and proving that yes he is still a child

Anyway, the real villain of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was the government and no one can convince me otherwise. MACUSA:

  • fails to notice the Director of Magical Security and head of Magical Law Enforcement has been replaced by an international magical terrorist for several weeks at least, even though he is in constant contact with the highest ranking MACUSA officials, including President Picquery, even though he’s probably only using Polyjuice potion to achieve this, therefore having to be constantly doing out of character things, like drinking hourly from a hip flask while working, probably, and sentencing people to death without trials
  • fails to do anything, at least on screen, or exhibit any care that their Direct of Magical Security and head of Magical Law Enforcement is probably being Barty Crouched somewhere, with hair ripped out of his head and imperiused so that he can be imitated effectively, since for a replacement scheme to work, he needs to be alive, á la Goblet of Fire
  • stripped a competent auror of her position because she defended a magical child from abuse. They don’t know Credence is an obscurial, but he apparently stands out instantly as being from magical lineage, i.e. seeming to be a squib, meaning he isn’t a muggle/no-maj and therefore even with their effed up no-maj relation laws they could and should be protecting him and giving him a place in society. Also, Mary Lou Barebone is abusing all the children she’s adopted, and MACUSA knows and instead of helping, you know, protecting god damn orphan children, they demoted the one witch with any god damn integrity.
  • are actually protecting the Second Salemers, i.e. the people calling for witches to be burned at the stake again, which kind of threatens the statute of secrecy doesn’t it? Since people as high ranking as a presidential candidate’s brother believe them and their voices are being heard. But no, since an auror attempted to stop the abuse of a child, they are allowing these no-maj’s (and non-no-maj’s, since both Credence and Modesty at least seem to have some powers) threaten the international statute of secrecy. This at the same time as protecting the statute with stupid, small things like beast extermination and not allowing no-majs and wizards/witches to be friends or lovers, which is horrific. As other people have pointed out, what does this mean for no-maj/muggle born witches and wizards? Nonsense. But PIcquery is fine for wizards and witches to get drunk during prohibition, sure.
  • President Picquery refuses to listen to a competent ex-auror, who appears in front of her with a culprit already in custody, she does not even allow an explanation. Picquery later gets angry at Porpentina for not telling her what had happened sooner, when TIna appears in front of her with the same man and the same (looking) case. Yes, because that’s logical. Picquery is just in general a terrible leader and a terrible human being, which I’ve talked about before.
  • In a room with every magical world leader, none of them are willing to look at the evidence, or listen to the professional in the field, and admit that it is possible that magical children might be being abused to the point of becoming obscurials, even though, in at least America, they can’t keeps tabs on every magical child because they have no way to check on no-maj-born kids because of their effed up laws, and they refuse to help the no-maj-born kids they do know about, i.e. the Second Salemers. All these government leaders are so determined to not be wrong/scapegoat a beast that they put countless people’s lives in danger, including those of children. “There hasn’t been an obscurial in centuries.” “I literally saw one three months ago what the hell are you talking about!?”
  • actually behave worse than the darkest wizard who ever lived, at that point in history. They’re at least as bad as him, if in different ways. Graves/Grindelwald listens to people when they obviously have information, no matter their position. Is Grindelwald a monster? Heck yes, he manipulates and abuses a child (I’m counting Credence as a child, ok, he’s probably in his late teens, but considering he doesn’t seem to be able to escape his mother, even legally, I’d put him at 17, i.e. not an adult), he has killed and attacked countless people, he’s partially responsible for Ariana Dumbledore’s death, he wants to use an abused and tormented child for his own gain, he sentences Newt and Tina to death, he’s a horrible person and I’m not on his side, but neither am I on the side of MACUSA. Grindelwald doesn’t strike me as another Voldemort, i.e. pure evil, he seems more he like he knows exactly how to manipulate the discontent and downtrodden, and he wouldn’t gain this support for “the greater good” if the government weren’t failing so many wizards and witches already.
  • has a torture death chamber that they can apparently send people to without trial, which is just as bad as Azkaban. I don’t even need to go into why this is so horrible. Even if you support the death penalty (which I sure as hell don’t), you can’t support the chamber of showing you your worst and best memories as you slowly sink into a burning acidic fiery death pool. That’s inhuman.
  • also, despite a magizoologist, a competent ex-auror and ministry employee, and the Director of Magical Security and head of Magical Law Enforcement telling them not to do it, and showing that they knew how to help Credence, MACUSA still executed a child on President Picquery’s orders, and there are no repercussions for that. This is not even a mercy killing, because Credence has already proved that when treated with compassion, he is skilled enough to survive and prosper, even as an obscurial. (Is it possible he survived? Considering what Hayes has said and that little whisp at the end, yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that MACUSA tried to kill him.)
  • they were also entirely willing to let Newt try his Thunderbird Swooping Evil venom plan, even though Newt has only theorized about this, and never actually attempted it, and they have no idea what the side effects could be. To save themselves, they released an untested substance into New York’s water supply, and the water cycle in general, with no idea of how it would work. What memories will actually be lost? Will it be effective? What adverse effects might there be? How will wizards be immune, when it’s in the water supply? This was a bad plan, and MACUSA risked a lot letting it go forward.
  • Picquery at the end is just a bad leader. “We owe you everything- gtfo.” “We owe you a debt- obliviate your friend who had a massive hand in saving our necks and many, many lives.” “I just said it was ok to kill a child- do what I say.” She is a very, very bad leader, who canonically cares more about letting wizards drink than she does about the lives of no-majs, no-maj born and squib kids, children suffering abuse, her Director of Magical Security and head of Magical Law Enforcement probably being locked in a box somewhere, the truth, and whether someone can be saved or not. She is just another Fudge,  but ten times worse.

TL;DR: MACUSA, President Picquery and global magical goverments as a whole are portrayed as villains in this film, and it’s very easy to imagine how Grindelwald found support when the international situation is so critical; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a few steps away from advocating the murder of the bourgeoisie and I entirely support this reading.


Can you do one where the reader is Negan’s 18 year old daughter and is in a relationship with Simon but Negan doesn’t know (smut if you can) :) then you come out and tell Negan and he’s cool w it somehow

Somehow, it went from coming out and telling Negan to a little extra but I hope you still enjoy! x x

**I cannot write smut to save my life so apologies in advance!

“Simon! You’re going to get us caught!” you exclaimed, as Simon wrapped his arms around your waist, placing soft kisses onto your neck.  Simon had a tendency to always sneak up on you, while doing your job of running the kitchens in the Sanctuary. You had been in a relationship with Simon for a while, actually since you turned 18 a few months ago. You had roughly worked out the time, and you had a small ‘party’ to celebrate even though there wasn’t much to celebrate.  You saw it as just another year of living in the perishing world. You had been friends with Simon before that, whenever he went with runs he would bring back anything you asked for, like books, DVD’s or clothes. You had once asked him to get more bra and panty sets, which was awkward but you couldn’t ask your dad to get them for you, it was uncomfortable enough asking Simon.  Ever since then, the atmosphere when you were around each other had changed dramatically. You occasionally flirted with each other, nothing more than a couple of flirtatious jokes and complements.  Finally, at the party Simon had come up to you and you both had told each other you liked them. You were only worried about your dad finding out, sure he was basically Negan’s right hand man but that could quickly change if he knew what you and Simon got up to.

You couldn’t deny it turned you on, the chance of being caught with Simon. The consequence would probably be tragic, but it was still really hot.  Hiding a relationship around a camp was tough, as everyone was ‘Negan’ and anyone would jump at the chance of telling Negan about his daughter’s relationship to gain trust or extra points for their loyalty. You couldn’t help it though; you weren’t going to wait around in the apocalypse for some prince charming to waltz into your life, saving you from the destruction of the world.

“Come on baby, I haven’t seen you in ages.” He moaned, tightening his grip around your waist. You rolled your eyes, turning to look at him over your shoulder.  “You saw me a few nights ago!  We have to be careful; I think Dwight’s catching on to us.” He knew it was true; Dwight had caught you and Simon pretty close a few times.  He had found you laughing together, which wasn’t too bad but when he had caught you flirting very heavily, it became a problem. You didn’t know if he had mentioned it to your dad, you were hoping he hadn’t.

“Who cares babe, Negan ain’t going to believe him over me. I’m the top guy.” He laughed, returning to kiss your neck. 

‘Oh, what the hell. Have a little fun and let loose, jesus.’

“Fine, let me just leave a note for the other workers, I’ll meet you up there.” You told him, writing a note for whoever was in the kitchens next. You had put your absence down to sickness, saying you were going to rest up before the night shift. You rushed from the kitchens, up to Simon’s room.  Being the highest in Negan’s ranks, he had a good room with a kitchen, en-suite bathroom and large bedroom. Some nights, if you were too tired, you would sleep in his room leaving in the early hours of the morning.

You ran in the room to find Simon shirtless, going to undo his belt. “Let me get that for you baby.” You got on your knees, unbuckling his belt and sliding it out of the holder. You yanked the zip of his jeans down, pulling them down along with his boxer shorts. Licking a stripe on the underside of his erect cock, a hand going into your long hair, gripping and guiding you. Your mouth closed around his tip, a hand going to work the base.  “Fuck baby.” Simon moaned out, you stood up pushing him on to the bed.  You pulled the covers over you, leaning down to meet your lips with Simon’s.  “Do you want me to ride you baby?” you whispered into his ear, as he grabbed your hips.  His fingertips dug into your hipbones pulling your body against his, biting at your neck as you sat on his dick. You moaned out starting to roll your hips against his, his hands trailing under your shirt to your breasts.

 Negan came into the main building, looking towards the kitchens looking for his daughter Y/N. His eyebrows raised as he spoke to one of the workers. “Where is my daughter?” he asked the younger man, who was trembling. “We don’t know sir, she left this note saying she was ill but we went to check on her and she wasn’t in her room.” Negan turned, walking towards the doors to the bedrooms.  He figured he could get Simon and they could go and look for her, he knew they were close. He had been worried about it before, but he figured that they were both smart enough to know what would happen if anything became sexual.  He went to knock on the door, before deciding against it when he heard a moan coming from the other side. He chuckled to himself, finally Simon was getting laid. It had been months since Negan had seen him with any woman; thank god he got out of his little funk and had found someone to bone.

He opened the door with a large slam, walking to the next door to the bedroom. He opened the door a little, seeing the back of a young Y/H/C girl riding Simon with the silk sheet wrapped around her back. “Oh my god Simon, harder!” his vision turned red, immediately recognizing the voice.

“What the fuck!?” you heard someone yell from behind you. You screamed, jumping off Simon turning around to see your dad. Your eyes widened, ‘shit’ you thought, you were both in the shit now. Your dad stood there, Lucille hanging at the side of him. You could see his gloved hand tightening around the base of the bat, Simon gathering the sheets to hide himself and cover you. “Dad, I can explain?” you sort of asked, seeing he was getting angry. “What the fuck is there to explain Y/N? I can see it clear as fucking day; it’s a damn shame really. I really did like you Simon.” You groaned, wrapping the sheets around your lower half, standing up off the bed. “Look dad. I was going to tell you before, but I’ve been with Simon for a few months, this isn’t just a one-time thing.” You explained, realizing your mistake as soon as it came out. “It isn’t a one-time thing, well goddamn Simon! How many times have you got your dick wet in my daughter?” he shouted, walking closer to Simon.  You grabbed your dads arm, pulling him back from Simon.

“Dad! Stop it, I love him!” your dad turned around to look at you. “You don’t know shit about love Y/N, your goddamn fucking eighteen!” You began to cry a little, sick of him still treating you as a child. “I do dad! I’m not a fucking kid anymore! Yes, I will always be your little girl but you have to treat me as an adult! I love Simon, he treats me like a queen and we’ve been together for a while now! And if you want to forbid me from seeing him, go ahead but it will just prove my point!” Negan sighed, placing a hand under your chin, making you look at him.  He pulled you into a hug, kissing your head. “I love you Y/N. But you are right; you’re old enough to make your own decisions.” He turned back around to Simon, raising Lucille in front of his face. “You dare even wrong my daughter in any way and your fucking brains will be hanging off Lucille, do I make myself clear?” Simon raised his hands in surrender. “Crystal, Negan.” He nodded, walking out of the room.

You let out a deep breath, “Well, it could have been worse.”

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Is that what you’re feeling? I don’t blame you, who wouldn’t want to get a little naughty in the Asylum?  Enjoy.

(I’m putting this sort of lengthy one behind a cut, so just FYI, if you end up enjoying, remember, I’m always taking requests.)

The doors opened at Briarcliff and they might as well have been sporting a banner: Abandon hope all ye who enter here.   The only thing was, you weren’t even queen of the damned, you were just another poor soul under Sister Jude’s watch.

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my blog now has a bunch of meta on how self centered and self-absorbed early canon tsuna was but look! look at this!!

tsuna who learned barely how to swim 15 meters in a day goes off to save a child adrift in the ocean! because! he knows! what that experience feels like! and how scary it is!!

anyway i feel like this proves isn’t.. necessarily JUST self-centered and self-absorbed, but he is like that because no else will engage him. he gets bullied, he gets put down, he is dismissed. he internalizes all of this as a loser complex, but he still! went out of his way to change a child that he empathizes with.

i mean, yes, this happens in chapter 57, so it’s not SUPER super early canon, it’s at least a year after living with reborn. it’s not 100% guaranteed he has always been this way, or if reborn had something to do with it.

personally i think he’s always been this way, but The Whole Loser Complex Thing, thinking he can’t Do Anything, has also lended to his complacency. he always has Opinions, he just never considered himself able to Do Anything About It, and that seems to have translated to endless whining and just general prickliness and refusal to even consider doing anything. because. he can’t. he’s pretty sure he can’t, everyone says the same thing.

which is also why i think he was really hesitant when he saw enma getting beat up. violence is painful and he’s still internalizing the idea that he can’t fight! what can he do to help? if he jumps in he’ll get HURT. he’s not a perfect self-sacrificing angel but he EMPATHIZES with enma’s situation. empathizing and feeling helpless is awful.

anyway, look he LEARNED HOW TO SWIM! look how nitwickin happy he is


that Lifeguard Senpai even says ‘hah, i tell you’re a beginning’ but tsuna doesn’t even care?? so what if he’s a beginner he is making progress! i just. iiiiii.

he’s getting PRAISE, wow, that never happens?! he’s so happy. let this child have confidence in himself. there’s no need to angst-moe him and strip him of his reclusive self-absorbed defense mechanism.. just let him learn.. that it’s Okay to start caring about himself and other people again.. You Have A Support Group, You Will Be Fine Now.

(and then of course you gotta save the world for their sake, but, y’know. you do you, tsuna.)

Crossfire - Chapter Nine

Author: somemaycallmesunshine
Pairing: Young John!Michael x Prophet!Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 19k
Warnings: violence, blood, gore, anxiety attacks, angst, swearing, death, huge change in season 5’s plot

A/N: Thank you, everyone for your incredible support! I’m sorry for being so evil last time… but cliffhangers are just too much fun! Parts of the episodes are weaved in through the plot with some changes for the sake of the storyline. (Visions as well as internal thoughts are in italics)

Summary: Takes place during season 5. With the apocalypse at foot, Team Free Will and the reader are doing everything in their power to stop it. But when their plans take a wrong turn, the reader gets kidnapped by none other than their enemy, Michael the archangel,

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

And with the last bit of his strength, Michael obliterated Zachariah right where he stood. The angel barely had time to scream before his body dissolved into white light and flames.

And then Michael fell to the ground, bloody and unconscious.

“Michael!” Y/N gasped and ran to him, encircling her arms around him. “Michael – no, no, no, no, no! Wake up, please!” She shook him but he didn’t wake. Her eyes filled with desperate tears, “Oh God, Michael, wake up! Please!” And in a flash, the illusion of the doorless room disappeared and the pair of them fell to what Y/N could only see as darkness.

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Cheating destiny (Oneshot)
Pairing: Illumi Zoldyck x Killua Zoldyck

Raiting: PG

Summary: As the numbers on his wrist went down, Illumi determined to defeat that trap of destiny that was knowing the exact moment in which you would met your destined partner.

Based on the meme 0:00:00:00 that circled tumblr a while ago.

Cheating destiny


His black eyes looked blankly at the numbers. They sure had shortened. The years and months had already been wiped out, leaving only days, hours and minutes. And not even days, since all the numbers where really small. Roughly a day.

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today in my adventure through awakening’s tile convos i learned:

  • nah wants to eat her lover. literally
  • basilio used to be a pirate
  • sully’s letter-sending fangirls have started sending kjelle letters as well
  • whoever wrote severa’s dialogue read about zero of her supports. yes, the girl who freaking wrestled a bull to prove how strong she was is completely and solely obsessed with being a desirable woman in men’s eyes and hates getting sweaty in training. ok the bull was in fates but still gawds
  • ricken explicitly admits he’s in his adolescence 
  • laurent is worried his hairline is going to start receding
  • maribelle held brady’s hands when he walked up stairs
  • flavia and basilio have unique lines with emmeryn that are exactly the same as their normal ones except they say her name
  • libra is often called “voluptuous”
  • lon’qu has literally no idea how to take a compliment
  • tiki’s child sleeps more than her, and instead of challenging them to a battle she challenges them to a nap-off

all in all, it’s been quite…something. 

also shoutout to @robobones for rewriting some of severa’s more…extreme ones to something actually in-character and nice!!

kissmeyoubeautifulidiot  asked:

I SEE THAT YOU ARE TAKING PROMPTS AND I WOULD LOVE TO LEAVE A LITTLE PROPOSITION POUR TOI! So like imagine a Hercules! au where Nursey is meg and he sold his soul to the devil and now must trick Dex (Hercules) into falling for him, but ends up falling for Dex in the process and sacrifices his life to save Dex ( but it all ends super happy) ❤❤❤❤ Just a thought I love you thanks for your time 😊

Thank you for that hella cool prompt!

Okay I let me start by saying this bulleted fic/AU exploration would not exist without the amazing  @kissmeyoubeautifulidiot  and her amazing ideas about and her helpful beta-ing of this fic.  Also, her ficlets,are kind of amazing and she is still taking prompts!  My Favorites are 1, 2,3.

So without further ado~ 

2.8K of Nurseydex Disney Hercules AU Bulleted Fic under the read below.

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The Lucky Ones

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from Strange Contraptions.

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet alludes to information/events that appear in Voyager. (But it won’t follow those events for very long at all).

Let me know what you think.

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Love Affairs in the Evening Part 2 [Bruce Wayne Imagine]

Prompt: See part 1 here. A while into dating and the reader has a conference to go to. She went last year and Bruce let her (although he did occasionally visit to watch over her as Batman), but this year with crime rising high and whatnot, he forbids her from going.

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy. I have fun writing these. Side note: any gifs used are not mine.

Warnings: N/A unless you’re uncomfortable will arguments mild swearing, and large age gaps.

Masterlist Request things!!

Part 3

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36. - Home is Where the Heart’s at.

If there’s a question of my heart, you’ve got it
It don’t belong to anyone but you
If there’s a question of my love, you’ve got it
Baby don’t worry, I’ve got plans for you
Baby, I’ve been making plans, oh love


It was barely 11am in the day and I was already exhausted and more than ready to give up on this task that Knoelle and I were tackling today. The stray curls that had escaped my bun stuck to my sweaty neck and mouth felt like cotton due to the lack of water. 

Reaching over Knoelle’s body, I grabbed her bottle of water and didn't think twice as I let the cool contents slide in my mouth and down my throat. “Mmmm water never tasted so good”, I moaned with appreciation as I handed the now half empty bottle to her and allowed her to finish off the rest.

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To all of you who are posting eulogies for Robin Williams,
but have ‘crickets’ for Mike Brown,
I see you,
And I’m judging.

Yes, both are tragedies,
but your silence,
on the lynching style of execution,
of a black child  speaks VOLUMES.

I see you.

Keep proving that you still see black lives as inherently valueless.

I know where we stand.

The media keeps calling him a man,
but he was a boy.

Mike Brown


“John.” The red faced man refused to look at her, but she could see the sloppy grin already. “John, tell me you did not mess with Sherlock’s calculations again.”

“I,” He took a deep breath before turning bleary eyes on her. “May or may not have maybe slipped in an extra two shots.”

“An extra two shots? John! He agreed.” She was far less amused than she should have been. Everyone else was laughing uproariously, but she can only manage to feel a bit miffed. “He agreed to let you drink whatever the hell you wanted if you didn’t mess with his.”

“It was just a bit, Molly. Honestly.” John waved her away with one hand, moving on to the group’s table. “No worse than anything he’s done to me. I lost a whole Wednesday once. A whole day! I think he can lose a few hours.”

Suddenly her coming protests of “but he trusted you” seemed a lot less effective. Still, she watched Sherlock’s dazed eyes and slumped shoulders and felt a stab of irritation. He’d worked really hard on those measurements. He’d even made explicitly sure that John had agreed to leave it alone. He’d done a good job of getting his own drinks too, but as soon as the alcohol had lightened his distrust John had took quick advantage. She supposed it was only fair, but it still felt wrong.

Lestrade and Philip snorted in laughter over some story or other, probably involving the absentee groom-to-be. Mycroft had received an ‘important call’ and had ducked out of the pre-wedding celebration early, leaving his Detective to handle the group. Lestrade was admittedly more sociable. Unfortunately, she seemed to the only sober one still hanging about the place to notice Sherlock starting to get antsy.

From stories she’d heard, he was not a particularly genial drunk. She’d only briefly considered how much worse it would be from his usual self when she heard his voice gaining volume. Bad. Just, bad.

“Sherlock Holmes, I’m sure he didn’t mean to insult your honey collection.”

“There’s more than one kind of honey.” He scowled and his eyes unfocused, but he didn’t appear to be as upset as she’d thought he was.

“Yes, well, we both know the truth, yeah? So don’t worry.” She led him by the arm away from the uppity man with the raised eyebrows.  He grabbed for his drink, which she carefully sidestepped.

“You did that on purpose.”

“Prove it.” He just stood there with pouting lips and ruffled hair in his face, looking a bit like a child.

“If you’d stop moving, I could maybe try.”

“You’re drunk.”

“Impossible. I double checked my calculations. All measurements and timing were—”

“John.” She stopped his tirade with ease. Even drunk, he rolled his eyes.

“Arse.” He still spoke too loudly, his words not quite as crisp as usual.

“Yes, well, I can’t imagine where he got the idea.”

Sherlock rubbed his temples with his forefingers, face already turning pale. He groaned a moment before leaning over, resting his forehead against the rail.

“Are you ok?”

“I abhor alcohol.”

She almost missed the mumbled confession amidst the laughter of the others and the faint thrum of music.

“Are you about to puke?”

“Not nearly. Just at a level of uncomfortable I’d—” And then she knew he was going to puke. His eyes wide with panic, he rushed towards a trashcan. Definitely more than just two shots. The two men would be the death of each other.

By the time he was done retching, Molly had made up her mind and excused him to the group. She was taking him home.

They could walk to Baker Street from here. It wouldn’t be too far and the walk might do him some good before he lay down for the night. She tried not to imagine the poor man waking up the next morning with a splitting headache and equal hangover.

He didn’t argue when she led him to the door. Instead he just nodded, still glaring at the man who’d argued with him on honey. He yelled back one last comment about ‘literally thousands’, which only earned a finger flipped agitatedly in his direction. This was not nearly as bad as the last time she’d heard about him getting drunk. At least he hadn’t attacked anyone.

“John had promised he wouldn’t mess with the drinks this time.” His words were slurred together, soft and round and quiet in his mouth.

“Of course he did. I figure he thinks he deserves to mess with you a bit.”

“He thinks I’m an arse in social situations. He likes me better a bit drunk.” Sherlock didn’t look particularly offended, but then he didn’t look anything. He suddenly stared resolutely straight ahead, arms tucked into his sides. “He won’t admit it of course. That’s how he got Harry.”

“That’s a horrible thing to say.”

“And entirely untrue, but he thinks so anyway.” He scrunched his eyebrows together, reminding her of a kid trying to work out a puzzle. When he revealed the thoughts pulling his face together, she felt her heart sink. “To clarify, it’s untrue that he created Harry’s drunkenness, despite his projected guilt. It is true that he prefers me a bit intoxicated.”

“That’s not true. You’re his best friend.”

Sherlock made a noise close to a huff of disbelief, the sound too wet in the cold air. “He’s my only friend. He has others. I am merely his most demanding. Stockholm Syndrome. Fitting name, I think.” He rambled, the confessions and murmurings colliding into something barely resembling sense.

“You aren’t that horrible, Sherlock.”

“I thought you saw me, Molly.” She didn’t know what had cast the somber mood over him, but she wished she could will it away.

“I do. You’re not horrible.”

“I insulted your lips. I actually like your lips, but instead of telling you that outright I said they were too small.” He continued bumbling along through other confessions, but she stopped with that one.

“It’s no big deal. I’m used to your comments. I know you don’t mean them.” She pulled him along beside her, keeping him from veering into a park that made her skin crawl.

She’d been against the idea of allowing Sherlock to drink so close to a relapse and the return of Moriarty. With everything happening, she wasn’t too surprised to find he lingered on darker parts of himself. She was only surprised he hadn’t started talking about Magnussen.

“John said he told you about Janine.”

“Yes, yes he did.”

“I’m sorry.”

That faltered her steps, a quizzical eye turned towards the still walking detective. He got two or three feet ahead before he stopped and turned back to her.

“What are you sorry for?”

He walked back to her, depth perception severely hindered. He stepped too close, feet bumping against hers, nose pointed down as he tried to look directly at her.

“All hearts are broken.” He leaned towards her, lashes squinting together. “All lives end.”

“Are you trying to apologize for her broken heart or yours?” She thinks for a moment, and presses on. “Or mine?”

“All of them. I’ve broken many hearts.”

She almost laughed at this, if not for the serious look in his eyes. He looked so young now, so much younger than the man who had walked into her morgue ten years ago like a cold wind.

“You haven’t broken my heart, Sherlock.” She remembered the headlines. “And I don’t think you broke Janine’s, no matter how much of an asshat you were.”

“I could, you know. Break your heart.” She was a bit afraid he was going to kiss her.

Not that she didn’t partially want him to kiss her. It was just… He smelled a bit like alcohol and vomit, and he hadn’t entirely zeroed in on her face, his gaze sliding in and out of focus as he tried to stare at her. She’d prefer a kiss to be magic, if it came from Sherlock Holmes.

“I don’t think so. At least not with that halitosis.” He grinned at her use of vocabulary, even if it was a commonly known word.

“I break everything I touch.” He pushed his arms further against his sides, the collar on his jacket jostled up to cover his cheeks and nose. “It’s best I not touch you, Molly.”

“What are you talking about all this for?” They neared Baker Street, but she wasn’t sure she was ready for confession time to be over.

“Because you offered to walk me home.”

“Hm.” Was it supposed to be another thank you? Feigning interest under the premise of drunkenness, so that he bore no responsibility for the feelings it would stir long after he’d forgotten his sloppy words?

“And because it’s been several years since you asked me coffee, and I’ve been impressed with you ever since.” Sharp blue eyes connected to hers, no longer wavering. She was vaguely aware they had moved to the front of the Baker Street door.

“You’ve not seemed very impressed.”

“I never wanted to touch.” He moved closer to her once more. Slid his hand behind her back. “Never wanted to break.”

She wasn’t sure if he was talking about her or him, and for a brief lapse she’d forgotten that he upchucked mere minutes ago, until his eyes widened again. His face paled several shades as he swung around and puked into the bushes.

“Not the impression I was going for,“ was all he mumbled as he shuffled into the flat. He turned back to her from the end of the stairs, sniffling, and huffed. “Well, are you going to take care of me or not? I’m going to be in a dreadful state to do it myself.”

And he was back to asking for coffee and demanding favors from her, but for a moment, she got to see something real in Sherlock Holmes.

He never wanted to break.

anonymous asked:

look i'm not trying to start something but i wanted to address a few things in that last ask 1) men are not required to be circumcised, it's often a cultural choice 3) if a woman is the one who is pregnant and doesn't want to be, why should the man have a say in if she keeps it? Shouldn't he be seeking a partner who wants to be pregnant? 4) men can call coerced sex rape same as women. The things you listed aren't rights that men are denied. They're societal issues that are slowly being eroded.

After this I will have no further interest in this discussion but

1. Men are not required to be circumcised but it is illegal to circumcise women, making it a legal right they have over men.

2. Women are allowed to vote and get drivers licenses, etc… without registering for the selected service (draft). A huge portion of rights that women have handed to them simply for being women.

3. Because the father was an equal partner in creating it, the father has less than 50% voice in the choose. The father has 0% legal voice or right in the decision, making it a legal right that the woman has over the man. Their are countless situations where the father would like or wants a child but has 0 legal right to the decision despite having 50% of the genetic material and 100% liability regardless of his choice or opinion for child support if the child is born…

4. Men have almost no right or options if raped. In fact feminists have actively lobbied to define rape so that a woman cannot legally rape a man at all… when a man is raped and comes forward about it he is still legally obligated to pay child support if his rapist gets pregnant, as has been proved several times, including cases where minor males were raped. In cases where men have been raped they are ridiculed, harassed, etc… (women suffer much the same but they have legal protection where as) most cases where a man has been raped don’t ever make it to court, and even less end in a conviction…

5. Women who are unwed, or divorcing get custody in a vast majority of cases… cart blanche, regardless of capability, finance, etc…

So yes these are 5 legally protected rights and or privileges that women receive for no other reason then their membership in the fairer sex. They ARE ALSO societal issues that are far from being eroded, in fact these are societal issues that are being entrenched as we speak. You will notice that you left out 2 of the 5, number 2, and number 5, I must assume because you realize them to be accurate. and that 1, 3, and 4 each have some sort of feminist movement, and or legislation regarding them… so far from being eroded, they are worsening.

In this day and age, far from a war on women, women are in the lead. With 58% of post bachelor degree holders being women, with violence of any type towards women being at an all time low, with their being no wage gap infact according to Times magazine in 2010 in all but 3 of Americas largest cities women made 8% more on average than their male counterparts… add to that having extra legal rights and privileges and… you get a recipe for the not oppressed. So if you think their is a war on women then you have been lied to, and if you have been lied to then you need to ask yourself why…

Sexism in the CTFXC and other thoughts

So Charles Trippy has officially admitted to dating “squiggles” and linked her public instagram. He has officially moved on. Which does not affect me in any manner, so why should I care? I’m human. Humans have opinions on everything. So my opinion is mine and I should be allowed to have it. I am not going to bully charles or “squiggles” by posting on his social media sites. 

So…Here we go.

Yeah, it sucks that Alli and Charles could not make it work. We live in a society in which 50% of marriages end in divorce. It’s sad, but that is life. I understand it. Once I was over the shock. I understood.

What I didn’t understand was the negative comments addressed to Alli. Why was that necessary? It takes two people to argue. People accused her of cheating and called her horrid names. 

Charles has publicly moved on. Yes, divorce papers have been filed. They are emotionally/physically separated, but by law they are still married. People have flocked Charles with happy thoughts and congratulations of having found someone. (less than a month of announcing his separation, weird). What ever the timeline of the events, I am not going to judge on the fidelity of Charles. He is an adult capable of making his own decisions. It seems if Alli had announced a new relationship so soon, people would have gone crazy with the negativity. 

I can’t help but acknowledge that when Kim Kardashian was in the process of divorcing her husband and began dating Kanye West people began slut shamming her. I’m not a Kardashian fan, but isn’t that the same thing Charles did? And possibly a lot faster? They both film and edit their lives for their audiences, why did they receive different critics?(don’t do that whole she has a sex tape crap to justify your thoughts.) 

If i felt differently from Kim and Charles for the actions they took after their marriage separation, i would be a hypocrite. 

So I stand by what I think.

1) It’s way too soon to move on. Emotionally and physically. 

2) Yes, they may be seperated but by law they are still married. Why is that important? Well for example, if Alli were to date someone and become impregnated, the child would have legally have to have Charles last name until changed by the courts & proved paternity. So by law, until they are divorced, wouldn’t it be considered an affair? He is still legally married

3)Because it’s Charles, everything is great and congrats for finding someone who loves you blah blah Before it was I hate you Alli

4)Why was it so easy to turn on Alli?

5) Timeline that Squiggles is off. Talking to someone else is an emotional affair, as one tends to see more flaws in the relationship and a prize that can be found at the end (meaning less motivation to attempt to work it out). 

6) Charles Trippy pulled a Kim Kardashian. 

7)I’m done with Charles. I’m glad he’s happy and that Alli is happy. My unsubscription will surely be unnoticed, but I didn’t do it to be noticed by Charles. I did it for me.

Peace out CTFXC!