and possibly write some brotp fics

OUAT Positivity Week is an event to help spread kindness throughout the Once fandom. Much like the “ship centric” weeks you see going around tumblr. Each day of the week will have a prompt related to the ideas of anti bullying, family,friendship, kindness or positive shipping.  Blogs will be encouraged to make art, post gif sets, write fics, and create videos related to each days prompt.

Some examples for the possible prompts or themes could be..

  •  Friendship Day: A day to celebrate all the brotps and friendships on OUAT. 
  • Hate Curse Day:  Where your ship works to battle against the hate curse coming their way. (A day to show your ships confronting bullying or hate in general)

  • Crossover Day: A day where you take happy or positive scenes from other books, movies, TV shows etc. and make them work for OUAT. 
  • Guilty Pleasure/Niche Ship Day: A Day to celebrate not only some of the smaller ships of OUAT but also a day for some of the more wild ships to make an appearance. 

  • Disney Day: A day to show, your favorite ships watching their Disney movies together, meeting their animated counterpart, going to Disney World etc. Really this day could be anything you’d want it to be as long as it is related to Disney in some way.
  • Personal Story Day: Mostly this would just be a day for people to spread their own personal stories about bullying. 
  • Humor day: This day would be a day to create something that you think will make other shippers laugh. 

  • Act of Kindness Day: You can either surprise a random follower with something special, show the characters being kind to one another or simply give a shout out to someone you think deserves it.
  • Rewrite a Scene Day : Often the conflicts on OUAT are fought with death and destruction. This day would be a day to re-write the conflict being solved in a positive way.

  • Holiday Day: The holidays are often a time when many families struggle to get along and somehow work through their problems. So on this day blogs will be encouraged to show their characters spending a holiday together.

These examples are just some ideas. I will be accepting suggestions for prompts over the next week. I will then allow everyone to vote for their favorites.  

Important dates

  • Due date for submitting prompt ideas: Wednesday June  25th
  • Prompt voting ends: Sunday June 29th
  • OUAT Positivty Week: July 13th to July 19th

I’m always asked what is the best way to stop the hate. The answer is  there is no way to stop hate. But we can combat the hate by spreading positivity. I hope this event can blossom into something beautiful because I know this fandom is cable of doing great things. 

Anything entered in OUAT Positivity Week will also be included in Operation Positive OUAT (if you want it to be) 

If you have any questions or if you would like to submit a prompt idea Please visit my Inbox or my submit box.