and producing techniques of the pros

Uriah Shelton

. Reposted an extremely ignorant blue lives matter post from a bigoted, islamophobic account that used rape as scare tactic
. Says he hates people who hate/mistrust cops
. Publicly pro blue lives matter and has stayed silent on, hasn’t even mentioned black lives matter
. Believes ‘races are an illusion’
. Doesn’t believe he’s privileged because he’s white
. Believed he, a seven episode guest star, had authority to tell the fans girl meets world is over even when the producers themselves don’t know
. Uses his motorcycle accident as a manipulation technique to try and get sympathy points when people are mad at him
. Liked an anti-feminist post from an account called ‘fabulous.conservative’
. Believes women are 100% equal to men already in society therefore feminism is not needed
. Believes women who believe in feminism 'aren’t being responsible for their own actions’ and are 'whiny babies’
. Believes women are not oppressed

….. Tell me again why anyone should support him?