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What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]

So, I’m laying in bed, just kinda thinking, and I’m curious; what is cuddling really like? Like, can it be awkward or uncomfortable, or is it as good as people make it out to be? Maybe it gets hot too fast or you can’t stand staying in the same position for so long? Is it completely overhyped? I just really wanna know

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beeeeee what to you think jace's favorite things are about simon?

slakg;laksg ANON as u know I’m on a semi-hiatus right now but I screamed into the void when I saw this message!! There is no world where I do this justice (especially with the promo that came out yesterday LORD GRANT US MERCY) but I will try my best to articulate my thoughts.

Disclaimer that this is a severely incomplete list and should be labeled like, 4/∞

  • Simon is funny, honestly funny, and can draw a smile out Jace even in the most inappropriate of times and places. It’s something that’s been true since Jace first met him, even when he was just a frustrating mundane causing Jace unnecessary trouble. It almost gets Jace killed multiple times, most notably when they’re trying to be incognito during a stakeout – “I’m paying you a compliment!” says Simon defensively, even though the wide grin on his face indicates that he’s full of it. “Captain America’s from Brooklyn, you’re from Brooklyn, you’ve both got the same fantastic ass – and has anyone seen the two of you in a room at the same time? I think not” – and Jace has to resort to begging, “Please stop, between bursts of laughter and Simon just touches the wrinkles at the corner of Jace’s eyes and says, “Nope, never.”
  • Then there’s the matter of how Simon is strong. Jace isn’t losing any competitions in that department, but it’s no question that Simon can throw him around like a ragdoll and it’s a thought that does something to Jace, causes lightning to shoot up his spine and travel down to the ends of his fingers, the tips of his toes. Simon’s careful with him, of course, keeps a tight leash of control on his instincts to consume, possess – and maybe that makes it better, knowing that there’s so much raw power waiting inside Simon but with Jace he’s only ever considerate. Too much harshness has touched Jace, evidenced by the scars of his skin all the way to the scars of his soul, and Simon’s not going to add on to that – not if he can help it.
  • Simon’s genuinely sweet, in a guileless and unguarded way that’s rare enough in the world we live in, never mind in the world of demons and angels and shadowhunters. More often than not, Jace doesn’t know how to react to it. The physical part of it is already too much – how easily he takes Jace’s hand in his own and tangles their fingers together, the carelessness with which he presses his lips against Jace’s forehead, the apple of his cheek, a quick peck on the mouth accompanied with a rushed, “hey, sorry I’m late.”
  • But then there are the other parts: how Simon says, “I’m here, I’m here,” after Jace violently wakes from another nightmare and never forces Jace to talk about it; how his responses to questions on their relationship is always to grin and say, “yeah, he’s pretty great, huh?” and, “I’m a pretty lucky guy.” There’s never a hint of irony in his voice. Jace sometimes wants to take him by the shoulders and shake him, ask, how can you be like this?, but he already knows there’s no answer beyond what he already knows: Simon is wholly exceptional. Even being someone who has literally felt it stop beating in his chest, Simon’s got a heart that doesn’t stop giving.


Aphobes: *Post spam and harmful things in the ace posit/ivity tags.*

Me and a few others: Hey could you maybe not do that?

Aphobes, fists clenched and teeth grinding: Literally fuck you? You’re so rude. I can’t believe you won’t let ME go against TUMBLR’S GUIDELINES and spam/harm people, some of which are lgbt+ without being ace or aro and some of which are LITERAL CHILDREN!

Imagine Woozi feeling really proud of himself after knowing that his music has given so much happiness and joy to so many people.

I mean, okay, there’s no already laid out plot, but if they put a lot of thought into the events leading up to tfa and the construction of the characters (including but not limited to: main motivations; main inner conflicts; personal baggage), the story… kind of writes itself.

or at least it should in the hands of a talented director who presumably knows how to continue narrative threads organically as well as balance expectations and surprises.

SW’s forte has always been the characters and their conflicts, if those are strong, the story will be strong.

feel like spreading luv to ppl i don’t talk to a ton so ! shoutout to @titstm, @lionswrath, @hermaeth, @deiforme, @monstrauma, @roseared, @huntrise, @nutsaboutbirds, @illripyourthroat, @spacenurse, @nowfocused, @boldlydared, & @burnsthrough ! y'all are all fantastic writers & i adore each & every one of u xo

I already knew I liked Shiro but then episode 7 started with the team making bad gun sound effects and he joined in and he made me clutch my heart and whisper “I love hiiiim”

Zine email updates+Charms update

I’m sorry for being so spammy about this!! A lot of people were having problems receiving it so I’m :’-(

Anyway though, I sent out my last email of the most updated zine PDF (if u never got my 2nd email) and everyone should get it this time! If you didn’t, then you might have misspelled your email (which a few of you did but it’s ok!!). Just message me or e-mail me here or on Also check your spam boxes as well!

As for the charms, I just emailed everyone right now for updates! Lmk if you have any questions :-)

I’m yet to figure out a pattern behind this, but there are days in which you wake up with 113% more OVERWHELMING FEELS COMING OUT OF NOWHERE for the Snicket siblings than others