and probably a few nightmares as well

Huntress in the Snow

What if Rhys had met Feyre back when she was still a little girl, alone in the woods and hunting for her family? Inspired by this beautiful work of art, here’s the hypothetical meeting between an abused, tired Rhysand and a tiny Feyre.


Rhysand rarely leaves Amarantha’s court Under the Mountain.

He rarely leaves her bedroom, for that matter. Life is just a frenzy of lies, sex, dancing, drinking, hatred and torture these days and he has long given up on making his existence bearable. He doesn’t really care anymore.

He doesn’t care for the stares they give him, the names. He doesn’t care for those pitying glances. He doesn’t care when Amarantha is straddling him, using him, her fingers pulling his hair.

Spring Court is covered in masks right now, but Rhysand might as well be wearing one, too. He doesn’t recognize himself in the mirror anymore. He murmurs things in her ears, he lies, promises, he kills on her behalf, he smirks and laughs and betrays, and he isn’t sure he can ever get back from that.

He’s doing it for Velaris and his beloved ones. That is what he tells himself, over and over and over again, when he’s buried inside her or when he snaps someone’s neck. It’s the only reason he’s still holding on. Velaris. Mor. Amren. His brothers. His court.

Court of Dreams. It’s like a bitter joke, ashes in his mouth. He doesn’t know if he will ever see them again. Doesn’t know if he wants to- after what he’s done.  

He probably won’t ever see them again. This nightmare will never end.

Life is miserable. Rhys doesn’t care.

With the way things are developing right now, his old enemy Tamlin is going to join them in a few years- 42 years have passed and that fool, that idiotic fool hasn’t managed to break the curse. If he realizes that he could save them all, Rhysand doesn’t know. Perhaps Tamlin is just trying to protect those he loves as well. Perhaps he’s trying- perhaps he’s fighting.

Perhaps he’s not.

Rhysand doesn’t care.

He also doesn’t care that Amarantha sends him to the human realm today. To find a group of fae from Dawn Court that have escaped; find them, bring them to her, watch her torture and kill them and fuck her afterwards. It’s nothing to him. He’ll play his part. He’ll be urgent and passionate- I’ve been aching for you, my queen, my everything, woman of my dreams- only you, only ever you- he’ll make her scream his name and kiss her afterwards.

All the while, he’ll be somewhere else. He’ll be talking to Amren, quietly. He’ll be drinking with Cass and Azriel, playing cards. He’ll be dancing with Mor. He’ll be walking through the streets of Velaris.

That’s the only thing he has. And even those memories are further and further away from him with each passing day. Rhysand is afraid that he’ll wake up some morning and find that there’s no fight left inside him- that he’ll just give up.

He looks around.

He’s in a forest, close to the wall. It’s spring, but snow still covers the trees and the ground. He will encounter no humans here- none of them would be so foolish, so daring to get this close to the wall. He sits down next to a stream, closes his eyes and just doesn’t think. A few, scattered moments of peace- he takes what he gets.

Just a few moments. Then he’ll hunt those poor bastards down.

Feyre is twelve, and she’s been roaming this forest for a year now. She’s been following the village’s hunters; copy the way they set their snarls, carry their bows. She has a dream: she’ll hunt so much food her father will get better again. Nesta and Elain will get fatter, rounder, and they will both find very handsome men to marry. Then it’ll be Feyre and her father, and she’ll hunt for him while he reads at home, and in the evening, she’ll cook for him and paint a little.

So far, she hasn’t ever shot anything bigger than a rabbit, and that one time was on accident. The snarls are what works better.

Nesta turned fifteen yesterday. Feyre knows her sister has hoped their father would say something, but he has forgotten all of their birthdays. Nesta has looked like murder all day long. Elain tried to talk to her, but she locked herself in their room.

Elain and Nesta are very sad, Feyre knows that. They remember more of their mother and they talk about her sometimes, exchanging bits and pieces of who she used to be. In the beginning, right after they moved into the little hut at the village’s edge, they tried to be there for her- but they have too much to worry about, now. They never even play with each other. They don’t thank her when she brings food home.

Feyre makes her way through the trees. She must always stay away from the wall- dangerous creatures are there, fae. She’s so afraid of them she has nightmares sometimes.

But today, some inner voice tells her that the wall is not dangerous. That no fae will hurt her. And almost by themselves, their feet make her walk closer and closer to the buzzing, invisible thing that separates their human world from the fae.

When she comes onto a clearing, she sees a man. He is sitting on a fallen tree branch next to a river and his head his lowered, almost as if he were praying. He doesn’t carry weapons, but his clothes are fine and elegant- he must be a rich merchant, lost in the woods.

Perhaps she’ll get a reward if she leads him out of here. Curiosity gets the better of her. “Are you okay?”, she calls over to him, and that is the exact same moment he looks up and meets her eyes.

It knocks the breath out of her. He’s a fae. His ears are long and pointed, and there is something otherworldly in his features that marks him as different.

This is it. She is going to die. Nesta and Elain and her father will starve because she’s not there anymore. How could she be so careless, hunting so close to the wall?

The man takes in her unwashed hair, her threadbare clothes, her make-shift bow. “You should not be here”, he rasps. “You should run.”

Feyre tries to be a still as she can be. The man doesn’t get up, doesn’t come closer. As if he knows that she’ll start screaming if he does.

“Go”, he commands, angry. “Don’t ever come here again. Understand me? Don’t go into the forest at all. Stay at home.”

And she should do just that, run until she’s far away from him, but…

“I have to”, Feyre says. “I have to hunt.”

“No, you don’t. A small girl like you should stay with her family.”

“You don’t understand.” She steps closer, her bow still ready in her hand. “My family will starve if I don’t. I am doing all of this for them.”

The man breathes in, sharply, and she swears that she sees devastation in his eyes. “What?”

“My father can’t take care of us.” Why the words are spilling from her mouth like that, Feyre doesn’t know. “And my sisters are scared. I have to be strong, even when I’m afraid- for them.”

The man stares at her.

“Are you going to hurt me?”, Feyre asks. She tries to hide that she is scared of that fae. She tries to pretend that she could shoot him, if she wanted.

He shakes his head, slowly. “Of course not.”

“What are you doing here, then? Shouldn’t fae be on the other side of the wall?”

The man smiles a bitter smile. “Usually, we should. But I…was allowed a little freedom today.”

“Are you a hunter, too?”

He closes his eyes. “I suppose.”

“Then you’re a little bit like me.”

“Well.” He laughs. “Not really. But I am doing this for my family, too. All of this.”

Feyre doesn’t know why, but for some strange reason, it makes her very happy that the man has a family. That he’s not alone.

“That’s good”, she smiles. “You should go be with them, not sit in the forest by yourself.”

He nods. “You’re right, of course. As should you.”

Feyre steps as close to him as she dares. The fae is very pretty, she realizes. All the older village girls would probably be in love with him. But he looks sad, she thinks, and she doesn’t know why, but it makes her heart ache a little. She wants him smiling.

“Here.” The fae nods his head and suddenly, a basket filled with bread and meat appears in the snow. “Take that home to your family. It should give you enough food to eat for the next few weeks. I can’t- I wish I could do more. But my hands are quite literally tied.”

“Is this some sort of trick?”, Feyre asks. “Some bargain? Some fairy magic?”

The fae shakes his head, a flicker of amusement on his face. “No bargain, little girl. Although I’m impressed you’re already so wary for your age.”

Feyre picks up the basket. This is better than the time she shot the rabbit. This is all of her birthdays combined. “Thank you- what’s your name?”

“Rhys”, he says, looking at his hands. “That’s what my friends call me.”

“That family you told me about?”

“Yes”, Rhys says softly. “My family.”

Feyre smiles at him. It comes so easy, the smile- because something deep inside her core tells her that she doesn’t need to be afraid of him. And she trusts that. “Thank you, Rhys. Your family is lucky to have you. You just saved mine today.”

He still looks so very sad. “Then that’s something”, he says hoarsely. “Before you go- one thing.”

And suddenly there are talons in her head, and she can’t move anymore.

“It’ll be over in a few moments”, Rhys says. “But I can’t let you remember me. She’ll find out, somehow. She’ll break you just for fun.”

Some white blanket is thrown over her mind, and the next second, Feyre finds herself alone in the woods.

What just happened? Why is she here?

Oh, yes- she remembers- the rich merchant who she met on her way here showed mercy and handed her the basket-

What on earth is she doing so close to the wall?

Feyre turns around and runs. Today is such a good day. She feels happy, not just because of the gift…but because of something else.

And maybe she can get through all of this.

Maybe she’ll find a way out of this someday.  

Rhys has never done something like this, but he forces himself to forget her. He pushes her image into the very, very back of his mind, he uses his magic on himself and forces himself to forget about that girl in the snow, that tiny, little huntress.

Because for some reason, he knows that she is important. For what, he doesn’t know. But he’ll do what it takes to keep her hidden from Amarantha.  

It makes him cry out in pain to use those talons on himself, but-

Rhys finds himself standing somewhere in the forest.

Why is he still here? He should go- hunt those Dawn fae down.

There’s a weird feeling of goodness in the back of his mind. Of happiness. And he remembers- that those he loves are out there. That somehow, someday, he’ll see them again. That there is a reason for everything.

He feels hope, and he doesn’t know why.

I have to be strong, even when I’m afraid- for them, whispers a voice inside his head. He knows who said it-

A girl-

He can’t remember. But that feeling lingers.

That night, when Amarantha is on top of him, moving and moaning about how good this feels after a kill, all he can think is the clock is ticking, you bitch. You’ll go down soon. Someone will come and end you.

When she leaves him, he showers and washes her scent off him. Someone is out there, he thinks. Someone good. This world is not completely lost. And for some reason, he cares again. Cares about what happens. Cares about who wins. Suddenly, he wants to fight.

That night, he has the strangest dream. It’s a hand, unpacking a basket full of bread, apples and meat. A small hand; a child’s hands. But it makes him so inexplicably happy he thinks about that dream for days.

A few years later, when Rhysand has long forgotten about everything, he dreams of that same hand again.

Only this time that delicate, female hand is drawing flowers on a table.

And something inside Rhysand whispers, soon.




  • “You sure this isn’t a set-up?”
  • “We’re three minutes behind schedule, we need to move.”
  • “You’re a real people person, aren’t you?”
  • “What’s past is past. We’re working together now, let’s focus on the job.”
  • “Now, now. Not so fast.”
  • “I’m going to have fun breaking you.”
  • “Couldn’t leave well enough alone, could ya?”
  • “Fighting back is pointless, my friend.”
  • “You will be able to get me out of here, right?”
  • “On my list of priorities, that doesn’t even make my top five hundred.”
  • “If I was wearing that, I’d ask you to shoot me in the head.”
  • “What can I say? I’m good at my job.”
  • “Oh, is something the matter?”
  • “Oh, fuck you.”
  • “It wasn’t your fault.”
  • “Thank you. I mean it.”
  • “You’re not wearing pants.”
  • “Look, I’m just saying don’t get your hopes up.”
  • “Well, this has been a productive day.”
  • “I can kill a lot of people with a computer.”
  • “Oh, ___. We’re gonna get along famously.”
  • “You’re really making a big deal out of nothing.”
  • “If your aim was any worse, you’d be shooting yourself.”
  • “Look at us, killing everything in sight. Is this what being a sociopath feels like?”
  • “You’re remarkably calm right now.”
  • “Hey, sometimes your exes try to kill you, you know? What can you do?”
  • “Wanna party?”
  • “You’re lame now. You used to have fun.”
  • “You’re a terrible person.”
  • “You don’t have to convince me. Just yourself.”
  • “We’re talking about this later.”
  • “Nobody tells me anything!”
  • “You ready to get outta here?”
  • “Hey baby, I could show you a good time.”
  • “No one loses to me.”
  • “That’s far enough.”
  • “You know me too well.”
  • “Don’t you dare confuse duty with self righteousness!”
  • “Oooh. Sounds serious.”
  • “Let’s do this without drawing attention, yeah?”
  • “So an evil version of me is your worst nightmare?”
  • “_____. I thought you knew me better than that.”
  • “Why would I hide when I can kill your friends in front of you?”
  • “I’m not gonna give you the satisfaction.”
  • “Oooh, I love it when you talk tough.”
  • “Focus. On. The job.”
  • “Don’t like talking about your past?”
  • “Yeah, we should probably get out of here.”
  • “I have a feeling we’re about to disagree.”
  • “I can forgive a few punches.”
  • “You are really starting to piss me off.”
  • “______, what the hell happened?”
  • “It would seem your reputation doesn’t do you justice.”
  • “Can we just get to murdering already?”
  • “Whatever the plan was, it went out the fucking window. We need to focus on surviving.”
  • “Quit fucking around and get in here!”
  • “We had a deal, my friend.”
  • “Now what am I supposed to do with a naughty little boy/girl like you?”
  • “I’m trying to save your life!”
  • “I’m giving you a choice.”
  • “Get away from me!”
  • “Quite the entrance.”
  • “I figured you had a flair for the dramatic.”
  • “I’m really gonna miss these bonding sessions when I kill you.”
  • “Well, at least you’re honest.”
  • “This ain’t pride. This is wrath.”
  • “Hey _____, you wanna fuck?”
  • “You have to wait until I want it.”
  • “Been a hell of a ride, hasn’t it?”
  • “You’ve changed so much.”
  • “You’re not very convincing, you know.”
  • “Glad you didn’t find it awkward, but not really in the mood right now.”
  • “I really thought I lost you.”
  • “Look, I gotta tell you something.”
  • “Just shut up, I have to tell you something.”
  • “Nothing ever made me feel alive like you did.”
  • “I’ve been cooped up for way too long.”
  • “I need to stretch my legs and kill some things.”
  • “What’s on your mind?”
  • “Despite everything I’ve done with my life, apparently that’s what I’m known for.”
  • “I’ve done the planning part in the past and it’s boring. I rather just get in there and get shit done.”
  • “Look, I’m sorry you had to go through that, but I’m here now. Alive and kicking! That counts for something, right?”
  • “We’ve had some good times together, haven’t we?”
  • “You still wanna have a go?”
  • “Can I help you?”
  • “____, I respect you too much to bullshit you.”
  • “You don’t respect me.”
  • “What do you want?”
  • “I’m willing to forgive and forget if you are.”
  • “You ain’t getting close enough to shank me.”
  • “Give us a minute to recover from last time, yeah?”
  • “I don’t want things to change between us.”
  • “You never know if you can have something unless you ask for it.”
  • “It’s okay, say what’s on your mind.”
  • “I know you want to, but I don’t.”
Looking at “Second First Date”

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It’s obvious that Rad tries too hard to come across as the super-cool, knowledgeable, and super macho guy. This shines through most in episodes focusing on the dynamic between him and K.O. For better or worse, Rad is K.O.’s role model. He looks up to him like the do-no-wrong older brother, feeding Rad’s ego and encouraging his facade. Though, every time Rad tries to bolster said facade, he bumbles. K.O. discovers that Rad doesn’t know the backroom as well as he claims to and that he likes crochet and cute kittens. But, Rad is too proud to openly admit these ‘weaknesses’ or cracks in his proverbial armor. A person has to be patient with him to see the backroom map poking out of his back pocket. To see that, yes, their arguments broke through to him, but he expresses this through small gestures more than words. The fact that K.O. looks up to Rad adds a needed dimension to his character growth. He’s forced to be more responsible and considerate even if only for K.O.’s sake. 

Enter “Second First Date” and Rad’s Facade

“Second First Date” gives viewers one of the more vulnerable looks at Rad’s character. When he was younger, his true self shined through more. He’s a nice, considerate, and sensitive fellow at his core. Though, these are paired with strong self-consciousness and low self-confidence. In part, this leads to Rad trusting and following the questionable council of his friends. Whatever doubts he holds about their advice is crowded out by how confident and self-assured they come across. Some degree of peer pressure and the need to conform. To young Rad, it feels better to build and cultivate this image of the ‘super cool bro’ that he and his friends see as the ultimate endgame. The image was enticing enough that Rad became ‘super cool bro’ and that’s who viewers see in present time. (Side Note: It was pretty funny to hear the meta, self-aware asides characters made in the dialogue. I chalked this up as Rad making Cliff Notes during the flashback, a sign of him looking at things in retrospect). 

Rad’s facade is a huge part of what makes his dynamic with Enid so meaningful. To an extent, Enid is exactly what Rad is trying too hard to be. Where Rad is overly concerned what others think of him, Enid could care less. Enid openly expresses herself and shares her thoughts and opinions on things. Sometimes, she comes across as ‘mysterious’ or ‘cryptic.’ Though, this is more Enid being a woman of few words than anything else. If Enid wants someone to know where they stand with her, she lets them know. In Rad’s case, he spends so much time trying to build up and maintain his ‘image,’ he can lose sight of what consequences could stem from what he says or does. He’s so worried about what others might think of him, he can get stubborn and defensive when someone challenges his persona. Enid is one of the few people that knows him well enough to cut through his facade and level with him on a significant, meaningful level.

Enid and Rad

“Second First Date” comes across as the much-needed reconciliation between Rad and Enid. They originally buried the proverbial hatchet by ignoring the hatchet even exists. 

Their first date established Enid’s first real impression of Rad’s character. She originally liked him for being this nice, sweet guy, but turned away because as far as she knew, he was always an outright jerk. Imagine what it was like for them to meet up again long after that first date. Whatever glimmer there was of Rad the sweetheart is completely gone. Enid’s new co-worker is an obnoxious and doofy meathead. On Rad’s part, he’s challenged by guilt, regret, and what it’ll take to maintain his status quo. He can’t renege on his ‘super cool bro’ image now. Though, he has to make some kind of peace if he wants things to go well moving forward. If Enid even tried to broach the issue, he feigns forgetfulness. Possibly with the throwaway comment “Oh, I’ve dated soo many girls, I can’t remember them all…” 

Looking at their reactions after the Cupid flashback, they’ve probably had a few arguments about the nightmare date. Though, given enough time, lack of a levelheaded mediator, and the need to get along ‘well enough,’ they decided not to talk about it ever again. It’s a “thing that should not be named” locked up with Voldermort level conspiracy and secrecy. This is something that happened in the far-back and long-ago. It may as well have never happened. 

When Rad acknowledges and apologizes for being a jerk, it feels like they finally addressed the elephant in the room. Going forward, there’s more room for intimacy and honesty in their relationship. Rad may make attempts at being more genuine and true to his character rather than pushing the ‘super cool bro’ image. The overall point of the episode was further fleshing out Rad’s and Enid’s dynamic and what kind of impact it has for their character development. Even the walking home scene showcased how much of a relief this was for them. They seemed thoughtful and contemplative, like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

In regards to Rad and Enid’s relationship, I’m torn between Cupid’s comment about platonic friendship and how Rad was looking at Enid on their walk home. I’ve chalked up the episode as ambiguous as to whether or not their dynamic will become romantic or stay platonic. I’m strongly hoping for the latter. My personal hope is to see a Miguel and Tulio (Road to El Dorado) or even Wander and Sylvia (Wander Over Yonder) dynamic between them. There’s definitely potential given their complementary opposites personalities. 

(In regards to shipping interests, I think Carol and Mr.Gar is the closest to eventual endgame canon. At this point, Rad and Enid are as likely endgame canon as Enid and Red Action in my book.)

wanna one’s reaction to you having a nightmare

yoon jisung

jisung would probably immediately wake up if he noticed you thrashing around in bed or heard you whimper in your sleep. he’d whisper your name a few times, and, if that didn’t cause you to wake up, reach out to gently touch your shoulder. if you were really upset or maybe even crying after waking up, he’d wrap his arms around you and rock you a little until you were calmed down again. he’d whisper soft, reassuring words to you while placing a few kisses on top of your head and letting you know you were safe. he’d definitely hold you a little closer when falling back asleep.

ha sungwoon

sungwoon would probably take a while to wake up i feel like he’s a very heavy sleeper lmao so you’d most likely be awake by the time he notices something is wrong. he’d be a little helpless at first and try to cheer you up by speaking to you in a cute voice and making a few jokes here and there, all while holding your hands and placing small pecks all over your face in hopes of making you feel better. he’d probably try and say something heroic like “you don’t need to be scared when you’ve got me as your protector” but tbh when it comes down to it he’s the one to need protecting smh

hwang minhyun

minhyun would, similar to jisung, wake up pretty quickly if you were having a restless night. he wouldn’t be able to relax and sleep comfortably if he knew you weren’t feeling well, so if he noticed you were having a nightmare he’d wake you up as gently as possible, sit you up on the bed and maybe make you a cup of tea to calm your nerves. he’d most likely want to know what the dream was about and listen to you talk for as long as you needed. afterwards he’d press a quick kiss to your forehead and throw an arm around your waist to make you feel safe.

ong seongwoo

with seongwoo i could see him waking up on some nights, however, on other occasions you might have to wake him up yourself if you were feeling upset after having a bad dream. he wouldn’t mind at all, but instead of making a big fuss over it, he’d probably just pull you close and nuzzle his face into the crook of your neck, maybe while placing a few innocent kisses on your skin to calm your racing heart. if you weren’t able to fall back asleep he’d tell you funny stories about the rest of wanna one in a low voice in order to lighten the atmosphere.

kim jaehwan

jaehwan would do anything to cheer you up after a nightmare. if he doesn’t wake up right when it happens he might actually get a little mad if you don’t let him know immediately. he’d probably relocate to the living room for the rest of the night bedsheets, pillows and all and try to get your mind off of the bad dream with your favorite tv show on netflix or some video games and a self-made hot chocolate. once you were ready to fall asleep again he would snuggle up to you and not let go of you once throughout the remainder of the night.

kang daniel

daniel would be pretty chill about the whole thing. he might wake up by himself, but if he doesn’t, he wouldn’t mind if you woke him up. he’d want to be there for you as best as he can, and he knows that him staying calm is the most important thing in that situation. he’d softly ask you whether you wanted to talk about it, and if you didn’t, he’d nod in understanding and wrap his arms around you, placing warm kisses on your head or your shoulders every once in a while until he noticed you dozing off again. 

park jihoon

jihoon would be so, so sweet. the sweetest. wow. such a sweet man. he’d probably react similarly to sungwoon in the way that he’d act cute to cheer you up and kiss your cheeks and your nose repeatedly. he most likely wouldn’t mind staying awake for a little while if you couldn’t fall back asleep immediately, pulling you on top of him, winding his arms around your body tightly and humming soft tunes to calm you down.

park woojin

woojin would be a little helpless if you woke him up after having a nightmare someone please save this poor boy he needs help with these kinds of things he’d probably still be a little drowsy from being woken up all of a sudden, so he’d just scoot closer to you and absentmindedly place a quick kiss on your cheek before falling back asleep smh woojin stans collect your man and teach him manners jk he’s a good boy

lee daehwi

daehwi would be a worried mess lmao he just really, really hates seeing you upset, especially when the cause is something he can’t do anything about. he’d wrap you in both your and his blankets and jump up to make you a hot chocolate, tea, or even coffee if you asked. he’d sit across from you on the bed, holding your hands tightly in his own and placing small, soft kisses on your fingers while listening to you talk. if you were still feeling upset, he’d try and lighten the mood by telling you embarassing stories about jinyoung or the rest of the bnm boys.

bae jinyoung

just as helpless as woojin smh with the slight difference that he wouldn’t be able to simply fall back asleep — he’d worry about you a lot and constantly ask if you were completely sure about going back to sleep, but if you insisted it was fine, he’d make sure to wrap his entire body around yours and hold you as tightly as possible to fight off any other bad dreams that might come your way.

lai guanlin

guanlin wouldn’t really do anything about the whole situation. if he woke up and you were visibly upset, he’d kiss you quickly and pull you into his arms, gently telling you that it’d be fine and for you to go back to sleep. on the other hand he might not even wake up in the first place, so if you told him about your nightmare the next morning he’d chuckle, kiss your forehead and say something along the lines of “you know those dreams aren’t real, baby” and reassure you that you wouldn’t have anything to worry about as long as he was by your side cute wow

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UT/US/UF/SF skeles waking up next their s/o for the first time?(non-sexual of course)

This kind of turned into general “sharing a bed” headcanons” as well.

UT!Sans: Real talk, he will not be waking up before you, this time or any other. A warm body in his bed is the perfect cure for his insomnia and he hasn’t had that benefit since Papyrus stopped having nightmares about the human under his bed. And unless last night went well(if you know what I mean) he probably won’t be cuddled up to you. He’ll keep a hand on you in some regard (usually in your hair), but he overheats pretty easily at night so he’ll likely stay on his own half of the bed.

The first time he blinks for a few seconds, not really sure why you’re there, but when it finally clicks into place a slow lazy grin spreads across his face, more genuine than usual. “mornin’” He sits up, stretching a bit as his bones pop back into place. He massages his neck and looks over at you. “was gonna ask you if you were warm enough last night, but…” he grins, looking at the pile of blankets you pulled onto the bed. “think you’ve got it covered.” You smack his arm to hide the small laugh bubbling up and he chuckles, standing up. “hungry? paps probably left us something for breakfast.”

You nod, getting up and moving to go outside. Just before you step out, though, he wraps an arm around your waist and presses his teeth to your temple. “that was nice. we should do that more.”

UT!Papyrus: He’s an early riser. Always. It only gets worse on the Surface. The second sunlight streams through his blinds he is wide awake and ready to start the day. He doesn’t really have the patience to wait around for you to wake up, either. He gets fidgety. 

The first time he tries to stick it out but after around half an hour he’s bored out of his mind. He thinks it’ll be rude to wake you up, though, so in the end he just goes downstairs and starts fixing breakfast, throwing some extra blankets on top of you to make up for his absence. Eventually he might even get a life-size plushie of him that he can leave for you to cuddle. Coming down to it, why doesn’t he have that already?

When you wake up he greets you with a wide smile and a hug. “GREETINGS DATEMATE! I WATCHED YOU WHILE YOU SLEPT, YOU LOOKED VERY ADORABLE!” 

In the future he likes to leave notes by the bed if he has to go work before you get up.

US!Sans: Like Tale Papyrus he’s an early riser but he doesn’t really have those hang-ups about waking you up (at least the first time). He gets really excited to say good morning to you so he’ll start nudging…..okay, shaking you until you’re up at whatever ungodly hour his little hyperactive body perked up at.

And he knows you’re pissed at him, but he also know you cannot resist him when he’s being adorable. why stop exploiting that now?

“GOOD MORNING!” He says, eyes bright and smile wide. “SORRY FOR WAKING YOU, BUT I COULDN’T WAIT ANY LONGER!” He starts peppering your cheeks with skelekisses until you stop being annoyed. Then, just as you’re starting to respond in kind, he bounds out of bed. “I’LL GO MAKE BREAKFAST!”

Leave em wanting more.

In general he’s pretty cuddly in his sleep but if snoring bothers you I’d stock up on earplugs. He snores LOUD. He also likes to wake you up before he has to go so he can be sure he’s always the first voice you hear, but he’ll usually let you go back to sleep afterwards.

US!Papyrus: I beg of you, ensure that you did not drink too many fluids before bed. At first, you think its going to be nice. Your first night just sharing a bed with your boyfriend. He has an arm around you, holding your back against his rib cage and pressing his teeth into your hair, and its warm and nice and you feel so safe and loved. 

But for as wonderful and cuddly as your boyfriend is, he sleeps like a ROCK. You will not be able to get out of his grip for anything, and you would have to be screaming at the top of your lungs to wake him up once he enters REM. For the sake of your bladder and the sheets, don’t drink anything before climbing into bed. 

When he finally wakes up he’s confused for like a solid five minutes why there’s another person in his bed. Once all his brain functions get together, he cuddles closer and buries his face in the back of your neck. “morning, honey. mind not moving for another 5 hours or so? thanks”

UF!Sans: In general he’s with Tale Sans (and to a certain extent Swap Papyrus) in the camp of will never be up before you. But the first time is an exception. 

He is fucking clingy  in his sleep. Like with a certain level of determination you can break out but his body will be curled around you as much as humanly possible once he loses consciousness (and oftentimes before). But he’s not really used to having someone else in his bed, so once he starts rising out of deep sleep a bit his body senses the other presence and he wakes up with a start.

It takes him a couple of minutes to calm himself down and he wraps his arms back around you. He’s not a sappy type of guy, but there’s something vaguely emotional about this for him. Sleep was kind of its own social thing in Underfell. If you let yourself fall asleep in front of someone, it was the ultimate sign of trust, like letting them press a knife to your throat. It said that you trusted them enough not to dust, harm, or sell you out while you were vulnerable. Underground, he only had Papyrus (and later Frisk) who he had that level of trust with. He knows its not as big a deal to you, but….its a responsibility he takes very seriously. 

He’s usually a bit of a grump in the morning and does not wake up well without coffee (although if you bring him a cup in bed he may promptly make out with you). Be sure to ask him how he slept. He’s a chronic insomniac and likely won’t tell you when its acting up, but if you ask him directly, he’s a terrible liar in the morning. 

UF!Papyrus: No beating around the bush, this boy is uncomfortable to sleep with. Even for a skeleton he’s unusually pointy. He also cannot figure out where to put his hands, has a hard time relaxing, and he only sleeps on average 3-4 hours a night and is not  good at staying quiet. Its to the point where honestly he wouldn’t be that offended if you wanted to have separate beds for nights where you aren’t…doing anything. 

But that first night, despite the hours of awkward and suffering and is it too warm in here are you too warm shit my cheekbones are hurting them…..he’s up early as always, and yet can’t pull himself away. Its in this small moment, when the entire world seems dead….he feels as free as he’s ever been to just stare at you, to drink you in and not have to worry about how much emotion his face is betraying. He finally relents and wraps his arms around you, cuddling into your hair and sighing contentedly. Once he feels you starting to stir he settles both of you into a more appropriately distant but affectionate position and waits for you to wake up.

If he’s in a good mood he likes to bring you breakfast in bed. Also he generally doesn’t let you sleep late. If he’s up he prefers for you to be up shortly after, but you can eventually get him to compromise. 

SF!Sans: Chronic toss and turner. You will accidentally be kicked out of bed soooo many times, especially early on. Also he steals blankets. In fact, maybe you should just have separate blankets. Even in his sleep he is a tenacious little fighter.

Oddly enough he’s one of the most affectionate early in the morning. In general he’s with Boss on the “no PDA unless I say so” spectrum but in the early morning he rivals Tale Papyrus. He gets especially poetic the first time you too spend the night together. 


Tell anyone about this and he’ll immediately deny it. And they won’t believe you anyways. Still, its in the mornings when its easiest to trace the resemblances to Blueberry.

SF!Papyrus: He prefers to sleep on top of his partner. Part protective gesture part ensured pillow. He’s a fairly light sleeper but very quiet when he wakes up so you’ll likely never know.

The first time he stares at your face for a while, tracing your features. Syrup is drawn by any displays of vulnerability. They’re exceedingly rare Underground. He likes seeing your face when you’re off-guard entirely. After that he nuzzles back into your chest and falls back asleep.

He doesn’t like to get out of bed too fast in the morning. In there its warm and safe. Out there its stressful and uncertain. Easy decision. He may even fake sleep and refuse to move off of you. 


Part 1/?

Jim Kirk x reader AOS

Summary: Jim helps you out of a sticky situation at a bar and you are both intrigued by each other, but you like to play hard to get. Will you two see each other again after this wonderful night?

Warnings: kissing in this one, I love me some smut so there will be some in later chapters. Not sure how long this will be as I’m writing as it comes to me.

Words: 1,274

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Uncaught criminal (Bruce Wayne Imagine)

Requested: Yes
Request: One shot where reader works with Bruce & he often finds her spending sleepless nights & he asks her about it because he really cares about her & she breaks down saying that she suffers from nightmares about her rapist & he comforts her?
Summary: you, Bruce’s secretary, finally admit why you’re at work all night
Word count: 781
Warning(s): Mention of rape
Note: I’d like to thank @batfam-imagines for helping me tackle this request :D

I had been working for Bruce for a very long time, years. I am his secretary. I always work over time, Bruce thinks it’s because I just can’t schedule other times with clients overseas, but I really just don’t want to sleep, the nightmares only get worse over the years, so I opted to overwork and abuse coffee as much as I could. 

It was a regular evening, or well night, the work building was fairly empty, only a few security workers and cleaners around.

I was trying to finish some paperwork so I have less to do the next day when I hear the elevator door open.

 Probably just security, I thought, but then I saw the one and only Bruce Wayne marching straight towards his office, which was right behind my desk.

 At first he didn’t seem to notice me, so I just went back to work. Suddenly he came to an abrupt stop right next to my table, turning his whole body towards me.

 “Miss. Y/l/n what are you still doing here at this ungodly hour?” He questions raising an eyebrow. 

“Oh I was just trying to get ahead with this paperwork, tomorrow’s going to be a very busy day so I doubt I’d have time.“ He just nods in understanding, before going to his office to do whatever he came here to do.

When he came back out he leans on my desk, “Would you like to come to the 24/7 diner down the street with me. You’ve been here all day and you’re surely hungry,” He asks. After a moment of thinking, I stand up and grab my coat from the hangar, before walking in to the lift with him. The walk there is quiet, no talking, no nothing. When we reach the door he opens it like a gentleman, the warm air a stark contrast to the cold air outside.

We sit down waiting for our food and just talk, about our lives, work and so on, so forth. Later he would walk me home for the night, even tho that’s the last place I would want to be, he doesn’t need to know that. 

This goes on for weeks, he would show up late in the evening and go to the diner with me. We get to know a lot about each other, we even started calling each other by first name. But all good things come to an end, don’t they?

I had fallen asleep on my desk, the nightmares soon kicking in, the images running through my head- very gruesome, very real. Then I start to shake ,the whole world starts to shake. Is it a earthquake? That’s never happened before.

Soon I snap out of my dream world, back in to reality. My breathing is heavy, cheeks tear stained. Bruce’s features come in to view, so he was the one shaking me awake. 

“Y/n, y/n are you alright?” He asks, a firm yet not forceful grip on my shoulder. I burst out in tears, the memorise to painful, the wounds still fresh. Bruce pulls my chair towards him, turning it so I was facing him, my hands covering my pained face. 

He doesn’t ask anything, he doesn’t do anything, just stays there, listening to my sobs. I feel some strange sense of security, for the first time. For the first time I feel like I could tell somebody, trust someone. 

My sobs calm down, to a point where I could talk. 

“I was raped,” I say quietly, his eyes following my own as my hands come down from my face. He was quietly listening, not pushing for info, not asking questions, not blaming me. 

“It happened a few years ago, here in Gotham.” I go on. “They never caught him, no one ever got charged, he’s probably still out there, praying on unknowing victims.” Another wave of sadness hits me, tears flowing once more. 

“Is that why you’re actually here every night?” He asks softly for the first time, I just give him a quick nod. He seems in thought again, so I feel like I could or should elaborate.

 “The nightmares keep me up all night, and when I do sleep, I have no escape from them. They’ll always haunt me.”

“I’ll help you” he vowed. And that he did.

 He found me the best help out there, therapist, psychologists, you name it. He even offered for me to stay in the manor, which I did decline, but he said that the offer is still valid if I ever needed it. And even tho on the outside he seemed hardened and quite emotionless, I knew that deep down he cared.


With love,

anonymous asked:

founders trio + kakashi + neji waking up next to their s/o after a bad dream where they was killed or hurt? and they're still scared/upset about it?

Hashirama: When he has nightmares, they’re awful. He’s had a difficult life, so I imagine he has some pretty rough dreams. So if they’re about his s/o, and about them getting hurt or even killed, he honestly might wake up a little teary-eyed. Even if he knows it was a dream, and even if he can look at his s/o right next to him, safe and sound and unharmed, it still really hurts him. If the commotion wakes his s/o up and they see him all disheveled and distressed, they might ask what’s wrong. He won’t say anything, will just lean in and hug them hard. His s/o will have to snuggle up with him and just let him hold them for a while before he’s able to go back to bed

Tobirama: He wakes up in a cold sweat and a rapidly beating heart. He usually ignores his dreams and nightmares (like his bro, he probably has a lot) because he just doesn’t want to dwell on them. But this one with his s/o just impacts him in a different way. He might feel silly at first, he might even be frustrated with himself that he lets it get to him. He sits up in bed and just looks at his s/o for a while, hoping it will calm his pulse and clear his head, but it’s still affecting him. He’d sooner get out of bed and walk around the house or sit in his home office and do work than wake them up. He wouldn’t have a good explanation, because explaining that he had a bad dream about them is just… maybe too sentimental for him. The dream just felt so real when it was happening, and he felt helpless watching his s/o in danger. When he gets back into bed though, he just looks at them for a really long time as he tries to fall asleep, if he’s even able to

Madara: He’ll wake up from the nightmare and just stare at the ceiling for the longest time, even though on the inside, his adrenaline is high. His mind is just trying to wrap itself around the dream. He’s probably wondering why he had such an awful dream in the first place, and why his s/o had to be in it. He’s almost angry. He figures he can’t do much but deal with it. If his s/o isn’t already awake, he’s not going to bother them and wake them up just to give him some sense of peace. He won’t do that to them. If he can just watch them for a while, look at how calm they look while they sleep, it might comfort him a little. He probably won’t get much sleep the rest of the night, but it’s fine. He’d rather stay awake than risk another nightmare

Kakashi: He already has lots of trouble sleeping, so a nightmare isn’t exactly out of the ordinary, but it definitely shakes him if it was a bad one about his s/o. He thought that sleeping with a s/o would help him sleep better, and maybe it did for a while, but this nightmare is just going to ruin it for him. At least for a few nights. When it first happens, he shoots up in bed and just doesn’t really know what to do. It was just a dream, he keeps repeating in his mind. Because he knows it’s true. Knows it’s useless to get worked up about it, but he still does. He’s lost too many people in his life to be able to shake off a scenario (one he thought was real) of losing another. He’d probably get out of bed for a glass of water, or just sit somewhere and read. But it doesn’t distract him like he hoped it would. And for a few nights after that, he acts funny. His s/o might notice how he seems hesitant to get into bed, or how he keeps tossing and turning because he can’t fall asleep

Neji: It’s not likely Neji is going to really handle this well. Neji probably can’t handle intense things like this quietly. He’d wake up in a fit because he’s just so shaken. He represses lots of his emotions and fears, so it only makes sense they would manifest in a nightmare eventually. He just didn’t imagine it would be of his s/o being in harm’s way. I’m willing to bet the context of the dream had their injury/death being his fault too. It just makes it even worse. He feels guilty, but stupid at the same time for ‘falling’ for a dream. It takes a while for him to calm down and relax back into bed. If he accidentally woke his s/o up and they ask him what’s wrong, he’s a little unfair, because he eventually just snaps at them to leave it alone because he does not want to talk about it. He might apologize later for being so harsh, he just can’t help but be severe when his dream was so distressing

anonymous asked:

So, who do you ship DT!Dream with? I'm aware you don't ship Cream, I extremely dislike the ship as well due to compatibility issues, so who does Dream seem fitting for?

I ship him with a number of people depending on the setting, including Nightmare, Ink and Blue (the one from Errortale, aka the “Star Squad” one), for a variety of reasons.

You know I was talking about Dream and Nightmare having a profound connection a few days ago–that’s the main motivator for me shipping those two. And not even just shipping them, but even as a practical outcome. Heck, probably the most likely outcome of everything, even the most beneficial to everyone else. It’s better for those two to start with each other and end with each other. No one should’ve ever come between them. Everything about their connection is personal. But if the intention is for these two to create lives outside of their focus on each other, maybe something else would be better for them.

Alternatively, there’s Ink. In this situation, as I’ve established in Dreamswap, Dream is the only way Ink can feel anything (positive) without using his vials. Frankly, a relationship might start well, but I don’t see a relationship ending well. They might reach a point where Ink will lose interest in Dream and is only sticking around because of the emotional benefits. Ink is very fickle and would struggle with a long-term relationship (or a relationship in general), and I’m sure you’re all aware of that. I mean, yeah, we can all imagine that Ink develops this mindset that Dream is his source of happiness and isn’t just a tool of his convenience, and I can see some good things coming out of it, but realistically, their personalities aren’t entirely compatible. But, if they do somehow click, and perhaps the relationship is less about intimacy (I can see them being in an ace relationship really), maybe it could work out.

Then… there’s Blue. I don’t know why, but I kind of see this one as the most normal? Or has the most disregarded potential? It puts Dream in another one of those ‘help’ scenarios, like in Cream, except this time they’re actually compatible and functional. Blue has been experiencing some problems since getting out of the anti-void and he’s really not the same person that he was, but he’s trying to be (unlike Cross, who shows no interest in or even a remnant of this). With Blue’s ‘errored’ code causing erratic (or even violent) behavior, he needs someone who’s patient and kind with him and supports him even if he messes up. But he doesn’t see Dream as a possession, he really cares about him–heck, he cares about everyone. Blue’s issues are a struggle to him, and he beats himself up for it even though what happened to him to make him like this was completely out of his control. He’s trying to overcome them, because they’re causing him suffering. And Dream is helping him with that. So yeah, they have their struggles, naturally, but they can sort them out because they both have this agreeableness in their personalities.


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A/n: Wow, I’ve med it with another imagine! Enjoy & let me know if you find some mistakes. Lots of love to all my followers ♥


You took a deep breath as you entered the forest in a beautiful, white dress. You were walking toward the river and that’s where you found him, the raven haired boy. He was wearing white form head to toes, just like you. He stood at the edge of the river admiring the nature in front of him. You smiled at this view.

- Jughead. - you called him. He turn his head to you slowly with a wide smile. He opened his mouth to say something, but you couldn’t hear a word because of a loud gun shoot. Next thing you saw, was a bullet making it’s way into his head.

You were heavy breathing as you wake up in the middle of the night. After you calmed a bit, you went to grab a glass of water, then went back to bed. You laid on your bed looking at your ceiling, as you slowly went back to sleep.

On the next day, you sat at your typical spot waiting for Jughead. You had a first lesson with him, so you always meet here and go to class together. But today he didn’t showed up, so you went alone. You messaged him, but no respond. After the class you found Archie, who was talking with Veronica.

- Hi there sweety. – the girl greeted you.

- Hi, have you guys seen Jughead? – you said straight.

- No, why? – asked Archie.

- I just… He hadn’t showed up in class and he’s not answering his phone, so I started to worry a bit. – you answered. They looked at each other.

- Well Y/N, I’m sure he’s okay, you don’t need to worry.  – said Ronnie.

- Normally I wouldn’t, but a had a nightmare last night, in which he was murdered and…

- Y/N stop here. – Veronica interrupted you. – Everything is fine, he will show up later, okay? This dream was probably due to Jason’s thing. Stop worrying. – she tried to calm you.

- Yeah, you’re probably right. – you said, but not so sure about it. – See you later guys. – you walked to your next class.

After few more hours without any response from Jughead, you decided to sneak out of school and go to see if he’s home. You got to Drive In and asked people if they had seen him today. Everyone denied. You quickly got to the booth, which he called his home and knocked three times. No respond.

- Jughead? Are you here? – you asked knocking again. – Jughead! – you yelled while banging on the door. – Jug please, if it’s some kind of a sick joke… - the door slamed open.

- What the hell you want Y/N- - you didn’t let him finished as you got him into a deep hug.

- I was so scared you got murdered. – you said in relief still hugging him tight.

- What are you talking about? – he asked. You told him everything, about your nightmare and you being worried. He looked confused, but at last he smiled.

- Okay girl, I get it. It’s fine. I’m safe and sound. We’re safe and sound.

The Barn 7

[part1][part2][part3][part4][Part5][Part6] [Here]

To the rest of the watching world, it probably looked like a reaction to trauma.

The magic had been too wild and too wicked in her bones and the end result was the destruction of a medium: her hand. Even after the flesh was stitched back together and her bones mended, there was a phantom in her hand that haunted her without mercy.

Sakura woke up suddenly and the world was dark, just like the last few nights. Ever since she dipped into that well of magic and disturbed the waters, the nightmares wouldn’t leave her alone.

Would that be her fate once more; to swell with too much power, loose control and shatter so tragically? She saw it again and again in different ways each night. Her nightmares were as creative as her, and it was starting to gnaw on her.

Sakura sat up in bed and looked over at Konan who was still asleep. The older woman probably knew more than she was letting on. Sakura had caught Konan staring across the dinner table more than once, and there never seemed to be an end to her questions of concern.

‘Are you feeling well? Are you tired? Are you in any pain? What can I do to help?’

Konan was kind in a way Sakura didn’t know how to deal with. Sakura wasn’t sure she knew how to handle being pampered, but she was quickly realizing she didn’t like making Konan worry.

Sakura was extra careful leaving the large bed they shared. It was big enough that the shifting from one end had nothing to do with the other. Konan sleep on, undisturbed.

There were enough rugs layered up over each other, atop the edges of one another so that her steps were muffled and warm as she crossed the enormous room to the corner where the kitchen was.

The Barn was a single room downstairs, separated by a few Japanese rice screens painted with cherry blossom trees, a few short bookshelves, and other various objects of furniture.

Sakura walked the expanse, keeping the fabric of the white nightgown with the buttons close to her chest using her bad hand. She felt like she needed to use it for something, but didn’t want to fill it with magic again.

Everything was dark and the room was wide and long, but Sakura had been living in The Barn long enough, she knew where everything was and expected the shapes in the dull darkness.

She didn’t expect the spinning red eyes snapping open to pin her where she stood.

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What’s a Guy to Do?

by: mldrgrl
Rated: PG-13
Summary: Sequel to Until Next Time - from Mulder’s perspective

My partner isn’t as difficult to read as she thinks she is.  Granted, most of the time she’s locked tighter than Fort Knox, but I’ve been with her nearly 24/7 for the last three years and I know a thing or two about her moods and cycles.  There’s also nuance to every ‘I’m fine’ she throws out at me.  Said quietly, she’s merely tired.  Said with a bite in it means she’s annoyed, but it wasn’t something I did.  And then there’s the ‘I’m fine, Mulder’ which is the worst one of all, because it usually means I’ve pissed her off in some way.

Now, I know that I can be a bit of a horse’s ass.  I try not to be, but I have quite a knack for putting my foot in my mouth, or being oblivious to to my surroundings when I’m focusing on working a case.  But, what am I supposed to do when I see her pinching the bridge of her nose or rub her temples to ease the tension in her head and she says ‘I’m fine’ if I ask if she needs anything?  No, really, tell me.

And let me just say this: I don’t think of Scully as being any less of an agent or a partner for being a woman, but things happen to women on a monthly basis that affect them.  Not their work, but their personality.  They just do.

Example:  This afternoon we stopped at a gas station to fill up on our way to Flagstaff.  I asked Scully if she wanted anything from the convenience shop inside.  She said no, but neither of us had eaten since the rubbery egg and bagel combo the airplane called breakfast.  I also knew full well that if she kept popping those Midol on an empty stomach, she was just going to get nauseous and even more irritable, so I got her some graham crackers because I was pretty sure they were the only thing she’d deem edible.  My chili dog was excellent, for the record, but that’s not the point.

Anyway, she threw the crackers back at me and snapped, “I told you I didn’t want anything,” before she pounded a fist onto the dashboard and cursed the air conditioning that wasn’t blowing cold enough.

So, I ask again, what should I do?  Because I did the only thing I could do and kept my mouth shut.  I put the crackers in the glove box, hoping at some point she’d stop being so stubborn and just eat.  

And another thing.  How can I both help her and not treat her any differently than any other agent?  I know she didn’t want to be out there interviewing friends and family of our missing person, but she would kill me if I suggested she just check herself into the motel and sit this one out.  When she suggested that we stakeout the bar where the man worked for a bit, it felt like entrapment.  Because if I said no, she would ask why.  And quite honestly, I’m really bad at lying to her.  Especially when she asks a direct question.  So I would have to tell her, because you’ve been rubbing your head all night and your eyes are bloodshot and I can see you wince and grab your side every so often.  You’ve gone through what was left of a bottle of Midol in 14 hours, your neck hurts, you’re cranky as hell, and if I didn’t already have it marked on my calendar, because yes, I’ve been keeping track, you’re hours away from starting your period and as I’ve been told by many a girlfriend in the past, it’s no fucking picnic, so just relax.

That probably would’ve earned me the ass chewing of the century.  And all for what?  Because my stoic little partner just can’t admit to ever being less than fine.

I feel badly, though.  I do.  All the female agents I’ve ever worked with think they need to be twice as smart, twice as tough, twice as serious to be taken seriously in the good ol’ boys club.  It can be true, but she should know me better by now to know that I’m not one of those guys.  Not once have I ever thought for even a second that she was less capable of doing her job just because she was a woman.  See, but even suggesting that she take a few hours off to feel better implies something else.

Damned if I do, damned if I don’t.  Because I know she blames me for being here, but am I really going to let an investigation into a guy that went missing one week ago who happens to also have been allegedly dead for the last fifteen years pass us by?  I tell you, if I tossed the file aside because she was bound to be crampy and bloated for the duration, that would be treating her differently.  If I left her behind because I know she’d much rather be on her couch, wrapped in flannel, watching romantic comedies and eating ice cream from the carton, that would be treating her differently.  P.S. Yes, Scully, I also know about the romantic comedies and the ice cream.

I don’t care what she thinks, I still get to feel bad about her condition.  It really sucks to feel bad and being out of town doesn’t help.  If I know Scully, and I think I know her pretty well, she’s probably dying for something greasy and fattening right now because she hasn’t eaten all day (though, for the record, that is not my fault) and she’ll never get to sleep if she’s running on empty.

There’s a strip mall behind the hotel with a questionable looking burger joint.  I can smell the fat cooking from between our parking lots.  It’s perfect.  I go and place an order and hit up the Rite Aid a few doors down.  Can’t have her out of Midol this whole trip or it’ll be a nightmare for both of us.  I assumed I’d find it in the regular pain reliever section, but no such luck.  So, I go into the pink and blue and purple aisle of lady things and jesus christ there’s so many choices.  I’m not here to get something that personal, just the drugs, thank you.  But, god it must suck to be a woman.  I also pick up a heating pad that’s on sale in the same aisle because I have the distinct recollection of a girlfriend in college who once told me she would rather sleep with her heating pad than me for three days out of the month.  So, clearly it’s good for something.

The meals are ready by the time I leave the pharmacy and I walk back to the motel to knock on her door.  I brace myself for a bit of snapping, but she’s more subdued than when I left her.  I swear I see drool at the corner of her mouth when she opens up one of the greasy bags and takes a whiff.

I need to take my leave.  I’d love to stay and eat with her.  I’d even love to offer to rub her head or watch a romantic comedy with her, but when she sees what else I’ve brought, she’s bound to be embarrassed.  And that’s not what I want.  I just want her to feel better.  I just want her to know that I care.

So, we’ll get through this and she’ll be back to herself in the next few days.  We’ll pretend like none of this ever happened and we’ll do what we came here to do.  Things will return to normal.  Until the next time.

The End

I Hate You For Hating Me | Do Kyungsoo

Link to Masterlist 

| Fluff |

Summary: Wherein you unfortunately have to accompany Kyungsoo to his filming set as part of your job, and where Kyungsoo doesn’t like you very much (or so you think).

A/N: I spent quite a while on this one, so I hope you like it. Be warned, though, it’s pretty long…..

“Listen, I will do literally anything else, just do not make me go with him,” you said, pleading.

Your boss glared at you. “You’ll be accompanying Do Kyungsoo to his filming set if you want to keep this internship, do you understand me?”

No, it wasn’t that you had a problem with Do Kyungsoo. It was that he had a problem with you. Or at least that’s what you assumed.

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The past that divides us

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Summary: Your soulmate’s name is tattooed onto your wrist

Relationships: Jack Kelly/Crutchie

Warnings: Mentions of abuse

Word Count: 3490

Jack couldn’t clearly remember a time without his tattoo. For all he knew it had been there since the day he was born. That happened sometimes, with strong pairs of soulmates. Of course people said the age that the tattoo appeared didn’t matter. A soulmate at four years old is the same as one at 27. Jack was just always secretly happy his had appeared so young.

He wasn’t a huge fan of the name it spelled out, though. The day his mother had read it to him stuck with him. He knew she had to have seen it before, but she still smiled sadly at him when she read it.

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Not Much Of A Failure

Word Count: 1,404

Triggers: Theres a cuss word, but thats really it!


   Roman knew he wasn’t the most intelligent of all the traits (It’s not like he would ever openly admit that though, his ego wouldn’t allow it.) But he did know quite a few things for certain, like that Disney movies were only the best things of all time, that he clearly had the best fashion sense, and..well, and even he knew that he needed a reality check sometimes.

That’s probably why a few days ago, he realized that he had a crush, that he loved, Virgil.

Virgil was his reality check, he always pulled him down when his fantasies got a little too wild, yes, he was a nightmare to deal with sometimes, but sometimes a reality check was necessary.  It wasn’t only that that led to the fanciful trait falling for him though. His awkward little smiles, the smirks, that shy look in his eyes whenever he got a compliment..yes, there was no doubt about it, the prince was completely smitten.

Virgil was the Snow White to his Prince Charming. No, Virgil would never be Snow White..the Meg to his Hercules? That was close, but it still didn’t feel quite right.. Oh! That was perfect! He was the Nancy to his Prince Edward! That was perfect! And it gave him an idea.

A part of him wanted to go over the top, to pour every ounce of his being into this one event! However, he knew Virgil didn’t like those kinds of things. So he knew it was best to keep it simple.

It took a while to get everything ready, he had even enlisted Logan’s and Patton’s assistance in it, swearing them both to secrecy. Roman knew he wouldn’t be able to get it all done in one day. So, for once he tried to take his time. The first day he planned everything out, that way everything would be perfect. He wasn’t going to mess up on anything, he was sure about that. That night he could hardly sleep he was so excited.

The next day, Patton tried to keep Virgil busy while Logan helped him with setting everything up. Then, when the evening rolled around, Patton and Logan both left so that everything could continue as planned. Roman had ended up decorating the common room with some simplistic, but clearly Disney inspired decorations, and had even lit candles and dimmed the lights to make it as romantic as possible. Roman ws checking everything off in his head. Living room decorated? Check. Candles? Check. Chicken in the oven? Check.

Now all that was left was to wait for Virgil. Roman knew it shouldn’t be that long until the dark trait would come downstairs. After all, he had pretty much been stuck upstairs all day! Roman let himself get distracted by his thoughts as he waited, daydreaming about how this would all go. They’d have a romantic dinner, Roman would tell him how he felt, and then afterwards, they would both cuddle and watch Disney movies. It would be perfect!
He was pulled out of his thoughts by the smell of smoke. He blinked, quickly realizing that the smoke was coming from the oven and opened it, immediately stepping back and covering in his face at the smoke that bloomed from the oven, coughing.

Virgil could smell the burnt chicken and smoke from his room, he had been relaxing when he smelled it, quickly standing and running downstairs to see what was going on.  He ran down into the kitchen just in time to see Roman summoning a fire extinguisher, putting out a small fire in the oven. “What the hell just happened!?”

 “A disaster. That’s what.” Roman sighed as the small fire, setting the device aside. He hadn’t wanted it to end like this, who would?  He leaned against the counter, head in his hands for a moment before he turned to face Virgil.

 Virgil glanced around the room. The candles, the decorations…”I can see that much..what were you even doing here, Princey?” The dark trait spoke, frowning and eyeing Roman. He was curious as to what Roman was trying to do here and why. The smell of smoke still filled the room as Roman glanced away from Virgil at the mess before returning it back to Virgil. “I..well..” For once, the princely trait seemed to be unable to find his words. “I was trying to set up a romantic evening, and I got too wrapped up in my thoughts.” He finally managed to admit it after a few minutes. He didn’t really know what to expect. Probably some yelling, maybe an argument. But instead Virgil just nodded. “I knew something would end up going wrong.”

“Yes well… Wait what?!” Roman blinked, eyes going wide, “You knew something would go wrong?! How did you know..Did one of them tell you?!” He was about to go into a rant. Virgil rolled his eyes. “Calm down Princey. They didn’t tell me. I figured it out for myself.”

“How!? I was so careful!” Roman frowned, he had figured that the only possible way Virgil could have figured out was if one of the others told him. How could he have figured it out on his own when Roman had been so careful that this would be a surprise?

“You aren’t that good at hiding things,” Virgil stated pointedly. “Yesterday all of a sudden you started getting excited for no reason, and writing things down in a notebook for some reason, and then today Patton kept trying to keep me from going downstairs all day and then he just suddenly decides to go back to his room. It was pretty obvious you were planning something.” He listened closely as he spoke, upset at himself for how Virgil figured out. If he had tried a little harder to keep it a secret, maybe it would have worked.

Roman frowned, even he knew he really messed up this time. After all, he had pretty much burned down part of the kitchen. “.. I should probably start cleaning up.” He spoke quietly, starting to feel terrible he was going to go grab a broom from the closet when he paused, hearing Virgil’s voice. “Huh..and here I thought that you were more of a ‘The show must go on’ type person.”

 Roman turned around, curious as to what Virgil meant, “What?”  He asked, running a hand through his hair. “I just thought that you would still be determined to continue on, even if you pretty much just killed the dinner.” Virgil moved so he was leaning against the counter, his eyes on him. Roman perked up a little at that, Virgil was right. “I suppose you are correct..but, that does depend on one thing. Would you want to continue?”

The dark trait nodded, “That sounds good to me.” He spoke the words with his usual tone, but there was one of his rare, small smiles on his face. “Alright then,” Roman moved to take both of Virgil’s hands into his own. “In that case, I want to take a moment to apologize again. I’ve said many hurtful things to you in the past, and even after I said I accepted you I still continued to do so. It was very..unprincely of me. And I realized a few days ago the reason behind those behaviors. Virgil..I love you.” The entire time Roman was speaking his eyes were on their hands, only raising them to meet Virgil’s own eyes when he was done.

 The first thing he noticed was the blush on his counterparts face, “I love you too, Princey..” Roman grinned widely once he heard those words, who knew that five simple words could make him so happy? He felt himself leaning in slightly, wanting to kiss him before he stopped himself. He didn’t want to make Virgil uncomfortable after all. So his surprise was reasonable when Virgil ended up leaning forward to kiss him.

It was only a moment later when Virgil moved back, the blush that had been on his face had only gotten darker, and he was sure that he was blushing as well. “That” Roman was grinning like an idiot, while Virgil looked away. “Lets just..lets go watch a movie okay?”

Roman nodded, letting go of one of Virgil’s hands, but kept a soft grip on the other one as he led him to the couch, his mistake didn’t ruin the night after all.

a drabble™

Prompt- Hey idk if you do request but if you do could you make some Lance fluff along the lines of where Lance finds a abandon infant on a mission and he sneaks it into the castle and basically raises it. I love your blog TYSM- anon

This took me way too long to write… I don’t even remember how long ago the request was sent? Sorry! I’ve figured out I’m much better at angst than fluff, except for when the fluff comes after angst. Fluff on its own? I’m not as good at that. This is pretty short, just a drabble really, so it won’t be on my AO3 (probably). And since it’s not a full one-shot,,, it doesn’t have a title. Oops. I’m not sure how I feel about it, so if you like it let me know I guess? I hope you like it, anon! Still, this was really fun to write!

“This is why I have trust issues,” Lance grumbled to himself, pushing vines out of his way with the end of his bayard.

According to Allura, the mission was supposed to be nothing more than routine scouting. A distress beacon had been detected, but her scans picked up no alien settlements, or organisms besides plants. But she’d insisted that they check anyway, so they’d all flown down in their lions and split up to search.

The princess had declared the planet ‘entirely harmless,’ much to Hunk’s skepticism. Lance was beginning to realize that they should start listening to the yellow paladin’s instincts.

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anonymous asked:

can you write a headcanon about liam comforting theo during a nightmare about hell please?

*So, I know I said I’d do headcanons, but I spent like an hour on attempting them and realized I suck, so I’m just going to write a full blown fic about it instead. :) *

Theo knew that coming back from hell was not going to be easy. His life was going to be different, no matter what he did. He knew he was going to face PTSD for probably the rest of his life, and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

But for the first few months, it hadn’t affected him as much as he imagined. Yeah, he had the occasional nightmare, but he was able to wake up himself up during the somewhat rare event. And if he thought he wouldn’t be able to wake himself up, he just wouldn’t sleep at all.

Well, it had now officially been 72 hours since he had last slept, and he was the definition of exhausted.

If I go to sleep now, I most likely won’t wake up because of the extreme exhaustion… Theo thought to himself as he laid down on the mattress next to Liam’s bed.

He had been staying with Liam for a little over half of a year, sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Neither of them complained about him not moving into the guest room.

Theo decided to fight his instinct and went to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

It was about 1:00 in the morning, and Liam had yet to actually fall asleep. It was just one of those nights.

He was about to make yet another attempt to sleep, when he heard the small groans coming from the floor below.

Liam shrugged it off, thinking it was just Theo having a wet dream. But slowly the groans turned into whimpers and that’s when Liam began to worry.

He swung his feet over the side of his bed and kneeled down next to where Theo was asleep.

Theo was still whimpering and had the sheets clutched in his hands as tight as possible.

Liam knew if he didn’t wake him now, things would only get worse.

So that’s what he did.

“Theo… Theo!” Liam shook the older boy, gradually saying his name louder. He continued the process for a few more seconds before Theo’s eyes flew open.

He shot up quickly, frantically looking around the room as if something were coming to attack.

“…-eo! Theo! It’s me! It’s Liam!”

Theo turned to look at the boy with a still panicked eyes, calming down as Liam flashed his gentle yellow ones.


Liam nodded, taking on of Theo’s hands in his own.

“Yeah, it’s me.” Theo quickly turned his head away, his eyes burning at remembering his nightmare.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you.”

Liam shook his head, putting a hand under Theo’s chin to force him to look up.

“You didn’t wake me. Do you, you know, wanna talk about it?” Liam said with a gentle tone, rubbing his thumb over Theo’s knuckles.

Theo put a hand on his own chest, making sure he could feel his heart beating.

He shook his head, mumbling something incoherently.

Liam shuffled over to the other side of the somewhat large mattress, lifting the covers and crawling in behind Theo.

He pushed the older boy down, wrapping an arm around his waist and sticking his nose into his hair.

“Why are you doing this?” Theo asked solemnly.

“Because you need it. It’s just me, Theo. You can let down your walls, you know I’m not going to hurt you. I know you’d do the same for me. You’re always so strong… so just this once, let me be strong for you.”

Theo turned in Liam’s arms, burying his face into the younger’s chest. He let a few tears escape, swallowing the sobs arising in his throat.

Liam shushed him, pulling him closer and rubbing his back soothingly.

“It’s all gonna be okay… we’re gonna do this together. One step at a time.”

And that’s what they would do. Take everything one step at a time.

“whatever we deny or embrace” - fic

Nobody asked for genderbent lesbian bedsharing, but I wanted to decompress after midterms, so you get it anyway!

As a sidenote, I originally plotted this (for lack of a better term) for Rebelcaptain Appreciation Week back in … a long time ago. It was specifically for Day 4, “AU of your choice,” so it actually is what I’d always planned to write after waking in a minefield anyway.

fandom: Star Wars

characters: Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor (as Cassia); Jyn/Cassian

verse: the queer Rogue One AU, of course!

length: 1900 words

stuff that happens: After kissing Cassia in the elevator, Jyn is calm and mature about sharing her bed. Platonically. As you do.

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The Last Light: Chapter 1

Summary: You were a senator from the wealthy planet of Naiadphae; where the rich spent their money enjoying the peaceful underwater kingdom and its outstanding flora. Your coworkers respected you for your peaceful ideals and humanitarian campaigns. What they didn’t know was that you, senator Anahita Ogym, were their presumed dead princess. By hiding your gruesome scars under the adorned masks Naiadphae’s elite liked to use and suppressing you Force sensitive abilities, you managed to fool the First Order’s spies and remain alive.

Will your planet’s alliance to the First Order ruin your fragile façade?

Notes: Kylo isn’t here yet =(

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Dean Winchester X Daughter!Reader- Back In Black (Part 1)

I took a break from the paper and wrote this lovely little thing.  I’ll start working on the requests I got soon!!

Word Count: 1,427

Warning: Nightmare, death, description of death and injuries, etc.


Opening your eyes, you looked around, trying to see anything in the pitch black room.  Sweat covered every inch of your skin, your clammy hands sliding against the cold floor.  Pushing yourself up, you reached for your knife but found that both it and its holster was not attached to your thigh.

“You know what’s about to come,” a familiar voice taunted, making cold travel up your spine.  “I’ll be gone, sure, but I’ll still be in here.”

Something poked the back of your head, making you turn around.  You backed away as soon as you saw his glowing red eyes, the same blade used to etch every mark into your skin and your soul in his hand.  He chuckled, walking forward and wrapping his hands around your neck.  Gasping for air as he lifted you from the ground, you kicked your feet at him.  Barely grazing him, you dug your nails into his hands.  He tilted his head, the room you were in brightening slowly.  Your eyes widened as soon as you saw that it wasn’t Lucifer choking you, it was you.

“What’s the matter?” the slightly older version of you asked, grinning with a murderous look in your eyes.  “Didn’t expect this?”

Your older self’s eyes burned a bright red, black swirling around the fiery colors.  The grip on your neck loosened, sending you to the ground.  Coughing, you looked up, glaring at your douchebag doppelgänger.  She chuckled, crouching down to your level.

“It’ll all be over soon,” she sang, the grin still on her face, “and I’ll come out.  You know that no one can stop you from becoming me.  You’ll still be you of course, but all of your precious humanity gone.”

“Demon bitch,” you muttered, pushing yourself up.

“You know better than that,” she sighed, examining the blade in her hand.  “Lucifer said that you’ll be more powerful than any angel or demon ever created, and you still think that you’ll still be a demon.  You’ll be something completely new, idiot.  Something… merciless.”

Growling, you tackled your doppelgänger to the ground, snatching the blade and raising it above your head.  The smirk was still on her face, taunting you.  Without hesitation, you rammed the blade into her chest.  


You looked down, gasping in terror as you realized it was Dean below you.  The blade was embedded into his chest, blood already staining the clothes he was wearing.  He coughed up blood, making you snap out of your shock.

“No, no, no, no!” you cried, getting off of him and looking around.

“Why did you do it?” he asked, his face growing paler.

“I didn’t know it was you,” you sobbed, freezing when you saw the other bodies surrounding you.  “No..”

“You killed us all,” he sputtered, “it’s all your fault…”

“This isn’t real,” you whispered, clutching your head.  “This isn’t real, this isn’t real, this isn’t real-”

“It might not be real right now, but it will be.”


Screaming, you rose out of bed, your heart beating out of your chest as you looked around the room.  Sweat covered your skin as you looked over to the brown lamp lightly illuminating your room, your duffel bag lodged into the corner on the other side of the room, and finally your cassette tape player on the nightstand beside you.  Wiping your face, you flung your covers off of you and stood up.  Pressing the rewind button on the tape player before heading over to the other lamp in your room and turned it on.  Flinching at the light, you turned around and rubbed your eyes.  Snatching the water bottle from the nightstand, you sat back down and chugged whatever water was left in the bottle.  Tossing it to the other side of the room, you laid back down, waiting for the tape to rewind.

The crappy motel room did not help with your nightmares, especially when you’re aware that Lucifer was going to be defeated anytime soon.  Dean and Sam placed you in here as soon as they left the Bunker to get Mary, your grandmother.  Apparently, she tried to kill Jody and now your dad and uncle were on their way to see what’s going on.  Alethia was a few rooms down with Dude, probably still asleep.  As soon as you heard the tape player click, you pressed the play button and laid back down.  Sighing, you listened to Johnny Cash’s Ain’t No Grave, getting lost in the lyrics.

“Well look way down the river, and what do you think I see?  I see a band of angels and they’re comin’ after me,” Johnny sang through the speakers.  “Ain’t no grave can hold my body down.”

A few knocks came from the door, making you tune out the song and quickly get out of bed.  Grabbing the Colt M1911A1 Dean had given you after dropping you off.  Flicking the safety off, you slowly unlocked the door, cautiously opening it while pressing the gun against the door.  Once the door was open enough to let you see the hall, your eyes widened when you saw who was standing in front of you.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Lucifer smiled, tilting his head, “long time, no see.”

You went to pull the trigger, but you were forced back with a wave of his hand.  The gun slid under your bed, making you mutter a few curse words under your breath.  Looking back over to Lucifer, who closed and locked the door without lifting a finger.

“I just dropped by to see how you were doing,” he said, looking around the room, “and to make sure no one tinkered with my little heir.”

“I’m still the next in line for Hell even if you have a kid on the way?” you asked, pushing yourself up.  “Why?”

Lucifer scrunched his nose, tapping his chin, “Well, I already had a plan for you to take over Hell, so I’m not changing that.  You forget that I chose you because it’ll mess with the Winchesters, your ol’ dad and uncle.”

“Do you really think I’ll do that?” you questioned him, “I’ll never betray them.”

“Never say never,” he grinned, stepping closer to you.  “I’m not sure if he told you or not, but daddy was a Knight of Hell for a while, and he wasn’t the same man.”


“It doesn’t matter how,” he interrupted you, his eyes glowing bright red.  “It just proves that you’ll have to say goodbye to everything you fought for all of these years.”

The sigils carved into your chest began to burn, but no screams erupted from your mouth.  You could feel the change, your demon side growing more powerful.  

“Now that the British morons are gone,” Lucifer said in a posh British accent, “and your family’s attention will be focused on me and my son, I decided that I’ll start the process a bit early.”

Clawing at the marks, you collapsed on the ground, shaking as you felt yourself fade away.  Tears fell down your face as you saw the veins on your arms turn back.

“This’ll take awhile,” he sighed, picking at his nail.  “If you don’t already know, this is just one phase of your transformation, which means your human soul is consumed and broken down.  It’s so interesting to see a soul like yours deteriorate.”

You squeezed your eyes shut, praying to Cas for help, or to at least call someone for help.  The pain grew, becoming even more unbearable.  You couldn’t think, the excruciating pain and feeling of yourself being torn apart taking over every single thought.  Your humanity was being chipped away slowly but surely, the demon side of you growing stronger every second.


You opened your eyes, looking at the door in horror.  No, you thought, she can’t be here to see this.

“Are you okay?” she asked, fiddling with the doorknob.

“I’m okay,” Lucifer said, rolling his eyes as he mimicked your voice.

“Do you need me to come in?” Alethia asked, worry laced in her tone.

“No,” he replied, “I need to be alone.  I don’t want you to see me like this.”

She sighed, “Okay, I’ll check on you in the morning.  Is that okay with you?”

“Yup,” Lucifer answered, making a face as Alethia walked back to her room.  “You fell for her?  I expected you to fall for a werewolf.”

Lucifer chuckled, sitting down on the chair set in the corner of the room.  He leaned forward, smirking at you, “I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

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