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Prompt: Blood, Sweat and Tears and Something More, Sasusaku Month 2017, Day 2 and Day 5

Summary: The moment when Sasuke realises just how beautiful Sakura really is.
(Set during the Chunnin Exams after the attack by the Sound genin Team.)

It was only after the entire crowd cleared from the gathering did Sasuke let himself scan Sakura up and down.

She was currently busy telling Naruto to shut up as he relentlessly pestered her on to fill him in on the things that had occurred while the hyperactive ninja had been knocked out.

Naruto was particularly incessant on knowing about Sakura’s sudden change in hair style and it irritated Sasuke to no end. She was clearly injured and yet all the idiot could think about was her hair.

The other teams had left a while back, they’d cleared off fairly quickly with the Hyuuga’s team being the first to leave and after a sharp look from Sasuke’s side the other rookie team had followed suit even though the blonde girl had been reluctant to walk away.

They were scared of him and rightly so because even Sasuke didn’t quite understand what had happened. Being ignorant was something Sasuke wasn’t used to and he’d never admit it out loud but his behaviour had scared him too.

Naruto was blissfully unaware of his predicament and Sakura….

Sakura had been scared too. He’d seen the fear in her eyes when she’d just barely managed to stop him. His sharingan had etched every detail of her expression at that time into his mind.

It had been the shock, the shock of seeing Sakura- Sakura terrified of him that had brought him back from the edge of slipping away entirely.

“Sakura where are you hurt?” Sasuke asked quietly interrupting his teammates conversation. He’d noticed how Sakura had sunk to the ground the minute the Yamanaka girl had left as if she’d been holding herself up just for show.

“Oh I’m fine Sasuke-kun!” She said brightly turning her attention from Naruto with a wide smile,“Don’t worry.”

Sasuke’s eyebrow arched up at her lie. Even though she looked marginally better than when he’d woken up that wasn’t saying much. Her hands were strategically clasped behind her back and one of her eyes had more or less swollen shut due to a large bloody cut above it. She was pale and bloody and if he looked closely he could see that Sakura was still shaking.

“Naruto go get water.” Sasuke ordered picking himself up. Sasuke wasn’t particularly steady on his feet yet and the mark on his shoulder ached sending faint pulses up his neck.

“Sasuke-kun you shouldn’t stand-”

“Sakura shut up.” His voice cut her off abruptly. He didn’t have the time or the energy to deal with Sakura’s uneeded concern for him. Right now she was the priority.

“Teme what do you think you’re doing?” Naruto got up yelling at the Uchiha,“Don’t be so rude to Sakura-chan!”

“Naruto water now.”

Something in Sasuke’s tone must have gotten through to the blonde boy because he abruptly got up with a pout on his face and marched into the forest.

Sasuke silently stalked towards their supplies. From the corner of his eye he could see Sakura struggling to get up. Her arms were now on full display, sporting multiple bloody cuts as if she’d been stabbed by a kunai.

Sasuke flinched despite himself.

He’d figured as much when he’d noticed there was blood all over his shirt which couldn’t have possibly been his considering the stellar job Sakura had done wrapping up all the wounds he’d sustained while fighting against Orochimaru.

The blood must have gotten on his shirt when she’d wrapped her arms around him.

He quickly turned around focusing on getting their medical supplies out as he felt his cheeks heat up at the memory.

His expression darkened quickly enough as he remembered his total loss of control. He was an Uchiha not some toy of a man who had his own ulterior motives. Even if the power offered to him was unbelievably tempting it meant nothing to Sasuke- nothing if he had to see that look of absolute horror in Sakura’s eyes when she’d realised just how close he’d been to truly becoming a monster.

Sakura had always smelt like her namesake, like cherry blossoms and looked at him like she was the single bright star in an otherwise moonless night.

He’d never really cared for either of those attributes until the moment she’d wrapped her arms around him, her expression terrified and desperate.

Stop, she’d begged him, Please just stop.

She had been bloody and had been shaking as she clung onto him. Her arms had anchored him back to himself but for one terrifying moment Sasuke had considered batting her away.

He’d returned to himself the very next second and he’d pushed the dark writhing power inside him as far away from himself as he possibly could.

For at that moment he’d had the choice between the power he’d always wanted, no needed for his revenge and Sakura.

He’d made the decision without even thinking because up until then he’d never truly realised just how much he’d relied on Sakura and her never changing belief in him.

“Sasuke-kun are you alright?” Sakura had managed to make her way next to him, the same forced smile plastered on her face.

Sasuke supressed the urge to snap at her. She was the one who was bloody, bruised and barely standing and yet she was concerned about him.

Why was she so goddamn annoying all the time?

Why was she trying to hide the fact that she was afraid of him?

“Sit.” He ordered.Thankfully she agreed, even if it was probably because she barely had any energy left to stand.

Sasuke followed suit and bent forward to asses the cut above her eye. He had to clean it before it got infectious.

“It’s okay Sasuke-kun.” She reached to take the cloth out of his hand but Sasuke brushed her away.

“Sakura stop being annoying.”

Her hand dropped down and he sighed.

Sasuke sometimes wished he was gentler with her but life hadn’t given him enough chances to be gentle and he’d long forgotten how.

He poured water on the clean cloth so that he could start with wiping her face. He carefully ran the cold cloth down the shallow scrapes on her cheeks to the small bloody cut at the corner of her mouth. She sat there absolutely still as he moved in a little closer to gently clean the cut above her swollen eye.

He brushed her hair out of her eyes as he continued to work. He paused after he was done his eyes flitting towards her dull choppy hair and the blood that stained it.

This was all his fault. If he’d just-

“Sasuke-kun?” Her voice brought him back and realising how he was vacantly staring at her and he pulled back immediately jostling Sakura’s leg in the process which made her cry out loudly in pain.

For some reason Sasuke felt like he’d been stabbed.

“What’s wrong?” He asked his voice tinged with the slightest trace of panic.

“My leg hurts a little.” She conceeded,“ It’s noth-”

“Where?” Sasuke demanded, his voice leaving no room for her to protest.

She stretched her leg out wincing slightly as he inspected it. Her right leg was a bloody mess that she’d purposefully covered with her long dress and the cut a few inches above her knee was worryingly deep.

She’d managed to keep quiet about it the entire time and then had the audacity to worriedly hover around him asking if he was alright.

He barely managed to restrain himself from shouting at her for being careless and just so-so goddamn stupid.

What the hell was she thinking picking a fight with ninjas clearly out of her league? She should have run away screw him and the idiot.

No she shouldn’t have run away instead she should have happily handed Sasuke over to them, after all he’d been what they had wanted. Instead she’d foolishly chosen to protect him all alone against three ninjas who were obviously far stronger than she was.

When had Sakura become so goddamn insufferable?

He forced himself to calm down, the mark on his neck was pulsating dangerously. Getting mad at Sakura would do him little good especially since he very knew it would be pointless.

After all if there was one thing that Kakashi had taught all three of them it was that loyalty to their team came first.

He forced himself to focus on the wound on her leg considering his options. He’d have to use the last of their water and cleaning it would be a painful process so it would be best to keep her distracted while he got to it.

His eyes snapped up to meet hers,“Tell me what happened when I was unconscious.”

The hesitation was clear in Sakura’s eyes and it was justified considering that even Sasuke couldn’t give her the guarantee that if she actually recounted the tale of how those bastards had hurt her that he wouldn’t go on a rampage and actually finish the job.

None the less she started recounting the events that had occurred as he began working.

“Orochimaru disappeared after he bit you. Those marks appeared near your neck and you collapsed.”

He vaguely recalled he’d held her hand as if his life had depended on it until he’d finally lost consciousness. The last thing he remembered was seeing Sakura’s worried face hovering above his and thinking that there were worse ways to die.

“I brought you and Naruto here as quickly as I could.” Sakura continued,“I set up a few traps and-”

She broke off wincing and Sasuke quickly moved his hand cursing himself for not being more careful.

“I’m sorry.” He said quietly,“Go on.”

“Naruto wasn’t hurt, I think he was just put into some sort of deep sleep. Your fever was pretty bad and your breathing was shallow. I-I thought-”

Her voice wavered but she did her best to hide it as she continued,“The sound genin attacked at dawn. Thankfully Lee-san appeared and…..”

His grip on the cloth tightened as she recounted in detail how brave Rock Lee had been while defending her even if he had been defeated in the end. When he heard her say that seeing Lee stand up for her had inspired her to fight the mark on his neck flared dangerously and he had to focus all his energy on it so that he didn’t lose control.

“….. but I got caught in the end and the only way I could escape was to cut my hair. That’s why it looks like such a mess.You probably don’t like it- Ino told me you like girls with long hair but it was the only thing I could think of. I’m sure if you’d been there you’d have easily defeated them Sasuke-kun. I’m sorry that in the end I was still pretty much useless and I wasn’t-”

“Sakura.” He cut her rambling off. He finished tying the cleanest cloth he could find around her leg before looking up at her. She stared back at him absolutely still.

“You did well Sakura.”

Her eyes widened.

“I did?” Her voice was small but the desperation in it was clear. She needed this, needed to be told that she hadn’t been useless, that she hadn’t just been a burden to them.

Sasuke let the smallest of smiles on his face, “Aa.”

For a moment they stayed like that, staring at each other, unbreakable onyx against glassy jade.

And before he could stop it Sakura had already leapt forward wrapping her arms around his neck and burying her face into his shoulder.

“I was so scared!” She sobbed,“I thought you were going to die. That I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I was so scared that I’d lose you to that monster. I was so so scared Sasuke-kun!”

She wailed hiccuping and clutching onto Sasuke as tightly as she could and all he could do was stare down at her pale pink hair with his back against the wall.

It was only then, at that moment did Sasuke realise that she wasn’t afraid of him. She was afraid of losing him.

Despite everything, despite the monster he’d become she was still just scaredfor him, not of him.

For the first time in a very long time did Sasuke uncharacteristically find himself wanting to return her affections.

To convince her that he was worth the unwavering belief she had in him.

He raised his hands to hold her closer, to tell her it was alright and that she’d saved him, perhaps for the hundredth time in a way that nobody else could, but the image of those very hands mercilessly breaking the sound genin’ s arms flashed through Sasuke’s head and he quickly dropped them to his sides.

Sakura may not have been scared of him but he was plenty scared of himself. He couldn’t afford to lose control especially not when there was a chance he’d hurt Sakura.

He could barely stand seeing Sakura bleeding and the thought of having her blood on his hands was absolutely revolting as it was unthinkable.

He would never hurt Sakura.
He would never let her get hurt, not if he could help it.

He was well aware that he cared for Sakura in a way he thought he’d never be able to after the massacre.

Because somehow stubborn, annoying Sakura had inevitably become a part of him that made him something more than just an avenger.

If he ever hurt her, if he ever raised his hand to injure her, it’s the day he would know without a shred of doubt that there was absolutely nothing left for him except his revenge and his hatred.

When Sakura finally pulled back from him she gave him a wide smile, her eyes still glassy.

“Thank you Sasuke-kun.” She whispered softly.

Her usually shiny long pink hair hung limply in a choppy mess lined with sweat and dirt. Her clothes were bloody and one of her eyes was bruised and almost completely swollen shut. Tear tracks ran down her cheeks which was littered with various scratches.

Sakura was a mess.
A mess of blood, sweat and tears.

And yet it was at that moment Sasuke realised for the first time just how beautiful Sakura really was.

chychymazzu  asked:

Between Lucy and Natsu which one you love the most? :3

I’m so sorry I’ve taken ages to answer this. It’s not because I wrote out an answer and forgot about it, then clicked off the page so I lost everything. I definitely wasn’t sulking.😅 

I’ve written a mini-essay again (Of course, I love to talk about my theories and opinions 😉).

Short answer: I prefer Natsu.

Long answer (if you want to read):

This question touches on a subject that’s annoyed me in the fandom lately. And that’s the notion Natsu gets an unparalleled amount of love from fans. I don’t think Natsu is perfect by any means, however, I have seen more ‘let’s shit on Natsu’s character’ posts than any other character - which is why I feel compelled to write about him a lot. 

I don’t think he’s had any less character development than the others. It just depends on what you take from the clues Mashima has given us.

I love Natsu more because I find him really interesting. I like the fact that Mashima leaves him a mystery work out. I know a lot of people see it as a lack of development. Personally, I don’t want Mashima to spoon feed us every single detail, in fact, the sporadic snippets of information are why I like him so much. The challenge is great. That’s not to say I don’t like Lucy but she’s not as complex (and more of a conventional heroine).  

Mashima has said Natsu is based on him as a child and there’s that character bio he gave us in the Tenro island arc.  All those traits are typical child characteristics and it’s also the mindset of an animal. Yes, you can say, this hasn’t been directly pointed out in the manga. However, putting together all the puzzle pieces that tell us about Natsu development (since we don’t get Natsu’s POV), this is the logical explanation I came too.

People are true to themselves as children, they live in the moment and take each day as it comes. So, do animals. Both children and animals can recover from traumatic things with remarkable resilience, it’s when we become adults that people allow problems to get complicated. 

Natsu is essentially a “wild boy”.

His upbringing wasn’t easy and from what Zeref said, Natsu was hard to control when he resurrected him. He wouldn’t pay attention, which is Mashima giving us the hint he was probably purely instinct with the demon inside him (very animalistic/instinctual) so he had to ask Igneel for help.

Even if the manga doesn’t tell us a lot about Natsu’s time with Igneel (or Zeref) - it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Igneel would have to start from the very beginning. Natsu had to learn to walk before he could run. That meant teaching Natsu impulse control, and the first step would be honing and using his instincts.

Igneel taught him to be an animal, to survive in the wild first. He had to hunt or he would go hungry and make a fire or he would be cold. Igneel couldn’t go easy on him. Only when he had learned the basics could Igneel attempt to teach him how to read and write (along with the other knowledge required to live as a human) because Natsu had no concept of self-control before learning discipline and why it is important. Plus, the added dragon slayer ritual probably intensified his wild attributes.  

Also, we were given the impression that Natsu was very disruptive when he joined the guild. Didn’t get on well with others. He viewed them as competition (in a sense, they were competing over the same resources. As animals do in the wild) and he still fights but now it’s play fighting. He had to realise they weren’t there to harm him, that they were like Igneel. At the beginning, I got the impression Erza and Makarov had to teach him how to act around people, that he shouldn’t start serious fights with family.  

Natsu had to deal with mourning the loss of his father while he joined the guild and subsequently felt alone and used to spend time alone to deal with his grief. He learnt that he had to keep moving (improving himself) and find things to live for – like Igneel taught him. It takes a lot of strength to keep living and doing whilst dealing with adverse events and emotions.

Therefore, he learnt the best way to deal with his grief was to surround himself with his friends at the guild because moping around being sad didn’t get him anywhere. When Natsu lost Igneel for good, he had already made his peace with not having Igneel around, and already had a coping method in place. He had previously experienced a major part of the grieving process.  Hence, him being able to give Lucy this advice. 

Everyone grieves differently and just because Natsu didn’t sit around moping doesn’t mean it wasn’t character development. He coped with it by training, whether the way he did it was right or wrong that’s what he chose to do.  His choices don’t always revolve around Lucy (or anyone else). That’s what annoys me about the NaLu fandom and the FT fandom sometimes. If Natsu actions don’t show compassion or benefit Lucy then it’s bad character development? I disagree.  There are many ways to perceive a situation and it’s important to recognise that. A scene/character may have little or no significance to one person and be an important event to another.

He felt he had to get stronger on his own terms. That’s why he left to train rather than sitting around at FT. I’m not saying that it wasn’t selfish, he could have taken Lucy with him but he didn’t realise he was leaving her alone. He didn’t realise the guild was breaking up and if he had known, I’m sure he would have taken her with him.  Natsu being selfish, obnoxious, arrogant, and rambunctious are his faults as well as his strength. People can learn how to use their negative traits for the better and at the same time they can end up hurting those around them because of it.

Natsu isn’t academically smart, which is down to disinterest, rather than an inability to understand. He’s interested in the here and now,  things that are directly important to him. This is what makes him different to a hero. He doesn’t care about the world or the greater good in the same way many heroes do. He’s not on a social justice mission to make the world right, he’s more concerned about FT. He protects innocents in the moment, but it isn’t his primary motive in doing quests - such a characteristic is a manifestation of the selfish aspect of his personality.

This is why Gildarts had to teach him the purpose of acknowledging fear (his weaknesses). Usually, Natsu acts first is straight into a fight, and quite rightly because he is strong (the top of the food chain so to speak). He can’t and won’t always be the strongest in every situation, his recklessness could get himself and others killed. 

Natsu’s character development is present, it’s whether people realise/understand the clues Mashima leaves. I think, for Natsu to go from the boy Zeref couldn’t control, to who he in now, that is considerable growth.

I’m hoping that “Todd doesn’t believe in anything even remotely supernatural” turns into a good-natured ongoing joke within the mystery squad. I mean, the burned cinnamon roll is always going to be a skeptic and quite rightly so, it’s a valuable trait and lord know Dirk Gently needs someone around to ask critical questions when necessary.

But I really want to see Todd fist-fighting Bigfoot in the middle of a time vortex because a tarot reader told him via ouiji board that he had to protect the magic healing crystals bestowed upon humanity by benevolent aliens, and Dirk’s still asking “do you believe me now?” with a shit-eating grin on his face.

Mess with one Stark....Mess with us both.

Request from anon:Can I request something with tony stark x sister reader? She stopped returning his calls and been avoiding everyone. He’s concerned so he pays her a visit. When she doesn’t answer the door he breaks it down and finds her chained to a pipe in the bathroom covered in bruises. She tells him her bf has been holding her hostage beating her so he moves her to the tower with 24/7 security and beats the living daylights out of the guy.

Tony Stark x Sister!Reader

Words: 2,015

Warnings: Anger, violence, mentions of blood and swearing.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

You have reached the voicemail service for [y/n] Stark. Please leave your message after the tone or hang up now.

“Damnit [y/n]!” Tony was in his suit flying above the city sky line of New York and this was his tenth attempt over the last few days to get hold of you. “F.R.I.D.A.Y can you patch me onto Nat please?”

“Yes sir, doing that for you now.”

As he started to head a little further out from the city his internal comms rang through to Nat back at Stark Tower.

“Hey Tony what’s up?”

“Have you heard anything from [y/n] over the past few days. I know that even if, for some reason or another, she was in a mood with me she will always at least speak to you.”

“No I haven’t. I just assumed that she might have gone away with that boyfriend of hers. I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about but if it makes you feel any better why don’t you see if she is at home?”

“You’re right. I’ll head back to the tower soon.”

He disconnected the line and then asked for F.R.I.D.A.Y to lock him in on the location of your home. The second he touched the ground a large swarm of children who had been playing in the street raced over to where he was stood. By the looks of sheer shock on their faces they had never expected someone like Iron Man to end up in their neck of the woods.

“This is totally awesome!”

“Iron Man you are like THE coolest superhero!”

One of the little kids shoved the one that had just spoken out of the way.

“No! Captain America is! He has that shield!”

A soft chuckle escaped him as he held out his iron clad hands to separate them before they started some kind of brawl in the middle of the street. Last thing he wanted was a group of angry mums on his hands….although…..the more he thought about that the more he was actually coming round to the idea. Nothing like a good excuse to use some of that Stark charm of his.

“Kids, kids…..” For a moment it looked like he was about to scold the children but then underneath his mask a smirk tugged at his lips. “We all know that I can totally kick his butt.”

The kid that had shown enthusiasm for Captain America was appalled by his comment but the others cheered in excitement at such a prospect.

“My mum said she would pay good money to see you and Captain America wrestling.”

“Oh really now? Well isn’t your mum quite the delight….now if you’ll all excuse me I need to visit a friend.”

Moving himself around the numerous kids Tony made his way towards the slightly more secluded house on the street. If you didn’t already know that it was there you would never have noticed it thanks to the large canopy of trees that bordered it.

“Uh Mr Iron Man? Are you going in there because of the shouting and screaming?”

He didn’t even stop to ask more about the screaming the kid had clearly heard because before the child could speak another word he had already closed the gap between himself and the house. There were no attempts to knock to see if anyone was even home as he raised his right leg up before driving it into the wooden door with such force it was ripped right off it’s hinges.

“Are there any life signs inside the building that you can detect F.R.I.D.A.Y?”

“Aside from yourself Mr Stark there is only one. Pulse is weak and blood pressure is dangerously low. From my scans it is a young female.”

“[y/n]….it’s [y/n]. Where is she?”

“She has been detected in the basement sir. I recommend that you get to her as quickly as possible.”

When it came to you, his sister, the only family he had left he didn’t need to be told twice. He may not have visited you much here, thanks to that oh so lovely boyfriend of yours, but he knew enough about the majority of houses in America to be fully aware as to the location of the basement door.

It took mere seconds for him to be through the door and down the steps. The darkness of the basement was thick having no windows to allow any source of light through, so he raised up a hand and fired up the repulsor inside of it so that a shaft of light filled the majority of the room around him. It wasn’t long before he heard your voice; although only just considering it was so hoarse it was barely even above a whisper.


Out of pure instinct he spun round to face where your voice had sounded from only to end up almost blinding you from said action as the light hit your directly in the eyes. Had he not been faced with the sight of you chained to an old and rusty radiator he would have apologised profusely to you but instead he stood there in complete shock for a good few moments as he heart broke in two. This pain was far worse than when he’d had shrapnel threatening to pierce his heart on a daily basis.

He should have been untying you, sweeping you up into his arms, but the shock of seeing you in such a state was wiping any logical thought from his mind. He saved the world every day, faced aliens without even batting an eyelid, and yet stood here and seeing you in such a state had him frozen to the spot unable to do anything.


The desperation in your voice was all the motivation he needed to snap himself out of the daze he had fallen into; his mask opened up to reveal his worried face as he knelt down to you, one of his iron hands reached up to cradle your cheek.

“Jesus [y/n] what the hell happened? Who did this to you? In fact where the hell is Chris?!”

Your boyfriend should have been here protecting you, stopping anything like this happening to you, and yet he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“It….It was Chris wh-who did this to me.”

The worried expression that had been etched onto his face faded completely when you uttered those words, anger swiftly taking its place, his jaw clenched itself tightly but before he could do anything to release it he knew he needed to get you out of here. With one arm he shielded your face before blasting a hole into the radiator so that your bound hands were released and he picked you up into his arms.

“I’m taking you back to the tower. Banner will check you over and make sure there isn’t too much damage. You’re not coming back here again.”

                                           * * * * * * * * * *

Tony waited outside of the infirmary as Dr Banner looked over you. He was no longer in his Iron Man suit but had pulled the long sleeves of his top down over both of his hands as he clenched and then unclenched them over and over again. He needed to be here for you but there was still a huge part of him that was just itching to get out there and make Chris pay for the damage he had done to you.

The fact that a man had treated a woman in such a way was bad enough as it was but this…..this was his sister! How could he just stand idly by while….

“Tony?” His thoughts were cut short when Bruce wandered out from the room you were being treated in and grabbed his attention. The look on his face was more than enough to confirm that the news wasn’t all that great but Tony nodded his head for him to continue anyway, needing to know just how bad you were. “Some of the injuries we found on [y/n] have been there for a number of weeks, I’d say around four to five at a guess, those ones are healing so there is nothing we can do with them; however, the fresh ones are the ones that will require treatment.”

“What did the bastard do to her Banner?”

Bruce seemed a little nervous now, his feet shuffling on the floor as he prepared himself for Tony’s reaction.

“He broke four of her ribs, one of which punctured her right lung, and the swelling of her brain indicates that her head suffered numerous blows to it. She was also severely dehydrated which means that her kidneys aren’t functioning at 100%.” He could see that the man stood before him, quite rightly so, was becoming more and more infuriated with each word that escaped his lips so he quickly added the more positive news to the conversation. “All of which is treatable. It will just take time that is all. She will need to remain here for at least a couple of months.”

“That’s fine with me. At least here she will be safe from that prick. I have somewhere to be. You carry on doing your thing and look after her doc.”

With that said he turned on the balls of his feet and headed towards the elevator. If this guy thought he was going to get away with this he had another thing coming.

                                            * * * * * * * * * *

“Please! Please for the love of God don’t hurt me!”

The man that had been more than happy to beat you was currently cowering in a corner as Tony stood before him in his Iron Man suit. He hadn’t even lay a finger on him yet but clearly once he had come back home to find you gone he had been expecting for your brother, aka Iron Man, to show up…..and now this situation was becoming all too real for him.

Tony reached out a hand, grabbing the pathetic little cockroach by the throat, as his face inside of the suit showed just how angry he was while the mask itself remained expressionless.

“Is that what [y/n] said as you beat her huh? Did she plead for you to stop as you were bashing her head against the wall like it was nothing more than a child’s toy?”

He gritted his teeth, eyes blackened with sheer hatred for the coward he was stood in front of, all he wanted was to make him feel the same pain that you had…..and he wasn’t going to leave until he had achieved it.

His free hand balled up into a fist before he drove it into the whimpering man’s chest, breaking a number of his ribs upon impact, his pained cries filling the room they were in didn’t falter Tony’s actions and didn’t once make him wonder whether he was doing the right thing or not. This was the least he deserved.

When he was done with the ribs he grabbed a handful of the man’s blonde hair, gripping it so tight that it would only take one simple pull to drag it out from the very roots, and threw his head into the marble worktop behind him. The impact caused his nose to break, blood pouring from both nostrils, and his cheek bone was left shattered much to Tony’s satisfaction.

Taking a hold of his chin he forced the bloody mess of a man to look him in the eyes as his mask folded away to reveal his face so that he could speak these words to him with his own voice.

“You mess with one Stark… mess with both of us.”

Throwing his inured body down onto the ground Tony turned his back on the man before he launched himself up into the air. You probably weren’t going to be happy with what he had done once you found out but in your brother’s eyes the man got some of what he deserved….

….an eye for an eye and all that…..

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Since I like things to come full circle, I’m ending generation 5 the way it began, with Elizabeth taking a selfie with her brother, this time it’s Logan instead of Finley. 

Elizabeth, my gorgeous girl, thank you for an amazing eleven months as heir. Your generation was meant to be a short, undramatic one, but boy did that change. You demanded a story, and quite rightly so, becoming the longest generation so far. Love you to the moon and back! <3  

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Erwin looked GODLY in this episode, that stubble *_* it was animated even better than i hoped!

I have to agree with you Anon.  Beard!win was everything I could have hoped for and more. I know there’s been some Discourse about the beard, and quite rightly so,  Beard!win is serious business!  Some people expressed a preference for more beard, but I’m inclined to think that the beard was perfect and I approve of the fact that Erwin looks exactly like he does in the manga. 

One of the reasons I loved the fine beard is that I tend to headcanon Erwin as being quite hirsute, but because he’s so fair, you only really notice it when you get right up close and personal which only Levi is allowed to do.  In fact me and @birbwin​ wrote a teeny ficlet about this once :}

From this distance, the distance from the bed to the mirror, Erwin looks entirely hairless; smooth and flawless like the marble statues Levi once saw in the halls of Mitras. As he lies in the Commander’s bed and idly watches his morning ablutions, Levi quietly envies and adores his flawless perfection. But he knows that as Erwin turns, just so, the light will catch the fine strands of gold that dust his arms, his thighs, the darker blonde scattered across his chest, the thick trail tracing down his belly to the dense tight curls where Levi loves to drag his fingers and press his lips.

I mean holy hell, will you lookit him! 

PS Is it dumb that the idea of Erwin having “animated stubble” made me laugh? :}  

so anyways i’ve been sleeping on this and all i want???? in the whole world??? is an aaron and robert breakup, but i don’t think its going to happen so you can all listen to my #dream scenario for this

  • ok, so both of them acknowledge that they love each other and don’t want to be with anyone else, but they need time apart to sort out their individual issues before they can really commit to building a life together, so they break up.
  • aaron’s (quite rightly) very hurt about the rebecca situation so he wants some legit distance from robert for a while, so for a few weeks/months they don’t really have much social interaction - they’re just working on themselves, aaron is going to weekly counselling sessions, he and liv are living in the mill and building a routine of their own. the counselling is really helping aaron, and for the first time in a really, really long time (if ever) he’s getting to a place where he is learning healthy coping mechanisms and he is getting to talk through everything that happened him, with jackson and g*rdon and the affair and everything else.
  • robert is also working on his issues. he and vic talk a lot now, about why robert did what he did and why he is always so determined to self destruct. he tells her about the farmhand, about how he never wanted to be bi, how he tried to bury it. they talk and talk and one day, vic suggests that robert might try some counselling - he’d let a lot of things fester, and their mum’s death still really affects him, so robert gives it a go. he feels a bit silly at first, because robert doesn’t believe he has problems you need to go to counselling for, but he’s surprised at how much it helps, talking through what happened to his mum, talking through why he hated his bisexuality for so long (robert unlearning his internalised homophobia in a healthy way give it 2 me.)
  • after a couple of months, aaron decides he would like to try and build a proper friendship with robert. he’s forgiven him, for what happened, but he’s not ready to let robert back in on any sort of romantic level, and robert knows that them being apart has been good, its given them time to work on their issues, and so a friendship is a good first step for them in the grand scheme of things.
  • so they become friends. proper, actual friends. they have a pint after work, or they go to the cinema with liv, and after a while, robert starts calling around for movie nights, or he invites aaron to dinner with him, vic, and adam, and the four of them play silly board games and drink wine, and when robert decides he needs a new hobby and he buys an old wreck of a car to restore, aaron comes along to a few of the car auctions to help him pick out something thats worth salvaging, and they settle into a really good, healthy friendship where they hang out, and laugh, and just enjoy spending time together.
  • and eventually, like eight or ten months down the line from their breakup, they both realise they’re ready to be in love again, ready to give their relationship a legit go, and so robert turns up at the mill door dressed in his best suit having booked them a nice meal and they go on their first real date and its nice and its good and its perfect and its a new beginning that their love deserves and they’re happy and they don’t hurt each other or self destruct or do or say cruel things and that my friends, is the dream.
This is so on point!👏👏

Here’s what I’m really struggling to understand. All I’ve ever heard from people, for years, is:
“bloody bankers and their bonuses”
“bloody rich and their offshore tax havens ”
“bloody politicians with their lying and second homes”
“bloody corporations paying less tax than me”
“bloody Establishment, they’re all in it together”
“it’ll never change, there’s no point in voting”
And quite rightly so, I said all the same things.

But then someone comes along that’s different. He upsets the bankers and the rich. The Tory politicians hate him along with most of the labour politicians. The corporations throw more money at the politicians to keep him quiet. And the Establishment is visibly shaken. I’ve never seen the Establishment so genuinely scared of a single person.

So the media arm of the establishment gets involved. Theresa phones Rupert asking what he can do, and he tells her to keep her mouth shut, don’t do the live debate, he’ll sort this out. So the media goes into overdrive with:
“she’s strong and stable”
“he’s a clown”
“he’s not a leader”
“look he can’t even control his own party”
“he’ll ruin the economy”
“how’s he gonna pay for it all?!”
“AND he’s a terrorist sympathiser, burn him, burn the terrorist sympathiser”

And what do we do? We’ve waited forever for an honest politician to come along but instead of getting behind him we bow to the establishment like good little workers. They whistle and we do a little dance for them. We run around like hypnotised robots repeating headlines we’ve read, all nodding and agreeing. Feeling really proud of ourselves because we think we’ve came up with our very own first political opinion. But we haven’t, we haven’t came up with anything. This is how you tell. No matter where someone lives in the country, they’re repeating the same headlines, word for word. From Cornwall to Newcastle people are saying:
“he’s a clown”
“he’s a threat to the country”
“she’s strong and stable”
“he’ll take us back to the 70s”

And there’s nothing else, there’s no further opinion. There’s no evidence apart from 1 radio 5 interview that isn’t even concrete evidence, he actually condemns the violence of both sides in the interview. There’s no data or studies or official reports to back anything up. Try and think really hard why you think he’s a clown, other than the fact he looks like a geography teacher. (no offence geography teachers) because he hasn’t done anything clownish from what I’ve seen.

And you’re not on this planet if you think the establishment and the media aren’t all in it together.
You think Richard Branson, who’s quietly winning NHS contracts, wants Corbyn in?
You think Rupert Murdoch, who’s currently trying to widen his media monopoly by buying Sky outright, wants Jeremy in?
You think the Barclay brothers, with their offshore residencies, want him in?
You think Philip Green, who stole all the pensions from BHS workers and claims his wife owns Top Shop because she lives in Monaco, wants Corbyn in?
You think the politicians, both Labour and Tory, with their second homes and alcohol paid for by us, want him in?
You think Starbucks, paying near zero tax, wants him in?
You think bankers, with their multi million pound bonuses, want him in?

And do you think they don’t have contact with May? Or with the media? You honestly think that these millionaires and billionaires are the sort of people that go “ah well, easy come easy go, it was nice while it lasted”?? I wouldn’t be if my personal fortune was at risk, I’d be straight on the phone to Theresa May or Rupert Murdoch demanding this gets sorted immediately.

Because here’s a man, a politician that doesn’t lie - he can’t lie - he could have said whatever would get him votes anytime he wanted but he hasn’t. He lives in a normal house like us and uses the bus just like us. He’s fought for justice and peace for nearly 40 years. He has no career ambitions. And his seat is untouchable. That’s one of the greatest testimonies. No one comes close to removing him from his constituency, election after election.

His Manifesto is fully costed. It all adds up, yes there’s some borrowing but that’s just to renationalise the railway, you know we already subsidise them and they make profit yeah? One more time… WE subsidise the railway companies and they walk away with a profit, just try and grasp the level of piss taking going on there.
Unlike the Tory manifesto with a £9 billion hole, their figures don’t even add up.

And it benefits all of us, young, old, working, disabled, everyone. The only people it hurts are the establishment, the rich, the bankers, the top 5% highest earners.

Good, screw them. It’s long overdue.

“Hugin in extended trot.  It looks brilliant but I have stopped using it.  It is easy to say that you dislike something you cannot do.  This picture proves that I was able to ride trot extensions better than most riders and educators.  So I think I may say quite rightly that I know what Im talking about when  I say I dislike this exercise.

My ideas have changed over the years and have become closer to those of the old masters.  The exercise that a modern rider would call an extended trot is no longer apart of my work.  Why should I teach a horse to push with his hind legs if my main goal is to teach the horse to carry himself and me on bend haunches?”

~Bent Branderup (Academic Art of Riding)

Prelude’s Thunderbirds are Go! Fic Masterpost

Hello! I am @preludeinz​ and I write a whole lot of TAG Fanfiction. Here are my major works and where best to find and read them, as well as a collection of everything else and why you should read it! This masterpost doesn’t collect EVERYTHING I’ve written in the fandom (whatever’s fit to be read is all up at my Ao3) but it does collect the pieces I consider the best.

For simplicity’s sake, or if you’re in a tearing hurry, here are quick links to assorted archives of my work:

Archive of Our Own // // tumblr writing tag

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hey, just wondering if you would mind deleting the post 'the struggle to find trans love in san francisco' and reblogging a version without the transphobic and misgendering comments at the bottom? the writer of the article is a trans woman, and even if she's an idiot she doesn't deserve to be misgendered

I appreciate your polite request, but I’m going to leave the post up, because among those comments are very valid insights into the lesbophobia that specifically comes from trans women. The truth is, shaming lesbians for not being attracted to penis and considering lesbians as inferior to straight men is a very male thing to do, and shows the male entitlement and socialization that even trans women can have, despite their gender identity.

There are ways to discuss the issues trans people have when it comes to how potential partners perceive them and how transphobia works in society without resorting to homophobia. This author failed to do so, and the lesbians who have quite rightly called her out on it deserve to have their voices and anger heard, and that is why I won’t reblog a version of the post without them.

-Mod Noel

ooc. Friends of mine have been reblogged on that “positivity” blog and were genuinely happy because of it - because it sounded like a nice idea to have a blog where non-white muses & muns are embraced. Thankfully, since this uproar, people have made sincere blogs for POC muns & their muses - as the idea is a very nice concept.

 The fact that your blog was nothing but a load of shit and a “social experiment” about how “ppl no like my boring angst muse :( I HAAt EN,oN WhIItE P  eople Annd Thheir Audaacity to   EExist on  Tumb`lr” is pretty heinous. You basically made a shame blog for people that (quite rightly so) criticize how obnoxious the white RPC can be.

You helped nothing but make people hate you even more by targeting them and their OCs with your stupid idea of a blog, now you gotta deal with the consequences of that. You can make your muses however the hell you want - but that’s your cup of tea. Don’t shame people for taking umbridge with the lack of effort & diversity within the community, though.

People make RP muses to have fun. Some people want to also have some diversity & awareness with so much inspiration. Too bad you can’t bring yourself to support that, man. Too freakin bad, @fcllens. :^/

Thank you @slavebecky70

There are times when I can be genuinely floored by how good My hot fuckable beautiful painslut slavegirl @slavebecky70 is.

Recently I was looking into traveling half way around the world for a whim. Without being asked to do so, she looked into this for Me & quite rightly corrected Me. I need only now to travel around the corner relatively.

Personally I now know where I went wrong & I might have words with Nick but take nothing away from the fact that @slavebecky70 is on another level to most slaves. I have told her that I consider her to be a role model for females generally.

Love you @slavebecky70, Sir 💋

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How's it going with the in-laws? ;) I told Sherlock you are perfect, and he (quite rightly) suggested I tell you that. So, here it is: You're perfect :) at least you are for Sherlock, anyone can see that.

Ta!  I’m far from, but it’s nice he thinks so, and thanks for your vote of confidence as well.

Things with the in-laws are going about exactly as I expected, I’ll just say that.  Very nice people, but also very sure that their son needs constant minding, which in my opinion isn’t exactly fair.  I’m making sure they know what a great husband and dad he is.

His mum does acknowledge that we both look happy and healthy, so that’s something, I guess.  Physical evidence we’re good for each other.  It’s nice to know that other people can see that.

Top 15 performances at Garorock Festival (excerpt)

3. Foals
Oxfordshire’s very own Foals have slowly but surely become seasoned festival veterans over the last few years, releasing a constant stream of enviably destructive music with every step they take. It’s been a couple of years since they last shared new music (2015’s What Went Down), but they’re still going strong and look ready to release another collection of music this year. Frontman Yannis Phillippakis is still an absolute beast of a musician, commanding the crowd effortlessly and hoisting them into the palm of his hand at short notice. Set highlight Inhaler enabled the packed crowd to go mental once more, with pits erupting left, right and centre. And quite rightly so, because Philippakis and co. are bill-toppers of the future.
📝📷[hq] Jack Parker
All Things Loud

The Dream of the Foundling - Part 4

Summary: After tragedy strikes the kingdom of Agora, Prince James is faced with impossible task of finding a suitor for himself. Which only becomes ten times harder when he falls for his servant.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Suspense I guess, this is more just a filler than anything, sadness, sorta angsty.
Word Count: 1,200
Author’s Note: Okay I caved I feel like you guys have been waiting long enough so I thought I’d post this anyway. 


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Virgo traits and qualities

Virgo the sign of Earth

Virgo belongs to the Earth group and quite rightly so because Earth sign represents practicality. Virgos are extremely practical in their thinking. They have a logical mind. They have an uncanny ability to sense wrongs in a situation.

According to the Virgo horoscope predictions, Virgos live with their feet firmly placed on the ground. The earth signs would rather accept what is real than living in an imaginary world. That is why their suggestions are often sought after by others.

Virgos analyze their situations thoroughly and then make choices about it.

Virgo Characteristics -

 Positive Qualities of Virgo

Virgos love purity and they are the purist. They often are critical while judging their near and dear ones. They are observant and analytical. When it comes to friendship, they are very reliable. They are helpful and always eager to help others. They do not love to talk much. They talk briefly as well as answer briefly. They have a natural knack in music and often dreams to be musician.

Negative Qualities of Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists, but very often, their perfect and purity come as an intolerable criticism for their close ones. They often act cynical, when you ask them any question. Sometimes they are interfering and rigid. They are so particular about their belongings that sometimes it appears irritating. Virgos sometimes react very coldly without your expectations. For this reason, they often lead a boring life.

Traits of Virgo
Meticulous: Virgos are very alert about everything. They consciously see that they do not ruin or destroy anything, in the course of doing any job. They take a closer look at everything and do the needful to do the task carefully without hurting anyone.
Moody: Virgos are always moody. For their unpredictable mood, they are the best people for you, if you love excitement in life.
Perfectionist: Almost all Virgos are perfectionists. They know what they want and they prefer to keep their every belonging at the proper place. They often turn finicky in order to get all things in place.
Economical: Virgos are very economical in every sphere of their life. You cannot tell them miser but they definitely know how to save. They are very calculative and they never miss a single chance to strike the best deal, be it in the business or in street shopping.
Conventional: Virgos are very tradition in every aspect of life. They strictly believe in the values and principles, with which they grow up. They never want to experiment rather than always go for the tested paths. They do not have any interest or hobby in life.
Trustworthy: Virgos are very trustworthy. Be in any situation in life, if you are with a Virgo, he or she will help you from the deepest corner of his/her heart. They are always available to do their duties for their near and dear ones. Moreover, they do not complain about any issue, which they face in accomplishing the obligations.