and pointless selfie


I like the color yellow.

From Theron Shan’s Instagram Account:
hey guyz i just won free tickets to umbara all expenses paid! they’ll even let me drive a train! i mean usually i’d b super suspicious about random messages in my inbox promising me the vay-cay-shun of my dreams (ok technically that’s a whiskey tour of corellia but eff tryin to navigate that map), but i dunno im feeling uncharacteristically good about this. kinda weird that they need my ss#, dna sample, next-of-kin, & full psychological profile – but i guess that’s 4 legal reasons. can’t let just any loser take the wheel

wait i have to never make fun of lana 4 “certain events on rishi” again??? why is that in the fine print???? fuck that noise. no train is worth that

I miss you.

I miss our late night conversations about anything, talking in sleepy voices while your arms were wrapped around me. I miss waking up to your forehead kisses and your sweet brown eyes looking into mine. I miss fighting and making up again because we couldn’t stand not talking to eachother. I miss eating the food you cooked and the way you experimented with all kinds of ingredients. I miss laying on your lap while you were gaming. I miss watching movies and shows with you and making bets on what would happen next in everything we watched. I miss making you laugh and making you join me in my pointless filtered selfies.

I miss you mostly because you kept me grounded, you gave me hope, you provided comfort when I needed it the most. I miss you on nights like these where time passes by so slowly and all I want is just to lay with you and hear all your stories even though I have heard them all before. I miss you so badly and I hope things would just go back to the way they used to be.

—  Tenari Ioapo // Confessions of a woman madly in love #22.