and quite sharp

Homage to my ultimate favorite character in the cosmos, and I’m actually quite proud of how this turned out! ^-^ I might make a few slight adjustments, since I don’t think I quite like how sharp the streaks in her cloak are :/ But for the most part, just another doodle in honor of my bae. <3

But a Kaz and Zoya Friendship?
  • Okay so even though Zoya was quite Displeased with this sharp-faced boy when she first met him
  • The more and more Nina talks about his accomplishments the more and more she begins to lowkey respect him
  • Somehow Inej gets Kaz to come with her on one of her shorter journeys to Ravka and he’s like yeah because “maybe there is money to be made”
  • Everybody damn well knows it’s because he actually wants a break for once but they value their lives so they don’t say anything
  • When they arrive Nina is waiting for them and she’s super excited to introduce them to everything in her beloved country
  • Kaz is acting so nonchalant but Inej definitely notices the way he seems to extra observe everything around him and take in his new surroundings
  • He’s never been outside of Kerch, so this is an interesting experience for him that he is obviously not telling anyone about
  • Nina tries to keep her delight to a minimum when Kaz eats all of the food she forces upon them without complaint
  • On the day they’re supposed to show up at the palace Kaz dresses in the same suit that he wore that day when he won the Crows back over in the midst of the whole jurda parem problem
  • “You better not try to steal anything because I swear-” “No need to worry about it, Nina” “Good” “I’ll only take the Lantsov jewel, that’s all” “KAZ-”
  • Inej tries to keep an eye on him but it’s kinda pointless
  • King Nikolai is really courteous and all, taking extra care to be considerate towards Inej’s view on Ravkan laws regarding the Suli
  • While this whole exchange is happening Kaz and Zoya are just glaring at each other
  • “Brekker.” “Squaller.” “You dress like a guest at a funeral.” “Thank you.”
  • Inej and Nina are not exactly sure as to how any of this happened but Kaz and Zoya began to actually talk to each other?
  • It was mostly them judging other people from across the room during a meal or rolling their eyes in unison at some stupid remark
  • They’d have conversations with arms crossed, sitting a good deal of space away from each other, but attentive and listening
  • Nina asks Inej one day if she is a little concerned over this but Inej just smiles and shrugs and says “it’s amusing to watch”
  • anyways otp kanej know it’ll always be the other
  • So Kaz is watching Zoya teach some younger Squallers one afternoon and he realizes the incredible control she has over her powers
  • And of course he remembers her bringing Kuwei back to life that was an amazing moment brought me life too 10/10
  • Now the respect is mutual and they still throw the occasional snark at each other but it’s not as heated anymore
  • “Why do you always dress in such morbid clothes?” “Why do you always wear a kefta?” “Because it’s my uniform” “Exactly.” “Dramatic.”
  • Inej is startled when she is trying to practice some acrobatics on a tightrope Nikolai put up for her outside when Zoya and Kaz both storm up to her, shouting over each other
  • Turns out they just got into an argument over whose country was more messed up and they need Inej’s opinion
  • Inej: ?!?!?!?!
  • Anyways when they leave Kaz and Zoya just kinda look at each other on the deck and Inej and Nina are like “what kind of goodbye will this be?”
  • Kaz makes some remark about how Ravka is an “interesting place” and Zoya raises her eyebrows
  • Kaz is limping up the gangplank when this gust of wind messes up his hair and his coat and he just turns around with murder in his eyes
  • Zoya has mysteriously disappeared

anonymous asked:

Who seems super scary but actually isn't

Mogar is a name known across the board, synonymous with violence, with bloody knuckles and missing teeth, with quick temper and relentless brutality. Mogar is a brawler, an explosives expert, a connoisseur of heavy weaponry. Mogar is quick and loud and messy, is frank honesty and unrefined talent, infuriating back-chat and unshakable loyalty. Mogar is a weapon, a soldier, a wrecking-ball and, above all, it is unanimously agreed, Mogar is a threat.

The thing is, Mogar is a reputation; a rumour, a stage-name, an escalation. Mogar was born from word-of-mouth and has only grown with every showing, no effort made to stem increasingly exaggerated tales of his exploits; there is, after all, safety in that kind of notoriety.

Which isn’t to say he doesn’t exist at all; Michael is Mogar, doesn’t kid himself with distance in the way Ryan separates the actions of the Vagabond, has no disconnect like Geoff’s transformation into Ramsey, no fallacy like Gavin’s carefully constructed Golden Boy.

He is Mogar, is the violence, the temper, the reckless strength and morbid humour. But where Mogar is threat, Michael is guardian. Has been a defender far longer than it has been in his job description, plays  guard dog more out of personal inclination than in response to inherent ferocity. Michael is furious blood-lust, yes, but only when provoked.

For all his unadulterated rage Michael has never raised a hand against his family, never taken a swing at someone who couldn’t handle it, at someone who hadn’t pushed him into it. And sure, he enjoys a fight, likes the spike in adrenaline, the smack-talk and cocky confidence in his own abilities, but it’s only a fight if both parties are somewhat equal participants; Michael doesn’t hit first, and his responses tend to be more rationally proportionate than his image of a dangerous loose-canon would have you believe. Unless, of course, you’ve come for his people. A strike against a Fake is taken as the first blow and Michael will not rest until he’s sure it was your last.

When they say Mogar is upfront they mean he isn’t cruel, doesn’t play mind-games, doesn’t like torture or drawing things out. Michael is Mogar but he is also mercy. He is clean shots and quick ends, is clear rules and predictable punishments; he’s a self-admitted asshole but he isn’t a monster.

Michael is childish pranks and snorted laughter, is endless exasperated rants and spending long nights awake with sleepless crew-mates. He is dumb jokes and lopsided birthday cakes, frantic first-aid and cranky affection. Michael is a forehead bump with Lindsay before running into the fray, a drink and a careless arm around the shoulder of brooding Geoff, is abrasive affection when Ryan is too quiet and a series of not-so-reluctant bear hugs when Gavin gets frenetic. He is played up affront when Jeremy second-guesses himself, a calm shadow when Jack is fuming, is silent midnight cigarettes on the roof with Ray and delivery-boy of apologetic meals when the support crew work overtime cleaning up their messes.

He is a world of little acts of thoughtfulness and surprisingly sweet kindness beyond the initial appearance of loud-mouthed fighter, but in Mogar there is threat, there is safety, and Michael is, above all else, a protector.

Prompto: Hey Noct, how often do you fish?

Noctis: Erryday.

Ignis: Quite sharp.

Noctis: Sharp erryday~

Gladiolus: Where’d you learn that one Noct?!

Noctis: I do it erryday!*

S/O (or Luna!): Noctis? How often do you think about me?

*Noctis looks at his friends for help and then as smooth (as awkward) as he musters…*


*I know Noct doesn’t really reply with that haha. But I couldn’t think of anything!

Birthday Musings~
  • Mikasa: Happy birthday, Armin. I made you this blanket to stay warm this winter. A lot of love went into it, I hope you like it.
  • Armin: It's perfect!.. Thank you so much, Mikasa!
  • Connie: Happy birthday, Armin! Here's a storybook about wizards and magic spells from my childhood I thought you might like reading.~
  • Armin: Oh, how wonderful! Thank you, Connie!
  • Sasha: Armin! Don't ask me how I did it, but I managed to get my hands on these really amazing sugar cookies for you! Happy birthday!!!
  • Armin: That IS amazing, thank you, Sasha!!!
  • Jean: Oi, Arlert! *hands him a finely made vest* My mother and I went out and bought this for you, (she's very grateful for how often you've saved me)... Now you look quite sharp, happy birthday!
  • Armin: Wow-- Thank you, Jean!
  • *3 hours later*
  • Armin: *happily reading Connie's book while eating a cookie when suddenly a pretty wildflower appears before him; he turns around to find Eren standing over him*
  • Eren: *blushing* I'm so sorry... This is all I could manage to do for you... *Armin takes the flower* I've had no money or time or anything to do anything for you... forgive me... I love you.
  • Armin: *stands up to embrace Eren* Well that's all I wanted... *kisses him, melting Eren into a warm smile*
  • Eren: *hugs him tight* Happy birthday, Armin... I'm so glad you're here...

anonymous asked:

You can totally see the moment when Alec realises he hurt Magnus. I think sometimes Alec is quite bad with articulatiing his feelings and unintentionally hurts people around him with quite a sharp tongue. What would you like Alec to do when he (apparently) goes to see Magnus at his loft after that fight? (I think he is bc they're wearing the same clothes?)

alec to clutch his chest and fall down at shirtless magnus KIDDING but yeah tbh alec and magnus both! alec is blunt with his words (a little too blunt) and magnus can choose them to hurt when he’s upset, so. they each have things they need to sort out.

i just want to see them talk it out like adults! i don’t think they need to air everything out or openly apologize (bc IRL sometimes things are implied between people and as long as you both understand each other it’s all good) but i’d like to see them acknowledge that on both sides emotions are running pretty high. and maybe just reaffirm their support for each other? alec appreciating magnus for being there and worrying about him, and magnus understanding that alec is willing to do anything for jace but that throwing his life away is helpful to no one.

also if alec would like to touch his lips to magnus’s that would be good, too.

Super Lemon Haze crumble - it gets the day started with a taste of sunshine

Heres what Leafy says:

A sativa-dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze and two time Cannabis Cup winner from Green House Seeds. Super Lemon Haze is a kief-caked multi-colored wonder. As the name states this strain has real lemony characteristics. The smell is zesty, citrusy, and a little sweet. As for the taste, it’s everything one would expect from the namesake; tart and sweet like lemonheads candy - not quite as sharp as one might expect. The effects are uniquely energetic and lively, may not be the best strain for those of us that are naturally wound-up tight.

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Blood of the Covenant

First ficlet for Flowing Like Time, otherwise known as Azurrin Week 2016.
For Day 1, “Bloodline.”

The cave where Azura and Corrin sit is almost entirely silent, save for the muffled rainfall from outside and the crackling of their meager fire. While Corrin’s face is closed, Azura is fairly sure that she knows the direction of her thoughts. Corrin’s eyes are troubled, her shoulders sagging with weariness. After the events of the past few days, Azura doesn’t blame her. Ever since the disaster in Shirasagi and the confrontation on the plains, they’ve been on the run, evading Hoshidan and Nohrian soldiers alike.

“There’s a saying, back in Nohr.” Corrin’s voice is subdued.

Azura keeps her voice light, trying to give a bit of humor to the situation. “Which one? As I remember, there’s quite a few.”

A sharp exhalation–a laugh smothered in its cradle–is her only response at first, but after a moment Corrin answers. “Blood is thicker than water.” Her voice is bitter.

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Of the three lads Ray has the most professional relationship with Geoff.

There’s no doubt that Geoff and Gavin are family; Geoff loves every one of his crew but something about Gavin brings out his most protective, familial reactions. Gavin clearly adores him back and when they’re out of the public eye the two are all up in each others space like rowdy children.  

And Michael, who has so much to give, who was desperate for someone who deserved his talents, his boundless loyalty, will always love Geoff for being worthy. Geoff gave Micael stability, gave him a guarantee that his faith would never be abused, never taken for granted, and in turn Michael will follow him to the ends of the earth.

So then there’s Ray. Ray would die for Geoff in a heartbeat, loves him as much as he loves any of them and wouldn’t have anyone else lead the crew, but he doesn’t think him untouchable. Doesn’t look at the boss and see a perfect role-model, an idol, doesn’t crave his attention or need his approval. To Ray Geoff is just a man, and thats the way he likes it. Its not a snub, not an indication of his respect for Geoff nor a judgement on how Gavin and Michael behave, Ray’s just not that guy. At least, not anymore.

See, Ray’d had his idol, the mentor he’d learned everything from, who he’d have done anything for, who he was never quite good enough to impress. The man who’d taken a kid with obvious talent and acted like he was a burden, convinced Ray that he would be forever indebted for the kindness shown to him. The boss who had demanded the utmost loyalty and respect without offering any in return.

It had taken years for Ray to extract himself from the web he’d been spun into, to leave behind veiled servitude and teach himself to be wholly independent, so there was no way in hell he was ever going back.

Ray knows Geoff would never try to lock him down, doesn’t lay ownership to his talents or demand displays of his loyalty, has already been more lenient of Ray’s quirks than anyone else he has ever worked with, and yet. Geoff may be his friend, but Ramsey is his boss, and for Ray there will always be other bosses.

Ray’s confident that if he had to, if the time came where he needed to move on, he could drop it all and go. Pack up his weapons, burn his identity and leave the crew behind, safe in the knowledge he can survive anywhere, heartsick and lonely but not broken. And it’s that, of all things, that lets him stay. Knowing when he does its not out of duty or fear or fealty to some overpowered egomaniac, but because he wants to, because he chooses to. Knows that while he swore he would never again bend his own will for the approval of another, he need not fear losing himself so long as he calls the FAHC home.

Assassin's Creed Novelisation

@ibboard bought me the Black Flag novel from the charity shop a while back. I like Assassin’s Creed (all of them) and he thought I might like it.

Now here’s the thing. It’s written in first person. Fair enough, but the character’s voice/thoughts sound NOTHING like the Edward Kenway in the game. It just doesn’t marry up. The Kenway I remember was arrogant but clever (most of the time) and his wit was also quite sharp and dry. He wasn’t stupid, but nor was he garrulous, unlike book!Kenway who goes on and on and on as a narrator, belabouring the point.

Also, this author appears to have a personal grudge against coherence. Perhaps they were going for free form something or other, but when an 8 line paragraph only has two full stops, you get a confused reader longing for the first person narrator to shut up and get to the point.

Also conjunctions at the start of sentences everywhere. More forgivable in first person, I will grant you, but it got to the point where it was intruding on the tone.

Now, credit where it’s due, the author probably doesn’t get paid nearly enough for creating a 400 page novel. I don’t blame them for not giving it their best.

It’s just disheartening, because I would love to explore some of the franchise characters in more depth, but I won’t purchase any more of these books.

(I will, however, try to read it when I am not battling a head cold. Maybe I will be more receptive to its… quirks.)

The Scent

My friend and I, attend Quranic Arabic classes in an institute located on Coventry Rd, Bham.

Travelling to this area, is always one tedious drive, but the winter sun was shining on this one particular Sunday.

We always arrive slightly late because of the distance and as usual we make up our minds to quietly slip into class and hope no one mentions anything.

I turned the handle of the door and yanked the door open, this door always needs yanking open.

As I walk in it hit me…… that scent! Its that same scent. I’ve been searching for that scent for so long that I had given up. Who was wearing it? My mission was to find the girl with that scent on.

My brain and nose scanned the room, as if a computer was scanning for viruses……

Location of scent confirmed!

My nose which is quite sharp with smells managed to identify the wearer of the scent. It was an arabic girl.

The class came to an end. And I quickly confronted the pretty girl.
“Sister, Assalaam alaikum! How are you?” I politely asked.

After the normal greetings were over, I switched the subject promptly. I looked at her with a sort of desperation, “Sister, you must tell me, what scent are you wearing? I NEED to know, i’ve been looking for that scent everywhere for a long time now” I pleaded.

She saw the desperation in my eyes, and said i will bring it for you next week. I was so thankful. So i eagerly waited for the next week.

The day I was waiting for had finally arrived, as usual we attended the class. And i spotted that the arab girl had come too. She came over to us and she handed the attar (perfume) bottles she had used. I asked for the price, but in return she smiled broadly and said, “Sister, this is my gift to you from one sister to another.”

That sentence made me ever so teary eyed, I rarely get gifted things. And knowing someone has given me something from their heart moved me emotionally.

Why had I wanted this scent so much? I hear you ask.

This particular scent, has a strong sensual aroma, very sexy. It is a type of musk that one could just fall deeply in love with. But thats not the only reason.

When entering the grand mosque in Makkah, the Prophet’s mosque in Medina and the Qibli mosque in Masid Aqsa; I realised there was a common scent. Even when I did ziyarat (form of pilgrimage made to sites associated with the Prophet’s), in different countries, this same scent lingered in the air.

Whenever I wear this scent, it now always reminds me of my journey to the holy lands.

Even though I may have given up searching for this scent, but whatever is decreed will always take place, and whatever isn’t will never reach us.

A strong woman,
is known by many names. 
She loves herself 
like any man would, 
making her dangerous. 
She knows what she wants,
so she’s labeled difficult.
Her skin is soft, 
but her feathers 
do not ruffle easily. 
Her kisses are sweet, 
but her teeth are sharp. 
She loves without question, 
but do not mistake
her kindness for weakness.
She can easily swallow
you whole without hesitation.

“William Cog” Clockwork mayor’s adopted son. He holds many secrets and stands as an obstacle for Penelope. Will is quite bratty but a sharp shooter and killer. 

Character Design for “Spare Parts”  
Spare Parts follows the adventures of Penelope Press as she tries to over throw the corrupt social system of her industrialized world.