartridges go empty REALLY fast so it can be bothersome and get expensive but it’s easy to fill the cartridge up with good ink using a syringe. I’m filling mine with black Sailor ink that is meant for fountain pens and also works well with Moleskine’s paper.

ZIG MANGAKA Flexible Fine and Medium

I like to use the Japanese brush pens, unfortunately most of them have non-waterproof inks or marker-like nibs. This one combines good brush nib available in two thicknesses with waterproof ink. The nib provides good flexibility and control balance with really fine line finish if needed. Also small in size and relatively cheap.


Mitsu-Bishi Hi-Uni from grade F to 10B 

I tried a lot of Japanese brand pencils and like all of them but for me the Hi-unis are the best (closely followed by TOMBOW). Now my main pencils. I love the silky feel and dark line they give. Because of that they are widely used in Japanese animation for drawing the animation frames. Japanese pencils generally feel a lot softer than European pencils of same hardness.

STAEDTLER Mars Lumograph grades 6B, 7B and 8B 

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