and praxis is NOTHING

I get really annoyed when people point out my inability to speak at times. I don’t mumble or stutter but sometimes my sentence structure comes out all wrong. Sometimes I can just play it off and laugh at it but then sometimes somebody teases me about it and I have to hid my internal screaming. The fact is, I have dyslexia and they type of dyslexia I have is called verbal praxis and there is absolutely no cure. In fact there is almost nothing I can do about it. I could go to a speech pathologist but even then, because of how minor it is, it probably won’t do much help. 

To explain in it in the easiest way I can imagine having a folder full of papers that you have to give to somebody. Now imagine you are just about to hand those papers over to the person you need to give it to and you fall, scattering the papers everywhere. Now that person gets the information but in a way that wasn’t as neat as was attended. Basically the papers is my sentences. At some point from my brain to my mouth, things get scattered and ugly. Words come out differently then attended, mispronunciation is common, sentence structures are slightly scattered and my points don’t come out looking like a neatly wrapped christmas present. It’s frustrating and the only thing that I find that works is focusing on everything when I talk. However, when people joke around about it, I can’t focus. Instead, I’m going to worry about making a fool of myself and then my verbal praxis will increase even more. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is please don’t tease somebody for speech issues. I can joke around about it because it helps me focus. Not to mention I obviously know that I’m not going to look down upon myself for teasing. However, its hard when others do it to me because I can’t even tell if you are joking or not. 

Give a girl a chance. Encourage people with speech disabilities because we fucking need it 

Your Tradition is Not Ancient and That’s Okay

I’ve heard the phrase “if X is not true, what good is Y”? For example: “If you can be Heathen and not be reconstructionist, what is the point of being a reconstructionist?” or “If Wicca is not ancient, what reason is there to be Wiccan?”

It seems to me that if your belief system absolutely depends on X being true or your entire belief system crumbles, you need to seriously think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Why are you so invested in the idea of, say, Wicca being an ancient religion, or tarot being ancient, or ancient prehistoric matriarchies being a thing. Why do these beliefs have such a hold on you that years of praxis mean nothing if you are not Right?

I don’t think it’s the fault of individuals. I think Pagans of many stripes (this isn’t exclusive to Wicca by any means) invest a lot of time and energy into this idea that what we are doing is Ancient (and Old is Best). If it is Old, or we can convince ourselves that it is Old, it is worth while. If it is New, it is not (and this, I suspect, also drives a lot of the animosity towards pop culture Paganism and pop culture magic). I’m also going to blame 19th century Romanticism for idealizing nature and country living at the expense of cities, because we’ve inherited that sentiment.