and poor lucius

Dinner at Malfoy Manor
  • Draco: Father, I have something to tell you...
  • Lucius: What is it
  • Draco: Well you see, Potter -
  • Lucius: *high-pitched shriek* NOT AGAIN
  • Lucius: One meal without talking about Potter, ONE, that's all I'm asking, Draco, how the hell did I raise you into this
  • Lucius: All you can ever talk about is Potter nothing but Potter seriously WHY
  • Lucius: Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter
  • Lucius: Why don't you just fucking marry him
  • Draco:
  • Lucius:
  • Draco:
  • Draco: ... So we have your blessing?
  • Lucius: *goes and drinks the Malfoy wine cellar dry*

Ares: “…. Just because you were born as a certain Pokemon… it doesn’t mean you have to devote your life like that.”

Lucius: “You and your sister have devoted yourself to a cause.”

Ares: “But we chose this path of our own accord. We were born an Espeon and an Umbreon, and neither are known as ‘the daycare Pokemon’. We forged our own destinies.”

Lucius: “……..”

Ares: “… You shouldn’t have to force yourself to be homeless, throwing yourself into the path of danger just because you were birthed with a label. We are more than our bodies… please remember that in our single lives, we can choose to be who we want to be.”

Lucius: “… You have a way with words.”

Ares: “… Indeed I do.”


marauders era // male deatheaters

craig roberts as severus snape

  harry lloyd as lucius malfoy

  iwan rheon as rodolphus lestrange

  aneurin barnard as rabastan lestrange

  skandar keynes as regulus black

Blaise's Adventure at Malfoy Manor
  • Blaise: *goes to Malfoy Manor*
  • Draco: Oh, Blaise, you're here. I need to tell you something.
  • Blaise: *prays to Merlin its not about a particular Gryffindor* Ok, I guess ...
  • Draco: Granger's bushy hair HIT me in the face, and she didn't even say sorry! She smelled like vanilla and books and roses and -
  • Blaise: I can't deal with this anymore. *walks into Lucius's study*
  • Lucius: Hello Mr. Zabini. Tell me, has my son's obsession with the Granger girl passed?
  • Blaise: No, sir.
  • Lucius: Good, good. *whips out Dramione apparel and "GO DRAMIONE" signs* Is Cassiopeia or Lyra a better name for a girl? How about Scorpius or Abraxas for a boy? Or how about--
  • Blaise: *face palms and gets ready to floo back home*
  • Meanwhile....
  • Draco: Blaise? Where are you? I just realized vanilla and books and roses and Hermione smell like my Amortentia.
  • Draco: BLAISE! I need your help. Where'd he go?

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Fortunately, Amber just happened to have a wedding gown and a tux in Sean’s size, so they were married immediately in a ceremony in her backyard that nobody else witnessed.

“I’m so happy, Sean,” Amber told him as she looked over his shoulder at the new world they were only just beginning to create.  “But I can’t help but feel that I’m forgetting something.”

“I know just the thing to take your mind off of those worries,” he replied with a wink as he swept her off of her feet.

“Keep the hat on,” she whispered into his ear as he carried her towards the bedroom.


(Part 4 of 4)

Draco had no friends.

Hear me out.

His friends, that we know of, were Goyle, Crabbe, Parkinson and Blaise. But it was probably just cause their parents were in acquaintance with his parents. I imagine Lucius telling Draco who he’d be attending school with. “And make sure you are on good terms with Goyle and Crabbe. They always come around for dinner with their patents and you’ve met them, haven’t you?"And since Draco had leadership in him, those kids naturally just stick to him.

But in book 6 it’s obvious that he had no friends. No one he could trust with his burdens. And it’s just incredibly sad.


But I got this far, didn’t I? They thought I’d die in the attempt, but I’m here…

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mellenabrave  asked:

I love how DC made it a point that Duke is not Robin in rebirth and we all just made it a point to ignore them 😂😂.

Omg, I know, right? Duke is Robin. He is part of the Batfam. I love him. He is my son now.  Fight me. But the problem is… if Duke’s Robin, and Damian’s Robin… who’s driving the Batmobile?

Idk, I think it could get a little confusing name-wise. But I imagine Duke and Damian taking advantage of that hardcore.

“Would you like to punch the drug dealer in the face, Robin?”
“Yes. Very much. Thank you, Robin.”
“That was a good swing, Robin.”
“I’ll let you take the next one Robin.”

And Bruce just groans because while it’s infuriating, it’s also kind of cute. And Damian’s bonding and just being a kid… so he doesn’t say anything.

And I like to imagine Bruce saying “Robin” in a very specific sense, like everybody knows which Robin he’s talking about. But they get it wrong on purpose.

Batman is looking through binoculars, watching a drug dealer enter a strip club. He doesn’t look up as he says. “Robin, take off your cape. I’ll need you to go in there from the front. I’ll take the back. When I give the signal–”

And Bruce looks up. Damian is standing next to him, dutifully taking off his cape and nodding. Duke is biting his lip, and trying not to laugh.

Bruce sighs. Of course he’s not going to send his thirteen year old son into a strip club alone.

“I meant the other Robin.”

And I think my favorite would be Duke and Damian on patrol an pretending that they’re the same person. Confused citizens are just like… I thought Robin was smaller? 

And Duke’s like, “Nope, it’s me.”

And the civilians are just so puzzled. “But you were younger. And not as…. brown?”

And Duke looks down at his arms, feigning shock, “OH MY GOD!”

Or Bruce sending “Robin” on a courier mission. But they keep switching Robins. And Lucius’ poor assistant is just so confused. Because they keep insisting they’re the same person.

Damian holds in a giggle as he listens to poor Gary talk to Duke.

“Can you please tell the other Robin to be more careful next time? The solutions were a little mixed up when he dropped them off.”

“What other Robin?”

“Y’know? The short kid?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. I dropped off the vials.”


“Gary, I think you need to sit down. It’s me, Robin. We talked about the cruelty of animal testing, remember?”

“I do? That was–that was you?”

Duke nods sincerely. 

“I think I need to take a nap.”

No One Minds | Head Boy/Head Girl Dramione Fanfic

This is AU “there was no Voldemort” fluff of the silliest sort.  There is no angst.  No war.  No misery beyond adolescent insecurity.  I’ll keep reblogging this post until I get to the end of Chapter 5, then I’ll port the whole story to FFN.  You are the alpha reader(s) which means send suggestions/requests :)

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2  | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5

“You’re serious?” Pansy narrowed her eyes and looked at Hermione as she waited for the trick.  "You’ll let me plan the Easter Cotillion?  The whole thing?“

"I don’t want to do it,”  Hermione said.  "And Draco has become obsessed with some project he’s working on with a broken Vanishing Cabinet.  You’d think it was a matter of life or death the way he spends all his time sending apples through that thing.“  She shrugged.  "I mean, if you don’t want to, let me know and I’ll - ”

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problematicpizza  asked:

About your Hogwarts uniform post, perhaps the style of robes with buttons all the way down could be more formal? It allows room for showing off with silver/gold/jewelled buttons to show off how fancy you are, and of course the bigger they are and the more you have the richer you seem. And when you have prominent seams like that, you can add ruffles/embroidery/lace etc. for added fanciness. And there could be all kinds of variation with the length of the opening and varying degrees of formalness.

Do you mean my Hogwarts UniFRRROM post??? ((aaahahah I can’t type :’) No, honestly, there are like 3 or 4 versions of that post with varying degrees of grammatical atrocity, and people only seem to come across the first and worst >:0. I hope you saw the one where at least the title has been de-typo’d. If not, my most sincere apologies to your eyes)) 

Anyway. Thank you for asking!

Yes! Totally! I’m working on another post on this ( professorsparklepants, I’m not ignoring your ask :3), and I do think wizards would probably use all means available to them to show off their class and status (blood-proud families would try to look as non-muggle as possible). And length and material would also vary according to the season (and trends).

Oh my, imagine poor old Lucius Malfoy with a neverending string of silver buttons on the front of his “casual” robes, all with little moving snakes on them with glittering emmerald eyes… Dobby used to do them up for him, but then he suddenly found himself having to do it on his own. And when Voldemort took Lucius’ wand, he tried to do it by hand but just couldn’t get it right. Aw, Lucy, you pathetic human disaster