and put your hands all over each other

Victor and Yuuri are the kind of couple who’d plan to propose to each other on the exact same day and Yuuri pulls Victor to the side with a “Victor, there’s something I wanna ask you–” as he’s taking out the little velvet box and Victor just goes “oh no”. And Yuuri gets all insecure because does he not want to, is this rejection, is it too soon? And he gets all small and toys with the box in his hands, stumbling over his words to make it better because imsorryitsokaywedonthavetoifyourenotcomfortable but Victor stops him, grabbing him by the shoulders like “no, no, I mean—"and he takes out a ring from his coat pocket "I was going to slip this into your drink tonight at dinner” and then they both start crying and they’re touching foreheads as they put the rings on each other and I’m dying in the back because I love them

date night #9

roll down all of the windows. put on your favorite playlist. hold hands over the center console and just drive and tell each other all of the things you’d never tell anyone else.

BTS How they Cuddle

So this wound up including non-cuddling skinship for some of the members because my brain got started and kinda just kept going… 


Rap Monster
If you two were near each other at all and the situation allowed for it, this boy is gonna have a hand on you in some way. He’d hold your hands sometimes, though usually I think he’d keep hand holding for when he’s in one of his goofy, lighter moods. When he’s in a more serious mood, he’d put an arm over the back of your chair if you were sitting, or if you were walking, he’d put his hand on the small of your back. Real cuddling would be saved for when you two were alone. He’d like to have you two facing each other, whether that be standing up or laying down, and he’d want to have your face close to his. A lot of the time, he’d have his hands in your hair or cupping your face, but if his hands weren’t on your face or head then they were either on your hips or on the small of your back. He loves your back, so he spends a lot of time just absently tracing lazy circles on it with his fingers or running his hands up and down the middle, or just wrapping his arms all the way around you and squeezing you closer.

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Can you imagine yourself offering the clothes you’re wearing to your best friend, kid, partner when they sneeze to wipe their nose - in public?
Aren’t J2 just something else. They love to do that ‘I touched him, I need to clean my hands’ thing and jokingly gag and do 'gross’ faces at each other, don’t they?

But in a real situation where Jared got all shy and embarrassed, Jensen just offered his sleeve without saying a single thing or having a thought about trying to crack their usual jokes and doing gross eeew faces. He just looked at Jared and just … 'Here put your snot all over my shirt sleeve’.
And Jared was kinda embarrassed after doing it but Jensen still didn’t care … Just got him a tissue. And Jared totally leaned in to let Jensen wipe his nose before he remembered they were in public.

Why are they so grossly adorable? Jensen just really adores Jared, like the whole of him. There’s nothing off limits in their relationship man. Gosh, their relationship is so special.



The sunlight was shining through the curtains, the bright light made you peek through your eyes letting the sun in and waking you up. Your eyes started to look around the room, your eyes stopped at the desk where all the books and papers were thrown all over the desk, creating a huge mess. And the laptop was on the floor (Stiles had put it there). The thought of how all of that happened and why made a smile spread across your face. Lets just say you and Stiles couldn´t keep your hands off of each other while studying.
You heard a little snore close to your ear which brought you back from your daydreams. Two strong arms were wrapped around your waist and his head was buried in your neck, tickling you a little. 
You slowly turned your head to face Stiles sleepy face, he was indeed still sleeping. He looked adorable, indescribably adorable! You couldn´t help it so you started to leave soft kisses all over his sleepy face while trying not to wake him up.

“You do know that I´m aware of you kissing me, right?” He whispered with his eyes shut and pulled you in closer as he kissed your bare shoulder.

“Sorry I thought you were sleeping.” You giggled.

“And miss that? Never! I want more!” He whined like a cute baby and you gave him a few more.


mark tuan 💖

cuddling w mark tuan, bro don’t even get me started. i imagine cuddling mark on a cold rainy day. It would be his time off work and he would rather spend it with you. Like usual he would show up looking fluffy as ever. He would show up with a sweet and simple grin on his face. He would take your hand in his and drag you to your bedroom. Taking off his shirt and tossing it towards you, signaling you to put it on. He would lay down right next you with nothing but his sweats hanging low on his waist. He would squish his arms around you hips pulling you closer to him.  His hands loosely hanging on your hip and thigh and your caressing his hair and face. He would lean down towards you placing small pecks all over your face. You guys would talk about whats been going on lately, just catching up. He would ask you about your day and you would him about his. You both telling each other how much you guys missed each other. He would tell you about the stupid mosquitoes that invaded his room after he came back from tour and how’s he’s been sleeping in yugyeom’s bed because of it. telling you he rather sleep in your bed … with you. You would just giggle and tell him that he’s welcomed anytime and that he should really get the mosquito problem fixed lol. You guys would just spend endless hours looking into each others eyes and just talking about anything. The only times you would be getting up is to use the bathroom or to pick up the food you guys ordered other than that you wouldn’t move. You would stay in each others embrace slowly drifting to sleep. 


just a smol lil drabble i had written a couple days ago!!! hope you guys like it !!! hey guys please report or send us the link if people keep stealing our works!! 

- Ericaaaaaaa 


@inhoranspants @nekodemon73

“Ginny, Ginny!” You yell over the cheers and laughs from everyone around you, trying to make your way over to her through the mass of people on the quidditch field.

It was your last year at Hogwarts and winning the quidditch cup was definitely a good way to celebrate. All the hard work and extra practice you and Ginny had done put up with during the year payed off in the end and you couldn’t be happier.  

Even if you hadn’t won, your main motivation for these training session hadn’t been winning anyway. You just wanted to spend more time with your girlfriend, between exams, friends and everything else that was going on there wasn’t much time left for each other, so you jumped at the opportunity.

“Y/N.” Ginny waves her hand and runs over to you, hugging you excited when she reaches you.

You smile at her, pulling her close with your arms tightly wrapped around her so you wouldn’t lose her again in all this commotion.

“We won.” You say happily and lift her up in the air a bit before you let her down again and place your lips on hers. You stand like that for a while, completely  forgetting all the noises around you while you’re both lost in each others arms.

You’re both out of breath when you part and start to smile brightly. Ginny takes your hand and pulls you along with her.

“Come on we’re going to celebrate with everyone!”

Bobby’s Daughter - Part Three
Part O


Part Two

Summary: Your past with Castiel is put under scrutiny, but you are reluctant to give up the details.
Words: 1,209
Castiel x Reader
Warnings: None

They all looked between the two of you, confused.

It was Dean who broke the building tension. 

“So,” he started, warily, “You know each other?” 

Castiel still hadn’t reopened his eyes, and you huffed a slight laugh. 

“You could say that.” 

Bobby frowned at you, “Care to expand?” 

Castiel’s eyes flew open. 

“There is not time for that,” he said, looking over your head to direct his words to the Winchesters, “We have to go. Now.” 

With that he crossed the room, putting his hand’s on Sam and Dean’s shoulders. Another fluttering of wings and they were gone. 

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Dating Seokmin/DK…

Dating Seokmin/DK would be like…..

  • smiles smiles smiles
  • never a dull moment in your relationship
  • crazy dates all over town because he always has too much energy
  • but sometimes being the always happy one gets hard so you’re there for the bad times, too
  • your relationship will have so much trust others would be envious
  • you’re always there for each other
  • Lots of skinship and cuddles 24/7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • He’ll do that thing where he holds your hand and puts your hands in his jacket pocket
  • He knows where you’re ticklish so there will probably be a lot (like A LOT) of tickling wars
  • “where are my pants” “do i look like i’d know”
  • You kno it real when he deal w yo attitude
  • “Can we bake cookies again” “no DK we literally did like 20 minutes ago”
  • “I bought you chocolate!”
  • He’d totally be a winter person so you’d probably go on dates in the cold all the time
  • he’ll take you ice skating with couple mittens and lots of hot chocolate
  • Late night winter walks in the city
  • but he’ll still make sure you’re dressed warm and will probably bring like 3 extra scarves just in case you need them
  • cheesy puns will literally FOLLOW this boy everywhere you guys go
  • “Oh man, its hot.. You should probably leave the room for a bit ;)”
  • the boy will FEED YOU
  • street food dates
  • dates where you try new foods even though you’re both kind of picky eaters
  • sleeping in until like 2PM because you spent the whole night giggling
  • “I bought you roses!” “Why?” “Just because it’s like, 2 days away from Friday!”
  • this boy will literally spoil you crazy, honey you are his world. Don’t ever let that go.
Peter Pan Imagine Request Pt. 3

“Heyyy!!!can you please do a part3 of virgin reader and peter who takes advantage of her when she was drunk??? I loved the previous parts😍”

Part 1

Part 2


You both look at the test, its +.

You both look up at each other and smile.

“You and Pan are going to have a little lost boy or girl.” Felix whispers.

You put your hand over your mouth, shocked and happy all at the same time, you were pregnant, with Peter’s baby.

You and Felix both sit on your bed, watching the trees go back and forth from your window, you were both silent, thinking of ways to tell Peter, but honestly you were terrified to, even though you and him were on good terms, considering what had happen, a baby was a whole different situation.

“You know, you have to tell him.” Felix says quietly.

You feel tears run down your face, “what if he doesn’t want it? What if he sends me away.?”

Felix turns to you and holds your hands, “Pan is cruel wicked, evil, and down ride dirty, but I know how he feels about you, trust me, he would never do that to you.”

You nod your head and Felix wipes your tears away.

“You’ll be alright kid, it’s time for bed, get some rest okay?”


You stayed up all night, you probably got an hour of sleep in, but you had to tell Peter, so you woke up and started to get ready.


You head outside to go find Peter, but he is no where to be found.

“Where’s Peter?” you say quietly.

“Over by the lagoon with her.” a lost boy says

“With who?”

“Some girl , some new girl.”

A new lost girl you thought, did Peter have any interest in her? You decided to go find out.


You walk over to the lagoon and suddenly hear laughter and splashing.

You see that its Peter and some girl, you heart sinks. They had their feet in the water, splashing one and other, that didn’t bother you, how he looked at her, that’s what bothered you.

Peter see’s you and gets up from the ground.

“Hi Y/n, meet our new lost girl.” he says as he points to her.

“Lost girl?” you turn your head over to her, “But i thought I was the only lost girl?”

“Now we have an other! Isn’t that great?” he says as he smiles 

The girl soon walks over to where you guys are, “Hi i’m Olivia.” (Sorry if anyone’s name is Olivia, it was the first name I thought of)

“Uh hi I’m Y/n, the original lost girl.” you said with sass, which made Peter cock a brow, but then smiled.

“She came from far away, she’s lost just like you, so we’re gonna help okay?”

“Right, Peter can I talk to you?” You said anxiously

“Not right now love, there’s so much I have to show Olivia, you know how it was when you first came, but you can start on the chores I left you, thanks!.”

You were left feelings so broken, you were going to have his baby, and he could care less about you. You sat there for hours, you didn’t even think he deserved to know now, he treated you like one of his lost boys, but you weren’t, you thought you meant something but clearly you didn’t.


You had went back to the camp and just finished up all the chores when Peter and Olivia were walking side by side and gazing into each others eyes came back.

You simply rolled your eyes and sat down on a log, waiting for dinner.

“So tonight is a very special night, we celebrate our send lost girl, Olivia!” Peter shouts and so do the lost boys, Felix just looks at you in worry.

You had gotten in line to get your food, when you noticed Peter and Olivia were sharing a plate, they would eat and take bites at the same time, they would talk low so no one could hear what they were saying, they would laugh so loud all of Neverland could hear.

You tried your best to ignore but at this point how could you not? They were center of attention ,

That night everybody drinks and dances, they are having the best time, while you’re in your cabin vomiting your dinner that you just had, everyday seemed more terrible than the last, but this today it felt worse, probably because you just got your heart broken.

 You cry yourself to sleep hoping and wishing that the girl would just leave, you enough problems as it is, you didn’t need anymore. So you decided, you were going to leave Neverland.


You wake up and start to pack your stuff, You had blankets that you had sewn over the years so you put all your stuff in their, you were so busy you didn’t even eat breakfast or lunch.

By dinner you were almost done, you were a perfectionist so everything had to be packed right.

*kock knock* on your door

“Who is it?”


You gasp and quickly go to the door, you look out the peep hole and begin to panic.

You totally forgot you had to ask permission to leave the island, and if Peter said no then, well, you were done for.

You open the door just a little, “Yes?” 

“It’s your turn to cook dinner tonight.” says

You were furious, “That’s why you came over here? You didn’t even tell me hi.”

“Oh right , well-wait why have you been here all day?”

“No reason.” you said in a sassy tone.

He opened the door and saw everything off the shelves , empty closet, covers of the bed are gone, he slowly turns around, “Is there an explanation for this?”

“I-I.. uh.” You start to stutter.

“You what Y/n?” as his British accent starts to grow stronger, it always goes stronger when he gets mad.

“I want you permission to leave Neverland.” You let out a sigh as if you were holding your breath forever.

“Why the hell would I let you do that?”

“Because you obviously don’t give two shits about me, why should i care about you?

“Are you serious right now?” Peter comes closer to you.

“I am very serious Pan.”

“Oh Pan? Since when do you call me Pan?”

“Since today now let me leave this island PLEASE.” you fold your arms.

“Fuck no. Do you honestly think I’m just going to let you leave?” 

Yeah kinda why wouldn’t you?”

“Because you’re MY lost girl.”

“Now you have a new one!” you yell

“This is what it’s all about huh? Her? Olivia?”

“No actually I have something important to tell you, in fact I’ve been having something important to tell you, but do you want to listen ? NO because all you do is go spend time with that girl , that’s all you ever do dammit.” 

“This is MY island and I can spend time with whoever, whenever I want to!”

“THEN GO!” you yell

Just then Felix walks in “Hey hey hey, is everything okay?”

Then you and Peter start yelling at the same time, explaining how its each others fault.

Felix doesn’t want to hear so he looks at you and simply says “Did you tell him yet?”

“Tell me what?” Peter says.

“You haven’t told him yet?!” Felix yells.

“NO!” you yell back.

“Just tell me already.” Peter says getting upset.

“I can’t!” you say 

“Why not?” Peter folds his arms

“Be-because I - I just can’t.” and tears start to roll down your eyes.

Peter’s hard face expression quickly goes soft, his eyebrows almost knit together, he was confused, and sad, he never wanted to see you cry.

“Love,” He comes up to you and wipes your tears “whats wrong?”

You just put your face in your hands, and let it all out, you cried for a good 30 seconds, until Peter picked up your face with his hands, and starting rubbing his thumbs with your cheeks.

“Is something wrong?” he says

“Not really.” you say as you sniffle

“Then what you’re scaring me.” he says

“Maybe you two should sit down “ Felix says as he directs you to two chairs to sit on.

“Thanks” you sniffle again.

“So what’s going on Y/n?”

“Peter, I’m pregnant,, I have been for a couple weeks now.”

Peter’s mouth drops and his eyes turn big. “You, but wait, how?”

“That night when I was drunk and you , yeah…” you put down your head.

“I-I don’t know what to say.” Peter says as he gets up.

“I can leave if you want me to.” you say

“Why would I want that?”

“Peter you’re just a teenager, you’re not ready for a baby.”

“Neither are you but you’re having it aren’t you?”

“Yes but it’s not your responsibility,”

“Y/N!” Peter yells “I took advantage of you, when you were drunk, it is a 100% my fault.”

You look down and play with your dress trying to avoid his eyes.

“And I will do anything and everything in my power to make sure that our baby is taken care of.”

“What about Olivia?” you questioned

“What about her?” he said

“You two were getting pretty close..” 

Peter sighs and kneel’s down to your level.

“I told you, she was lost, she needed my help, so I helped her, simple as that, Y/n you’re still my one and only lost girl, she’s leaving as soon as she finds herself.”

“Why haven’t I left? Haven’t I found myself” you asked curiously

“Oh you have, I keep you because I find myself in you.”

You blush and then kiss Peter on the cheek.

“Okay I’mma go now this is getting too romantic.” Felix says as he walks out the door, you and Peter both laugh.

“So , are you going to stay?”

“Of course Peter.”

“Good, because I wasn’t going to let you go anyway.” 

You giggle at that.

“Hey, look at me. “ Peter says. “we’re gonna make it, I promise.”

You nod your head and kiss him.

Shoulder, Shoulder, Slow, Slow

I had this dream that we somehow evolved without vocal chords
And the only way we could talk to each other was by touching our own or each other’s skin
And entire books were written entirely in hugs and hand holding and letting go of each other
And we’d hold and touch and let go of each other in all these different ways to say all these different things
And when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon he just put his hand over his heart and held it there with his other hand and it said everything to everyone watching at home
And the news presenter did the same and so did everyone else
And there are museums you can go to, in my dream, where they have a set of mechanical hands and you put them against your heart and you can hear his exact words as he said them
And when people got married everyone just held each other’s hands in a circle and cried and all the funerals in my dream looked exactly the same
And the people with the lightest fingers spoke so softly
And fishermen and workers had low gravelly voices
And I dreamed this dream for so long, I learned how to speak entirely in touch
And I write poetry on my wife’s back every evening before she sleeps
And her skin and her nerve endings are a kind of paper than only remembers the ink written on it for a moment
And while it loses something in my terrible translation, my favourite work goes
“Shoulder, shoulder, slow, slow, neck, arm, back, curve, slow, slow, shoulder, shoulder, slow, slow, neck, arm, back, curve, slow, slow”
And it is so much more eloquent than anything I’ve ever said and so much more beautiful than anything I’ve ever written, with words.

—  How to be Happy: Not a Self-Help Book. Seriously. 

From the way you smile
To the way you look
You capture me
Unlike no other
From the first hello
Yeah, that’s all it took
And certainly
We had each other

And I won’t leave you
Always be true
One plus one, two for life
Over and over again

So, don’t ever think I need more
I’ve got the one to live for
No one else will do, and
I’m telling you
Just put your heart in my hands
Promise it won’t get broken
We’ll never forget this moment
It will stay brand new
‘Cause I’ll love you
Over and over again
Over and over again

—  Nathan Sykes -Over And Over Again

anonymous asked:

may i request karasuno reacting to their partner saying their first name for the first time? thank you c:

Daichi,” you called from the other room, “What kind of pizza do you want?”
Daichi jumped a little, his first instinct thinking his parents had appeared in the house and called for him, but he instantly disregarded the thought.
“Uh, I’m fine with whatever you want?” He was still a little startled you’d decided to use his first name after all this time.

“What do you think, Koushi?” You’d been waiting patiently as he looked over your presentation, clicking through each slide wordlessly.
Suga smiled, pushing away from the computer and putting his hands on his knees, “I think you’re gonna do great, ____!”

“I believe in you, Asahi!” Your hands were wrapped around the ace’s, holding tightly onto them. Even if it was a practice match, you wanted to give your boyfriend as much encouragement as possible.
Asahi’s cheeks burned bright red at hearing his first name roll off your tongue, his heart picking up speed, “Th-thank you!”

Ryu, you wanna go out later?” You couldn’t see what the big deal about saying his first name (actually, a nickname), was. But Tanaka couldn’t help but let out a big shout of excitement and rush over to you, grabbing onto your shoulders and exclaiming, “Hell yeah I do!”

“Well, Yuu are the cutest.” It was the perfect opportunity for a pun, and you absolutely had to take it. Noya’s eyes widened in surprise before he busted out in laughter, and his grin was contagious as you sported one yourself.
“Looks, humor, you’ve sure got everything, ____!”

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It was never you (poem)

One day someone will love me the way I deserve to be loved
But that someone isn’t you
That someone isn’t you
It would be so easy for us to go together
Our hearts are like mirrors, an equal reflection of each other
Over flowing with love
Dripping with affection
Beating with passion
But that isn’t enough
We believe in love
And so do the other billions of people walking this earth
You don’t know what you want though
You put your mouth where your hands can’t reach
And you speak words to heights you cant achieve
Broken promises and sweet nothings fall to the ground like dead, autumn leaves

I’m 110% entitled to the love I deserve
We all are
I’m aware it may not be anytime soon, and that’s okay
I’ve been working on me and practicing self love anyway
Love for another will come when the time is right
You know how to play the game
You know how to lead me on
I wasn’t even in search of love or like
But you played with my mind

No rush
I’m not focused on it, but,
One day someone will love me the way I deserve to be loved
But that someone isn’t you
That someone isn’t you
It was never you

This is a sneak peak of a new thing I’m working on. It will start here and will have the wedding to having a baby and beyond. Hope you enjoy.

Part one - I want the fairytale

“You have a visitor.” Said Gemma to Happy as she walked thru the club to see Clay.

“Who?” Happy said standing by the bar talking to Tig.

“That little cutie you’ve been seeing.” Gemma said smiling at him

Putting his beer down Happy walked outside to see you standing beside your car. He wouldn’t admit it out loud but seeing you took his breath away.

Hearing the door open you turned around and smiled when you saw Happy. It had taken all the nerve you had to show up here. You two had seen each other a couple times and you wanted to see how far this could go.

See that smile was for him. He hurried over to you. Putting his hand on your waist. He leaned down to give you a kiss.

“Everything okay?” He asked

“Just got off work and was thinking about you.” You said smiling at him.

You wanted to be sexy but he made you feel like a little girl with a first time crush. You became all shy and lost for words around him. Two different people living two different worlds. But so far it had worked.

“You should have called and I would have come over.” He said backing up from you a little when he heard a motorcycle turn in

You pretended like this little move didn’t bother you. But it had hit you right in the gut. You never were confident with your body.

“Well I just came to say hi and I better get home.” You said playing with your keys.

“You don’t have to leave.” Happy said watching his brother’s on the bikes.

“Yeah, it’s been a long day and you seem busy. I’ll talk to you later.” You said walking toward your car

“I’ll be over later.” He said turning toward you.

“Maybe later Hap. Go enjoy your night.” You said getting in your car.

That’s when Happy noticed your face and how heartbroken it looked. Did he cause that. Watching you pull away. Chibs and Jax walked over.

“Problem?” Jax asked

“No.” Happy answered right back

“Who’s the girl?” Jax’s asked

“That’s Y/N. Happy’s little friend.” Chibs said smiling

The boys looked over when they heard Gemma’s car stop in front of them.

“She didn’t stay long?” Gemma said after everyone said hello.

“Said she was tired.” Happy said

“Probably after the day she had.”

“What happen?” Happy asked

“Did you ask?”

“We didn’t talk long.”

“Happy Y/N isn’t like the other girls around her. She really likes you and she’ll want a relationship. If your not into it. Tell the poor girl now..” Gemma said still talking to the guys but Happy wasn’t listening.

Walking away and grabbing his phone he tried calling you. Going start to your voice mail. He hung up and walked back over to Jax.

“You need me tonight?”

“No, things are quiet.” Jax said

Without saying anything Happy walked over to his bike.

Steps of being a Hellenic Polytheist:

1- You build a very small shrine probably with a candle and some stuff to offer, maybe not even a statue  of any god yet.

2- You get yourself a statue of the god you worship the most or are devoted to and then you add deco.

3- You do that with another god or gods you really get along with and now you’ve just given up an entire shelf.

4- You decide you worship too much so you always need bowls at hand so you put bowls all over and then the khernips vessel and some other liquid things like wine or olive oil, now you have no damn dresser of your own anymore.

5- So you bought too many owl stuff for Athena or maybe too many seashells for Aphrodite so you decide to put a little individual shrine for each god, so pretty much all of your stuff can be found on the floor or lying in some drawer.

6- You sleep in the couch because you need to give up on your bed in order to have room for more stuff.

Potions Class

Warnings- explicit context, close to being smut

It was a Tuesday afternoon as you walked down the hallway, to the potions classroom, holding hands with your amazing boyfriend, Draco Malfoy. You all had been dating since your fourth year and it was not your sixth, you just loved being with him! He was a very sweet boyfriend, although you had a rather dirty relationship. You walked through the door, and to your seats, in the potions classroom. You all sat near the back and right next to each other, since you all were partners. Snape came in a few moments later and began to start his boring lecture. You soon began to notice that Draco was getting rather bored and glancing over at your body. You tried to pay attention but you couldn’t help but notice that Draco was getting closer and closer before he was right next to you. He then put his hand on your bare thigh making you tense. “Draco… Stop… I-i can’t focus. Even though I enjoy it… Just not n-now.” His hand drifted farther up your thigh and under your skirt, his fingers lingering around the line of your panties. “Draco, p-please stop. N-not h-here.” He looked into your eyes and you could see his satisfaction on his face, but you could tell he wasn’t done. “Ms. (Y/l/n), tell me, what all exactly would you need to create the Amortentia potion?” Draco’s hand slipped underneath you panties and you jumped at the feel of his hand against you. You needed him badly… But you couldn’t do this… Not in front of everyone, especially Snape. But you knew being in class wasn’t going to stop Draco and by the look on his face you knew he was just getting started. Just as you began to answer Snape, Draco without a warning, entered two fingers in you, and began move in and out of you. You bit your tongue to stop from screaming out his name. Snape gave you an odd look as he awaited for your answer. You were finally able to get out the words,“ U-uh I’m not c-completely sure Professor…” Snape stood still,“ Pity, well perhaps Mr. Malfoy will have an answer for us?” He turned slightly to look at Draco who gave a slight chuckle and answered correctly. Snape nodded at the answer and continued on with his lecture. Draco began going in an out faster and faster. You laid you head on his chest. “D-draco. B-baby. T-this feels so g-good,” you whispered into Draco’s ear. You could see the satisfaction all over his face. “ I’m close.” You moaned loudly in his ear as he reveled his hand. Soon after the class ended and everyone gathered their things and began to leave. You got up right as you heard Snape. “Mr. Malfoy, Ms. (Y/l/n), please stay for a moment. I would like to speak with the both of you in private.” You sighed and looked at Draco who stood smirking at you. You both walked closer to his desk, and you being much more nervous. “I noticed than during my class you were not paying much attention to the lecture and rather doing something together of your own enjoyment…” Draco’s smirk faded and instead turned into blushing embarrassment. Snape continued but this time directed his speaking to Draco. “…and Mr. Malfoy, I would much rather you keep things in your bedroom next time and not in my classroom.” Draco blushed and you couldn’t help but chuckle. “As a result, five points will be taken from each of you and the Slytherin house! You may leave now…” You turned around and grabbed your books with Draco following closely behind. As soon as you made it out of the door Draco whispered in your ear,“ You know I kind of like Snape’s advice. Would you like to continue what we started later?” He smirked and gave him a glare. You both laughed as Draco said,“ I love you!” You smiled and looked at him. “I love you too, Draco!” He smiled and you all walked down the hall together to your next class.

Watching The Sunrise with Jack Barakat

Could you make one with Jack Barakat?? When y/n is on holidays with besties but their boyfriends showed up and y/n is sitting alone in the bar and there’s Jack and maybe they end up watching sunrise? Fluffy pls


Finally. A night with the girls where they’re not hanging all over their boyfriends.

Tessa, Leila, and Olivia were all over each other, complimenting outfits and taking selfies. “Tess, that dress makes your ass look amazing.”

I groaned and put my head in my hands. It was nice to see the girls, but I don’t ever remember them acting like this.

“Chase!” Leila squealed. “What are you doing here?”

I looked up and groaned loudly. The girl’s fucking boyfriends were here, God damn it. Tessa and Olivia immediately jumped up and left with them.

“I’ll be back in a minute, babe.” Chase kissed her cheek and headed off towards the bathrooms.

“Olivia, I like Chase, I really do. But he’s a dick! A dirty dumb dick who likes to steal my friends!”

“Y/N, I’m sorry. I know this was supposed to be a girls night but I love Chase. You’ll understand someday.” She said hugging me.

“You sound like your mother.”

“…shit, do I really? I promise we’ll hang out soon. Just the two of us, ‘kay? No boyfriends.”


“I promise.” She nodded, then turned around and left with Chase.

I shook my head and watched them leave. Of course I was left behind. I kind I expected it at this point.

Every single time we plan something, one of the boys shows up and ruins it.

Fuck my life.

I sat there at the bar for a while, barely sipping my drink. I got bored after a while and started spinning on the stool.

“Y/N?” A familiar voice sounded. I stopped spinning and looked up. It was Jack. We went to highschool together. We even dated for a while, but nothing too serious. I will admit, I’m quite impressed. He looked incredibly handsome in with his spiked up skunk hair, black skinny jeans and a t-shirt with BONER written across the front in bold red letters.

“Hi Jack.”

He sat down next to me. “It’s been what? Fucking…two years?”

“Four actually. But you were close.”

“Really? It’s been that long?” He raised his eyebrows, giving me a once over.


“You look different.”


“No! I mean…you were okay before, but now…fuck.”

I laughed. He hasn’t changed a bit. “Thanks Jack.”

“Hey, do you maybe want to go wall somewhere?”


“Boner Land.” He said very seriously.

“Yeah, I guess I’ll go to Boner Land with you.” I smiled as he took my hand.

We walked for a while. There were quite a few people outside, especially since it was near the holidays. There were young couples running around and lauging and old couples watching from the benches wearing broad smiles.

I was surprised, not that there were old people out, just how late it was. It was almost midnight and there they sat.

“So how are Alex, Zach, and Rian?” I asked, looking up at Jack, pulling my jacket closer to my body.

“Good. Our band’s gotten pretty big, we’re in town for a few days.”

A few days.

“Only a few days?”

“Yeah. It fucking sucks though, I kinda miss it here. Wish we were here longer.”

Jack pulled me over to one of the very few empty benches. We talked about anything and everything. The band, highschool, whether or not there were sharks in outerspace and aliens in the ocean, argued over how many cats we thought Alan Ashby had…everything.

It only felt like a few minutes but when I looked up, the sky was slowly getting lighter. “Jack!”


“It’s morning!”

“Oh.” He said sadly, staring up at the sky.

“It’s pretty isn’t it?”

“Beautiful.” Jack answered quietly. When I turned to face him, he was already staring.


“Yeah?” He asked softly, moving closer.

“I missed you.”

“Me too.”

Jack placed on hand on my cheek, the other held my hand, lacing our fingers together. He slowly leaned foward and pressed his lips against mine. Yeah, we’ve kissed before but this was different. This wasn’t flirty and meaningless, this…this was real.

Maybe it’s a good thing my friends ditched me.


*This was written by a new writer! Let us know what you think and send in requests please!*

I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 8/?) (Avengers x reader)

I feel like I kinda rushed this part, sorry about that.  I don’t wike it.

Part 7

Steve had you to the jet and strapped into the pilot seat in the blink of an eye.  His hands were shaking as he tried to secure the harness, not stopping even when you put yours over them with a firm grasp.  He closed his eyes and tried to breathe, but each attempt only made his heart beat harder and the panic build even faster.  His skin began to feel cool and clammy under your touch, and you began to worry.

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