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What i especially love about all ur mystery quartet art is like. Its just NICE and just some cool fun guys hanging out and some of them being In Love... like theres no... edginess like some ppl make aus and are like hmm yes and everything has to be BAD but not u!! Its just... refreshing. I love thos boys being happy. Give them the world for me Julius


The fact that McGrunkle isn’t as common as I thought it was is actually surprising to me

I’m really lonely. Not even for someone to be here because I’ve got the cats and I’ve had more physical contact with a human more in the past week than I have in like three years. But for someone who understands. Someone who gets my brain and who I can talk to. Actually talk too.

      me: slides on the dash.
      dash: here look there’s the s.olo movie.
      me: slides back off the dash.

MUN VS MUSE. ––– bold which applies.

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which of you is —
Older? muse / mun
Taller? muse / mun
Richer? muse / mun
Neater? muse / mun
Nicer? muse / mun
Smarter? muse / mun ( bc tbh i’ve learned new things through her like stuff about gardening and food & shit like wow but we like the same soooo yeah )
Funnier? muse / mun


Who is a better friend? muse / mun
Who lies the most? muse / mun
Who swears the most? muse / mun
Who reads more? muse / mun
Who is more creative? muse / mun
Who is more troubled? muse / mun
Who has better morals? muse / mun

  • me: pffft whatever i dont even care anymore when the trailer is gonna drop! julie who??
  • inner me: refresh the skam page tho