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“I banished you for good.”

His companion grins. “Almost. Love of a good man and all that. Though,” he drawls, pointing two fingers at Edward and lowering his thumb in a crude mimicry of a handgun, “we both know how that turned out. Yikes.”

Lost Souls Forever, by @okimi79 & @riddlelvr


I just rediscovered my developmental artwork for one of my uni projects, in which I collaborated with @ts-porter to illustrate their short story about steampunk lesbians. Most of the early art was getting a feel of the setting.

Kaede and Tenko sang a special song for Kaede’s birthday!


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Thank you!!! ;) ♥

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Galka Static of the Friendly Galka FC, Diabolos Server

Just wanted to throw up some screens of our last night as 8. (Full view that first one!) I had such an amazing time with this group, especially this tier. They’re the only static I’ve ever run with from early-3.0 and onwards, and I couldn’t have gotten luckier than to make these amazing friends- such skilled players to tackle new content with. Not to mention getting to meet most everyone back at Las Vegas Fanfest in October, that was the best experience!

With a few people taking a break from the game and one of us moving servers, the lull before xpac is a good time for us to mostly take a break. Most of us will be reforming for the next raid cycle, so I really look forward to that!

See you in Stormblood!