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what’s in your bag: james potter

James: *never leaves his house without something that would scream “Gryffindor”*

James: Oh look, a biscuit! *takes a bite*

James …or not?

James: A note I wrote for Lily but well…she didn’t even look at it so-

James: One day me and Pads went swimming in the Great Lake and found some of these - still waiting for our babies to come into this world ♥

James: Pete gave me this for birthday, how cool is that?

James: Oooh Sirius Black’s most prized possession - eyeliner, that guy can’t step out of the dorm without this thing. Maybe I should give it back to him? I don’t think so.

James: Chocolate. Probably Moony’s?

James: I don’t remember, but it’s all good, we’re like brothers - “everything mine is yours, and yours mine”, right?

James: …once I fell on my face and Lily gave me this. It’s a muggle bandaid, she said.

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rompts: Combination of this one-shot where you’re batmom and just came back from a long business trip and all the kids missed you & when you get home you get shot by an unknown outside the manor in front of Damian who felt something was off? If we survive it’s up2u AND THIS one where Batmom has a stalker? And maybe she doesn’t want to tell Batman right away because she thinks she can handle it?

Requested by: @imagination-factory

AN: Warning there will probably be tears, but not for the reason you think …


          “My boys!!!!!” You open your arms as the boys run forward. You’re nearly driven to the ground by the force of four hugs. You make sure to hug each of your sons individually, before they begin fighting for your attention.

          You listen to the bickering as it turns from who your favorite is, to who’s the best baker of all things. Each boy takes a bag, and starts heading towards the house. Taking a deep breath, you smile at the man leaning against the door frame.

          Bruce is dressed in jeans and a sweater, a look you prefer to his usual suit. He looks relaxed and happy, something that never fails to fill you with joy. You open your arms again, as he begins walking towards you with his usual smirk.

          When he finally pulls you in for a hug, you take a deep breath, breathing in his scent. He’s big, and warm, and contrary to popular belief, quite cuddly. “I missed you.”

          He just laughs, “I missed you more. The bed is incredibly cold without you in it.”

          You just smile, as you begin walking towards the house. You can hear the boys arguing inside, when all of a sudden your steps falter. Not understanding what’s going on, you start to fall, and as Bruce catches you, the first tingles of pain hit you. And then it’s a searing pain. Sound disappears, and your eyesight starts to go fuzzy. The last thing you see is Bruce’s face, before everything goes black.  

          You wake up to something squeezing your arm. Your mouth is dry, and your head is fuzzy. Opening your eyes, you’re grateful that the lights are dimmed low. Turning your head to the side, you smile at the sight of Bruce. His eyes go a little wide, before he moves forward. He crouches down next to you. “Hey,” he whispers before pushing hair back from your face.

          You voice cracks a bit when you speak, “What happened?”

          “You were shot, by a man who appears to have been stalking you for quite some time. He escaped, but Jim is on the case.” You let out a small groan. Bruce runs a hand over his face, having gathered the meaning, “You knew about him?”

          You nod, “He kept showing up wherever I was. He sent flowers and food. I had my assistant throw everything away. Security went through everything too, there was nothing harmful in any of it, but I didn’t want to take a chance.”

          Bruce just nods, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

          “It all started after the Joker had escaped a few months ago. You and the boys were so stressed; I didn’t want to add to that.”

             Bruce’s hand covers yours, “You come first.”

          You give a small smile, “I honestly didn’t think he was a threat.”

          Bruce finally leans in and kisses you, “Next time, please just tell me when you have a stalker.”


          It takes a week before the doctors let you out of the hospital. The bullet had just barely missed your spine, and had hit a major artery on its way out. It was only Bruce’s knowledge of how to slow the bleeding that had kept you alive.

          The boys baby you over the next few days, they won’t even let you carry a bowl of soup. About a week after you get home, Jim alerts you that your stalker, and would be killer, had been caught. Caught in a room with pictures of you pasted everywhere. After several psychiatric tests it became clear that he had created a delusional relationship with you after you had complimented him for some computer work he had done in your office.  

          Apparently, you having left the country on the business trip was what set him off. Not being able to see you or observe you had driven him into a more violent psychosis. In the end, he’s sentenced to a stint in Arkham. That doesn’t reassure you, or your boys.

When he turns up dead in his cell one morning, there’s a lot of shuffling in the house. Eyes cut to Jason more often than they should, the curiosity is there but no one is brave enough to actually ask if he had done it.

You do your best to block it from your mind. You know Jason’s code is different than the others. You know he kills, but no one has ever killed for you before and that makes you a little nauseous.

About a week after the murder, you come home to what should be an empty manor. Bruce is at work, Tim and Damian are at school, and Jason and Dick were on a mission. So when you enter the Manor and hear frustrated screaming, you’re more than a little confused.

You follow the sound to the back yard to find Damian attacking a tree with a blade. He’s going at the tree as though it had demanded he go back to the league. As you get closer, you stop at sword’s length away and say, “Damian.”

He freezes mid swing. Slowly he turns to face you. And that’s when you notice. He’s thinner than he should be, there are dark circles under his eyes, and he won’t meet your gaze.

You move forward slowly. Stopping in front of him, you take the sword from his hand, and when you place a hand on his shoulder, he shrugs it off. “Damian,” you whisper. You do it again, and this time he gives into the touch, before the tears start rolling down his cheeks. He collapses into your arms, and you gently sink to the ground with him, tossing the sword to the side.

“It was me.”

You run your fingers through his hair, “What was you?”

“It was me who killed him.”

You freeze, “What?”

He straightens a bit, “I killed the stalker. Todd was going to do it, but I beat him to it. He found me in the cell, he’s the one who got me out, and cleaned up.”

You take a deep breath, “Oh, Damian.”

You pull him closer and you let him cry, “It shouldn’t bother me. I’ve killed before. I killed the entire time growing up, so why does it bother me now? Why?”

You’re not quite sure what to say, “Oh, my baby.”

“I couldn’t let him hurt you again. I can’t lose you. You’re my mom.”

You don’t say anything else, you just pull him in closer, and let him cry.

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wait, does michy still have on pants in that scene w/ rick? i can't see shit! 😂 damn dark lighting. i know she has on her shirt too ugh. but idk if she has on pants and rick is getting ready in that clip by kissing her first. oh lord i hope we see how the scene leads up to that point and see them take each other's clothes off or imma be pissed!

Yeah, she’s definitely still got on her pants. And it looks to be part of the montage, so I don’t know that we’ll get any more from that particular scene (or if we do, it’ll probably be another short segment of it), but that’s fine. I think we’ll have more than one opportunity to see them get down. 🤗

I would like to know how Rick ended up almost naked while Michonne’s still got on her clothes, but I just love how he’s all over her. I’m certain it doesn’t take long for him to get her out of her pants. 😄

– How would you describe Musubu-chan?

Momoko: She’s amazing. Excellent at singing, dancing, and talking, in good balance. You can’t usually expect this good from a 14 years old girl. Eh? Comparing wth me at the age of 14? As a matter of course, she can’t be so good as me, since I’m too excellent. (with a straight face) Probably because she’s from Kansai region, she can tell stories knowing how to close them. She also can play both of cool and dork. On the other hand there’s something immature about her which is quite natural for 14 years old girl, still I think it’s great at her age to be able to do these things that good. I think I can describe her as one of the most promising youngster out of whole the H!P.

– She joined the band in November 2015 together with Yanagawa Nanami.

Momoko: You might think Musubu-chan is overwhelming her judging from what I’ve told. However, they’re vying with each other in a good way.

Musubu: Nanami-chan is good at studying, but I’m not. Nanami-chan can play the saxophone, but I can’t. I have nothing in particular to be proud of. I got jealous and mortified to see Nanami-chan playing the sax for our last single Namida no Request.

Momoko: They’re in a good rivalry. Having a competitive relationship is really good for each of them. Trying not to be defeated by the other, trying to stand out from the other are crucial motivations. Satoda Mai-san (the supervisor for the band) once told me “Idols these days are as soft as gentle breeze.” That means there’re few idols having the guts to defeat others nowadays. Having some members who are gentle as breeze is nice, but a band consisting of all breezy members won’t work. The rivalry between these two (Funaki and Yanagawa) stimulates the other three just llike a blast into breezes. I myself has been trying hard to be a blast, or a typhoon in a band for a long time.

from Tokyo Sports, 27 Feb 2017

Scott makes his future self facepalm in the afterlife and Viv kicks ass in Champions #1.MU. Seriously, Viv is on the roll in this issue – she takes down two dangerous members of Freelancers, saves a bus full of people and later saves Kamala’s life.

Freelancers themselves are an interesting bunch. They are a diverse team with an interesting combination of personalities – Might seem to be a very confident leader, but to a point. Panic seems strangely bored of everything, probably because she has an insight into people’s fears. Crush is flirty and a bit manipulative and Hotness made me think “That’s how evil Chase Stein would look like” and now I want to see them fight one day. And Cursed Cass seems like one with a nice combination of powers, personality, and approach – she seems to be sad and pessimistic, calming to be unlucky at everything. She also is invulnerable but has nothing more to it, which can be a problem, as past comics have explored with characters like Butterball. How you make yourself useful with such power? Her answer was to go the same path as Mad Stan.

The story is very simple and straightforward – Freelancers are hired to get rid of people protesting against building an oil pipe through national forest by framing them into starting a riot, getting rid of the media and then beating them up (if that sounds like an implausible thing, please check what is happening in America right now) Champions try to stop them but later both teams have to team-up against monsters falling from the sky. While the issue has an extra number of pages, it’s still impressive how dense with events the story is, with very quick and brief setup, followed by action that allows showing some nice characterization as well as cool moments. We had Kamala wrestle a giant monster, for one, the entire scene with the bus was very cool, Sam and Miles got hit by a meteor. It was fun in a very old-school way I really hope mark Waid will keep this good level with Freelancers, once he gets to write them.

Adrien bit down on the inside of his cheek and tried to suppress a smile as his classmates’ theories got increasingly more ludicrous.

“They must be stunt people! I bet they work in movies and the “magic” is all special effects!” Nino insisted. “

“There’s no way they could pull off stunts like that without some help,” Max remarked. “The more logical explanation is that we’re not dealing with mere humans. I’m leaning toward cyborgs, but aliens are also a probable theory.”

“I’m all for aliens!” Kim chimed in, and he high fived his friend.

“Please. Aliens? Stunt people?” Adrien could tell Alya was rolling her eyes even with his back to her. “If you paid any attention, you’d remember that Ladybug dropped a history textbook that is the exact same one that our school uses. She must be in the school, maybe Chat Noir, too! Think how close they could be to us.”

Adrien’s lips quirked up at the corner. You have no idea, Alya.

He heard a soft sigh, and craned his neck to see Marinette with her head bent over her sketchbook and an amused smile. As Alya’s best friend, she must have heard every one of Alya’s theories a hundred times over.

Max pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose with a sniff. “I think we’d notice if two kids kept disappearing from school on the regular to fight akumas.”

Adrien almost cracked up then, but was distracted by a loud snort of laughter. The source of the sound startled him more than the noise, for that sound had come from none other than Marinette.

Adrien looked around to see that every set of eyes had landed on Marinette as she outlined a sketch and bit back a grin. After a few seconds of silence, she must have realized that she was now the center of attention, because her eyes flicked up from her work and met his. Her smile faded into something akin to chagrin, but amusement still twinkled in her eyes.

“What’s so funny, Marinette?” Kim sounded offended on behalf of his friend. “It’s not like you have any idea who they are.”

Marinette’s teeth sunk into her lip to hold back another laugh and she cast him a wry look.  

“I guess not,” she said with a shrug, “I just find it funny that we all think we know anything about Ladybug and Chat Noir when we can’t even recognize them with a flimsy eye mask.”

Adrien’s eyebrows mounted his forehead and he felt his mouth twitch into a smile. The other students looked stunned by Marinette’s statement and they all shifted under her scrutiny. Eventually, Rose spoke up.

“It’s hard to catch a good look,” she said feebly, “with them flying around all the time.”

“Oh, come on!” Marinette laughed. “Nino and Adrien have met Ladybug and even they don’t have a clue who she is. I’ve met Chat Noir face to face, twice, and I still couldn’t pick him out from a lineup of all the blond boys in Paris! It’s silly for us to try and play detective.”

Adrien felt his heart speed up when she mentioned meeting him while he was in costume. So Marinette hadn’t caught on, even when they had been so close he could pick out every freckle on her face? Adrien should have been relieved that his identity was still secret, but he was a little disappointed that someone who knew him so well hadn’t even recognized him.

He’d know her distinctive personality anywhere, mask or no.

Marinette’s smile fell, and Adrien soon realized why. Alya had buried her nose in her textbook with a slump in her shoulder, obviously hurt by Marinette’s statement. He could see the wheels turning as she tried to come up with something to say, and then she smiled again, hesitant this time.  

“But maybe that’s part of the fun,” she said suddenly, “The mystery. Maybe it’s not about knowing who they are, but what they mean to all of us. They do so much for Paris, and it’s clear they love what they do, so we should accept that they want to keep their identities a secret.

“But,” she rushed to add when she saw Alya hadn’t lifted her head, “I think we should stay curious, and maybe one day…” her voice dropped and she shrugged, “maybe one day Ladybug and Chat Noir will be ready to show us who they are.”

The room was quiet as their classmates considered Marinette’s words. Alya lowered her book, hope radiating from her face. Adrien mulled over her words too, touched by Marinette’s sentiment. He wondered if he’d be ready one day to tell Paris that he was the teen behind the mask. It seemed so distant, so dangerous – but it flooded him with relief, too. No more hiding. No more lying. No more excuses.

He hoped the day would come when he and Ladybug could face Paris barefaced as a team, if only so he could know the incredible girl who had lucky charmed his heart and become one of his closest friends. Maybe she could even become his school friend, if she really was a student at François Dupont, and they could all hang out together!

He had a feeling she’d like Marinette; they had a lot in common.

Title: Invisible Part 2

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I got carried away, so I’ll probably do one more part to finish it up? Tell me what you think! Messages are my thing, so send away. 

Word Count: 1,413

Other Parts: (Part One)

He checked his phone, seemingly for the hundredth time that day, wondering if she was ever going to speak to him again. What had he expected? For (Y/N) to ditch her boyfriend and come running to him? He had called her incessantly over the past two days; leaving several voicemail messages and a string of texts, none of them read. He jumped as his phone buzzed in his hand, looking down he saw her name cross the screen.

(Y/N): Stop trying to get in contact. 

His heart stopped as he read it, sinking to his stomach. He knew she was upset, and she had every right to be, but after 4 years of friendship he was hoping she would have given him a chance to apologize. A gray bubble popped up as she continued typing; his heart skipped at the flicker of hope.

(Y/N): I’m working things out right now. I’ll text you in a few days.

He sighed with relief. It wasn’t great, but she was still speaking to him and at this point, he couldn’t ask for anything more. 

He was sitting with the boys in an airport restaurant in Boston 3 days later, waiting to board their plane back to Sunrise when she texted him again. 

(Y/N): Could we meet up tomorrow?

(Y/N): If you’re free.

His face lit up, cuing an eye roll from Aaron who was sitting next to him. Doing his best to play it cool; his fingers tapped across his phone screen. 

(Nick): Yeah, we have an off day. When is best for you?

(Y/N): 12:00? At your place?

(Nick): Sure, see you tomorrow.

He slept in late the next morning, having arrived back home in the early hours of the morning. Shuffling to the kitchen he glanced at the clock on the wall, 11:30. Shit, she would be there soon. He walked outside, standing on his balcony before taking a few deep breaths of the salty air, trying to calm his mind. Their friendship was in limbo, if he messed this conversation up, she might never speak to him again. He walked back inside, contemplating his next move. Before he could change out of his pajamas, he heard a knock; he walked to the front door, taking a deep breath as he pulled it open. 

“Hey.” he said smiling before he could stop himself. She was here, standing in front of him, beautiful as ever, and she hadn’t punched him in the face. 

She gave him a weak smile and a nod as she walked past him and into the kitchen, setting her camera bag by the stove. He stayed frozen in the entryway, watching as she settled onto one of the bar stools and crossed her arms, resting them on the counter in front of her. She looked over, noticing he hadn’t followed she patted the stool beside her before re-crossing her arms. Nick obliged, closing the space between them, sitting down.

“Sorry, I’m so early. I couldn’t focus on anything all morning.” she said, biting her lip. Nick stayed quiet, waiting for her to continue; unsure of what to say. “You were right.” she said quietly after a few moments, her eyes fixed on the empty counter. “You were right about all of it.” she said, looking up at Nick, her eyes brimming with tears. “I’m sorry I yelled at you.”

“I wish I hadn’t been right.” he said sadly. “I just knew I needed to tell you.”

“I was dating him for 5 years. 5 fucking years and no one, not a single person told me they didn’t like him.” she continued bitterly. “When I told my friends about our fight at the restaurant they told me they thought he was a jerk from the beginning.” she said, her voice rising. “They didn’t like him, and they never thought that maybe they should tell me?” She sniffled as she tried to calm herself down.

“I’m sorry.” Nick said. “I should have told you sooner.”

“You’re the only one who shouldn’t be sorry. You’re the one who was looking out for me, you actually spoke up.” she said meekly as a tear rolled down her cheek. She uncrossed her arms, wiping it away quickly.

“What happened after you left the restaurant the other day?” Nick asked; frustrated with himself for being the one who brought all this pain on her. “Are you guys working it out?” he added softly.

She laughed sadly. “After I left the restaurant, I walked to the beach and sat there for hours, thinking about everything you had said.” (Y/N) replied, pulling her sweater tightly around her shoulders. “Then I went home. I confronted him and he eventually told me he had fallen out of love with me a while ago; so I packed my stuff and left.”

“I’m so sorry.” Nick repeated, running a hand through his hair.

“Stop saying you’re sorry.” she said; noticing the hurt in his eyes, she reached over, her hand rubbing back and forth across his shoulders. “My life is a little messy right now, but I’m fine.”

“Fine?” Nick asked. “You’re not fine. You’re hurt, you moved out of your place, I caused all of this.” he said, looking down at his hands.

“Yeah, but I’ll be better for it. It needed this to happen.” she said, forcing a brave face trying to comfort Nick and convince herself of the statement at the same time. “What if I had married him? Had kids with him.” she shuddered thinking about it. “You told me the truth when no one else did. I owe you.” she said, her hand coming to rest on his shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. “Look at me.” she said gingerly, Nick complied, slowly turning his head to look at her.

“So you don’t hate me?” he asked, nervously, the skin of his shoulder tingling under her hand.

“Of course not.” she said, wrapping her arm around his shoulder. “You’re the one who should hate me.” she sighed.

“For what?” Nick asked, dumbfounded.

“For that comment I made before I left the other day.” she explained. “About you not being able to land a girlfriend.” she murmured.  “I know how much you want to find ‘the one’. It was a low blow, I said it out of frustration, and I’m really sorry.”

Nick shrugged. “It’s okay. The boys give me shit for it all the time.” he said, not meeting her eyes. “I kind of expect it.”

“I’m not one of the boys, you shouldn’t expect it from me.” she said sincerely. “You shouldn’t get shit for holding yourself to higher standards or for wanting a real, meaningful relationship.” she said. “You’ll find someone when the time is right, Nickster.”

He brightened at the sound of his nickname, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he looked back to her. “I’m still Nickster?”

He laughed. “Of course. You had my back and I have yours, you’ll always be my Nickster.” she said. “And right now, I just want to put this whole ordeal behind us.” 

“So we’re okay?” he asked.

“More than okay.” she reassured him, grinning. “So anything exciting happen in last week, other than a crazy photographer running out on lunch with you?” she asked,  falling back into the friendly banter that usually played out between the two of them.

Nick tried to clear his mind. Was he really going to do this now?

“You know, I think I may have found someone.” he said softly, looking back at his hands. (Y/N) grabbed his arm in excitement. “I just don’t think the timing is right.”

“You have? Who? Do I know them?” she asked eagerly, genuine joy filling her eyes.

“Uh, yeah. You do know them, actually.” Nick said slowly. 

A loud ring sounded from the pocket of (Y/N)’s camera bag. She pulled her phone out, looking at the screen, her face falling. 

“It’s a really demanding client.” she sighed, standing up as she sent the call to voicemail. “They’re paying me a lot for this project; I gotta go. I’m sorry” she said, slipping her bag over her shoulder. “You gotta tell me all about this girl soon.” she smiled, heading towards the door. Nick followed after her, opening the door. She stepped out into the sunshine, pulling Nick in for a quick hug, the familiar scent of sun screen and her perfume surrounded him. “Thanks for being such a great friend.”

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Your Coughin' Crybaby fic came at just the right time-I've had laryngitis since Wednesday-which makes me think, our dear sweet Nevada would probably be overjoyed if his little Crybaby lost her voice XD

ahahah oh my gosh I am sooo sorry you have Laryngitis and I hope you get feeling so much better so soon!! And I have to agree, I’m sure it’d be a good relief… but Crybaby isn’t one to be ignored even if she’s rendered silent… lol!

Nevada woke up to the sound of wheezing? Gasping? He’d seen a horror movie like this before, it was too early to deal with this shit. In very barely the breath of a whisper, he thought he heard his name. Creepy. Very cautiously, he rolled onto his back, and took a quick peek beside him. 

Crybaby was staring straight back at him, bottom lip trembling as she pointed mutely to her lips. 

“What’sa matter with you?” Was she choking? He sat up quickly, cupped her face up in his hands, craned her neck just to end up accidentally causing a coughing fit. “Speak up, what’re you fussin’ about?” 

Her mouth moved- it was familiar, he expected a sharp whine to come out but instead only a low wheeze rumbled through. Nevada squint, and moved his face closer to hers while his wits came back to him. “Baby, you alright?”

She dramatically shook her head, sending blonde curls flying about her face. While grunting, he leaned back, avoiding the whip of her tresses. “Will you fuckin’ talk to me, you’re always bitchin’, just tell me what you-”

Defiantly, Crybaby lolled out her tongue, and pointed back in her throat. Again, a weak whisper that didn’t turn into much of anything; Nevada curled fingers around her neck and flinched at her hot skin. Still sick, apparently, but now they were stuck playing goddamn charades at seven in the morning? What was in those cough meds that chico at the store sold him? He prepared to berate her again, until the dawning of realization came over him-

Wait… she lost her voice? Really, that really happened?

“Fuck yea,” Nevada teased, and shamelessly let her go so he could roll back over to his own side of the bed. Silence? What a blessing. That could happen? Light fists hit at his back; he could take that, though. Easy. “Sorry, Baby, I caaaan’t hear you, I’m goin’ back to beeeeed-” he jut his arm behind him to slap her away, much like he would a bug buzzing in his ear. “You need somethin’ you tell me all ‘bout it cariño, otherwise go the fuck back to sleeeeeeep.”

Crybaby sniffled, scowled, then boldly went to pinch at the meat of his arm. Her tired man howled, and bolted up quick enough to accidentally ram a shoulder against her. The impact caused a gruff ‘ooph’ to rattle in her chest. Nevada went to give her a shove, force her on her own side of the bed, but she stubbornly coiled herself around his arm so he couldn’t rid himself of her. His hand was forced between her thighs, her cheek pressed hard against his shoulder- he was trapped.

Little tears sparked in her eyes, Nevada could feel them fall down his bicep. Why the Hell did she look so cute when she was so goddamn pathetic? “Stop, stoooop,” he begged sleepily, and lay kisses atop her head until she was finally convinced to release him from her vice grip. “You want water?” He rubbed at his eyes, and took a look to see her nodding. Obviously, there was only one way he was going to be able to get some good rest: “You need more meds? That fuckin’ tea shit?”

Sullenly, with her bottom lip plumped proudly, his Crybaby bobbed her head up and down. All of the above sounded lovely. While Nevada started throwing blankets and sheets at her so he could crawl out of the bed, not without a large amount of obscenities spoken in low Spanish mumbles, she worked hard to overcome them. Before he could get too far, she grabbed hold around his wrist, and tugged him back towards the mattress after he rose to his feet.

“You are the most demanding bitch, I swear,” he wagged a finger in her face, prodded at her pout, “even when you can’t fuckin’ talk you manage to really screw up my plans, you know that?”

Ignoring his rather commonplace complaints, Crybaby sweetly lifted herself to her knees, and left a loving kiss delicately on his jaw line. For one of the very few times ever, she managed to tell him exactly what she thought without a whimper or words. Nevada had to crunch his nose to bite back the smirk threatening his face.

“Yea, yea, yea-” he pulled away and sauntered down the hallway, still grumbling to himself and running his fingers through his bed head hair. Quicker he took care of his Crybaby, the sooner he could go back to sleep, but hopefully her being stricken silent would last at least a day or so…

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when i was 8 my little brother had been born not long ago and one time i was watching her nurse and she asked if i wanted to taste her milk and had me come over and suck on her nipple probably wasnt sexual in any way but thinking about it turns me on.


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While there might be good potential in a show reset, in general they seem tricky. I'm thinking of X-Files as an example of one that didn't work for a lot of fans. Granted, OUAT has a bigger cast, so if certain actors remain on board, that could keep people watching. What would be the absolutely WRONG thing to do for a reset that could conceivably happen?

What a great and evil question. Here are some things that would NOT WORK and probably make the entire fandom lose their minds in a “reset”:

1. Meet The New Boss– Meet Jemma, a hard-nosed ex-cop from Chicago with a mysterious past who just discovered she has magic and needs to learn how to control it via lessons from Regina. She arrives in town with her friend, Mr. Silver, a shady older gentleman– centuries older, in fact– who seems to be very interested in ideas about blood …

2. Crazy Ex-girlfriend– Milah comes back from the dead to work with Hook and redeem herself by showing a grandmotherly interest in Henry. 

3. Let’s Split Up, Team– Henry is separated from Regina and Snowing, who are separated from Hook; the entire season is everyone trying to find each other again and spending most of their screen time with random newbies. Bonus points if it’s a strange new realm with terrible CGI backgrounds. EXTRA bonus points if somebody gets amnesia.

4. New Potential Love Interest– “I’m so sorry your wife is still under the sleeping curse,” says Tiana. “Come here, Captain, you look like you could use a hug.” (Alternately: “Isn’t it a shame that both Rumple and Emma are dead?” says Belle, scooting closer to Hook. “Why don’t we have another drink?”)

5. Hello, Stranger– Formerly main characters become back-up assistants to random new characters: Madam Mim, Kuczco, The Rescuers, The Invisible Man, Evil Mary Poppins, Oversexualized Grown-up Goldilocks, etc.

6. I Hate You I Hate You– Regina decides she can’t stand Snowing again. Snowing get divorced. Henry runs away. Hook and Regina fight again. Belle spends her time being kidnapped by everyone in turn.

7. It’s Grim and Gritty– The dwarves die of consumption, Doctor Whale deals with an STD outbreak in Storybrooke, Lost Boys are selling heroin, Henry knocks up Gretel, Regina becomes the hero Gotham, er, Storybrooke deserves.

8. Nobody is Related to Henry– Just kidding! That would never happen.

Any combination of these would be fatal, I think. Don’t you?

Really, I think the ideal resolution to the Legends of Tomorrow “Captain” situation, is to have Sara Lance remain the crew’s Captain, while Rip Hunter remains the Captain of the Waverider.

It’s not really a co-Captain sort of situation, though I’m also good with that kind of set up too.

Basically, I think Sara should stay in command of the team itself, and probably the majority of the missions.  She’d give the orders and be the ultimate authority on the ground.

Rip should stay in command of his ship and Gideon.  He’d be the one getting the team to their destinations, seeing that they’re properly equipped, and overseeing the time travel and timeline data aspects.  He would not, however, have direct command of the team.  And honestly, I kind of think that Rip would be happier as driver/quartermaster/castellan than he would as commander anyway.

I like this set up because I do think Sara is more suited to commanding the group.  But I don’t think that the group has any sort inherent right to use Rip’s stuff to adventure across time without him having some kind of say in things. They aren’t some kind of true enforcement or military organization, with an innate right to supply and equipment.

Every item that the team uses to time travel: the ship, the fabricator, the database, the weapons, are all Rip Hunter’s personal belongings.  And just because the team have chosen a different leader, that doesn’t mean that they have some automatic right to keep using his stuff.  

It’s like if the Batclan decided to fire Bruce Wayne and then still wanted to use the Batcave.  I don’t think Rip is the sort to immediately deny them access to his equipment just because they want a different leader, but that would be his generosity, not the team’s entitlement.

Obviously, if they have a falling out, Rip is under no obligation to continue to facilitate their time traveling adventures.  At the same time, there’s nothing really stopping the team from quitting the Waverider entirely and starting some kind of modern JSA or co-ed Birds of Prey team under Sara’s leadership in 2017.  It’s a partnership.

Hey fishblr/bettablr! (I think thats what the fish side of tumblr is called?)

My mom might be letting me finally buy all the stuff my bettas really need (right now they are in a 1.5 gallon, unheated, unfiltered tank with potentially harmful plastic plants).

So I need a price estimate for all the supplies Ill be needing to get + a list of what I need. Im thinking a 2.5-3 gallon tank because we dont have much room in our house! It would be great if anyone could also recomend some brands of heaters + filters that work well for bettas and are not too expensive. If the total price is over $100, I doubt she will let me buy everything and she sure wont be buying anything either.

Keep in mind I am only buying for ONE male betta (probably when my two current ones die).

Thank you!

anonymous asked:

I almost want to talk to her because she's so young and is probably just irrationally lashing out at this point, but there's also just a chance that she's just a hateful person. I just hate conflict so much. But, it's not my fight and your bi-positivity day was such a great response to unnecessary hate.

Eh, honestly, I would just let it be. It’s over and past and I have plenty of other things to think about that are more important than some hateful comment. If you don’t want to see it you can always block and move on! (: 

I think I will do other sexuality positivity days also, especially ones that are shit on all too often! I think we need more love!! 

tag game :D

i was tagged by @caffeinatedmoondaze! thanks fam :)

rules: answer the questions and then tag as many people as you like!

relationship status: single pringle :P (and thats the way i like it)

favorite color: any shade of blue, really, but darker shades are better

pets: one very fluffy cat who hates everyone and everything

see? so fluffy but she hates me touching her :(

last song i listened to: i think it was something by ed sheeran? i dont remember tbh

favorite tv show: probably doctor who, victoria, or star wars rebels

and i will tag @huffleypuffelycas @jensen-is-bae @coffeeaddictwithapen @got-no-alibis and @ladythor :)

echo-from-the-void  asked:

Hi! This might not be best possible comparison and apologize, but Tooru`s obsession/affection towards Haise made me think of Hairu and her affection towards Arima a little bit. Like, maybe in Hairu´s case Arima was one of the few who showed any positive feelings towards Hairu in the Garden, and probably a huge factor in Tooru`s case was that Haise was probably maybe first the first person who showed any sign of kindness towards him in a long time, thus this creating affection in these cases.

Ohhh that’s an nice observation! Yeah, Hairu said outright that she wanted to be better than both Haise and Ui so Arima would praise her more than either of them. Interesting, though, that she and Ui were very close nonetheless, and she also made a point to show that she appreciated Haise. 

She idolized Arima and vied for his attention, but she was able to compartmentalize those feelings (maybe the fact that the CCG created them both to be disposable made that easier… ). Mutsuki is possessive in contrast– he wants Touka dead bc Haise likes her. 

92 Truths!

I was tagged by @artisticallyharry & @harryisthebaneofmyexistence. Love doing these so thanks for thinking of me!

Rules: Write 92 truths about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.

What was your…

Last drink: Ice cold water

Last phone call: Nobody ever calls me anymore, mostly just texts, so I don’t remember.

Last text message: One of these days, maybe I will be able to answer this with “from my lover” or “from my best friend”…but again, the answer is, from a client.

Last song you listened to: She’s American by The 1975

Last time you cried: No idea

Have you ever…

Dated someone twice: Well, yeah, it’s called a second date. Times I probably should have thought twice before I did, but lesson learned.

Been cheated on: Twice. I think I have a sign on my forehead that says “Cheat on me”. It’s unfortunate but makes for good writing.

Kissed someone and regretted it: Absolutely!

Lost someone special: Both of my parents :’(

Been depressed: It happens.

In the past year, have you…

Made a new friend: I genuinely like people and like to learn more about them, so yes!

Fallen out of love: Thankfully, yes!

Laughed until you cried: Yes, and if you haven’t, come spend some time with me because that just isn’t right.

Met someone who changed you: I believe we should learn from our experiences with people, so absolutely.

Found out who your true friends are: Found out I have fewer true friends than I thought. 

Kissed anyone on your followers/following: Sort of.

How many people on your Tumblr do you know irl: Only one.

Do you want to change your name: Surname someday maybe ;)

What time did you wake up today: Actually slept in until 6:20 a.m. which is big for me! (I work long days)

What were you doing at midnight last night: Having a very good dream about a very cool person.

Name something you can’t wait for: My dreams to become reality.

What is the one thing you wish you could change about your life: So many things I wish to change about my life. I would love to experience complete bliss with someone who loves me to the moon and back.

What are you listening to right now: The constant noise of work.

What’s getting on your nerves right now: The headache I’ve been nursing for 3 days.

About me…

Nicknames: Charli, SheShe

Relationship: Single in life, but happily committed in fantasy. Sad, but true.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Favourite TV shows: Late, Late Show with James Corden; Broad City; New Girl…honestly don’t watch TV often but when I do I like these.

Hair colour: Dark brown

Long or short hair: Prefer my hair longer, if we’re talking me. If we’re talking Harry, I could never choose. I love his hair short because it makes him look more mature, which makes this slightly-older girl happy, but also love his rocker-locks.

Do I have a crush on someone: Realistically, no, thus the reason I fantasize.

What do you like about yourself: That I practice kindness, love, charity, compassion, honesty, and respect in my daily life, and genuinely try to help people. I am who I am, no apologies, but I think I’m a decent person. It’s okay if you don’t like me, just tell me why. Inquiring minds want to know…


First surgery ever: Tonsils when I was a kid.

First piercing: Ears, also only piercing at this time.

First sport you joined: Softball, but I love most sports.

First vacation: My first trip was down a long, dark tunnel. Was kind of wet and scary in there. Then suddenly there was light and people all up in my business. Life has never been the same since.

First pair of trainers/sneakers: Do people really remember this? I’m an Adidas gal so we’ll go with that.

Right now…

Eating: Nothing, I’m working…Okay, I’m supposed to be working…

Drinking: Same cold water, but added fruit!

Listening to: The sound of my life passing me by as I spend a year answering 92 questions.

Waiting for: Still for my headache to go away already!!!

Wanting kids: Mine or somebody else’s? To keep or just entertain for awhile? Does a great man come with?

Career: I work with children but I’m currently working on my dreams of becoming a writer and/or songwriter!

Romantic stuff…

Lips or eyes: I always notice eyes first, but I do love me some soft, kissable lips.

Hugs or kisses: Both! Don’t make me choose!

Shorter or taller: I’m on the short-side of average and I’ve always preferred dating taller men. My ex was 10 inches taller than me.

Older or younger: Self-proclaimed cougar, no apologies. My last bf was 10 years younger but I’ve dated younger.

Romantic or spontaneous: Romantically spontaneous…(love that answer so borrowing it)

Sensitive or loud: Sensitive, but not overly-sensitive, or quiet. Confusing question. Wait, this is romance…so…may need to change my answer…

Hook-up or relationship: Hoping for Mr. Right, but will settle at the moment for Mr. Right Now.

Troublemaker or hesitant: Never been accused of being hesitant in anything, so going with troublemaker!

Have you ever…

Kissed a stranger: Okay, long story….so, pass…

Drank hard liquor: Well, yeah, of course….

Lost glasses or contacts: Probably

Been arrested: Nope. Never even had a traffic ticket, although I was pulled over once at 3 in the morning and I was in my nightie and barefoot.

Turned someone down: Oh my goodness, yes, but always nicely.

Cried when someone died: I’ve lost both of my parents and I still cry sometimes, missing them.

Fallen for a friend: I think the best relationships begin as friends, so absolutely.

Do you believe…

In yourself: I absolutely do!

Miracles: I absolutely do!

Love at first sight: Umm…infatuation and instant attraction, yes, but until it happens to me, I guess I have to say no to love at first sight.

Santa Claus: Wait, why are you asking this question? Who is spreading these vicious rumors?

Kiss on the first date: If you both seem to really like each other, then why not? Don’t be a prude.

I tag: @busy-nothings, @tanktop-narry, @ilongforharry, @mary-theothersideofme, @springtimeharrie, @hershelthefrog, @foreverstyles, @walkingintheamm, @hrrybb, @coffeehazza, @dawniestyles, @harehstyls, @hotharreh, @24kharryy, @dunquirky, @romanticdefiant, @massivelydeepdreamland, @youcheekylilmonkey, @sukiandmuzzy, @katlee9, @hazthelove, @whoopsharrystyles, @harrysfruitpastille, @harrystylessunshinebae, @babybonitaharry

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idk who you're favorite blogs are but maybe mention your top 5 and what you think about them

Mmh ok i’ll try (and it’ll probably be more than 5 people rip):
@notchopsuey she’s a sweetheart, always so supportive and nice to everyone ❤️ she’s lovely and so are her edits!!
@tmlnsn same for her!!! one of the nicest people on here, her edits 🔥🔥
@tommosloueh there’s no need of an explanation, their blog is my safe haven and they’re the loveliest 🙏🏽
@lostjams the best of the best 🙌🏽 if you don’t follow sidney you’re truly missing out; same goes for @jimmytfallon

I mean, there are at least other 10 people to add to the list, like my favorite 🐍🐍🐍🐍

If you’d like more detailed opinions just send me an url 🤔👀

gaymilesedgeworth  asked:

♦▼ franziska von car!!!!!!

♦ - quirks/hobbies headcanon

this is probably cheating a little bit because its not a new one but i love yelling about it anyway FRANZISKA VON KARMA AVID COLLECTOR OF USELESS KNICK-KNACKS her apartment(s) are so fucking cluttered

also i think she likes smaller animals if that counts……..smaller soft animals……its a feeling. and also franziska with a hamster is funny. or a cat. haligan you’re the expert is ‘cat’ a hobby

▼ - childhood headcanon

also probably cheating but babyziska was the kind of kid who loved to collect and play with like, neat rocks and stuff? preclude to Knick Knacks. which mvk was against because mvk is against happiness. edgeworth used to help her hide like, neat shiny rocks and other cool things she found under a loose floorboard under his bed (so that if manfred ever found out about it he could take the blame instead of her).