and practice so i will be awesome at it!

Week 3: Still Life - Fruit

Canon T5i Rebel - f/7.1 - 1.6sec - ISO 200 - 44mm

Lesson for this week for me: Plan ahead.  You’d think since I came up with the challenge I’d already have what I needed in mind.  Wrong.  I like to challenge myself too.  

I came up with an idea.  This picture is not my best.  I know I can do better, but because I ran out of ideas, this is what I present.  I’ve noticed that everyone has been awesome with encouraging one another with their submissions and I ABSOLUTELY love that!  But, what I’ve also noticed is that there really hasn’t been any constructive criticism either.  So, I want you to practice on my picture here.  It may be that you guys have never had to criticize anything before and are scared to hurt feelings.  Well, I’m saying hit me with your best shot.  :)

1. Tell me what you would have done different to make the picture better.  Look at my settings and tell me what I could’ve done differently.

2. Positive - Negative - Positive.  Start the comment with a positive note (The color is awesome!), then a negative (but your fruit looks spoiled.)( it is because hubs ate the good ones), then end on a positive (I like the way you stacked the berries!).  You can use this any where.  Workplace, school, with your own kids…

3. No name calling.  I’m sensitive.

So, let me have it!  Nicely.  :)  Plus, I want to see what you guys have learned in the last 3 weeks!



0.7k + plans to celebrate!!

so, I just kit 700 followers! to some that may not mean much, but as someone who didn’t think they’d get even 20 people looking at their blog, it truly means the world to me.

in honour of reaching this incredibly awesome milestone, I want to celebrate! except, I’m not sure how.

if there’s anything YOU’D like to see me celebrate with (a game, blogrates, aesthetics, PRACTICALLY ANYTHING YOU WANT), let me know!! please please send me an ask with anything you’d like me to do; I want to be able to celebrate with you, not to you.

once again, thank you so so so much for such an incredible achievement! I love you all to the stars and back ❤️

sincerely, lena

Can Nats day 2

Hey guys! So we had a slow start to the morning and misjudged how long it would take to get to the rink so we missed Tessa and Scotts run through. When we got into the venue it was playing purple rain :( I got to catch just the end of their rehearsal which looked really nice they were pretty in their own bubble not really paying attention to other teams. They were super fierce when they would practice little snipped from the SD. I have vids. I went back for pairs practice and I absolutely LOVE Kirsten’s dress so sparkly and pretty. They had such a good practice landing everything well. Meghan and Eric also looked good. Much more confidence than earlier this season. I found Lubov and Dylan to be a little stand offish with each other and their practice wasn’t super strong they just didn’t seem to have a command of the ice.

Ladies was sooooo awesome to watch. The last flight of ladies were fierce. Kaetlyn takes the cake for me! She gives off and air of confidence and sophistication-love it!

Ice dance!!! Watching the difference in quality and speed is so apparent between younger teams and upper level teams. Tessa and Scott skated pretty well, little twizzle issue there that Scott was pretty frustrated about but they still were great. Very fast and great performance. They had a preskate hug before practice I have it on video but you can only see Scott because there’s a guy standing in the way. But Tessa was stroking his back a bit in it, very sweet.

@canadianvirtues wanted to meet Marie France aka BAE so I went with her to take her picture and Marie France said “oh I know you friend” (meaning me, she’s so cute). She was super nice again. In the photobooth they have the sign that says “You’re the Scott to my Tessa” so we took pics with it so cute! I took a pic of it that I’ll post.

Men’s program was a little crazy so many falls and hands down and step outs. I love Liam and was sad to see him have a rough skate. His music is so captivating despite the mishaps. Pchiddy… what can I say? I want to sign the petition that chiddy shouldn’t have to jump he’s just so pretty to watch and I just want all the jumps to work out for him. We called it a night early because we’re exhausted so no pairs tonight but we will tmo.

I’m working on uploading yesterday’s video right now. So today’s won’t be up for a bit!

Congrats Jack!

To @therealjacksepticeye

Late to the party but I really wanted to show some love! 13 is an awesome number and you deserve every zero at the end of it! I’m a terrible artist but a little celebratory Sam is easy enough for me :D (And I’ve been obsessed with watercolors lately, so it’s a great excuse to practice!)

So there’s this “What paladin are you?” test on the Voltron site..

That seems to give you some info about the characters.. And I found some of the stuff very interesting, so I’m just gonna share my thoughts here. (answers colored according to the paladin)

What I love about this is that Keith maybe isn’t very passionate about flying even, and is still like the best pilot of their generation. While Lance probably loves it so much but just sucks at it. 

I think we all can identify with Lance there haha.

(Keith is that artist with no formal education that draws freaking awesome art and is like “meh just a lil doodle I did in 2 minutes” and makes everyone go “Holy shit that’s amazing!” while Lance is there sweating, practicing day and night, spends 4 years in art school, reads all the tutorials online, and it still takes him 6 hours to draw a stick figure and he’s so proud of it and he goes to show it off to everyone and everyone just go “wow, you suck Lance.” haha. Hang in there Lance, we believe in you!!! You’re gonna be great one day!)

Probably my favorite part about this whole quiz.

Shiro’s fear is regret huh.. This connects to what he said to Pidge when he quoted her dad “If you get too worried about what could go wrong, you might miss a chance to do something great”. 

I wonder if Shiro did something or didn’t do something that made him feel regretful in the past. This is very interesting actually, cause it makes it seem like Shiro is the kind of person who just goes “YOLO” at things haha, or maybe someone who’s really afraid of making mistakes and has to force himself to go “YOLO” at things. (I just wanna see Shiro going YOLO at everything haha)

Pidge’s fear is failure. Not sure if it’s just related to finding her family or something deeper.

Hunk is.. well not much to say about that.

Lance! Losing... So like, a self confidence problem? My guess, and you can see it very clearly in the show I think, he probably doesn’t think much of himself despite how he acts and talks.

Keith, wow, I… I dunno where to even start on that one. Just gonna say, buckle up! Cause we’re probably in for a very emotional ride there with Keith. 

That boy is gonna feel so much. 

I wonder though, is he scared of feelings because maybe he considers them a weakness? Maybe because as a freedom seeking person he’s scared of attachments? Is it because he experienced something very painful that made him not wanna feel anything ever again?

Also ok, we definitely see something that looks like feelings there atleast when it comes to Shiro… (Not that much with the rest yet. yet.) like you know, the kind that I think Keith is afraid of.. So now I’m even more curious about what the hell that’s about, and I really wanna see how it’s gonna develop.

Well not much to say here..

So, why I haven’t seen any fan art of the paladins with their official animal yet? Where it’s hiding?

Constantly losing focus while you study be frustrating. We will go through some of the top study tips that can allow you to focus and study effectively.

Remind yourself why
One of the key things that help us maintain focus no matter what, is by getting really interested in whatever we are doing. So find a way to make your topic interesting, relatable and practical in your life.

Remind yourself that you want to study to expand your worldly knowledge, to graduate, get into a field that you can flourish in, and provide some value to the world with your awesomeness. Also try thinking in metaphors and whatifs. It’s your mind, no one else has access to it, so think of wondrous things to make yourself want to devote the next few hours of your life to the task at hand.

Before studying

  1. Plan out what you want to accomplish and give yourself a time limit. For example, I will read 10 pages from my psych textbook in 30 minutes, or I will spend 1 hour researching the key words for my report.
  2. Get enough sleep. Ideally around 7-9 hours. If you sleep earlier, you may need less sleep, but please never do less than 6. Constant sleep deprivation is deteriorating for the brain and body.
  3. Eat foods that help you focus. Which include blueberries, green tea, avocados, spinach, kale, salmon, nuts and seeds. I often have a spinach, banana & kale smoothie with matcha green tea powder, but you can combine some of the ingredients in a quick sandwich if you like.
  4. Your brain mainly works on sugar, but you need to temper it with a protein or something with low GI, to reduce any blood-sugar problems which can lead to sudden tiredness. A quick way to find a a balance is to opt for a fruit or healthy smoothie.
  5. Be aware that if you study right after having a heavy meal the blood circulating around your brain reduces and goes to help with digestion, so you may feel less alert. Smaller meals can help.
  6. Take supplements that help you focus: fish oil, omega 3, Ginko Biloba, vitamin B12, Co-Enzyme Q10, and iron.
  7. Identify whatever distracts you and find a way to minimise it. So perhaps you can go to a non-distracting environment, if that is an issue. I prefer libraries or coffeeshops.
  8. Surround yourself with motivated people. If you can befriend the top few students in your class, or at least be on nicer terms with them, hopefully their studiousness will rub off on you.
  9. Have all the stationary and materials you need at hand.
  10. Set up a reward system, but avoid food as a reward as it can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. Instead try a relaxing activity, or hobby. Pretty much any incentive you can think of that will help you cross the finish line.

While studying

  1. Prime - Spend 2 minutes skimming or figuring out what you will be going through.
  2. Drinking game - Keep a bottle of water or two next to you. Drink a cup or a half cup worth every time you get distracted for more than 5 seconds.
  3. Put distractions in their place - Write down any distracting thoughts in a small notebook. But remember it’s not supposed to act as your pretty bullet journal, but you can make another spread for if it you like. I made a small notebook the other day to write down quick thoughts that I would otherwise dwell on. It helps me direct my thoughts appropriately to what I’m studying, and still have those important ideas to refer to later.
  4. Motivate yourself - Write out exactly why you want to be a [insert awesome career position] in detail with examples. Keep that page or post-it on hand and look at it when you feel yourself losing focus. It can give you a motivational boost and can inspire you to keep going. Sometimes I like to visualise specific scenarios of how I could help people once my finish my studies.
  5. Take strategic breaks - Remove yourself from your study space and think of something else for a few minutes. You can get a snack, walk around, do a quick workout, look outside, and notice nature. Practice being present in the moment. Listen to of the world around you and get out of your head.
  6. If you feel you can not sustain your concentration on a task for too long, you may switch between two different yet equally important tasks. But try to do a big task for at least 20 minutes, you never know, by then you might like it. Some studies show, it takes 20 minutes to really get into concentrating on something.
  7. Reduce as many distractions as you can, including turning off notifications and wifi, putting you phone on do not disturb or airplane mode, and try blocking apps.
  8. Track how you use your time. I like the apps ‘Now and Then’ and ‘Moment’ for iOS. So you can see how much you have accomplished or slacked off.
  9. Write draft first. Edit and prettify later.
  10. If you’re in the final stage, focus on the fact that you have made it this far and that you’re almost done.
  11. Try to make it fun somehow, perhaps with strategies you used when you were a kid.
  12. Use as many senses as you can.
  13. Record your voice and say whatever you are reading or writing in different accents.
  14. Draw quick doodles next to whoever you are doing to help you remember it better.
  15. As long it’s not your first draft, feel free to use colourful pens, highlights and tape to keep you engaged.

After studying

  1. Revise whatever you have accomplished just before your break, by quickly skimming through your most recent notes or readings.
  2. Consequent revision schedule. The best way to remember what you have worked on is to revise it in specific intervals, after you have studying it. So after five minutes, in that evening before bed, the next day, at the end of the week and then in three weeks.
  3. Reward yourself, as long as you feel like you ended up accomplishing something you couldn’t before.

You can try out each step for two days each to see which strategies work best for you.

I hope these tips can help you, and feel free message me if you would like more details for one of the points :)

It’s okay to be slow when you’re making art.

So I kind of wanted to make a post about this.

I know some of you look around, and you see all these artists making such beautiful art in time spans of like an hour or a few hours, and then you look at your work and you get so demoralized because you’re taking so long.

I’m here to tell you that that’s perfectly okay. You’re not other artists. You are you, and your work defines you. If you need to take 10 hours, or even days to complete your art piece, it is okay, because it’s yours. You’re doing your best to make your art what you want it to be, and just because you can’t do it in a few hours like other artists do, it doesn’t make the value of your work any less. In fact, your patience and perseverance is absolutely admirable.

Take your time. You’re using your hands to create something that you love. Don’t let the people around you that you see hinder that in any way. You will definitely get faster in time, but if you give up now, thinking that you’ll always be this slow when you make art, you’ll never reach that stage. This applies not only to art, but also to other skills that you’re trying to pick up.

So look at what you yourself are doing, instead of looking around at others. Don’t worry too much, and enjoy yourself in the process of creation and learning! :)


Wow it’s already been 5 whole years since I joined the tumblr. I’ve met a lot of awesome people on here and thank all of the followers I have gained throughout. My arts grown a lot too and hope to continue to do so! My new years resolution is to try and be more active and motivated with my art and the online and local community. I feel like I used to do a lot more things but got a little emotionally tired along the years and it’s time to get that inspiration back. Art wise I want to continue developing my style and practice perspective angles.

I also hope to bring more products to my shop and artistic content for everyone to enjoy. Thanks so much for the support everyone has given me!

[This fic was requested by @awesome-impala1967as well as one anonymous individual I believe, I hope you all enjoy it! Also if you guys are interested this fic was inspired by Distance by Christina Perri so if you guys wanted to listen to it I recommend you start listening when they mention someone named Tobias]

“So did I tell you this is fucking awesome? Because it is fucking awesome,” I was practically bouncing with the excitement of it all, but he was still in character so he just looked at me with mild irritation.
           "I met Will Smith, did you see that? I met The Prince, I am-“ he gave me a look before entering his trailer.
           "I can be chill, I can totally be- there’s Margot! Oh God, she is so beautiful!”
           I followed after him quickly, he was already seated with his laptop out and I took a calming breath.
           "Admittedly I have no chill when it comes to certain celebrities. You’d think I’d be used to all this by now but come on, it’s like Christmas!“
           "Quiet,” he growled.
           I rolled my eyes, flopping back on the small couch. Sneaking a glance over at him I smiled.


           I jumped, dropping my mug when there was a loud pound on the door. I cursed when it shattered and a piece of it cut my foot and shrieked when scalding coffee splashed on me. For fuck sakes! Looking at my watch I threw my hands up in the air, 3am. Who the fuck pounds on the door like that at 3… Oh. Of course, how could I have forgotten for a second?
           Limping over to the door I pulled it open. He wasn’t there though, but on the carpet just outside the door sat a little black gift box.

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Friends with Kids

I see your friends with benefits fics and raise you friends with kids.

A/N: So this started out as a list fic and then turned into 5,000 words.

For your consideration. Picture Holster as a coach for peewee hockey and there’s this little girl, let’s call her Piper, and she’s super cute and her parents are literally always late to pick her up from practice. Once Holster had to call them and remind them to come pick her up cause practice had ended an hour ago - and just, this girl is so awesome and loves hockey even though she kind of sucks at it and she carries this little Dora the Explorer backpack with her everywhere. 

So whenever she’s waiting for her parents to pick her up she’ll grab a book or toy or coloring book out of her back pack and at first she’d just play quietly while waiting, but then Holster tells the other coaches they can go on ahead (cause they’re always anxious to leave once practice is done since it’s unpaid volunteer work) and he starts talking to her. Eventually one day after practice she just sort of climbs up into Holster’s lap while they’re waiting in the lobby and gives him her book to read to her and his heart just? melts a little honestly

And he legit always comes home to Ransom - they’re roommates, again because Holster tried the whole nine to five thing three states away from Ransom and he would rather be barely making ends meet by working at the local hockey rink than making six figures if it means he gets to spend every day with his best friend - but that’s a whole other story. But anyway he is always talking about how smart Piper is and what funny thing she did that day. Ransom even feels like he kind of knows her because Holster talks about her so much. 

One day when they have a game on a day that Ransom has off from the hospital he surprises Holster by showing up. He talks to the other parents in the stands and quickly figures out which kid is Piper, because when they come out onto the ice Holster is practically carrying her and it takes almost a full three minutes of coaxing before she lets go of him and skates over to her spot on the ice. 

Ransom thinks that’s like the cutest thing ever. He asks the parents who are sitting near him whose kid she is and all the parents are saying she isn’t theirs and Ransom is confused before one of the moms sitting nearby asks who he’s talking about again. He points to number three on the ice and the mom tells him that Piper is in foster care and the parents – “are a steaming pile of shit.”

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imagine :: Newt & Hagrid & Charlie meeting up

Request: What if Newt, Hagrid and Charlie just banded together and share notes and tips about their magical creatures?

Notes: I actually really couldn’t stop smiling the entire time writing this. :))) 

Originally posted by pixeloutput

  • They have a name for their little “study group”. Newt would want it to be something practical like “Society for the Study and Preservation of Magical Creatures” but Hagrid and Charlie would want something like “S.C.A.B.B.” (Social Club for Awesome Bleedin’ Beasts). So SCABB it would be.
  • Charlie getting a kick out of calling them all scabs.
  • They meet at the Three Broomsticks when Charlie and Newt are back in England, and it’s easy for Hagrid as it’s so close to Hogwarts.
  • Hagrid adding his own commentary to Newt and Charlie’s travel stories making them burst out laughing constantly.
  • Charlie rolling his eyes at how cuddly and sappy Newt and Hagrid tend to get with their creatures. 
  • Charlie trying to persuade Hagrid to put certain creatures into Hogwarts classes and Hagrid refusing due to the curriculum (and it’s against the rules to allow any creature above an XXX rating to school).
  • “Ohhh now you’re suddenly a rule follower?”

Originally posted by undergroundmindpalace

  • Hagrid asking Newt for advice on constructing habitats for the creatures at Hogwarts.
  • They’re really into dragons. Like really
  • They’ve all worked with fairly different dragon breeds so collectively together they have a very extensive knowledge.
  • They sometimes get into heated debates about which dragon is the most challenging to work with, but they always end up concluding that they are all equally awesome.
  • Newt letting Charlie and Hagrid into his case!
  • Charlie and Hagrid kind of losing their minds at how wonderful Newt’s creatures are and immediately trying to make friends with them. 

Originally posted by nonmugglegal

  • Charlie and Hagrid basically wanting to never leave Newt’s case but Newt kicking them out when it’s “nap time” for his “children.”
  • Charlie and Hagrid picking up any homeless or hurt creature they come across and then giving it to Newt so it can live in his case. “I can’t keep it with my job. I’m out with dragons from dawn ‘till dusk.” “Dumbledore’ll have my ‘ead if I bring another thing into the castle!”
  • Newt always relenting because he can’t resist. “Look at them cute ‘lil eyes, Newt! How can you say no?”
  • All of them comparing burn marks and scars and telling the stories behind them. “Never thought a puffskein could do that, did’ya?”
  • They end each meeting with a toast to all the fantastic beasts of the world.
  • They keep in contact with each other regularly through letters and postcards that magically end up finding them wherever they are in the world.
  • All of them knowing that no matter where they go they always have friends who understand their passion, even if nobody else does. 

Originally posted by my-harry-potter-generation

Thank you to everyone who sent in prompts based on this awesome pose sheet! Got some good tablet practice in, and took my first serious crack at drawing TFA characters. I’m totally going to keep going with the prompts, but I’m very slow so don’t wait up. 


Nagisa’s Graduation Album Mini-Chapter: Succession Compilation

Here’s an English translation of Nagisa’s chapter from the Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: Graduation Album!

Page 1

Mohawk Guy: Your lessons at teaching practice have a great reputation, so I made some secret preparations to send you to Paradise High School.
Nagisa: ……
Long haired student: Our dream?
Long haired student: A world without teachers!
Nagisa: I won’t let go
Nagisa: Because my teacher would have done the same!

Page 2

Random student 1: It’s  really Haruna Mase!
Random student 2: Super-cute!
Random student 3: Awesome! This is the first time I’ve seen an actress in person!  
Kayano: I…I thought we’d be able to meet, just the two of us!!
Random student 4: Don’t mess with me, we’re all high schoolers!! There’s no reason that there’d be guys here that couldn’t survive the law of the jungle!!
Random student 5: Ah, what? Nagisa, you’re already getting out?
Nagisa: You guys mentioned… a rumor about twenty-eight heroes who saved the Earth.
Nagisa: That’s absolute nonsense.
Nagisa: Those who were there weren’t heroes. No matter where they are, they are killers.

…It kind of sounds like Nagisa is planning to murder those guys in the background. Haruna Mase is Kayano’s stage name in case the name doesn’t sound familiar to you.

There’s a lot of random characters in this. I hope this isn’t too confusing to read in spite of all the lines from “Random student X”. I have to admit that the rough way a few students talked were hard for me to understand. Some of them have a thick gangster accent, along with a lot of slang that isn’t in most dictionaries…

Hopefully this is all correct, but there might be a few little mistakes ^.^


You can also find the translations for:

Karma’s chapter

Karasuma’s and Irina’s chapter

Chiba’s and Hayami’s chapter

Asano’s chapter

@fallennoirskeleton Can’t spell awesomeness without woes, my friend!

Hey there, I’m going to be pretty blunt with you for this. You can’t compare yourself to others. You need to take that jealousy n envy and project that into motivation and inspiration. I know it’s hard, I know it’s especially hard to hear and to keep hearing it over and over. You’ll get tired of seeing the same old phrases like “Practice makes perfect!” and “Never say never!!”. Thing is though there is no “perfect” when it comes to art, there are so many grey areas that you could never depict it in black and white. You’re going to fail, you’re going to suck, and you’re going to want to pull out your hair and scream. Art just isn’t an easy path especially if you want to pursue it into something to that of a career and make something of it.
Artists in general are highly underrated, especially those who go into animation and writing as well as many other forms. It sucks in certain aspects.
Looking at me and MC ….. You just can’t do that, y’know? Heck there is so much that I aspire to be when I look up to MC (and many of my other friends) that they probably look up to in others, their selves. There is a huge difference between my less than 1 year of experience in digital art to their almost 7 years now. A HUGE difference. I mean heck, look at one of the first few drawings I did:

I think one of the only reasons why I’ve progressed the way I have is because of the tumblr friends I have made and that I’m also constantly surrounded by art. I take everything in and I spend way more time than I am comfortable saying sitting in my chair and just drawing every single day. Sometimes it gets to a point where it can be unhealthy and I need to remind myself it’s important to be sleeping and eating as well as doing normal adult things.
So while it’s completely normal to be feeling discouraged it’s also important to try and take those feelings and turn them positive to create something that no one else has seen! Every piece of art is unique!! Only YOU can tell a story with your drawings so just go out there and do it for you! Talent is a minuscule portion to what art actually is and cannot be boiled down to something so arbitrary. It’s a lot of hard work, dedication and determination. Ya gotta really want it, but if you do I know you can do it.

So According to Episode 10

JJ still has more base points in his Free Skate than Yuuri does. Even if Yuuri landed all of his jumps perfectly.

So the only way to counter this would be presentation, footwork, and ‘reworking’ the program.

-Yuuri would have to throw in some extra jumps all around or just in the second half, most likely to get more points.


Big OR right there.

-Or somehow make of his Axel a Quad.

-Or both.

But that has never been done in a real life competition. Practice, sure, but never in competition. So could the YOI crew get away with that?

I’d love to see Yuuri landing a Quad Axel! It’d be awesome and even if he didn’t win, his name would go down in history for it.

But would it really work with the show is what I’m worried about.

How is Yuuri going to outdo JJ?

Hi everyone! This is Choko, Kabula and I just wanted to say thank you to you and everyone who has been following us, new and old. We’ve had this blog up for about a year now and we’ve got close to 1k followers (we’re at 997!!!).

While both of us have had numbers like that before on past blogs, this is the first time we’ve sorta hosted a blog that has (almost) all original content on it. Kabula and I both ran Pokémon blogs before this. But getting as many followers from our own original creations really means a lot to the both of us! Seeing so many people like characters like Desi, Cadence, Janette, Thomas, and so many more honestly fills my heart with joy.

So thanks to everyone for being there to show your love and support for what the two of us do! You guys are awesome <333333 Here’s a Juli as a thank you, I’ve been trying to practice with some body references and stuff. I haven’t drawn Juli in a while!

MOMSWAP: Malachite and Peridot
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Steven:</b> Wait, why don't you and Lapis fuse more often? Malachite is so awesome!<p/><b>Jasper:</b> Exactly. Malachite is practically the definition of fun... So Peridot doesn't want her around.<p/><b>Peridot:</b> That is not true! I do like fun! I don't like getting thrown halfway across the planet, so that's why I don't exactly... <i>appreciate</i> Malachite.<p/><b>Lapis:</b> Aw, that was just her special way of saying <i> 'I love you!'</i><p/></p><p/><b>Peridot:</b> I felt the bruises more then I felt the love.<p/></p><p/></p>
Yuri Plisetsky appreciation post

Do you remember when you were 15? I barely had motivation to pay attention in my classes, and this boy is on his way to become the next big thing in figure skating. Think of all the hard work he has had to put in to be so good at his age.

Now he’s training nonstop with a professional Ballerina! He doesn’t complain, he just grits his teeth and keeps practicing. The amount of willpower and dedication that takes is amazing.

In summary, Yurio is awesome!