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 Newcomers from Instagram. 

So I noticed a lot in the Fairy Tail fandom are migrating to Tumblr or making accounts after Instagram is disabling accounts. This is a post to make ours and your lives easier.

First off. Do not post anything you did not make. Google is a search engine, not a source for all your reposting glory. Didn’t make it? Don’t post it.

There is absolutely NO reason for you to repost artwork/gifs/edits on here or anywhere to be honest. If you want something on your blog. REBLOG IT.

Can’t find the original artist? Ask someone without uploading it, or you know what, I’m really not sorry but you just can’t have it on your blog then.

There are plenty of artists/graphic makers on here, you do not need to re-post their content. If you want a list, feel free to message me or anyone in the fandom, they will happily link their favourite graphic makers/artists on this site. These people work hard and spend hours making content for the fandom, and it’s really disrespectful when you see people reposting something you’ve made.

If you repost, don’t be surprised if Tumblr removes it. It’s not allowed, it’s in the guidelines, it’s in the rules, artists and graphic makers report it when they see a repost of their work. So save us all time please.


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GOT7 reaction to you having low self esteem

@cool-kat-101 said:  Hi, I would like a scenario with got7 and bts on how they would if their girl was being to hard on herself or has a low self esteem… 😊 thank you and I really love your posts!!!☺☺👍👍👍👍

- Comingg right uppp, Hope you enjoy and thank youuu and I love you -AdminKookie

Jackson: “Hey! Don’t think like that! You are beautiful” *serious*

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Mark: “You are… The person who I love with all my heart, and you know that..So don’t think that way about yourself, be positive” 

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Bambam: “Don’t bring yourself down because of something that is not worth it. I love you” 

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Youngjae: *when you are feeling down because of something not worth* *gif*

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Yugyeom: “I said so many timies…. Get yourself together Y/N. I love you more than anything and you still have those thoughts about yourself?” *sad bc doesn’t know what to do*

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Jaebum: “You. Are. Happiness and joy to my life. Don’t ever think the way you do” 

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Jr: “Don’t ever think of yourself that way, because world didn’t see you yet and you need to show how beautiful you actually are. Inside and outside” *gif*

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8x10 “Torn and Frayed”
Angels Are Watching over You…

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

The silent storytelling in this moment is amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. Because not only do we have Dean post purgatory back to sleeping fully clothed, which was a thing right after he returned from Hell and since he he was literally ripped apart there, he kept as many layers of protective clothing on as possible. Something similar feels to be the case post purgatory, where Dean a) seems to have slept an extreme minimum and maybe not at all and b) had to be read to fight for his life at any given time. So he even sleeps with his boots still on. Aside from that the way Dean lies on that sofa with the bottle of beer craddled in his arm, he lookd so vulnerable. But the fact that he has that bottle nestled so close and having fallen asleep that way suggests he passed out while drinking, maybe even drank more than a few to also forget about his fight with Sam. This is in so far fitting as drinking is one way of Dean’s coping mechanisms when he is feeling low, but the fact that just seconds later we see that Dean had also been visiting a porn site is another exmple of how Dean deals in times of big disstress (see meta on that aspect in previous post) to distract himself. When what Dean truly misses is a connection he opts for the physical kind that may make a it a bit better for the time, but can’t really provide what Dean truly wants. And of course aside from all that there’s the part about how Mary used to tell Dean that “angels were watching over him” he slept. Well, Castiel has proven her to be right a handful of times, much to Dean’s dismay. ;)

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Bea if you don't mind me asking can I please ask you how you made the typewriter moving effect for the word "cat" in this set of yours: /post/123377616424/its-useful-being-top-banana-in-the-shock ? I want to make an edit that's something like this but i have no idea how to do so. :( Thank you for your help in advance. <3

I worked on each gif for 3-5 hours so I don’t think I have the energy to make it brief and simple… :( You see, I made this from scratch, with the actual scene as a frame of reference. All of the shapes and vectors and animation were done per layer. The simple answer to your question is: Visibility. I pre-made all the layers I needed before I did the animation. Then I just tick the visibility layer (the eye icon in your layers) to make them appear and disappear. 

Pro-tip: Play around your workspace and you’ll eventually figure it out. It’s pretty easy, it’s just tedious and very time-consuming.

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WHY do so many of HL's interactions in the early days feel like something we shouldn't be seeing? Like that gif about "I have something to say" and then Harry covers Louis' mouth and Louis just holds his hand - something about it feels... I don't know. Intimate or something. Not for anyone else's eyes. *sigh*

Do you mean this, Nonnie??

From this post?

I don’t know what to tell you, but if you ever get a chance to ask them why they’re like this, please get me an explanation for this as well:

Because I haven’t slept since I first saw it.  

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You've seen WALL-E, right? If so, you know when WALL-E gives Eve the bubble wrap and says "mm pop" (or maybe it's "you pop" but I can't quite tell)? When I see you on my dash, that's what I immediately think of/hear.

WALL-E is one of my favorite Pixar movies of all time, anon! I love it to absolute bits.

I’m glad my blog reminds you of something so sweet and happy, because whenever I see any of my posts all I ever hear is a heavy, high-pitched, painful ringing in my inner ear for the next few hours.

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Do people ever para? I looked through some pages from the blog roll and it looks like it's all gif chats and text convos. I like this RP but i want something with writing and char development

hello!! as marls have mentioned here, the writing in this roleplay varies. we have a mixture of gif chats, texts, snapchats and of course, para. we don’t limit our members here because we do want everyone to be comfortable in this roleplay no matter the format they choose to play their characters through. while we do have gif chats going on, majority of them are written in para forms; and we actually do have members who are currently engaging through paras. writing paras takes time so having a few text posts, snapchats and gif chats threads in between is reasonable and gets the timeline moving in my opinion. as for character development, i can assure you that this roleplay fully supports it. i really do hope you consider in joining. it would be a pleasure to write with you as a fellow roleplayer.

no baby it’s just a bad night i’m absolutely fine: a collaboration between the sainted max and myself


favorite movies: the dreamers (2003) dir. bernando bertolucci

I could hear my heart pounding. I don’t know if it was because I’d just been chased by the police or because I was already in love with my new friends.