and prowl


Some emoji prompts of Prowl (for @sinceredir) and Nautica (for Salt) not how you’d normally see them, but I kind of reveled in that!

This is parts one and two of seven requests I got from my lovely art friends! And yes! I gave a crack at colours for these two- poorly, I might add. XD so my apologies for the rushed colour jobs on these. That said, enjoy and more is to come. ^____^

'Thwarted' Chapter 45

I couldn’t wait! Here’s the next chapter. Galactic Idiot races to the med bay to find out what has happened to Galactic Girlfriend and we get a refill on Kylo Ren’s tears. The tank for the Pain Train was getting a bit empty.


He hates this, Maker he hates this. His Rey is in trouble and there’s nothing he can do ! He’d promised to protect her, but he can’t fight this . Has she been poisoned? Is this an assassination attempt? He wants to start ripping through minds to find out if this had been an effort to kill her, but he doesn’t even know where to start and he won’t leave her.

Kylo begins to prowl around Rey’s bed, back and forth like a Correlian sand panther. As long as he continues moving he can keep from going mad. He keeps pressing against the Bond frantically but nothing changes. This can’t be happening. Just this morning he’d made such sweet love to her and her eyes had been full of nothing but trust and affection. In the warm glow afterwards, she’d whispered she loves him against his lips and he’d kissed her long and slow. He can still almost taste her.

No, no, no !

Tiger emojis, rated

A nice boy with good fur, on the prowl 9/10

WHOAH!!!!! ACTION MAN ON THE LOOSE!!!!!!!!! 23/10

Thickly, very orange, but still fluff. A hard 7/10

I would never body shame a tiger but that is why I suspect this is a leopard, or cheetah. a tragic disgrace but still a very stalwart lady 2/10

out of focus but points for complex stripes 4/10

where’s her eyes?? is her tail ok? I think this is just a bad guess at a tabby cat 2/10

This is just a tabby cat recolor. this is like a virtual pet site where you can ‘color’ your pets in a blatant rip off of neopets, and one of the choices was ‘jungle’ or something. Cute, but not a tiger 0/10

wow! those eyes, that look, perfect stripes, you know she’s walking and KNOWS where she’s going! 10/10

A sad body, a sad tail, 0/10

A courageous warrior cat from river clan 8/10

The sass! That angle! So different, so natural. Confusing angle on the body but points for cheek fuzz. He disapproves of me 9/10

Well folks, that’s just plain a tiger 10/10


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