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Prelude’s Thunderbirds are Go! Fic Masterpost

Hello! I am @preludeinz​ and I write a whole lot of TAG Fanfiction. Here are my major works and where best to find and read them, as well as a collection of everything else and why you should read it! This masterpost doesn’t collect EVERYTHING I’ve written in the fandom (whatever’s fit to be read is all up at my Ao3) but it does collect the pieces I consider the best.

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Sir, forgive my intrusion,

I know I’m the last you would see.

But we two need to do this,

I’m sure you’d agree.

The issue of my husband

Is the one I suggest

We talk about freely,

Please do not digress.

I am lucky, I know,

To have married the man,

And his duty is something

You can’t understand.

But that’s all it is,

Dear Chevalier,

It is duty and honour

Despite what you say.

I know he is yours,

I am not a fool,

But please don’t be catty,

I’m merely a tool

To keep relations alive

Between our two houses,

And the love that we share

Is not that of spouses.

Did you know, when in bed,

It is you on his mind?

If you cannot see that,

My dear, you are blind.

Yes, you are jealous,

And quite rightly so,

But must you be such a child

In expressing your woe?

Chevalier, please,

For the sake of our love,

Stop these hysterics

And please rise above.

He loves you, you know,

In ways I only dream

He would show

When his gaze falls upon me.

Do you know what I wish?

Before this thing ends,

I would like nothing more

Than for us to be friends.

Because, though you might hate it;

Philippe must do too;

You must learn to share him,

And I shall do too.

But, sir, please don’t doubt

That your love isn’t returned.

It is, and I smile,

So please do not be concerned.

A/N: This fucking show is the best and worst thing that has ever happened to me. From Liselotte, to the Chevalier.

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“Hugin in extended trot.  It looks brilliant but I have stopped using it.  It is easy to say that you dislike something you cannot do.  This picture proves that I was able to ride trot extensions better than most riders and educators.  So I think I may say quite rightly that I know what Im talking about when  I say I dislike this exercise.

My ideas have changed over the years and have become closer to those of the old masters.  The exercise that a modern rider would call an extended trot is no longer apart of my work.  Why should I teach a horse to push with his hind legs if my main goal is to teach the horse to carry himself and me on bend haunches?”

~Bent Branderup (Academic Art of Riding)

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☂ Melian

I think before Melian, elves in Middle Earth thought of edible plants more similarly to how they thought of animals, and also regarded them as containing spellwork within them (rightly so, since I hc the new not-quite-settled enchantment freshly coalescing into reality is how plants and animals existed in ME before the sun rose) and therefore believed plants could not be transformed by anything other than cooking. Melian taught them how to use enchantment to encourage yeast and grain flour to work together to produce breads that other elves (or humans, or dwarves) could never figure out how to make – she did teach Galadriel how to do this though.

The Dream of the Foundling - Part 4

Summary: After tragedy strikes the kingdom of Agora, Prince James is faced with impossible task of finding a suitor for himself. Which only becomes ten times harder when he falls for his servant.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Suspense I guess, this is more just a filler than anything, sadness, sorta angsty.
Word Count: 1,200
Author’s Note: Okay I caved I feel like you guys have been waiting long enough so I thought I’d post this anyway. 


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A great weapon of choice. I bought them by chance when I went to a stationery shop in Saudi. I joined the studyblr community a while afterwards to find that they’re quite popular, and rightly so. Here’s what I have to say about them…

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Guys and Girls can be Friends!

I thought I’d make a post about this particular drama I am seeing a lot in the fam and I wanted to share my thoughts on the matter.

Calum and Nia.

So, far every time these two are at the same place as another people go crazy and state things like ‘they are dating’ ‘it’s obvious they have a thing’ and ‘it’s confirmed’. This needs to stop.

1)      Nia is signed to Calum’s (well 5sos’ record label) and would be unprofessional to date/get involved. I do not at all and am not claiming to know the music industry or their contract or anything about the music business or at least the business around those 2 bands involvement with one another but nonetheless it would definitely be viewed as unprofessional and they would know that we would think that. I believe they are smart to know that.

2)      Anytime that a girl is seen, or in a photo or involved in some social media contact (e.g. a tweet, a like on instagram etc. ) they are automatically dating, or rumoured to be dating or hooking up an all. Some even start ‘shipping’ them and just adding on to it. This is not healthy my lovelies. It creates and adds drama for the whole fam and becomes exhausting for yourself if you get concerned by everyone that they hang out with. I would like to add that this leads to false accusations (for the most part). For example, Caitlin Davis. I believe she was a girl who everyone said was a ‘groupie’ or ’hookup’ or ’girlfriend’ of Calum’s, and as it turns out was nothing more than a friend.

3)      Leading on from the previous point, this can actually cause unnecessary attention to people who do not deserve it i.e. sending hate to a girl who is just hanging around one of the boys.

4)      Evidence/proof. The photos and stuff that we have got of these two suggest nothing else other than friendship. There is no pda or anything like that which we have seen from certain other couples and given the amount of times they have hung out and seen by fans I think something would have been caught if they were but they aren’t. I know there have been some fans saying they have seen them before doing stuff but then never provide evidence. Now as a fam I think you have caught some private photos a lot before so it is pretty unlikely you saw them and didn’t take a picture. I think there always needs to be proof with claims like that. There is also the twitter’s, tumblr’s and accounts run by groupies/friends/friends of friends of 5sos that claim things about them. I would like to say that most of the ones who first claimed they were a thing in the first place have no said it is over. I do not know if they are telling the truth that they know the guys I just don’t know but a few seem really nice But I refer you to my previous post about these blogs: . This is nothing against those people because I have visited their accounts and they are truly nice, sweet and lovely people. Finally, all outings that have involved these guys are always, always in a group with other people. So, it makes no sense as to why people single these 2 out. It’s a bunch of friends socializing together.

5)      A point a lot of us I think seem to be forgetting is that we only have an outside view on what goes on in the boys private lives (quite rightly I think) so what we see or hear is 100% not concrete fact. We should not assume anything. I see people who thankfully agree these 2 are not dating and just friends but believe they have at least hooked up. We do NOT know that. Where did that come from?

6)      My final point (my most important I think and links to the point I ended with just now in 5) ) People seem to think that just because Calum is a guy and Nia is a girl that they must have at least hooked up. Wrong! Well then they must be dating now because they are standing next to each other. Wrong again! As shocking as I know it is a guy and a girl can be friends. You don’t even need to say they are like brother and sister, because we should not have to attach that label for people to understand. Not every girl surrounding the boys is around just for a sex or hooking up with them ok. They have girl friends. Guys and girls can be friends.

Well that’s my little rant that I wanted to address and I hope people see the light with what I am trying to say. I am not attacking at all so I hope people do not get the wrong idea when reading it.

@offciallycalum @exposing5sosblog @exposing-arzaylea @5sos-groupie-info thought I’d tag you guys for opinions on what I wrote and because I know you get fed up with this drama and I really enjoy your blogs and you all seem really nice and sweet.

And as always I hope you all stay safe strong, stay safe and stay happy.



it’s come to my attention that people have a problem with Flint’s Miranda flashbacks and guilt, because it “erases” his feelings and guilt over Thomas’ fate? But… I don’t understand how people can even think to put this in the “heteronormative” box. Thomas was the person he loved, but he never saw him literally get shot in the head and stand pale and blue and dead in a coffin. Also, when Thomas got taken away, Flint still had some hope. To save Thomas, or at least to honour his memory, by making something of Nassau. I think he’s actually lost that hope by now - he says he’s doing it for Nassau (!) but really he’s just fighting for the sake of fighting (Miranda quite rightly pointed that out.) So now he’s got no hope, but he does have the very traumatic and very recent, graphically detailed memories of Miranda’s death. (Plus - her spirit actually haunts him, which Thomas never did, as far as we know. One can assume Thomas is more level than that and he moved on more easily. Or else he’s still alive. Who knows at this point. Anyway.) Miranda’s death, which was less deserved even than Thomas’, because Thomas knew the risks of speaking unpopular opinions in front of powerful men, making controversial decisions and at the same time having an illegal homosexual relationship. He didn’t deserve any of what happened to him, but he knew it was a risk. Miranda… also knew the risks, but none of it was really her choice to begin with. She just accepted Thomas and James’ relationship because she loved them both, but she warned them of the dangers and seemed to try to steer them onto a safer course. Years later, Thomas is gone and Flint, by deciding not to go to friends in Amsterdam or wherever, steered himself and Miranda on a more than unsafe course. Miranda goes along with it and supports him because she’s loyal, but she didn’t get herself into this situation. Flint did. So her death is, in his mind at least, quite certainly “his fault”. Point being… OF COURSE that’s going to weigh more heavily on his mind than Thomas at this point. That doesn’t mean he cared about him less. Ffs.

The other day it was like someone let out a bag of crazy at my store (a women’s accessory chain, let’s call it Enchanting Eddie). I was working shipment but I came in a little early to try on some apparel, and as I’m waiting for my manager to open up a fitting room I see an older woman approach another customer and start asking her for help finding a clutch to match her outfit. The other customer says, quite rightly, “I’m sorry, but I don’t work here.” So Crazy Older Lady says, “Oh I know, but the girl at the register wasn’t helpful.” I glance over at the register and the only sales associate on the floor has a massive line. Bitch had gone over to the register to ask her to build her an outfit and completely ignored the fact she was ringing up customers!

Fast forward to me trying to ring out my purchase. Crazy Older Lady is two people ahead of me, and the poor girl at the register is trying to deal with her as she’s not actually ready to purchase, she’s just brought all of the clutches she could find to the register so she could “actually get some customer service around here.”

My poor manager, who has been running around like a chicken with her head cut off, comes to the register to take down the line and also to ring me out, and Crazy Older Lady just glares at her. I waited in line for ten minutes while Crazy Older Lady was antagonizing my co-worker, and she was still there when I clocked in and ran to the back room, hoping the crazy would be over.

But there was another Crazy Older Lady about to burst on the scene. We’d gotten 67 boxes in, which is a lot for the two of us who make up the shipment team to handle. We’re knee deep in unopened handbags when #2 walks into the back room, ignoring the “employees only” sign. My coworker ushers her into the hallway and I hear #2 say, “Are those bathrooms single stalls?” Coworker says yes, and comes back to the back room.

A few minutes pass, and we see #2 staring at us through the window and about to push the door open again. Coworker steps in.

#2: Do you know if there’s someone already in there?

Coworker: The light isn’t on, so there probably isn’t. You could knock just to be safe.

#2: How about you check for me?

So coworker goes out, knocks, and opens the door for her. Even from behind the door, I hear her exasperated sigh. “Good thing you finally decided to help me. I would have been waiting here all day for someone to leave.”

Tl;dr: Entitled old tourist ladies are the Absolute Worst.

I’ve noticed that tumblr seems to have become, quite rightly, a Minerva McGonagall fan site. So whilst I am sure I’m not the first to do so, I really wanna share one of my (many) favourite McGonagall moments - how she handles things when Neville doesn’t get the required grade for his Transfiguration NEWT.

‘Why do you want to continue with Transfiguration anyway? I never got the impression that you particuarly enjoyed it.’
Neville looked miserable and muttered something about ‘my grandmother wants’.
‘Humph,’ snorted Professor McGonagall. ‘It’s high time your grandmother learned to be proud of the grandson she’s got, rather than the one she thinks she ought to have - particularly after what happened at the Ministry.’
Neville turned very pink and blinked confusedly; Professor McGonagall had never paid him a compliment before. 
‘I’m sorry, Longbottom, but I cannot let you into my NEWT class. I see that you have an “Exceeds Expectations” in Charms, however - why not try for a NEWT in Charms?’
‘My grandmother thinks Charms is a soft option,’ mumbled Neville.
’Take Charms,’ said Professor McGonagall, ‘and I shall drop Augusta a line reminding her that just because she failed her Charms OWL, the subject is not necessarily worthless.’

(Half-Blood Prince page 165-166 UK Hardback)

Let’s ignore that this is obviously a cruel “I want no more photos of dead kids, but don’t make any actual policy changes” PR job from the Camarilla; it doesn’t make economic sense. Even if you consider human beings as mere cogs in the capitalist machine it doesn’t make sense.

1. It’s a waste of cash. We spend the money to teach, house, socialise and provide medical care for a child for a decade+. Then as soon as they are able to start paying that investment back into society, we chuck em out. It’s like paying into a fixed-term portfolio then burning it once it starts paying dividends.

2. A fuckload of lawsuits. Once the kid starts attending school they are a nominal EU citizen. So they get to, quite rightly, ask where the fuck their known family are and appeal for contact. Even if they somehow have the cash to fund this privately it still costs the civil service to do their legal due diligence on each case.

3. It stresses the defence budget. Let’s raise a child to adulthood in a particular environment, then at age 18 throw them out to an insecure lifestyle. Who do you think will be most likely to prey on those emmigrants, who would value their knowledge and connections within the UK most, who would be most adapt at manipulating their justified anger? Yeah well done, it’s fucking ISIS.

This is the exact policy New Labour put in for Afghan refugees and, protip, it’s not paid dividends.

Is it so hard to just treat people decently for fucks sakes.

Some clarification

I’ve seen some posts where people are questioning and debating about how I choose to run my account and how I gather the information I hold. I thought it would be a good time to try to clarify some of this.

In many ways my account is run by many people and I’m just the person in the middle trying to edit it all together and make sense of everything, picking and choosing what is right to post, what should be held back and what is actually false. As early as April I was contacted by many individuals who have been incredibly helpful in making sense of what was going on – local people in Dunkerque who knew the area well and were informing me of any filming warnings they’d been given, local journalists who followed my account and forwarded any articles or interesting information – that kind of thing. This continued with every location that they have filmed in so far – I get emails from local photographers and residents who are just incredibly excited about what is happening in their town and just want to share.

However, whenever a fan approached me and asked if they could be an “insider” I refused this. You can ask any fan that I have ever been in touch with over the whole filming schedule, and I can promise you I have never sent a fan to a set and given them any “insider” information. If a fan chose to go to the sets on their own and THEN decided to contact me, I took from that what I felt comfortable to take.

There is of course some information that I’ve receive that just isn’t right to share or I’m simply not allowed to – there are of course unseen photos and filming information that I personally felt were far too intrusive or spoiler-ish to share (although as you saw, I was quite upset about how open the whole Dorset filming was for this reason too!). Other information cannot be shared because it’s simply not respectful to do so given the circumstances.

I’ve also adjusted the amount of information I share pre-filming because of the incidents we have witnessed on set. I no longer feel fully comfortable being in any way exact about timings and locations until things are underway or over, hence being a little more vague. However, you may not realise that filming locations have been reported in the local press in all of the places they have filmed in so far, and therefore no matter what, fans and local people will attend the sets regardless. The local press become aware because of road closures and other arrangements which means that it’s almost impossible for that sort of location filming to go unnoticed.

I’ve never said that I was an expert on movie productions – I have followed some in the past, but even so every movie schedule works differently. I do however speak to other people who should know better before I share anything, just to make sure it makes sense. In particular, I’m very grateful that I have been able to speak with a number of Nolan’s fans who obviously have a greater idea of how he works as a director. I’d be lost without their input and I am learning as we go.

Despite all of this, it is very hard to get to grips with what exactly is happening on set because of how secretive everything is (and quite rightly so!). Anything I share for the most part has been based on research into the historical side of Dunkirk. If this was a production about a completely made up subject, we would be a lot more lost than we are at the moment about what is going on. However, when I do share information based on the historical side, I do so hoping that you understand Dunkirk will not be 100% based on fact. In particular, if I say that a character MAY be BASED on someone, this does not mean that they will actually be that person but that there may be some influence. Some of the information I have provided in the past has since been taken out of context and displayed as complete fact which disappoints me. When I wrote up the character profile for Harry, a lot of that was based on what his jacket can tell us about his regiment and their own history. This does not mean that things will be portrayed exactly like that, but does give us a bit of information to work with. There is clear evidence that Nolan and his team have done a lot of research and are trying to be as realistic as possible though, which is brilliant. 

I never said that Nolan’s Dunkirk would be a remake of the original Dunkirk movie either, so I’m not sure how someone came to that conclusion. Sharing videos and recommendations like that are only to give you an idea of how Dunkirk can be and has been portrayed on the big screen in the past. However, as it’s shaping up, Nolan’s Dunkirk will be very different to the 1958 movie of the same name.

There is no way that anything I deliver to you can be 100% correct all of the time (you should always take everything you read online with a pinch of salt as a rule) because I have no personal connection to Harry or the team working on this film. I do however try my best to distinguish between fact and fiction and more than anything I’m just here to share my excitement about what is sure to be a brilliant movie.

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Do you think that Ian Bohen is daddy AF?

I know Ian Bohen is quite freaked out about being called daddy, and rightly so, to be honest… I like to separate the actors from the characters, especially when writing fanfic and imagines, so as much as I love the man Ian Bohen (yes, I’ve met him…), I’m not thinking about him like that… <3 Lein