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What He Sees

A/N: I know some of you might not like this because it’s not 100% Bucky x Reader, but this is a Bucky x Reader romantic relationship story. It takes a while for Bucky to actually come into the story because I love my plot and I felt like I needed to explain a few things before I jumped into the relationship with Bucky.

Plot: Tony thinks of Y/N as the daughter he never had. This is his point of view on yours and Bucky’s relationship when the two of you begin dating.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (romantic) and Tony Stark x Reader (platonic)

Word Count: 5,408 (Yes this is absurdly long. Like I said, I love my plot)

Warnings: Civil War spoilers, angst, death of immediate family member. The rest is nice, I promise! lol

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He considered you to be his daughter. If he ever had a daughter he hoped that she would be just like you. He knew that you were a beautiful woman, but he had never been tempted to pursue you–your age being a big factor in the matter. You were the kind of beautiful that interested all of the men, but also scared them from talking to you when your eyes would meet theirs.

In the years that Tony had known you the two of you had grown close–closer than either of you had intended, but it worked out well for the both of you. Tony had always secretly wanted to have kids and your father wasn’t the best man in the world, so it felt right.

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