and punched mako in the face

no but people who don’t like pacific rim because it wasn’t logical or scientifically accurate like


we know

we don’t care

it is an homage to that genre. the original godzilla was a dude clearly in a rubber suit stomping cardboard tokyo and we were supposed to just accept that. pacific rim is a movie where a government council sat around like “what are we gonna do about these giant aliens coming from the ocean?”

“let’s build equally giant robots to punch them in the face”

“yes perfect” and like, that was of course the logical response because it’s friggin cool

mako didn’t use the sword because she had to wait until the perfect cinematic moment to do so

this movie is a love letter to painfully dumb action movies, but it is also one of the smartest movies i’ve ever seen. it’s just telling a story in a different way. instead of having audience vehicle main character explain everything to us, the movie shows you a world and asks you to accept its premise, and then lets you discover the story yourself.

this movie glorifies platonic love and familial bonds, this movie is about how we as people are stronger together, that it’s not one lone hero guy who can save the world, but the unity of all of us. it’s about the sheer unmitigated gall of humanity- “fuck this noise, we’re canceling the apocalypse!” it’s about the stupid dumb loud optimism that looks at the world and wants it to better, demands it be better, and does so with fists of steel.

it’s bombast and noise and i love it to bits so shut up and sit down and let me enjoy my giant robots punching giant monsters in the face okay?

  • Junkrat, while laying at the top of some stairs: I could use a little excitement in my life. You know, Roadie?
  • Roadhog, while holding Hanzo in a headlock: You punched Jesse in the face and I am trying to keep his boyfriend from killing you!
  • Junkrat: I know! I could use some excitement.
  • Roadhog: *Squeezes, cutting off Hanzo’s air supply* BOMBS! He’s gonna help you make bomb arrows!
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Short RoadRat HighSchool AU Prompt

Mako inhaled slowly trying – and failing – to calm his jittery nerves. He flexed his hands where they hug by his side before clenching them again hard enough that he was sure his knuckles were white. He sighed heavily, knowing that lurking behind the tall library bookshelf any longer wasn’t going to magically give him the courage he was so desperately searching for. He shoved his hands into the loose pockets of his charcoal hoodie, a small pig cartoon plastered on the front, before he forced himself to turn the corner of the dark wooden shelf and head towards his unsuspecting target. 

Jamieson Fawkes, was sat at one of the large, round tables that were spread out among the library.  The blonde was alone, though the library was usually abandoned this late after school had already ended; most people were eager to get home and tried not to linger any longer than necessary. Not Jamie, whose eyes were glued to his phone, fingers flying across the screen and leg jiggling. Though Mako knew that if it wasn’t his leg it would be something else, Jamie was never still, he was always moving. He reminded Mako of a excited little flame, flickering too and fro and seemingly never static for more than a few moments before beginning it’s dance again. 

Mako’s steps faltered before he growled lowly to himself and forced himself to keep walking, heading straight towards the younger, unaware boy. Mako halted awkwardly in front of the table, but Jamie didn’t even seem to notice the hulking figure of the larger teen at first. Mako shifted uneasily before clearing his throat, Jamie still didn’t respond fingers never pausing for a moment. Mako was at a loss for a moment, his already faltering confidence chipping away with each moment and before he could stop himself he sighed heavily enough that the air forced from his lungs washed over Jamie, whose head shot up in surprise. Amber eyes wide with shock and something akin to wonder as he took in the figure in front of him, but only for a moment before they crinkled happily and a large, toothy grin spread across the blondes face. 

“Mako! I did’n even notice ya there!” Jamie crowed gleefully, his phone screen going dark as he laid it down on the table. His fingers moved from the phone screen to the table and began to unconsciously tap a senseless pattern. His good leg jiggling a tad higher than before. “What’cha need hoggy?” Jamie questioned with a curious tilt of his head. 

“Umm, well I needed to talk to you about…something.” Mako mumbled, chewing on his lip with every pause and unable to stop himself from turning his head away from Jamie. “I just wanted to ask you, I know we haven’t like….known each other that long and maybe that’s weird, maybe this is weird for me to suddenly ask but I guess…did you….no, do you….”He was fairly sure he was going to start hyperventilating at any moment, which meant he’d have to pull out his inhaler which he wasn’t sure he was ready to show Jamie it wasn’t good for the image he’d built up. The tough, unfriendly and unapproachable image that Jamie had completely and blindly stumbled right through only a few weeks back. Which is what had brought them to this situation in this first place. 

The situation being Mako trying – and spectacularly failing – at asking Jamie out. Mako roughly rubbed his hand over his slightly stubble chin as he finally choked out what he’d meant from the very beginning. 

“Do you wanna go out?” He grumbled, voice muffled by his hand. “… with me?” Silence reined supreme for long, tortuously long, moments. Mako could already feel the familiar tightening sensation of his stomach that would quickly devolve into panic. Mako couldn’t help but turn back to face Jamie who was staring up at Mako with a blank expression, Mako felt his heart plummet. He was such a fucking idiot, why had he thought this was a good idea and now he’d ruined one of the few friendship’s he actually cared about. 

His expression must have given away his complete and utter heartbreak because the blonde teens bushy eyebrows instantly furrowed in worry and his whole face scrunched up in concern and he flailed wildly as he tried to stand up. 

“Oh god! Oh god please don’t be upset!” Jamie cried, standing up so quickly that he sent his chair tumbling backwards and he nearly stumbled face first into Mako. Mako felt his sadness begin to shift into anger, he could do anger, anger was familiar territory. He growled low in his throat his mouth curling into a snarl. Of course he was gonna be fucking upset! What did Jamie expect? That Mako would just brush it off without a problem? What a load of shit. Mako spun on his heel ready to storm off, possibly to find something – maybe even someone – to punch.  

“WAIT!” Jamie’s shout was so unexpected and so were the slender fingers clutching his bicep that Mako found himself stopping. Jamie was instantly in front of him, hands still gripping Mako’s arms as if he’d run off if Jamie wasn’t keeping him there. Jamie’s whole face was screwed up in a desperate expression that Mako thought didn’t really suit the younger boy. “Please, just hang on a tic.” Jamie pleaded. Mako huffed grumpily before nodding, crossing his thick arms across his even thicker chest. Jamie chewed his bottom lip, watching Mako with distrust as if thinking the moment he turned his back the larger boy would make a break for it. Mako simply raised an unimpressed eyebrow and jerked his head in a motion that clearly read, “Get the fuck on with it.” 

Jamie scuttled over to where he’d been sitting, he dropped to a crouch and pulled out his ratty little bag that had been tucked underneath the table. The blonde teen dug around inside his bag, face a mask of concentration and Mako could even see a hint of Jamie’s pink tongue sticking out in a comical expression of indentured focus. 

“Aha! Found ya, ya little fucks!” Jamie barked happily pulling out a pair of weird curbed little gadgets that were badly painted a truly obnoxious shade of yellow. Mako’s head twisted in confusion and he found himself fully turning to face the blonde, anger momentarily forgotten as Jamie began to shove the small contraptions into his ears. He fiddled with them for a few moments before turning to face Mako with a huge grin nearly splitting his face. “Okay,” Jamie grinned, “now I can actually hear ya!” 

Mako’s jaw dropped. It felt as though his brain were buffering or possibly that he was on one of those hidden camera shows and he was just waiting for someone to jump out and yell, “SURPRISE BITCH!” except it didn’t, instead he just stared down at Jamie was rising from his crouched position still fucking grinning. 

“Jamie are you deaf?” Mako asked incredulously. Jamie’s lips puckered in thought. 

“Yes! Wait, no sorta. Mostly?” Jamie babbled and Mako laughed breathlessly at the absurdity of the situation. 

“Jamie.” He said, his voice firm and slightly louder than Jamie’s own soft ramblings, which instantly quieted the blonde who looked up at him expectantly. 

“Do’you like ice cream?” Mako asked with a small smirk playing on his full lips. Jamie’s eyes practically sparkled and he smiled fully enough to show off his sharp canine teeth. 

“Who the fuck doesn’t like ice cream?” He squealed happily, moving to clutch Mako’s large arm against his slender chest. Mako grunted in agreement pulling Jamie closer to plant a wet kiss against the crown of his head. 

He didn’t even know what he’d been worried about. 

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Could you do a scenario or whatever where Junkrat and his s/o overhear someone saying that his s/o is too good for him so they go and clock that jerk in the face. (Sorry if its a weird request I just keep thinking about that.)

Junkrat was already nervous as is. You had been dating a few months now, and although his partner only mentioned him in passing once or twice to their parents, they suddenly insisted he come to their family reunion. [Name] shouldn’t have been surprised, though. Their sister dated a guy for two weeks and they were already taking him with them on family outings.

Knowing that Jamison wouldn’t really fit in well with the whole family reunion scene, they tried to work up a few excuses. But their mom was adamant on having a new “member of the family.” So now there he sat in the corner of your living room, hands in his pockets and shoulders hunched. Cordial get-togethers with socializing and manners were not Junkrat’s idea of a good time in the slightest.

“Hey,” his s/o said sweetly as they came up to him.

Glancing up at them, Jamison let out a sigh and fumbled with his shirt collar. He wasn’t accustomed to getting so dressed up, much less wearing a shirt.

“Sorry, love,” he mumbled, “These hoity toity scenes aren’t really my scene,”

“Junkrat,” they giggled, “This is hardly that fancy to begin with,”

When they saw that their comment was just making it worse, they cleared their throat and said, “Why don’t you go try talking to someone? I’ll go with you,”

“W-Well I already talked to yer mum,” he shrugged, “She likes me plenty. In’t that enough?”

“How about my aunt?” [Name] suggested, “She seemed interested by you when my mom brought you up,”

Jamison let out an inaudible mumble, fidgeting in his seat awkwardly.

“I dunno,” he mumbled, “I don’t think yer family would like me much. I’m just gonna get them all mad fer somethin’ stupid. Might accidentally…”

“…Set fire to the house,”

Their conversation was cut short when they suddenly heard someone practically finish Junkrat’s sentence. Looking across the room, they saw [Name]’s cousin, gossiping to some other relatives.

“I mean did you see his hair? You may not be able to tell now with that hoodie, but most of his hair is all singed off! I bet he’s some kind of pyro,” [Name]’s cousin went on, “Think about it: how do you think he lost an arm and a leg? Playing with explosives most likely? Why is it that when [Name]’s sister brings a boy to the house, he’s a respectable gentleman, but [Name] seems to pick her suitors from a criminal lineup? He looks like a criminal anyway, like you’d see his face on a ‘A Moment in Crime.’”

With every word that scathed past the cousin’s lips, Junkrat felt himself shrinking deeper and deeper into his chair. Normally he wouldn’t be bothered by it in the slightest, but this was [Name]’s family…people close to [Name]. If they didn’t approve to him, who’s to say [Name] would stop approving of him, too? He just wished Mako was there…

But his partner wasn’t having it. They matched across the room, pushing uncles and nephews out of their way until they stood in front of the cousin in question.

“What’s your problem?!” they asked loudly, catching everyone’s attention.

“Um, excuse me?” their cousin scoffed.

“I bring the boy I love over and you just talk about him like he’s trash?!”

“Well, just look at him…”

“No! I won’t let you talk about him like that! Why do I always pick my boyfriends from a criminal lineup?!” they snarled.

BAM! They answered their own question with a punch to their cousin’s face. The rest of [Name]’s family all gasped in shock, and Jamison saw a few relatives exchange bets.

“Maybe because I’m a bit of a criminal myself!” [Name] concluded.

“J-Jesus…” their cousin seethed as they held their bleeding nose.

“And you all!” [Name] turned on the others, “Jamison is family now, he’s sitting in that corner all by himself, and none of you are making any attempt to make him feel at home! That’s no way to treat a new family member!”

When [Name] had finished their speech, a silence fell upon the living room. All the relatives stood wide-eyed, like a group of dumb deer in a truck’s headlights. When [Name] got no answer from them, they let out an exasperated groan and marched back over to Junkrat.

“C’mon, Jamison, let’s go,” they growled, dragging him out of the chair and out the door.

Meanwhile, he was just as equally in shock. He never thought his s/o would defend his honor like that–he never assumed he even had any honor to be defended in the first place! Well, at least he knew how to pick ‘em as well: girls/guys with a bit of criminal in them.

–Mod Sirana

Imagine walking into your apartment, tired and sweaty, with new bruises covering your body and blood still smeared across your lip, from when you got punched in the nose in the heat of battle. You collapse on to the couch with a sigh and finally allow your muscles to relax, while your boyfriend closes the door and walks over to the kitchen, probably to stuff his face. 

The two of you have just finished your long and heated mission for Overwatch, which included a lot of ambushing, fighting, and inevitably getting beat up badly. Thankfully both of you, with the help of Mako, did a good job, and you’ve definitely earned a night of rest and relaxation. As you pull yourself up into a sitting position, you’re met with Jamie standing over you, a cup of tea in one hand and a rag in the other. 

“As cute as ya look with all that dirt, I figures’ ya’d rather get cleaned up, eh?”

He flashes a toned-down version of his maniacal grin, and hands you your tea before wiping the blood and grime off your face. You can barely stand at the moment much less try and take care of yourself, so Jamie takes over the job as per usual. He waits until you’ve finished your drink, and then brings you some clean clothes from the laundry so you can toss your grubby ones into the wash.

“James, could you…help me?”

“’Course, sweetheart.”

As he’s done many times before, he helps you up and lets you lean against him, as you slowly change into your fresher, comfier clothing. Your muscles are beyond sore and the bruises are quite tender, and so he’s incredibly careful with handling you. At one point, while still pulling your shirt on, you take a rest against his chest, and close your eyes to listen to his heartbeat. It’s fast and erratic, just like him, but he’s so warm that it’s impossible not to feel calm and safe. 

“Heh, fallin’ asleep already? Let’s put ya to bed then, Roo.”

His nickname for you brings a smile to your face, and with your eyes closing tiredly, he sweeps you off your feet and kicks open the door to your bedroom. Carefully, he sets you down and makes sure to go easy on your weary body, before flopping down beside you and kicking his shoes off. 

“Mmhhh…good night, Jamie…” 

The way you sleepily mumble his name makes him chuckle, and he shifts over to lay your head on his arm, and watch as you fall into slumber almost immediately. He takes a moment to brush a strand of hair from your face, using this quiet time to truly appreciate how you’ve shown him that, even being calm and peaceful, there are moments like these that brighten his life. 

“Good night, ya sweet little angel…”

Under the Sea

The commission for @yamadara87 this month! I hope you like it! If you’d like more of my writing, including a new Mystery and Shadow to be dropped tomorrow, check me out at my Patreon! 2012 words. 

Michiru Kaioh, whenever asked what she would like for her birthday, smiled and said she was too old for anything too dramatic, and that she would very likely go to dinner with Haruka, perhaps take in a play.

What she did not say was that mostly, she simply wished to be left alone.

The last party she remembered having was her 16th, thrown by her parents to fete her burgeoning womanhood, or so the story goes. It had been the same as all her parents’ other parties, with lavish decor, champagne flowing, a cake decorated in the most lavish and expensive way possible, floral arrangements with crystal details, live music, and all the empty fineries of the world.

The first party she remembered wanting was when she was four. She had wanted a Little Mermaid party, and her parents had agreed. For weeks, she had looked forward to seeing the bright haired singing mermaid atop her cake, with her loveable yellow and blue friend, and the grumpy crab that always made her laugh.

When the day came, her 4th birthday party varied precious little from her 16th, the only nod to Michiru’s request the decor on the cake, mermaids singing on the shoreline and even they invoked Waterhouse in smooth lines and soothing colors, with none of the technicolor glow that entranced Michiru’s little heart.

And so, on that day, she learned that birthday parties were never for her, and always for others, and she dropped them as soon as socially permissible.

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Dear Jet: after Rei, who is your favorite of the Senshi? I'm not entirely clear on your Rei feelings (NONE OF US ARE) but I am genuinely curious who the runner-up is.






But okay like after rRei? it dpeneds a little. When I’m thining abot them it could be either Mako or Minako respectively. But I suppose” at rest” it’s Minako. But god Ilove Mako too.


You know what I think is really cool? Mako’s bending in Legend of Korra.

Look at it! It’s less like the martial art form that is Firebending and more like boxing! Mako commonly uses jabs,hooks, and upper cuts to fling fire. He also holds his arms and stance like a boxer does with his fists guarding his face, and throwing the punch from the rear.

He didn’t have the luxury to learn bending from a master, he had to teach himself, which means he most likely learned it as a way of self defense on the streets and from the gangs he was running with.

Also, boxing was a popular sport in the 20s and 30s (the time Korra was based off of) so it’s even cooler that the Korra team would animate him that way.

I just love it.

Tying The Knot

Summary: Korra and Asami are finally tying the knot! Surrounded by loved ones with laughs, dancing, and horrible singing, it will certainly be a day to remember. (Written for Korrasami Wedding Day)

Rating: K+

Genre: Humor, Romance, Friendship, Family

Words: 4,446

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fearourfourthline asked: “So I just had some random chaleigh feels. So what if the shatterdome throws a new years eve party and Raleigh and Chuck are talking or whatever and then the count down starts and one of them says don’t you wanna go find some girl to kiss when the ball drops and the other says nope I’m good here and the other blushes and then they both start making out.”

“I’m just saying, you don’t get that kind of control in an automatic transmission,” Chuck said, taking a swig of his beer.

“Have you ever been to Italy, man?” Tendo said. “Scratch that, have you even heard of Italy? All those fucking hills, I’m not buying a stick.”

Chuck shook his head. “Luxury cars come from Italy. It’s fucking blasphemy, even talking about owning an automatic.”

“I like how sincerely betrayed you are,” Raleigh said, smiling into his tumbler of whiskey.

“Is it the money? I will spot you the money. I’ll buy you a Porsche.” Chuck pulled out his wallet. “I will write you a check right now.”

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(x, x)

I saw this post across my dash and it got me thinking…

Why does it seems so odd that Raleigh would think of using Chuck’s speed and strength against him in a fight?

The Rangers are reportedly trained in MMA (mixed martial arts), including Krav Maga.  And just look at this guy go!

He’s using his own weight and body to throw his adversaries off balance and bring them to the ground in a position where he can then control their movements.

The move that Raleigh pulled with Chuck is a martial art technique used by any gender.

So imagine you have an enraged, heavily trained fighter (who is slightly heavier and likely more powerful than you) coming right at you while being high on adrenaline.  Why would it seem so outlandish that Raleigh could very well think of using his own weight to make Chuck lose balance, get him to the ground, and hold him in an arm-lock until he calms down?

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Operation Date Night (Also, Oracle does not support this)

Sorata was mumbling to himself as he walked behind Mako. “Wait here” said Mako. Sorata sat on a nearby bench still mumbling, Mako walked into a military surplus store and made a few “small” purchases. Mako walked over to Sorata with his hands full. “Here put this on”. Mako handed Sorata a gilly suit………some black and green face paint…………and a walkie talkie. Sorata had the strangest look on his face, and of course Mako had matching gear.

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Mako reflects on Haruka. Of course she does. Haruka suckered Mako in, and not just for a punch. Mako admired Haruka, Mako sincerely CARED about her. When Haruka was revealed to be Uranus, it wasn’t just a surprise, it was a betrayal. To Mako, the very conflict that makes Haruka who she is can’t possibly exist. You can’t long to be the hero AND be willing to act the villain. In the beautifully simple world of blacks and whites that is Makoto Kino, Haruka is a lie. A lie that manipulated her, a lie that used her, a lie that continues to taunt her in every second she has to see Sailor Uranus.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. We open this shot with Mako standing in the rain. We’ve been to this bridge before in the series, several times, and usually it’s bustling with activity. Pedestrians on the sidewalk, cars buzzing along the street below. No sign of any of that now, just Mako and the rain. The switch from the library to the street makes a wonderful contrast. Just in those two locations, we know the girls are alone no matter where they go. There’s no place that can offer them solace right now (which will be important to have established before we get to the others).

So Mako is outside, presumably wandering the streets and looking for answers that she can’t find. Her thoughts lie not with Talismans or the Silence or being Senshi and teamwork. What preoccupies Mako’s thoughts are entirely personal. And while I talked a hard line for Mako above, and I do believe that’s where she’ll ultimately settle, it’s important to remember that right now, Mako’s only known Haruka and Michiru are Uranus and Neptune for like a day. For as much as things are very easily laid out in Mako’s world, she’s still struggling to reconcile these two seemingly contradictory ideas of Haruka and Uranus. It was SO EASY to care about Haruka, and SO EASY to condemn Uranus. How could both possibly be true?

Mako’s walking around in the rain and trying to dig out the answers. And it’s so very Mako to focus on this personal element of things. Those other questions, about Talismans and Senshi, they’re problems for smarter people. She’s never going to figure out the Big Bad’s plans. Mako’s a soldier, her job is to be pointed at something and punch. But how she feels about it, THAT Mako can puzzle over.

I very much like, too, that Mako’s thoughts and questions about Haruka only confirm what Haruka already believes of herself. It’s something I’ve never really explored between them, though luckily @docholligay did to great effect here. It’s just such a beautifully volatile mix, made all the more precious for these moments where you can see in Mako’s face that she wishes so desperately she weren’t having to ask these questions at all.

                   one of my favorite moments in pacrim hands down is when raleigh deflects chuck’s punch  &  slaps him in the face.  because you fucking KNOW chuck’s been on the receiving end of a mako slap a million times before  &  the instant raleigh does it,  you can just  see  the light bulb in chuck’s head light the fuck up  &  scream  ‘  they’re ghost drifting  !!!  ’  but before he can even finish the thought acknowledging how screwed he is,  raleigh already has him flipped  &  pinned to the floor just like every training session with mako has ended EVER  &  the realization that their connection is already so goddamn strong after one FAILED drift is enough to infuriate him beyond belief like yall don’t even know lmao.

My meihem headcanon of the Day

AU time! : Adolescence, High School.

  • Jamison Fawkes has always had an, embarrassingly, huge crush on the beautiful, soft-spoken, no-nonsense girl in Sophomore year, Mei Ling Zhou, starting in Freshman year, in high school.
  • Their first meeting wasn’t the best first impression, specifically for Jamie; it was when Jamie was in a pretty bad fight with a Junior boy, who called his best friend, Mako, a fat, retarded pig– since Mako was held back for only a year (Mako had some grades messed up, it was the school’s fault, not his) and he had to repeat junior year. Still, kids liked assuming it was Mako’s fault for being held back, and not the truth.
  • Mako wasn’t there to stop Jamie from throwing a hard punch in the boy’s direction, i.e face. A large crowd had surrounded the two, as, surprisingly, Jamie held his own, tearing at the older boy.
  • Mei, learning of this, rushed to see. Mei pushed into the crowd and when he she to the front, she almost got sick from how badly hurt both the boys were, the oldest looking one a bit more worse though. 
  • Before Mei got a chance to step in, someone called to scatter, that a teacher was coming; so, as fast as she could, Mei grabbed hold of the youngest looking boy, with the messy blonde hair and bloody, broken nose, and pulled him off to the nurses office.
  • Jamie was too beaten and tired to realize who was holding his hand, talking to what seemed to be the nurse. He hadn’t realized, until after crashing on one of the cots in the nurses office. When he woke up, looking around, he saw Doctor Ziegler (her last name was hard, but a lot of the kids called her Angela or Mercy, for being so merciful to the “problem” children)
  • Then he saw Mei, talking to the doc, and when Mei noticed he was awake, looked at him, and gave a look that was almost scolding, but still, soft, Jamie couldn’t help to say teasingly, 
    “ Brrr. I get cold just looking at ya “ Rubbing his arms as if cold, but regretting it as he touched the bruises that seemed to be slowly developing on his arms.
  • The comment only made Mei give off a small laugh, since it backfired on him, and following the nurse over to Junkrat, replied smartly, 
    “Then you should look somewhere else.” The two didn’t speak anymore, as Mei continued talking to Angela, helping her patch up Jamie, put ice on his swollen eye, and such. Jamie didn’t know it yet, but he was slowly growing a childish crush on the Sophomore girl.
  • The next time the two did speak, it was during lunch time, and Jamison and Mako were outside on the school’s grounds, “eating” lunch; more like wrestling and cracking jokes. 
  • Mei found them after asking around, with some curious looks, but not spilling why she was looking for Jamison Fawkes. 
  • Jamie was quite surprised seeing Mei coming towards them, while Mako just watched curiously, calmly, while eating most of Jamie’s food. 
  • Mako silently tilted his head towards her, and Jamie took it, and jumped up, ran to meet Mei halfway. 
  • Finally close up, Jamie said g’day, while Mei said hello back; before Jamie could ask what she needed, Mei asked him why he had stupidly fought the one Junior boy. It caught him off guard, but after a few seconds, Jamie shrugged and bluntly said, “He called my friend Mako fat and retarded. I had to punch his teeth out.”
  • Now this caught Mei off guard, not sure how to respond. She smiled though, and agreed after a moment, which got Jamie looking at her weird– she agreed with him.
  • Obviously, Mei still scolded him for fighting with the jerk, that he got himself in a lot of trouble and pain, and Mei couldn’t stomach seeing that again; but, she did laugh at how Jamie really knocked that bully down, saying she doesn’t like bullies, and understood, that she’d pound anyone who spoke that way about her friends and family.
  • After that, Jamie always had a small thing for Mei, assuming it for just loving her as a friend, but that changed throughout high school. 
  • Mei considered herself a friend of the two “outcasts”, but feelings twisted and turned as years went by, making her question her own feelings towards Fawkes.

That’s it for now, I’ll try to add onto it later.

darkveracity  asked:

15 Sailor Galaxia

If this isn’t what you were looking for (and it almost certainly is not) I apologize butt this is based off a lot of discussions I’ve had with people about how I’d ‘fix’ the end of Stars, while staying within the confines of “everyone has to come back from the dead” 1,160 words

Life returned to them all much more suddenly than it had left them, no gentle fading back into their own bodies, just the exquisite frustration of being trapped in a crystal,, a jewel in the firmament of Galaxia’s throne room, interrupted by a moment of icy blackness they might have mistaken for a true death, and then an unceremonious deposit back into their bodies.

It hit them with such speed that they all fell crumpled to the floor.

There was a moment where they all simply lay still, the overwhelming sensation of being alive–the breath in their lungs, the feel of the cool stone on skin, the roaring loud of a quiet room–was all a bit too much, and they could do nothing but experience what it was to feel again, to adjust to the brief and overwhelming luxury of life.

MIna was the first to recover, or, at the least, to put it from her mind. She struggled to her feet, and looked around at her battered soldiers. Hotaru’s face was haunted, a new bitterness there Mina had never seen before, as Pluto gently called her name. Michiru gently stroked Haruka’s hair as she curled her head on Michiru’s shoulder. Haruka was either crying or laughing. Mina wasn’t sure Haruka even knew which. Ami looked as if she’d finally seen something to which there was no answer, her face blank and lost. Rei’s head was hung, and she could not see her face for the curtain of hair between them.

Mako looked like she was about to punch something, and it was in this small assurance that the world was somewhat as she left it that Mina found strength. 

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