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Jian Yi and Zhan have a relationship. They know each other and even it wasn´t okay that Jian Yi stole a kiss from Zhan, is much more serious what He Tian did. I mean, he didn't know his name and he punched and harassed him in previous chapters. Plus, redhead is CRYING. It's not a 'real kiss' it's sexual abuse for god's sake. Redhead hates He tian, stop putting it like something cute. I love He Tian x Redhead but this isn't okay. He Tian went too far.

Spare me with all this bullshit okay? What He Tian and Jian Yi did are exactly the same. Even the way Old Xian drew both scenes are similar. Don’t even try to deny this and excuse only Jian Yi bc he is friends with Zheng Xi. Kissing without consent is not ok but look here sweetie this is only a fictional bl comic not a real life situation. Just bc you can’t handle this doesn’t mean I have to do same as you. Don’t use Jian Yi and Zheng Xi’s friendship to make things alright. It’s not a excuse and if this was in real life it wouldn’t make the situation less bad. Yes, He Tian punched Guan Shan once when they weren’t in the best terms and gropped his chest before but then you have Zheng Xi hitting Jian Yi all the time and let’s be real here if you are not okay with all this you should not be okay with Jian Yi’s behaviour towards Zheng Xi either. He has been doing a lot of stuff that Zheng Xi doesn’t feel comfortable about. 

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sebin’s been awkward around all of the legacy members ever since his thing with kyeo ended. he feels ashamed to look at them and doesn’t want to talk to them, which spells bad news for his friendship with yeonseok. the two are close, good friends and yeonseok’s a person sebin loves to talk to. the only member he’s not awkward around is hyukjae and that’s the person he aims to see. he’s on edge in the radioactive building, eyes darting around to make sure none of legacy spots him. he’s so captivated by his need to remain undetected that he walks right into yeonseok. sebin looks to see who he’s collided with and he goes bright red when he sees who it is. “i - uh, s-sorry!” he stutters as he flashes the other a shy smile, face reddening.

not to be annoying but I rlly love dommy why is she so nice to me she literally has my exam schedule and wishes me good luck before every paper and she texts me on train rides home and we’re annoying but we cry over jackson and jaebum (respectively) together and I’m so!!!! okay idk what else to say here but rlly,, I love dommy,, even though she didn’t know what tom yum was or spams me with 100 seconds of “I love Jb” on snapchat daily or makes fun of my clumsiness (I have no power over that at all so she needs to shut) she still is an angel everyone should know this i lov dommy

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Okay, now let me tell you about this cute and sweet owl that is Katey, oh boy, this OC is just-- I WANNA HUG HER OKAY?? She is just so adorable and I love her!! Mun's writing is A++++ and I never ever get tired of seeing them on my dash, they're such a joy!! and always so nice and welcoming just please never stop sharing this greatness *throws love* <333 PLUS I love how much Katey stands out from other OC and how real she feels poakfafwf

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[[ Yee~… Thank you for taking the time to write this, friend. I’m really glad that you think she’s adorable because I do try my best to write her that way. The fact that you said she feels real means so much to me, you have no idea. ;_; ♥! ]]

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Since 223 of you came here for Sabriel, i shall give you just that! Plus some Richard and Jared moments as well! 

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Okay this is turning out to be mainly Richard and Jared, rather than Sam and Gabriel. But they are just so flippin cute!

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Friendly reminder they shared a hotel room together…successfully. ;) 

Also while doing the F, marry, kill Rich only thought about the marriage or the one night stand. 

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Today went all weird and off schedule but that’s okay! I’m gonna hit the gym super late ,come home, shower. try and work on some art but i may just videogames/read. idk how social i’ll be. i should also tidy my room some.

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Gregor and don't are my guilty OTP

Its okay anon. Its okay. Does it make you feel better that Jackson at Gencon admitted he really loved Dont/Gregor? So youre not alone! (Plus come on its cute)