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I just need to comment how much I love the fact that they seem to now have separate spaces for filming and living!! I can't understand how weird it must've been to not have a place in their old house that was just theirs, and I'm happy to think they may get this privacy now (and if they do decide to share little bits of the upstairs part, then great. But I hope they do what makes them more comfortable!!)

They’ve made their upstairs a sanctuary and away from work while their downstairs is where they’ll record everything and I’m so happy about that because I can imagine how flustered dan and phil could’ve gotten in the london apartment having no space to themselves that didn’t remind them of making videos and to hide away IM SO HAPPY FOR THEM AND THE LONDON DUPLEX WILL BE GREAT

it’s funny how just a few lines from dnp’s own mouths about a certain issue can completely change the way you see something that you thought you’d fully thought through and had a grasp of before. i was quite certain that in this new place they would likely not film in their bedroom(s) because i thought i understood, on an intellectual level at least, how awful it must be to know that millions of people can constantly look into the places where you live/sleep and generally have all of the intimate, personal, human moments of your life. it just made no sense to me for two people who are so, so private and value that privacy so much. i’ve frequently thought about how they might have felt trapped in this house that they chose and the filming habits they developed when they were five years younger and more naive about the degree to which their audience would continue to grow and grow. but somehow it hit me in a more visceral way today, and in a sharper way, to hear dan talk about how they were going crazy in that house, not just for the somewhat silly/comedic reasons they listed in their announcement video but because their whole house was also their filming set. he talked about how the gaming office was also their actual office and their whole house is always full of cameras and lights. it made me think so much more deeply about what it must be like to live that way, in which the physical space that you occupy and that you treat as a haven and a sanctuary–the only place you’re ever away from prying eyes–is still constantly exposed to those same prying eyes all the time bc you have nowhere else to go. and shelling out money for another filming space (”an office” like many popular youtubers have started renting separately from their homes over the past few years) never seemed like a move dnp could make. they are apathetic and probably legitimately anxious in certain ways to leave their home,  and they seem to genuinely enjoy working from home and staying inside as much as they can. and shooting their vids in the place they live gives them a ton of flexibility– like the ability to film at 3am, which seems to have become habitual for them. 

basically. without rambling about this for too long. i’m emotional in the best way that they’ve found a place that presents a perfect solution to these issues that they’ve had to live with for so long. i’m just so so happy for them. they’ve created a way to continue working from home but to also have an actual home where they can be fully and authentically themselves and never have to worry about the fact that millions of people know everything about how they live. they can still show us that truer part if they want, but only on their own terms–through photos and very brief or occasional filming,,, whatever they want to do basically. but they are setting the expectation and standard from the get go that that portion of the house is theirs. and this speaks volumes to me. it’s such an immense show of commitment to their relationship and to their future–it shows that their life together (their personal life, not their professional one) is something that they think needs to be protected and nurtured and cherished and everything about that is so lovely <3  at the same time they have gone to great lengths to also ensure that we feel comfortable with this change–they’re making sure that their filming locations are set up in ways that we are familiar with, utilizing a lot of the decor and tidbits that we’ve grown to love and that also mean a lot to them. they’re not filming in some sterile location that is stripped of everything personalized and human. things like the sofa crease and the muse poster and phil’s bedspread and whatnot–items that were originally bought bc they meant something to dan and phil but that eventually also took on great meaning to the audience–those things will still form the backdrops to the content they make. but upstairs they’re giving themselves the chance to fill a new space with presumably new things and new memories that are all for them. i don’t know how anyone could think about that and not just feel a little bit faint about how much dnp clearly value each other and this life that they share. it’s enough to make my head spin haha :) i’m so happy for them, and so content when i think about the peace and promise that this move might be bringing to their lives.

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but is jean moreau an art hoe??? does he love writing??poetry??what's his major?? is he into science??will he cover up his tattoo or will he get it removed?? WHAT'S HIS RELATIONSHIP TO FRANCE ,,,does he like Jeremy's parents,,, bee, PlS give us the sequel of ur jean moreau hcs (the more random the better )after u feel better !!!💖💖get well sooooon

IM ALIVE (mostly)

  • jean is halfway through his raven-approved sports science degree, so he sticks with it at usc because it’s too much effort to change. he doesn’t care at all about it, and won’t ever use it, but he’s a solid b student
  • he’s really super clueless about doing things for pleasure when he arrives in california (hobbies are for other people, not for ravens, and especially not for him). he really likes to read though, especially fiction - fantasy, sci fi, stuff like that
  • (remember how he canonically calls kevin’s history books boring. iconic, tbh)
  • he likes to go to art museums. it’s quiet and he can look at stuff and just be. still. laila goes with him because jeremy has the attention span of a happy dog most of the time and starts crawling the walls after a half hour, which jean does NOT appreciate
  • jeremy likes to watch movies, and jean is happy to sit with him but he’s picky about what they watch because he finds them triggering quite a lot. thankfully jeremy generally likes to watch disney films and romances, because he just likes to relax while they’re on. if he wants to watch anything else, he does it with Laila, who is a complete movie buff
  • jean doesn’t like to get up early. that’s because he sleeps best when the sun is already up, but eventually it just turns to him enjoying sleeping as much as he likes
  • jean leaves the tattoo on his face. it’s just another scar
  • he gets more tattoos, delicate blackwork that hide under his clothes for the most part. feathers on his shoulders, a heart in lace between his shoulder blades, an enclosed circle of night sky on his chest, a partridge flying from an open cage on his thigh. they’re not secrets, but they’re his, just like the rest of his body
  • jean doesn’t remember much of france and what he does remember is intrinsically tied up with his parents (not fond memories) so he mostly doesn’t think about it. i think he goes back one day though, to reclaim it for himself as an inextricable part of his history, and he ends up falling in love with it when he does
  • (picture: jean moreau speaking french because there’s no one left alive to stop him, dragging along his boyfriend who mostly has to communicate via charades in the little towns outside of paris where no one cares to speak english. standing wind-whipped on a beach in normandy laughing at jeremy as he shivers in a lot of layers because “france is meant to be warm jean”. eating pastries each morning, and going down to the patisserie to pick them up. exploring paris (holding hands). not going anywhere near jean’s family because why would they, really. going to marseille anyway because he belongs there as much as they do)
  • jean is terrified of making a bad impression with jeremy’s parents, so he’s completely over-the-top polite and awkward at first. they like him anyway, because, though neither of them know it, they aren’t that quiet when they talk out on the front porch on summer nights, and their conversation is audible through bug screen, you know, if someone happened to be standing there. jean doesn’t trust them for a long time, but he kinda likes them anyway
  • jeremy’s dad likes to read the same genres as jean. they recommend books to each other. he’s one of the few people jean communicates with outside of the team. they email
  • jeremy’s mom always coerces jean into helping cook when he’s around, because he’s useless and she wants to make sure he has some life skills when he graduates. she does not tell jean this. jeremy does, though
  • jean likes cats. jeremy jokes that jean is catlike because he likes to nap in the sun. they get a cat at some point. jean jokes that they don’t need to get a dog because jeremy is a golden retriever. alvarez laughs so hard she chokes

Just Hold On by Steve Aoki and Louis Tomlinson sign language cover (PSE)!

Learn how to sign this song here and here.

Benedict Cumberbatch: 'It might look like an odd choice for a new father to be tackling a drama about losing a child'

Craig McLean
23 SEPTEMBER 2017 • 9:45AM

It’s a bright afternoon in April, and standing in front of me, wearing only blue trunks, is Benedict Cumberbatch. We are in a repurposed office complex near Uxbridge, on the set of The Child in Time, a feature-length adaptation of Ian McEwan’s Whitbread Prize-winning 1987 novel.

Cumberbatch is playing Stephen Lewis, a children’s author whose three-year-old daughter vanished while the pair were at the supermarket. It’s a horror that puts an unbearable strain on his marriage to Julie (Kelly Macdonald) and on his other professional commitment: sitting on a Thatcherite government committee known as the Official Commission on Childcare. Stephen is a man unmoored by loss, floating through life in grief-stricken isolation. But right now, Cumberbatch is worrying about his abs.

‘I do keep having to say to the director, “Did my body look too good in that scene?”’ he tells me, tongue in cheek, as he heads towards the bathroom to film a scene in which Stephen submerges himself in the bath in his empty, echoing flat. ‘Can you see my six pack? Maybe I should hide it…’ ‘It’s not for reasons of body image or any of that nonsense!’

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How would dads react to the MC being a well-known stunt-double for action films? and how would they react if MC got seriously hurt on the job?

Robert 🔪 - “That’s fucking awesome, y/n!” You expected excitement, but he is easily the most enthusiastic about your job that anyone has ever been in a while. “How long have you been doing it?” His eyes light up and he’s fully attentive, ready to listen to your stories. 

 “Oh- a while, professionally for a few years!” Robert is on the edge of his seat, and you could gush for hours under his curious attention, he just seems so interested and it warms your heart. 

He’s snuggled up next to you on the couch, an arm around your shoulder as he waits to hear something interesting, something fun, maybe a near death experience, and then he finally asks. “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever had to do? Jump a shark? Scale a building?” 

You start laughing, and he’s dying with suspense, running a hand through your hair and waiting to hear something crazy. “One time I had to jump over like 5 cars and I almost got ran over?” 

You can practically feel the exhilaration that Robert radiates, his inner adrenaline junkie coming out to play. “Can I watch sometime, kid?” He grins and is immediately asking you for movies you’ve stunted in so he can find your name in the credits, he asks if he could come with you to a shoot to watch you do your stuff, and supports you 100%.

(But if you get hurt, that’s another story. He’s immediately rushing to whatever hospital you’re at, worried out of his mind and demanding to see you. No matter how much you tell him you’ll be fine, he stays by your side until they discharge you and lectures you about being careful.)

Joseph ⛵ - “You do what?!” The fear in Joseph’s eyes is apparent, even if he’s trying to be supportive, and he seems genuinely concerned for your well being. “What if you get hurt?” Joseph is standing across the counter from you, ingredients for the next bake sale’s brownies forgotten in front of him. 

You try to comfort him, looking him straight in the eye and waiting for him to calm down. “I’ve been doing it for a few years, I’m well practiced.” You assure him that accidents are few and far between and slide up next to him, a soothing hand on his shoulder. “I have a lot of fun doing it, too.”

He takes a moment of silence to reflect, and you take the time to pull out your phone, searching for a video somewhere of a recent stunt for him to watch. “You like doing it?” He raises an eyebrow and you nod as you pull up a short video on your phone, just something small.

Joseph’s expression goes from worried, to shocked, to amazed in just a few seconds as he watched you get punched in the face and then vault over the guy and take him down. It’s a simple fight scene, but it still makes you smile. “Yeah, I like doing it, something about that adrenaline rush- and it pays good.” You chuckle.

“Well, y/n, if that’s what makes you happy, then by all means.” Joseph fidgets a bit, looking down at his feet before staring back at your phone. “Do you have any more videos?”

(In the event of you getting hurt, Joseph is an emotional wreck. He comes to love watching you do fight scenes or stunts, he really appreciates the passion you have for it and understands that adrenaline rush, but an accident would have him in hysterics. He would cry more than you, but at least he would be there to help you get better.)

Hugo 🧀🍷 - “Oh- is it…safe?” Hugo stares up from his book and over the top of his glasses when you tell him, an obvious interest in his gaze. You shrug and he sits up in his chair, setting his book aside and waiting for an answer.

“As safe as dangerous stunts can be.” Hugo chuckles and crosses his legs where he sits, looking ready to question you on exactly what that means. You decide to beat him to the punch. “I have experience and I don’t get hurt very often.” 

He nods and motions for you to come closer to him, putting on a sort of serious face. “I don’t mean to pull out my authority, but,” You let out an embarrassing giggle as Hugo clears his throat and puts on his best stern teacher voice. “If you let yourself get hurt, I will kick your ass, y/n.” 

He breaks into laughter along with you and gives you a gentle pat on the back, hoping that you get his message. You lean down and press a kiss to his lips to let him know that you definitely understand. “I have the raw footage of this one intense wrestling scene-”

You can pinpoint the exact second that Hugo’s eyes light up, and he grabs your arms with a newfound joy in his eyes. “You had me at wrestling.”

(True to his threat, if you end up getting hurt his first reaction is probably anger, and he asks himself why he let you put yourself in danger. He does, however, come to his senses and comfort you while you get better, telling you never to scare him like that again.)

Craig ⚾ - “Awesome, bro!” Craig stares at the phone you’ve handed him, a video of you jumping off of something terrifyingly tall and flipping through the air with skill. He looks genuinely amazed. “Is this was you were practicing for in college? I thought you were just going to work on films.” 

You laugh and slide onto the couch next to him with a smile, watching yourself do dangerous, risky stunts that you’re quite proud of. “I do work on films, Craig, just not like you thought I would.” A sound of amazement leaves his mouth when he sees you jump off of a trampoline and flip onto a moving car. 

“This is too awesome, bro, I’ve gotta show the girls!” You can’t help but smile at Craig’s enthusiasm for your interests, the way he leans forwards to look at the phone closer. “They’re gonna think you’re the cool dad, y/n.”

“I’m glad you think so.” The look on his face is enough to keep you entertained as his eyes stay glued to the screen, trying to track your every movement. 

He goes back to replay the video again, pausing to point at you flying in midair with astonishment on his face. “Y/n, how did you even do that!?” You just laugh and tell him that you’ll show him later, grinning as the twins run into the room to ask what’s going on.

(If you get hurt, Craig is packing everyone in the car and coming to help you, maybe even bringing another dad with him for support. He makes you protein shakes specially to help whatever ailment you’ve managed to give yourself and he tries not to freak out even if that’s certainly what he’s doing internally.)

Mat 🎸♩- “Woah, really?” Mat is making a drink for you in the coffee shop when you decide to bring it up, after all you have been seeing him for a while and he happened to ask what you do for a living. 

“Yeah, it isn’t easy, but,” Mat hands you your drink and you take a long, well-deserved sip, watching as he leans closer with his elbows on the counter. “It’s really fun, and I think I’m pretty good at it!” Mat swipes a bit of whipped cream off of the side of your mouth with a grin, a dreamy look in his eyes.

Mat takes the whipped cream into his own mouth and smiles up at you, laughing nervously. “Kudos to you, I could never do something like that, takes a lot of courage.” He grabs a muffin from under a display and starts munching on it, looking into your eyes. “You aren’t going to make me watch while you do it though, right?”

“Of course not, not if you don’t want to see it.” Mat sighs with relief and seems to slow his stress eating, swallowing the piece of chocolate chip muffin in his mouth. “But if you ever do, I will happily show you.”

He promptly shoved a large chunk of muffin in his mouth and covered his mouth with his hands, taking a few moments to distract himself before speaking. “For now, I’m good, I don’t think I can stomach it.”

(Mat is immediately guilty if you get hurt, thinking that he should have paid more attention to what you had been doing, maybe watched you, but he gives you as much support as he can. He heals you with the power of free coffee and hugs, even if you being hurt sort of scares the shit out of him.)

Damien 🌹🌼 - “Oh my!” Damien whispers quietly as he stares up at the movie screen, a much different kind of movie than your first date. He seem equally as terrified, though. “You had to do that? How did you not get hurt?”

You cover your mouth, trying not to sputter out a loud laugh in the middle of a crowded movie theater, and he gasps again while staring at the screen. “That’s not a very difficult stunt, Damien, just wait.” You stare up at the screen, waiting for the big scene. 

You smile and he forgets to breath as you watch yourself leap across the screen, Damien covering his mouth and watching intently. He knows you won’t get hurt, it’s editing and prerecorded and the magic has been done, but he still seems to be on the edge of his seat until the stunt ends.

“So, what do you think?” Damien turns to you and places a hand on your shoulder, taking a deep breath and trying to collect himself. He looks a little stressed, but also kind of proud in a way.

“Do, please, try not to hurt yourself while performing those.” He laughs softly and looks back at the screen to make sure that he’s done watching you do crazy stunts for sure. “But, I do admire the art involved, you’re very talented at what you do.”

(Damien is very shocked when he hears you’ve hurt yourself, and he’s over-worried, which he pints out, is not a bad thing. He checks on you every so often to make sure you’re feeling alright and cations you on not getting back into the danger before you’re ready.)

Brian 🐟 - “Stunts? Now that’s something interesting!” Brian is rubbing his hands together almost like he’s scheming, and for a moment you think he’s trying to find a way to one-up you, but he looks genuinely amazed. “Why didn’t you lead off with that when we met?” 

“I- I didn’t think it was important introduction talk-” You trail off and quickly stumble from your train of thought, having to kick yourself back into gear. “But if you’re interested?” Brain smiles and pulls up a chair, settling in for some story time.

A firm hand on your thigh tells you that he is more than interested, the look in his eyes filled with intrigue. “I like to think of myself as a thrill seeker, y/n.” And there it is, that rivalry. “But, you take it to a whole new level if you’re being serious.” 

You feel butterflies in your stomach as you pull out your phone to showcase some impressive moments, watching the stoic look on Brian’s face and attempting to decipher its meaning. “So…?”

“Well, I’ll be damned.” Brian’s face changes to wonderment as he watched, some of the tricks seeming to render him speechless, even if he tries to hide it. “You aren’t half bad!” 

You roll your eye at his response, but it’s to be expected and you know that he under-sells all of his reactions by now. You can see the pride in his eyes, and it makes you feel great. “Half good is fine by me.” The smile on your face shows it all as he smiles back.

(If you get hurt, Brian is protective. He wants to know what happened and what went wrong and why you were allowed to get hurt. He certainly treats you like a king while trying to make you feel better and heal faster.)

-Mod Arin

y’all: What’s it like living with you, Laura? Is it as great as I imagine?

me: Well, it’s a lot of sitting around, eating baked goods, listening to traditional Irish concertina music, and trying to stop giggling long enough to ask Nathan where movie quotes came from. If that floats your boat.


Here’s the trailer for Jackie Chan’s new film, “The Foreigner”, and, quite frankly, it looks like the best thing he’s done in ages.
People forget that Jackie can actually act and I like that he’s really stepping outside the box for this one.
The action looks solid too: gunfights and hand to hand.

Feed the Movie. Starring and Written by Troian Bellisario. OMG. I don’t want anyone to think I’m really biased throughout the post due to my love for Troian as I wanted my opinion on this movie to be honest due to its nature, however I didn’t expect anything less from Troian. I have tried to avoid spoilers here too so sorry if I drop some - I’m a tad excited!!

- Troian and Tom (Felton) work so well together, it’s evident that these two have a connection / strong chemistry from the get go and they portray the sibling bond well
- The colour theme is very subtle and seems to be based on pastel colours which is so beautiful and aesthetically pleasing
- Ben Winchell portrays the loving and caring friend well and it is clear that his character also has great chemistry with Troian’s character (Olivia) and I particularly loved their scenes together as their bond is clearly strong, especially within the sex scene as it is clear that he cares for her stability more so than making love with her
- Some of the scenes were very hard hitting towards the end of the movie but were perfectly carried out in order to avoid controversy
- The scenes at the dinner table with Olivia’s parents made me extremely uncomfortable knowing that Troian must’ve experienced situations like this which I’ll get onto in a bit but it was difficult to put myself into her shoes due to the awkward manner
- I found myself a bit confused at some moments in the movie because I was unsure if Tom Felton’s character (Matt) had actually died and was just tormenting Olivia or if he was still alive to her idk but as the movie went on it became obvious that Matt was the voice controlling Olivia and her mental stability
- I was slightly worried that I would see Olivia as Spencer Hastings and that would take away from the sentimental value of the movie but I found myself relating Olivia more too Troian’s role in the 2010 movie Consent, which may be due to the overlaying of both movies considering the theme of incest
- I have just watched To the Bone on Netflix staring Lily Collins and although I thoroughly enjoyed it and has some similarities to Feed as both central characters follow the theme of anorexia, I was more touched by the portrayal within Feed which may have to do with my emotional attachment to Troian but the writing of Feed helped to show the profession of an eating disorder in more depth in my opinion
- I was slightly worried that I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the movie truthfully and I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the content in depth but I was wrong, I was incredibly touched by Troian’s portrayal of Olivia from the start and I felt fully captivated within the story. As the movie went on and the story became more structured, I felt deep sympathy for Olivia as I could see glimpses of Troian’s life within her and it was heartbreaking to realise that Olivia’s eating disorder is based on Troian’s struggles and I think it was extremely brave of her to share her story in this manner when she knows that the media may be ready to belittle her and her movie. The way in which the narrative is told has been beautifully written, directed and portrayed by all of the cast as it addresses obscure themes that may bring up controversy within the media. The hospital scenes especially spoke to me as it was difficult to believe that an actress whom I have followed and admired for years has been through these situations and the intensity of them especially made them hard hitting
- We drastically see Olivia change towards the end of the movie due to way that an eating disorder and grief has controlled her life and it is clear that Troian put a lot of herself into portraying this
- The very last scene is really heartfelt and touching, however I thought that the last shot was quite abrupt - maybe allowing for another film as it didn’t seem like the end?
- Troian’s writing of this story is beautiful and I think the girl has done extremely well and should be immensely proud of herself for telling her story in the way that she did as I’m sure this movie will allow other young and old people alike to address disorders such as anorexia and anxiety and not consider them to be taboo, and hopefully allow them to have the courage to reach out for help

I’m so so so proud of Troian for all the hard work, time and effort she has put into this story. I think it just might be one of the most beautiful and powerful movies that has come out since The Fault in our Stars… what do you think?

Mulan and Disney

Many of us are Mulan fans and might have been quite surprised to discover that back in 1998 it was only a modest success. The film made a profit, but didn’t quite hit the popularity or even box office levels of films like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and the Lion King.

Mulan’s inclusion in the Disney Princess franchise was mostly due to a need to diversify the line up, as at the time Jasmine was the only princess of colour, and unfortunately Mulan has been quite overlooked. Mulan isn’t a princess in her film, and her film doesn’t have any of the cosmetics that are commonly used in the Disney Princess franchise, by which I mean sparkly ballgowns, Magic, and essentially all the other princess stereotypes. Now this doesn’t make Mulan bad by any means; Mulan was never meant to fit into that world of princesses and it stands alone as it’s own unique genre, but because the only form of marketing we get from Disney is through the franchise, we don’t see a whole lot of Mulan because she doesn’t really fit in and lend herself to as many products as Rapunzel and Cinderella do.

The funny thing is, Mulan is actually quite popular and is growing in popularity. It’s only recently that Disney’s really started to show Mulan some respect and love, even if it’s in the slightest form; in video games Disney Emoji Blitz and Disney Crossyroad characters from the film are featured, and in crossy road’s case in their own level. These games don’t just pick any old Disney movie to put in, they feature the most recognizable and well loved films in the company, and Mulan is one of them.

Even in Happily Ever After, Disney’s new nighttime fireworks show, Mulan actually gets its own segment. Sure it’s brief and shares it with the villains segment, but it’s still better than just a small snippet in a 20 minute show.

And Mulan’s popularity is still ever growing as Disney has a 2018 Live Action adaptation on the horizon, and if all goes well this could mean a resurgence in Mulan merchandise, and focus in the parks.

My hope is that Disney takes a hard look at the Disney Princess Franchise and rethinks what a princess can be. Mulan isn’t a princess by definition, and she might not fit into the cookie cutter mould set by Disney, but why can’t Disney sell some warrior outfits and play swords? Instead of making each princess uniform why don’t you give each princess her own line of merchandise set to her character. Give Belle some books, give Rapunzel some paint brushes, give Tiana pretend kitchen toys, and give Mulan some armour. Teach young kids that there’s more than one way to be a princess.