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just gonna drop every gf-related doodle i’ve drawn this month here, because boy have i slacked off on actually posting stuff lately. 

Literal Translations
  • Literal Translations
  • Gintoki, Sakamoto; ep 323

Gintoki: “I’ll keep it nice and short, so translate it properly this time. F*ck you.”

Sakamoto: “Why’d you turn into a foreigner? Takasugi-shi, he’s basically sayin’…he wants to f*ck you.”

Gintoki: “Don’t translate that literally!!”


Margoe: “..I’m confused.. You’re not mad?”

Baylee: “Sweetie, why would I be mad? You’re going to be a mother, that’s so exciting!”

Margoe: “Mom.. please don’t cry..”

Baylee: “I’m going to be a grandmother!! Oh, sweetheart! This is such wonderful news! You’re going to be the best mommy!”

Margoe: “..R-really? Wow, that.. that means so much to me, mom..”

anonymous asked:

how would UT/UF/US Alphys and Undyne react to a s/o who is an anime singer? (like someone who sings opening songs and stuff)

Listen, my YT history is 90% jubyphonic covers, I Feel You - M.M.


Badass!! She insists on performing with you every now & then, even if the end result isn’t the one that gets published. Hey, she has that piano for a reason–just being able to hear you sing it live is enough to make her happy.


Ohmygod, ohmygod! She doesn’t care what you sing in particular, it’s just so cool that you do it! She downloads all of your covers, & listens to them on a constant loop. In other words, she’s your Biggest Fan.


She picks fun at you for it. It might seem that she really isn’t all that into it, but her lowkey bullying is mostly to cover up the fact that she is Way More into it than she’d like to admit. If you ever checked the music list on her phone, it’d be 90% of your song covers.


She’s very critical of your work. Alphys is the type of Monster who likes to act that her taste in anime is the Best, & that everyone else’s is just garbage in comparison. So if you haven’t at least covered “Kusou Mesorogiwi” or "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni,” don’t even talk to her.


W-Wow, that’s really–really freaking cool! The moment she finds out she’s downloading every available cover she can get her hands on. Let’s just say in the weeks following, the walls of her lab are constantly shaking with the sheer volume that she’s blasting your songs at.


Ohmygod?? Holy crap, that’s cool as heck! She’s got a special-made playlist on her phone (mostly your softer/bubblier covers) that she keeps on repeat during her training time. Your voice gives her the energy & inspiration she needs to get through the day.


Briella: “Lolli!”

Asher: *grins* “Lolli, huh? I might have something for you since you were a good girl today.”

*reaches into his pocket*

Briella: “Lolli!”

Asher: “Don’t tell your Mom I gave that to you before dinner, okay? It’s just between us.”

Briella: “All gone!”

Asher: “That’s right. Make sure it’s all gone before she sees you.”

Pleased by her treat, Briella waddled off to enjoy her lollipop. She could always count on Asher to spoil her. All she had to do was ask. ♥