and possibly the 1970s


More History lads and lasses.

For 1969 the name “Cobra” is lost and it is baptized again such as the Shelby GT350 or Shelby GT500, while receiving a Great redesign. The length was increased by 10 cm. These Decisions were made mostly by Ford.

-The Shelby GT350 now equipped a 5.7L (351 cu in) engine.

-Carrroll Shelby canceled its agreement with Ford during the Summer of 1969.

In the photos we have the 1969 Shelby GT350 Fastback, clarifying that possibly the owner add the black stripes like the 1970 Shelby. But that’s another story.

Swing Dancing

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 750
Warnings: Fluff.
Challenge:  This was written for @wi-deangirl77‘s Follower Celebration and Birthday Challenge.  My song was “Candyman” by Christina Aguilera.

Authors Note: This was meant to be smutty to go with the song but I’ve written so much smut today that I just don’t have it in me to write one more sex scene so I went with fluff. I’m sorry !

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John Lennon and George Harrison rehearsing “How Do You Sleep?” and “Oh My Love” in May 1971 (courtesy: YouTube user SailAwayRaymond7). 

“There’s a guy called George Harrison who’s on it [the Imagine LP], and who does some mother of solos. George used to be with the Bubbles or somebody.” - John Lennon, NME, July 1971 [x]

“Did you know that George wanted to redo his guitar solos on ‘Gimme Some Truth’ and ‘How Do You Sleep?’ That’s the best he’s ever f***ing played in his life! He’d never get that feeling again. He’d go on for ever if you let him.” - John Lennon on George Harrison, June 1971 [x]

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm new to the McLennon fandom and I've been checking your blog for a while now, and I noticed how you always say that John was ready to go back to Paul in the 80s, so I want to ask you: what gives you this idea? Could you explain it to us, please? I hope I'm not asking repetitive questions or smth like that. Your blog's pretty cool, btw :)

First of all, to talk about John’s desire to go back to Paul and England, we have to talk about 1975 and the Lost Weekend first. Cause that was the first time he mentioned his desire to go back working with Paul.

Piotrowski: “Did John ever talk about the four of them getting together? Do you think it would have happened?”
Pang: “Yes. We did.”
Piotrowski: “Wow”
Pang: “Absolutely. (Quoting John) Maybe we’ll do one.”
Piotrowski: “One song?”
Pang: (Quoting John) “If one comes around and it works, maybe we’ll do another.”
Piotrowski: “Yeah.”
Pang: “But, yeah, we talked about it. And the first one that they talked about was early on, because it was early in ‘74 when it was discussed. (Quoting John) ‘Maybe we could do it for Fall of ‘74.’ And Harry Nilsson even said, ‘Oh, I want to sing,’ you know? But, obviously, certain things were not meant to be, as I would say.”
Piotrowski: “It just never happened.”
Pang: “It was just logistics. It was just a bunch of things going on at the time.”

In this interview, May Pang and Bob Bonis express their opinions about John and his desire to get back to Paul

This is a beautiful interview he gave in that period:

This is another beautiful interview in which he discusses the possibility to work again with Paul and go back to  England:

This is a quote by Roger Friedman, American writer who talked with May Pang:

[May] Pang told me the following story: Lennon was making plans to see Paul and Linda McCartney right before Ono pulled her string and brought him home to the Dakota in Manhattan. “Paul and Linda were going to New Orleans to record the Venus and Mars album,” May recalled. “And John found out they would be there. He made plans to surprise them down there. He was in a great mood and he really missed Paul.” Just as Lennon was making this plan, he was also trying to quit smoking. Enter Ono. “She told him she had a method for quitting and he should come over and she’d show him. I had a feeling this was a bad idea. She hadn’t seen him in a while, and I felt something was wrong. John told me not to worry, but I did.” Indeed, Pang was correct, since Lennon did not return to her. Pang can only surmise that Lennon shared his plans with Ono, who feared a reunion with the McCartneys would spur Lennon to leave her forever. Paul McCartney was, and is, Yoko Ono’s prime rival and arch enemy. Case in point: When Linda McCartney died in 1998, Paul didn’t invite Yoko to the memorial service in New York. He did invite May Pang, and she attended. “Linda was wonderful,” she said. At first when Pang told people about Lennon’s plans — after he’d left her — no one believed it. “But then something happened,” she said. “Derek Taylor, the Beatles’ publicist, showed me a postcard he’d gotten from John in England. It said, ‘Going to New Orleans to see Paul.’ And that was it. That was the proof.”- Roger Friedman,, “Lennon planned to visit McCartney in 1974,” September 25, 2011

John also met Paul Simon in that period, and he asked him what he had to do wtih Paul:

“John Lennon once turned to Art Garfunkel for advice about a possible Beatles reunion in the mid-1970s. Garfunkel had set aside his ongoing feud with Paul Simon for a series of reunion concerts and Lennon wanted to pump him for information about the get together after revealing he was receiving offers to team up with Paul McCartney. The Bridge Over Troubled Waters singer recalls his chat with Lennon - in the bedroom of the Dakota building home he shared with Yoko Ono.

“Incredibly disarmingly, he said to me, ‘Artie, you worked with your Paul recently … I’m getting calls … that my Paul wants to work with me and I’m thinking about it … How did it go when you worked with Paul?’ “He was measuring his situation - the great John Lennon with Paul McCartney - with Paul and Artie and testing me out as if to make sure that my ego is fully established as a colleague of his,” he said.

A thrilled Garfunkel felt that his answer could be the catalyst for a Beatles reunion and he responded, “John, remember that there was a musical blend that was a great kick; if you can return to the fun of that sound and musical happenings with your old buddy and ignore the strands and complications of history, what I found with my Paul is the harmony and the sound happenings are a full agenda. They’ll keep you busy and you’ll have fun.”

Garfunkel left the meeting feeling confident that Lennon and McCartney would reunite. Appearing in new movie Beatles Stories, he says, “The subject seemed very straightforward and uncomplicated.” But the songwriting super-duo never did work together again - and Lennon was shot dead outside the Dakota building five years late”

From 1973, the year he had the first fight with Yoko to 1976, The Lost Weekend period, he started expressing his desire to go back to Paul in his songs too, like ‘I know, I know’, a song he wrote for Paul.

But when Yoko came back, suddenly everything wasn’t the same anymore. He came back to his househusband status in late 1976, taking care of Sean, making bread, and soon forgetting what he planned to do.

In 1979 then, and mostly in 1980, when he was splitting up with Yoko, his desire to come back to Paul grew up more, he wrote lots of songs for him. He made 4 demo recordings that he planned to complete with him: Free as a bird,  Real love, Now and then and Grow old with me. But he also wrote ‘Just like starting over’, in which he expresses his huge desire to go back to Paul and England.

Joe Flannery, the Beatles booking manager, and close friend to the Beatles, during an interview shared the last conversation he had with John, a couple of days before his death:

“We enjoyed a lengthy conversation. We talked a lot of rubbish of course. He was very well and happy but he missed Liverpool, he missed the others and he missed London but he told me at one stage that he regretted ‘getting too political’. He said that he had made a bit of a ‘t** of himself’. ‘We should start talking about me coming home before that b****** Nixon gets me’ he said. I was rather taken aback and asked him to explain. John launched into a diatribe against the former president. He was convinced that even out of office Nixon carried power and wanted him dead. He felt some kind of curse was hanging over him. He even suggested that I should fly out to New York when the time came to return with him on the liner. I was flattered but mentioned that I wondered whether the QE2 could actually get down the Mersey. ‘Look into it,’ John shouted, ‘I want to come home in a blaze of glory.’ As one might imagine I was buzzing after this wonderful conversation with my old friend. Of course it was not to be and I was soon to lose another friend pointlessly.”

And this is from the the book “The Beatles - The Dream Is Over - Off The Record 2″ - By Keith Badman:

Just days before his brutal death, John was making plans to return to England for a triumphant Beatles reunion.  His greatest dream was to recreate the musical magic of the early years with Paul, George and Ringo.  That dream depended on the success of ‘Starting Over’.  John was always an Englishman at heart.  He wanted to return to his roots but he wanted to do it in style.  John discussed the possibility of returning to England if ‘Starting Over’ made it to No.1″

Also, Paul always says that in the last period of John’s life they got very close, talking hours on the phone. Also George recalled that in the last period of 1980 John got closer to him and for him that was a good sign, that he probably wanted to get his friendship back. So, as you can see, John really wanted to start over, to go back to Paul, work with him again, and come back to England.

He didn’t just sing it in a song, he really meant it.

anonymous asked:

hey! so im the person who asked for musical recs and im hella new to musicals so i've only listened to hamilton, tgc, deh, and heathers. thanks!

okay, awesome. i think the best way to do this would be to break it up into a few categories. and of course, there’s tons of shows out there that i can’t possibly all mention here! so keep that in mind. these are just a few of my personal faves. (and don’t think you need to listen to all of them! think of this as just a list of possibilities.)

1. THE OLD-SCHOOL CLASSICS–pre 1970, very traditional music, relatively straightforward plots, resolutions, etc

•west side story! you’ve heard of this one. romeo and juliet, but nyc gangs. classic tragic love story with some damn good music.

•the sound of music! don’t watch the carrie underwood version lmao. takes place in 1930s austria. a young aspiring nun isn’t quite fit for the job, so her convent sends her to work as the governess for the seven children of a widower. cute love story, but also they flee from nazis. julie andrews is everything.

•seven brides for seven brothers! this isn’t quite as much of a true classic as much as those first two are, but it’s a personal favorite. a mountain man in 1850s oregon sets out to get a wife; when he successfully returns home, she realizes she’s meant to take care of his 6 uncivilized brothers, too. she whips them into shape, and eventually they all fall in love with 6 of HER friends. shenanigans ensue. questionable gender dynamics but w/e.

2. THE NEW CLASSICS–more recent shows that have established themselves as Important Musicals, may be more experimental or innovative, may just be super popular, either way ought to be remembered down the line

•wicked! a musical prequel to the wizard of oz that explores the relationship between the wicked witch of the west and glinda the good witch…as college roommates. crazy popular show, you might know “defying gravity” or “popular” already.

•rent! be prepared to cry and want to rage against society, dude. centers around a group of artists in new york city near the middle/end of the AIDS epidemic. about half the main characters are lgbtq, and about the same number live with HIV/AIDS. focuses on the artists trying to fight against gentrification and society while also dealing with personal struggles.

•fun home! a very recent show, won the best musical tony in 2015. explores the life of lesbian cartoonist alison bechdel (ever heard of the bechdel test? she inadvertently created it) through three perspectives: her as a young girl, a college student, and an adult reflecting on her life. follows her journey with regards to her sexuality as she grew up and her relationship with her father, a gay man who committed suicide when she was in college. so heartbreaking, so amazing. a personal favorite.

•in the heights! lin manuel miranda’s first show. it follows a close knit community of black and latinx people who all live on the same block in washington heignts. the plot focuses on how the community is rocked by 1. the revelation that one of them has won $96,000 in the lotto and 2. a massive blackout. super funny, super emotional, amazing music.


•hairspray! it takes place in the 1960s (super cute costumes/musical styles) and follows an overweight teenage girl named tracy turnblad who wants to dance on her local tv station’s after school teen dance program. it also addresses the racial struggles of the time as the black dancers fight for the tv station’s integration. super funny, really fun music, lovable characters.

•legally blonde! yes, there’s a musical adaptation of the movie, and i love it. you might know the plot; elle woods, a sorority girl from california, is dumped by her trust fund boyfriend who wants to find someone more “serious” at harvard law, so she decides to get into harvard law to prove her worth to him. along the way, she finds out she’s worth a lot more.

•the book of mormon! i’m not exaggerating when i say this is probably the funniest show i’ve ever seen/listened to. like, the music is laugh-out-loud hilarious. it was actually written by the dudes from south park, so there’s that. it’s about two young clueless mormon missionaries who get sent to uganda and have to try to spread the word of god while trying to fight back against a warlord. so. fucking. funny.

4. AMAZING SCORES–like, i don’t necessarily mean here that i love every single individual song, but if you like incredibly intricate music with beautifully recurring themes (like great comet), these you might like.

•les miserables! one of my personal all-time favorites. it takes place in the early nineteenth century in france, and it’s about this dude named jean valjean, who went to prison for years for stealing bread. he gets out and decides to basically remake his whole life. later, he becomes a successful factory owner and adopts the daughter of one of his former workers, then the daughter grows up and falls in love…there’s a lot going on. just watch the show.

•into the woods! you like fairy tales? well, here’s ALL of them mashed into one show. seriously, sondheim is sorta a crazy genius. it’s about a generic baker who, to lift a curse, has to get jack (and the beanstalk’s) cow, some of rapunzel’s hair, little red riding hood’s cape, cinderella’s shoe…a lot happens, yo.

•sweeney todd! sondheim again, and this one is pretty dark and crazy, lmao. a vengeful barber named sweeney todd starts cutting the throats of his clients, and his accomplice/friend/lover(?) mrs. lovett, who runs a pie shop, starts baking the clients into pies to help get rid of the evidence.

5. WEIRD SHIT–broadway can be weird and experimental, idk.

•spring awakening! based on a german play from the late 1800s, i believe. german farm teens discover the strange wonders of sex for the first time, accompanied by mid-2000s indie rock.

•avenue q! it’s like sesame street rated r. it’s all puppets, except the puppets swear and fuck and stuff. the music is catchy as hell, though.

•little shop of horrors! a classic, tbh. a mild-mannered nerd works in a flower store, comes across a weird-ass alien plant. the plant can talk and stuff. turns out the only thing that can satisfy it is human blood! lots of murder by plant. really funny, though.

6. PERSONAL FAVORITES–things that didn’t fit in any other category precisely but i still like, idk.

•newsies! there’s a movie with baby christian bale lmao, but the stage show is better. newsboys in 1899 go on strike when newspaper suppliers raise prices. VERY dancey. very catchy songs.

•falsettos! oh man, i love crying. a gay man, marvin, leaves his wife (and son, a bit) for his lover, and after everyone finally gets sick of his shit, is forced to reckon with his own maturity and problems. then, in the second act, more stuff happens, but i don’t want to spoil it. PLEASE listen to falsettos. it’s one of my favorites of all time.

•the last 5 years! this show actually has only 2 people in it. it tells the story of a relationship from both people’s perspectives. the thing is, her songs go from the end of their relationship backwards to the beginning, and his go chronologically from the beginning to the end, and they meet just once in the middle. it’s just songs going back and forth, and the songs are pretty wonderful.

•next to normal! it’s about a woman with severe mental health problems and her family trying to make it through as she struggles to find a treatment that will help keep her “balanced.” kinda heartbreaking, kinda wonderful, raises some fascinating questions about mental health and if treatment is right for everyone.

•heathers! you’ve already listened to it. i just love it so i’m gonna say it anyway.

this is, well, TONS of shows, so i think i’m good! happy listening!

Julie striking her best “Little Miss Sunshine of the Sixties” pose for the cover of New York News Sunday magazine in 1964

The acerbic film critic, Pauline Kael, might easily have had cover girl images like this in mind when she wrote:

Julie Andrews, with the clean scrubbed look and the unyieldingly high spirits; the good sport who makes the best of everything; the girl who’s so unquestionably good that she carries this one dimension like a shield. The perfect, perky schoolgirl, the adorable tomboy, the gawky colt. Sexless, inhumanly happy, the sparkling maid, a mind as clean and well brushed as her teeth. What is she? Merely the ideal heroine for the best of all possible worlds. (1970, 178)

Well, here in the best of all possible worlds known as The Parallel Julieverse, we find it entirely possible to love Julie for her upbeat fabulousness and well-brushed teeth and Ms. Kael for her entertaining snark!


Kael, Pauline. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. London: Calder and Boyars, 1970.

© 2017, Brett Farmer. All Rights Reserved

George Harrison, CBS convention, Grosvenor House, London, 26 July 1972 (photo courtesy of; © unknown)

“George pops in…
Looking very much like he did in the heyday of the Beatles, George Harrison popped in at Wednesday night’s revelries at last week’s C.B.S. convention held at London’s Grosvenor House hotel.
George went along to see the four acts which were featured, the opener of the evening being American trio Fishbaugh, Fishbaugh and Zorn with their backing musicians. Also on the bill were Argent, blowing one of their finest sets, Maynard Ferguson and his big band, and closing the night was Johnny Nash, still riding high in the charts with ‘I Can See Clearly Now’.” - News blurb in, possibly, Record Mirror, 1972

We can’t talk about marriage yet because I’m still married to Patti [sic] and I don’t know what will happen about divorce, as neither of us has filed for one. But Olivia is my woman. Everyone knows I only want to be with her.
—  George Harrison, c. 1975/1976, quoted in George Harrison In The News

All ‘27 Club’ posts seem to be all the same people, so i thought id do a full one. (left to right each row)

Name Date of death, cause of death, occupation, age of death.

Alexandre Levy January 17, 1892. Unknown cause of death, Composer, pianist and conductor, 27 years, 98 days

Louis Chauvin March 26, 1908. Neurosyphilitic sclerosis, Ragtime musician, 27 years, 13 days.

Robert Johnson August 16, 1938. Unknown, but typically attributed to strychnine poisoning, Blues singer and musician who recorded a very influential set of 29 songs.

Nat Jaffe August 5, 1945. Complications from high blood pressure Swing jazz pianist, 27 years, 216 days.

Jesse Belvin, February 6, 1960, Car accident R&B singer, pianist and songwriter 27 years, 53 days.

Rudy Lewis May 20, 1964 Drug overdose Vocalist of the Drifters 27 years, 271 days

Malcolm Hale October 31, 1968. Carbon monoxide poisoning, Original member and lead guitarist of Spanky and Our Gang. 27 years, 166 days.

Dickie Pride, March 26, 1969. Overdose of sleeping pills, Rock and roll singer. 27 years, 156 days.

Brian Jones, July 3, 1969. Drowning[24] (coroner’s report states “death by misadventure”), Rolling Stones founder, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. 27 years, 125 days

Alan “Blind Owl” Wilson, September 3, 1970. Barbiturate overdose, possible suicide, Leader, singer and primary composer of Canned Heat. 27 years, 61 days

Jimi Hendrix, September 18, 1970. Asphyxiation, Pioneering electric guitarist, singer and songwriter for The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Band of Gypsys. 27 years, 295 days.

Janis Joplin, October 4, 1970. Probable heroin overdose, Lead vocalist and songwriter for Big Brother and the Holding Company, the Kozmic Blues Band and Full Tilt Boogie Band. 27 years, 258 days.

Arlester “Dyke” Christian, March 13, 1971. Murdered, Frontman, vocalist and bassist of Dyke and the Blazers. 27 years, 273 days.

Jim Morrison, July 3, 1971. Reported as heart failure, Singer, lyricist, and leader of the Doors. 27 years, 207 days.

Linda Jones, March 14, 1972. Complications from diabetes, Soul singer. 27 years, 91 days.

Leslie Harvey, May 3, 1972. Electrocution, Guitarist for Stone the Crows and brother of Alex Harvey. 27 years, 233 days

Ron “Pigpen” McKernan, March 8, 1973. Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, Founding member, keyboardist and singer of the Grateful Dead. 27 years, 181 days.

Roger Lee Durham, July 27, 1973. Fell off a horse and died from the injuries, Singer and percussionist of Bloodstone. 27 years, 163 days.

Wallace Yohn, August 12, 1974. Plane crash, Organ player of Chase. 27 years, 212 days.

Dave Alexander, February 10, 1975. Pulmonary edema, Bassist for the Stooges. 27 years, 252 days.

Pete Ham, April 24, 1975. Suicide by hanging, Keyboardist and guitarist, leader of Badfinger. 27 years, 362 days.

Gary Thain, December 8, 1975. Heroin overdose, Former bassist of Uriah Heep and the Keef Hartley Band. 27 years, 207 days.

Cecilia, August 2, 1976. Car accident, Singer. 27 years, 296 days.

Helmut Köllen, May 3, 1977. Carbon monoxide poisoning, Bassist for 1970s prog rock band Triumvirat. 27 years, 62 days.

Chris Bell, December 27, 1978. Car accident, Singer-songwriter and guitarist of power pop band Big Star and solo. 27 years, 349 days.

Jacob Miller, March 23, 1980. Car accident, Reggae artist and lead singer for Inner Circle. 27 years, 324 days.

D. Boon, December 22, 1985. Van accident, Guitarist, lead singer of punk band the Minutemen. 27 years, 266 days

Alexander Bashlachev, February 17, 1988. Fall from a height, probable suicide, Poet, rock musician and songwriter. 27 years, 266 days.

Jean-Michel Basquiat, August 12, 1988. Speedball overdose. Painter and graffiti artist; formed the band Gray. 27 years, 234 days.

Pete de Freitas, June 14, 1989. Motorcycle accident, Drummer for Echo & the Bunnymen. 27 years, 346 days.

Mia Zapata, July 7, 1993. Murdered, Lead singer of the Gits. 27 years, 316 days.

Kurt Cobain, April 5, 1994. Suicide by gunshot, Founding member, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Nirvana. 27 years, 44 days.

Kristen Pfaff, June 16, 1994. Heroin overdose, Bass guitarist for Hole and Janitor Joe. 27 years, 21 days.

Richey Edwards, February 1, 1995. Disappeared; officially presumed dead November 23, 2008. No body has ever been found. Lyricist and guitarist for Manic Street Preachers. 27 years, 41 days.

Fat Pat, February 3, 1998. Murdered, Rapper and member of Screwed Up Click. 27 years, 61 days.

Freaky Tah, March 28, 1999. Murdered, Rapper and member of the hip hop group Lost Boyz. 27 years, 318 days.

Rodrigo Bueno, June 24, 2000. Car accident, Cuarteto singer. 27 years, 31 days.

Sean Patrick McCabe, August 28, 2000. Asphyxiation, Lead singer of Ink & Dagger. 27 years, 289 days.

Maria Serrano Serrano, November 24, 2001. Plane crash, Background singer for Passion Fruit. 27 years, 363 days.

Jeremy Michael Ward, May 25, 2003. Heroin overdose, The Mars Volta and De Facto sound manipulator. 27 years, 20 days.

Bryan Ottoson, April 19, 2005. Prescription drug overdose, Guitarist for American Head Charge. 27 years, 32 days.

Valentín Elizalde, November 26, 2006. Murdered, Mexican banda singer. 27 years, 297 days.

Amy Winehouse, July 23, 2011. Alcohol poisoning, Singer-songwriter. 27 years, 312 days.

Richard Turner, August 11, 2011.Cardiac arrest, Trumpet player, collaborator with Friendly Fires. 27 years, 12 days.

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Is it possible for you to put a spoiler warning at the start of posts if you're going to discuss extreme plot twists? I just started Leo and I really wasn't expecting to get spoiled that badly out of the blue.

OMG!  I am so sorry!  I will do so from now on!  My deepest apologies!  I need to remember that even a 43 year old TV show can be spoiled when it’s pretty new in the US! You have my word that from now on, any spoiler discussions will be tagged as such.

I really hope you keep watching and enjoying the series, Ultraman Leo really is a good one!

George Harrison, 1969, copyright unknown.

“He’s deep and complex, this George Harrison, and as long as I’ve known him and as much as I like him, I find it difficult to define the man beneath. The balance within him is fine between love and good and bad and a kind of bitter mistrust of some people, among them members of the Press.” - Article and interview by, possibly, Alan Smith, NME, 14 March 1970 [x]

Fun history fact: queer women gaming

Your little history factof the day:

In the 1960′s and 1970′s it slowly became possible for lesbian and bisexual women in the Netherlands to have meetings in bars. But the police hated these places and used any display of ‘indecency’ or ‘dancing without a license’ to arrest visitors, fine bars and shut bars down. As a result women could meet in some venues but were not allowed to show affection to each other. 

In response to this some women’s groups started game nights, playing card games and board games. Whenever a game was won, women would  use the opportunity to affectionately congratulate the winner and games were more about the stolen kisses in that moment of congratulation than about whatever was being played. It worked pretty well and to this day there are women’s and LGBT gaming groups and sports teams that grew out of the tradition of lesbian and bi women’s gaming nights. 


Time Machine Video of the Week

Silversun Pickups - Lazy Eye (2007)

Silversun Pickups are an alternative rock / indie rock band from LA, they were formed in 2002. The band is currently composed of Brian Aubert (guitar, vocals), Nikki Monninger (bass, vocals), Christopher Guanlao (drums) and Joe Lester (keyboards).  Lazy Eye is the third single from Silversun Pickups’ debut album Carnavas. It was released on September 16, 2007. The video was directed by Suzie Vlcek. It takes place in a club, possibly in the 1970s or 1980s judging by the hairstyles and clothing, brimming with teenagers dancing to the song as the band plays live on stage. The video alternates between the band playing, and a young girl with short hair.

I’ve been waiting
i’ve been waiting for this moment all my life
but it’s not quite right

in this ‘real’
it’s impossible if possible
at who’s blind word
so clear but so unheard

i’ve been waiting
i’ve been waiting for the silence all night long
it’s just a matter of time

to appear sad
with the same 'ol decent lazy eye
fixed to rest on you
so clear but so untrue

everyone’s so intimately rearranged
everyone’s so focused with such shine

everyone’s so intimately rearranged
everyone’s so focused with such shine

locked and loaded
still the same 'ol decent lazy eye
straight through your gaze
that’s why i said I relate
i said we relate
it’s so fun to relate

it’s the room the sun and the sky
it’s the room the sun and the sky

i’ve been waiting
i’ve been waiting for this moment…