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Okay fam, I hate to break up the party, but it’s not actually Stiles saying “Are you okay” to Lydia. It’s Scott saying “Are you okay” to Stiles. You can tell because “Are you okay” is coming through the radio while the camera is still on Stiles, and Stiles is not moving his lips…plus y’know, it’s Scott’s voice.

This doesn’t take away from the Stydianess of this episode (all it really does is add a cute Sciles moment, which is awesome), I just thought y’all should know before you start making a thousand and one gifsets with this exchange. 

※ Mercy would love to have a tall S/O! Finally, someone who’s rarely busy and’ll help her reach tall shelves! Plus, putting decorations up would be easier now with another tall person.

※ She would love to have your arms around her she’s feeling affectionate. It makes her feel more safe and secure than what she already does with you.

※ Not to gossip or anything but she’d totally be okay with you carrying her around like a princess or bride. I mean…she’s always walking/flying around, trying to make sure everyone’s okay. She deserves a break too, y'know!

※ You leaning down to kiss her is one of her favourite things. She finds it cute/romantic when you have to tilt her head up just to give her a smooch.

※ Don’t even get me started for when she pulls you down to her height! You can bet that the kiss she’ll be giving will be filled with both love and comfort. Maybe a hint of something more? That’s up for you to decide!

※ But what she loves the absolute most is when you’re both relaxing, watching a movie or just sitting in silence, and she’ll rest her head on your chest to hear your heartbeat. The steady sound of blood pumping through you puts her at ease. She knows that you’re real, you’re here with her, and that you don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.


These pictures were taken 1,107 days, 5 cars, 4 wedding rings (he’s lost a few 😂), 3 road trips, 2 apartments, 1 stellar marriage, and a puppy ago but yet somehow it still feels like just yesterday we were those dorky 18 year old kids with no other care in the world but our love for each other ❤️


“L-Lord Scorpio! Please d-don’t say unnecessary things to anyone! Especially to Vega!

anonymous asked:


1. Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?

already answered!!

2. is your room messy or clean?

very clean! my desk is p disorganized, but other than that, everything is really neat

3. what color are your eyes?

dark brown

4. do you like your name? why?

yeah! it’s cute and it androgynous, which is always a plus

5. what is your relationship status?


6. describe your personality in 3 words or less

hmmm that’s hard… okay in no particular order

  1. enthusiastic
  2. pastel
  3. sunshine

7. what color hair do you have?

naturally: black. rn it’s dyed purple/magenta

8. what kind of car do you drive? color?

uhhh it’s my mom’s car, and it’s a sky blue mazda

9. where do you shop?

target, p much exclusively

10. how would you describe your style?

okay this is also hard… uhhh i really have no idea?? like it changes p often….

11. favorite social media account

tumblr for sure

12. what size bed do you have?

twin size mattress

13. any siblings?

yep! one sister

14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?

either Seattle or Vancouver, BC. i love cities that are close to nature

15. favorite snapchat filter?

already answered!!

thank you for asking, anon!!

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Could you please do some headcannons of Joshaya when they first start dating? Thanks ilysm, you're such a cutie 😘❤️

thank you ily too<3 

  • okay so when they first start dating they both like can’t stop being around each other and kissing but it’s also awkward???
  • like okay in private they can’t stop kissing and talking and touching and just being so fucking fond
  • but in public they are like ???? bc they’ve spent so much time actively not being together that it’s weird?
  • especially around friends and family bc i headcanon that they don’t actually start officially dating for awhile plus they keep it on the dl 
  • otherwise they go on really cute dates
  • i’m talking museums, new restaurants, going to watch the stars
  • josh cannot stop looking at her and being like… wtf !!!! we are actually dating!!!! i can’t believe i’m finally with this beautiful person!!!!!
  • if they argue about stupid stuff maya kisses him and is like ‘haha i can do that now to shut you up’

send me your gmw headcanons and/or ask me about mine! 

Oh my gosh, this is the cutest question ever!  Also, earlier this summer I would’ve totally said we’d all just be unicorns, but I think now my opinions have changed.  Just a little. 

Great Uncle Ford could still maybe be a unicorn!  He’s all mysterious like that.

But now to my friends! Let’s start with Candy and Grenda, cause those are easy ones!  I can totally see Grenda being a bear, cause while she’s super cute and cuddly, she can also break a rock with her skull!  Bears…bears can do that, right?

And Candy would definitely be a sugar glider!  They’re tiny and precious but also really social animals, and I bet they’re mega smart too.  Plus, can you imagine Candy gliding through the sky on magic marsupial-wings? Cause I certainly can.

Moving on to my family!  Dipper would totally be a cat.  Not only does he sneeze like a kitten, but he makes the same grumpy faces, too!

Okay, okay, I’m joking…Kinda.  While he has all the goofy features of being a skittish little kitty, he’s also got all the good traits too!  He’s curious, playful, and an awesometastic friend when you need one.  Maybe I should promote him to a larger cat level!  Like a lion!

…A baby lion.

Next up is Great Uncle Ford! I kinda take back what I said about him being a unicorn…Looking back, he kinda reminds me of an owl!  He’s smart (like that one from Winnie the Pooh!) and talented (like…like a maraca owl!) and like I said, pretty mysterious.  But beneath all that, he’s a super cute fluffy owl who just needs a hug!

Also, he never sleeps—like, ever.  It might be time for a slumber party intervention…

But I can do that later! Moving on to Grunkle Stan!  Earlier this summer I would’ve said he was like a troll-goblinsaur, but Dipper says those are mythical creatures, not animals. 

So if I had to choose…how about a wolf?  He might seem kinda rough around the edges and scary at first, but it turns out he’s really cuddly once you get to know him. Plus, he’s super protective, which is also wolf-ish, and really really loves the people in his family!

Also, he has grey hair, and wolves have grey fur, right? It’s destiny!

Finally, I can’t leave out Wendy and Soos! Wendy strikes me like a fox or something—y’know, agile, red-headed, and something that might bite you if you mess with her friends. Maybe.  Either way, she’s just super awesome!

Meanwhile, Soos is undoubtedly a giant panda.  I think he’s got secret panda powers too, like the ones from those cartoons—y’know, the ones that are like forest spirits or something and make all the trees and plants grow? Well, whether he does or doesn’t, he’s still a panda in the sense that he’ll let you sleep on his tummy. I would know—I’ve tried it!

And of course, I would be…drumroll, please…


Me and Waddles would be the piggiest buddies in the world, can you see it?  We’d go on pig adventures, have pig dance parties, and rid the world (and Grunkle Stan’s freezer) of all bacon!  Forever!

So thanks for the question, friend-o!  I’m gonna go see if I can become a pig now…or at least work on that slumber party for Great Uncle Ford.


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot Pacifica!

…You know what, she can totally be the unicorn.

neither dan or phil have directly stated their sexuality (at least not recently). i understand that they (specifically dan) have said things that could imply their sexual preference, but at the same time, who’s to say they aren’t just jokes.

the point is, certain actions do not define a persons sexuality. for example, yes, dan painted his nails, but last time I checked nail polish does not in any way relate to who you love.

until they specifically state whether they are straight, bisexual, gay, etc. do not assume things. labels are most certainly not necessary, so don’t use them.

plus, who even gives a shit about that. we watch them because they are kind, funny, caring, relatable people. their preferences should have no effect on that.

in short, it’s okay if you ship phan (i sure as hell do), it’s okay if you don’t, it’s okay if you get excited over dan saying stuff about cute boys, it’s okay if you don’t. as long as you realize that these things aren’t 100% reliable “proof” and that you shouldn’t force anything onto either of them, you are okay!

(just to be clear, “forcing things onto them” means spamming them with tweets/comments/messages about phan and/or going up to them during a meet up and asking them if they’re dating or if they’re gay. it does NOT mean; making edits, videos, posts, fan fiction, or just in general talking about phan or how you think they would be a good couple.)