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OMG AMAZING fanchants from SHINHWA CHANGJO during Shinhwa’s KBS perf! .. I just cut it coz in KBS official video there’s almost no sound of cheers to Shinhwa during the performances. (KBS, maybe finally u’ll listen to all complaints accumulated over years & spend some money on ur beautiful sound system?!)
And Shinhwa, the group that’s debuted 19 years ago & still get such awesome fanchants from awesome SHCJ .. I’m soo proud of Shinhwa who sang amazingly ALL-LIVE while dancing .. Reaching the top is easy.. maintaining the position is the real challenge.
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[Editorial] “Shinhwasan” for 17 years and running

※ Article from March 25th

Waiting for Shinhwa’s performance are not only old fans wearing their Shinhwa Changjo 1st wave orange rain coat; young student fans in school uniform also wait alongside them. Older fans feel proud when young fans start to see this 17-year-old ‘old’ idol as an attractive option. Shinhwa has a long history. It debuted among H.O.T. and god (1998), won its Daesang when TVXQ was rising as the biggest idol out there (2004), and won against EXO in the MAMA online vote (2013).

Shinhwa recently made its return a year and nine months since its last. The happiest and busiest moments of my life started again along with Shinhwa’s comeback. Every day, I wake up expecting to see something new from the oppas. I plow through my day joyously as I think of watching new videos of the oppas performing once it’s over, and feel recharged from the music shows I go to see in person despite my busy schedule. Then sometimes I get sentimental. Thank you for coming back again this year… I never knew I would be feeling this kind of happiness when I first became a fan of Shinhwa 17 years ago.

Shinhwa managed to stayed together even after its contract with its first agency SM expired. This was back when it was taken for granted that a group disbands once its contract expires. The members countered rumors about their status with their wit. They then went on to win a Daesang with their 7th album.

The bad news started coming then. The oppas made their comeback with their 8th album in June 2006, but their promotions seemed to have shrunk. They only appeared for about a month on music shows, and the period of their promotions in Korea totaled only two months in the year the album was released. The rest of their time was dedicated to overseas promotions. The oppas then started to sign contracts with their own individual agencies. They opened a new age of ‘together yet separate’ among idol groups and things went well, but in the two years following their ‘separation’ Shinhwa suffered from a stream of disbandment rumors. Time came for them to serve their military duties too. Fans were asked to wait, and they started to feel anxious on whether Shinhwa would ever return again. Some articles kept saying Shinhwa would disband due to legal issues surrounding their name, and Shinhwa’s agency kept having to step out to say that wouldn’t happen.

The Shinhwa members dispelled the rumors and tried to get their fans to believe. Shinhwa continued to tell Shinhwa Changjo that every member was dedicated to keeping Shinhwa alive, and Shinhwa proved it by returning with its 9th album and 10th anniversary concert (2008). Though Shinhwa soon went on hiatus as the members were drafted to the army, fans could wait through the four years they were gone on the belief that the members would keep their promise.

I can’t put into words how emotional I felt when the oppas returned four years later with their 10th album. It is true of course that singers are powered by their fans’ love, but there was little the fans could do when Shinhwa was hit by rumors of disbandment or the oppas seemed to be having a hard time. The fans could only tell each other to shut away the other voices, and listen only to what the oppas told them. Many fans were hurt from how powerless they felt; the realization that there was nothing they could do for the oppas. The oppas, however, made a grand return by founding their own company, ‘Shincom Entertainment (formerly Shinhwa Company)’.

▲ Performances that shine independently of the title of ‘longest-running idol’

The online release of the 12th album happened on the same day as the first music show pre-recording. So I watched Shinhwa perform at the pre-recording before I could listen to their songs, and again I fell in love with them. The routines that ran through their fingertips showed how much effort the oppas had put into their upcoming promotions. Their powerful performances showed that the oppas were doing their best to move beyond their title as ‘longest-running idol’. It’s hard for an old fan like me to sing along to the groove of the songs in their 12th album, but every song feeds my pride as a fan. I’m grateful that Shinhwa is still there instead of fading into the past, and if I could I want to go 17 years back in time to praise myself for choosing this group.

The oppas still don’t have the rights to their own name (they cannot use their own name ‘Shinhwa’ on their albums). I believe what the oppas are fighting to take back aren’t merely the rights to their name. They’re fighting for something more. Fans are supposed to be faithful. I still don’t know what help my support can be to Shinhwa, but the oppas say we’re being a help, so I will continue to support Shinhwa. I hope we can stay together forever and ever.

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Remember that day during the 5th month of 2015 when we all cried and celebrated like there is no other day better than that for the rest of the week? We received that heart-warming news of claiming the rights over the name SHINHWA. The legendary title that we all fought for relentlessly became our biggest trophy of the year.

29th of MAY marked a significant memory for SHINHWA and SHINHWA CHANGJOS. It is the day when we at last – after a very long rough road of challenges, tears and sweat resulted to the sweetest and most victorious SHINDEPENDENCE DAY!

We are all proud to be part of this family. The longest running idol group who’s in a loyal and very persevering relationship with the loving Orange Princesses conquered the odds together with the orange color as our background. We might have stumbled in so many moments along the way but we stood up multiple times than the number of our falls.

We protected this love. We cherished each other. We stayed together. We kept our promises. We treasured the word forever.


It’s interesting how when newer groups do covers of older groups, it’s rarely the older group’s fans that look down on the newer group, but people who are already antis. For example, when BTS covered perfect man, us shinhwa changjos all supported and were proud of/impressed by those kids for doing it so well. All of the hate I saw came not from us shinhwa fans, but younger fans who dislike BTS. It gives a bad rep to the fans of the old group, stop it. 

What color represents your pride?

Back when there were a few KPOP groups, the fans were loyal to their fandom and dedicated to their fav group only. Like “househoods”. Those fans were proud of their banners, flags, balloons, they showed pride in the color that represent them as fans of their fav group. That’s why those fandoms were and are still so strong, beautiful and loyal. Ask White Angels, Cassiopeia, ELFs, Shinhwa Changjo, Sones, Tripple S and other older fandoms what their color means … they will say “its my pride”.

KPOP wasn’t about “who is the better”, it was about to show their idols how much they were loved and supported. Of course there were fanwars like it always existed and always will exist. =(

I heard somebody says that TVXQ don’t own the color red. Sure, we’re not saying we own a color, it is impossible lol We say that color represent us as TVXQ(JYJ) fans, our pride to be part of this fandom as a family fandom, even against the odds we’re still here strong as ever.

I heard someone say that YG “created the lighstick”. I am not sure about that, but anyways. YG may be the creator of the lighstick but he didn’t created the color fandom culture and tradition, and the pride we have to show everybody I AM CASSIOPEIA".

Some people says that a color is just a color, but a color in KPOP world has its own meaning and context. If you see someone holding a pretty blue balloon you’re gonna think "that’s a elf”, if it is red you will think “hey, look, a cassie”, orange is Shinhwa Changjo, etc… As much I admire some other groups I wouldn’t like to be mistaken because I am proud to be Cassiopeia and I want the boys at stage look at me (at us) and see that we’re still there. TVXQ(and JYJ) are on HIATUS, they will come back to us and when they do I want they see our beautiful red ocean watching them and supporting them the same way we did back in the first years.

[Trans] Lim PD Naver Blog - Went to Hallyu star my friend Choongjae's Shinhwa concert

Hello, this is PD Lim ^^ Even though we have been friends for 15 years but I am only going to my friend Choongjae’s group ‘Shinhwa’s’ concert for the first time today~ It was a concert where you could clearly feel that they are indeed Hallyu stars~ Perhaps it is because they are 'Shinhwa Changjos’ who have been together for 17 years, they followed instructions well and made it a mature concert viewing, and because there were fans from a variety of countries, not just people from Korea, it was a satisfactory day for me, as a maker of K-pop~^^  In future’ be it your 18th or 30th anniversary, I’ll be cheering on Shinhwa to be a representative long running group of Korea ^^

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I’m so proud of my friend~~ and thanks to Junjin, I was able to meet my close friends and hyungs that I have known for more than 10 years after a long time, it was nice~

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I was really happy to meet Dongwan hyung after a long time. Actually I knew him even before I knew Junjin~ But what he said the moment he say me~~ “I heard you got married~~” suddenly all eyes were on me keje A few years ago my nuna got married and he thought I was the one who got married keke No matter when we see each other, Dongwan hyung always seem to be around the same height as me, and he was enjoyable and funny~^^

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something that never gets old even if 17 years already took its claim..our Oppadeul.. i really admire your greeting..

every time you do this, i extend my hand in the air too and becomes as proud as you are.