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stranger things season two (2017) but every time one of the kids does or says something questionable steve looks into the camera like he’s on the office

#1 tip to surviving a zombie apocalypse: scream at them to establish dominance

-min yoongi (probably)


“When the sun rests and the moon awakens”

In which Hoseok might not be able to keep up with Yoongi’s late night working hours, but he has his own way of showing moral support.

This is one of the first BTS fanarts I’ve ever drawn. Started it half a year ago and only now got to finish it the way I wanted to, so it means a lot ♥

Check out Love, an utmost beautiful drabble about sun!hobi and moon!yoongi written by @pinkconsultingsociopath​, which was inspired by this drawing’s title :3

And also “Teamwork Makes The Dream Work“, written by @dreamsinsnooze​, which is a super cute drabble inspired by the drawing! :>

Thor: we can join forces and fight Hela together!

Odin: Oooh yeah I’d love to but I think I hear your mother calling me so I should probably go see what she wants

Loki: I don’t hear anything.

Odin: oops there it is again

Thor: father no one is calling your name

Loki: the only person talking is you

Odin: must be something urgent I should probably leave immediately

Loki: THIS is something urgent….are you just making this up to get out of confronting a problem you created.

Odin: she’s practically yelling now

Friggas literal ghost: Odin stay there and fix your shit

Odin: *disappearing* I gotta go. So sorry. Can’t be helped.