and please tell me gregory will be back

I’m Going To TRY And Be Calm In Telling All Of You This...

*Gregory comes home from work* 
*Adam and I fixing dinner for everyone*

Gregory: Could you two come in here please?

Adam: *Looks strangely at me* He’s your Dom and Master and Savior and did I hear you call him Daddy the other night?

Me: Fuck off… fuck right off on the next plane back to Brexit England!

Adam: *Laughing*

Me: Come on wanker!

Adam: Ooooh… do you kiss your husband with that mouth?

Me: As a matter of fact I DO!

Gregory: You two… such siblings. Come sit… PLEASE SIR, ADAM?

Me: *giggling*

Me and Adam:

Gregory: STOP! Listen… So I have Broadway Tickets for us to all see a show tomorrow night at 8pm. One of my Excutives had these 4 tickets but they are leaving out of town. However… not sure either of you would want to go really.

Me: Well…

Adam: What show is it to?

Gregory: Hmm… it’s not really well known.I mean… It’s a fairly new show… just a little show called *pulls out tickets* HAMILTON!!!!!

Me: …….

Adam:  ……


Me & Adam:

All Three Of Us: HAMILTOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!