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Accidental love (Norman Reedus x Reader)

Fandom: Norman Reedus Imagine 

I first wrote this imagine on Wattpad (LisyDixon066)

(Y/N)= Your Name
(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name
(Y/E/C)= Your Eye Color

Imagine being a police officer in Georgia. Your day is rather calm and peaceful until you have to help a man who just got into a car crash.


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Your hair was floating around your face as you drove down the desert road that lead to the police station. The sun would be setting soon, signaling the end of the day and consequently, the end of your shift. You sighed out of relief, ready to enjoy your peaceful evening watching ‘The Walking Dead’ and ordering pizza or Chinese food.

Don’t get me wrong, you loved your job, you loved the thrilling sensation of doing what’s right and protect the population but sometimes it was also great to, at least, pretend to have the time to rest and do something for yourself. That’s also true that when you had this special free time, you loved to get drown into the apocalyptic world of 'The Walking Dead’. You were a huge fan of the show since it started a while ago and indeed, you were a huge fan of Norman Reedus who played your favorite character on the show: Daryl Dixon. In your eyes, the man was perfect. He was an amazing actor, seemed to be kindhearted and smart. Norman seemed to be the perfect mix of adult and child, he was passionated by so many things in life but he could still be focused on his work and on what really mattered.

Your phone took you out of your daydream as it buzzed suddenly next to you. You blinked several times but staid focused on the road ahead.

“You must be kidding me!”

You heard Roy’s voice say from the passenger seat.

“Oh hello there, partner! I forgot about you.”

You answered jokingly, receiving a death glare from your partner. You chuckled and looked at Roy briefly to see him with your phone in his hands and staring at the screen. You bit you lower lip and your cheeks blushed instantly.


You asked in a forced confident voice. Roy laughed and turned the screen around so you could see it with the corner of your eyes.

“Really, (Y/N)! You still have this actor as a wallpaper!”

“Oh shut it, Roy! It’s a beautiful picture, artistically I mean!”

“Sure! Artistically, my ass!”

You chuckled and shook your head in disapproval as you gripped the steering wheel tighter, your cheeks still slightly pink.

“Okay! Maybe it’s just because Norman is hot as hell!! Maybe… But… Can you please put that damn thing down, Roy! It’s still my cellphone after all.”

“Yeah, here future ex-misses Reedus. I put it down, I don’t want to scroll into your picture library. I might just loose myself into fangirl-land of something.”

You scoffed and extended your right arm to punch his shoulder hardly, earning a little girly whimper from your partner. You burst out laughing and slammed your hands on the steering wheel as Roy was clutching his shoulder, making a pouty face.

“You’re such a princess, Roy!”

“Oh please… Shut up.”

“Aw! Did I hurt your feelings, Elsa? Are you going to sing 'Let it go’ while I drive around the county with the windows down?”

You teased him, trying to contain your laugher but failing miserably. Roy crossed his arms before his chest and muttered something under his breath.

“What? I can’t here you. Please let it go, princess.”

“I said: screw you!!”

He exclaimed, making you laugh even more and drive slower to prevent any accident. After a while, you actually calmed down and the peaceful silence was back in the car. You smiled at your friend who was still pouting and opened your mouth to speak when the metallic sound of your radio erupted in the car.

“Central to all officers available, we have a car crash on the interstate 285. Two cars and a motorcycle involved, this is an immediate.”

You looked at Roy then at the radio, you let out a sigh and shook your head as you nodded at Roy. The man took hold of the radio speaker and answered the emergency.

“Central here’s (Y/L/N) and Granger, we’re on our way.”

Roy put the speaker down and you sighed again, saying goodbye to your peaceful evening as you turned the car around and turned the blue light on. A weird feeling gripped your stomach, making you drive as quickly as you could. The siren of your car barking loudly to warn the other few drivers on the road.

Soon after, you arrived at the localization the central had given you and your eyes widen in shock. The scene was apocalyptic, two cars were upside down, the front of each entirely smashed. Thick and red blood could be seen dripping out of one of the front door of the first car, making your heart beat faster in fear. Roy was already out of the car and screaming at the crowd to make them step back. Your eyes wandered a bit further left and that’s when you noticed the motorcycle, or more the amongst of metal, wires, leather and caoutchouc that used to be a motorcycle. Your eyes then landed on a bloodied figure that was lying on the hard and warm tarmac, you gasped and ran out of your car towards the person. You could hear Roy’s voice screaming your name but you didn’t stop until you were crouched down on your knees next to the man. He was slightly moving, trying to look around but every time a small moan of pain would erupt from his throat, muffled my his helmet. The thing must have saved his life.

“Sir? Sir, can you hear me? I’m the officer (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Help is coming our way don’t worry.”

You laid your hand gently on his shoulder. The man groaned in pain once again and you bit your lips as you searched his body for the source of his pain. 'It could be everywhere’ you thought as your eyes trailed down his bloodied body. You touched his leg slightly and he hissed in pain, trying to reach your hand to make you stop. That’s when you saw it, a deep cut, pouring blood on the dark ground like a waterfall. You quickly took your belt off and wrapped it around his leg, just above the wound. You looked back up at the man and bit your lip once again.

“Sir, I have to make a tourniquet on your leg or you will bleed out. I’m sorry, this will hurt like hell.”

You tried to keep your calm as much as you could and the man nodded. You took a big breath and felt his hand grip your ankle for support before you suddenly tied the belt tightly around his leg. The man screamed in pain this time, making your breath came out hardly. 'I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’ You told him repeatedly, trying to ignore the tight grip he had on your ankle. You looked up to see what Roy was doing and saw other police cars around, sealing the perimeter. You straddled the man’s legs and applied pressure on the wound with all your strength. This man wasn’t going to die or to loose his leg! It was your job and you would not let him down.

“Where’s this freaking ambulance!! Roy!”

You screamed furiously, your hands and uniform quickly turning scarlet from the stranger’s blood. Roy screamed that they were about to arrive and you sighed out in relief as your eyes wandered to the man’s helmet. It was entirely black but some stickers covered the sides. You looked more closely and that’s when you saw the two little white wings that you adored. Your eyes widen and you gasped as you looked now at the man directly. You reached a hand up and opened the front of the helmet to have a look at him.

“Oh my God! Oh my… ROY!!”

You screamed again, your partner ran in your direction when he heard the fear and concern in your voice. Your eyes staid focused on those breathtaking baby blues that were staring at you with fear and pain.

“What?! (Y/N), what is it?”

You looked up at him, your mouth slightly agape before you managed an answer.

“This is Norman Reedus…”

You said just above a whisper, Roy’s eyes widen and he cussed as he turned around and ran towards the other victims. The two drivers of the cars were fine, one had a broken arm and a cut on his side that had splashed the door of his car but apart from that, they were fine. Norman, in an other hand, wasn’t looking good at all.

You looked back down at your idol to see his eyes fluttering close.

“No! Mister Reedus! You stay awake! Stay with me, okay! You stay with me!”

You shouted at him, making his eyes shot open once again.

“Good, good! Stay awake, don’t leave me okay!”

The words weren’t meant to sound like this but you couldn’t help it. Something in his eyes, in his soft blue eyes, was pulling at your heart. You could feel your eyes watered but quickly blinked the tears away. It wasn’t the time to show any trace of weakness. After some painfully long minutes, three ambulances arrived and medics ran towards you and Norman. They asked you to step away and you reluctantly got up of his legs, leaving space for the professionals to do their job.

You watched in shock as one of the Doctor checked the man’s neck then nodded at his colleague to signal him that he could remove the helmet. A small smile graced your lips when you saw Norman’s face. Yes it was definitely him. His long brown hair were damp from sweat and his eyes looked from a doctor to another in fear. He looked disoriented until his eyes met yours. He focused on you and slowly started to calm down.

“They will need an escort to reach the hospital. One of us has to go in the ambulance with him, I suppose that you volunteer for the task.”

You heard Roy’s voice from next to you. You looked up at your partner and nodded quickly. He smiled and handed you a wet clothe for your hands, you took it from him and wiped the blood away from your hands. You felt sick as you thought about it.

It was Norman’s blood that was dripping from your hands, that was already drying and cracking on your creamy skin.

Your hands were shaking and you could hear your heart beat against you chest and the blood beating fast against your temples.

Roy pushed you forward as the medics lead Norman into the ambulance. Your ears were ringing and you couldn’t quite hear what Roy was saying before your face. He gripped your cheeks into the palm of his hands and called your name almost shouting.

“(Y/N)! I’ll meet you at the hospital, okay?”

“Y…yes, yes. We need to interrogate him anyway later on.”

Roy smiled and nodded his head before pushing you forward and into the ambulance.

“You got it girl!”

He screamed as the doors closed before him. You sat in the corner of the ambulance, Norman was once again moaning in pain while the doctors were working on his injuries. You looked at him and your eyes widen when you saw his shaking and bloodied hand extended towards you. You blinked several times before kneeling before his head and taking his hand into yours. You gripped it tightly and he focused his eyes on yours, you softly brushed some hair away from his forehead and whispered soothing words into his ear.

After a while, the ambulance stopped and the doors opened in a flash, making you jump. Other doctors took Norman out of the ambulance but he didn’t let go of your hand so you jumped of the back of the hospital truck and ran next to the doctors. One of them gripped your wrist and made you let go of Norman’s hand. They took him away, rushing towards the first available ER. The doctor who took your hand away from Norman’s staid behind and lead you to where you could wait.

“A nurse will come and tell you as soon as you can talk to him. Maybe… Maybe you should wash your face and change your clothes, M'mam.”

He said while looking at you up and down. You nodded and waited for him to leave before you sat down on the cold metal chair next to a crying woman. You closed your eyes and let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.


Roy’s voice made you jump slightly as he entered the waiting room, followed by the sheriff. You got up in a flash and nodded at both of them then greeted them.

“Sir, Granger.”

“How are you feeling?”

Roy asked as he laid his hand on your shoulder.

“I’m alright, don’t worry.”

You smiled weakly, feeling tired and stressed out. You boss cleared his throat and you looked up at him.

“Officer (Y/L/N), you should go home. You look tired and all that blood is freaking the population here.”

He said but you shook your head 'no’.

“I’m sorry sir but I can’t.”


“With all the respect sir, my sift has ended since 50 minutes. That means that I can do whatever I want with my free time. So, I decide to stay and wait for him.”

Your boss looked at you with a raised eyebrow and Roy hit his forehead with the palm of his hand. You stood your ground, not wanting to go home now. Leaving Norman alone wasn’t an option, even if you didn’t know him and he didn’t know you, when his eyes connected with yours, you knew that you would never leave him.

“Well… As you wish, (Y/L/N) but you might consider changing your uniform.”

He said before turning around and walked towards the exit but he stopped at the door and turned around.

“I want your rapport tomorrow in the afternoon.”

You nodded and sighed again as you sat back down and Roy sat next to you.

“You okay there, (Y/N)?”

“Yes… I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.”

You looked straight at your friend and nodded your head in agreement. You leaned in your seat until a nurse came to show you where you could clean up and Roy brought you your clothes from the car. After a quick shower, you came back in the waiting room and put your face into your hands. Roy was starting to fall asleep as it was already late in the evening or early in the morning.

“Roy, you can go. You have to wake up early tomorrow, go home.”

Roy looked up and yawned once again but shook his head 'no’.

“Nah I’m fine, I’ll stay with you.”

“Are you sure?”

Roy was about to answer when a doctor walked into the room and stopped in front of you.


The surgeon greeted you and you shot up, a worried expression on your face.

“How is he?”

“Mister Reedus is fine. After two hours of surgery we had been able to fix his leg and fix his artery. The bleeding stopped and we also fixed his ribs.”

You listened intently as Roy tapped his chin sleepily.

“He’s now awake and in his room, you can go see him but I won’t push too much if I were you. He’s still lightheaded and a bit confused. He asked about his guardian angle when he woke up.”

The surgeon chuckled and smiled at you, you sighed out in relief and turned to look at Roy who beamed and nodded his head.

“Please, lead the way.”

You told the doctor who lead you to a room on the 4th floor of the building. Roy followed him inside but you stopped at the door. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath in, mastering your courage before walking into the room. Roy and the surgeon were talking in the corner of the room but your eyes quickly shifted to the white bed. There he was, laid on his back, bandages around his head and around his hands and upper arms. You took a deep breath once again and smiled at Norman who was looking at you, his eyes wide open and shock written on his face.

“You were real?!”

His raspy voice erupted in the room, making you gasp and the two other men look at you with a questionable look. You looked behind your back, expecting to see someone else but Norman was staring at you. You blushed and smiled shyly at him as you approached his bed.

“Hello, mister Reedus. Yes I’m real. I’m the officer (Y/N) (Y/L/N), if you don’t mind I have to ask you several questions. If you want us to stop and rest just tell us.”

Norman smirked, his eyes seemed a bit fogged and his mind probably confused. You chuckled and waited for his answer.

“I would do anything for you sweetheart. I will answer your questions if you promise to stay.”

You chuckled and covered your face in your hands before looking up at him and smile.

“Deal. I’ll stay.”

“Good, I’ll get to know my guardian angle then.”

Norman smirked again and Roy cleared his throat, making you jump and blush even more.

“Mister Reedus, what do you remember from the accident?”

Roy asked and you opened a notebook to take some notes.

“Take your time sir.”

You said softly and smiled at the man before you.

“Please call me Norman, angle.”

You blushed but nodded anyway, trying to stay professional and not to fangirl in front of the man.

“Then, take your time Norman.

The actor smirked and told you about the accident. How the first car tried to double him and hit the second, making him fly to the ground and roll with his motorcycle. You noted every detail and waited for him to explain everything. Roy asked him several other questions then exited the room, seeing that Norman needed a break. You walked next to his bed and watched him close his eyes. After a while, you thought that he had fallen asleep but his voice took you out of your daze.

“You know you’re staring, right?”

He asked with amusement as his eyes where still closed. Hopefully, he wasn’t seeing your flushed cheeks.

“I… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“I was kidding don’t worry.”

Norman said as he opened his eyes and looked at your cheeks directly. A grin appeared on his lips.

“I should thank you for what you did.”

You looked up at him and shook your head.

“It’s my job, Norman. I’m here for that.”

“Well, maybe but it wasn’t your job to genuinely care about me. It wasn’t your job to hold my hand and whisper sweet nothings to me while I was in pain. It wasn’t your job to ask me to stay by your side.”

Your eyes widen. He remembered everything. You gulped and stared into his beautiful blue eyes, getting lost at how full of life and full of love they were. Norman reached his hand up and touched your cheeks with the tip of his fingers.

“I staid awake for you because I was afraid to loose you if I closed my eyes. I was afraid that I would never see you again.”

Your mind was exploding, your heart was beating against your chest so hard that you were sure that he could hear it. Was it really happening?

“I know this sounds insane and I know this is quick but… (Y/N), I accidentally fell in love with you.”

As the words left his lips, you gasped and covered your mouth with the palm of your left hand. Norman looked at you, searching your eyes and praying that he hadn’t scared you away from him. His heart was full of love and passion for you. Even if he didn’t really know you, he couldn’t help but feel a strong pull towards you. Every time he would look in your (Y/E/C) eyes his pain would go away. Every time he heard your voice, his heart would skip a beat. Every time he looked at you, his world would be poured into a warm light of hope and happiness.

“Norman… H… How could you know?”

You asked nervously as Norman laid his hands over yours.

“I just know. I can’t let you run away now that I have the opportunity to know you.”

He smiled and you chuckled at the dark brown haired man before you.

What you didn’t know at that time was that you had actually met the love of your life. The man who would became your husband, the father of child and the person you would grow old with.

Your life changed in a matter of seconds… Your life changed and you fell in love… By accident.


I really hope that you liked it guys!