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Needs Of Approval

Pairing: Kol x Reader (Ft. Klaus & Elijah)

Warnings: A lot of gifs used (; And this is a bit long, so get cozy and enjoy!

Word Count: 2731


Klaus was a good friend to your parents for years and years. When they died, you were just 12 years old. There was no one else to look after you, so Klaus took you in like the child he never had.

It has been 9 years that he’s been taking care of you and those 9 years hasn’t been easy. You were constantly moving from place to place, unable to call any place your home. Until finally, Klaus settled into a small town called ‘Mystic Falls’. Klaus did run into a few problems here and there with the Salvatore brothers, but he always kept you out of it. The last thing he wants is to see you hurt. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself.

Soon, he had a mansion built for you and his family to live in. You finally got to meet Rebekah and Elijah, who were nothing but kind to you, but you were wondering when you would ever meet Finn and Kol. Eventually, Rebekah ended up getting daggered again which did upset you because she was like a sister to you.

You never understood why Klaus had a thing for daggering his siblings. The last time you brought up that subject, he said that it’s complicated and to not ask again. And so you obeyed.

Right now, Klaus & Elijah are having dinner with the Salvatore brothers about this whole ‘Elena’ situation with Klaus’s hybrids. Of course, since Klaus wants to keep you out of his mess, he advised you to stay in your room and not get involved, no matter what kind of ruckus you hear.

You’re currently in your room, sitting comfortably under the covers on your bed reading a book. The walls weren’t so thick because you can hear mumbles of all of the men exchanging words. It made you feel better knowing that no one is fighting and no one is getting hurt.

Minutes go by and you could’ve sworn you heard Rebekah’s voice. You closed your book, setting it on the bed and slowly got out of bed, walking towards your door while you tried listening in more. And that’s when you also noticed some unfamiliar male voices and Klaus yelling in pain.

You know that Klaus doesn’t want you involved but you couldn’t help but rush to him in aid. You care for him so much that you’re even willing to let him feed on you a little if he really needed it. He took care of you and you saw it as your obligation to return the favor.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, his screams stop and you hear Elijah calmly say, “this is family business.”

Entering the dining room where everyone is, the first thing you see is Klaus leaning over the table, waiting for the pain to pass.

“Family business? What family business?! What’s going on?!” You shouted.

Everyone turns around to look at you. You noticed that Stefan and Damon were gone and you see two men. They looked familiar but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.

“Y/N please. Just go back to your room.” Klaus begged.

“No seriously, what are you guys doing to Nik. And who the hell are you two?” You scoffed at the two men.

Before they could get a word in, Elijah spoke. “My dear Y/N. This is Kol and Finn.” Elijah pointed at each one individually as he named them.

Your jaw dropped. You couldn’t believe it. I mean, what an awkward first way to meet them.

“Who might this be?” Finn asked.

“Yeah who the bloody hell are you? Nik’s girl?” Kol added, putting his hands on his hips. You glared at Kol’s remark, you never thought of Klaus in a romantic way. You always saw him as your guardian, your protector.

Elijah walked over to you. “It’s quite a long story. I assure you, I’ll explain it all to you later.” He put one hand on your back and the other leading to the stairs. “Come.”

Elijah took his time to tell you everything that was going on while Klaus and the rest of the siblings handled their issues. Eventually you understood that this family is flat out dysfunctional, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. You all even came to find out that their mother, Esther was alive as well. How odd.

Over this short amount of time, you didn’t exactly see Kol as a brother like you do, Elijah. You weirdly found him attractive, actually. You didn’t know if it was his looks or his wittiness, even though he is the wreck less Mikaelson sibling. Not knowing if he felt the same or not, you just kept it to yourself. 

Today is the Mikaelson Ball. Klaus was kind enough to lend you his credit card to buy yourself the proper attire for tonight. Rebekah even went with you to shop and even helped herself to her brother’s credit card as well.

Finally, after trying on over 10 dresses, you’ve found the perfect one. It was a backless sequin mermaid floor length dress. The best part is that it hugged your body perfectly.

And of course, since Klaus loves spoiling you, he also hired someone to style your hair and work on your makeup in your bedroom. You were just enjoying being pampered.

You were finished getting ready before any of the guests arrived, so you walked downstairs anyways to await their arrival. Walking downstairs, sliding your fingers on the railing, you saw the hired butlers getting champagne glasses filled. You even saw Kol helping himself to a glass. You tried your best to make sure you didn’t step on your dress as you were taking each step, by holding it up a few inches. With three steps left until you’ve reached the flat ground, there was Kol with his hand reaching out to you.  

At first, Kol only saw you as a mere roommate. But once he saw how stunning you looked in this very moment, it changed his entire perspective of you. He thought to himself how absolutely stunning you looked. His lips parted and he couldn’t take his eyes off of you. Now he felt like he just had to have you, even if he had to go through his brother Niklaus.

“I assumed you were in need of some assistance, Y/N.” Kol said to you.

You chuckled, grabbing onto his hand once you got closer. “Yeah I was struggling for a minute.” You let go of his hand once you reached the floor.

“So who might your escort be tonight?” Kol asked, then took a sip of his champagne, keeping his eyes on you, awaiting your answer.

“No one actually. Because no matter who it is, he’ll never be good enough for Klaus.”

“To hell with that bloody wanker.”

“Kol stop-” You shook your head, stifling a laugh.

“I’m only joking.” Kol put his hands up in defense. “See here, darling, I happen to not have a date as well. So do you mind?” He smiled at you.

“What?” You were shocked. Quickly, you snapped yourself out of it. “I mean, really?” Kol Mikaelson wants you as his date for the ball? This can’t be happening. You must be dreaming.

“You best hurry before I change my mind, Y/N.” He joked.

“Yes. Yes, I’ll be your…um…date?” You didn’t know to question it or word it as a statement because you just couldn’t believe it.

Kol grabbed your right hand, saying, “Marvelous.” Then he slowly planted a kiss on the back of your hand. Your cheeks blushed red as you heard footsteps approach down the hall.

It was Niklaus that was here to ruin the moment. Oh no. “What is this?” He asked, not looking too happy at all.

You just froze, surprisingly being able to get a word out. “Klaus, we-”

“Y/N is letting me escort her to the ball. Perhaps you don’t mind.” Kol smirked, confidently walking towards the original hybrid.

Klaus had his hands behind his back, clenching his jaw, then revealed his crooked smile. He didn’t want to cause a scene today. “Hm… I thought you would at least choose a man that is more suitable for you.” He looked at you, then put one arm out straight to point at Kol.

Kol just glared at his older brother.

“Well according to you, no man is suitable for me. And technically, you could’ve taken Kol’s place, you know. But you’re too infatuated with that bitch, Caroline.” You spat. You’ve never liked Caroline for Klaus. She was always so rude to him, yet he was head over heels for her. 

“Y/N, do not start with me.” Klaus growled. You know that your remark about Caroline would bother him and you didn’t care because he was being a hypocrite.

“Don’t judge me on my date and I won’t judge you on yours.” You crossed your arms in front of your chest, wearing a straight face.

Klaus fell silent. He narrowed his eyes at you, then gave Kol the death stare and stormed to another room in the house to let off some steam.

“Well then, this night is off to a fantastic start.” Kol joked, in an attempt to ease the tension.

“I mean, am I right or am I right?”

Kol nodded his head in agreement, then grabbed a glass of champagne for you to cheers with him.

Finally the guests started arriving. Every few minutes, more and more arrived. And almost all of them were wowed by how ginormous the mansion is and the choice of decor for the occasion. 

You stayed by Kol’s side while the both of you playfully voiced your opinions to each other about each guest that walked in. One of the things you do enjoy about Kol is that he doesn’t take everything seriously. He’s someone you can have fun with.

“Kol! Look Look!” You tapped him on the arm with your hand to look forward to get his attention because he got carried away on his smart phone. He was still getting the hang of using that device.

“Oooo who is it now?” He asked excitedly, putting his phone in his pocket.

“That’s that slut Elena and her Salvatore brothers. Klaus has told me all about her.” You said disgustingly.

“I bet they have threesomes. How fun.” Kol said, raising his brows up. 

You gagged, almost choking on your champagne.

“You alright there, darling?” Kol laughed, patting you on the back.

“Thank you. Thank you for that comment. I almost just died because of you.”


After sharing laughs and even more champagne, you decided to excuse yourself to the ladies room. “I’ll be back, Kol.”

“No matter.” Kol replied.

“Do you mind?” You asked, handing him your champagne glass to hold onto until you come back. He responded with a nod, then you went on your way.

Coming back from the loo, you didn’t see Kol in his original spot, you figured he’d be back, so you just hung around waiting for him to return. You observed all of the guests having a great time and even spotted Klaus with Caroline. He was just so mesmerized by her. Gross.

What you didn’t notice is that every now and then throughout the night, Klaus would look around to check up on you, making sure you’re not getting into any trouble with Kol. He despised that the one person you happened to allow to escort you is Kol. He knows the ins and outs of his little brother and doesn’t think his intentions for you are good.

“I see your escort is not by your side.” You hear from behind you, so you turn around to see that it’s Elijah, the oh so noble steed.

“Oh yeah. He’s probably grabbing a bite, if you know what I mean.” Blood from a human’s neck is exactly what you meant.

“Certainly. And might I add, I’ve noticed that the two of you have become quite friendly this evening.”

“I mean, if you say so Elijah.” You shrugged your shoulders at Elijah’s opinion. You wondered why it concerns him because Elijah is the least judgmental out of all of his brothers. Maybe he’s just making small talk? Who knows.

“Well, I-” Before Elijah could get a sentence out, Kol pops up and disrupts.

“Ah there you are, Y/N. Am I interrupting?” Kol said half-aloud with that accent of his that you just die for. Instead of finishing his sentence, Elijah just ended up excusing himself.

Not a moment too soon, you see Elijah making himself known at the top of stairs. “If anyone could gather, please.”

You and Kol were the first ones at the stairs. Elijah waited until the rest of his siblings followed. 

As you were minding your business watching everyone gather, out of nowhere Kol decides to snake his arm around your waist. It made your heart skip a beat and you surely hoped Kol didn’t hear it. You didn’t want him to know that he makes you nervous. 

As Klaus was excusing himself from being by Caroline’s side, he did see Kol getting too touchy for his own comfort. It did infuriate him, making him tempted to snap Kol’s neck right there on the spot. But, Klaus, and all the rest of his siblings, know how important this ball if to their mother, Esther. So, Klaus chose to let this one go.

You turned your head while your eyes were scanning around the room and the moment you saw Klaus, you quickly moved Kol’s arm away from your waist.

Once Klaus and Rebekah finally made their way to join the three of you at the top of the stairs, Elijah made his speech inviting all of the guests to join in on The Waltz. 

The guests followed to the ballroom, but you just stood in your spot, being left alone at the stairs. “Shit.” You said to yourself.


“You best mind your manners when it comes to Y/N. Do you comprehend?” Klaus growled at Kol as they were walking down the stairs.

“Don’t worry Nik, she’s safe with me.” Kol smiled and gave a wink.

Klaus wasn’t amused with his brother whatsoever, so he shot him a glare and stormed off to find Caroline.

Kol looked left and right after finally noticing that you’re nowhere near him. He looked behind him at the stairs and saw that you have a lost look on his face, so he rushed over to you.

“What’s the matter?” Kol asked, concerned that it was something serious.

“Um. This is embarrassing, but I don’t know how to Waltz or whatever. Nobody ever taught me.”

“Not to fret, darling. It’s easy. Just follow my lead.” Kol assured you, then picked up your hand, leaving a kiss on your knuckles. Of course, you blushed bright red at his gesture.

The night ended amazingly. When the night was coming to an end, you and all of The Mikaelsons stood around to thank every guest for coming. 

After all of the guests were finally gone, Klaus disappeared to his room to do god knows what. That’s when Kol decided to take advantage of the opportunity. You were about to leave to walk to your room, but Kol stopped you by lightly grabbing your wrist.

“Yes?” You were puzzled.

“I don’t mean to be a too much of a bother, but how about we pretend?” Kol flashed a grin.

“Pretend? Pretend what?” You chuckled at his suggestion. The word ‘pretend’ just brings you back to your childhood when you would use your wild imagination to ‘play pretend’.

“Seeing as we live under the same roof, allow me to walk you…to your bedroom.”

“This is really corny but okay.” As cheesy as you think this is, you can’t blame Kol because he was out of the loop for a hundred years. But, this gesture of his did make you feel some type of way.

Reaching your bedroom, the two of you were face to face under your door frame. “Have a lovely evening, Miss Y/L/N.” Instead of Kol kissing the back of your hand per usual, he left a gentle kiss on your forehead, then left elsewhere in the mansion.

This night ended up being better than you’ve ever anticipated. 

Harry’s hands went up Draco’s shirt as soon as they locked the closet door. Draco pulled Harry’s mouth to his in a desperate kiss. They had not been together for weeks, Umbridge had been watching them too closely for them to break their usual masks of hatred for each other. 

Harry pushed Draco against the wall and quickly pulled his shirt over his head. As soon as the stuffy air hit Draco’s chest, Harry took off his own shirt so that he could feel their skins flush against one another. It didn’t take long for either of them to get hard, they had been waiting for the first chance to attack one another after all. 

Draco put his hand down the front of Harry’s pants and quickly pulled it out again, feeling something completely unexpected. 

“Harry… what the hell is in your pants,” Draco asked alarmed.

Harry laughed, pulled out a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, and popped one in his mouth. “Want one?” 

“I’m never going to give you up,” Draco laughed in return

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I Want Action

Originally posted by sensualkisses

Characters: Dean Winchester x Fem!Reader, Sam Winchester

Word Count: 1,323

Warnings: a drop of angst maybe, SMUT, car sex, breath play?, some dirty talk, interrupting Sam

(the lyrics used from I Want Action by Poison are italicized


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The Old College Try (Lin/Reader roommate AU)

Summary: You spent the summer before your freshman year of college thinking your roommate was going to be a girl named Lin. When you get to campus, that’s not what you find.

Part One: In which there are rooming assignment mishaps, salsa dancing, and Lunchables.  

You can find Part Two here!

You can find Part Three here!

Note: Write-a-thon Day 1! This can probably stand alone, but I’m tentatively calling it Part 1 out of 3. College!Lin is hard to walk away from, and I have plans for him.

Rating: T

Words: 2803

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anonymous asked:

fic prompt: Isak married even, a moment between Isak and his best buddy/man Jonas before the vows

“Man, I can’t believe you made it to twenty-four without learning how to tie a fucking tie. What the hell,” Jonas says, rolling his eyes. And it’s not like Isak can’t do it by himself—he’s just so nervous that his fingers had felt like lead. But he’s about to marry the love of his life, and that should be an excuse. Even always has this effect on him, no matter how many years they’ve spent together. It’ll be a dark day when the mere thought of Even doesn’t make Isak feel like a fumbling mess again, seventeen years old and learning what it felt like to fit in his own skin for the first time.

Isak takes a deep breath. He’d promised himself he wouldn’t get sentimental until the vows. Even’s no doubt going to be sappy as hell, and all Isak has is a sweaty index card tucked into his jacket. He’s written and rewritten them, but no words can ever capture all that Even means to him. Isak isn’t sure he even knows the full extent of it yet, not when they have years ahead to figure it out.

Jonas must sense his mood, because he chuckles as he puts the finishing touches on Isak’s tie. “Who would’ve guessed you’d be the first one out of all of us to get married?”

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Close as Strangers: Chapter 12

Close as Strangers: Chapter 12

Word count: 5.7k

Genre: High School au, angst, smut  

Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven

“Hey, love.” Jungkook said as he stood.

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game on

this is inspired by Jim’s in the closet with Joe video and I am not sorry at all. To understand all the clothes I mention go check out the video!

Word Count:  2250

Rating: R (Smut)

I hope you guys enjoy!

It was nice to have a boyfriend who had a fashion sense, because it meant your closet doubled in size. You rummaged through the closet you both shared, trying to pick your outfit for the day.

“Can’t find anything to wear?” Joe grinned, sliding past you to grab a hat from the top shelf. He was already dressed and ready for the day. “I vote you just stay in that.” He looked you up and down, eyes narrowed. You blushed a bit, but you loved it. After buying two bra and panty set options for valentine’s day, you weren’t about to let one of them go to waste, and it was so comfy you really would be content to wear it all day.

“Maybe I will,” you grinned. He groaned in exasperation, grabbing your hip and pulling you closer to him. He pressed a hard kiss to your lips, one you knew too well. One that meant something a bit more than usual.

“Don’t do this to me baby, you know I’ve got meetings all day,” his head dropped to your shoulder, his hands tracing your skin.

“The sooner you leave the sooner you’ll get back,” you whispered, walking him backwards out of the closet, pressing kisses to his lips along the way. 

“Or I could just cancel for the day. There are some things I would much rather do right now,” he murmured, holding you closely.

“Nope. Go on,” you teased him, pressing one last kiss to his now swollen lips before pushing him back. He stumbled slightly, rolling his eyes before they settled to look at you again.

“When I get home then? Please?” He pouted at you. You didn’t want him to leave, hell, you wanted nothing more than to throw him onto the bed right that moment and get on with it. But you also knew how fun the day would be if you drug it out. One of his favorite things was when you had missed him all day; it made you both desperate to get your hands on each other.

“Depends on if you can make it through all your meetings. If you make it through the day, then yes.” A smile played on your lips, and his eyes narrowed again, suspicious.

“What’re you up to?”

“Nothing. Now go on, you’re going to be late.” You danced over and pressed another kiss to his lips before he turned to leave. He looked back at you once more before he left, but you only put on your best innocent smile and gave him a wave.

You waited just long enough to be sure that his meeting had started, occupying yourself with making breakfast and coffee. You headed back into the closet, plan in mind. His meeting were usually loose, so you knew he’d be looking at his phone occasionally.

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hair dye [ cm x r ]

fandom : Dear Evan Hansen

by : Summer

pairing : Connor Murphy x Reader

summary : in which you and Zoe are dying your hair and try to convince Connor to dye his. 

request : “Could you write some Connor Murphy imagine where he is a virgin and the reader isn’t and it’s some smut.”

word count : 7,007

warnings : boy oh boy is this gonna be a sMUT HNNGGGFFFF, y’all can’t have a smut w/o a hella lotta sexual innuendos, cursing, mentions blood?, ooc writing, rushed writing, terrible writing in general;;,,,,,

 a / n : Inspired by when I dyed my hair and was super lazy per usual and stained my pillowcase. i’m such a sinner… Is it just me or did my writing change completely like halfway through it? idk it’s bad, sorry. Thanks for reading though. Any sort of support is sincerely respected: liking, commenting, reblogging, following, anything! Constructive criticism is always appreciated :) Much love.

“What the alien cult shit is going on?” Connor asked with a very pissed and very confused expression.

He had just walked past the bathroom when he saw his sister sitting on a chair with strands of hair sectioned off into tubes of tin foil. Y/N, his girlfriend was standing beside Zoe with purple hands. Purple? Blue? Indigo.

“It’s the devil himself,” Zoe said sarcastically.

“You little bi-”

“Zoe,” You cut off Connor rapidly, “if anything he’s a handsome devil.

“…Fuck you,” Connor mumbled, crossing his arms, and leaning against the doorframe.

“Y/N, you’re gross,” Zoe groaned. You snapped your indigo stained gloves off.

“Grossly in love,” you sang, walking over to Connor and tapping him on the nose. His scowl softened just slightly. Zoe simply groaned.

“I literally cannot have a single day without sharing you,” Zoe slapped the bathroom counter with both hands, “Y/N, you’re supposed to be my best friend. If anything, you’re like my sister and that’d be super weird to think of my sister dating my brother.”

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anonymous asked:


“I can’t believe you talked me into this.” Isak said as he cast his eyes over the room they were in.

Vilde’s and Magnus’ strange trust seminar turned out to take place in the living room of some woman who looked like she would any moment now pull out a joss stick and made clinking sounds whenever she moved from the shitload of bracelets she wore. She was very … esotheric looking and talked with this always calm voice that was somehow infuriating. Isak did all he could not to roll his eyes. 

His toes were nudged by Even’s foot and he looked up to the face of his boyfriend. For someone who swore he didn’t want to be here either he looked suspiciously happy.

There were three other couples besides them, all way over the age of fifty. They all were told to stand in front of each other. Magnus stood beside him and Even and Vilde in front of each of them. Vilde kept talking, and talking, and talking, her voice even higher than usual. Magnus didn’t talk. At all. So you could say both of them seemed pretty nervous.

“So, let us begin, children.” The women – Leila? Lisa? He forgot – spread her bracelet clad arms as she spoke (she meant all of them when she said children, even though her usual target audience looked to be older than her).

“For the first trust test, hold your hands up in front of you, palms facing your partner.” They all followed suit. Isak had a smile tug on his lips as Even widened his eyes and lifted his brows at him in a playful manner – that dork.

“Now, connect your hands with those of your partner and lean your weight on them.” He heard Mags mumble en excuse about his hands being sweaty.

“As you lean on your partner, step back further and further with your feet, so you form a wide angled triangle.” The woman continued. 

There was the sound of shuffling and some uttered words over the pling plang music that was lowly playing in the backround. Isak and Even grinned at each other as they stepped further and further back, hands held tightly. Ok, maybe this was a little bit fun. A super small little bit.

“Look deep into your partners eyes and say ‘I trust you’”
They were as wide as they could without falling over and held each other up, their arms straining from the weight. He grinned at Even as he saw him put his tongue in the side of his mouth in concentration. The face of his boyfriend crinkle up more when his grin got wider.

“I trust you, Isak.” Isak almost snorted before he answered with the same words. This situation was rediculous. They both did all they could to keep from giggling and saw the laughter dance in each others eyes.  

(The whole thing didn’t go over this great for Vilde and Magnus. Since Vilde was significantly smaller Magnus first didn’t want to put that much weight on her and when he finally did - after Vilde told him that he was supposed to in an annoyed voice - she coulnd’t take it and he fell face first on the mat they were standing on. His fall came accompanied by an “Ouw!” from Vilde who clutched her wrist. They had been clutching their hands so tightly that, when Magnus fell, he had turned her arm.

It wasn’t serious though, as Vilde reassured them all and the both of them smiled weakly at each other when they continued to the next test and Even and Isak exchanged a look.)

“For the next test, please all go as far away from each other as possible. Go to each side of the room. Perfect.” Isak looked at Even and widened his eyes a tiny bit. For everyone this would just mean nothing but Even would know that this counted as an internal eyeroll. As answer he shook his head at Isak’s behavior, played shock on his face.

“Perfect, yes. Now, count to four and take a small step towards each other. After you did that, ask one another “are you comfortable to take another step?” and if so, take another. There is no shame in stopping whenever you feel comfortable.” 

So they started. Even and Isak took a step forward and Isak had to snort again.

“Even, that was no small step.”at which Even cast him an innocent look.

“Whaaaat?” Even drew out and a big smile spread over Isak’s face.

“Your legs are too long for this. I need another partner.”

“Oh, shush. You love my legs.” They both wiggled they eyebrows at each other and took another step.

“You’re supposed to ask each other if you’re comfortable” Came Vilde’s voice from beside them. Her and Magnus looked focused and not at all as smiley as Even and himself felt.

“Oh, you’re right.” Even said and winked at her. When he turned back to Isak he asked “Comfy?”

Isak gave his single nod. “Comfy.” And they took another step. Even made a show of taking a huge step and Isak put his hands on his waist, trying for a scolding look but only grinning fondly at him.

Even shrugged and said “What? I can’t help it, baby. I wanna be close to you.”

“You’re a dork.” Was Isak’s reply but the next step he stretched his legs as wide es he could, too.

This went on until they were touching from their foreheads to their toes. While they waited for the exercise to be over Even moved his head a tiny bit so their noses slid against each other.

“Comfy?” He asked lowly and warmth spread trough Isak’s chest.

He tilted his head a bit to give Even a quick peck. “Very comfy.”

(part 1) 

Yondu trying to ask you to marry him would include :

(Woooo more prompts! AAAAWWWW YONDU BAE 😍😭😍 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him having asked Peter as to how Terrans ask for marriage, only to get some weird answers and having to clarify to him that he’s serious about marrying you

-Him finding out about rings and just looking through countless of markets to figure what would be perfect for you, only to casually deny it when you or the other crew members ask him as to what he’s looking for

-Him having grabbed your hand to look at your fingers and figure out the perfect size, only to tell you that he was just curious for moment, avoiding completely your other questions

-Him having come up with the perfect plan and stopping by the prettiest planet, saying that everyone is dismissed while telling you that he needs you by his side for the meanwhile, making you think that it is a simple date

-Him feeling nervous throughout the day and just feeling his fingers tremble and himself sweating through his jacket, only to play it off like it’s nothing with his loud and sudden laughter

-Him trying his best to enjoy each moment of the date with you, only to realize at one point how much he loves you and how much your smile means the world to him, making him stare at you until you’d shake him out of it

-Him just softening up to you and pouring out all of his feelings for you as he puts his hand over yours, surprising you with how deeply he loves you and making you tear up to listen to him

-Him wanting to grab your hand to ask you to marry him, only to suddenly be interrupted by the other crew members that would walk by the both of you, making him slowly lose his patience as they keep coming up to him

-Him growling at them as they had all gathered up behind him, only to look back at you and suddenly feeling like you’re the only one around, making his heart thump

-Him getting teary eyed for once, only to surprise you by grabbing your hand to him and having the courage to ask you if you’d like to marry him, suddenly getting on his knee and being prepared to offer you the ring when you’d give him an answer

anonymous asked:

Hello~ Could I ask what are RFA + V&Saeran's favorite romantic movies? And how they like to watch it with MC? At the movies? At home, cuddling? Thank you so much for creating this awesome blog! You guys are amazing! ❤️

This one is soooo cute:) Thank you~ Hope you like them.


  • The Sound of Music
  • He loves the classic sound of all the music, but also the fact that the main characters found love through music and overcoming the past
  • He’ll invite you over when he’s feeling especially cuddly
  • He has extra pillows and blankets on hand
  • He turns all the lights off except for the TV
  • You two find a comfortable position, which usually ends up with him spooning you
  • He’s usually really quiet and into the movie until the songs come in
  • And then he’s belting it out
  • Sometimes you join him, sometimes you don’t
  • By the end of the movie, his cheek is gently resting on the top of your head and he’s humming the last chorus softly while he’s slowly drifting off


  • The Princess’ Bride
  • It’s classic. It’s funny. It’s romantic. And he grew up with it.
  • He sets up a little blanket fort with his softest blankets and pillows
  • Inside, his computer is set up and ready to go
  • He brings lots of snacks and food and drinks inside
  • You crawl in with him and you two are legitimately watching the movie
  • You both quote the lines throughout and being silly about it
  • Yoosung tries his best impressions of the characters
  • Every time there’s a kiss scene, Yoosung is just like, “Oh, we should re-enact that…like now.”
  • You’re pretty strong until the credits roll, then you just let yourselves fall asleep


  • I Give My First Love to You (Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu)
  • You are watching this at home because you will need the tissues and the chocolate
  • You guys give your own commentary on what’s going on
  • Which usually ends up in you two laughing at inappropriate laughing
  • The guy is dying, why are you two rolling on the floor?
  • You both will make your headcanons about what happened after the movie or in between some scenes
  • There is so much food, and you two consume all of it
  • By the end of the movie, you have a food coma and you get into the sugar high faze where everything is funny
  • Overall, it’s a stress free night full of so many emotions


  • Pride and Prejudice
  • It’s a classic, and he likes the character depth
  • He has his own theatre, so of course you’ll watch it there
  • He has the chef make whatever snacks you want
  • You secretly always wanted Jumin to say the famous Darcy line (You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.)
  • He knew this, but held back on purpose…until that night
  • When Darcy said it to Elizabeth, he leans over and says the same in your ear in a low, husky voice that sent a shiver down your back
  • Let’s just say you two were too preoccupied and missed the next few scenes
  • For the most part, you rested your head on his shoulder comfortably and his arm was around your shoulder


  • The Space Between Us
  • It’s about a boy from space and a girl from earth. It’s self explanatory why he liked it.
  • He takes you to a drive in theatre in one of his babies
  • You two sit in the open trunk with blankets and pillows
  • He lied to you about the weather so you would end up being chilly which resulted in you snuggling
  • His little kisses end up becoming a make out session, but he’ll randomly pull back and stare wide eyed at the screen, “Wait, wait…this is my favorite part.”
  • When you ask for a snack, he pulls them out of these random pockets in his jacket 
  • “You know they allow food here, right?” 
  • “I know. I just wanted the feeling of sneaking them in.”
  • Dork


  • Kimi Ni Todoke
  • He related to everyone being scared of Sawako and judging her based on her frightening appearance…not that he’d ever admit that
  • He built a projector where you two can watch it outside of the bunker
  • He sets up a blanket on the ground with some pillows
  • You start out sitting far apart, but somewhere along the way you end up tangled together
  • He’ll give you absentminded kisses at random times of the movie
  • He always falls asleep near the end, but you never want to wake him up
  • If it’s warm out, you’ll just pull the blanket over you both and sleep outside


  • Wuthering Heights in black and white
  • He likes the dynamic between Heathcliff and Catherine, and how they loved each other even with their individual destructive states
  • He takes you to a classic theatre where they’re showing it
  • He gets really shy all of a sudden
  • He hesitantly puts his arm around you or takes your hand gently
  • He gets blushy when your hands brush as you both reach for popcorn
  • You put your head on his shoulder and he starts to relax 

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Wrapped Around; pt. 3

Jimin x Reader x Tae // College!AU // 12264 words

Originally posted by minjiminieee

Summary: Freshman year was a mess and sophomore year doesn’t seem to be looking too good either. You know boys like them are no good for you but maybe they’re just your kind of type

Genre: Fluff, Smut

A/N: Man feels good to finally post this. Thanks for being patient ya dumplings (: ICYMI, there was a part 2.5 so check out part 2.5 before reading this!!!

Part 1 | Part 2Part 2.5 | Part 3.5


You were meant to be someone he’d use to get good grades and if all went according to plan, you were going to be a simple hump and dump but hell, he hadn’t even slept with you yet and he was already so hung up on you.

Your mind is all over the place, your hands shaking and your heart pounding but you try to push through. You pick up the next practice exam, exhaling deeply to get yourself to calm down but it doesn’t work. Glancing at the amount of work you had left to get done, you simply groan internally. You’re not sure what kind of luck it was to have 3 midterms in one week, each one a day after the other. Sighing, you set aside the papers for a while to unwrap the sandwich that was sat on your table.

You’ve put off sleep for a while now, not like you could really sleep to begin with but you get a maximum of 2-3 hours of sleep a day and it really was taking a toll on your body. Your anxiety interfered with everything from your ability to sleep to your ability to study. You distanced yourself from everyone you knew and that included Jimin, Solji and Hoseok. The library was basically your home now and you only returned to your dorm to shower and grab the books you needed. You chose to go back at odd times, making sure you would never bump into Jimin. The only person you saw from time to time was Taehyung when he’d drop by your desk to hand you a sandwich or a snack. You know every time he comes around, he had that look in his eyes. It was those puppy eyes, full with concern but he never asked you anything and you were glad.

He knew all of this well enough, having seen you done the same thing the previous semester as finals week approached. This time around though, he was slightly more concerned only because you still had 2 and a half weeks till finals but right now you already looked… for the lack of a better word, horrible. You often forget to eat meals when you’re stressed so he takes it upon himself to drop something off when he could. His heart hurt watching you abuse yourself but no matter what he did, he could never get you to stop and tell yourself that maybe you needed to take a breather or seek out help.

He remembers perfectly well the way you had snapped at him last semester when he pulled you out of the library to get you to wake up and see that your body wouldn’t be able to hold up if you continued.

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Night Moves (Part 2)

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Summary: The reader hooks up with a guy she meets at a bar one night after she gets to the town where her childhood friend Jess is getting married in a few days time, leading to some unintended consequences…

Part 1

Pairing: au!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,300ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Part 2, enjoy!…

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date night #9

roll down all of the windows. put on your favorite playlist. hold hands over the center console and just drive and tell each other all of the things you’d never tell anyone else.

Little Attention (Joker x Reader) *smut*

Request: Can you write a Joker Suicide Squad smut?? 😍😘 -Anon

 OR SUICIDE SQUAD JOKER @thatoneweirdgirl1


Word Count: 563

Warnings: Smut, language, daddy kink, oral (female receiving), unprotected sex

Tags:@thatoneweirdgirl1@harishaanne @teenagesinnerr @xloudwhocares @fangirling-over-all 

“Good morning kitten.” The Joker greeted you with a smile ripped from one ear to the other. “Good morning daddy.” You said as you hopped in the kitchen, kissing him on the cheek. His hand travelled down your back until he reached your ass, giving it a tight grip.

You threw each leg on either side of his waist and wrapped your arms around his neck. You frowned as you looked at him. “What’s wrong kitten?” He asked as he put a finger under chin, making you look at him. “It’s just…” You sighed. “Your mind is always on killing and stealing but I’m barely getting any attention.”

He tilted his head, trying to look in your eyes. “I’m so sorry baby girl. I didn’t mean to ignore you. You know I love you and I would do anything to make you happy.”

“I know.” You sighed. “And I’m grateful for it.” His fingers dug in your thighs as he got to his feet. He laid you back on the table and started kissing up your thighs, biting gently on your soft flesh. “Daddy.” He groaned at your praise. “You like it don’t you kitten?” You nodded; your hands slid up to your breasts, massaging them and giving them light squeezes. Bu his hands quickly stopped yours. “No my little one. You want attention from me.” His free hand slid your black panties down, revealing your wetness. “Tell me something kitten." He looked up at you, his eyes already gone dark.

"Yes Daddy?” You moaned as his fingers raked over your thigh. “Last night when I was passing by our room…I heard this…moan.” You bit your lower lip. Now you’re doomed. “It sounded like my name.” You gasped as one of his fingers slid in swiftly inside your wet aching pussy.

“Mr.J!” You moaned as he curled his fingers inside you. “Yeah that’s what I heard.” He said as he added another finger. He leaned in and trapped one of your nipples in between his soft lips. “Oh, look at you. All wet.” His fingers slowly pumped in and out of you, leaving you breathlessly. “All wet for me.” His lips went back on your breast, sucking on the sweet soft flesh.

You felt your head spinning, your eyes rolling to the back of your head and heat spread out through your body. Your breath hitched in your throat as you felt something wider filling you up. A throaty moan escaped your lips as his thrusts increased and got sloppier, his hips met yours and his hand wrapped around your throat, keeping you in place.

You looked deep in his lust-blown eyes as they looked down at you, like prey. You knew you were done for. He slowly leaned in, his breath colliding with yours. You whimpered as he stopped thrusting. “Come on kitten. Make daddy proud.” He said with each hard deep thrust. You closed your eyes shut as you orgasm washed over you, white stars falling before your eyes. Your heart was beating out of control.

But that didn’t stop Mr.J from releasing his load inside you. He threw his head back, eyes closed and sighing from his release. “That’s all I needed.” You whispered as you sat up on the table. “Just a little attention.”

“You’re going to get more attention once you’re in our bedroom kitten.”

Originally posted by ksenoglosja

Anger // Draco Malfoy Smut

Warnings: Smut and Swearing 

Word Count: 1700+

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Summary: A SMUT 

Requested: Nah, but I was gone for a week. so here you go. 

Originally posted by potters-broomstick

“The man you were, the one I wanted to married would have kicked your ass. That person you were would have taken a break. You were someone. You were that guy– the one who had principles. But not anymore.”

“You have no idea how many times I’ve tried to apologize,” He told you annoyed. His body weight shifted to his other foot as if he was a sassy school girl. But this wasn’t what you wanted, you didn’t want a sassy school girl as your boyfriend.

“And that’s just the point!” You said referring to his body language. “Every time something comes out of your mouth you insult me, or a rude tone of voice bleeds through everything you say.”

You began to rummage through his drawers. Over the months at Hogwarts, you were accustomed to having a lot of your stuff in Draco’s room. But you weren’t sure anymore. “You could say I love you to me and still sound like you hate me like you hate Potter.” But instead of Draco at least trying to symbolize he gives you a look.

“Sorry?” You looked back at him and turned around to face his lanky figure.

“You better be fucking sorry.” He smirked at you from across his room. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“Listen, if I didn’t want to be in this relationship, I would’ve never tried,” He told you sincerely. “I never meant to come across that way,” He walked closer towards you. You looked down trying to escape his gaze, but he lifted your chin up with his index finger. If he did this he would get away with everything he did. If he didn’t– you would lose him. “I mean it,” He whispered, probably sensing the anxiety swirling in your body. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in close. “You know I love you.”

The feelings rock your head backward as he kisses your neck and pushes his body into yours. His hot—marble lips traveled down your neck placing gentle kisses on your shoulder and then moving on to the next area.

Unexpectedly, his hand drifted to your hip. It settled there and pulled you closer. He inhaled sharply, pressing his forehead to yours in the pitch black room. Your unsteady breaths were the only thing heard. Then he pulled you against his warm chest, chiseled to perfection. You splayed your hand against it, holding it there, as he rocked you back and forth.

Sometimes it felt like it was nearly impossible for you to love him. That’s what you loved. The relationship would never work, but that was the very thing that made you strongest. Your hands moved down to his jeans. Lately, Draco has been wearing suits instead of his robes, and it was turning you on. He wanted to show, everyone, he was a man.  You felt his hard through the thin material.

His breathing quickened and with his quickening, so did yours. He began to attack your neck with delicate kisses, yet they felt so rough. Under his touch—under his gentle touch, you became limp. He was usually rough, but now he was passionate. His head was angled slightly to the side as his lips came closer and closer to yours. You were surprised to find your own lips parted. You cupped the back of his neck and pulled his head into yours. He breathed in sharply lasting only seconds before he kissed you back hardly. His hands grabbed your waist and he slammed you into the nearest wall. You grunted loudly from the impact and smirked into the kiss. He clenched your ass tightly in his hands and smirked as well, sending you over the edge.

He turned you over and grabbed the back of your thighs lifting you off your feet easily. He was so strong. You laughed lightly, running his fingers through his hair before bending down to his ear.

“I’m still mad,” You whispered to him. He huffed out and ignored your remark. He just lifted his head in the air and waited for you to kiss him.

“Not for long,” He whispered back.  

The room was twilight and you and Draco were so close you were breathing in each others scent. His sets you down on the ground and wraps his arms around your back, and in one passionate pull off your skins, he kissed harder. You feel his fingers knot in your hair. Then his hand moves down your cheekbones to your soft lips. Your bodies fit together as if we were made just for this—to be in love with each other—to embrace each other. He pushes you back into his bed letting you fall and sink into to the soft expensive mattress. You gripped the silk sheets and looked up at Draco. You lock eyes for just a moment, just enough for the two of you to feel safe in each others presence. He hovers over your body and kisses your lips.

Then he’s all business, undoing your jeans and pulling them off. He puts his hands on your legs and you feel your back arch in anticipation. He pulled off your shirt and ripped off your bra. He crawled over your body and traveled down towards your core. You first quite moan escapes your lips as he grips your thighs. His mouth slowly touches your core and you moan a little louder. His tongue folds over the bundle of nerves. He consumes you like he consumed power–fast–eagerly–and roughly. His tongue came in long stroking licks. You bucked your hips higher to meet his mouth, not caring that the action could be called nothing but promiscuous. He reached up to your breasts a cupped them roughly.

There is nothing more bewitching than your naked form. As he watched you naked writhing under him. As soon as his hand grabs your breasts, you responded.  He moves up towards your lips. Your kisses change, deeper, more sensual.  "God, Draco.“ You arched against him when he moved over you. His other hands gripped at your breast, while the other traced down your body. You took your his hands and placed it on your sex, pulling him closer towards you. His fingers slipped into you and rubbed circles on the bundle of nerves. His two fingers worked inside you, it was nothing too uncomfortable and nothing you couldn’t handle. He kept his mouth on you lavishing my breasts with attention. Kissed down your chest and towards your neck.

His thumb rubbed around a sweet spot. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head. The strength of what was building was staggering.  If he kept going, all of Hogwarts would hear. If he stopped, you would cry. Cry, and beg.

“Did you take the pill?” He whispered in your ear, you nodded slowly. He chuckled quietly. “I like muggle creations.” And he always did. The ones he liked were always made for the bed, always there for Draco to use on you. This was no different.

You reached for his belt to take off his black jeans. You slowly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled down his zipper. His head rocked to the back of his neck as you palmed him through his boxers. He groaned out with pleasure, but suddenly came right back to reality and sunk himself into you. He moaned out louder than you should have. He kneaded your breasts as you gripped the silk covers of Draco’s Hogwarts bed.

He pumped into you, the length and level of his arousal he tried to trust more harder into you. "Mine,” he grunts under his breath. He doesn’t slow the movement, giving you hard thrusts. Draco’s gelled hair was tousled as the moonlight shown in the room illuminating the room. Beads of sweat lightly covered his chest as you watched him. “Who do you belong to?” He whispered hoarsely

“I do, everything I have, everything I am– it belongs to you.” He chuckled darkly.

“And I belong to you. No matter what I fucking do. You memorize those words and hold them close, they’re true and they’re going to stay true. No matter what I fucking do.”

“I love you,” you whispered quietly.

“I hear you say it every day,” He withdrew his fingers and gripped her hips. She felt his erection probe between her thighs. “I’ve never wanted anything the way I want you. I’ve never been more grateful”

He gave you every inch he had, holding your hips and forcing himself inside of you even though you should have taken it one at a time.  A shock rolled through your body and you whimpered. But he thrust harder and harder.

“Push back against me,” he commanded, gripping your hips harder probably leaving red hand marks where they were. You thrust back and tossed your head back from the pleasure. She found him endlessly amusing when he was angry. 

You let your head fall back on the pillow, giving over to the euphoria he gave you. He was so big. Sometimes you wondered if you could handle how big he was and how he felt. And once you succeeded in letting him put himself in you–every inch of him. There was nothing like it. There was certainly no one like him.

You pressed back against him. He was so strong, you would’ve fallen off the bed.  Still, he didn’t hold back. He picked up the pace and either you have swept away with it, or you held your ground. But every push and pull over your bodies was easier for you to sink into. Then he began to sink into you deeper than before and drag out slowly, sensitizing your flesh.

Finally, you felt it. The rising passion in the room. You felt yourself feel high. You could tell he did too. His climax came before yours. Than yours followed, just as intense. He fell next to you in the bed pulling you into his chest. No words were exchanged but you knew he was sorry. And you knew he would never do that again.

Like us? - Jughead Jones

lRequest from @virginiaamy: Hey! Have you heard about Neal Gaiman’s Dark Sonnet? Maybe you could write something about Jug x reader reflecting the sonnet? I hope it makes sense 😅 Your works are awesome! Keep goin’ :)

Thank you so much friend! This one’s a bit small but I like it like that :) I kind of made it more in that they’re reflecting ON the sonnet but at the same time they’re realising that what they have is similar. Hope it was okay lovely <3

Words: 1,198

Warnings: Swearing - An almost make out/sort of make-out/who even knows

“I don’t think I’ve been in love as such,
Although I liked a few folk pretty well.
Love must be vaster than my smiles or touch,
For brave men died and empires rose and fell
For love: girls followed boys to foreign lands
And men have followed women into Hell.
In plays and poems someone understands
There’s something makes us more than blood and bone
And more than biological demands.
For me, love’s like the wind, unseen, unknown.
I see the trees are bending where it’s been,
I know that it leaves wreckage where it’s blown.
I really don’t know what “I love you” means,
I think it means “Don’t leave me here alone.” 

“Remind me why I’m here,” Jughead sighed, falling backwards onto your bed. You passed him a sheet of paper before sitting down on the edge of your bed, next to him.

“I’ve got English homework, and I have to identify the type of sonnet and write a paragraph on the structure and approach to love. I haven’t been paying attention in class whatsoever-” You began. Jughead chuckled at this, harmlessly rolling his eyes. You nudged him with a mock-scolding look.

“You need me to help you?” Jughead smiled, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you into his chest. You snuggled into him, burying your face in the emerald green sweater that he was wearing. It was your favourite of his many sweaters, as it was the most “cuddle-worthy”. He would always wear it if he knew he was coming round to yours after school.

The two of you had only been dating a few months, but you’d been long term friends before hand so the two of you were completely comfortable around each other and nearly spent every waking moment together. 

“Well you know, you’re great at English! Besides, you’re a novel writer and shit so you know what to do… right?” You looked at him pleadingly. Your mind had been a blank canvas over the past couple of days, and you couldn’t put the deep thoughts at the back of your brain onto paper. The deadline for the assignment was nearing and all you had managed to write was the date.

“Neil Gaiman. How mean of your teacher, he’s kind of a rule bender when it comes to types of sonnets,” Jughead’s eyebrows were furrowed, like they always were when he was deeply focused on something. His nose would scrunch up occasionally too, and you couldn’t help but giggle at how cute he looked. “I’d say a variation of Petrarchan sonnet,” He concluded, and you raised an eyebrow.

“I didn’t know you were an expert in romantic poetry,” You teased and he rolled his eyes again.

“I’m not, I just pay attention in class,” He scoffed and you playfully punched him. He feigned hurt and you burst into a fit of dorky giggles. He grinned at your laughter, watching your radiant features scrunch up. He adored you.

After a moment of comfortable silence, you realised that the assignment wasn’t finished just yet.

“Love,” You sighed, picking out a neon pink highlighter and circling the word several times. Jughead was staring at your bedsheets, his mind elsewhere, clearly having one of those “deep thoughts” moments. You were about to ask him for more expertise opinions when he suddenly looked up, staring you dead in the eye.

“I don’t think I’ve ever loved before, at least, not in the way most people define love.” 

You nodded slowly. You could understand this and although you might see things in a different light, you respected the way Jughead looked at everything. That understanding was why your relationship was so strong, in both friendship and budding romance.

“At least, not truly yet,” He continued and you blushed. “People interpret love as peaceful and pure. A symbol of innocence and light. That’s just the top layer though, the disguise covering the undercoats. Love can be chaotic and ruinous. It can bring us sadness more than it brings us joy. Just look at what happened to Betty when she got rejected by Archie. It destroyed her and frankly their friendship hasn’t been the same since,” He laid down, staring up at your ceiling as he continued with his rant. You pulled his head into your lap, taking off his beanie and affectionately stroking his hair, gesturing encouragingly for him to continue.

“Or look at what happened to my parents,” He whispered dejectedly and you bit your lip. You knew that Jughead’s family was a sensitive subject. You bent down, placing a gentle kiss on the boys head. He sighed with content, closing his eyes before speaking out again.

“I just can’t- I don’t… I don’t want that to happen to us,” He choked out. You shook your head, a stray tear from your eye falling down and creating a salty splatter on Jughead’s cheek.

“Well shit, that was deep,” You tried to laugh it off, blinking back any more tears. Jughead smiled up at you before sitting up and taking your hands, rubbing them with his thumbs, soothingly.

“What about you?” He asked and your eyes widened. “What’s your interpretation of love?” He seemed genuinely curious and you took a deep breath, pausing to think for a moment.

“To me, love is something more than a biological demand. When I’m with you it’s just… special. I’ve had boyfriends in the past before and their presence was nothing like yours. Love can’t be touched, but it can be felt. It leaves permanent marks on you. Some of those marks are blessings and others are ugly scars. Love is just weird… it’s abstract and strange. You can’t define it in a dictionary. It’s just a special connection, which sounds cliche and dumb but… oh heck what do I know,” You felt subconscious over Jughead’s intense gaze and stared to the ground. 

He gently tilted your chin up with his fingers so you were staring into his bright, doting eyes, before placing a supple kiss on your lips. This connection was what you meant. It wasn’t fireworks, it wasn’t butterflies, it was indescribable. The kiss quickly grew ardent and lustful as you desperately clasped his cheeks, aching just to be closer to him as he sensually rubbed your thighs. As you pulled apart for air, your foreheads touched and your heavy breaths mingled.

“One more thing… the most important thing about love,” You whispered. Jughead nodded, but neither of you moved from your close and intimate position.

“I think love is a cry for companionship, something to save us from loneliness. Someone who you desire just to sit there and be there for you, as a friend. Someone who is there for you when you feel isolated. A desire for love is a desire for that special, loyal someone at your side,” You finished. The two of you let out a breathy laugh, smiling brightly as you slowly leaned back, but not too far. Jughead reached to pick his beanie up, securing it on his head. He looked off into the distance again as if pondering something before turning back to you with a smirk gracing his features.

“Like us?” 

“Like us.”

I’m actually pretty darn proud of this one, this was cute!

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jupiter-saturn aspects ♃♄

i’ve always loved how the glyphs for jupiter and saturn seemed to be inverses of each other; jupiter is lady luck, wherever it occupies comes naturally, it does not need a ton of focus on its own, but for that reason, it is lazy. putting energy toward your jupiter is how you can truly unlock its riches. saturn, on the other hand, is a looming threat. it requires great focus and is quite emotionally taxing, since it teaches you important life lessons. jupiter expands, saturn restricts. 

jupiter conjunct saturn: success seems to come slowly, but then all at once. may perceive oneself as a late-bloomer, but reap lasting gains for waiting. individuals with this placement might try to balance over-achieving with exerting the lowest possible effort, and the two playing on each other can be quite confusing and stressful. 

jupiter square/opposite saturn: grapples endlessly between the ends of optimism and pessimism, faith and dismay, ambition and skirting by. as saturn is the malefic, it can tend to hold more control of a square, necessitating the native to work hard to access jupiter’s potential rewards. i notice certain emotional shortcomings with the square, whether it be depression, anger, or other mental problems. this can be strain from these two entities battling. the square aspect embodies more of the struggle, while the opposition may embody more going back and forth between the two, embodying the extremes of each.

jupiter trine/sextile saturn: when these two planets are working well together, this may indicate a greater ability to put effort towards the future than the previously mentioned aspects. this might indicate the assistance of others in achieving your goals, like luke skywalker had obi-wan. those with this placement may not feel so strongly the limitations of time, and the fleetingness of it; rather, they may appreciate that things come in time and plan/invest accordingly.

jupiter inconjunct saturn: your greater benefic and malefic are completely at odds, indicating a vast struggle between the two archetypes. this will be exacerbated by their house placements. this can indicate a propensity for overexertion, swamping yourself with responsibilities and then realizing too late that you have bit off much more than you can chew (squares too, to an extent). this is because there can be over-confidence with this placement, a feeling of “only i can do this” in regards to a task. 

Dating Carl Grimes would Include:

Originally posted by carls-left-eye

  • You weren’t together at first but always going out of each other’s way to protect one another
  • Every night, sneaking in his room to sleep in his bed because the two of you can’t sleep not knowing if you’re by each other’s side
  • Carl keeps his door cracked open for you
  • It doesn’t matter how dangerous it is if one of you is going so is the other one.
  • “You have to stay here, I have to know you’re safe.”
  • “How can I sit here, when you’re out there, seconds away from being snapped up? Bite your damn tongue because I’m going with you.”
  • Carl getting annoyed at how stubborn you are
  • You getting annoyed at how stubborn Carl is
  • Not having your first kiss for the longest time because you two already knew you belonged to each other
  • Til one day you were seconds away from being bitten, Carl kissed you frantically but slowly from both the adrenaline but also the fear of losing you
  • Rick accepting your relationship with open arms knowing that you would do anything to keep his family safe
  • Straightening his Sheriff hat every now and then
  • Insisting on wearing one of his shirts whenever on a run
  • “I might die today, I need to wear something of yours.”
  • Judith taking a particular liking to you and crying every time you try to put her down
  • Holding Judith in your arms with Carl hugging you from behind
  • “Y’all look like a mini family, it’s seriously creepy.”
  • Sharing comic books and getting in arguments over the plot and character
  • Sometimes you two are quiet, basking in each other’s company. Other times you’re loud, so loud that Rick wants to come and warn you two to stop jabbering on and on but then he realizes you’re just kids. Just kids.
  • Holding hands at the dinner table and all of your family poking fun and teasing you
  • “If you’re gonna kiss, can I at least finish my meal before puking it all backup?”
  • “I didn’t know toddlers were allowed to date.”
  • Both of you blushing really hard whenever someone comments on how cute you are
  • Everything in your life feels rushed and chaotic with walkers roaming the Earth and the constant need for supplies but you two make each other feel sane
  • When on runs, you and Carl love to place bets
  • “5 walkers.”
  • “No way, it’s an abandoned Walmart. Gotta be at least 10.”
  • “You’re on.”
  • “Bet I can clear the house before you can.”
  • “Ha, yeah, in your dreams Grimes.”
  • Pouting when Carl ends up winning the bets you two place
  • “Aw c’mon (Y/N). Don’t pout.”
  • Being able to be a kid while around each other
  • It’s almost unlikely to see you two have PDA in front of anyone else besides hand holding or small kisses on the cheek
  • “Wait wait before we go.”
  • “We’re almost 10 minutes late, we need to haul ass.”
  • “Okay but give me a kiss first.”
  • Sharing a room in Alexandria because no one can separate you two, and no one even wanted to try
  • Carl being protective when Ron comes over
  • “I’m not saying I hate him, but I’m saying if there was a piece of cake and him dangling off of a cliff… then I hope that cake is chocolate.”
  • “Carl!”
  • Kissing Carl in front of Enid then turning to look at her with an eyebrow raised
  • “Are you claiming territory or something?”
  • “Nope… just showing my love.” :)
  • Pushing you behind his back whenever Negan comes to collect from Alexandria
  • “Now whose thing lil thing?”
  • “Don’t fucking touch her.”
  • Carl didn’t want to see you for a while after the whole incident with his eye til you burst the door down and yelled at him
  • “I don’t give a damn what the hell happened and you can keep trying to block me out but I’m going to keep fighting because we’ve gotten this far and you’re not going to be the reason we break up. I can’t do this without you.”
  • Changing his bandaged and kissing his forehead
  • Carl being shy about how his eye looks
  • Assuring Carl is still as handsome as he was before
  • “You’re still that annoying boy I am very much in love with.”
  • You keep on reminding him to cut his hair even though you love it when it’s long
  • Sneaky kisses behind shelves
  • Trying to find pudding, comic books, or candy bars on runs 
  • “(Y/N), stay back”
  • “You stay back.”
  • Being each other’s first time
  • Feeling on top of the world when he smiles at you
  • Loving the shit out of each other
Platinum Locks

Prompt: Draco x reader. The reader is a rather quite To be in the same house and Draco. Patsy gets very jealous. One day cutting off her long platinum blonde hair. Draco fixes it. Angry, protective and fluffy Draco.

A/N: Hope this is what you were looking for :) Sorry for how long it has taken!

Warnings: Jealousy? Anger? Negativity? Bullying. But there is fluff :)

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense and sorry if it seems a little slapdash!

Not edited or proof read.


You had been sitting, minding your own business in the The Three Broomsticks on Sunday afternoon. You took a sip from your Butterbeer and the froth stuck your lip. You would have giggled with your best friend about it only the table over busted out laughing. You both looked over to see Pansy Parkinson sitting with Draco and their usual group. Everyone but Draco were were looking at you. “Looks like something has gotten stuck in your moustache, Y/N.” Pansy jeered causing the others to laugh. However Draco had his straight face eyeing his cup as he fiddled with the handle. Your best friend looked at you then straight into Pansy’s eyes. 

“Oh, we thought it was a new fashion trend. I mean, we noticed your moustache and thought we just had to try it out.” She feigned shock before turning back to you as the whole table (this time including Draco) laughed. 

Later that day, back in the Slytherin Common Room, Draco took to sitting with you on the sofa. It wasn’t an unusual scene to see. You weren’t a big fan of Draco’s choice in friends and so the evenings ad some mornings before breakfast and classes were the only time you could spend time with him without them. It’s not that you cared he was friends with them, it’s his choice but you just did not fit in with them at all. They were obnoxious and you kept yourself to yourself. Perhaps that was why Draco favoured you most over them. Of course Pansy Parkinson was a limpet and so it was to find the time of day away from her. Your night time routine involved Draco staying up late just to spend time alone with you and you’d do the same. 

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