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This optical illusion shows how strongly the context of a visual scene influences what we see, and how this context can sometimes mislead us. The three people in the picture are exactly the same size. However, our brain judges the size of an object based on its perceived distance. The person at the front seems to be further away and therefore appears larger.

This picture shows the architecture of white matter in your brain.

The nervous system is made up of two types of matter; white and grey. They get their colour from when the axons are covered in a fatty white coloured substance called myelin.
Essentially, the grey matter is composed of the neuron’s cell bodies whilst white matter is composed of the myelinated axons which connects areas of grey matter together.
It can be compared to a computer network; the grey matter as the computers, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

This is a picture of a human brain that is entirely smooth – free of the ridges and folds so characteristic of our species’ most complex organ. The patient had a rare condition called agyria; a lack of gyri and sulci, the ridges and folds formed by the normally wrinkled cerebral cortex. This disorder often leads to death before the age of ten, and can cause muscle spasms, seizures and a range of learning difficulties due to the considerably reduced surface area of the brain.

anonymous asked:

Hello there! I love your blog it is so amazing! Can I ask you something? Can you say something about the route of Yuma of Lost Eden? Thank you so much for read this!

ヾ(・ω・`。)  Yooo~! Thankies so much hehe. Can I say something? Yeah, the route fucked me up lol. All that Lucks shit happens in Maniac. That was a blast. THEN.

Kino: Alright. Target found. You ready, Yuma?

(」゜ロ゜)」  There was this moment in the Ecstasy arc where Yuma and Kino basically became this slaughtering duo and it was just…so bizarre. Like Yuma literally returns back to that house in Rotigenberg and Yui’s like “BAE??? THE FUCK IS WITH ALL THAT BLOOD??” I pictured them as like a mob duo because of this and just, the mental image was really funny. Like Yuma and Kino, 1920s wear. Doing mob shit and stuff. Can you only imagine looool //shot.

Also, Yuma gets fooled by Kino sooo much in the route. I was tempted to start tallying all the times he fell for Kino’s clever bullshit. щ(ಥДಥщ) This route just makes you angry and feelsy and all that shit.

Dear Younger Students,

I completed the last of my semester coursework yesterday and made an interesting observation that might assuage some of your worries.

I used to be a procrastinator. I was the kid who started their science project at 9pm the night before it was due. I was the kid who cranked out 20-page AP lit essays the day before it was due. I was the kid who did the reading for my next class in the class I was currently in. I was a hard core procrastinator until sometime during my MSc (around age 22-23). 

Slowly, I started doing my work earlier. Studying earlier, reading earlier, drafting earlier. Then I started finishing a week early, getting classmates to proofread my work, and writing 2nd and 3rd drafts (I used to just turn in my first). At times when I would’ve blown off my work, I started to sit down for a couple of hours and hack away at it. Fast forward four years and I managed to get 2 critique papers, 2 presentations, a final draft of a mock dissertation proposal, a stats homework, and a stats paper asking a novel causal question all done within the past two weeks (when they were assigned), and I got them all completed early.

I’ve thought for a while how weird my transformation was. Procrastination felt like a pretty embedded psychological trait of mine, so how was I completing my work early during the hardest semester of my academic career?

1) Maturity. It’s worth recognizing that my 26-year-old brain is more developed than my 15-year-old brain or my 20-year-old brain. At those time points, my prefrontal cortex was still developing, so naturally I had less discipline than I do now. It’s also had a lot more practice regulating my behavior in a variety of settings. 

2) Practice. People tend to cite perfectionism as a reason for procrastination, and I think that’s true, but I also think it comes down to practice. I’ve been doing academic work since I was a wee toddler, and I’ve been writing hefty (~20 page) academic pieces since high school (thank you Mr. H!). So after roughly 10 years of practice, I know how long it takes me to read information, synthesize an argument, draft it, and edit it. More to the point, it isn’t painful. It isn’t always fun, either, but the mechanics themselves are pretty fluid.

3) Enjoying the topic. Like most people, I do my best work when I like the topic. I was a procrastinator for years because I just didn’t enjoy spending that much time on the topics. I loved reading and debating ideas, but I didn’t like them so much that I wanted to write about them for days, especially when the prompt only wanted regurgitation and not unique thought. Only when I hit my MSc in Forensic Psychology did I think, “Yes, now this is REALLY cool.” Because they did want novel ideas and critical thinking. I did really well in that program because I didn’t just copy ideas and parrot them back; I took heaps of literature and gave them something new, or at least gave them nuance, and they loved it. I have enough practice now that I don’t need to enjoy the topic so much to perform at par, but I still do my best work when I do.

I’m addressing this to younger students so that you know that if you’re dissatisfied with your current study habits and discipline, you can change. And to some extent, if you’re in an environment that demands better habits and discipline, some of this change will occur naturally; be patient. Don’t get stuck in the mindset of “This is how I am and this is how I always will be.” Because it isn’t true. Keep practicing. You’ll get there.

Despite possessing relatively few neurons — around 100,000 — the fruit fly brain is still complex enough to produce many different behaviors, including feeding, mating, and sleeping. To figure out how their brains produce these behaviors, scientists labeled neurons that release the neurotransmitter serotonin and observed how the cells connect to each other. The image above shows these cells and their elaborate branches (dendrites) that receive signals from other neurons. Scientists can even turn these cells on and off to test how that changes the fly’s behavior. This research may help uncover how our own brain circuits determine behavior.

So I went into the pliroy tag because I’m bored and sick and wow at the discourse™

Like, I’m sneezing and also laughing at the same time. Because people use incorrect terms to start the discourse and my psychology textbooks would laugh if they could.

In serious note, Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult experiences sexual attraction to a prepubescent children (until they’re about 10-12 years old). While Hebephilia is a sexual interest toward 11-14 years old pubescent. Ephebophilia is a sexual interest toward an older adolescent (about 15-19 years old) AND NOT considered as mental disorder nor a pathology.

Moreover, for an older adolescent to be ‘considered’ Hebephilia or Pedophilia, needs to be at least 5 years older than the child they are attracted to. In this case, both Yuri and JJ are in the age considered as Ephebophilia, which isn’t a pathology in the first place; and their age gap is only four years. Yurio is also a 15 years old, almost 16 years old which is a legal consent age in Russia; plus until 2003 the age of consent in Russia is 14 years old.

The argument above can be applied to Otayuri ship too, since I saw the discourse™ is barging on the tag ship. Otabek is 18, and legal age of Kazakhstan is 16, which means Otabek is of age.

Man, if you wanna throw some ‘cool’ psychology terms, at least do research first. Also, stop flooding other people ship tag with your hate, that’s immature. Let people ship whatever they want, especially if your accusation (I’m referring to the pedophilia term) is completely untrue.


Five Ways that You Can Make the Most Out of Your Bedroom Workspace

Experts say that you should separate your work and sleep space, but for some that’s closer to a pipe dream than reality. Sometimes the only space people have for work is their bedroom. Please Note: This list may help some more than others.

1. Keep Things Clean 

This eliminates the stress of clutter and will also allow for much more efficient movement than a cluttered floor would. Because unless you’re training to be a ninja, being able to soundlessly leap over those dirty clothes piles will do nothing for you. Add shelves, get rid of those old markers that you haven’t used since the first grade, de-clutter and get organized, trust me when I say you’ll thank yourself later.

2. Add Color with Structure

Color could be distracting but if it’s added slowly and with structure, meaning in patterns or cohesiveness, then is could elevate your work space to a new level as well as make it your own. Good thing it’s Spring, there are plenty of pastels and bright colors to choose from! A little guide: Bright colors help get creative juices flowing (hello right brain) while cooler colors (blue and green) relax you. 


Your phone, as important as it may be, could in fact ruin your productivity. This is nothing new, but eliminating that distraction could mean the difference between finishing your to do list and having to move tasks over to the next day. When you’re working, lock it up, put it away, do whatever you have to do to prevent yourself from looking at it.

4. Inspiration Comes with Life (Even if That Life is Fake AF)

Keeping plants on or by my desk has been one of the best things I’ve done for my creativity and my anxiety. Even if you aren’t a green thumb, fake plants can add the right amount of color and variety to your bedroom to make it feel more open, light, and alive. Currently I have an aloe vera plant and two cacti that live in my room and they add color texture, and shape that is otherwise missing from something like my bedroom.

5. Light and Sound Play a Huge Role in your Productivity and Sleep

Different lighting has different effects on the brain, especially if you sleep in complete darkness. During the day, make it clear to your brain that light = work and dark = sleep, this way you can stay alert at your desk and make the most out of both parts of your room. Sound is even less complicated than that. Studies have shown that music without lyrics, music of any genre, can be beneficial to productivity and learning, but people should steer clear of music with lyrics if they’re trying to write or do math.

A lot of the psych stuff included in this post are things I’ve picked up in my AP Psych course at school which means there is plenty of room for growth and the post may have a few errors. If you happen to find any errors let me know by messaging me and if you have anything to add tag me so I can see it! Thank you so much for your continued support! xx @ambersghost

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What Kind of Nerd are You?

Are you more like Sam or Dean Winchester

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Which Grey’s Anatomy Character are you?

What do People Always Underestimate About you? 

I’ll Update as often as I can with new stuff so stay tuned! 


Yes, everybody I know there are no links! Tumblr updated one day and they just disappeared! Sadly, this was a great master post but that’s the end of that!
Edward Elric vs. his male role models

lmao spoiler warning; this is going off of Brotherhood, btw

I was thinking today how it’s really interesting how Edward’s relationship with his father and his feelings toward his father are reflected in the way he acts toward male figures of authority in the military, at least outwardly. See, look at these three main ones:

Roy Mustang: Ed acts very defiant and stubborn around him. He openly mocks him and defies him, even though he’s outranked. He does respect Mustang, but he rarely expresses this.

Alex Louis Armstrong: Ed rebuffs Armstrong’s enthusiasm and affection with apparent aggravation at being shown such sentiments. He often tells him to get out, or put his shirt back on. Like his feelings toward Mustang, he also respects the Major, but doesn’t tend to display it openly.

Maes Hughes: Ed was often frustrated and exasperated by Hughes’ obsession with his family. After his death though, Ed was genuinely rocked to his core, and it’s obvious that he had respected Hughes the whole time, but he hadn’t really ever shown it. (In Hughes he also saw a father devoted wholeheartedly to his family, quite unlike the father Ed knew.)

So it’s clear by the way he acts around these three that he does respect his male role models, but he just finds it incredibly difficult to actually express this. However, look at his change in attitude around female role models:

Riza Hawkeye: Ed shows a clear respect for her, talking to her civilly and seriously (look at the conversation the two have about Ishval). I can’t recall a time when he was rude or mocking to her.

Maria Ross: When he and Al sneaked away to the Fifth Laboratory, they were disobeying Armstrong, not Ross. But when Ed was slapped by Ross and she scolded him, he accepted it and knew that he deserved it. Not only that, but when Ross was accused of Hughes’ murder and “killed” by Mustang, Ed was furious, and actually attacked the Colonel on Ross’ behalf.

Olivier Mira Armstrong: Ed is cut down to size immediately by General Armstrong, but instead of lashing out like he would to Mustang, he is cowed and doesn’t attempt to fight back. He’s afraid of her and respects her.

Izumi Curtis: It’s true that she’s not a part of the military, but I would argue that Izumi is one of the most major role models that Ed has. He respects her values and opinions, which is why he was afraid to tell her that he and Al had committed a taboo. She’s his and Al’s number one teacher, and therefore number one role model. 

So, judging by this, Ed has a problem outwardly showing respect to his male role models, whereas to female role models and figures of authority, he willingly expresses his respect for them. This seems to me like a direct reflection of his relationship with his parents. 

His relationship with an absentee Hohenheim is full of resentment and bitterness, and his relationship with his mother is one of love and respect. I think it’s these core relationships that shape Edward’s relations with others in positions of power. I also think it’s really cool that something so psychological and subtle can be woven throughout this show.

Do let me know if I missed anything, or analyzed it wrong, or anything like that.

INTP Treats #13

Everyday Thought Process:

I want to eat and not get fat!

Wish a day was 48 hours long…

People just don’t get me :/

Parents are stupid. Need to get out of this house.

I need a girlfriend….(

Do I really need one?!?

I need to buy drum sticks.

Note to self: WATCH WHIPLASH

Do people think I am crazy??

I wish Walking Dead would come true. I’m bored.

Wonder who will die this season?

F**k!! I really should concentrate on one thing.

Wait… What was I writing this post about?!

1) You won’t be in love with the boy who takes your first kiss.
That’s okay.
2) Your mom might not approve of the boy you want to be with.
Listen to her. She’s probably right.
3) Your stomach will flip and your heart will skip when his tongue traces your lips.
Nothing will ever replicate that.
4) Don’t cry after kissing your first girl.
She was probably scared too.
5) Your first time probably won’t be your wedding night.
You’re still a good person.
6) Being single is okay, really.
Your partner should enhance your personality, not define your character.
7) At times, more often than not, you will feel unloved and unwanted.
Remember that you’re important. No one determines your worth but you.
8) Learn to sleep on both sides of the bed.
The first night without them by your side will be 1% easier.
9) If he hits you, leave him.
Even if you love him. Especially if you love him.
10) Women abuse men, too.
Hitting him is not okay.
11) A lot of your friends are probably in the closet right now.
When they tell you they’re gay, be surprised and be supportive.
12) No one ‘stole’ your partner.
They wouldn’t have left if they didn’t want to.
13) Friends usually won’t last forever.
14) If your friends don’t approve of him, it’s okay.
They’ll still love you anyway.
15) People in high school don’t seem to understand value.
You’re worth it, whether they see it or not.
16) Not everyone deserves a second chance.
Don’t give it to them.
17) Liquor won’t help.
It will only make the absence burn more.
18) She will tell her friends the details of big and little things.
The story of your first kiss together will not be private.
19) Always assume her girlfriends know everything, and expect them to share their opinions.
Don’t get angry at her.
20) Contrary to popular belief, he probably won’t tell his friends everything.
Expect it anyway.
21) Never let a crush ruin a fantastic friendship.
The relationship probably won’t end well and you will lose your best friend.
22) Have separate interests to escape into but always have something in common.
Things get boring otherwise.
23) If he loves you, he has to love your friends too.
They’re a part of you.
24) Trust each other around your preferred gender.
They probably aren’t cheating.
25) Sex is not shameful.
It’s not something everyone should hear about, either.
26) Know the difference between flirting and blatantly provoking.
Stay classy.
27) He won’t answer every 2am phone call.
Forgive him. He still loves you.
28) When he says he loves you,
believe him.
29) Don’t come to school in sweats the day after he leaves you.
Show him you’re better off without him.
30) It won’t always hurt.
Life DOES go on.

30 Things My Mother Should Have Taught Me Before High School ((10.19.14 - 9:35pm))

thesoulpages // (c.n.p)

ok so we all know kagero/orochi is The Realest™ but if you’re ever in the mood to branch out please consider: kagero/scarlet. scarlet suggests they get to know each other since they’re both always hanging out with ryoma (”i am not sure i would call my duties as lord ryoma’s retainer ‘hanging out’“ says kagero “but i don’t see the harm”) and they discover that they’re both artists, neat. they find the contrast between their respective art interesting bc scarlet’s from a dark place but makes bright sparkly art while kagero’s from a light place but makes dark gloomy art. one day kagero tries her hand at weapon-decorating and to her dismay it’s VERY effective as a form of psychological warfare, but scarlet reassures her that her art is cool and unique and it’s the enemy’s own problem for having no taste. eventually they kiss or something idk.