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Heey, I'm new in all of this tumblr thingy but I've found your blog and I really love it! So I was wondering if maybe you could make a story about a girl that has been Bucky's best friend (besides Steve) since he got his memories back, and one night they get drunk at her place after a mission, but things get a little "out of control", so the days after that they have to decide what's going on with them and with their feelings?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Fandom: MCU

A/N: first of all, let me welcome you to tumblr!!! I hope you enjoy this hell we all call home lol. also, I’m really glad you enjoy my writing and hope you like what I made out of your request. <333 (PS: I really hope no one ever decides to look at my google history because the search for gifs has taken me to some very smutty places hahaha)


“So what do you say, boys? Drinks at my place?” you asked when you walked over to them on the jet.

The mission was a success and you were all on your way back home now. 

Celebrations were in order.

Bucky smiled and nodded. “Sounds good.”

“I’d love to, but I’m having a date tonight,” you literally beamed when the words came out of his mouth. He was your best friend, had been for ages and you just wanted him to be happy and find love again. He was slowly getting over Peggy. It had taken a long time, but he was getting there.

“Who’s the lucky girl?” you sat down next to him, still smiling like an idiot.

Bucky didn’t listen anymore, way to distracted by your smile. You didn’t seem to notice.

“You know her. But that’s all I’m going to say. I want to make sure it works out before I let you know who to kill when it goes wrong.”

You kissed his cheek. “You know me so well.”

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Gosh, getting used to NOT working with Photoshop is really hard… Krita works just fine for me but as someone who works with shortcuts a lot, it was a goddamn PAIN to finish this because I kept doing the wrong things OVER AND OVER, GAH! Also, I still haven’t figured out many many things… and I miss my fave PS brush. :(

Anyway, I am SO happy to finally introduce Mel, Charlie’s best (childhood) friend. I already uploaded her profile but I feel like making a separate upload for the art tag!

That hairdo is her current hair colour/length BUT that doesn’t really mean anything because Mel is highly likely to put on her favourite pink bob wig tomorrow anyway. She has a vast collection of wigs and also dyes her hair pretty often so if anyone ever decides to draw her… give her any hairdo you feel like! xD

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Senpai! I've been following you forever because of your awesome anime and seiyuu gifsets!!! And in so much joy when I discover that you read Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare manga and you ship Yuna x Rio as well <3 But I want to ask why you think Rio's friend might start liking Yuna?!

PS: I had this ask for a long time (when chapter 16 was out) but I decided to post this after seeing the chapter 18 raws to confirm if my assumption about Agatsuma was right!! Also spoilers ahead about chapter 18 (with my translation) at the end

Oh, thank you and I’m glad your enjoying my blog especially my anime and seiyuu gifsets ^^ And yes, I super duper ship Yuna x Rio so much <3 I just love how Yuna is doing her best for being there to Rio even though he likes Akari but now that’s over with already, I know that there will be something more between Yuna and Rio since it’s too good to be true for them to be sailing already.

That’s when Agatsuma comes in. Here’s the reason why I think Agatsuma might start liking Yuna also I’m basing it on how Sakisaka-sensei made the friendzoned characters from her past shoujo manga titles like Touma (Ao Haru Ride) and Andou (Strobe Edge).

First, his appearance in the manga obviously! If you reread Chapter 06, you can pretty see that Agatsuma and Shiba didn’t draw with their eyes yet when they were with Rio, until Yuna went to confront Rio and Agatsuma was beside him.

He didn’t do much since Shiba is the one creating a drama, but at that moment where Agatsuma appeared, I feel like his gonna do something more, which I was right because of Chapter 09!!

He noticed Yuna right away! Let’s be honest here, there’s no way that he could’ve noticed her by meeting her just once, but he did. Maybe Agatsuma got her attention on how she handled herself when the drama with Shiba started from Chapter 06 ^^

Because second, he and Yuna finally got to interact when they were at the goukon.

Okay, I have so many things to say about their interaction *O* The way Yuna reacted when she looks where Agatsuma surprised me. That’s also the reason why I think he’s more than just a minor character in the manga. I mean if Sakisaka-sensei only plans to make Agatsuma a character to be Rio’s friend, she should have drawn Yuna in one panel turning her head at the side, but obviously, we got more than that.

Also Agatsuma is sparkling when he introduced himself to Yuna. And then, I noticed that their interaction in every panel have sparkling effects since they’re talking about how she’s changing and he’s just there telling her that ‘It’s fine to get used to it’ and ‘It’s fine to not rush these things, right?’ 

So after their interaction in Chapter 09, we can definitely see that Agatsuma and Yuna got closer plus Shiba.

Also I just want to point this out from their sports marathon in chapter 12, but Agatsuma’s expression here made me curious? Somehow he’s wondering if Rio will go with Yuna to check up on Akari and then he starts to walk away when Rio said he wouldn’t go.

And now, this is all where all my assumption about Agatsuma liking Yuna is really happening. The moment when Rio talk to Shiba and Agatsuma about the dream he had.

We got Agatsuma with an answer about a bug theory (this is my own translation from this post because the English translation that I saw in some manga sites interpret it differently), where he’s trying to say that someone will try to make that dream not to happen. Which made me think that he’s foreshadowing himself that he’s the bug, because after that conversation, we got this.

If you read that part in a Japanese context, it actually shows that Agatsuma envies them (in a friendly way) since Shiba will be going with his girlfriend so he feels a bit left out and that’s why he wanted to go to the festival with Yuna and the others since they’re going as group of friends.

And again, I want to point this out! Sakisaka-sensei showed Agatsuma while Shiba totally got covered with the speech bubble in this panel. It’s like she wanted us to see Agatsuma’s reaction about what Kazu said since Rio lied to Yuna that he knew about the festival from Kazu.

That’s why Agatsuma asked Shiba for a confirmation if it would be okay for him to go with them at the festival cause maybe he feels like he’ll be in the way.

Then here comes chapter 18 where Agatsuma had more panels than he had in the past chapters!!

And now, let’s have a bit of Agatsuma trying to be in the way between Rio and Yuna, which I find it really cute though >w<

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“If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like lovers and protect each other like siblings, then you’re meant to be together.”

I had a strong urge to use pics where they failed to protect each other (damn you Kuroha!) for the last line, but decided against it. After all we need more happy KanoKido!

PS: Please, please, please just ignore my shitty editing skills. Someday I might improve this piece.

OMG! We reached 700!!!

(Apparently I reblog my own stuff so much that I’m my third biggest fan but let’s ignore that okay? Okay.)

Woah you guys are the best!!! I still can’t believe that this many people are following me! I honestly have no idea why you guys decided that my blog is worth your attention but I’m forever grateful for the amazing friends I’ve made here on tumblr!

Thank you so much! ❤️

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

PS: I’m thinking of doing something to celebrate this milestone but I have very important exams coming up in two weeks so once they’re over I’ll come up with something!

I decided to fangirl in the tags


Ps please don’t send anyone hate for shipping or not shipping scomiche, we know they’re just friends. Unless someone is actively harassing them, or or saying inappropriate things. But otherwise, just agree to disagree.

it’s you

“i believe coincidence is the universe’s way of telling you something.”

(in which Riley never falls on Lucas’ lap)

(ps this is 5800 words idk how but yeah… I’m sorry please read it and let me know what you think)


In seventh grade, my parents had decided to loosen the reins on me and let me take the subway with Maya. Being so exposed and close to a large amount of people was pretty overwhelming especially when everyone had been pushing and shoving everyone else in the small subway cart. But I was excited to finally gain freedom from my parents and let my best friend show me the real ways to live.

The two of us were stuck standing in the crowded subway when I decided to take out my newly bought lipgloss and apply it to my lips.

“Woah, Riley! You don’t do lipgloss!” I smile proudly at her noticing the change.

“Oh! What I forgot to mention is that I’m completely reinventing myself. I ride the Subway now, I have kiwi lips now, and I’m just as cool as you now!” I grinned and Maya mischievously looks beyond me.

“Yeah, let’s see how cool you can be when you look at him.” I slowly turn around to see a really good looking boy slightly smile at us with my eyes wide and turn back to my best friend with a giggle. “You still wanna be like me?” She asks with a raise of her eyebrow, and her hand slowly lifting my hand from the pole that supported us.

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Draco Imagine 

Gifs are not mine. 

So I wrote this last year and totally forgot about it until now. 

PS: English is not my first language, so sorry if there’s some of grammar mistakes.            Hope y’all like it xx 

Summary: Y\N finds out her memory has been cleaned. When one of her best friends decide that she has to know the truth it might be too late..

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How was I baby? (Jacob Whitesides Smut)

Did this for the pure fact of the picture he tweeted (below) a while ago and because Jacob is the literal love of my life. okay enjoy and i hope you all have intense feels and wet panties bye
PS this is also dedicated to my best friend Nina

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

After a long hard day on the stage, my babe just came back on the tour bus. I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve seen him. I decided, last minute of course, to come find him in Georgia and surprise him and hopefully get a chance to finally talk to him. Between touring with R5 and songwriting in Nashville when he is home, we’ve been drifting a little I guess, but that’ll definitely change tonight.

I heard the door open on the bus. I was sitting in the back where there’s a little day bed. (I made sure to wear my best lingerie just as a precaution). I heard his footsteps coming closer to the back of the bus and I couldn’t help my heartbeat going a mile a minute. And then right past the thin door that separated the back of the bus from the front, I saw his long slender fingers that I’m all too familiar with. The door opened slightly and I saw his head poke through, I smiled up at him as I slowly got up off the daybed.

Oh my gosh no you didn’t” Jacob said as he covered his mouth. He was drenched in sweat still from going so hard on stage, also because it’s the middle of July in Georgia.

Oh yes I did babe!” I said as I came closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and he pulled me in as tight as possible and kissed my head a million times. I looked up at him and he kissed me on the lips, both forcefully and passionately. It was such a needy and hungry kiss, the kind that makes you want to make love but also rip all your clothes off.

He pulled away for just a second as he said, “God I want you so bad, I’ve missed you so much babydoll.” He walked us closer to the daybed and pushed me down lightly, he pulled off his shirt and threw it in the other corner of the room, too lazy to even care if anyone finds it. He reaches down to pull me up just enough to rip my cardigan off, only to be happy that he didn’t find another shirt underneath.

You planned something like this didn’t you, naughty baby” He said smirking down at me as he kissed me and pulled on my bottom lip.

Clothes flew everywhere and neither one of us cared if someone walked in, this was our time.

Jacob’s fingers trailed all over my skin in such a needy and heated passion filled manner. He moved his fingers and traced over my breasts and trailed them lower to my heat and, as painfully slow as he could, just barely grazes my sensitive clit. He looks up at me, relishing in this moment, knowing that every single flick and touch he does, is one second closer from sending me over the edge.

I was moaning to no end, his expert fingers knew exactly what to do. He pushed his fingers inside me, curling them up and knowing exactly what to do to make me moan his name.

oh Jacob!” I would moan over and over and over again.

You like that baby huh? You like when I do this?” He said as he teased my clit. I looked down to see his face just in time for him to duck down to where his hands were and start licking my clit as if it were his last time.

I pulled at his hair, coming so close to my climax, I couldn’t bear it anymore.

Jacob oh my God I’m gonna-

Nuh-uh babygirl not yet..” He said as he released all contact from me.

I groaned in frustration and anticipation as he got up onto his knees and went back to kissing me roughly.

He pulled me up with him wanting to keep as little space between us as possible. His hands roughly roaming my body in a heated passion that couldn’t be duplicated. His mouth tasted just as sweet as I’d remembered and his hands so soft against my hot skin.

He layed me back down as he aligned himself with me. Looking at my eyes, staring into them with so much love and lust. He mouthed the words “I love you” as he pushed himself deeper inside me. I couldn’t help but let out a loud moan.
Elated that this moment has finally come after spending so much time apart, I didn’t want this time to end. He was peppering kisses along my jaw, onto my neck and on top of my collarbone. I swiftly took his face in my hands and looked my love in the eyes as I moaned out his name endlessly as we rode out our highs. He thrusted a few more times before enveloping me into his long, strong arms that I’ve missed oh so much these past few months.
I snuggled up closer to him breathing in his all too familiar scent. A mixture of his signature clean and musky cologne along with the hint of sweat from stage and our love. And in this moment that we both needed to get lost in, I realized that while we may not have gotten a chance to talk, our bodies communicated where words failed. And I also came to know that I never wanted to share this kind of moment with any other man.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

yO hope you liked it and if you wanna request or ask me anything check this out 

-Stay Nasty

Tony & Trigger

When I formed the new patio, I built the forms as tedious little tunnels so that I could break them out later and plant things in the gaps. The 9′ cross pieces in the grid were full length; the long top pieces went the opposite way, to anchor everything together. You can get a hint of how it was constructed here:

I finally finished it, we finally poured, and then I had the job of taking this whole laborious framework OUT again. I got the edge restraints and their stakes out, got one of the 9′ cross piece constructions out and a few of the 3′ shorties, and then it rained like hell, I hid inside, and all the wood swelled. So yesterday I’m out there with my trusty FU flat bar and my six foot iron bar, using all the tricks of leverage to slowly convince one of those 9′ tunnels to come out. I’d been working an hour or two, and I’d finally gotten the free end up over the concrete. Rest of it was still wedged, not even budging with the 6′ iron bar. I’m working it from the ends and from both sides (where the cross members made a gap) when I hear:


It’s an elderly man in sweat pants and a tucked-in-t-shirt, walking a three-legged dog. Oh dear, thinks I. I’m tired. I’ve been working all day. I do not want to risk a senior citizen breaking themself in my yard while trying to be flirtatious.

“No thank you, I’ve got it,” I said, and then “NO THANK YOU, I’VE GOT IT” because clearly not much remains of his hearing. 


“Well, I had help on the pour, but I formed it all myself. I’ve been doing a lot of remodeling and –”


Well, I can hardly say no to that. So he comes up the driveway, grins, and shakes my hand. And with his other hand he passes me the dog’s leash. I take the leash because that’s just what you DO when someone hands something to you, he takes two steps over to where my 9′ cross piece is stuck, and he lifts that end five feet clear of the concrete in one movement.


“Yes!” I run for the scrap pile.


“Yes!” I said, getting the block, but he couldn’t hear me because I was facing away from him.


“Leverage,” I said, turning back, “Is just about all I have going for me.” I stuck the block in place and *pop*, out comes the 9′ tunnel.


“Dogs have an advantage, starting with more legs,” I said, scritching the dog. “He’s really nice. And I limp too. Gotta stick together.”

In very short order I learned that his name was Tony, the dog’s name was Trigger, Trigger is Not A Pitbull (Trigger is totally a pit bull, and a sweetheart), he has four kids and five grandkids (Tony, not Trigger), he ran Arnold Schwarzenegger gym chain for twenty years, and sometimes he’s got so little to do around the house he builds things and then deconstructs them again, so if I need any thing else lifted when he comes back this way, just say so, Y’HEAR?

On the second lap of his walk, I wasn’t ready for any help – I had to take some top cross pieces off so I could get at the next 9 footer. He was ready for me, though, because apparently he’d spent his walk deciding which pieces of advice from his marine force recon days were best suited to a young woman remodeling her house. This time I learned about the five Ps and how having the right tool is most of the job and that when he woke up screaming one night his wife left him but the kids decided to ‘stay with daddy’, and do I know what marine force recon is? And I said maybe, I had a friend who did something like that but he didn’t talk about it.


“Smart therapist.”


“I don’t know how long I’ll be out, but thank you!”


And off he went, and I went back to work.

I got one more 9′ chunk out myself, and a bunch of little crosspieces. I really went to work on the rest of it, but when I packed it in there were two nine footers remaining, as well as about six littler pieces, and one of the long ones was stuck in tight.

"Erik and I are going out to dinner,” I told housemate Xed. “Uh, if a loud elderly man comes and starts tearing things out of the patio outside your bedroom window, please don’t be alarmed.”

This was not the strangest thing I’ve warned housemate Xed about, but it was right up there.

We’d been at dinner half an hour when Xed texted me. “Your elderly friend came back. The forms are gone. I said thank you.”

Came back home, and yup, every single piece of form is out.

“He wasn’t even winded,” said Xed.

I really have to think of some way to say ‘thank you’ to Tony and Trigger.

An elderly hard-of-hearing weightlifting marine-force-recon-veteran is a person in my neighborhood,
In my neighborhood,
In my neigh-bor-hood
Oh an elderly hard-of-hearing weightlifting marine-force-recon-veteran is a person in my neighborhood,
He’s a person that you meet
When he’s walking down the street
He’s a person I met yes-ter-day!


Today was my bf’s birthday, so my friends and I decided to give him the P5 Limited Edition as a present.

But hey, it comes out on February 2017!

Lucky me, I phoned my uncle who works at Atlus and he was so kind to give me a preview LE, yesssssss.

Here you can see it in all its glory!

…sorry, I’m not funny and now my bf is crying, but he loves Mafia Kajita so much.

Ps. The MC is his best friend cosplaying him, no a random guy…and he’s crying too.

Ps. (Again) thanks to the one who created the cover game, but I don’t know the original source, pls understand.

Ps. (STOP IT) My bf will get the true LE, don’t worry.

Hello everyone! So I decided to make an official favourites page because I come across so many beautiful blogs everyday I want to have a page on my blog featuring all of you beautiful people! I’d also love to discover new blogs and make new friends so reblog away to spread the word! :)


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AU: You break up with Michael after finding out he slept with your best friend, but later decide to give him a chance after he reminds you of everything you’ve been through

ps. the ask on this blog isn’t working so any requests that you have feel free to leave them in the ask on my main blog, badsunsclifford !! sorry about this and i’ll try my best to get it fixed soon!

Rewatching A New Hope I can’t help but have so many Luke/Leia feels. 

I mean….






Is like watching a box full of puppies! :D (badass puppies btw)

Next time someone does an Skywalker family AU where Anakin never turned and Padmé lived and raised the twins together PLEASE explore Luke and Leia’s relationship. All I can imagine is the two of them being super close telephatic BFFs sharing games, thoughts, with the typical ocassional sibling spat and kicking ass together while Queen's You’re My Best Friend plays in the background :DDDDD

PS: Once my art skills reach a decent level of greatness I will make a fanart of these two in mythical twin soulmates fashion (platonic soulmates, people, remember that the concept of “soulmate” was applied to all kinds of love until our modern time decided to use it as romantic), but that time is still far gone *practices and practices*


Hello everyone!! Recently I hit a really huge number of followers and I wanted to thank all my followers for supporting me, so instead of making a follow forever I decided to make my first Tumblr Awards!!


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How many times do people have to tell you that actualhawke is a lesbophobic misogynist person before you stop associating with her?

did you just throw darts at a board until you came up with reasons to hate her tho

“actualhawke is problematic because she [throws dart] hates lesbians [spins wheel] is misogynistic [flips coin] and her dog is problematic” 

like???? where u gettin this from?? what are the bases for ur accusations???

1000 people think I’m good enough to follow.

You guys don’t know how happy this makes me and I cannot thank you enough. This day just got a lot better, how am I lucky enough to get reblogged by Mark and hit one thousand followers the same day? Thank you so much!

I started this blog at the end of march, I think. (after a long time of looking at the community here from a distance) I saw the way people helped each other in the community and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. And now I am. I couldn’t have ever even imagined that it would become a such a big part of my life. I’m thankful for the kindness people have showed me here, it has made me want to become a better person. I have found people that I can call friends and a community to call a family and nothing could make me happier :) 

I especially want to thank the awesome people who for some reason decided to follow me back when my blog wasn’t much. You guys are the best ^__^  @marki-is-here @martziplier98 @erose130 @heyitsmejuliamarie @megk18 @neximoo @lum1natrix @katfox89 @shcrtiplier @septiceyespeed @septicrier @wandering-through-the-feels @fobiplier @ameplier @darkplier @itsfoxyy 

No amount of gifs can show how happy and thankful I am but still have these. 

(ps. Like I said I’m gonna cut my hair soon to celebrate. I’ll post pictures ^__^)

Thank you guys so much, I love you!