and puts a lot of effort into his music

Sex with Ethan and Grayson would include ♡

Request: ‘’What do you think Grayson and Ethan would be like in bed, like in detail??? xxx‘’

A/N: I think that the twins most of the time would be really gentle and passionate buttt also could be really rough and lowkey kinky when having sex. Because let’s face it: they’re sex gods and just from looking at them I get really turned on, lol. BUT I do think that Ethan is more into kinky stuff and Grayson into more romantic sex ;) Hope you enjoy xx


↪ Lots and looots of sex

↪ Sexting before as a warm up ;)

↪ He would be dominant af, but sometimes sub as well

↪ Lazy morning sex

↪ Rarely slow and passionate sex and most of the time really rough and maybe even kinky?

↪ You stripping down for him and he licking his lips when you do

↪ He would be the KING of foreplay (I mean looook at those fingers)

↪ Teasing the freaking fuck out of you until you’re almost begging him to fuck you

↪ Running his lips over your panties and pulling at the waist

↪ His lips on every centimeter of your body

↪ You pressing your mouth against his shoulder to keep yourself from crying out his name

↪ Lots of making out, and kisses everywhere!

↪ HICKIES and love bites on very visible places on your skin

↪ ‘’E, I can’t go out like this’’

↪ ‘‘Sure you can, everyone will know that you’re mine’’

↪ Him grabbing hungrily your ass and squeezing your boobs

↪ Sex in public bathrooms if he’s feeling very horny or jealous when he saw other guys staring at you

↪ Sooo much moaning and panting

↪ Him smirking when you moan SUPER loud (which is like all the time)

↪ Low and deep groans from him (just imagine this omg)

↪ Sweaty and hot skin

↪ SpANKinG


↪ Hair pulling !!

↪ Eye contact (SO sexy)

↪ Lots of dirty talk

↪ ‘‘Eyes on me’‘

 ↪ ‘‘Be quiet, babygirl’‘

↪ ‘’Yeah, you like that huh?’’

↪ Eating you out like 24/7

↪ Him biting his lips when he sees you reaching your orgasm

↪ Him begging you to give him a blowjob

↪ Taking turns in pleasing each other

↪ Letting you know that you’re the most beautiful girl in the world

↪ Really intense orgasms

↪ Experimenting with different positions

↪ Soft whimpers

↪ Him grabbing your waist when you climb on top of him

↪ Him getting even more stimulated and loving it when you scream his name

↪ Him breathing heavily and unsteady into your neck

↪ Holding your hand when you cum (when you have really passionate sex)


↪ Sex like ALL the time when you’re spending time just at home

↪ Usually it would be pretty spontaneous but sometimes he would prepare some things and put lots of effort into making it special, like:

↪ Your favorite music playing in the background, dimmed lights, scented candles

↪  Most of the time he would be really gentle and careful but sometimes it would be really fast and rough

↪ Again: FOREPLAYYY! Foreplay would for sure include fingering, teasing and touching you everywhere (because let’s face it: Gray is really touchy)

↪ I just know that Gray would be very good at foreplay (I mean LOOK at those fingers and big hands oh my)

↪ Shaky hands when you reach your orgasm and him holding them

↪ Tracing your skin with his soft fingertips

↪ Slow movements

↪ ‘’Just fuck me already’’

↪ ‘’Patience, baby’’

↪ Every little thing you would argue about would get heated and lead to sex

↪ Also A LOT OF make up sex

↪ Him admiring your body and smiling when you undress yourself

↪ Complimenting you on your cute lingerie

↪ And him taking forever to pull it off

↪ ‘’Need some help?’’

↪ ‘’I will treat you like the queen you are’’

↪ Lots of making out and sweet kisses

↪ Giggling all the time

 ↪ ALWAYS asking if you’re comfortable since he’s worried that he would hurt you

 ↪ ‘‘Are you sure you’re okay? Do I need to slow down?’’

↪ Sex in his new car, sex in the shower, sex at the beach, sex in the bath, sex against the wall… Literally everywhere as long as you’re okay with it

↪ You grabbing his muscular arms when you reach your climax

↪ Him grunting when he’s thrusting into you

↪ Offering blowjobs as favours

↪ Him saying ‘Babe, tonight is all about you’ but like, every night

↪ Neck kisses and leaving hickies there also

↪ He would get ten times more horny when he sees you getting an orgasm while closing your eyes

↪ Him whispering ‘come for daddy’ when holding your legs apart

↪ Multiple orgasms a night since he knows your body so well and the things you like

↪ Cuddling and more soft kisses afterwards and limbs tangled in the sheets

↪ Him calling you baby/babygirl/princess/love/darling

↪ So much intercourse

↪ Eating you out like everytime you guys have sex

↪ And when he does you stroke your hands through his fluffy hair

↪ Lots of ‘i love you’s

↪ Bruises on your hips from his tight grip

↪ You falling asleep on top of him after the sex

↪ Him being completely fine with that and whispering sweet nothings into your ear and stroking your back

Headcanon that before long drives to away games the Foxes make a playlist for each trip as a team.

  • Everyone has to go to Renee and she gives them her phone and lets them add songs to the playlist
  • When Neil doesn’t add any, she tracks him down to see which he wants on there
  • He picks just enough to make it look like he put some effort in so he can be left alone, but he doesn’t know much music
  • His choices are just a few songs that he doesn’t feel that strongly about, but he knows their names because he’s heard them a few times on the radio and he doesn’t hate them, so that’s good enough for him
  • On the run, it was just what they could catch on the radio and lots of the time they were driving where they couldn’t catch any signal but obscure country stations
  • Now Neil hates country music because of it
  • He couldn’t change the station to something else while he was driving because his mom wouldn’t let them stray from the one she had found (no matter how staticky it got) in case they couldn’t find one again while she was awake
  • And when it was her turn to sleep while he drove, he had to keep the radio off
  • On the bus, they put the whole playlist on shuffle while they drive
  • There’s no skipping allowed or else it would be total chaos and there would definitely be spite skipping
  • Which is why they all suffer through “This is the New Shit” blaring through the speakers at 5:30 in the morning because Andrew put it on the playlist
  • Also, they guess and make bets on who put what songs on when it’s a tough call
  • But sometimes it’s an easy call
  • Like, okay Kevin, we all know you’re the one who put “We Will Rock You” and “Tubthumping” and “All I Do is Win” on there
  • Tbh he may as well have put a whole sports rock album on there
  • Neil is so confused when Nicky’s singing along to the French lines in “Bad Romance” because Nicky doesn’t speak French????
  • And Nicky bursts into laughter when Neil asks about it and explains that’s the only French he speaks and he doesn’t even know what it means, he just knows all the Lady Gaga lyrics
  • Nicky also puts “Get’cha Head in the Game” on there and he definitely sings at Kevin when it comes on
  • And Andrew put “Basketball” on there just to annoy Kevin
  • When the song comes on, it keeps repeating “They’re playing basketball. We love that basketball.” while Kevin gets more and more visibly angry and Andrew almost smiles

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got7 as store workers


- the ‘idgaf pay me’ cashier
- looks like he belongs in a satanic ritual
- always has headphones in
- doesn’t care to ask the shoppers if they find everything okay
- double bags
- hides whenever someone asks for help
- gets flirted to or recorded by random customers
- doesn’t interact with his co-workers
- makes sure his cats are okay with his 24 security camera monitor app on his phone


- the shy baker boy
- always smells like cinnamon
- smiles sheepishly as he asks customers what they want
- can bake his butt off
- laughs at compliments
- always wearing hats even though it isn’t required
- sits to himself in the break room
- has sales every holiday


- the sophisticated coffee maker
- looks like a college student
- probably in college
- makes coffee exactly how customers want
- lowkey talks about everyone in the store
- drinks iced coffee on his break
- asks if the customers are doing well
- tries to not be awkward
- receives big tips
- is fake to his co-workers


- the weird bag boy
- you’d often catch him staring at model magazines with bikini girls
- always dabbing in the break room
- won’t stop harassing the customers as they receive their groceries with forcing them to 'do the dab’
- uses more expensive brands of his uniform to 'touch it up’
- actually goes overboard with dressing up
- always getting trouble for playing Migos on the speakers as the store music
- has a private dance session in empty aisles


- the fluffy craft shop worker
- offers free pints of paint every Sunday
- greets every customer with a bright 'hello!’
- craft store looks like a 5th grade painting class
- makes every customer feel joyful
- cracks jokes with customers that has them laughing
- always happy even to rude people
- gets in trouble for giving kids free art supplies
- requests school half off sales for students since he cares
- actually puts effort into his job and loves it


- the fitness store owner
- always at work even when he doesn’t need to be
- even has an organic section in the back
- pays employees a lot more than expected
- motivates customers with a free bag of organic green tea
- ends up becoming friends with the customers
- flirts with the cute girls he sees
- flirts with the cute boys
- “have a good day and stay healthy or don’t come back!!!”
- always hyper


- the music store employee
- gets in trouble for terribly playing the drums and singing in the microphones
- impresses customers with his amazing dancing skills
- gets a lot of tips
- always told to reach the higher items
- ends up with about 10 girl’s numbers
- gets shy and turns into jello when he receives compliments
- is caught being weird

cattymai  asked:

Hmm... HC request when RFA notices that MC is crushing on them? lololol. But they convince themselves that its just their imagination/projecting their own feelings~ But In the end, they decide to believe it and make their move. Please make it cute. (#^.^#)

Hope these are cute enough for you!


  • You’d always  been friendly to him in the chatroom
  • But lately, you’ve been texting him personally a lot more
  • And at the last party, you’d been more affectionate with him
  • He’s been in relationships before and girls flirt with him often
  • But he didn’t know why he was second guessing with you
  • Maybe because he had feelings for you and didn’t want to mess up
  • He hated to assume, so he always stayed mum
  • Then, you called him one night after a rough day and confided and vented to him
  • Before you hang up, you thank him and said he was the first person you thought to call
  • You also mentioned how much you trusted in him
  • At that point, he decided to finally act on his feelings
  • He starts asking to meet you in person more, even just for coffee
  • After a few of these meet ups, he asks you out on an official date


  • You and he were good friends
  • But lately, you’ve been saying things that made him a little uncomfortable
  • But not in a bad way
  • You’ve been complimenting him a lot recently
  • Even though he wore the same hoodie twice when he saw you
  • You’ve been calling him a lot more instead of the other way around
  • He’s up late thinking about it, and finally he has the revelation
  • You like him
  • He barely sleeps as he tries to sort out his own feelings
  • He knows he likes you, but he’s scared he may be wrong about how you feel
  • After all, he doesn’t have experience in this area
  • You two are talking as usual one day and you ask for his advice about something personal
  • He’s a little taken aback, but you say that he’s the person you rely on the most
  • He gets you a small teddy bear and gives it to you
  • “You can use this teddy bear to cuddle with or tell all your secrets…but if you ever want a bigger teddy bear, one’s right here,” he says as he points to himself.
  • He’s blushing the whole time, but you can’t refuse that face


  • You seem closer to other members in the RFA
  • You often stop by Jumin’s office to see him, so it’s no surprise when you show up one day
  • But instead, you ask if she wants to grab lunch
  • She’s surprised, but takes the offer
  • You guys have a pleasant conversation and she finds out you’re as big of a fan of Zen as she is
  • Instant Best Friends
  • You start texting her a lot more, even about insignificant stuff
  • She doesn’t like texting you first, since she’s scared she’s bothering you a lot
  • One day, you ask her straight out if you’ve done anything to offend her
  • She feels so bad that she made you feel that way
  • She explains that she thinks you thought of her as boring or bothersome
  • But you say that you appreciate having another girl in the RFA
  • Besides that, you really enjoy spending time with her
  • You and her hang out a lot more often
  • Buddies forever


  • Women flirt with him all the time
  • But you don’t
  • However, you do listen whenever he needs to talk and you always defend him in the chatroom if the others get out of hand
  • He feels really comfortable around you
  • Then, he tells you casually you how he’s listening to music at work a lot more and using an iPod
  • He says his headphones keep getting tangled
  • You gift him with a DIY cat pouch modeled after Elizabeth the 3rd for his headphones
  • He’s really touched that you put so much effort into it
  • He also starts wondering if you have feelings for him
  • He doesn’t like jumping to conclusions, so he doesn’t do anything
  • Some weeks later, he loses contact with you
  • No texts, calls…nothing. You seem to disappear from the apartment too
  • He gets really worried and feels an emptiness inside
  • When you return and say you had a family emergency and forgot your phone, he’s relieved
  • He acts on his feelings right away, knowing that life is short and he doesn’t want you out of it
  • He tells you that he wants to be your support from now on, if you’d let him
  • You know he’s not just talking about the next personal emergency


  • He had meant to call V about some personal issues
  • He accidentally called you and didn’t know it and rambled on about how he felt
  • He was mortified, but turned out you were a good listener and good support
  • After that, you called him more often and asked how he was, even when he acted cheery in the chats
  • You always called to see if he was eating well and taking breaks
  • He’s talking to Yoosung one day and mentions how often you call and text
  • He thinks you’re generally sweet to all the members until Yoosung says he doesn’t get that treatment
  • Suddenly, Seven starts wondering if you feel something different towards him
  • Talks to Zen about it
  • The older man starts to ask about how he feels about you
  • That night, he thinks through things and starts realizing he likes you too
  • Oh no
  • But he comes to terms with it and slowly starts opening up to you
  • He invites you over a lot, and you guys go out and do fun things together
  • One day he finally confesses, but you’re just like “I thought we were already dating?”
  • what??? He stares blankly into space
  • Then he wakes up and realizes he actually has to confess
  • So he calls you
  • “So…I had a weird dream last night that we were dating…do you want to make my dream come true?” 

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Someone (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

TW: a lil bit of smut, angst, offensive humor, and swearing

Words: 2,428

Requested: yes! 


           Biology was a subject made by the devil. Learning about cells and other useless things was never the first thing on your mind. You wanted to be a writer, a poet, anything that didn’t relate to science. Sitting in your biology class made time go by at the pace of molasses. The class consisted of you, barely listening, scratching down lines of poems in the back of your notebook.

           There was only one kid in your class who liked the work. Jared fucking Kleinman. The kid was a dork. You could practically see the imprints of his computer screen monitor in his glasses. All he ever did was answer questions without trying. When he would complete his work, he bothered the rest of his friends with dark memes that he either made or found on the internet; you could never tell which one it was.

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anonymous asked:

What would the ASL brothers be like as college students?

ah, the asl brothers. my favorite group to talk about 



oh ace. a lot of people would say he’d be a college dropout but i don’t think so?? he’s not thrilled to be a college student but he rolls with the punches. i feel like he would major in something in the arts, particularly visual arts. for some reason i can see him as an artist ok i just really love the idea of artist!ace. if not art, maybe he’ll major in technical theatre. i see him doin all that stuff too. he only puts effort into classes related to his major. in anything else, he’s Lord Procrastination. catch him never showing up to that 8AM math class. 
as a roommate he’d probably blast music a lot. rip ace’s roomie. also i feel like all ace does is pull all nighters. he doesn’t do that for work, he does it because there’s nothing better than the feeling of freedom u get when u eat pizza and hot wings at 3am. also i feel like he’d join a fraternity but he wouldnt be a hardcore frat bc he just doesnt care that much. he’s in it for the parties even though all he does is pass out halfway through parties bc he’s our adopted narcoleptic son. he doesnt even need to get drunk. also he goes all out for sporting events tho. SCHOOL SPIRIT 


oh my darling boy sabo. we all know he’s mr. smarty mcsmart. a boy genius. watch out jimmy neutron. anyway i could see sabo majoring in political science or criminal justice. hell, maybe he’d even double major in those somehow. he’ll make it work. also i feel like if he had a minor he’d do something like literature. his plate is FULL but he can handle it bc he’s saboob. he takes his school work seriously. this boy lives on coffee. he pulls all nighters for work and not for the feeling of freedom u get when u eat pizza and hot wings at 3am. he STAYS THE HELL AWAY from fraternities. he dont need that kinda stress in his life though sometimes ace drags his ass to some of the parties. he likes to show school spirit but hes not as hardcore as ace. as a roommate sabo’s v considerate and he makes sure everything is balanced bc once ur engaged in roomie drama u cant really escape and no one needs roomie drama. 


someone please help luffy he has no idea what he’s doing but he’s doing his best. ok our sweet boy just has an undeclared major. he’s just doing your normal classes like english, math, etc. he’s not an outstanding student. he misses a lot of his classes bc they’re scheduled before 3pm and luffy’s not the greatest with time management. he gets hardcore tutoring from sabo but half the time he’ll zone out during their sessions so sabo’s gotta hit him in the head with a book. when he “studies” by himself he probably just means he’s going to sit in the food court for three and a half hours. luffy is Lord Procrastination Jr. luffy’s known by like everyone older than him bc ace brings him to frat parties all the time and everyone just loves luffy. luffy’s got some hella school spirit too!! woo!! also luffy as a roommate would be an experience. someone would have to take a trip to the grocery store every day. v messy room too. oh luff. we love you

How BTS would react to their partner having a tattoo in a private place

Seokjin: Seokjin would probably not have seen it coming but he would find the small tattoo across your ribs beautiful. He would be really interested in the meaning of it but other than that he wouldn’t really bring it up a lot, probably forgetting you even have it half the time only to be momentarily shocked every time you took off your shirt “oh! that’s surprised me, I forgot about your tattoo! haha” 

Originally posted by rapdaegu

Yoongi: Yoongi would love your tattoo. When he first saw the intricate tattoo that covered your upper thigh Yoongi would stare in shock and quickly ask about it, asking about the meaning and if he could touch it. Yoongi would go a bit out of his way to hide most of your sweatpants so all you wore around the apartment were very short shorts that displayed your tattoo all the time. *Yoongi staring at you as you made coffee in shorts that nearly completely exposed your tattoo*

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Hoseok: Hoseok would scream internally (and externally) every time he got to see the intricate black lines that decorated your collarbones. You were shy when you first showed him because you know tattoos are generally seen as ugly in korean culture and it was a big decision for you when you got them but Hoseok had immediately started gushing about them, pressing kisses to your skin and bragging loudly to the boys about how cool his partner is. *Hobi sighing frustratedly after telling him how nervous you were to show him “ aish! my baby is so attractive i can’t take it! how am i supposed to do anything without you by my side?” 

Originally posted by eatkookiie

Namjoon: Hear my when I say this but my boy Joonie would literally be so in love with your tattoo. When he first saw the intricate design that curled across your hip he would be so stunned he would just shut down for like five minutes before he snapped out of it and just pressed kisses all over it. Namjoon would suddenly see you as a canvas and paint you with hickies and soft touches and he would do it a lot casually too. Resting a hand on your hip while standing next to you and sneaking the tips of his fingers in your waist band and running his fingers across the ink. *flustered Joonie when you ask him if he likes it*

Originally posted by taestylips

Jimin: Jimin would be so incredibly flustered when he first saw your tattoo and would be pretty shy at first whenever he saw it. He’d sort of avoid asking you about it and you wouldn’t really bring it up because you never really thought about it after having it for so long but one day Jimin would hust get super curious and asking about the black ink that trailed down your spine and disappeared beneath your underwear. You’d end up stripping down to just your underwear, letting him trace his fingers along your tattoo as you lay on your front and told him the reason you got it. Jimin would spend a long time just looking at it and gently running his hands across your skin, trailing soft kisses down the marks before placing one on your lips and giving you a big smile and telling you it was beautiful, just like you. “You’re beautiful” 

Originally posted by tbhobi

Taehyung: When you pulled your pants off and stepped into Tae’s arms and he saw something out of the corner of his eye he would use his hands on your hips and just turn you completely, pulling you over his lap ass up to stare slack jawed at the tattoo that covered your rear. He would completely blank for a few moments before the heat that had been building up suddenly returned a million times hotter. He would completely worship your body and it’s only after you were both lying in bed, exhausted and sated would he ask about the tattoo. After that he would always find a need to be touching your ass. Whether it was a hand in your back pocket, pulling you to sit in his lap, or resting his head on your plush rear when you were listening to music together. * “Your tattoo looks so good! good enough to eat ;P” 

Originally posted by jimin-bts-trashs

 Jungkook: Shook and Shy. Jungkook would blush furiously after spotting the ink stretched across your back. Honestly he wouldn’t really like the idea of you having a tattoo at first, especially such a large one, but after a while of getting used to it he would start to really like it. When you told him you got it to cover a large scar you thought was ugly though Jungkook would put a lot of effort into telling you how beautiful it was and how good it looked. He would run his fingers over it absently when cuddling or showering and would press gentle kisses just between your shoulder blades whenever he could. *taking your shirt off in front of him “mmmf! yeah baby lookin good!” 

Originally posted by purelyjimin

What's wrong with some people?

Why people are so salty about Baekhyun’s popularity? Why do you hate him, and his stans so much?
He deserves it, yes he deserves all the best because he made it all by himself.
He wasn’t a long term trainee, he couldn’t dance perfectly as much as others, but he didn’t give up.
When SM started to release the EXO teasers before their debut, they almost didn’t give him screen time, a lot of people surprised when they saw Baekhyun on MAMA mv.
In Growl era he started to gain so much popularity because people found out his funny, sweet, cute personality, but he didn’t change at all.
In Overdose era, when his relationship came out, people left him alone, and cancelled their tickets even he was working hard for his musical, they called him a traitor, but he tried to keep smiling.
In CMB, LMR, Monster, and Lotto eras, his popularity increased again, because he always puts extra effort what he’s doing, and as a Baekhyun stan, of course I’m so happy to see him gaining more love, because he deserves it, and I don’t care what you think about it.
So please don’t come and tell me that he doesn’t deserve all his popularity, because he does.
And please don’t call yourself as an EXO-L if you’re jealous about it when you should be happy for him.
He went through all of the bad times without losing his smile. You can see how he looks his fans, how he tears up when he accepts an award, so don’t you dare judge his sincerity.
As a Baekhyun stan, I couldn’t be more proud of him, because he does, and gives us everything that we can’t even ask for, but most importantly he gives us love.
And don’t tell me to stop stanning him because I won’t. I was with him all the times, and I’ll be by his side in future.
I don’t say you have to like him, but try to show some respect. If you don’t, then please keep your ugly comments about him, about us, to yourself, and leave “us” alone.

Seventeen reacting to their S/O dancing to Wild Eyes

He’d be really amazed by your skills and would ask you how you became so good as soon as you’re done.

“Did you seriously learn all of it by yourself?”

Originally posted by scoupstv

He’d be excited that you liked the choreography enough to learn it all by yourself without any of his help and then surprising him with it.

“Jagiya, I’m so proud of you.”

Originally posted by visual-17

He’d watch you in awe and would have a hard time that you were dedicated enough to learn the entire dance. When you’re done he’d ask you if you would wanted to dance again but with him this time.

“Let’s do it again and this time I’ll join you.”

Originally posted by mountean

Hoshi would really enjoy your dancing and be proud of you but he’d feel kinda dissapointed inside that you didn’t ask him to help you improve your steps.

“I think you’re amazing but I think you’d be even better if you ask for my help next time.”

Originally posted by visual-17

He’d feel really proud of you and would just watch you perform with a smile tugging on his lips. He’d be seriously impressed that you’re so good at dancing.

“Jagiya, I had no idea you were this good!”

Originally posted by jihanlife

He’d just watch you in silence because he adores the fact that you love him and his music enough to learn the choreography.

“Woah, you’re seriously amazing.”

Originally posted by itswonwoodarling

He’d want to join in on the fun because of how cute he thinks you look while dancing to his song with so much passion.

“I think you should join the group, princess~”

Originally posted by shininghoshi

When he catches you practicing it, he’d just sneak away afterwards and not bring it up until later that day just so he can see your blushing face and then admit that he thought you were really good.

“Even if I find it really adorable, I still thought it was really good.”

Originally posted by mingyiu

He wouldn’t be able to hold in his laughter, causing you to jump and hit him playfully for laughing so hard at your little performance.

“I’m sorry princess. You were good but will be a lot better when I help you.”

Originally posted by fyeahwonhui

He wouldn’t interrupt but once you were done he would admit to his ease dropping but would gush over how cute you looked. 

“God I love you so much. Thank you for enjoying my music so much~”

Originally posted by minghaeo

He would laugh out loud at first but after seeing you embarrassed he would dance around you all silly and get you laughing and the two of you would end up dancing and singing together.

Originally posted by sneezes

He’d giggle at you at first but when he realizes how much effort you put into learning the dance, he’d just watch you while silently dancing along next to you and embracing you in a long lasting hug afterwards.

“That was wonderful, Y/N. Thank you for this little performance.”

Originally posted by shiroisaku

He’d just sing along while watching you dance and would feel his heart beat faster when he realizes that you learned it because of him and would get really excited afterwards, hugging you and encouraging you to work harder.

“I have a feeling that one day you’ll be the best dancer on this planet.”

Originally posted by performanceunit

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anonymous asked:

how do you gain a following for your music? i realize that may sound a little shallow and conceited maybe, but i work hard on my music and i want people to appreciate it ;w;

There are probably lots of ways to do it but in my personal experience i’ve found there to be a couple major factors

1. Having some degree of vibrancy to your online presence is important, being able to act like an over-the-top exaggerated caricature of yourself is very practical. Making stupid jokes on the internet all the time helps a lot

2. associating your work with some sort of memorable recurring visual symbols is a good idea, particularly characters. like the gorillaz probably wouldn’t be half as iconic without Jamie Hewlett’s super distinct character designs, and most people who’ve never listened to aphex twin can usually still recognize the art from the cover of his Selected Ambient Works 85-92 album and say “that looks familiar”

3. put your music in as many places as possible. it’s hard to juggle tons of social networking and music sharing sites in your memory but it pays off. and don’t be afraid to reblog/retweet yourself, self promotion is important and nothing to be ashamed of. If you put a lot of effort into what you love, then there’s no need to blame yourself for shoving it in as many people’s faces as possible and saying “look what i made with all my time and effort and care and love”

4. reach out and make friends with musicians who have a somewhat larger following than you. their fans can become your fans too, if you play your cards right. A very effective way to do this is to remix a song of theirs and then use that as an ice breaker to start a conversation with them

5. be approachable and friendly online as often as you can, even though it WILL become exhausting

6. be careful what you post and never ever post your personal opinions about anything (i’m still working on this one). even opinions you think to be relatively benign can still catch you heat, and it never stops sucking

7. release new content regularly and as frequently as possible to maintain people’s attention and interest

8. go hard as fuck every day of your life and never stop being genuine. irony poisoning kills the potential of otherwise prosperous artists every single day

Constellations// Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Part 7)

Pairing: Bambam x Reader

Genre: (?)

Summary: The lovers whom never thought that they would find each other, did.

Author’s Note: Hi help everyone ~ this is a very long chapter so please enjoy!xoxo Sara

Prologue - 1- 2 - 3 - 4 - 56 - 7

You had somehow convinced them to show you to the small recording studio; a place you had always wanted to go since you found out that they made their own music. You wanted to know how to mix beats and how to layer different tracks, because truth be told, you were a big fan of music. You could sing, but not too well. You loved to, though, as sort of a hobby. Whenever you were alone in your apartment, you would blast music and sing to it as loud as you wanted until someone would come up and complain so you would turn it down.

You three walked along the sidewalk together, you occasionally being pushed back because their long legs took up most of the sidewalk, but you didn’t mind. You liked listening in on their conversations and seeing them laugh and smile.

Bambam would look back at you occasionally, a small smile slipping onto his plump lips as he looked at you, before going back and having a conversation with Yugyeom. Every time he smiled at you, you felt your heart jump and you could tell by the sudden heat on your face that you were blushing as well.

No one has ever made you feel like this before. He made your whole mood change with just a simple smile. He made you melt with his laugh. He made you feel all of these different emotions that you didn’t know that you could feel. You had liked other people before, but not like this. You had never felt something this strong.

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As fans we should learn to appreciate any kind of work idols do even if it’s not something you like or isn’t your style. They put a lot of hard work in it.

And in the case of Yongguk’s latest teaser you guys need to chill. Yongguk is a grown ass man who knows what he is doing and what connotations his teasers has. I for one didn’t even blink an eye at it. I was more focused on the colour schemes and how pretty it was. 

Please just relax and try to enjoy and appreciate the effort put into these teasers and the music. And if you don’t like it, say nothing and move on. 

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Do you think an artist can just bail on promoting a collaboration if it's underperforming? As in, JHO isn't doing as well as they'd hoped, so they're distancing Louis from it? Although is that even an option after being so involved with the roll out? I continue to be so confused about the video promo, promo overall really.

i feel…. like JHO has done pretty well all things considered. i know it didnt stay high up in the charts for long etc but you literally hear it everywhere. it was literally played at the grammys.. i think louis’ team did a piss poor job of promoting the single because they spent the whole time promoting him via stunts and not the music and thats what we’re all annoyed about and what we mean when we say they didnt promote it… but i think steves team put a lot of effort into promoting it for it to get where it is now, which apparently will be/are the same team? idk i was away the day that all came out.. so it’s like they almost worked together on it. promoted the single via steves team while promoting louis’ personal life through his team. 

but you also gotta remember that WE the fandom did SO MUCH for JHO.. we got it to number 1 in all those countries the first weekend it came out just by supporting louis. this excerpt from this post really sticks with me:

The decision to not promote Louis‘ song could very well have been a logical outcome of the team asking themselves the question „Why?“: Why should we promote his song with huge effort when we KNOW his own fans are going to do it passionately, especially if they think  we don’t give a shit? Why not playing that game in order to make them promo it the hardest way they can?“ Why indeed??  

i dont think sony/syco/whatever label’s marketing plan for JHO was to let the fans do all the work and rely on us… what would happen if that didnt work and we didnt like the song? they wouldve had to have had a contingency plan. BUT they know us.. they’ve been working with this fandom for 6 years. they would definitely have factored in us a fandom and the way we support louis and how much we give everything to these boys. they wouldve used that for sure.

so… i dont think it’s under performing as much as we think it is. it’s played so much on tv shows and mainstream radio… it might not be at the top of the charts anymore, but it’s on everyones playlists and it’s used in a lot of different ways.. it’s like it’s been embedded into the pop world now… louis was smart when he said he saw a gap in the radio market and wanted to fill it with an EDM/Pop collab. 

and to be frank… i really dont think louis’ team have his best interest at heart, enough to distance him. if it was a good team, they wouldve promoted his musical talent and abilities more than his personal life so they could appease ALL fans and show the world hes more than just a boyfriend a dad including but not limited to his social media presence and even his instagram handle, they would have opened their mouths and stopped the media from slamming him whenever they had the chance… they would have had his back a lot more than we’ve seen. after the airport incident they would have done what scooter does every single time JB gets in trouble, they wouldve turned him into the victim, which he was, not the villain they made him out to be. 

anyway…. i highly doubt louis would want to bail on his own music. an artist is a passionate person and naturally ambitious who is trying to get the world to hear their music. why would they want to bail on their own work.

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How do you think the Batboys singing voice sound like?

Bruce- Passable, not really talented but can hold a tone from too many karaoke sessions plus his desire to be THE BEST

Dick- gorgeous, people weep with happiness

Barb- Marginally talented, fluid melodic voice but she never puts any real effort into it so it often falls flat.

Jason- Sings a lot but tries to hit too many high notes and drifts in and out of key so often it could lock a door.

Tim- Doesn’t sing-sing, will hum and lightly sing lyrics under his breath but to this day no one has heard him properly sing (he’s terrible and he knows it)

Stephanie- Loud and boisterous and throws a lot of screams and screeches and terribly off key solos into her singing but it’s fun and she loves it and everyone can get over themselves

Cass- She can barely talk and the concept of music just doesn’t quite work in her head the same way. She’s managed to work on humming and finds she enjoys the vibration.

Damian- Cute squeaky little kid voice trying to sing some deep, stern ballad and it’s kind of hilarious. He’s like his dad, ok, very good at the technical aspect but nothing in the way of raw talent.

Duke- Belting out for fun with Stephanie and actually can match Jason very well but manages to stay on key more often

MysMe & Musical Theatre

First Headcanon Post!! And ofc it’s musical theatre lmao. This will include the RFA + V + Saeran + Vanderwood!


  • ofc i have to start w our resident drama freak
  • Zen’s love for the performing arts is not unknown
  • I mean he’s a star in his own right
  • But boy oh boy does this kid love his Broadway shows
  • And not just Broadway either
  • He loves it all
  • Off Broadway, Off Off Broadway, Broadway Musicals, Straight Plays, everything
  • This kid is in love with Disney musicals
  • Not just the Lion King either which he thinks everyone should love
  • But he hardcore loves The Little Mermaid
  • Zen drags MC to each new Disney musical movie to see which character he wold want to be cast as when it goes to stage
  • Frozen? He’s Hans. Moana? Hoo he would love to be Maui but he’s too white for that
  • He even practices his rapping for Maui
  • His all time fave self casting tho is Eugene from Tangled
  • He thinks he would make an amazing Eugene
  • Huge fan of our man Lin Manuel Miranda
  • Has been a fan since In the Heights and is very sad he’ll never be in it
  • Almost all of his songs on his phone are from musicals
  • Definitely works out to the Hamilton Mixtape


  • This man has always been a fan of the performing arts
  • It’s how he was raised: enjoy the arts but don’t partake
  • that’s also why all his pictures are blurry
  • He respects Zen greatly for being such a successful actor but teasing him is so much fun 
  • He enjoys all the well known shows: Les Mis, Phantom, Wicked
  • But the one show he absolutely adores is The King and I
  • He’s even thought about funding Zen’s theatre company if they put on this show
  • Also, the whole bit about Zen at odds with the brokers put him on edge
  • He would’ve bought the entire company and funded it as a “project” had it not been for Zen disliking him
  • Would definitely take MC to Broadway to see a show that MC had even the slightest interest in
  • “Mr. Han, where are you going?”
  • “Cancel all my meetings for the next couple of days, Assistant Kang. MC and I are going to go see Amélie” 
  • poor jaehee…she wants to go see broadway musicals too 


  • Jaehee isn’t just Zen’s fan, oh no
  • Zen’s musicals just opened her eyes to the whole world of musical theatre
  • She most definitely admires the acors, but has an undying respect for the crew
  • Sometimes she lies awake at night wondering how hard it is to manage the puppet in Little Shop of Horrors 
  • While some people complain about delays in performance due to technical difficulties, she is completely understanding and commends their efforts
  • That being said…
  • Her favorite musical is Matilda 
  • She relates to Matilda very deeply as a character and admires her tenacity and drive in the face of adversity
  • But she also lives for them lights 
  • Really, Jaehee loves any show with a strong female lead
  • Her biggest dream is to go to Broadway and see a show
  • She knows she’s too poor for that though 
  • So she settles on her second biggest dream: hoping Mr. Han will create a performing arts project that she gets to work on
  • She also may or may not have fancasted the RFA into various shows


  • He was never a big fan of musical theatre
  • At least, not until he and Zen started talking more
  • Then the floodgates had opened
  • Zen rambled on and on about well known musicals like Wicked and Les Mis 
  • Saeyoung didn’t care about those shows though
  • He lives for the lesser known shows
  • We’re talking 21 Chump StreetBe More Chill, and Tick, Tick, Boom among others
  • He dreams of the day 21 Chump Street becomes a full length musical
  • One of his biggest dreams though…is to do Cell Block Tango with the RFA
  • He just knows it would be hilarious, but has been less than successful in getting their agreements
  • Zen is “too manly” for it, Jaehee is too shy, and Jumin is too serious
  • He could definitely trick Yoosung into doing it though 
  • Saeyoung is a huge fan of everything Rogers & Hammerstein
  • They’re his only exception to his “lesser known shows” rule
  • The Baron of Bootlegs™ if you will that’s what he calls himself, everyone else would be just as happy calling him king of bootlegs but ofc Saeyoung had to rhyme 
  • If some kid took a crappy video on their flip phone in 2007, Saeyoung can find the clip
  • Can’t wait for Spongebob: The Musical


  • Pobrecito he doesn’t know much at all about theatre
  • Zen tries to teach him at least the basics but Yoosung doesn’t quite understand it
  • All he knows is that he loves cinematic musicals and the OBS recordings of stage musicals but he doesn’t care to see them on stage
  • He knows he would much rather be home, playing LOLOL
  • There is one person who successfully gets him obsessed with a musical: Saeyoung
  • Yoosung and Saeyoung bond over Be More Chill
  • It’s just a real good musical to them
  • Saeyoung finds a bootleg and they watch it at his house one day too
  • Yoosung enjoys that a lot more than he would actual theatre because he can stay comfy and eat popcorn
  • Yoosung also really enjoys adaptations like The Color Purple and Heathers because then he has some sort of background
  • Not as big of a Disney musical fan as Zen, but he is such a Rogers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella stan
  • Totally unironically; will shout his love for that show from the rooftops
  • He just likes happy endings
  • He does put a lot of effort into actively listening to the same musicals as MC
  • I mean he does adore her after all
  • Will bring up musicals in conversation just to keep MC talking for longer


  • Will never admit to liking musicals
  • If you somehow manage to get him to, though, he only says he likes Heathers, Rocky Horror, and Little Shop
  • I mean he does but that’s besides the point
  • He has an all time fave, and it’s none of the aforementioned shows
  • His favorite musical of all time is…Legally Blonde
  • Yup, that’s right. Elle Woods is an inspiration to him
  • Legally Blonde is 100% his guilty pleasure but he would never admit that
  • Saeran manages to find it online and watches it a million times
  • Saeyoung finds it in his search history and goes to town with the jokes
  • Saeran makes him swear not to tell anyone or he’ll kill him y’know same old same old
  • Saeyoung gets in a few more jokes before finally agreeing
  • …and admitting he loves the show as well because the music is awesome
  • Otherwise, Saeran isn’t a huge fan of musical theatre
  • He does have his shows that he enjoys but the rest are meh to him
  • He doesn’t care for mainstream shows like Les Mis and Wicked
  • He does like Into the Woods though he identifies with the wolf and MC is his red riding hood


  • V appreciates all the arts; especially the ones he can’t do like theatre and dance
  • He much prefers to be behind the lens rather than in front of it
  • He’s also often booked to take the publicity shots and will gladly take free tickets over cash
  • This way he and Jumin can enjoy the show together
  • Much like Jumin as well, V heavily enjoys the mainstream musicals
  • V would honestly die for Wicked
  • He adores every aspect of the show
  • From the costumes to the sets to the lights, he loves it all
  • Like, if he could take the publicity shots for that show he would probably faint
  • He wouldn’t even need tickets in exchange, he would be happy with the memory and pictures alone
  • He feels such pride with Zen too
  • V knows that Zen often credits him with the success he’s been able to find and that makes V  immensely proud
  • Not of himself but of Zen
  • He tries to go to every show Zen performs in
  • When he can’t, he makes Zen tell him every detail over the phone
  • Zen, of course, is embarrassed by this but does it nonetheless because he knows it makes V happy


  • Is not a huge fan of musical theatre
  • Thinks that a lot of it is just pandering to certain audiences
  • Only partakes in what he deems as “high quality” musical theatre
  • Which is probably one show and that’s it
  • And that show?
  • It’s Bring It On
  • Vanderwood swears that of any of the productions that Lin Manuel Miranda’s been a part of, Bring It On is the best
  • He thinks Hamilton is mediocre compared to his cheerleader show
  • “Wait, you…only listen to Bring It On?”
  • “Of course! They do actual cheerleading onstage! The pit is right below them! Peak of physical fitness, I tell you.”
  • Never get between Vanderwood and his cheerleaders
  • Never.
Why GD is a good if not great leader:

External image

1) In their hardest years GD led them from the front and took the harsh criticisms for the group from the staff, YG and fans which he would then use to direct the members.  GDYB really led them but GD was the one who had the hardest role, playing devils advocate. 

2) While fans praised the other members they gave GD criticism when the group did not do well, they pushed him to work harder. 

3) He is the main player behind the music that made the group what it is today and he figured out how their voices would work together, when it comes to making music for the group the members defer to his judgement and while there were arguments about their music GD was the one who found a compromise while also making music that fits their strengths and showcases their abilities and for this the members themselves say they let GD handle the group music while they focus on what they want. 

3b) GD treats the members and their opinions with equal respect and doesn’t act like a dictator but allows all of them to give an opinion and discuss the concept of their work so the group work is a group effort even if he does most if the music. 

External image

3c) GD gave up personal success for the success of the group by letting others have the lyrics and music he wrote and his personal sacrifices helped the group. He puts a lot of work into his music, he sleeps the studio, works all night and goes to schedule in the day so its hard work he gives up and constantly delivers for his group and others. 

4) His first solo work was very successful, beyond expectation and more than the others, although YB helped, it helped maintain the groups status with the public while BigBang was away. 

External image

5) GD and YB music solo success contributes to the group success, whereas the other members do not to the same extent, by doing well their work helps the other work, as members of the esteemed BigBang do well.  And his solo sucesss is why others still get opportunities to do solos

External image

5) GD is the most popular member of the group and a icon of the country yet he uses his fame and popularity to promote and bring attention other members work and other people in the companies work. He is not only leader of BigBang but the biggest contributor to the companies success, the worse time for the company was during his 2011 scandal.  His CF deals keep his presence and the presence of the group in the mind of the public. To most Koreans they would not even think of the criticisms international fans come up with, he is the country’s Musical prodigy and he’s relevant outside Kpop.  

6) He was the first to ask fans to donate rather than by him gifts and its from this example that other members (YB) have followed suit. And he has a good image in Korea for being humble and good and caring son and a very charitable person. 

7) He is ready on call when the members have needed help/work for their solo adventures, he has written lyrics and music for Seungri, Daesung and Youngbae, songs which were big hits and helped that members popularity at the time and he worked very well with TOP in making a collaborative album.  No other members has gone out of their way to support the others activities to the same extent GD does, he makes sure their appreciated. 

External image

8)He also lets each use their talents to help the group, YB or Seungri as the main speaker, he lets TOP write his own raps, and he doesn’t take over the center stage to upstage the members despite proving with his own huge solo stages he could if he wanted. He also does this for other guests he performs with and his skill in balancing the stage (on Kpopstar with TOP and Jimin compared to TTS overshadowing and on IC music festival compared to BOA overshadowing) which makes the stages more enjoyable for the audience.  

8b) All the members are important to the group, all are the reason the group is adored, all contribute massively to the group in skills and emotionally, all the members will is what keeps the group going despite their individual interests and goals. They’re successful individually because they have worked hard at it, being members of BigBang gave them opportunity but it was their efforts that made something of those opportunities. They have strong wills and opinions, would need them to be on top of a very competitive industry and pursue their own things away from the group, to have that and still be together there would be a lot  of love and respect the person called their ‘leader’ and in return GD loves and respects them. They’ve had several chances to disband but they do not. They’re  a group that have matured from boys needing someone to follow to men who know each other very well and bonded by mutual respect and trust. They formed these bonds and connections under hardship, from the bottom to the top in 2 countries and those struggles and the support they gave each other is likely greater than a couple of scandals.

9) All the members are very close to GD and he is the focal point of the group. They’re one of the lucky groups who are actually friends with each other but some bonds are closer than others and GD is pretty tight with all of them on and off stage. 

External image

10)  Out of all the members GD could very quickly have a successful solo career and not look back. Its often said in Korea he could go solo and for KVIPs he is too good for YG and  but he chooses to stay with the group and the company out of loyalty because he is loyal to his group. His personal success is the groups success and he’s contributed the most to the groups success which has boosted the others careers and opportunities but he’s also there for them as emotional and guiding support. (In recent years he’s not gone to everything or monitored everything publicly like he used to or was advertised like it used to but things are more one top of each other now and they’re all working off in different places.)  

External image

11) His scandals, the dating scandals, the plagiarism scandals, the stage scandals, the drug scandal, he weathered them all, came out on top and his and BigBang’s image is more indestructible for it. Their not idols that rely on a clean image so a scandal does’t break them easily, its his music and his unclean image that contribute to the groups unique position.  He has the most antis, many who are fans of other groups who like to bring him and BigBang down in the hopes their group will replace them but with the public they’ve moved on and do not care much. Even with the drug sandal, people started to really look into what Marijuana was and got information on his situation to find it was not as bad as some news reporters first made it appear. His 2012 comeback was too early for antis- but not the public. In fact many ignore the journalist for trying to cause issues. Some years he is so popular he is untouchable but even in bad years he’s still highly regarded. 

External image

12) He continues to be one of the key players that makes the company more internationally known, even if the collaborations with international artists are low key or the invitations private these are valuable connections that help the company and help the group. All the members contribute to this in various countries. He makes his country proud. 

13) BigBang and GD are still considered leaders of ‘younger generation’ people still follow their fashion and style. 

14) He has many personal connections in the industry and is liked by many other respected and loved celebrities, their public support helps him and that in turn helps the group. 

External image

15) A few things he has done for Seungri: He wrote Seungri’s first hit, Strong baby, in his second solo he was willing to perform and support Seungri’s solo stage in VVIP promotions despite being so sick and feverish the PD stepped in and disallowed it so he could go to hospital, and in the LTAL promotions even though Seungri was pushed in front of him he mentioned Seungri’s album up until Seungri stopped promoting, went to his fan sign he was doing what he could to bring attention to it and help it sell better

16) A few of the things he has done for YB’s career:  mainly written lyrics for him on several occasions and supported his first and second solo by being with him almost throughout in preparation and concerts. YB has voiced on many occasions how valuable GD is in his life. There could be more here but I find their relationship very equal and they do equal amounts for each other. 

External image

17) A few things he has done for Daesung: again wrote a hit song, helped him write Wings as part of getting Daesung back on stage, was with him the most even before his own scandal broke out (KVIPs), they are friends that come close in hard times and that says a lot for the strength of their trust that in their worst times of shame and guilt its comfortable to be with each other, he went with Daesung on his early variety show guestings (and Seungri too) when they were less confident, he has written lyrics for Daesung’s D’love Japanese album- he doesn’t have to do that but he likes to give to his friends. 

18) A few things he has with TOP: They’re very close behind the scenes, they understand and respect each other a lot and TOP is very protective of GD- he’s protective of the others too mind. TOP is very private and GD in his picture update respects that as proven by others uploading pictures that show for the same event they were together but GD gave no indication of that. He respects TOP as his elder but can speak to him as a leader. He supported ‘Oh Mom’ being included in GD&TOP V1 than another of his solo songs, he’s managed to make an album with TOP and I’ve never seen TOP as happy as when they were first promoting (I think he got a bit bored of High high after the 100th time) and with that album and his movie TOP’s popularity shot up. He always mentions TOP when asked about actors, and is always complimenting even when TOP puts himself down. 

Simply put, having scandals doesn’t make him a bad leader, if anything its helped him and group group stronger and appreciate they care for each other beyond work, even if he says he feels he can’t tell other’s off given his situation (YB can)  that doesn’t make him a bad leader. He as a person his manners, his work ethic, his inspiring nature are good examples to follow. He’s a good leader   because he has earned their respect, love and trust and he is still looked to and listened for guidance, help and support but everyone feels equal and important to the group not his underlings. He used to lead from the front but now he has a balance between leading from the back and the front. I think he’s one of the best music leaders not just in Kpop but compared to most I know of globally. So many groups fall though over selfish headman’s or because they can not compromise, GD lowers himself for the good of the group and works hard when he does wrong, he has all the ideal qualities of a good leader even if he’s just a human with many flaws. 

*Just to know I could write about all the amazing things the others do but this was about GD specifically and what he brings as a leader. Apologies for the grammar and spelling, I was in a rush and could not spell check. 

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kaminari ??? i love him he's so tINY

Ooo thank you I’ve been loving Kaminari a lot more lately!

1. He puts a lot of effort into his appearance. He tends to dress pretty trendy, but he also makes sure his clothes are fitted well, ironed, cuffed just right etc.

2. He is insanely good at basketball. He a short boy but he’s an excellent dribbler and shooter! A+ point guard material. 

3. He is also really good at video games. He beats everyone every time. It annoys Bakugou to no end. 

4. Kaminari is a really social guy but he needs his alone time every once in a while. He will just lock himself and his room and turn off his phone and listen to some music and chill.

5. He’s not that active on social media. He has all the popular accounts, and he can spend hours looking at people’s posts but he doesn’t post that much himself. 

6. He doesn’t like to wear sneakers. When he can wear what he wants he prefers loafers or oxfords or boots. 

7. He is notorious for falling asleep while studying. 

8. And when he isn’t asleep he’s constantly fidgeting while studying, especially if he’s been sitting down for a long time. 

9. He sometimes hangs out in Jirou’s room and she (tries) to teach him the basics of playing the guitar. 

10. He’s extremely photogenic! He has a really pretty smile and he always looks amazing in pictures Ashido and Kirishima are really jealous :)

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how do you think each hamilsquad would ask you to prom?



  1. Would go all out
    1. like ALL OUT
  2. Like the night of Winter Formal, he would be planning how to ask you.
  3. Would definitely include a Shakespearian Sonnet
    1. or a series of them 
    2. which we would read do you, and the final couplet would be asking you to prom
    3. but you would be in tears because the other verses of the sonnet would be so beautiful
  4. and he would try to include everything on a sign but it would be too much because he’s just so verbose that it would take multiple signs
  5. would need his friends’ help to ask you but claim that he didn’t


  1. Would be sO shy
    1. Voice would be shaky, he would be looking down at the ground
    2. just SO nervous and so adorable
  2. Would double and triple check with his friends to make sure they thought you would say yes
    1. Alex tells him you won’t, just to mess with him :(
  3. His poster would say something super cheesy


  1. Would take you out for dinner 
    1. somewhere REALLY nice
    2. and he would be all dressed up and so would you
  2. and then he would pull out a little jewelry box and tell you to open it
    1. and you’d open it and it would be a BEAUTIFUL piece of jewelry 
    2. you would be in total awe of its beauty and thanking him 
    3. and then he’d say something like “Yeah, I was thinking it would look great on you when we go to prom.” really casually
    4. and you’re SHOCKED
  3. Then the rest of the dinner he’s talking about how beautiful you are and how beautiful you’ll look at prom and just super excited


  1. MONTHS before asking you he would ask you about what kinda dress you wanna wear for prom
    1. like every conversation you have would somehow end up to being about your dream prom dress
  2. Then one day he would invite you over and you’d go over and in the middle of the living room there would just be a BEAUTIFUL DRESS just like the one you described
    1. you might start crying
      1. partially bc now you don’t have to worry about buying a dress
    2. then he would come out and just say “prom?” really timidly
    3. and you would pull him in a hug and be so happy and say yes
  3. ofc he’d make you try the dress on and he’d alter it a little bit and make sure it’d look perfect on you

John Laurens

  1. Would show up to your house late at night
    1. would ring door bell
    2. you’d open it and he’d be standing there, your favorite song playing on a boom box, holding a thing of your favorite dessert, and a sign that uses one of your inside jokes to ask you to prom
  2. He dressed up all nice in a dress shirt and dress pants bc he wanted to impress you
  3. actually wanted to ask alexander  had to ask alexander for help on how to ask you and was super nervous when he was walking up to door so alex had to stand with him there for like hALF AN HOUR 
    1. alex had to ring the bell for him then hide behind a bush
    2. super flustered


  1. Not even nervous to ask you. 100% sure that you will say yes. but he still puts a lot of effort into it to make sure it’s special so you remember it forever!
  2. invites you over, makes you a really nice dinner (mac and cheese)
    1. really good music playing
    2. food is just so good
  3. then he’ll say he has to go to the bathroom real quick and then he comes back holding one side of a banner 
    1. madison is holding the other side of the banner and is sO excited for his bff
    2. says something really stupid when he’s trying to be smooth
    3. hands you a bouquet of roses
  4. helps you pick out your dress

George Washington

  1. you guys are the power couple of the school 
    1. so he has to go ALL OUT
  2. Does it after school in the hallway
      1. posters, balloons, rose petals, flASH MOB with him and his friends
  3. Flash mob mends, the whole hallway is silent and he pulls out a little speech (that alex helped him write) about how beautiful and smart you are and how much he loves you
    1. audible “aw” in the hall 
  4. you say yes and he picks you up and spins you around and kisses you so much 

please send more!!

Bring Me The Horizon MASTERPOST

It’s a band. Not only Oliver Sykes. Get it people. The other bandmates are individuals, artists who deserve to be appreciated as much as the lead singer. They are all artists who are incredibly good at what they are doing and this, my dearest followers, is my appreciation post to them, because to me, they are as awesome and as great as Oli Sykes and without them this amazing band wouldn’t exist.

So have a warm applause for BRING ME THE HORIZON:

See, this band is why we’re all here, reading this. But how much do you know about all the members?

Let’s start with the guy on the left. Looks familiar?

Matt Kean, Ladies and Gentlemen.

He’s the bassist. Born on the 2nd of June 1986 (29), from Sheffield. In the beginning he was the only Vegan in the band so his nickname was “Vegan”. His girlfriend is called Hanna Tiensuu.

Hanna’s Instagram:

Matt’s Instagram:

Next one, well, you know him, don’t you?

Jordan Fish.

The keyboarder and programmer. He is from Sheffield, born on the 26th of June 1986 (29). Before BMTH he played the keyboard in a band called “Worship”. His wife is called Emma Fish. They married in 2013.

Emma’s Instagram:

Jordan’s Instagram:

The guy next to Oli on the right is called:

Lee Malia

He is the lead guitarist and has been in the band from the start. His birthday is on the 4th of June 1986 (29) and he is also from Sheffield. Without his amazing riffs we wouldn’t know the band as it is today. Oh and also, he has a super beautiful girfriend. Her name is Deni Marie McGonigle.

Deni’s Instagram:

Lee’s Instagram:

Last, but not least.

Mat Nicholls

He’s the drummer, has been the drummer since the band started back in 2004. He started drumming when he was 16, never really got lessons and learned how to play the drums through BMTH. He was born on the 22nd of March 1986 in Sheffield, he’s also 29. His girlfriend is called Chloe Mellors.

Chloe’s Instagram:

Mat’s Instagram:

And well, there is one guy left, but you all know about him anyway.

Oliver Sykes

Born on the 22nd of November 1986, still 28, from Sheffield, married to Hannah Sykes. Stop pretending you don’t know shit about him cause you all stalk him and want to marry him secretly.

But get your shit together, he has a beautiful wife.

Hannah’s Instagram:

Oliver’s Instagram:

Alright. So now that we know all the band members I hope that we do not only listen to Oli’s screams, but also to Mat’s drums, Lee’s guitar riffs, Matt’s bass and Jordan’s new sound he brought into the band. Because what these guys do is art and Oli wouldn’t probably be alive anymore if it wasn’t for his band.

Bring Me The Horizon, everyone:

And now you better all reblog because I put a lot of effort in educating you about this band. So stop swooning about how “hoooot” Oli is and enjoy their goddamn music because that’s what it is all about.

anonymous asked:

I love what you said about Niall, but yet there's a part of me that feels we all have diminished the part that Niall has played in his own promo. He made these decisions and he is the one that chooses how to answer the questions. He was asked about exes especially Selena during promo (inc This Town) but his answers kept things light and he quickly moved on. This aspect of Niall was actually noted by a writer for MTV news, that he has always taken effort not to focus on his private life.

I personally have a lot of respect for niall for the way he answers questions and I never meant to solely put the praise on his team with those posts. It’s obvious that this is what he chose, all of it. The way he answers questions in interviews, the way he chose fan questions on twitter (focusing on music questions!) and just his general promo overall. I know a big part of this is a label that supports and promotes him but it’s clear that this is also exactly what he wants his solo career to look like and I can’t stress enough how happy I am about that. I’m so in awe watching it unfold and it seems like the whole fandom feels like this and that makes me extremely proud of him. He’s got the talent, he’s got amazing songs and he’s making sure that his career goes the way he wants it to and that combination is a true blessing to watch