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Hi Duke, I write a lot, both for leisure and for university and the problem is that it puts strain on my neck and back. I've tried all sorts of things to ease the pain but nothing seems to work. Do you know of any healthy sitting positions I could try? What do you usually do? Thank you.

Trust me, friend, you do not want to do what I do because my back is so fucked up I sometimes can’t sleep for weeks at a time. This is a better question for your doctor or a chiropractor than for me.  

“You’re too young to be so sick!”

“You’re too young to be using a mobility aid!”

“Why do you rest so much? You’re so young!”

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[gif: Hades from Disney’s Hercules saying “I know! I know. I know. I got it. I get the concept” while his hair flares from blue to red]

“I never signed up to be an activist but it kind of came with the territory. And I’m not complaining because I wholeheartedly believe in everything I speak out on. My motivation really comes from the hundreds of people that contact me online and confide in me and tell me how just seeing my image or reading one of my interviews has helped them. I’ve realized that I am somehow now in the position to use my voice to speak for millions who will never get the chance to and I don’t take that lightly…Knowledge truly is power and enlightening the ignorant creates a ripple effect that I believe would be a great start to a better existence.” - Jillian Mercado for @posturemag

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There’s no after-smacc image he’s dead and we all fucking know it

Being chronically ill and concerned about your weight is wild like… oh u wanna exercise? U can’t. Faint. Pain. Oh so eat healthy then? Nope. Need to eat one hundred salts. Meal replacements? Not enough water.

Like listen body I’m tryna LOOK AFTER U?