and put gwyn next to him

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Every time I think of Gwyn having to take Mosk and Eran everywhere, I just imagine them all traveling. Mosk is in the back w/ headphones in sitting next to Ash who’s got severe munchies. Fenwrel digging in her bag for snacks bc she’s the ultimate mom friend. Gulvi is sitting next to Eran, glaring at him. Eran’s bitching about how Gwyn is a bad driver and just being like “Hey, hey Gwyn. YOU SUCK.” Augus is riding shotgun and being the car dj. Gwyn is driving & gripping the steering wheel (1/2)

(2/2) to the point where his knuckles are white. Ash sharing pringles w/ Mosk. Frenwel trying to braid Gulvi’s hair from the back seat. Augus “accidentally” puts on his sex playlist and doesn’t change it bc mainly he likes it and Eran hates it (also he likes seeing the tips of Gwyn’s ears go red @ certain songs). Gulvi threatening to cut off some of Eran’s fingers if he doesn’t quit bitching and he goes quiet for the rest of the trip (except to ask Ash how Mosk is holding up).             


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Let’s be real anon that is way nicer than what actually happens, lol.