and probably put a voodoo curse on you

Of ex-boyfriends and voodoo dolls

Hi! @hades-helm-of-darkness! It is I, your backup gifter for the @pjosecretsanta2016 since unfortunately, your original gifter had to back out of the project. So here I am. Ah, I had been thinking of creating a Christmas themed fic at first but then realizing that the celebration is way pass due, so, I opted for something else instead. Still hoping that you’ll like this little something I wrote for you. Sorry, this is a bit late too…

Also, Solangelo cause its the easiest for me to write.

Summary: There’s been a bit of a misunderstanding, really, because as far as Nico knows, he can’t curse people with voodoo dolls. Doesn’t matter now, he got a boyfriend out of it.

Will Solace is a good boyfriend, he was understanding, caring and yes, admittedly jealous on occasions but, all of those within a certain kind of basis. Will Solace is a good boyfriend. An ideal one. Probably far too good that his now ex-boyfriend had ended up getting bored and dumping him for someone else.

‘It’s not you, it’s me’

Cliche breakup line from the movies that Will never would have thought would be delivered to him. And he had started wondering, where had he gone all wrong?

“It’s been a month-

-and three days!”

“Not relevant, Leo” Rachel spoke before focusing her attention back to Will “As I was saying, it’s been far too long, Will. Give yourself a chance to heal and move on from that guy.”

“Not the easiest part, Rachel.”

“Whoever says it is?” Rachel countered “But, you’re not going to get somewhere if you don’t help yourself take that first step. Seriously, you’re way much more than this mopping, pathetic guy we barely recognize.”

“Fine” Will finally contemplate “But what do I do?”

“Why don’t we start by getting some revenge on a certain douche?” Lou Ellen closed the book she was reading, finally deciding in joining the current conversation “So, any of you ever heard of Nico di Angelo?”

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